Nebraska women leaders on Ashford NDP mailer: “Nebraska is better than this.”


Six Nebraska women leaders came together today in Omaha to denounce the recent mailer by the Nebraska Democrat Party which claimed that retired Brigadier General Don Bacon is against women’s health care.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, former Governor Kay Orr, Omaha City Councilwoman Aimee Melton, State Senator Joni Craighead, State Senator Nicole Fox and Republican National Committeewoman Dr. Joyce Simmons spoke in Omaha about the negative mail piece sent out by the NDP.

“Don Bacon understands the importance of proper health screening for breast cancer. His sister died of the disease. This scurrilous attack by the Democrats is just beyond the pale.” said Governor Orr.

The NDP mailer stated that, “Planned Parenthood provides cancer screenings, including mammograms to more than 5,000 Nebraska women.


“Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms,” Orr continued. “Their national leader testified before a Congressional Committee last year and had to finally admit that they’ve been deceiving the people.”


“This mailing hits General Don Bacon where it hurts the most, and that’s the loss of his sister to breast cancer. Cancer should not be exploited at the last minute of a campaign to win an election,” said Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert.

“I am a former health care professional and nurse. I have treated and know many women who have faced this terrible disease, and some who lost.

“General Don Bacon has likely seen it all in his military service on the battlefield, and in war. But what had to be worse, was reading in this flyer that he would intentionally put women’s lives at risk from the very disease that took his sister,” she said.

“Nebraska is better than this,” Stothert concluded.


Omaha City Councilwoman Aimee Melton said, “In a campaign if you’re going to be a politician you’ve got to have tough skin. All of us up here have had to have tough skin.

“But this is one thing on which I think Brad Ashford and the Democrats have gone to an all new low,” Melton concluded.


“I’m not going to fall for the scare tactics and the lies, because that flyer was nothing but lies,” said State Senator Nicole Fox.


“Don Bacon supports putting funds into community health centers that respect all life and all care for all people,” said Senator Joni Craighead.

“Do liberals truly respect women? Or do they just use women’s issues to try to manipulate the voters?” she asked.


“This is a matter of truth. And it occurs to me that Brad Ashford took his marching orders from Washington D.C., from Nancy Pelosi and didn’t even check to see if it was accurate about mammograms,” concluded Dr. Joyce Simmons.

See the entire press conference via Periscope here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    As I posted before, the words of political operators are worthless. Worthless on paper. Worthless when spoken. Worthless on the ‘net. Worthless in all forms, on all topics and at all times. Ignore them. I thrwo all mailers away, ignore all adverts and public statements on any and all topics, at all times and in all places.

    Satisfy yourself, on the issues that matter to you, that candidate’s words & actions are consistent enough for you. If you can’t identify authoritative, acceptably objective & bias-free sources of information, get to the library. Make full use of the widest possible range of journalistic & academic sources. Yeah, its work – too bad. That’s the price we pay for living in a democracy, having rights and exercising those rights fully. Don’t be a pawn. The electorate must bend the political process to the individual & collective will and not the other way ’round. Otherwise we are lost.

  2. Sparkles says:

    That’s cute.

    Fear mongering team Bacon’s campaign has hammered home three falsehoods – GITMO prisoners on the loose.. because of Brad; ISIS on the outskirts of Bellevue.. unbeknownst to Brad and one would have to imagine Nancy Pelosi moving to Dundee.. to be near her bff, Brad.
    And now they’re up in arms about truth in advertising?

    The fact is, trained healthcare professionals from Planned Parenthood perform what is likely millions of free breast exams every year. Those women who healthcare professionals suspect to have abnormal growths and or exhibit unusual indicators are referred to sites of care with the proper equipment to conduct a full screening.
    Since a large number of woman who utilize PP for health services can’t afford mammograms. PP aligns programs and resources that allow them to access the necessary care at little to no cost.
    There is no doubt Planned Parenthood have saved many thousands of lives through early detection of breast cancer.
    They simply don’t have on site the equipment to perform the actual mammograms.

    And team Bacon is fully on board with the GOP’s fevered cries to Defund Planned Parenthood, a vital health service to poor women.

    • anon says:

      Planned Parenthood is a abortion provider and business is good. All these abstract services are a diversion. where is the progress on STDs or sex ed when they have been established for years, these other fronts besides abortion are bogus. Other providers if given the amount of money handed to PP would do very well

      • TexasAnnie says:

        There is progress on reducing STD’s. And unwanted pregnancy. Both health issues begin with the individual, but soon become social issues.

      • Sparkles says:


        You ask: “where is the progress on STDs or sex ed”

        Happy to answer – from the Guttmacher Institute, April 5, 2016 –
        U.S. Teen Pregnancy, Birth and Abortion Rates Reach the Lowest Levels in Almost Four Decades

        The significant decline is largely attributed to exactly what PP makes possible –
        1) Expanding sex education
        2) Easier access to contraception

        Both of these successes were achieved only after fighting a decades long, pitched battle against Republicans and their most reliable source for raising cash, the Religious Right.
        Successes attained only after being forced to defeat the mindless ignorance of policies such as “abstinence only”.
        Successes made possible only after fighting tooth and nail, just as the citizens of Omaha did, to integrate into our schools the teaching to susceptible youth about STDs and the life altering responsibilities of unprotected sex and bringing a new life into the world.

        It is Republicans and the Religious Right who have set our nation back a generation or more.
        Just as it is Republicans in our legislatures, both federal and state, who, through their ceaseless, belligerent obstruction – which they have already announced will intensify under HRC – have squandered innumerable opportunities, hindered progress on countless fronts, sacrificed unimaginable blood and treasure in wars of choice and wreaked havoc on the global competitiveness of our nation – for decades to come.

        It is YOU – who will leave to Generation X and the Millennials, a nation FUBAR.
        And, although it’s unlikely to occur, the election of Donald Trump may be a blow too traumatic, a blow from which even our great nation could never recover.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Sparkles: When two of my daughters went off to school and subsequently took over responsibility for their own lives, Planned Parenthood provided low-cost birth control and cancer screening. (And PP offered these services free for those unable to pay!) It was a good thing because at that time parents could not carry their adult students on insurance family plans. But with the assistance of PP my daughters were able to age into self-sufficiency with adequate knowledge and safe-guards in place for avoiding unwanted pregnancy and/or STD’s. Of course I did try to advise them myself, but my information and guidance was dated; their experiences with PP actually taught me about these issues!

      • The Grundle King says:

        So wait…you never told your daughters how babies are made due to ‘outdated information’?

      • Sparkles says:


        I’m often taken aback by the perspective of others.
        Maybe I grew up much more poor and with friends and family that were far below the standard the of living nearly everyone else seems to have enjoyed.
        Most of the women I’ve have known have utilized the health services of PP at some point in their lives. I can recall none of them beaming with pride when talking about their visits, but I can recall all of them being grateful the service was there.

  3. PP Lies says:

    But PP has never admitted that. They have played it to seem as if they have the mammogram machines right there. They don’t.

    And if the money were given directly to centers such as the Charles Drew Center, more women would be able to have a comprehensive mammogram because PP wouldn’t take their share. And yes, they take a share. Not only for the medical professional but for admin costs, which is typically 10-15% depending on the grant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually PP did admit that. When the head of PP was asked under oath in a congressional hearing if they provided mammograms she acknowledged that PP does NOT provide mammograms. To say differently is a bold faced lie.

      • The Grundle King says:

        So why did it take being under oath in front of a Congressional committee to admit what was so obviously true?

      • PP Lies says:

        I stand corrected. I forgot that it took several questions to get the head of PP to FINALLY admit it, under oath. Previous to that hearing, PP made it seem as if they actually conducted life saving mammograms there.

        I think I forgot because it took PP YEARS to finally admit it. And THAT is NOT a bold faced lie. But, the truth.

  4. Ricky says:

    Ugh Joni Craighead. We in the Westside neighborhood do NOT consider her our representative because she is so far to the right of normal people. She is NOT our leader.
    And Nicole Fox is a “leader” because Ricketts appointed her to the Legislature and no other reason. She finished third out of three when she ran by herself.
    We support Planned Parenthood and thankfully these GOP lackies won’t have any bearing on the election.
    Ashford will win by four points.

      • Ricky says:

        Why? Because I point out that Ms Craighead won our district by ten votes and acts like she has a mandate to channel the far far right? That she does whatever Ricketts tells her to do?
        Or that I pointed out that Ms Fox was appointed by Ricketts and that does not make her a leader.
        That makes me a pig?

    • bynd says:

      Ricky, the new alt left. It is the left on here that demonstrates beyond a doubt, why they are not able to be an effective force in Nebraska. The best thing going for the Repubs in this state, are the Dems. No matter how bad any Repub looks, Ricky is there to make it all look better. I’m sure the Repubs are thankful every time the see the name Ricky mini me Trump Fulton in public.

  5. Republicans for Aborting Democrats says:

    Just so you know, Democrats, we don’t feel your pain. We enjoy it.

    Hating Trump or Clinton loudly is why Free Speech exists. We don’t need it to protect us as we fawn over those we like. So howl in pain. Please. It makes us giggle.

  6. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, you have convinced me the Mayor is a partisan hack, she and the other ladies from the Scottish Play. The truth is Planned Parenthood is involved in screening and assistance in having mammography arranged as Sparkles said. If Bacon and his friends were honorable and truthful they would admit that no good done by abortion would prevent the crusade to defund Planned Parenthood. That is a defensible position. You and Bacon’s friends are being slippery with the truth and pandering to the base.

    • bynd says:

      RL: It seems that the point being made was about mammograms only. Nothing slippery about that.
      The slippery seems to be what PP stated in did in breast cancer actions. By the way, if you Google free medical clinics in Nebraska there are 19 and 1 PP. And that doesn’t include the hospitals. The loss of any one of them seems to be rather trivial. CHI Quick health is with a few blocks of PP in Lincoln.

      “The NDP mailer stated that, “Planned Parenthood provides cancer screenings, including mammograms to more than 5,000 Nebraska women.”

      “Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms,” Orr continued. “Their national leader testified before a Congressional Committee last year and had to finally admit that they’ve been deceiving the people.”

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, I am done on this issue, Sweeper and the R ladies insert directly on premises, not in ad, Sparkles points out they provide screening and indirect assistance in mammograms. If that is your notion of candor you need to read up on false witness.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Looks like RL finally ran out of lawyer talk.

        The Dems SAID in the flyer (direct quote), “Each year Planned Parenthood provides cancer screenings, including mammograms, to more than 5,000 Nebraska women.”

        They even provide a goddamn citation.

        They didn’t say Planned Parenthood provides exams and REFERRALS for mammograms…they said Planned Parenthood provides mammograms. I would think someone of your intellect would be able to decipher the meaning of such a sentence.

        So, because we’ve established that Planned Parenthood doesn’t conduct mammograms (through PP’s own admission under oath), and the Democrats said Planned Parenthood does provide mammograms, then obviously SOMEONE is lying. That’s the only possible explanation.

        So either Planned Parenthood lied under oath in front of a Congressional committee, and they actually DO provide mammograms…which seems like a strange thing to lie about…or the Nebraska Democratic Party lied on their flyer in an effort to help their candidate win. Welp…one was under oath, and the other was not. Makes it pretty easy to decipher.

        But to put it in terms that might be easier to understand…say I set up a stand on my front yard that says “FREE LEMONADE”. People show up and ask for a free lemonade. I tell them, “Well, I don’t actually have free lemonade here…but I can refer you to a place half-way across town that is giving out free lemonade!” Am I, or am I not, providing free lemonade?

    • Professor:
      The flyer says PP provides mammograms.
      That is a LIE.
      Suggesting that Don Bacon doesn’t support women’s health issues is a LIE.
      If you don’t call out the lies, you are part of the problem.
      The fact that Ashford and the NDP pull this crap at the last hour is proof they don’t care what they say to try to win an election.
      Omaha is lucky to have a Mayor, City Councilwoman and Senators who won’t back down to this garbage.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sweeper, I know JusticeDouglas said a half truth is as bad as a lie, but tv ads and political fliers are all built on half truths, both those of the Ds and the Rs. Your sudden moral outrage on this one flier, no more misleading than the rest, is partisanship masked as righteousness. If I had been calling out half truths on both sides I would need my own blog, a real tragedy.
        Omaha is lucky to have R office holders who back the party line, now that is garbage. They did what R officer holders do in an R State, what bravery.
        I voted for the Mayor, probably will again. However that is because I think nonpartisanship served NE and Omaha well, which probably makes me part of the problem your view.
        I said I was done on this issue, but you proved a response mostly because of my respect for you and your blog.

      • Professor, YOU are the one who called Mayor Stothert a “hack” for calling out the LIES of the Democrats. LIES. Not a “half-truth”. A Lie.

        It’s not that hard.

      • The Grundle King says:

        It’s not a half-truth, RL. It’s a lie…though maybe you’ve been in the courtroom too long to recognize the difference.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        GK,I had my say, provide they do , directly they do not. I have not run out of words, just stamina.

      • Ricky says:

        Better enjoy your GOP Mayor of Omaha SS (even though you live a thousand miles away), because Stothert will be bounced out next election by Senator Mello.
        All Mello has to do is point to Sthohert record; lower bond ratings for Omaha, record number of homicides, the loss of Con Agra, the inability to plow snow or fix streets, her parties backing of the awful Trump.
        I hope Stothert still has her nursing license because she is going to need it if she wants to continue working.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Yeah. That does seem to be the point for assaulting and defunding Planned Parenthood. We’ve got it going on here in Texas too. So, when the attacks on PP get too vocal, I know it’s time to donate to this very worthy case. PP saves lives!

      • bynd says:

        TA, Yep, nothing like funding a few more abortions of handicapped babies. It makes the limited government funds for the living go so much further,

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Sweeper, the truth or falsity in the flier seems to turn on one’s view of Planned Parenthood. If you think providing breast screening and arranging for and assisting in obtaining mammograms is providing and a good thing that part of statement is true. If you accept the benefits of PP then you think the general’s interest in women health applies only to westO folks who can pay then the second statement is true, or at least fair comment. You do not accept either premise. that is ok, but I view your outrage as pure politics.
      I am surprised you did not react to the reference to the Scottish play. I rather enjoyed that.

  7. Ricky says:

    Odds are, since about one in three women have had an abortion, two of those six pictured have had an abortion. Maybe more.
    Which of the six has had an abortion?
    I am guessing ….. nah I won’t go there.


    • bynd says:


      7 out of 10 men have an issue with porn. It would appear you are one of the 7. Guess that makes you as bad as the women as porn degrades women.

    • Ricky is a true misogynist. says: are going to cast shadows and possible accusations of having an abortion on these women. Talk about misogynistic. Your veiled accusations are meant to try and discredit and cast a shadow of doubt on these women. And let’s just say even one of these women had an abortion at some point in her life, according to you and others it is her choice and no one else’s business. That includes you Ricky. So even bringing up the possibility is an attack on these women. Plain and simple.

      Why can male liberals attack women for their beliefs, but if a conservative man does he is misogynistic? One more example of liberal hypocrisy. Addit to those on Twitter making fun of Melania’s accent during her speech yesterday…calling her a “bedroom wife.” If a conservative made fun of an immigrant’s accent they are called racist.

      Double-standards must be in the dem platform.

  8. Feel the burn says:

    Indirect? Defund? You Democrats are beyond stupid.

    By your reasoning, I can say “get your prostate checked” and by that I can lay claim to money from your pocket, via your taxes, for any reason I choose. I can give viagra to indigents or free lawn mowing for people with brown hair. I myself have helped perform abortions. The procedures don’t bother me. I simply object to paying for the outcome of other people’s sexual stupidity. Its your asinine socialism trying to share wealth nobody has to earn that proves you dangerously stupid.

    Your boy Brad got caught making hay on cancer without checking first whether Bacon had the moral high ground. When you try to spin that, you look like you are writhing in agony.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Other people’s “sexual stupidity?” Sexuality is a public health issue. Like it or not we do share in the cost of maintaining our neighbor’s health. And as one who “helped perform abortions,” I should think you would understand this axiom.

    • Sparkles says:

      The Fiscal Times, Sept 15, 2015 –
      The Congressional Budget Office informed the House Republican leadership this week that permanently defunding Planned Parenthood would end up costing the government $130 million over the coming decade, largely because it would result in more unplanned pregnancies and births.. .. put(ting) added pressure on federal social services.”

      PP receives $528 million a year in federal funding. Not a penny of which goes towards abortive services. PP funding is a rounding error in our $617 billion defense budget – a budget that Donald Trump and Donald Bacon both claim to be woefully inadequate.
      From a right wing favorite, The Washington Times, Sept 7, 2016 –
      “Donald Trump called for 50,000 more Army troops, more than 70 new Navy warships, 13 new Marine battalions and nearly 100 Air Force planes, proposing a massive surge in defense spending he said is needed to stop the rise of the Islamic State…”

      And just one example of the crass hypocrisy of Republicans, Dec 20, 2015, NYT – –
      “Language inserted into the federal budget over the objection of the Obama administration by Senator Thad Cochran, Republican of Mississippi, directed the Coast Guard to build a $640 million National Security Cutter in Mississippi that the Coast Guard says it does not need.”

      and July 21, 2015 –
      “Thad Cochran Sponsors Legislation to Defund Planned Parenthood”

      And it is you, ‘Feel the Burn’, who claims “Democrats are beyond stupid”?

      • The Grundle King says:

        $130 million in a decade = $13 million per year.

        In a government that spends $4 trillion per year, we’re talking about 0.000325% of the federal budget. Oh noes!!!!

        So we’d cut $528 million/yr, spend an additional $13 million/yr…a net gain of $515 million per year, and $5.15 billion over the coming decade. From a fiscal perspective, you make an excellent argument for defunding Planned Parenthood.

        Given your certitude in the federal government, surely they could fund or provide the same services (sans abortion) to the nation at a lower cost than Planned Parenthood, because they wouldn’t have to pay PP bigwig salaries, wouldn’t have to pay for lobbyists, and wouldn’t have to pay for constant advertising about how awesome they are. Women could pay for their own abortions, as they allegedly do right now. Hell, I’d even support a bill that forces the sperm donor to cover half the cost.

      • Sparkles says:

        Sorry for your confusion, Grundle.

        I provided you the source to the quote.
        The ‘net’ loss to the federal government (taxpayer) for defunding PP is a $130 million.
        Specifically – while the cut in federal subsidies to the PP would save $520 million in the short-term, according to CBO, the overall cost to the government would increase to $650 million over the coming decade – or a net increase of $130 million.

        But please, continue. Don’t let facts get in the way of a right wing agenda certain to cost not only additional tax dollars, but more importantly the suffering and loss of life to working poor an impoverished women throughout the country.

        Aug 18, 2016
        “Pregnancy-Related Deaths Nearly Doubled In Texas After Cuts To Women’s Health”

        An agenda also certain to feed into a cycle of suffering children. Children born into homes without the resources, or in many instances lacking a parent with the training, maturity and rudimentary capability of providing the nutrition, healthcare, education and affection required for that child to become a healthy adult and productive youth/adult.
        A lack of care that feeds into a cycle of yet another generation destined for tragedy. A generation much more likely to find themselves in prisons, in need of social services, and parenting more children while only children themselves.

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