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So there’s this headline from the OWH…

Voters across Omaha brave early lines to cast their ballots

Really? Waiting in a line?

Apparently this is what Francis Scott Key meant when referring to the “Home of the Brave.”


If the swamp isn’t drained…

Former Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, was on MSNBC this morning responding to what he felt would be important for Hillary to do if she wins tonight.

He said that she needs to go to places like western Pennsylvania and West Virginia — places that didn’t vote for her — and just sit and listen. He said she needs to just listen and let those people get their feelings off their chest to help heal the country.

Then he said, “Because those people are not going to like what they hear…”

In other words, not really a “listening” tour.
A “telling” tour.

Same as the old boss…


Sure, why not some predictions…

So how does the night turn out?

Well, I have yet to see a prediction that gives a solid chance for Trump to get to 270. There are the ones that say, “If he wins ALL of these states, then STEALS this state that has been saying for months that it will go for Hillary...”

There are those types of scenarios, but they’re not common.

So instead of that, let’s talk local:
The prediction here is that Trump takes ALL of Nebraska’s 5 Electoral Votes. Who knows, maybe somehow that’s the difference-maker in a crazy Trump upset. For the 2nd, Trump by…5 points.

And then in the 2nd Congressional District, the other bet is that Don Bacon upsets Brad Ashford. If the proposal is to “drain the swap” it’s pretty hard to argue that the one who has been in politics for 30 years is your go-to guy. And the fact that the alternative is a retired General, who comes across as straight-shooting and also ultra-friendly is the difference-maker.

But that race WILL be close, not matter who wins. We’ll say Bacon by 3 points.

Death Penalty will be reversed. Er, repealed. The repeal will be repealed and thus reversed. (Sigh.) Nebraska will keep the Death Penalty. I mean, get it back.

That’ll be…8 points.

And for a party flip in the Legislature, I’ll take Ian Swanson in West O by 5 points.


The Twittah

From here, head on over to the Twitter for the latest and greatest and up-to-datest. I’ll be updating the various numbers on there, and likely updating on itself.

It’s the place to be.
Because THAT’s where you keep up on the talk of Nebraska politics.

Oh, and be sure to come on back to tomorrow, as there WILL be some news out of Leavenworth St. no matter who wins or loses tonight.


  1. Sparkles says:

    HRC 323 / 48.7
    Trump 215 / 42.3

    Ashford by 8
    HRC takes NE02 by 2

    Bostelman defeated
    Brewer defeated
    Repeal of Ricketts Death Penalty veto

    50 Senate seats in democratic control, giving Tim Kaine the deciding vote
    8 seat democratic gain the in House

    The GOP will again, ignore tonight’s drubbing and continue on their path of mindless obstruction for political gain, to the detriment of the American citizenry.

    And of course, the Supreme Court will soon lean left for the first time since 1969.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    I sure hope Comey got that in cash.

    Hey Sparkles, how does it feel to be not only galactically wrong, but for the next 4 years having to see Trump’s ugly mug on your TV all day? Don’t worry, though, your Queen will land on her feet. She has a couple hundred million stashed nearby plus her pals in the House of Saud will be happy to toss her some more in between throwing gays off of buildings.

    She lost to Trump! She lost Wisconsin even! Bwahahahahaha!

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Douglas County Elections Commission is apparently in no hurry to count votes. Are they still hoping the whole thing is going to come down to the NE2 and they’ll get on TV? Count the votes!

  4. Ed Stevens says:

    HRC 323 / 48.7 WHIFF!
    Trump 215 / 42.3 WHIFF!!
    Ashford by 8 WHIFF!!!
    HRC takes NE02 by 2 WHIFF!!!!
    Bostelman defeated WHIFF!!!!!
    Brewer defeated WHIFF!!!!!!
    Repeal of Ricketts Death Penalty veto WHIFF!!!!!!!
    50 Senate seats in democratic control, giving Tim Kaine the deciding vote WHIFF!!!!!!!!
    8 seat democratic gain the in House WHIFF!!!!!!!!!

    0 for 9 …. above commenter to be known forever after as “Whiffles”.

    Sooner or later all liberals, progressives, neo-Marxists, and other such political detritus gag on the hairball of reality.

    Turns out there really is a silent majority after all … and they are trampling out the vintage …. I’m guessing the fateful lightning is just around the corner … run, libs, run ….!!

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