Nailing down Brad

Republican 2nd District Congressional nominee retired Brigadier General Don Bacon has a new ad out. See it here:

Bacon is going after Ashford on his questioning during the 2nd debate (with the third coming up Wednesday).

So far Ashford and Bacon has debated about evenly. I would give the edge to Bacon for cleaner answers and much superior presence. But if you argued that Ashford had an edge because he pronounced “Pelosi” better, I wouldn’t really argue.

But that makes the point: Ashford, at BEST, has a slight edge — in a gig he has been doing for 18 years. He has been debating in the legislature, for a bunch of different offices — Legislature, Mayor, Congress — yet he can’t put away a career military man in a speaking forum?

I guess we will have to see if Pelosi’s man in Nebraska can pull it together.


Before or After?

Hey, you have heard about how Brad Ashford likes to play it both ways on just about every issue, yeah?

He voted for closing Gitmo before he voted against it.

He has been a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, no a Democrat — whatever will get him elected.

And now on the top issue of the day on the state ballot — Brad wants to you to know what he firmly comes down on both sides — or is it neither?

KETV asked both 2nd District Congressional candidates how they come down on the Death Penalty.

General Bacon gave a direct answer:

“I support the death penalty,” Bacon said. “I think life is very precious and went to life is taken, first-degree murder, and you know the guilt of the individual, I think you show value to that life by punishing the person who did the murder with their own life.”

Hey, maybe you agree with him on this issue, maybe you don’t. But he gave a direct, sincere answer.

How about Brad Ashford?
Well, in the world of cell phones and Facetime, he…wasn’t available.

But his office instead wrote out an answer.
And this is what they came up with:

“It is clear that the Nebraska death penalty is a broken system that must be addressed. I believe it is an issue that each voter must decide after reflection and significant deliberation. We must maintain the federal death penalty for criminals and terrorists who attack our communities.”

Let us summarize that answer:
It’s bad, but YOU decide.
Uh…federal death penalty is good!

Seem like a strange answer from someone like Ashford?

Well, that’s because when Brad was spending those 14 years in the Nebraska Legislature, HERE was Ashford’s position (according to KETV):

Ashford voted as a state senator to advance a bill repealing Nebraska’s death penalty in 2013.

“Public safety is not enhanced by having the death penalty on the books, and the cost is great,” Ashford said on public radio at that time.

I know, I know.
The room is spinning, right?
Brad Ashford? Trying to play both sides of the issue?
Not giving a straight answer.



The rights of SJWs

And for some entertainment value, here is a video that has been making the rounds on The Facebook and various places.

SJW woman decided that she would show some guy, who had a pro-Trump sign in his lawn, just how much she hated him. So she pulled up, flipped him off and yelled F-U!

Guy gets in his car, follows her to get a pic of her license plate.

And then , as the police get involved, she pulls out her phone and starts videoing her encounter. (And notice the patience and politeness of the cop.)

The funny thing is, she clearly feels like she is in the right — so much so that she posted the video.

Now, the reason it was forwarded to me is, someone suggested a Separated at Birth with the woman in the video, and a Nebraska Democrat.

Can you guess who that SAB would be with?
HINT: Her org rhymes with, Cold Alaska.


3 weeks

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  1. Sparkles says:

    It’s amazing the Bacon camp would make an ad of that stupid &*^&ing ‘ISIS attacking Bellevue’ claim.
    Even Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal (5/10/16) pointed out the numerous ISIS ‘kill lists’ that have been published are pure propaganda. ISIS hoping to instill fear in Americans.
    By Bacon deliberately introducing this propaganda into the debate he is aiding the cause of ISIS.
    By the GOP now making and funding an ad featuring this propaganda they have now further aided ISIS. It’s a level of incompetence beyond imagination.

    Be afraid NE02 – be very afraid.
    (meanwhile in the caves of Tora Bora the soon to die ISIS leaders are singing praise to Allah for the NEGOP’s noble patronage)

    • Obviously Sparkles knows a thing or two about ISIS says:

      Sparkles: Have you caught the news – ISIS propaganda helps fuel new terrorists. The military takes this seriously. So does law enforcement.

      The fact that Brad is unaware of something widely published is pretty inexcusable.

      • Sparkles says:

        ISIS propaganda helps fuel new terrorists – ONLY WHEN THE PROPAGANDA IS WIDELY DISTRIBUTED!!

        No one on any of the numerous ISIS ‘kill lists’ has ever been killed.
        The lists are always compiled from publicly available, easily accessible information.
        The list in which Bellevue was included contained 55 cities in 23 states.
        Law enforcement officials have universally called these lists propaganda pieces.

        And these ‘kill lists’ aren’t intended to inspire future terrorists – they are intended to instill fear into Americans.
        To scare Americans like Forrest Trump (and Don Bacon) who will then go on TeeVee do what ISIS can not do. Talk about a coming war on Islam, announce their plans to bomb middle eastern cities, turn the sand to glass and kill not only terrorists but their entire families!
        Statements of colossal ignorance for political gain by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and sundry imbecilic Republican political wannabe’s that are then turned into recruitment videos and tools for ISIS.

        A third grader can understand this stuff when it’s explained to him – why can’t Don Bacon?

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Talk about a coming war on Islam, announce their plans to bomb middle eastern cities, turn the sand to glass and kill not only terrorists but their entire families!”

        Did Don Bacon suggest anything of the sort? Or is this your regular run-of-the-mill libel?

      • Sparkles says:

        To be clear, GOP Congressional candidate Don Bacon should only be held accountable for disseminating ISIS propaganda to a much wider audience than it could ever have attained on it’s own, for political gain.

        A ‘kill list’ that was originally made public more than a year a and half ago. One of countless ‘kills lists’ ISIS has published that includes random cities from around the world and the names of thousands of people culled from publicly available lists.

        It is only GOP Presidential candidates that are featured in ISIS recruitment videos.

      • The Grundle King says:

        So by your own admission, the ‘kill lists’ are relatively old, they’ve been relatively widespread…because internets…but mention by a Congressional candidate in fly-over country, THAT’S what is going to successfully recruit ISIS members to the cause.

        NOT the violence that ISIS is committing overseas.
        NOT the rhetoric that ISIS releases and that gets repeated in national media.
        NOT the ‘known wolf’ terrorists inspired by ISIS in this country.

        Nope…all fault can be laid at the feet of Don Bacon because he mentioned ‘kill lists’ in a debate that probably wasn’t watched outside of Nebraska’s 2nd district…and that probably wasn’t widely watched within that district.


    • The Grundle King says:

      I generally agree…but regarding the woman in the video, using that much body language and putting so much emphasis on every other word SHOULD be a crime.

    • Sparkles says:

      What’s up with the cop instructing her to no longer drive down the Trumpkin’s street?
      Only in ‘Murrica.

      Chalk it up as a clear victory for SJW’s.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Well…if she doesn’t live on that street, doesn’t know anyone on that street, and has no actual business being on that street aside from verbally harassing someone over their choice of political candidates…that’s borderline stalking.

        Now, go along and pretend that you’d treat this situation exactly the same if someone had done the same thing to a Clinton voter.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Sorry…I couldn’t take more than about 30 seconds of her self-important diatribe. When people talk/act like that…I pretty well know that the content of the speech is of little or no importance, and tune it out immediately.

        When the content of someone’s speech actually IS important, there’s no need to try to make it sound more important.

      • To Sparkles says:

        He never instructed her to not drive down the street, he recommended it. He was clearly recommending it because she cannot control her loathing and aggressive behavior towards someone who supports a different candidate. The guy who pursued her is in the wrong as well.

        What I get from this video is this: People are getting their panties in a wad over who someone supports…to the point of being verbally and physically abusive. And it has to stop. As Americans and human beings I thought we were all better than that.

        read an interesting Todd Starnes column today. He received a letter from a new citizen..someone who came here from India and became a citizen. He said that Americans hate their own country more than anyone else. He said you never see people disrespecting their flag, fellow citizens etc. like we do here.

        Seems to make us more barbaric.

      • Sparkles says:

        To Sparkles,

        If you’re truly concerned about the discourse in our nation, I’d suggest you google yourself up a little of your new found idol – Todd Starnes.

        Starnes is prominently featured in a July, 8, 2016 article by the The Daily Beast, titled:
        “The Most Heinous Right-Wing Reactions to Dallas Massacre”

        The Atlantic did a long piece on the Jesus inspired monger of fear and hate (Todd Starnes) in Sept of 2015, an article titled:
        “How Todd Starnes Is Compromising Fox News’s Credibility”

        Media Matters did a profile of Starnes in 2012, titled:
        “Meet Todd Starnes, Fox’s Mouthpiece For Anti-Gay Hate Groups”

        And having now grown tired of mining through the toxic waste that this cretin who calls himself a man God has left behind in his wake, I’ll leave you with a final resource for a collection of his noxious contagion – Right Wing Watch has a pretty solid file of the highlights of hatred and bile Todd Starnes has vomited into our collective dialogue over his long career.


      • Sparkles says:

        Also – To Sparkles at 3:03

        You claim:
        He never instructed her to not drive down the street

        Sorry, gotta call bullshit – following is exactly his stern admonition to her –
        “what you need to do is stay away from him – don’t drive by his residence anymore”

        And if you folks are so aggrieved by this woman’s meager silent protest – flipping someone off as your driving by – I’d love to hear you explain away the decades of not so silent protests that occur every day, decade upon decade outside of every legal and constitutionally protected Planned Parenthood in America.

        By your standards, this woman should be able to form a coalition of friends and the like-minded to coordinate a vigil – 24/7/365 – on the public sidewalk in front of this man’s home with all in attendance flipping him the bird.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That poor Trump! He just can’t get a break! Now, even Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine is offering a ONE MILLION dollar bounty for “verifiable video footage or audio recordings” of Donald Trump “engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner”.

    Even Larry Flynt is now part of this “rigged” election conspiracy. WOW

  3. Bluejay says:

    1. How did race figure into anything?

    2. Apparently voting for Trump is an extreme opinion worthy of an obscene response.

    3. That woman is completely nuts and you are nuts if you can’t see that.

    4. We have reached the meltdown point.

  4. Bluejay says:

    That woman was so nutty that I would be embarssed to be in the same party with her.

    I guess I am looking forward to the massive state electoral loses under Kleeb. I have only seen Kleeb once in person and she was not a complete loon.

  5. Wild Wild West says:

    The Bacon-Ashford scrape reminds me of the Brewer-Davis fight in District 43. I wonder if Bacon will win by as much as Brewer is going to.

  6. Anonymous says:

    One of the main reasons that Trump supporters like him is that “Trump tells it like it is”.

    Why is it then that so many of Trump’s defenders have to later “explain” what Trump just said and also “explain” that what Trump just said isn’t what Trump meant and that the media keeps twisting things around?

    If Trump “tells it like it is”, then why isn’t it like he tells?

    If his greatest self-proclaimed strength is his ability to communicate so clearly and since this is so demonstrably proven to be untrue, then what exactly does he have left?

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