Entering the home stretch

Don Bacon speaking at the Mike Pence rally in Omaha on Thursday
Don Bacon speaking at the Mike Pence rally in Omaha on Thursday

There will no doubt be a million pieces about this, but here in Nebraska YOU can be the first to noodle this idea:

Say, Hillary “wins” the Election on November 8th.

Prior to December 19th (Elector “voting” day) FBI Director James Comey, after his announcement today that he is reopening the email investigation, finds some super-bad email (?) and decides to indict Hillary. (And let’s say that it is very bad, whatever that might mean.)

What do the Electors do?

Do they elect Hillary? It would likely take forever to actually put her on trial, etc.

Do they elect Tim Kaine? But who really wants Tim Kaine to be President? (No one, other than him and his mother, that’s who. )

So assuming they’d stick with a Democrat, do they just pick someone? Joe Biden? Al Gore? Bernie?!

As the joke already goes, in the future whenever a question is asked about what year that one weird thing happened, you already know the answer:




At this point you’ve likely seen the Donald Trump haters who took a sledge hammer to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And you’ve seen all the looney-birds who find it their life’s ambition to burn down, trample or otherwise destroy Trump yard signs.

Well, at the Mike Pence rally in Omaha yesterday, they were out as well, adding to their bucket list of disrupting a political rally (their grandkids will be so proud).

An intrepid GOP supporter got his hands on one of the signs  being thrust about at the rally, and here is what those hardy interlopers wrote:


Isn’t that precious?

But seriously, you go to all the trouble to stand in line, get past the Secret Service, bide your time until just the right moment…and you don’t even bring your own anti-Trump sign?

The best you’ve got is a Sharpie and an expletive?

Listen Democrats: Watch a few Saturdays of College Gameday and see what a critical/funny/attention-getting sign really looks like. Something like this:

Hopefully they Facebook Live’d the whole thing…


District 43

Since people will finally start paying attention around next Wednesday, we will look at a couple of the Legislative races getting down to crunch time:

Here is a mailer in the contentious race waaaay out in Deb Fischer’s old district in north-central Nebraska, between incumbent Al Davis and challenger (and higher primary vote-getter, 54%-45%) retired Col. Tom Brewer:


This is the race where half the fight is about who lives in Lincoln more. Brewer points to the mansion that Davis owns in Lincoln, and Davis says that Brewer doesn’t pay the right taxes on his man-cave back in the district.

In the mean time, Davis is also having a tough fight of being on the wrong side of many harder-core conservative issues.

This will be an exciting one to watch as it gets down to crunch time.


District 33

Another interesting one is the race for incumbent Les Seiler’s Hasting’s district.

Governor Pete Ricketts endorsed Seiler’s opponent Steve Halloran, and the Seiler is also running into some of the same criticisms Al Davis had — opposing much of “Ricketts’ agenda”.

Groups supporting Seiler are also hitting him on an interesting issue that can get the easy attention of the average voter:

Seiler, the Chairman of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, has been absent as Chair from hearings 20 times. Most recently, today, Seiler allowed Lincoln Democrat Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks to fill in as chair of the Department of Correctional Services Special Investigative Committee, while Omaha trial attorney Steve Lathrop handled the hard questions.

It’s not clear why Seiler has been absent from so many hearings, but it is clear that this is an issue that Joe Likely Voter understands: showing up for work. If you can’t do that, it starts to get tough.

Another we will keep an eye on…

Jumpin’ Around

Leavenworth St. will be Live Tweeting life all weekend long — watching the stadium hop at Camp Randall to carving punkins on the dinner table, and every political item in between. (OK, usually more politics than autumn vegetables…)

You can follow along @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter and keep up with every update by Liking Leavenworth St. on The Facebook.

Because that’s how you keep up with the talk of Nebraska politics all Halloween Weekend long!


  1. DCDP Leaks says:

    Patty Zieg needs a rationale as to why the Bernie Sanders supporters can’t have access to the same lists her and her friends get? I wonder what ELSE will be coming out in the emails…

  2. Sparkles says:

    Tom Brewer’s attack ad (featuring pics of Al Davis in the general vicinity of Ernie Chambers) reminds me a of a famous scene from Blazing Saddles.
    The scene where the old geezer on the roof spots their new Sheriff off in the distance, riding into the town of Rock Ridge…

    A laurel and hearty handshake indeed.

    And re the emails – reports are that the new emails are not from Hillary Clinton herself and they don’t appear to involve evidence that she or her people deliberately withheld from the FBI.
    But by all means, lather on up.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Wow…couldn’t even get through one comment without making accusations of racism!

      Maybe Brewer featured Chambers in the Davis ad because Davis, who claims to be a Republican, consistently votes along with the Unicam’s most liberal member.

      You know…maybe it’s a criticism of Davis’s politics. Maybe?

    • The Grundle King says:

      Well, to be fair Gerard, Hillary has earned it.

      I saw something the other day that made me laugh and almost cry at the same time. It said something to the effect of, “I’m increasingly afraid that someone’s going to win this election.”

  3. Sparkles says:

    “It’s not clear why Seiler has been absent from so many hearings, but it is clear that this is an issue that Joe Likely Voter understands: showing up for work.”

    According to a report in the Oct 26th Lincoln Journal Star, Joe Likely Voter is being lied to.
    The group that attacked Les Seiler is comprised of 6 whole people. A group, formed 5 months ago (in May) calling itself ‘Concerned Conservatives’. A group headed by someone certain to be a Ricketts toady – Matt Innis, former chairman of the Lancaster County Republican Party.

    Seiler has called bullshit on Innis’s claim. Seiler says he was in fact present for at least 16 of the 20 meetings that Matt Innis and his Ford Focus full of followers claims he missed.

    And both Sen. Bob Krist (R), chairman of the Legislature’s Executive Board and a member of the Judiciary Committee, and Judiciary Vice Chairman Colby Coash (R), have publicly stepped forward to vouch for Sen. Seiler.

    But thanks for sharing the propaganda that amounts to nothing more than paid political thuggery by petulant plutocratic Pete.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seiler has claimed present. Not chairing. Name a single other committee where the elected chair does not lead the committee on a regular basis. None. Seiler can produce a public record if he is going to call bullshit. That record will reflect he did not chair his committee. This is no secret. LJS clearly did not consult the public record, but instead were complicit in enabling Seiler’s faux-chairmanship. They should report the costs of the story as an in kind campaign donation.

      Of course it was paid campaign manager/lobbyist Mary Johnson who defended his attendance on behalf of Seiler. One has to wonder what the voting record of Mary’s candidates are on issues Mueller-Robak lobbies. Who is beholden to who? Talk about a conflict of interest.

      Of course Krist and Seiler defend him. Seiler’s gross negligence is to their advantage. Both get to act as proxy chairs and advance their agenda without having to be elected. Their statements are in keeping with their character.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, why didn’t your 43rd District comments also include the news about the Montana Attorney General’s investigation of Brewer’s involvement and subsequent removal from a Montana-based, non-profit organization called “Heroes and Horses, Inc.”?

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