Consolidating the message

New ad out from Republican 2nd District Congressional nominee Gen. Don Bacon. See it here:

Bacon delivers one of his most effective lines of the whole campaign:

What’s the effect of the vote of one “moderate” Democrat?

Anyone who remembers the Cornhusker Kickback knows how “moderate” Democrats work in Washington — and who they are ultimately responsible to.

Bacon continues the point about Ashford voting with his party nearly 80% of the time, and hammers that point home with memories of Ben Nelson.

It’s a great point, and one that we will likely hear over and over for the next 13 days.


The Dem’s Man

On the flip side, here is Brad Ashford supported by a group called…House Majority PAC!

Just let that sink in for you: If Brad Ashford is elected, he’ll help the Democrats gain the House Majority.

(“But I’m independent! Independent….” shouts the Brad, drowning in a sea of Democrats…)

Clear enough?

Here is their latest spot — one of the many zipping around like gnats before and after every local news cast:

How convenient that the local reporter used the word “struggled”, as Bacon rattled off three examples of how he differed with Republicans, after Ashford asked in the debate. Interesting how that works out.

Also interesting that Ashford once called for a 20% cut in Social Security and Medicare, and proposed turning Medicaid into voucher system.




State Senators Colby Coash and Beau McCoy duked it out on stage at UNL yesterday afternoon, debating the Repeal of the Retaining the Death Penalty.

(I’ll let John Gale spell it out for you.)

They hit the familiar themes. Here is KLKN’s report:



And if you’d like to listen to the entire debate itself, click here for the whole 90 minute enchilada:


Let it snow!

Sure it’s in the 50’s today, but who remembers October 1997 when Halloween got postponed by the 9-inch avalanche of snow from the heavens?

On that note, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert came out today with the latest on the City of Omaha’s snow removal plan.

You may remember Stothert on The Wheels Down Politics Show discussing this issue back in January, so here are a few highlights from her latest plan:

14 new trucks — meaning fewer in maintenance when storms hit
Plowing neighborhood streets with 2″ of snow — instead of 4″
Applying brine to streets 72 hours before a forecasted storm (instead of 36 hrs)

These plans were put in place based in part from responses from Omahans to survey questions.



The Twitter: @LeavenworthSt
The Facebook: Leavenworth St.

Because YOU want to keep up.


  1. Sparkles says:

    It’s nice of Don Bacon to spend money to air an ad in which, two weeks prior to the election, he concedes the Presidential race to Hillary.

    Six seconds in to Bacon’s ad, he states:
    “When the chips are down, we know Brad Ashford will always back Hillary and Pelosi’s plan.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bacon’s going to the House. Ashford is staying home to do whatever former members of the House do. Hillary will be President while the Republicans plot her demise. Hopefully they (the Repubs) will spend a little time in sustained reflection about how they got themselves into their present mess. I expect to be disappointed though.

  3. ricky says:

    Wow Jean Stothert is a genius. She did a survey where Omahan’s said they want good snow removal.
    Wasn’t the Mayor going to spend $50 K to study how Cleveland plows snow?
    Seriously, Mean Jean is dumb as a box of rocks. Admit it L St readers.
    What happened to her re-election announcement anyway? Maybe she does not want to surround herself at the press conference with all the Nebraska Republicans there who support Trump for President.
    Stothert will be a one-and-done Mayor no doubt and we are glad.

    Ricky From Omaha

    • Anonymous says:

      Stothert will be re-elected. She does tolerably well. Not perfect but good enough. Who the Democrats have, the walking erection that is misogynist Chris Jerram, of sexist t-shirt mockery fame? Yeah, he’s a snow removal expert for sure. ‘bet he took that public works class in law school.

      No, Ricky, Stothert will be mayor again and you’ll be glad. The streets will be cleared of snow. No thanks to you and Misogynist Chris Jerram, the Pinnacle of Democrat Lawyerdom in Omaha. I’m going to make that a handy acronym to save typing – MCJtPoDLiO. Yep, Ricky the Hater with his friend, Mysogynist Chris. Maybe Kevin Smith will make a movie about you guys working in a convenience store.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Maybe Kevin Smith will make a movie about you guys working in a convenience store.”

        I’m throwing the title “Jerks” out there for consideration.

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