Desperate attacks in the waning days

Nebraska Democrats, currently under Vince Powers, and soon to be under Jane Kleeb, sent out this mailer to 2nd District voters:


Now you don’t need Leavenworth St. to tell you that Planned Parenthood does NOT provide mammograms.

You can let Washington Post spell it out:

“Supporters have continued to assert that Planned Parenthood offers mammograms even though it has been debunked for years.”

They even chastised President Obama for suggesting this:

“President Obama asserted that women ‘rely’ on the organization for mammograms or that it ‘provides’ mammograms. Obama received Three Pinocchios for repeatedly using misleading words, which suggested an intentional attempt to mislead voters about Planned Parenthood’s services.”

So beyond lying to Nebraska voters, what the NDP is really trying to do is tell you that retired Brigadier General Don Bacon doesn’t care about women’s health.

Which is a disgusting, desperate last minute tactic.

Let Bacon tell you himself:

“The importance of preventative care is an issue that my family and I care deeply about.

I lost my sister Beth to breast cancer when she was just 39 years old.

Not only was she a wonderful sister, but she also introduced Angie and I, and was the maid of honor at our wedding. Her loss was the most heart breaking event in my family’s life, and ten years later I still mourn her passing.

Earlier screenings and care could have saved her life and I want to prevent the tragedy that struck our family from happening to others.”

But this is just chortle-chortle ha-ha stuff perpetrated by the Democrats and endorsed by Brad Ashford.

This is the kind of crap the Democrats should be ashamed of.

This goes beyond “politics.”


Brad’s Speaker

Just be clear: This is the person who Brad Ashford has voted for TWICE for Speaker of the House of Representatives:


Funny, because just a few weeks ago she called Comey a “great man,” and said,
We are very privileged in our country to have him be director of the FBI.

Hey, but Brad only supports her nearly 80% of the time, so that’s just barely over half right?


Luck of the Irish

In the meantime, Don Bacon continues to have Congressional leaders in supporting his candidacy.

Tomorrow (Thursday), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will be in Omaha (at the Bacon HQ – 3pm) to show his support for the Bacon campaign.

This kind of support — Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, McCarthy, polls going your way and national prognosticators trending your way — is exactly what you want at the even of the election.

And exciting race for the 2nd.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Above all else, Don Bacon is a good, good man. Brad Ashford is a tool – – a doofus who will say anything to anybody, and loves to talk – – hates to listen. PLEASE let Bacon win this thing!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear political operatives of all parties, particularly Republicans & Democrats:

    I hate you all. I hate your words, I hate your ads, I hate your money, I hate the fact that I hate you. Professionally, not personally, no harm to you and yours. But I don’t like you, I don’t trust you and I don’t believe the tiniest part of the smallest word you utter verbally, in print or on a computer screen or web page.

    I want to run the so-called Two-Party “System” through a wood chipper, then feed the remains to a herd of pigs who are then shot into the sun and atomized.

    Don’t waste your collective and individual breath on anything. Just go the fuck away.

    Can we please get this godawful election over with? And can we at least attempt to not repeat this burning shit-pile of politics again? Please?

    • Political Novice says:

      I feel your pain – I really do. Precisely the reason I now register as an independent. When I turned voting age I registered as a Republican. Why? Because my parents were Republican – what did I know? Both parties have been vying for my political soul ever since.

      I have received political flyers in my mailbox for the past month and just today I counted 9. Most of them detailing all the (perceived) faults of their opponent. It’s sad to realize when this national election is over you will have 50% of the country hating the new president from DAY ONE. As with so many others, I’m not thrilled with either candidate but there are only two possible winners and I will have to hold my nose and vote for one. One thing for certain is that no matter who wins we will have endless bitching and whining about it for the next 4 years and this seems like as good a spot as any to be entertained.

  3. Oh Boo Hoo Don Bacon says:

    Who is Don Bacon anyway? He retires early from SAC (not in District 2), moves to Papillion and right away runs for Congress.
    Bacon does not know anything about District 2 and Omaha; why in the world would we elect that guy?
    He is a carpetbagger lets show him the door and maybe he will move to Texas.

    Ricky From Omaha

    • Anonymous says:

      Hater Ricky strikes again. And wherever Ricky lurks, Misogynist Chris Jerram can’t be far behind. Maybe Jerram can wear his Brig. Gen. Bacon-as-a-stripper t-shirt in return for a knuckle sandwich.

    • C. LeMay says:

      SAC was disestablished in 1992. If you’re going to criticize the man’s service at least know the basics of the organizational he served in.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Everyone I know says Bacon is a decent and honorable chap and as a child of the greatest generation I honor that star, but that nastiness of this campaign has turned me into a straight ticket voter for the first time in my life. My granny would rise from her holy resting place and punch me if I voted for a R for Congress this time, even though she let me slide for old friends Hal and Lee.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        C LeMay, you can not be the real one, he would never admit SAC no longer existed. Anyway why not be really cute and sign in as Casey Dennis?

      • Ricky says:

        I sure do know who C Lemay is. He used weapons of Mass Destruction to carpet bomb Cambodia..
        Guys like Bacon must love his memory.
        Anyway can somebody tell Bacon that radical Islamic terrorists are NOT coming to kill us?
        How stupid does he think we are to believe that load of garbage?
        Go away Bacon back to where you came from and quit bothering Omahan’s you know nothing about.

      • Anonymous says:

        RL, you deserve better company than Hal. I first encountered him campaigning in ’78. Not impressed then or now.

      • Sparkles says:

        Curtis LeMay was a brutal man who embraced indiscriminate death on as massive a scale as possible.
        LeMay also signed on to the most racist Presidential ticket in modern history.
        LeMay was Vice Presidential running mate of American Independent Party candidate George Wallace in the 1968 presidential election.

      • Anonymous says:

        Opinions about Gen LeMay aside, Ricky still doesn’t know that SAC didn’t exist when Gen Bacon retired from the Air Force.

      • Anonymous says:

        Carpet bombing with WMD? No, that’s not how it works with WMD. Do you even know what type of weapon is classified as a WMD? Probably not, or you wouldn’t have said they were deployed in Cambodia.

  4. Lt Governor Mike Foley says:

    Wow looks like I join a lot of others checking my manhood at the door to grovel at the feet of Pete Ricketts. I know I am a huge Catholic and had ashes the size of a huge port wine stain on my forehead on Ash Wednesday, but if Pete says we need the death penalty I guess I am in.
    So I am in the same boat at Jim Vokal and Beau McCoy and that guy that sells pizza at Big Freds cause his father in law gave it to him and Ian Swanson and Joni Craighead and Kitner and Nicole Fox and others that have to do the bidding of Billionaire Joe’s boy Pete.
    Sad but to get ahead in politics one must kiss T D Ameritrade ass.

    Mike F from Lincoln.

    • Big Fred says:

      FYI….Big Fred was that senator’s grandfather. NOT his father-in-law. But, nice try. Next time you try and attack or demean, at least get your facts straight.

      • Slimy Pepperoni says:

        Thanks for the info John! Remember when the health department came in and almost closed you down because of violations, including slimy pepperoni?

    • The Grundle King says:

      Another pathetic and disgusting post from Ricky Fulton, former mail carrier and dodge ball aficionado.

      And yes, I’m pretty sure the latter half of that sentence fully encompasses Ricky’s professional achievements.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Carpet bombing with WMD? No, that’s not how it works with WMD. Do you even know what type of weapon is classified as a WMD? Probably not , or you wouldn’t have said they were deployed in Cambodia.

  6. no pain no gain says:

    Dear Democratic Party whiners, your ignorance is manifest. “Carpet bombing” is a term children and oafs use. The correct term is boxed cells.

    I flew on SAC bombers. Nuclear and conventional. Dropped bombs on people who were more loyal to their country than you are to yours. Lemays and Pattons win wars. People like you start them.

    Additionally, and just you know, Don Bacon has a letter from a shrink certifying him sane. It is a requirement by law for anyone dealing with specials (what oafs call “WMD”). But not a requirement for elected officials. They, like you, can be as crazy as shithouse rats. Certified sanity is not a common requirement.

    Chances are Ashford isn’t certified sane and neither are you. And from your pained whining here, you might even be suicidal when Trump wins.

    By all means, off yourself. But make sure your body falls into a compost heap. Jane says “Go Green”.

    • Anonymous says:

      The NIMH reported that in 2014 18.1% of the adult population of the US – 43.6 million people aged 18 or older – had some form of mental illness. I’d expect the same rate to occur in the Armed Forces. Yeah, I know there’s a shit screen applied to folks who work with specials. No guarantee that screen works for all people all the time, right?

      Yes Patton won many battles. Eisenhower & Marshall kept Patton on a tight leash and didn’t hesitate to remind Patton that he had uses and they were few. But don’t off yourself, “No Pain, No Gain.” I’d rather put your few uses to work than turn you into compost.

  7. repenting lawyer says:

    Pain and gain, wmd is a standard concept in the international law of war, not required to abandon because USAF now uses a different term, likewise carpet bombing is a synonym no longer used by USAF, so what. In addition Bacon has an old certificate not now current so he could now be mad as a hatter, though I doubt it. For that matter is your certificate up to date?

  8. Anonymous says:

    A vote to RETAIN will repeal the death penalty. A vote to REPEAL will retain the death penalty.

    The lawyer who worded this deserves to find their spouse in bed with someone else in the process of “retaining” their marriage vows.

    Heaven save us from lawyers making law.

    Almost no laws govern lawyering. Laws apply to everything else in life except lawyering. Thus its scary when lawyers think they have a foot up on being law makers. Sort of like book binders thinking themselves authors, or janitors deeming themselves architects. Since leadership is inherently absence in the clerking of law, lawyers are often less fit to be elected executives than a Walmart manager. But even in legislative roles, lawyers cannot draft law or grasp its impacts unless they have knowledge of the real world beyond courts. To make any useful law, one must, not should but must, bring real world experience to that which the law will pertain in the real world.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ve clearly never been a book binder, have you? You don’t need such often, but when you do, you need good one. Same with lawyers. This is how book binders and lawyers are similar.

      Now for how book binders and lawyers are different. We don’t need very many book binders today, and there are not very many of them. Not so with lawyers. Fewer, better lawyers, please. One law school per state is plenty. Get rid of the LSAT; test them to get out of school. Pass the bar and you graduate.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous at 8:14, most lawyers spend most of their time advising clients and not going to court. A good lawyer spends his time getting to know and understand the client’s life and business affairs. Most lawyers are not active in politics and do not seek elective office. Of those that do, some are competent and effective and some are not, not much different than Walmart managers.

  9. A scheiss by any other name says:

    8:14, 8:33. Well said about lawyers. When you need one, you need one. But the same can be said of any laxative. Yet, the habitual use of laxatives makes you unable to ever go again crap without the use of yet another laxative. Its habit forming.

    Lawyers breed more lawyers by perpetuating a purposefully overly arcane language to make human beings to think they are unable to resolve more of their own problems than they actually can.

    Sometimes they cannot. Sometimes you need a lawyer. But very often just talking it out with your neighbor works more gently and cheaply and better for everyone concerned… all except the shyster lawyers. And yes, since English is a Germanic based language, that term does derive from “scheiss”. Even the Bard thought the laxative comparison is apt.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Congratulations to the Ricketts family on the Cubs’ historic win. For 108 years, a succession of owners have not found a way to win, but the Ricketts were able to make it happen. A doff of the cap to our Governor and MLB World Champ, Pete.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, no. Hats off to the Cubs, yes absolutely. The Ricketts happened to own the team. Whether they can take any credit for the team’s hard work and resulting victory is questionable. The Ricketts family can begin by taking responsibility for every fault, foible & failure the Cubs organization experienced from the moment they took ownership to now. No cherry-picking responsibility. Also, Pete Ricketts is like having a mannequin for governor; he can model a baseball cap and so what.

  11. Radical Islamic Terrorist says:

    Hello L St readers: Just a note from Syria to let you know that we can’t come over and bomb you in D 2 Nebraska because we can’t even get out of our hut here thanks to Mr Obama’s drone strikes.
    I know Bacon tells people over there we ARE coming, but really we are half a world away and are hunkering down here and hope we don’t get annihilated.
    Somebody over there should tell retired serviceman Bacon he really should try to get guns out of the hands of nutcases born and raised in America, not worry about us rag tag people over here.
    Tell Bacon to disavow the National Rifle Association and maybe white supremacists with criminal records can’t have easy access to assault weapons.
    Just a thought; bye now I think I hear military strike on our position a world away.

    Radical Islamic Terrorist from Syria

    • Hiding in Saddam's Old Hole says:

      I would like to second my crazed religious young brother’s sentiment.
      Please tell Mr. Bacon that, although we hear Bellevue is lovely this time of year, he has merely fallen for our most rudimentary propaganda. There was never a plan, or desire, by my companions to travel to Bellevue. I mean, here we are, most of in our late teens and early 20’s, living in the barren desert where our big night out is Wahib’s Goat Bits and Fermented Goji Punch. And Mr. Bacon believes that if we’re to manage to escape this nightmare, we’re coming to.. Bellevue?
      Anyway, with precision death raining down on my brothers from the sky, Mr. Obama has made it impossible for us to do little more than peak out of our holes.
      The United States Warriors wisely warned the local residents of their impending attack on our city. The citizens have all largely fled, leaving us easy targets for Obama’s devastating drone strikes while minimizing the possibility of innocents dying.
      We pray every day that your wild-eyed Trump guy were in charge. His idea of a ‘sneak attack’ – rolling thousands of troops and diesel powered machines of war across vast stretches of open desert. Hah! We love this guy Trump! He stars in many of our recruitment videos. We were really hoping he would be allowed to pick a city to “blow the crap out of”. The pictures of the bodies of mutilated middle eastern women and children – their bodies ripped apart by the Great Satan, America – would have swelled our ranks by the 10’s of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. Vast new streams of money would have fattened our coffers beyond even our wildest imagination. Our battle with the Great Satan would have been assured to last for generations.
      But now, sadly, Mr. Obama has left us only with a hole in the ground in which to hide.
      Not only does death rain from the sky, we are being decimated by emboldened, American trained and equipped Iraqi fighters. Fighters who, beyond our belief, have now been joined by Iranian backed Shiite militia fighters. We have no idea how Mr. Obama and his Generals pulled off bringing together Iraqis and Iranians, but it’s a master stroke. Death has truly encircled us.
      Life was good when our leaders were playing checkers with George W Bush, and getting people like Mr. Bacon to spread our silly propaganda.
      Your Mr. Obama changed the game. Even though he’s had to fight your own congress every step, he has been playing multi-level chess all along.
      I can hear outside my hole a high pitched whistle, as if a b……..

  12. The Grundle King says:

    Ricky’s off spewing his normal shit on the LJS this morning. Apparently he hasn’t the testicular fortitude to show up here and admit how wrong he was about the Cubs losing the series. But then, I don’t think he’s ever admitted to being wrong…so it’s not too surprising now.

    • Ricky says:

      The Cubs won. Ricketts bought the best team. But nobody else as owner could do it so MacDaddy was right.
      However we sense a conspiracy in the rain delay that stopped the Indians momentum in the ninth. Was not even sprinkling. Who has a fifteen minute rain delay? MLB wanted the Cubs to win that is how that happened.
      We are sad about that but if the Death Penalty remains gone in Ne and ALL of the legislative candidates LOSE that Ricketts supports, then all will be well.

      ricky from omaha

      • The Grundle King says:

        Wow…just when you think Ricky’s out of surprises, he steps up to a whole new level of nuttery.

        Yes, it was raining. The rain on the tarp, and visibly falling as made evident by the cameras, was proof of that.

        There was no momentum issue. Pete Rose nailed it on that…it was a matter of the fact that the pounding heart of the Cubs line-up was due to bat, and bat they did.

        The death penalty is probably ‘coming back’ in the sense that it will remain on the books, but I would agree that there are feasibility issues, since the state doesn’t currently have a way to carry it out. Sounds like we might have a couple new death penalty candidates coming out of Emerson this morning.

        Oh, and if I had to guess, about half of Ricketts’ preferred candidates will win (maybe more).

    • Sparkles says:

      As of October 2016, the ACA has already extended the solvency of the Medicare hospital insurance trust by 11 years.

      HHS’s 2015 estimate of newly insured, those who have coverage who wouldn’t have before the ACA, was 16.4 million.

      June 2015 –
      The White House Council of Economic Advisers reports that uncompensated care costs would be $4.5 billion lower next year if Medicaid coverage was expanded in states that haven’t done so.
      That number is in addition to the approximately $4.4 billion reduction in uncompensated care costs that is expected in states that have already expanded Medicaid.
      ..the report estimates that if the states that have not yet expanded Medicaid did so, 5,200 deaths would be avoided annually once expanded coverage was fully in effect.

      Don Bacon has simply signed-on to the hodge-podge of failed ideas that comprises Paul Ryan’s plan to voucherize Medicare and block grant Medicare moneys back to states which will then force seniors to turn to the private market for their health insurance.
      Grandma, meet the friendly folks from Aetna.
      The GOP joyfully refers to this block grant scheme as ‘experimentation in our laboratories of Democracy’.

      LOL, indeed.


  13. Sparkles says:

    Trump promises to run American like he runs his business –

    On Tuesday, a Canadian bankruptcy judge placed the posh, 65-story Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto into receivership, just four years after Trump and his children cut the ribbon at its grand opening. Although Trump will be somewhat protected in its downfall, for it a Russian-born billionaire who was the money behind it. Trump was merely paid to run it, which he did… into the ground.

  14. bynd says:


    And I never attended any of your classes. Must be you just rubbing off by your writings. And actually it has nothing to do with tax law. It’s called business.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, tax law is what gave shape to the real estate investment system inUSA, Canada may not be in the same. Canadian news coverage suggests that small investors there lost a lot because they trusted trump and did not know he had just sold his name to the project. Closer to blue sky than business.

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