Who is supporting Brad?

The NRCC has a new ad out in Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race. See it here:

Only in Brad’s mind could voting with Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi over 3/4 of the time be considered, “bipartisan”.


But that’s not all.

The Congressional Leadership Fund has a new ad out as well. See it here:

Turns out when one has been in public office for 18 years there are LOTS of votes. How about that.


“Republicans” for Brad

Hey speaking of Brad , he has a new ad out talking about all of the tons of Republicans supporting him. See it here:

Well, 3 “Republicans” anyway.

And hey look, we will just take Brad’s word for it that the young woman with the British flag logo on her denim jacket is a registered Republican — though her name doesn’t come up on a Sarpy or Douglas County voter search. (Could maybe be an alternate spelling…)

But, wait, who is that guy, who we’ve seen before in the middle of Brad’s ad?


Ohhhhh yeah! It’s Democrat Councilman Chris Jerram!

You remember Jerram!

Right! He’s the guy who thought it was hilarious to push a shirt with an image of Mayor Jean Stothert in her underwear on a stripper pole.


Yup, THIS is the guy, who Ashford wants Republicans to know is supporting him.


0 for 2

Another confused story out of the Buffett Omaha World-Herald from Robynn Tysver about Hillary’s latest influx of cash to try to save the foundering Brad Ashford campaign.

Tysver writes:

Clinton has been aggressively working and competing in the Omaha-based district. She has opened two offices in the city and has paid staff members on the ground, organizing phone lines and working with volunteers. Trump has not opened an office in Omaha, although he has some volunteers working out of the Nebraska Republican office in Lincoln.

You hear that, Trump HQ in Omaha at 210 N 78th Street?
That’s open from 9am to 8pm?
That had a party recently (9 days ago)?


Apparently the OWH’s chief political reporter is not aware of your existence — or is not willing to write about it.

Oh, and there’s one other thing about Trump’s Lincoln office: paid staff — not just volunteers.

But other than those two things, great reporting on the local campaign.

Either way, keep on keepin’ on!
Strangely enough, the local fishwrap won’t seem to be providing a fair-shake.


Three weeks

With only 21 days to go, the news and ads will be pouring in.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Chris Jerram is the Donald Trump of Omaha politics. Same difference. Just as Brad and Lee were and are interchangeable: Nebraska doesn’t really want Bacon, because he’s a guy who can get something done. No, what’s wanted is someone who can occupy high office, inhibiting any and all change, a catch in the gears of government. Government that can’t move can’t spend, can’t tax, and can only do what dire circumstances can goad a bare majority into doing through the smallest possible amount of compromise.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anonymous at 12:18, I doubt that any freshman House member since the Isa Congress has had the kind of impact you expect from Bacon. Silly expectations about one House member coupled with absurd promises are part of the reason for constant dissatisfaction with Congress. Two years ago Brad was going to change the world, now he is the Establishment.. The Founders feared enthusiasm and created a system slow change, we have what they wanted. As long as ideology makes compromise a dirty word and populace is closely divided, or at least the people who vote in primaries, are divided beyond tolerance of one another, the 18th century system will stumble along.

      • Anonymous says:

        RL, if Bacon is elected the bar for effectiveness, set by his predecessors, is exceedingly low. Terry and Ashford have done nothing more than show up and warm a chair – my cats do that much. Surely Bacon can do more than that.

  1. Instict says:

    Anyone else get the feeling the political pendulum is nearing its apex, and that it’s going to be a nasty, nasty swing on the way back down for liberals, including the news media? Just got that feeling…

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Instinct, political pendulum where? If the pendulum has moved left in NE, I would like too see the evidence. Trying to understand Iowa from NE is enough of a challenge, where do your instinct about the rest of the Country come from?

  2. Instinct says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that the political pendulum is nearing its apex, and it’s going to be a nasty, nasty swing on the way back down for liberals, including the news media? Just got that feeling…

    • anon says:

      Isn’t that something, like the Bernie burning, maybe when Beals(Jerram, Howard) ran out of ballots in the primary was a Clinton trick small time political test. At least when I was a democrat they were really democratic. You only seen that story because the rag endorsed the other guy.

  3. And in other news, Irish bookie Paddy Power (also big player in the UK) has started paying out on Hillary Clinton For President bets. Evidently they think the result of the election is decided. Last time they did this re American politics is 2012, when they paid out early on Obama.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Since Trump has proposed a drug test before the next Presidential debate, I propose a sobriety test for all of his supports before they vote.

  5. bynd says:

    Another question. where did Bacon get the paper with the ISIS hit list in the US?
    Does he have direct line from them so he can bolster their propaganda? According to some, that has to be it. Bu the truth is, “The Pentagon spent the weekend notifying service members who appeared on an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) “hit list,” and bases where they are stationed have contacted local law enforcement agencies in an effort to increase police patrols in the neighborhoods where they live,” reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.

    In addition, after being asked by the Pentagon, YouTube took the hit list down from its website, Martin says.”
    All of which happened in March.

    So, evidently it is none other than the Pentagon and CBS giving ISIS it’s propaganda and Brad, just like our local hate spewing libs, can’t even get his intelligence from the news media. You know, like Obama always did.

    Best of all is those who left us until election day +1 but just couldn’t stay away. The pig pen is just to much fun to muck around in. Once you experience it, nothing like getting pig feces all over one’s self:)

    • Anonymous says:

      The hit-list is not even news. It takes no brains whatever to know that ISIS / Daesh wants to kill people in general and Americans in particular, and Americans abroad and at-home.

      The biggest problem with violence at Offutt AFB is airmen hurting one another, not airmen being attacked by Islamist terrorists.

      • bynd says:

        As Intel analysts have also pointed out, ISIS is usually good at fulfilling the promises they make. And the administration and others in the US dismiss them at their peril. Which they do. The purpose of the list is to point the lone wolfs on where to attack. But then, who would believe they would advertise their attacks on social media?

        Those with a brain.

  6. Blinders off says:

    Why does the Irishman so eager for Hillary? She’s the establishment candidate supreme. That amounts to cheering the English suppressing the Irish because we like the queen’s ass. Else why the cheering of oppressors by a Libertarian? Here in America it is the political class in both parties, neither of which are solutionists, suppressing Americans who cry out for workable solutionist government that cannot exist as long as establishment characters keep reinforcing our PC inculcated perpetual avoidance of solutions. Problems profit the political class. Solutions don’t.

    Others here are cheering for voters to keep wanting less government by demanding it be inept/bad government. And that’s just as crazy. Less bad government is like less cyanide or less cancer. It is not a sane answer to America’s problems or any sort of logical road to safety and success.

    While Brad has indeed been doing the political shuffle for 18 years, Hillary has been doing it for 30. Yet what has improved, except a deepening requirement for American self-flagellation to prove that our freedom and progress over the years is because Americans are evil? We are forced by establishment to equate success with oppression and equate victimization with saintliness. Yet all life is competition as much as cooperation. Survival often isn’t a win-win deal. And while the truly unfit are rightly cared for by their fellow citizens, that is only within that nation. When people, businesses and nations collide to the death, as often happens and will continue, us deeming ourselves wrong for us winning is suicidal.

    Our establishment’s habit of applauding saintly victimization is crippling America. The political class of lawyers such as Brad and Hillary are invested in it. Real outside chief executives, like a general and a CEO, are the last thing the establishment royalty politik want leading this country.

  7. “Why does the Irishman so eager for Hillary?”

    Why do the American no speak too good English? His mind reading is also deficient. I don’t support Hillary. I’ve been a vocal supporter of Gary Johnson since he was nominated.

    If anyone is primarily responsible for the presidency of Hillary, it’s those who voted for a turkey of a candidate in the GOP primary. That’s not me; I actively worked for Marco Rubio.

  8. Sparkles says:

    Ashford will win by 8 points.
    Hillary will take NE02 by 2.
    The new majority leader in the Senate will be Chuck Schumer.
    And – new polls suggest (PPRI/Brookings, although still an outlier) that Nancy Pelosi may indeed have an opportunity to reclaim the gavel in the House.
    Also, post-presidency, Obama and Holder have announced they will joins forces to lead the fight against Republican gerrymandering of House and state legislative districts throughout the nation.
    President HRC will not be so naive as to imagine the Republican party will bargain with her in good faith. She’s a savvy and skilled political tactician who will bring a determined new effort to Washington while wielding a powerful mandate, courtesy of the America people.

    There’s your future.
    Ya’ll may want to try to figure out which state of the union is going to secede. Maybe Herbster and Heineman can lead the effort. You’ll no doubt want to create you’re own backward yearning ‘land of liberty’, post Trump.
    Garrison Keillor suggested to the nation in his column today – western Nebraska – specifically Broken Bow. The article is titled – Next stop for Donald Trump: Nebraska?
    Polls show NE03 to be the reddest congressional district in the nation.
    And I’m all for it – along as we in eastern NE are allowed to build a wall, a big, beautiful wall. A wall running north/south across the entire state along Hwy 281.
    Everything west of Grand Island and Holdrege can be the newly formed Land of Uncle Liberty – every toddler will pack heat, gays will be forced into ‘reparative’ therapy at the local church, there’ll be a bible in every classroom, no regulations on toxins poured onto your lands, into your skies or pumped into your streams, no one will pay property taxes (of course your infrastructure will soon crumble and there’ll be no law enforcement or fire protection, public schools, snow removal, park maintenance – or parks for that matter – , safe drinking water, sewage treatment or community services to the poor and elderly..)
    A dream come true for modern day conservatives, don’t cha think?
    Free at last, free at last, thank…

      • Sparkles says:

        Too battle-worn to hide behind a splash of Orange Juice – straight to the hard stuff, it’s either Maker’s Mark or a hearty rye, punch in the eye of Turkey 101.

        A mid September poll by Global Strategy Group showed Ashford up by 10 points and an approval rating of 65% (81% Dem; 69% Ind; 50% R).
        402 likely, NE02, +/- 4.9%.

  9. Sparkles says:

    Those with a background in law will no doubt find this newly published article at Vox of interest:
    “Kansas cited the worst Supreme Court decision of all time to defend its anti-abortion law”

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