Back Up! with #NE02-TV

After working all weekend long, memorizing my hosting company’s entire hold-music songbook, Leavenworth St. (and are back up and raring to go!

And just to whet your appetite for a more robust post, here are new spots flying all around Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race!

Three, on a theme, from Republican Don Bacon:

First, “Joyce“:


Next, “Pam“:


Finally, “Chief“:


And after this series of positive spots, you can get an idea of where this campaign is at, with a negative punch from Democrat Brad Ashford:

Of course, Ashford is out and out lying about this, because after Ashford’s politically negligent non-specific question, Bacon gave THREE examples.

(So in a sense maybe they’re right. He didn’t give a single example…he gave triple.)

Leavenworth St. gave a nice summary of this debate question, and the OWH’s summary of it as well, here.


The lights are ON!

More coming later today — assuming there’s not another DDoS attack.

But if you STILL want to keep up, follow @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter and Leavenworth St. on The Facebook. Because, Russians or no Russians, that’s how you can keep up with the talk of Nebraska politics.


    • Anonymous says:

      ‘Cause there was no hacking before Obama was President? You can’t even find the on switch without help and have no idea how anything works. See you in CCNA class tonight? Oh, that’s right, you don’t know what that is.

    • Why is the government supposed to protect us from DDOS attacks? In fact, is it even conceivable the government could do such a thing, given how fast news of an exploit spreads, and how slowly the government responds.

      What we need is better device security, and the government could certainly enforce that, for example fining the manufacturer $50 a device for selling one with inadequate security or not making security updates possible, and the owner for possessing a device without update security.

      • Sparkles says:

        “What we need is better device security, and the government could certainly enforce that..”

        There ya go again! You and your leftist librul loonies and yer DAMN REGULATIN!!
        Next thing ya know gubmint will be regulatin’ what Rheumatiz pills I can and can’t take, along with the water I drink when I take ’em!!
        Get a Brain! Morans!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ignorance of scientific law and engineering expression is no excuse, “Bluejay.” Lawyers are a dime a dozen – and some aren’t even worth that. Get your ass back to work, and don’t be afraid to break a sweat this time.

      • Oracle says:

        The first duty of the federal government is to protect this country. I don’t care how it is done.

        Bluejay, your post reminds me of the Ben Franklin quote: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

        Why are so many conservatives afraid and fearful well beyond what reality can justify? Your attitudes are really screwing up this country (see Iraq war for the most horrendous example in my lifetime). Please get on some meds!

    • Anonymous says:

      The only “safe” computer is unplugged, turned off and, preferably, whose hard disk drive is melted in the sun. Same for computer networks. Its all a house of cards.

    • Sparkles says:

      No President it the history of the Republic has committed more resources to America’s cyber security than President Obama.

      Google – Utah Data Center.
      A massive, multi-billion dollar “data center” (they won’t tell you what’s actually in it) with so much hardware that is costs roughly $40 million per year just for electricity. It uses 1.2 million gallons of water per day to cool computer equipment.
      (the dullards at Breitbart cite it as an example of govt. waste and mock it as ‘Obama’s Bat Cave’)

      And, since Obama has been saddled with the most belligerently uncooperative, least productive Congress in modern history, he has had to act via Executive Order on matters critical to the security of our nation. Hence, this Feb 9, 2016 headline from SC Magazine (a mag for IT security professionals) –
      Obama goes hard on cybersecurity, new CNAP commits funds, resources
      “President Obama’s bold Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) drew praise for Tuesday, Safer Internet Day, for including a significant dollar commitment in the fiscal 2017 budget and the creation of a Cybersecurity Commission and a Privacy Council established under two Executive Orders.”

      Read the article.
      Read what security experts say about our President’s leadership on cyber security.

      • Anonymous says:

        All that stuff effectively belongs to the NSA, regardless of whose name is on it, Sparkles. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton again, same difference. “THEY” know all about me, they know all about you, they know all about everybody. Because the State Must Know. That’s what States do.

      • Sparkles says:


        The point I was making was that there was no such thing as a Utah Data Center under the watch of George W.

        It was Richard Clark, George W’s own cyber security advisor and Counter Terrorism czar (yes – it was George W who called them czars) went on record to publicly warn:
        2002 –
        “If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, then you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.”
        2007 –
        “There is no leadership. There is no national plan implemented.. ..The day-to-day environment is replete with crime and espionage. We are accepting a high level of cost we needn’t accept. But we’ve done nothing to solve the problem.”

        It was October 2004 that the third top U.S. cyber security chief (Amit Yoran) would resign under the GW Bush in less than two years.
        Yoran’s reason for resigning was the very same reason cited by the prior two heads of U.S. cyber security to have resigned, Richard Clark and Howard Schmidt –
        because the Bush Administration refused to move on or prioritize matters identified to be of critical importance to the security of our nation!

        So I’m sorry, but you’re simply wrong when you state –
        Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton again, same difference.

        Bush and his entire team were masterful f^*k ups and failures.
        President Obama, against all odds and fighting a malevolent GOP every step of the way, has achieved truly significant progress on the cyber security front.
        I have no doubt the U.S. currently employs the most brilliant minds on the planet when it comes to cyber security, and provides them tools far advanced to every other nation in the world.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bud Pettigrew hasn’t stopped trash talking Jane Kleeb since the state convention this summer. He thinks nobody is noticing, he is wrong.

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