At debate, Ashford on treadmill running from Pelosi

Pelosi in Omaha for dinner with Ashford this summer

Democrat Brad Ashford and Republican Don Bacon went head to head in their final Nebraska 2nd Congressional District debate this morning at the Omaha Community Playhouse.

During the debate, Ashford continued his attempt to run from his support of Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi — and her support of him.

But Ashford was like the runner on a treadmill: Lots of movement, but going nowhere.

  • Ashford says he barely supports the Democrat leader.
    He voted for her for Speaker. Twice.
  • Ashford says he barely votes with Nancy Pelosi.
    He voted with her over 70% of the time.

But Ashford DOES admit one thing: He voted with his Democrat leadership over 70% of the time, and he wants “to go back and do it again!


The Ashford record

This was the theme of much of the debate on Wednesday: Ashford on the run from his own record.

  • He said he thinks Legislators get paid to much.
    But he voted for an 80% pay raise for Nebraska State Senators in 2012 (as a comparison, current U.S. Senator, then state Senator Deb Fischer voted against the proposal).
  • He said he thinks Congress should work on the Paris Accords.
    But he won’t admit President Obama’s overreach in trying to bypass Congress and implement them himself.
  • He suggests that he wants to work to cut regulations for small business.
    But he voted against the REINS Act that would require the regulations with the greatest cost to the economy to be approved by Congress and signed by the President before taking effect.

And of course your head is spinning:
Brad Ashford is trying to play both sides of the issue?


The social media campaign

On the one point that the local newsies may glom onto, Ashford brought up the “ISIS hit list” that included Bellevue — and vehemently took the position that he cares deeply about Bellevue. But he also had told the OWH that this was only ISIS propaganda, so who cares?

In the debate, Bacon countered that social media is how ISIS recruits and sends their messages to their cells.

And that the Secretary of the Army had pointed out this list. And the Director of Homeland Security. And that Bellevue Mayor (and Bacon supporter) Rita Sanders had been contacted about Bellevue being on this list.

An interesting stance for Ashford to make.


Pelosi & the DCCC

In the end, for someone who barely votes with Nancy Pelosi (except for that over 70% of the time), Pelosi’s DCCC sure is pouring in the cash to get Brad re-elected.

If she doesn’t get Brad’s support, why fly in to meet with him?
Why pump hundreds of thousands into the campaign effort for him?

Brad Ashford brags that he has chosen lots of different party affiliations: Republican, Democrat, Independent.

But when he ran for Congress, he chose Democrat.
And the Democrat leaders have chosen him.



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  1. Bluejay says:

    After the Project Veritas videos when does Vince Powers and Jane Kleeb condemn the DNC for hiring paid rioters and massive voter fraud?

    I would be ASHAMED to be a Dem. The Democrats are lawless.

    • Sparkles says:

      Hey Bluejay,

      Limbaugh was just now reading a BREAKING news story splashed across the front page of the latest issue of National Enquirer. They claim to have proof that Hillary Clinton is a SECRET SEX FREAK – AND A LESBIAN!!.
      Limbaugh then, spittle flying, reminded his listeners that it was either Bill or Hillary who are also KILLERS – one of them put a bullet in Vince Foster!! Vince had to be silenced in order to keep the public from learning that he and Hillary were schtooping!!

      If only the drive-by lamestream media weren’t so corrupt – HILLARY WOULD SURELY BE TOAST!!

      Because of course, the National Enquirer is the epitome of veracity.
      We can be certain they would never have to to stoop to the amoeba level depths of James O’Keefe and his Project VeritableP.O.S.

      And it is your claim that Democrats should be ashamed??

  2. Stan says:

    Do you really want to make this election about which unpopular politician the candidates support? Bacon is still on record endorsing Donald Trump.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      You go Stan! I don’t think anyone cares, as much as Street Sweeper, about any association between Ashford and Pelosi. Well, maybe Grundle does.

      • Sparkles says:

        Republicans fear Nancy Pelosi, that’s why they feel compelled to demonize her.
        Their pavlovian response to just the mention of her name is what one might expect from a toddler.

        Nancy Pelosi is – by all accounts – one the most effective and productive House Leaders in modern history. She’s a powerful. brilliant woman who ran the House like a seasoned Swiss watchmaker crafts a fine watch; with experience, deft and dogged determination. Many of the very same qualities HRC will bring to the role of President.

        Compare her tenure to the abject failure that has become the House under Republican leadership. Our know-nothing GOP Congress that now perennially establishes new records for “Least Productive in Modern History”.
        Boehner was forced out by his own band of Tea addled tribesmen and Trumpkins are now frothing in unison at rallies the chant of “Ryan Sucks – Ryan Sucks”.

        After November – once Trump, Bannon and Ailes march their newly acquired tribe off into the darkness of Trump TeeVee – we’ll gladly welcome rational Republicans back to reclaim their party and we look forward to their valued and necessary contribution toward rebuilding America.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I’m not sure why you felt the need to address me personally, TA…but for the record, I don’t live in Ashford’s district, so who he associates with is of very little concern to me, because I can’t vote for or against him. My personal preference would be for Bacon to win, simply because he would more closely represent my political alignment…IF he represented me. Who would you rather have representing YOUR voice in Congress…Ashford or Bacon?

        Sparkles…speaking only for myself, I don’t fear either Pelosi or Clinton, but I dislike them both because not only do they NOT represent my interests, they openly attack conservative principles. If that, in your addled mind, amounts to “fear”, then please don’t let me stop you from cooking up whatever bullshit theory helps you get through the day.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        I included that comment, Grundle, because of your prior feverish and “pavlovian response” to mere mention of her name. Go back and read what you have written over the years!

      • The Grundle King says:

        Pelosi is a terrible person. An effective legislator, yes…but still terrible. Your admiration for her is duly noted.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        I doubt it’s duly noted. You can’t seem to understand that I haven’t been registering Libertarian since 2008 even though I have told you so, repeatedly. And anyway I have expressed no admiration nor disfavor toward Pelosi. I only agreed with Stan that Street Sweeper’s obsession about who Ashford votes ‘with’ is not very relevant to the Ashford-v.-Bacon decision.

  3. ricky says:

    Are there really people in District 2 that think ISIS is coming here to kill us? We are not that stupid.
    We are more likely to die of a television falling on us than by an Islamic terrorist.
    People will believe anything if they are a member of the GOP.
    I saw Omaha Mayor Stothert endorsed Bacon because of the terrorist threats facing America. Hey Mayor more people have died at the Wendy’s on Dodge street during your reign than by terrorists.
    What a bunch of phonies.

  4. Latest poll (Emerson) has Evan McMullin (an actual conservative Republican) leading Trump is deep-red Utah. And McMullin’s share of the vote is growing rapidly.

    If for some reason Hillary’s huge lead collapses, McMullin could prevent both the lamestream-party idiots from getting an absolute majority, throwing it into the House. And how do you think House Republicans feel at the moment about Trump?

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