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On this final week of the campaign, the NRCC has a new ad up about Brad Ashford in the #NE02 Congressional race. See it here:

You hear Ashford claim that he “doesn’t vote with Nancy Pelosi! Hardly at all!

Only in the mind of a Democrat can he call voting with the Dem leader nearly 80% of the time as “hardly at all.”


And on that note, here is KETV’s Dave Robert’s interview with both Don Bacon and Speaker Paul Ryan, during Ryan’s visit to Omaha on Sunday:



Ah the Fishwrap…

Which makes the OWH recent endorsement of Ashford also laughable, for their logic. “See how bipartisan he is! Here are a few times he voted against the Dems!” Which was essentially the same reasoning behind support for Ben Nelson. “See, he’s a conservative Democrat!”

Except when they really need him.
Then he’s just a Democrat.

Do they REALLY think the Pelosi is pouring the cash into Omaha because she thinks Brad won’t vote with her?

But as long as we are on that endorsement…

The OWH went to pains on their Trump endorsement to point out that “Oh My, OWH owner Warren Buffett would NEVER influence our endorsements! He doesn’t say boo to us!

Well, beside the fact that their Democrat boss, Warren, maxed out to Democrat Ashford, here’s a good one:

OWH editorialist, Cate Folsom?
She has a connection to Brad.

It seems that her husband was best man at Brad Ashford’s wedding.
Oh, and her son’s godfather?
Brad Ashford.

Well then.

And their response to Ashford’s campaign manager’s “sympathetic” Tweet?


Isn’t that precious?

Hey look, maybe they do really think that voting with your party over 3/4 of the time is “bipartisan”. That’s their prerogative.

But it is interesting to note that they didn’t bother to address some of the biases that might just seep into an endorsement. Why would they bother to tell you that?


F. Scott Fitzgerald

To quote Forrest Gump…

“And he liked to say the ‘F word’ a lot. “F this” and “F that”.”

My how things…haven’t…changed since Forrest’s day.

Here is the Dem’s vandalized Trump sign from last week:


Here are some local Dems who don’t like Speaker Paul Ryan


And then here are LOTS of local Dems — at their Douglas County Democrat meeting, where Former IBEW President Joe Orsi says Democrat Crystal Rhodes (Jane Kleeb’s Douglas County partner) told him,

“F___ You! F___ Labor! I don’t give a F___ about Labor!”

(Go to the 13:59 mark of the video of the local meeting here.)

This was all part of the contention that the local Democrats favor one Democrat over another Democrat so much that they left one of them off their endorsement card.

This is the sort of thing that happens when the locals have a seat SEWN UP!


Neutral yellow

Yes, that WAS conservative columnist George Will sitting next to Pete Ricketts in the owners’ seats in Wrigley the other night (as Leavenworth St. had live-tweeted at the time).


No word on whether they discussed Will leaving the Republican Party over his fierce #NeverTrump stance…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The old guard of the Democratic party is trying to still hold onto whatever little power they still have. The DINOs are going extinct, the sooner the better.

    • anon says:

      The cancer is deeply ingrained in the legislature and the city and even republicans(Brad couldn’t sell it no more)they are not going away, they would have to get a real job

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous, NE Ds have a history of these new life v. old guard battles going back to the late forties. They have been productive of Rs dominance, but you keep on battling to kidnap the corps and let Sweeper and his friends keep winning.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    For those Republicans who have had their nerve endings shredded for the past year, it must be satisfying, or at least mollifying, to sees donkeys defecating bricks as the FBI obtains a warrant to sift through “tens of thousands” of Emails on Weiner’s computer for the slime trails of Hillary’s national security violations that she thought had been erased.

    It must also gall the elite pols, pundits and press that Trump was specifically right about this too. Yet how can any of this have been a surprise?

    While Trump’s tactics are opaque to all but indirect inference, his strategy is transparent. He states the obvious. Sovereignty requires borders, Islam has a non-religious secular tyranny component, and Hillary is a dumb crook. America has survived smart crooks and stupid moralists but a stupid crook stretches PC’s blind-to-reason nature to the breaking point.

    Hillary may be the dumbest crook to ever run for office. While she champions women, she stays married to the most profoundly well-known sexual predictor of women. Moreover, though immersed in political power for decades, she still moves nation secrets into her home closet, unsecured, on purpose.

    In the end, Hillary is what she always was, i.e. too stupid to be a good crook. And Trump is still the guy who turned millions into billions and earned two Emmys. Hence, we see the trend lines cross in the last week on cue. And unless it is magic, it is on cue. Stage right.

    • Millennial voter says:

      There’s a lot to parse in your mind-bending essay here, but a quick check of the ol’ Google machine shows that Donald Trump never “earned two Emmys.” He was nominated twice and lost, claiming that the competition was “rigged.”

      • Sparkles says:


        You’ve got the wrong ‘Emmy’.
        You’ve mistaken the American TeeVee awards for awards given out by the Central European mail order firm;
        See – they also call their awards the “Emmy’s” after their founder, Emmanuelle Devorikova’. It’s not an award based on any sort of competence.. more of a ‘Frequent Tryer’ award, if you will.
        Every year they throw lavish parties and host annual awards for the foreigner who spends the most money on their services. It’s often Russian oligarchs and Saudi royalty who take home the prize, but tiny hands Donald reigned supreme for a few years.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Team Bacon tore a sheet from the Charmin roll that was the entirety of Giuliani’s POTUS bid in 2008 – a noun, a verb and 9/11.

    Alteration Bacon – a noun, a verb and ‘Nancy Pelosi’.

  4. Real Progressive says:

    Everyone knows Dee Austin did everything to keep a hold on the state party for the establishment Democrats. Their moles and saboteurs weren’t successful, and now through the leaked emails we see the involvement of Maureen Monahan, Patty Zieg, and Leslie Wiseman.

  5. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, if Brad is the 5th least partisan member of the House it is a sad commentary on both parties. Responsible politics produces compromise, parties that act like religious cults produce gridlock and governmental failure in our non parliamentary system. More hope of the Cubs pulling it off than our system working anytime soon. At least George W. and our Gov.know baseball transcends politics.

      • Anonymous says:

        Trump the Liar makes Hillary the Liar a barely acceptable alternative. I might be president, too, if my only qualification was not being Trump. First we get rid of one liar. Then we get rid of the other. That’s the plan – now shut up and get in line.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Donna Brazile, sponsored by Nebraska public money, speaking to University Of Nebraska Journalism students just two short weeks ago….

    “Brazile complained about efforts by Russia to hack into the Democratic National Committee email server. Brazile said it was the first time a foreign power has tried to influence United States’ elections. She also took a slap at Republicans, saying that in the past, both parties would have denounced such action by an outside power. Brazile related her reaction after the security briefing on the hacking of the DNC email server. “There’s nothing fun or funny about any of this,” Brazile stated. “After receiving my briefing, I became very, very angry. Not fearful, angry.” Brazile compared it to the playbook of the Huskers being stolen prior to Saturday’s game against the Indiana Hoosiers.”

    No wonder she was angry. Now we know she did feed questions to the Clinton campaign, proving her role in “journalism” was little more than systemic media bias directly favoring the Clintons. She would know first hand about how it feels to steal the playbook.

    Will UN-L issue a statement condemning her lack of ethics and apologizing for holding her as a public role model for journalism students as a featured lecturer? What was she paid?

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