Wild times

baconsHas everyone calmed down yet?

That was a wild two days.

An ecstatic super-early morning for Trump fans, and then a late-morning victory for Don Bacon.

No one said it was going to be easy defeating an incumbent Congressman, but Don Bacon was sincerely the right person for the job. A complete outsider, in a race that mimicked the Presidential race on that point. Ashford had been in office about as long as Hillary had, and he also had a dearth of ingrained, hard-core Democrat support, much like Hillary’s campaign.

I always think back to overhearing two Dem politicos sitting at a table in Omaha last year, one saying to the other, “Ashford isn’t REALLY one of us.”

And Ashford tried to play that to the hilt. And it got him very, very close.

But this year it wasn’t close enough.

And maybe it doesn’t always come through on TV or in commercials, but Don Bacon is a really, really, REALLY nice guy. Like Mike Riley-nice. But he’s a General, so it’s not as if he can ever be seen as pushover-nice.

But he’s the kind of perfect guy to represent Nebraska.  And I have no doubt that citizens will be proud of him and the work he does.


Keep cool

And the Trumpster? Er…President-Elect The Donald?

Look Republicans, have a little sympathy for your Democrat brethren who are going through many stages of grief right now. I know my Facebook timeline — which is filled with actual friends — has many Democrats who are calling for the abolition of the Electoral College. And for the Electoral College to ignore the results. And to march in the streets. Lots of stuff about yoga…that I don’t really follow.

Point is, it’s always good to have friends with different perspectives. And it’s also the best to have friends with whom you can disagree on politics, and still have a great relationship. So give those friends and family and colleagues some breathing room over the next few days to sort out their own thoughts.

And touchdown dances are not necessary.

Act like you’ve been there before.

Someone tell them you do this BEFORE the election…

Now that being said, I get Facebook.

But the people in the streets? Breathlessly screaming “Not my President!” or, one of the nicer signs of the weekend, “Tuck Frump!”

And I’ll just throw this one out, but the “protest” in Omaha invited people to come down …and create their own signs there! Plenty of white board and giant Sharpies!

And all I’m saying…is that SOMEONE had to pay for that stuff. Yes, the angry mob still has to show. But I won’t be surprised to hear that deep-pocketed instigators paid for the torches and pitchforks.

And as many have stated on the Twitter, they’re protesting…what exactly?




Interesting results from across the state.

Tom Brewer wins out west over Al Davis.
Judiciary Chair Les Seiler loses in Hastings.
Mike Hilgers wins in Lincoln.
Tommy Garrett loses in Bellevue.
Ian Swanson, after a primary win, comes up short in West O.
(And unless he bangs his head too hard on a low entry door frame, Swanson is young enough that we have not seen the last of him)

Some of the Ricketts support was successful, but not everywhere.
And the Death Penalty repeal gets…repealed.

Back to the nitty-gritty in Lincoln.

Mayor Jean Stothert with Congressman-Elect and Don Bacon and Angie Bacon

Finest Place You Ever Saw

And lest we get campaigning out of our systems, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert will make her formal re-election announcement on Monday evening at the Scott Conference Center, just north of Aksarben Village.

You can sign-up for free tickets to attend using EventBrite (here).

Too soon for another election?

Well, outgoing Democrat State Senator Heath Mello has already announced (and gets lots of kudos from those who were waving swear-word signs in the Old Market last night).

And the Mayor had actually planned to announce a month or so ago, before her dog-walking injury briefly sidelined her. But she’s back and healthy, and ready to talk about what she’s done and what she hopes to do for Omaha going forward.

(And campaigners know, you really can’t wait any longer for an election that’s just 5 and 6 months away.)

Should be an exciting campaign for this coming off-year.


Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

And as teased on Monday, I personally have some news for you.

But…it’s going to wait until tomorrow — Friday.

And I think you may find it interesting.

Ya’ll come on back now, ya hear!

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  1. Russia says:

    So Russian diplomat states they were in contact with Trump’s campaign before election. Does this mean the FBI failed when they stated there were no communications? What about when Trump stated they had not been talking to Russia?

    This is a problem.

  2. Bluejay says:

    Big three questions:

    1. When will Jane Kleeb denounce the Omaha protests?

    2. When will Jane Kleeb denounce the vandalism of our State Capitol building?

    3. When will Jane Kleeb resign for failing to carry NE#2 for Hillary and losing the state by 25 points? That was a Buckeye-like beatdown for the Dems.

    • anon says:

      If Jane resigns as State Chair of the Democratic Party it will be to run for Governor in 2018. Watch what you wish for. She could win.

      • Bluejay says:

        Jane would be lucky to get 40%. Nebraska is fed up with her extreme radical Green agenda.

        But I do hope she runs. It will be fun to see her getting around the state in a Tesla or horse.

    • Oracle says:

      Admit it Bluejay, you’re really a Westside graduate, ‘cuz a Prep grad couldn’t be this consistently stupid when posting. Jane Kleeb is NOT YET THE STATE CHAIR for the Nebraska Democratic party. And unless you can prove otherwise, #1 and #2 have no connection to her in any way, so why don’t you ask Stothert to denounce them. That’s just as logical.

      • Bluejay says:

        As much as I like Vince, Jane has owned the party since the convention. Jane is the de facto chair and soon to be the de jure chair. Jane owns these defeats.

        And, hey, Ginni Lamp went to Westside and she’s no dummy.

    • anon says:

      Why should Jane Kleeb (the not yet head of the Nebraska Democrats) resign because she hasn’t (yet) denounced the punks that defaced the State Capitol Building? The rumors I’m hearing say that it was a bunch of Ben Sasse supporters who did the job. Maybe the Republican State Chair should be issuing and apology and resign.

      • Bluejay says:

        Kleeb was at your convention. She is the public face of NE Dems. She gets the time in the media. Cover girl for Omaha magazine. Incoming Chair.

        Jane Kleeb is your poster girl whether you will admit it or not.

        And when have you Dems ever been concerned about the rules or the law?

    • Jackass says:

      Jane is just the Clinton type money collecting arm, the ground troops coming off battle tested in Omaha with dem dirty tricks, marches, and media support and ready to use it in the Omaha mayor battle. They will still rule the legislature too, led starting with keep chair votes secret led by Gen Krist

  3. bynd says:

    Maybe someone can explain the difference between a political party and a religion.

    It isn’t so much that folks are protesting, it is their solutions. It demonstrates the great failures of our educational system to teach them the basics of our Constitutional and the laws around it.

    Or, shall we just say they are so afraid they are willing to throw all laws out the window to accomplish their preferred ending?

    Not a better example of why they lost.

    • Anonymous says:

      Love Trump or hate him, we all saw the last 24 months of campaigning – “we” as in the whole United States and the whole world.

      The Nov. 8 election was held as-scheduled in all states and territories, according to the constitutions of those states, and replete with every manner of regularity and irregularity.

      We operate according to the Federal Constitution that all states, and all their citizens, individually and collectively accede to.

      According to that election and the Constitution, Donald Trump is the undoubted president-elect of the United States. Period. Wishful thinking and howling will not change this fact. This is true for every president in my lifetime (Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump). It will be true for all who follow Trump.

      Those who hope for the Electoral College to be unfaithful are dreaming. If the Electoral College is an anachronism, that is a fair question. After sober debate, if the people, their representatives and the several states wish to amend the Constitution and abolish the Electoral College, it is their perfect right to make the attempt.

      I am still astonished at Trump’s election. I would not have him as president, but we are past that point. Donald Trump will be the President and that means he will be my President too. Just as Obama and Clinton have said, much to their dismay I’m sure, the more successful President Trump is, the more successful the United States and its people will be. I hate to see the man learn on the job, this job in particular. I hate to see the man come to his final, best maturity so late in life, doing this job in particular. Tough rocks, here we are.

      I’m going to get behind President Trump. Not because I care for the man personally but because I respect the Presidency, the Constitution and my fellow citizens, whatever they believe. If we don’t help each other we are well and truly screwed, and will deserve whatever trouble we get into that we might not be able to get out of.

      • Political Novice says:

        Always late to the party (hey – I’ve got things to do) but I couldn’t let this well written comment go with acknowledging this is exactly how I feel as well. I don’t have a lot of faith in Trump accomplishing what he has promised but I will support him (at least for now) and allow him some time to prove it. The election is now over and it’s time for all the winning candidates to walk the walk.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, I understand the Constitution, first read it at 14 and also that election system for POTUS has nothing to do with modern electoral college. Wise old statement elected by 6% of population do not sit around in the statehouses discussing who to vote for for POTUS. Original system broke down in 1800 and new system broke down in 1876 and that settlement has a lot to do with our continuing racial problem .2000 was settled by SCOTUS which Founders never contemplated. Senate is largely a device for Red States to use federal taxes of Blue States. Our those the basics you were taught or was it the Rube Goldberg drawings of separation of powers and division of powers.
      While there are many differences between religions and parties, our parties have taken on the qualities of cults not churches.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I’m just curious…could you enlighten us all on whose those ‘blue state’ tax dollars are primarily spent on in ‘red states’?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bynd, wait until the Democrats figure out how much they have really lost. The GOP hasn’t held the WH, Senate and HOR since 1928. Trump also has most of the governorships and the Court picks too. That is a lot of power.

    Yet for perspective, when Obama had both houses of Congress, with no executive experience, he gave Pelosi the job of creating a socialized medicine racehorse that she parceled out. It came back as a slapped together industry-coopting camel with a club foot. Having power and knowing what to do with it are two different things.

    Trump isn’t a novice at negotiation. One assumes will be more hands on. But his top opponent will be the GOP House leadership. Democrats will find opportunity to wedge Republican against Republican to effect influence while party building. Or just sit back and watch elephants cannibalize each other. In any case, the unknown factor is Trump’s negotiation skills. LBJ was a master at politicking his issues through Congress. Others have been clumsier.

    Issue-wise, Trump is a solutionist. I expect he goes wherever solutions lead and crushes any political correctness he finds along the way. That may take him as much to Democrats as to Republicans. But he leans rightwing enough to be proper fit in the GOP.

  5. Another Reason to Hate Sarpy County says:

    Why does Sarpy get to pick Omaha’s congressman? Why can’t we pick our own?
    And Sarpy stole our baseball team and call it the OMAHA whatever’s. What a bunch of dopes.
    Mr Street Sweeper did have the poll correctly with Bacon ahead. As he did two years ago when he had Terry down by five.
    This election makes you think the GOP knew what was coming when Grassley held out on the 9th Supreme Court judge. Now I am betting a full nine justices look pretty good to the GOP.
    I am not convinced too much in the power of Mr Ricketts to pick his legislature. Perhaps even without his money and endorsements things would not have been different.
    Good news in that Principal K won and Carol Blood won. And the great Ernie Chambers won without campaigning and without raising money. That is the way to do it.
    Mr Hilgers of Lincoln raised about $150 K for a job that pays $11K a year. What is up with that?
    Now lets see if the GOP can govern with all branches theirs. Something tells me there might be a hiccup or two coming up.
    And the Dems can bring a smile to everybody’s faces with the defeat of the awful Stothert for re-election. Here is a tip for Mr Mello on that: point to the failed record of Stothert. Easy pickings.
    ricky from omaha

  6. Anonymous says:

    No one can make you appear a petulant sore loser unless you open your yap and make it so.

    For you sour grapes, try taking a baking soda bath.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    Today, after the election, the same “experts” who got Trump wrong the whole time, are explaining how Trump won.

    Taking advice from them is like letting Helen Keller drive your bus.

  8. 3rd Party Fade says:

    What was most interesting to me was how the Libertarians faded into the background on election night. Libertarians only grabbed 3% of the vote.

    Seems that their day still hasn’t come, they really haven’t moved the needle for themselves.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wonder what the reaction would have been to a walkout by Elkhorn or Millard students if Hillary was elected?
    Probably lots of “understanding” right?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Street Sweeper said he has surprise personal news for us today and no one rose to that.

    I was thinking perhaps a sex change or maybe Sweeper is really an AI artifact in the code.

    Perhaps appointment as Deputy Assistant to the Assistant of the Deputy Undersecretary cabinet whatever. One never knows.

  11. Shamed says:

    The protests against Trump are primarily against the willful act of self-destruction foisted upon the country by lo-information voters. Spend nothing. Do not support this economy.

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