The campaign build up

As teased this morning, another ad currently out from the Congressional Leadership Fund in Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race. See it here:

Believe it or not, this race is only going to intensify over the next 6 days.

Two polls out show Bacon in the lead.
National pundit Larry Sabato moved the race from “Lean Dem” to “Toss Up”. This is what you want in a campaign’s final week. This is what builds excitement and brings out your voters.

Between the Presidential campaign and the Death Penalty vote, getting people to the polls probably wasn’t an issue. But when you can point to trending numbers and themes (heck KFAB’s Scott Voorhees had an online poll today that favored Bacon over Ashford 94% – 6%!) that gets people excited to jump on that bandwagon.

Oh and campaigners, this will be the longest/shortest 6 days of your life.


NEA = $$$

On the Legislative bent, it was pretty funny to read the OWH’s headlines and photos…then read the rest of the story on who is funding races.

The emphasis is, of course, on Governor Ricketts and the cash he is putting into the races. There is “concern” about the Gov’s contributions, you see.

Concern from whom?
His opponents, of course.

So while Ricketts has donated $75K to Legislative races…read down just a little further about what the Teachers’ Union is putting into Nebraska:

Nebraska State Education Association has given $157,000 plus another $40,000 to “the independent political group Citizens for a Better Tomorrow”. That would be $197K they’re putting in.

Oh, and hey, they ain’t spending nearly $200 grand on pencils and peachy folders. That’s political money.

And after all the whining, only Steve Erdman stood up and didn’t complain:

Erdman said he approached the governor for a donation, and Ricketts declined.
“What am I supposed to say?” Erdman said. “America is a free place. Just because he’s a governor you have to restrict him?”


Ears berning

Ah, and then when one is weary of campaigning, it’s always fun to look at the Dems, and their fearless new leader, Jane Kleeb.

Jane’s trying to “change” the Dems and make them hip and new.

And then she is still trying to drive home her catch-phrase, with that hip new Socialist, Bernie Sanders coming to town:

“Feel the Bern. In the Neb!”

Please Democrats, please. I beg of you.
Please let Jane know that “in the Neb” is not, never was, and never shall be something that Nebraskans say.

(You see, because Nebraskans are already…in Nebraska…so they don’t need to use the term, “in our state!” — except maybe when they’re in another state trying to pretend to be hip.)

Have fun at that Bernie rally.
Keep a tally of how much of everyone else’s money he wants to spend. It’s a fun counting game!


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Because that’s how you keep tabs on the talk of Nebraska politics!


    • Oracle says:

      If you’d been to any protests, you would see that violence is repeatedly denounced and strongly prohibited. Sadly these things attract troublemakers that aren’t wanted and are not representative of the group.

    • Oracle says:

      Just like you’re not representative of the typical Prepster who’s more concerned with social justice than corporate profits (at least in my time).

      • Bluejay says:

        Destruction of property, committing crimes, trespassing and fighting “global warming” for “social justice” (whatever that is) has nothing to do with Catholicism.

        And global warming is the biggest scam and fraud of all time. And if you can’t see that, you are clueless.

      • Anonymous says:

        “You’re as Master of Science, Sir Knight”

        Seriously, how do you function in modernity? The worst advertisement for Creighton ever. Must be another goddamn, god forsaken lawyer.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay every Pope from St John 23rd has written extensively on social justice, exempt John Paul I who died after a short rule. It was a standard theme of Jesuit education when I was at Prep in the 50s and at CU and CU Law in the sixties, and that when we did 5 required semesters of Aquinas, and had a jurisprudence course at the law School based on Thomas and the Social Encyclicals going back to Leo XIII. Social sin, the absence of social justice is one of the themes of Vatican II and the last three Popes have been concerned about Global Warming and it made it into the new beatitudes in Sweden.
        Men for others is part of the Jesuit program of social Justice, you may have heard of that.

      • Bluejay says:


        You know I respect you. But the term “social justice” has become anything the speaker wants it to be. It can be code for all sorts of things.

        As to global warming, Pope Francis is completely outside his circle of competence to expound on this topic. He’s got plenty of other more important things to do. Maybe he could convince ISIS to stop the head chopping of guys like that Marquette grad.

        The scam of global warming is readily apparent to any lawyer. The Left created a crisis that needs federal tax credits. The crisis has not materialized as predicted. The Prince of Wales said we had only 100 months from 2009 to act. So can we quit when the deadline passes? Many of Gore’s deadlines have passed. Some French Minister set a doom deadline and we survived it. The biggest giveaway is that the EPA says the Clean Power Plan will – if adopted – avoid 0.018 degrees (a rounding error) of warming by 2100. Why 2100 as the date of accountability? Because even Hillary will be dead by then, but her great grandkids will enjoy all of the loot Hillary will have collected from solar companies to fix a non-existent problem. Restated, think Texas v California.

      • Anonymous says:

        Only a lawyer would attempt to dismiss the entirety of climate related science in a short paragraph of random quotes from politicians, of all people. Remind me to avoid you and your firm, “Bluejay.” Stupid is bad enough without paying for it. Repenting Lawyer, sorry, but your student diminishes your reputation in this life and added more time in Purgatory in your next. As for “Bluejay,” your mind is like a diamond – formed under the pressure of the compressed shit between your ears. See you in Atmospheric Science class.

    • Sparkles says:

      Someone apparently failed to inform the protester in North Dakota, Red Fawn Fallis, that you need to be a white, male, highly militant, highly weaponized religious fundamentalist if you want to incite violence on a grand scale or draw down on law enforcement and get away with it.

      “#CrimingWhileWhite does pay: Ammon Bundy and weaponized white privilege prevails again in Oregon”

      • Anonymous says:

        Sparkles, you mean like all of the BLM supporters who were never arrested in Fergusen, Oakland, Chicago and other venues after torching, looting and assaulting police officers???

      • Sparkles says:


        I’m not surprised at your selective memory, it’s a common trait among the right.
        Here are just two headlines –
        “144 Ferguson protesters arrested in second day of clashes after the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death”
        “Police in riot gear forced protesters off the street.. ..Authorities declared a state of emergency “

        Governor Nixon Orders 2,200 National Guard Troops Into Ferguson
        “The violence we saw in areas of Ferguson last night is unacceptable,” the governor said in announcing that the National Guard presence would be upped from 700 troops Monday to 2,200 on Tuesday.”

        Remember, these Ferguson protesters were mostly teens and young adults, armed with water bottles, a small group of them stealing TV’s and pop tarts while stimulating the local economy via small business insurance claims for glass repair and store remodeling.
        The Bundy’s, on two occasions, called in legions of armed militia from around the nation; occupied federal lands for weeks and months at a time; terrorized communities; drew weapons on, pursued, and threatened Federal officials as well as innocent people on their daily commutes; threatened violence and armed insurrection against the government.
        All of it started because the delusional Bundy clan felt they were righteous in ripping off Joe and Jane Taxpayer for more than a million dollars in unpaid grazing fees.

        So, any other alternate realities for which you’d welcome clarification?

  1. Sparkles says:

    “KFAB’s Scott Voorhees had an online poll today that favored Bacon over Ashford 94% – 6%!”

    Breaking News –
    KFAB is all-winger, all the time!

    Also.. the reports are just now trickling in, but scientists seem to believe, get this, that the moon is in fact – NOT – made of cheese!

    • Political Novice says:

      I used to listen to KFAB but as a registered Independent the constant one-sided bashing got too much for me. I once thought Voohees amusing but he became a Rush Limbaugh protégé and I have better things to do than listen to that. There are constant accusations and claims being made by both sides and this election year Snopes, FactCheck and Polifact have become my new best friends to sift through all the bias.

      • Sparkles says:

        You’re remarkably astute for a political novice.

        Snopes, FactCheck and PolitiFact are kryptonite to the Republican party.
        Each exposes the crass grifting that has consumed the party and controls the base.

  2. Repenting lawyer says:

    Anonymous, I share the views of Catherine of Genoa on Purgatory, a place for the completion of souls.I suspect I am very incomplete but I doubt Bluejay is to blame. I am never embarrassed that a former student does not share my views, perhaps I lack your assurance of your own wisdom. I am sure many decent folks, including former students, disagree with a lot of my views.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Re Pope Francis’s first encyclical – June 15, 2015, The Atlantic –
    Why the Pope’s New Climate-Change Doctrine Matters
    For more than a year, Pope Francis and his close advisors have been preparing this document (papal encyclical), called Laudato Si, or Praised Be. The text focuses on environmental stewardship and, in particular, the effects of climate change on human life.. ..the pope makes a strong case that humans are at fault for the degradation of the environment. “Numerous scientific studies..

    And the new Beatitudes in Sweden, to which RL referred:
    Nov 1, 2016 – Catholic Herald
    Six new Beatitudes proposed by Pope Francis
    #4 — Blessed are those who protect and care for our common home.

    Only the ill-informed, or malinformed, continue to deny and publicly cast aspersions on the reality of anthropogenic climate change.

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