“Excitement” in South O

While watching the World Series last night, I was also watching the OWH’s Roseann Moring‘s and KETV’s Alexandra Stone‘s live Tweets at Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s town hall at the South Omaha Library.


What caught my attention were the “tense moments” and then the ruckus in the hallway with Omaha Police. A woman was standing there accusing someone of “assault” and then others around her were yelling for the media to come and pay attention to them.

What happened?

Well a group of people went there with the plan to “confront” Mayor Stothert. How do I know this? They made their own Facebook logo:


(Apparently this involved shaving with barbed wire…)

In any case, after a group of five or six didn’t get the answers they wanted from the Police Chief, they stood up in the middle of the session, walked out, and one (who adopted Fidel Castro’s hat and beard) yelled, “Power to the People!” Because, protest.

As they’re walking out, one woman stops at the door, and the Mayor’s Chief of Staff Marty Bilek was next to her.

Lots of shaky cell-phone cams were there, but KETV’s camera was about a foot away from both of them.

Go to the very beginning of Alexandra Stone’s report on KETV and you can see the two standing there. She is not “assaulted”. She’s not “pushed”. She doesn’t move, until she turns to him. And moreover, no one in the crowd bats an eye.

Now of course the woman acts outraged, as she may have touched Bilek. But you can see that no one else there reacted.

Ah but wait! WOWT has some cell phone coverage of what the woman is shrieking is an ASSAULT!

OK, you ready? Because here’s a still image from the super-slow-mo:



Hey look, you be the judge.
And decide who the reasonable people in the room are.



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  1. Gate says:

    Same guy in that video of the Denocrat meeting. Don’t see assault in this video. Maybe another angle? Or maybe Some people just like to fight. Too bad that this gets the press instead of legitimate questions about the policeman who posted racist comments.

  2. SOB says:

    This is the dem SO version of the” Cory Lewandowski” incident, the push, equal to the punch Ali threw on Sonny Liston that couldn’t squash a grape. A preplanned Heath Mello looking like friend of the minority start for South Omaha in the Mayor race straight out of the dem party Clinton playbook. They couldn’t really get nothing substantial on the mayor at the meeting with the local media there, so they created a war on women incident. At the same time it takes focus off their internal problems.

    • Sparkles says:

      Speaking of Court appearances, you legal folk should enjoy this –

      U.S. District Judge Richard Franklin Boulware ordered representatives from the Trump campaign and the Nevada GOP to appear at a hearing in his courtroom, this afternoon, in a lawsuit filed by Nevada Democrats accusing them of the engaging in voter intimidation tactics.
      He also ordered the Trump campaign and NV GOP to turn over any training materials they provided to “poll watchers, poll observers, exit pollsters or any other similarly tasked individuals.”

      The Nevada (as well as OH, PA, AZ) Democratic Party filed a lawsuit alleging that the Trump campaign and the state Republican party has violated the Voting Rights Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act, with an approach to elections monitoring that Democrats described as “vigilante voter intimidation.”

      • bynd says:

        Trump hired the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters?

        Eric has already said it was alright. What’s the problem?

  3. Where's the transparency? says:

    Stothert’s biggest campaign theme (other than abolishing the restaurant tax) in 2013 was transparency. First the gag order against Mike McDonell, now she won’t even tell us whether she continues to support Donald Trump.

  4. ricky says:

    Nobody should be surprised by rough-housing at town hall meetings hosted by Trump supporters.
    Stothert, Don Bacon and Bilek are encouraged to act rowdy by Mr Trump.
    And by the way, where is that re-election announcement Stothert has planned? Maybe she changed her mind about running for another term. We certainly hope so.
    That would save Stothert and the tea party and the Koch brothers and Ricketts a lot of money.
    Probably Stothert does not want a visual of her in a room of Trump supporters like Hal Daub and Pete Ricketts and Doug Kitner and John Murante and all those dopes.
    Stothert hopes people forget about the awful Trump and how she supports him. But we Omahan’s will not forget.


  5. Bluejay says:

    If a person doesn’t vote for Jean Stothert, is that person a sexist? Obama thinks so. Said that Trump voters were sexists.

    Mello won’t get 40%.

    • Sparkles says:

      “Obama thinks so. Said that Trump voters were sexists.”

      Although you’ll find it inconvenient, there is indeed the scientific evidence:
      “Hostility toward women is one of the strongest predictors of Trump support”

  6. The Grundle King says:

    It must be hard for reasonable liberals/Democrats to see little acts like this, and read posts from people like Ricky Fulton. I mean, behavior such as theirs really does little more than undermine their own cause. Assault? The only thing that was assaulted was her delicate sensibilities…and she’s seems the kind to cry assault when someone doesn’t provide a ‘trigger warning’. And Ricky…well, his ramblings are an assault on the senses of anyone with a fully functional brain. But, they’re not a crime.

    Will these children ever grow up? Methinks not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ricky can start by publicly disavowing Misogynist Chris Jerram’s sexist, insulting t-shirt of Jean Stothert. That was a low-class, no-class stunt on Jerram’s part. Let Ricky denounce Jerram’s shenanigans and begin to reform himself.

      • Oh Boo Hoo Don Bacon says:

        I have done that many times. I am now in Jerram’s district and do not like that I never had the chance to vote for or against him.
        How stupid of the Omaha city council and Mayor to change the district boundaries.
        Although I am glad that the failed and disappointing Republican Franklin Thompson is not my representative any longer.
        But anyway I don’t have anything to do with the Omaha City Council. They only vote the way developers like Noodle and king makers like Ken Stinson tell them to vote. The last straw was when by 10 to 1 people disapproved of Mean Jean giving Omaha Performance Arts 11 million dollars to tear down historic buildings.
        Nobody thought that was a good idea except Stothert and Gottschlak, but the Omaha City Council was going to unanimously vote to give the 11 million.
        Till HDR or Omaha Performing Arts realized nobody would go to the Holland Center again if this deal went through.
        As it is now, the city council gave HDR 15 million dollars in corporate welfare to move to Ak Sar Ben. The city council votes the way donors and powerful people want them to vote. They dont give a rats ass what their constituents think,
        Thats why I am done with them they suck.

        ricky from omaha

    • Oh Boo Hoo Don Bacon says:

      Wow you figured out my last name you are a genius.
      This follows a pattern of Trump supporters dealing with people that don’t like him with rough behavior, shoving, and assaulting.
      The lady said she was shoved by Bilek and she probably was.
      Doubt the law will do anything to one of their own in the ex-sherriff. Who by the way is double dipping.

      • Anonymously says:

        Ricky Trump Fulton realizes that he really likes crotch grabbing, and so goes after Bacon’s. But realizes that he has handful of something he never knew existed. A real man’a junk. Now he has to go back to Anthony’s sext and figure out what it all means and why Ricky has miniature hands to boot.

        What a cruel joke life has played on Ricklina.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I mean…it’s not like we JUST NOW figured out your last name. Your 4th grade writing style, combined with your penchant for nastiness, made it pretty easy to figure out who you were a long time ago. I mean, even a person with your IQ would have figured you out with relative ease.

        Not surprising you’d take up sides with a person who appears to be a professional agitator…peas in a pod, I guess.

    • Ricky says:

      At least I am not anonymous; everybody knows who I am. You on the other hand Grundle King hide behind your fake name.
      Come on show some courage! Are you afraid your wife or boss will read what you write and slap your hand?
      Don’t be a coward; use your real name Grundle King. Or are you ashamed of what you post?

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