BREAKING: New-er Poll in #NE02

Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon
Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon

The Don Bacon for Congress campaign released a new poll this afternoon showing Bacon with a continuing lead over Brad Ashford in the Nebraska 2nd District Congressional race.

The results of the poll of 1,482 likely voters shows:

Don Bacon: 47.40%
Brad Ashford: 45.22%
Steven Laird: 3.99%
Undecided: 3.39%

The poll has a 95% Confidence Interval and a 2.54% Margin of Error.

The poll was conducted on Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th. It was an automated survey of 1,482 likely voters in the 2nd District and was conducted by Aaron Trost of the Singularis Group.

This poll follows one from Wednesday which showed Bacon with a 48% to 44% lead over Ashford.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not much call for BDU’s in Congress, even if one is a 2nd Amendment enthusiast. Maybe Bacon isn’t used to being out of uniform.

    • Brian T. Osborn says:

      In the 1500s, men wore oversized codpieces to compensate for their lack of virility. Now they dress up in public like they are headed for combat, bedecked in camos, sporting their penis substitutes (hanguns) on their hips, and acting like really “manly men.”
      Dwight Eisenhower didn’t continue to wear his Army uniform when he ran for President. His reputation as a warrior was sufficient enough that he didn’t need to shove that in their faces.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I’ll forever wonder why in the world liberals like Brian Osborn see a firearm and immediately start thinking thinking about the owner’s penis. Truly baffling.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        Says the guy whose internet name includes the noun for the area found between a male’s anus and his testicles.
        As a concealed carry permit holder, I have no aversion to guns – just to those idiots that feel the need to display them as publicly as Anthony Weiner does his weenie.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “I have no aversion to guns – just to those idiots that feel the need to display them as publicly…”

        What you describe as a “need” is actually the only legal way for someone to carry a firearm without spending about $175+ on a CHP class and another $100 on the permit (plus $50 to renew every 5 years). For those of relatively meager means, their choice is (A) open carry, (B) go defenseless, or (C) break the law. I mean, assume you can’t afford a gun and forget firearms for a moment…you can’t even legally carry a concealed hunting knife or brass knuckles for self-defense!

        And as I have mentioned before…I chose my moniker very carefully. It represents where I feel I lie in the political spectrum…stuck squarely between d***s and a-holes. Jokers to the left of me, clowns to the right…

  2. Gerard Harbison says:

    Misplaced classified information discovered during a
    child porn investigation. Tacky, tacky, tacky people, who would likely be evicted from your average trailer park. When did our ruling elite become so crass?

  3. ricky says:

    Why do I not believe a poll put out by the Bacon campaign?
    What has he down to deserve to be ahead?
    Nobody knows who Bacon is.
    Brad will win.

    • Anonymous says:

      This update brought to you by Hater Ricky & his side-kick, Misogynist Chris Jerram.

      Wait, this correction just in: Bacon for the win while Brad Whatshisname vanishes to LeeTerryLand.

  4. So Abedin, Hillary’s closest confidante, had thousands of emails, probably containing classified information, stored on the same computer her husband used to stash his child porn?

    Welcome to the second Clinton administration. Pretty soon, semen on a blue dress will just seem innocent and innocuous.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I cannot stand and will not be voting for Trump.

        Just had to get that out of the way, because it sure seems strange to me that, after what…18 months of campaigning?…these alleged victims of sexual assault start coming out AFTER the ‘grab her by the kitty’ recording?

        Trump may well have assaulted these women…but the timing seems peculiar. If they didn’t want him to be President, where were they twelve, six…even 3 months ago? We Republicans sure would have appreciated it if they would have brought their accusations forward BEFORE he secured the nomination.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        Grundle, you knew what you were getting when you chose him. These stories coming out now are just icing on the cake. You bought him – you own him.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Allow me to correct myself. I incorrectly stated “we Republicans”. I’m registered as non-partisan. I identify more with Republican political leanings, and typically vote for Republican candidates, and that is the reason I used “we”. I apologize to any registered Republicans who would rather not have me associated with the party due to my disdain for Trump…I should not have claimed membership or association with the party.

        So, as a registered non-partisan who can’t participate in the Republican primary, you somehow believe that I “chose” Trump.

        I didn’t like Trump from the beginning, I don’t like him now. I’ve never donated to his campaign, nor have I voted for him. I don’t own him any more than he owns me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Obama’s FBI director announces more new secrets spilling out of Hillary’s butter fingers. Says it will not be a quick investigation, which suggests a grand jury. This is an ugly October surprise from the Obama administration.

    The press’ reaction? Condemn Trump for gloating. Trump says this is bad news for Hillary. It is. But he’s not supposed to say that.

    The News Media wants Trump to do what most GOP and Democrat politicians do… lie. They want Trump to act sorry for Hillary when he isn’t sorry for the crook. They want him to act falsely nice, not bluntly honest. They demand Trump lie because that’s what they are used to.

    The Media and both party establishments seem to believe a President should inspire confidence in Americans not by being bluntly honest and showing results but by telling Americans nice lies. That is what voters are have been trying to get rid of all this past year.

    • Political Novice says:

      There’s merit in being bluntly honest however I do appreciate sweet nothings being whispered in my ear while getting screwed. It’s probably the best I can hope for this election.

  6. cosmic justice says:

    The NYTs says “tens of thousands” of emails from Hillary’s top aide Abedin are found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, obtained while investigating Weiner for sex crime. Abedin destroyed Hillary’s Top Secret Emails on Hillary’s illegal home server but apparently not on Weiner’s laptop, which, being also full of cyber sex, Weiner was bound to keep secret from his cuckolded wife amid Abedin’s efforts to protect another crooked cuckolded wife.

    These events reminds one of Hillary’s husband impeached for keeping his sex a secret. This isn’t about guys having locker room talk in locker rooms. This is incredibly irresponsible stupidity that allows a Congressman and a President to have sex at work, on the voter’s time, using government assets; and their politician wives covering it up to remain crookedly empowered.

    How’s this for a reality show drama?

    Just when we thought smooth crooks would beat the rough truth-tellers, we find the crooks exposed by their own sexual misconduct they cannot now successfully foist on others. Misconduct which led to Bill lying under oath and reveals Hillary violating national security laws. Trump’s going to be up for a third Emmy.

    • Millennial voter says:

      My dude, you should go outside and take a walk, get some fresh air.

      Also, is it possible for a woman to be cuckolded? I’m too scared/laughing too hard to look it up.

    • Anonymous says:

      ” …bound to keep secret from his cuckolded wife…” “…to have sex at work, on the voter’s time, using government assets; and their politician wives covering it up to remain crookedly empowered…”

      Are you talking about the Clintons, Weiners, or Kintners?? Hard these days to tell the difference between DC, New York, and Nebraska politics when it comes to these sex scandals. Boorish, philandering men married to scheming, political wives who stand by their cheating husbands for political appearances while shivving anyone who threatens their power and influence.

  7. Sparkles says:

    From today’s LJS:
    Dr. Ernie Goss, professor of economics at Creighton University, is frustrated with death penalty proponents’ constant challenge of his study on the cost of capital punishment in Nebraska.

    So on Friday, he issued a challenge of his own. Goss wants Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, who has attacked the study, to appear with him at a public forum to debate it.

    It appears Peterson is turning down the invitation.

    • Political Novice says:

      I’m puzzled (if it should happen) why Paterson would turn down such an invitation. Would this not be a golden opportunity to educate the public pro or con? Debates to me are the modern equivalent of an old-fashion duel except both walk away unscathed except for pride and reputation. Armed with strength of conviction and facts , why would one not take the opportunity to debate his opponent?

      I suppose it’s safer taking potshots from afar.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Yeah but any “economic study” issued by Dr. Ernie Goss is suspect too. I saw a couple of his studies while living there. Interestingly, they always come out favorably for the party that is writing the check! And when the convention center was being planned in Omaha, Goss’s liberal use of the “multiplier effect” defied the economic study which had been issued by the Revenue Dept. (I was at the hearing and when this fact was revealed, it had no effect on the decision made…)

        Maybe the Goss study accounts for the cost of two meals a day instead of the usual three! I don’t know, just saying, if we’re talking about two different economic studies, we need to put them side by side and compare every entry. ‘Cause we’re usually not talking about exactly the same situation nor circumstance.

      • Oracle says:

        TA, you’re completely right about Goss. Hated to see Retain use him. I remember one of his previous “studies” where he ignored the multiplier effect to come to his desired conclusion. Grade A hack!

      • Oracle says:

        Though I would like to see him debate Peterson and show that our Attorney General is even a bigger ignoramus.

  8. Wild Eyed and Frothy says:

    BREAKING – First Arrest Made for Voter Fraud!!

    Police in Des Moines, Iowa, said Friday that they had arrested Terri Lynn Rote, 55, on suspicion of voting twice in the general election.

    Rote, a registered Republican, allegedly voted for Donald Trump at two different early-voting locations in Polk County, Iowa.
    She has been charged with first-degree election misconduct, a felony.

  9. anon says:

    Things are getting more interesting in the LD 43 race for the Legislature. The Chadron Record reports that Tom Brewer was forced to resign from the board of the charity he was running by the Montana Attorney General.

    Tom’s goose may not be completely cooked yet, but it sure looks like it’s on a slow roast right now.

    • anon says:

      It’s hard to tell. Brewer, his wife and children are all registered to vote in Gordon with the machine shed listed as their residence, but most of the locals have never seen the Mrs. or the kids. I guess voter registration fraud is permissible.

      • Anonymous says:

        His kids probably don’t live there since his daughter is in college and his son lives in Iowa. They’ve never claimed to live there, but I’m sure you have talked to some of us “locals”. Thanks for trying.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        Tom Osborne established 3rd CD residency with a fishing shack on Lake McConaughy, while living in his nice home in CD2s Lincoln, NE.
        It’s a NEGOP tradition.

    • Anonymous says:

      To T. Ax Dodge,

      That “machine shed” is a completely new home inside. He had a reception there over the Willow Tree Festival in Gordon. Quite nice in there from the pictures I saw. I’m sure if any of you ever gave a shat about Western Nebraska except every four years, you’d know that.

      • T. Ax Dodge says:

        The fact that there is “a completely new home” inside a machine shed (bizarre) is not the point.

        Let’s ignore that fact that Brewer owns a home just east of Lincoln, in Murdock NE, assessed at around $260K.
        Let’s ignore that fact that Brewer’s drivers license at the time of his filing for State Sen., of western NE’s District 43, listed his home address as Murdock.
        We’ll even forget that the $120 check Brewer wrote to pay his candidate filing fee, for District 43 in western NE, listed his address as Murdock.

        The shed in Gordon is not listed, or taxed, as residential property.
        Brewer was paying a property tax assessment on a Machine Shed – when said shed contained within it an entire “log home” (come on, how weird is that?!) featuring three bedrooms and three baths (3 baths, in a shed?)

        It’s clearly a tax dodge.

        But I forget that the record is quite clear. Republicans only talk a big game about personal accountability and fiscal responsibility. The last 35 years demonstrates actions quite to the contrary.
        Heck, your party’s current standard bearer, Donald Trump, is a world class tax dodger, and proud of it.

      • The Grundle King says:

        A home inside of a machine shed is not bizarre, unless you’re extremely superficial. Look up some up the awesome steel building homes online, and you’ll see it’s what is on the inside that counts.

        I mean…what’s the downside of a steel building home? Low maintenance, durable exterior. Relatively cheap to enclose a large amount of square footage. Easy to expand on. I’d love to build one.

  10. Stratford upon Platte says:

    Hillary oh Hillary, your choices are sillery
    Than the Weiner’s most wiener computer
    Your Abedin harridan
    Is shaving your hair again
    As secrets ooze out your patooter.

    Hillarycare failed and your contortions regaled
    As you epitomize the inept and the broken
    From your Ben-gha-zi napping to
    … reading TS while crapping
    Has even your followers (swallowers) choking.

    (A tad risqué but who says elections can’t be fun?)

  11. London’s Sunday Times lead headline

    “Hillary at war with the FBI as poll lead slumps”

    War with the FBI seldom works out well for the warrior. Possibly the only thing that will save Hillary is the larger number of early votes. My vote for Gary Johnson would, however, not be changed by the 978th revelation that Hillary is in fact a crook.

    • Sparkles says:

      Nothing has changed. Team Clinton will turn Comey’s overplay into GOTV motivation.
      HRC is going to crush Trump, who will struggle to crack 200 EC votes.

      • Since we’re discussing a horse race and not politics, I think she will win, but it will be a long night. There’s a Bradley effect; some people don’t want to admit to pollsters they might vote for Trump (I can well understand why)

        The most intruiging result would be Evan McMullin taking the 6 EC votes in Utah, denying both Trump and Clinton a majority.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      ProfGH, given that no one has read these emails, are you applying Karl Popper’s model of scientific method to their contents?

      • Well, obviously, Huma has read the emails. And her lawyer is negotiating with the FBI.

        Don’t Karl Popper me, RL. Popper is an anachronism, irrelevant to the philosophy of science.

        And I, in return, will not lecture you on the judicial philosophy of Louis Brandeis.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, I meant no one in law enforcement, and negotiation does not show Huma has read, since she did not know the emails wee one the severer, and her problem is telling the BE that she had turned all computers with email in. Popper was a joke, not a lecture, conjecture advance of evidence, you should have responded with Holmes.

      • RL: No problem. What generally annoys me is that Popper’s is the only model of how science is done that is usually taught, and his ‘naive falsificationism’ is pretty much discredited. There is no single ‘scientific method’. We do science in lots of different ways, by lots of different rules.

        I find it highly implausible that Abedin had thousands of emails on her server that she never read. I mean, that’s why we have emails on our computers; it’s from reading them, which is accomplished by downloading the email from a mail server to the computer, right? The only other possibility is that Weiner accessed the computer without her knowledge and used it to read classified emails. There is very little sleaziness of which I think he’s incapable, but I can’t see him being that interested.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        Once the emails are finally read, we will all be privy to Huma’s Amazon purchases and Pinterest faves.

  12. anonymous says:

    It looks like instead of 4 more years of Obama it will be a government law and media trial like OJ Simpson’s on steroids. CNN better get Nancy Grace back. Bill Clinton and Anthony Weirdo, some news personality is going to speculate themselves to death

  13. Anonymous says:

    My favorite line in the NYT article about Anthony Weiner, his “laptop” and all the emails on it, “Mr. Weiner did not respond to an email seeking comment.”.

    It’s funny to me for several reasons: that he no longer has his laptop since the FBI took it, that he didn’t respond at all and that FINALLY he didn’t use email! How much simpler life would be for some if they ALSO didn’t use email.

  14. Oracle says:

    Looks like Tom Brewer might be in a heap of trouble with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. Just google “Alliance man files complaint against legislative candidate Tom Brewer” .

    A tiger doesn’t change his spots. Shades of his fiasco in Montana.

    • Sparkles says:

      A couple salient points –

      1) According to all polls, District 43 is hard core Trump Kountry.
      If the vast majority of the district voters heading to the polls are eager to pull the lever for the Crown Prince of Grift, exactly how relevant could ethics and morality be to their voting decisions?

      2) Speaking of ‘pulling the lever’.
      The news story notes “An Alliance man says he’s filed a complaint with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission..”.
      That would the very same NADC that took 8 months to decide if any action was necessary relative to the foibles of Knickerless Bill Kintner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Brewer was interviewed on KETV about 3 years ago and said, “Maybe being Native American was a natural fit to be in the military and to do the missions that I did, but you were always under the gun because you felt like if you failed, you failed for the whole tribe, not just yourself,”. Also, from the same interview, “Brewer said he wants to continue volunteering with the Wounded Warrior’s Horses for Heroes Program as well as mentoring programs for Native American youth.”

      How did that work out for the Native youth when he abandoned them just to further his own political career? Was it all just for show then as well as now?

  15. mule skinner says:

    Trump would likely pardon her.

    Show trials and scapegoating are what pols and parties do, not businessmen. CEO’s need to get the defeated junk out of the way so they can get the show rolling. They are solutionists while politicians tend to make hay from problems. I rather expect he’d want to let the Clintons fade from view. Or perhaps let the law take its course. But show trials? No.

    Who here actually thinks a President Trump won’t build that wall but instead will spend four years blaming Clinton and Obama just like Obama spent his years blaming Bush? Every time Obama farted, he blamed Bush. And when that didn’t work it was Obama’s wimpy “pity me, I’m black”. What a twat. Hillary similarly plays the women’s advocate and she’s Bill sexual abuse doormat. These are stupid people and I doubt Trump will find any use for their tanned hides.

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