Pence in Omaha, endorses Don Bacon for #NE02

Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Indiana Governor Mike Pence rallied in Omaha Thursday morning for the Trump-Pence ticket, but he also endorsed Brigadier General Don Bacon for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat. See it here:

(My, that was stirring…)

Pence roused 7-800 supporters at Midstates Construction Products in Omaha, talking about lower taxes, increasing trade and helping to build up the American economy.

He also gave a new title for the President in a Trump administration:
Negotiator in Chief.

Pence was introduced by Governor Pete Ricketts and had raucous applause throughout from the enthusiastic crowd.



ICYMI earlier, Leavenworth St. linked to the Roll Call story about the latest poll out in the #NE02 race.

In it, both GOP candidates lead in the major races for the Omaha area:

Bacon: 48%
Ashford: 44%

And in the Presidential race:

Donald Trump: 44%
Hillary Clinton: 40%
Gary Johnson: 8%
Jill Stein: 2%

You’d have to call both races razor-close, where just about anything could happen.

People should think about voting…


The Meaning of Life

As the Death Penalty debate continues, the “Retain” forces (they want to get rid of the death penalty) had a big beef with Secretary of State John Gale’s PSA regarding whether you’re voting for Retain or Repeal.

Their problem was that Gale didn’t mention the “life without parole” line from the ballot language.

But former Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov Lee Polikov argues on KFAB that there IS NO SUCH THING as “life without parole” under the Nebraska Constitution:

“In Nebraska there is no ‘life without parole’, today. There is a provision for pardon and parole that ‘s Constitutional. So until the Constitution is changed, a life sentence would NOT mean life without parole.”

Hear the whole Polikov interview with Gary Sadlemyer here:

The Retain forces disagree, and have an entire portion of their website dedicated to it here.

But even the OWH argues that “life” doesn’t necessarily mean life:

And don’t be fooled. Lawyers who argue the cruelty of the death penalty today would turn soon against the penalty of life in prison without parole if the death penalty were no longer an option. So there’s a question of how long life would mean life.

Clear enough peeps?


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  1. Macdaddy says:

    I have taken a nice, long hiatus from here due to a combination of being pissed at all you Trumpsters as well as a tsunami of work. After a while, the break became quite enjoyable but now that the election is drawing nigh, in case you care, I wanted you all to know that I will be voting for Trump. I don’t particularly like him, nor am I under any misconception he is a conservative, but Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed back in the White House. The depth and breadth of her corruption that continues even when she is out of government threatens our country. Her competence is in only 1 area: enriching herself through the corruption of others. In every other area of life she has horrible judgment and her efforts while at State have lead directly to our country being threatened. Other than getting her personal wealth to $200 million through bribes, payoffs, influence buying, and kickbacks, she has zero accomplishments to her name. Age and experience have not improved her wisdom. In short, none of the other 200+ people running for President could be worse for America than her. Trump has the best chance of beating her and so I’m voting for him.

    • Sparkles says:

      You know of course, Hillary will not only be our next President, but the vox populi will send her to the White House with a mandate.
      She is going to crush Forrest Trump.

      It’s also important to note that all demographics – both ethnicity and age – point to a long, long time before a Republican will find respite in the oval office once again.

      On the evening of November 8th, we will celebrate the fact the Republicans have found themselves on the winning side of the popular vote only ONE TIME in the last 28 years.
      Let that sink in for a moment.

      The lasting taint of Donald Trump, along with demographic trends, combined with an all-too-large faction of the GOP base being both malinformed and closed-minded, will likely insure Republican absence from the White House will extend to 40 years or more.
      Republicans won’t learn a lesson from Trump/Pence, just as they didn’t from Romney/Ryan, just as they didn’t from McCain/Palin, just as they didn’t from Bush/Cheney part Deux.

    • Bluejay says:

      Well reasoned.

      Wikileaks makes the corruption of the Clintons, Dems and MSM more obvious every day. What I always knew but nice to see confirmation,

  2. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, I am shocked that Pence endorsed Bacon, what will your next breaking new be? Maybe that Lincoln is in Ne?

  3. Dan Parsons says:

    Lee Polikov should either take a refresher law school school class or consult with Attorney General Doug Peterson, who on May 5, 2015 issued this Legal Opinion on the issue of life in prison: “Under current Nebraska law, a sentence of life imprisonment is effectively life imprisonment without parole”.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      But if Polikov argues from a constitutional perspective no statute named by Doug Peterson can undo what is constitutionally guaranteed. Right, Dan Parsons?

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Texas Annie, there is no parole for a life sentence in NE but executive clemency is possible through the Board of Pardons, if they commute a life sentence to a fixed term then the Parole Board may be able to grant parole from the fixed term.

  4. TexasAnnie says:

    Life, of course, only has MEANING that we each assign.
    And in the case of those unable to assign meaning within there own lives,
    —> what say you, bynd?

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Yes, we can see how well the ‘meaning’ which The Donald assigned to his life has worked out for him! But what is meaningful to him IS NOT the meaning that most Americans want to foster; I hope.

    • bynd says:

      TA: It is so tempting to come off the sidelines and vote this time around. I do believe that the increases in voters around the country are others who are coming off the sidelines. Question is, who will they vote for? No poll has been taken that will tell us.

      If true, all the polls have no idea and are not valid.

      But you have to love the Wiki folks. They are always confirming what we already knew but couldn’t prove. In a lot of different cases. And it makes a difference this time around.

      As to the people Wiki put in danger, which seems to be a major concern, “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?” Hundreds of billions of dollars kill a lot of people. Innocent and not so innocent.

      • Anonymous says:

        Reminds me of a line from The X-Files: “You have no idea what it is like to live in a world without privacy…a world without secrets.”

        Now we do.

        A good thing, seemingly, is a leveling effect. It diminishes the powerful to hear what they are really saying. A longer term consequence is that the powerful will now go to great lengths to be left alone. That didn’t work for Clinton, but many are learning from her mistakes. Another issue is collateral damage. Even political operatives have family members. Should ones aging relatives or children be dragged into the political fray, and their personal trials be dragged into the all seeing eyes of social media without their consent?

  5. Dan Parsons says:

    Just for good measure: The Honorable Ronald Reagan, retired
    District Court Judge who sentence Jon Joubert to death: “Let me be perfectly clear about what happens when someone is sentenced to life imprisonment in Nebraska: they die in prison. A sentence of life can never be paroled in Nebraska. It doesn’t matter that the words ‘without parole’ aren’t in the statute, in Nebraska life means life.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy and Sparkles offer a contrast. MD explains why he is voting for Trump. Sparkles simply states Hillary will beat Trump. And why is that? Because it is what Sparkles wants. Interestingly, Trump isn’t what MD wanted but MD explains a clear need to avoid a far worse, indeed disasterous outcome. If Hillary caused MD only minor heartburn, MD would just stay home on Election Day. And if Trump really was so awful, or if MD was invested in the establishment elite’s power for power sake, MD would vote for Hillary like some unprincipled conservatives will. Instead, MD carefully notes why it is imperative he vote for Trump, against crooked Hillary for sure, but for Trump. And when you think about that, that has been a base calculation since the beginning of this race. There are many in MD’s position. Perhaps all Trump voters once were in that same position.

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out. But that result won’t be the result of bloggers wishing for outcomes. It will be voters voting for reasons.

    • Sparkles says:

      “MD explains why he is voting for Trump. Sparkles simply states Hillary will beat Trump. And why is that? Because it is what Sparkles wants.”

      That’s cute.
      Reminds me of my experience working at a mental health facility during my final year in college. One of the patients explained what he clearly felt to be a compelling argument for rubbing shit in his hair.
      It was of little surprise that few others found the argument persuasive enough to follow his lead.

      I’ll limit this to three – there are more than one hundred prominent Republican leaders who have gone public with similar observations.

      “Trump is a national disgrace and an international pariah,”
      – Colin Powell

      Donald Trump represents a “clear and present danger”,.. “I fear for our future”.
      – Gen. Michael Hayden former Director of both the CIA and NSA under GW Bush.

      “Enough! Donald Trump should not be President. He should withdraw,”
      – Condoleeza Rice

      • bynd says:

        So states the old guard. Great Americans no doubt. They got us where?

        Ironic Sparkles used CP. Isn’t he the main reason we went to war in Iraq? The solid, could sniff a lie from a million miles away anchor for Sparkle’s Murica? The one who sucked poor Hillary into voting for the war?

        GW Bush, one of the most corrupt administrations ever. Yep, let’s listen to them because Sparkles thinks they are important.

      • Sparkles says:

        I was saving a few of your classic lines to thrown down as an election day coup de grace.

        Although, I had to admit, I’ve remained quite enamored with the word craft of the editors at The Atlantic, who, for only the 3rd time since it’s founding in 1860, felt compelled to weigh in on a Presidential race. They describe Trump thusly –
        “His affect is that of an infomercial huckster; he traffics in conspiracy theories and racist invective; he is appallingly sexist; he is erratic, secretive, and xenophobic; he expresses admiration for authoritarian rulers, and evinces authoritarian tendencies himself. He is easily goaded, a poor quality for someone seeking control of America’s nuclear arsenal. He is an enemy of fact-based discourse; he is ignorant of, and indifferent to, the Constitution; he appears not to read.”

        I absolutely love the finish: “he appears not to read.” It’s almost poetic.
        It’s like the deft finishing stroke of Van Gogh as he exquisitely applies the final touch of golden hue to the last star in the azure night sky.

  7. Bluejay says:

    On this whole death penalty business, think about the four victims of Anthony Garcia when you vote. Tommy Hunter would be about 19 today. Probably at Creighton studying to be a doctor like both of his parents.

    • Oracle says:

      Are you implying that the death penalty might have prevented these terrible deaths? Wait, the death penalty was in effect! No deterrent effect. Are you simply promoting revenge? Life without parole would protect society just as well as the death penalty.

      • Sparkles says:

        “Promoting justice.”

        May 20, 2015 –
        “The Death Penalty is inadmissible, no matter how serious the crime committed. It is an offence against the inviolability of life and the dignity of the human person, which contradicts God’s plan for man and society, and his merciful justice, and impedes the penalty from fulfilling any just objective. It does not render justice to the victims, but rather fosters vengeance.
        – His Holiness, Pope Francis
        successor to Saint Peter, to whom Jesus is supposed to have given the keys of Heaven

      • Oracle says:

        Like the justice the Beatrice 6 received? Threat of the death penalty cost them the most productive years of their lives.

      • bynd says:

        But here is what God does say. I do believe he is a step or two above the Pope, with all do respect.

        Ro. 13
        4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

        Note this is New Testament and not Old. Under government in the Bible, not individual.

        So do we believe the Pope or his boss?

      • Oracle says:

        Bluejay, that’s just your opinion. Give me a fact based argument on why it “could not happen today”?

        Bynd, that verse can be interpreted many ways. And it was Paul speaking, not God. Paul was also a raging homophobe, so let’s use him as a reliable source for “God’s word”.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, I was unaware God wrote Romans, always thought it was St. Paul. In reading Paul account must be taken of his times. Doubt he was an expert on modern corrections. To close an effort to listen to his literal words only without consideration of times led to Protestant Church support for Hitler by following Luther, a great but time bound Pauline scholar with his theology of the left hand of God’
        Pope’s point with which his two predecessors agreed was that given the options available to the modern state, our increased knowledge of the limits of our knowledge of human behavior and the likelihood of error, purposes of punishment are served without need the death penalty.
        Revenge by the state was the common justification for punishment in antiquity where the problem of private vengeance and feud had not been solved. If that was God’s exclusive theory, did he write Babylonian or Greek or Roman criminal law?

      • repenting lawyer says:

        , I must have missed the changes in NE law that would prevent another Beatrice situation, enlighten me. Our very human system of criminal law is to creaky to trust to kill people.

      • Bluejay says:


        Science! The law hasn’t changed but science has. DNA evidence today essentially prohibits wrongful convictions.

      • Oracle says:

        Bluejay, DNA evidence would have not prevented the interrogation tactics that were used to get confessions from the Beatrice 6. And remember those kids in Murdock? All you need is a dishonest crime investigator to hide or fraudulently testify about evidence found at the scene of a crime. Things haven’t changed that much. Try again.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, first not all cases turn on DNA, secondly the police in many places use truly horrible or even dishonest labs.

      • bynd says:

        Oracle, The Bible is God breathed. If you can’t get that right what can you. And no, Paul was not a homophobe. But why waste time explaining it to you. Your and educated person right? LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      Bynd, if you can’t tell the difference between God’s Living Word, Jesus the Christ, and a mere book, no matter how revered it is, you’ll never understand Christianity. You don’t care for the Pope – fine. Why substitute a paper pope for the Roman Pontiff? You didn’t write the book and you sure weren’t and aren’t part of the original, intended audience, in an ancient, Mediterranean, peasant context. Without that context you aren’t getting the whole story. God-breathed, but written by human hands.

      • bynd says:

        Anonymous, Except the Bible wasn’t written for just those folks back then. Popular misconception.

        As I stated to RL, that would be a God other than the one described in the Bible. But what ever. Your beliefs matter not to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        You seem happy with invincible ignorance, Bynd, but I’ll pray for your conversion, and a healthy increase intellectual capacity. And don’t quote Sacred Scripture any more, your misuse is sacrilegious and ignorant. God, as the old saw goes, will not be mocked.

  8. bynd says:


    Shame should come from compromising one’s values and morals because one candidate is not as bad as another.

    In the end, grid lock makes it very easy not to vote. And one person won’t bring the country down, From where I sit, it is a team effort by the electoral system.

    But being the curmudgeon I am, I may just vote to nullify Ricky. Now there’s a reason to vote after such a good soapbox rant.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Revenge is for suckers. What we should wish to prevent is appeals from the grave. The murder victims get no appeal, neither should the killers. And once dead, they don’t. And since you have paid me to kill entire towns full of people in combat and applauded me for it, I find it stupid of you to object to killing killers. We are okay with you paying the entire cost of housing murderers in your own home, that’s fine with the rest of us. As it is, you deserve to be next on the victim list, if any more be victims. But justice isn’t so just.

    What should scare us more is rigged elections. By which I mean we have to vote “REPEAL” to NOT repeal the thing. That’s crooked. Its meant to cheat and deceive voters. What penalty does that deserve?

  10. bynd says:

    Many innocent folks have been threatened with many different things that have cost them many years of their life.

    How about we tell law enforcement etc. to quit threatening anything as it is not a sign of a civilized society. (sarc)

    • repenting lawyer says:

      band, thrilled to know you now have developed into an expert on law enforcement methods, their efficacy and accuracy. The boundlessness of your knowledge always surprises. Perhaps you could tell us of your experience with interrogation methods, which is what is being discussed.

      • bynd says:


        What can I say. I wasn’t constrained by my classroom job and religion from reading all sorts of different things.

        It’s a big world out there. You should try and experience it in your waning years.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, you seem to have views on confessions based on Dick Wolfe and his tv shows. Might try the vast literature on coerced and false confessions, kind of things you read when you spend your life teaching about and working in the American legal system, and a little comparative criminall procedure would help you.

      • bynd says:

        RL: Once again, don’t start what you don’t want to get involved in. You set the rules, I just followed them.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, no matter who started it, bigoted response attacking a Church I do not belong to is tasteless. It shows a profound ignorance of Catholicism only suitable at a Klan meeting. But you in fact attacked the Pope’s position, my sin was demonstrating you do not know what you are talking about, a demonstration you assisted on this occasion.

  11. bynd says:


    “Paul wrote it”. A difference without distinction. The words are God’s. I find it strange that one believes in God, his infallibility, his infinite wisdom and his omniscience, yet you believe he couldn’t write his own his book to be relevant even today.

    Sounds like a flawed god to me but who am I to judge. Just answering your question.

  12. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, you follow a rather strange theory of Biblical inspiration, the Inspiration of Scripture is in the salvation it offers in Jesus Christ, which is available to a reader in faith. To that it as a work to use like an answer book where passages may be taken out of context to solve contemporary problems is an abuse of the text.
    Paul was not a homophobe, the idea would not even make sense to him since he lacked the notion of homosexuality.He seems to have been mostly concerned about pagan temple prostitution. Doubt many gays are engaged in either side of that practice.

    • bynd says:

      You are certainly more than entitled to your beliefs. I find them interesting but this a conversation that will cause more harm than good. So as they say in Shark Tank, “for those reasons, I’m out:)”

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