New ad & new rating in #NE02

One of the final ads up in Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race. See it here:

That is up from the Congressional Leadership Fund, a group supported by Speaker Paul Ryan. It will start on cable, broadcast and digital in the Omaha media market beginning today through Election Day as part of CLF’s now $1.2 million independent expenditure campaign in #NE02.


The Crystal Ball

And Political prognosticator Larry Sabato, who has had the 2nd District in or leaning Democrat (i.e. Ashford) for the entire political season, now calls #NE02 a straight “Toss Up”:

“…we’re moving Nebraska’s Second Congressional District from Leans Democratic to Toss-up. There’s really no public polling there but at this point we could see it going either way, just like Maine’s Second Congressional District, where Clinton had seemed to be improving her chances before recent developments.”

But there HAS been private polling — which for some reason the OWH only decided to report when it was favorable to Brad Ashford — which shows Don Bacon up in BOTH polls.



ANOTHER ad from CLF up above around 1pm today and more news.
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Because that’s how it’s done.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you even read Sabato’s article? They moved NE-2 to a toss up for Hillary. Still Leans Dem for Ashford. Quality job, guys.

  2. Sparkles says:

    And again the Republican party message is the pablum of:
    a noun, a verb and Nancy Pelosi!

    One can only conclude that Republican leaders imagine the NE02 base to be neanderthals, incapable of anything more than rudimentary thought.

    The ad also attacks.. fiscal responsibility?
    The ad states Ashford supports: “keeping hundreds of billions in medicare cuts”
    (citing a 2012 CBO report issued when Ashford was a member of the NE legislature?)

    Yes, in 2012 the CBO projected the ACA would save nearly $700 billion in waste, fraud and inefficiencies in Medicare and in the way Medicare payments are allocated.
    $700 billion in savings that wouldn’t cost Seniors a dime.

    An informed voter might ask: Yeah, well how did that 2012 CBO projection fare?
    Headlines just like this one from June 21, 2016, appeared in nearly every major publication in the country – from the Washington Post –
    “U.S. will spend $2.6 trillion less on health care than expected before Obamacare, study projects”

    So it’s a bad thing that Brad Ashford supports fiscal responsibility?
    Extending the solvency of Medicare through efficiency, stricter oversight and thrift should be ridiculed and punished?

    Instead, Paul Ryan, Don Bacon (and Big Insurance) want you to believe –
    What Nebraska’s Seniors really need is a voucher. A voucher from the well run office of Pete Ricketts, courtesy of Nebraska’s impeccably managed Dept of Health and Human Services. A voucher you can take to the hospital when pain grips your chest as you near the top of the steps, or when you wife wakes you in the middle of the night to say she’s having a hard time drawing a breath, or when that lump on your neck begins to swell and take on a darker hue.

    Wake up, people.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Did the CBO also predict progressively increasing premium, deductible, and out-of-pocket cost increases?

      You know…the kind of thing that Obamacare was supposed to prevent?

      • Sparkles says:

        No one imagined the Republican party would, without abate, intentionally sacrifice the health, welfare and security of American families for personal political gain.

        No major new initiative (S.S., Medicare, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance, G.W. Bush’s Prescription Drug plan..) in American history has succeeded without ensuing years of engaged, thoughtful modification and refinement.
        No major initiative in American history was so cravenly sabotaged by a political party as has been the ACA.

        It’s unprecedented malfeasance by the elected, cheered on by a malinformed electorate.


      • bynd says:


        So once again the Dems demonstrate their incompetence and it is the Repubs fault that the ACA failed. Dems, that would be the party who can’t read their own writing nor foresee what their actions will do, until the consequences turn bad and even SCOTUS has to explain to them they can only tax and what a tax is.

        Even if the bottom line is that the Dems needed the Repubs help, they Keystoned copped their way into alienating the Repubs even more, and it is still Dem incompetence. Can’t you own anything? If you need the help of the Repubs, it is far to late. Read your own writing, by your own admission the Repubs are clueless and helpless. Que in the Circus Theme.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Gimme a break, Sparkles.

        Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote, AND with some significant Democrat opposition, mind you.

        So to act surprised, flabbergasted, upset, disappointed…what have you…that the Republicans have shown no interest in putting their fingerprints on it…it’s just that, an act.

        The Democrats deserve every bit of criticism the receive on this monstrosity.

        Keep your doctor. Lie.
        Keep your plan. Lie.
        Save $2500 a year. The most fantastical lie of all.

        The has been no Republican sabotage. Every effort to repeal it has failed. They’ve made no changes to any of the provisions.

        The Democrats, however…specifically the one in the White House…well, he’s changed it plenty of times.

  3. ricky says:

    SS reports on private polling by Republicans that favor Bacon. Why do we not believe them or him?
    Hey where is Jean Stothert’s re-election announcement? She is probably not willing to be in a room with her fellow Nebraska Republicans who support Trump.
    Ricketts and Daub and the other losers all support the awful Trump. No woman candidate can be shown with people like Trump who treats women like dirt.
    Mean Jean is one and down for Mayor of Omaha and that is good for us.

    Ricky From Omaha

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