What a year it’s been, yeah?

Actually it’s been closer to 11 years here at Leavenworth St.

Since I first started writing on Leavenworth St. back in January 2006 — first under the moniker Street Sweeper, before announcing myself — I have nary taken a week off. (There might have been a summer break a few years ago, but that was brief.)

I have posted from all places, at all times. I posted while on a trip to Europe a few years back — taking advantage of the hotel’s business center in the wee hours to write about some breaking Governor news. I posted the day my kids were born. I’ve posted on the day of funerals.

And of course over the past two years I have posted nearly daily on Leavenworth St. as well as podcasts on

But, as I stated on Monday of this week, no matter what the outcomes on Election Day, I had an announcement. And with that, this coming Monday, I am going to take a break from Leavenworth St.

However, Leavenworth St. will not be taking a break from you.

While I am on an approximately 6-month sabbatical from this site, Leavenworth St. will still be up and running, continuing as the talk of Nebraska politics.

But how?

I will be handing over the keys to a Managing Editor, who will have 100% editorial control over Leavenworth St. and all who inhabit it. There may be guest posts. And of course there will be commenters — who need to continue to follow the commenting rules.

But I will be out for around a half-year, as far as any writing or editorial control is involved.

(I haven’t quite decided how I will work-out the Twitter handle “@LeavenworthSt”, as I would still like the ability to comment on the Twitter. I’ll let you know, one way or the other.)

So who will take the reins?

Well, back in the days, every local politico, it seemed, was accused of being “Street Sweeper.” And I ended up selling coffee mugs (luckily, I don’t have crates of them filling my garage) that read, “I am Street Sweeper” — with a nod to a certain Kirk Douglas movie.

So with that in mind, your new editor and moderator will be…only known as…Spartacus.

And Spartacus will take over this coming Monday.

And with that, au revoir! Until we meet again!


Oh…and as long as I still have one post in me…this:


  1. Pete says:

    YES! Jerry Kratochvil is finally dropping the “I’m totally Street Sweeper, I swear” charade and handing the reins back over to Jordan McGrain!

  2. question says:

    In light of the recent election it might make sense for Pat Mcpherson to take over this blog. He has experience blogging I believe.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For pure blogging enjoyment, I think the best Spartacus would be Antony Weiner. But I suppose it should be a Nebraskan and we tend to be shy.

  4. Bluejay says:

    Below is Jane Kleeb’s twitter profile. For the guy who was bugging me.

    “NE Dem Party Chair, Founder @boldnebraska, President @Bold_Alliance, Board Member #OurRevolution, pipeline fighter, mom of 3, hubby @scottkleeb #NoEminentDomain
    Hastings, NEB·

    The Dems will never win a statewide or federal office with Jane at the top.

  5. Bluejay says:

    Below is from the NDP website.

    Vincent Powers
    (402) [redacted]”

    So what is it? Vince or Jane as Chair?

    You see the rules and facts don’t bother Jane Kleeb and her delusional Dems. It is a good thing that JJ Exon isn’t alive to see what has become of his party. Sad!

  6. How about a compromise says:

    McPherson and Kintner should team up. Kintner could beat his meat to a cambodian lady boy and McPherson could hurl racial epitaths.

    • bynd says:

      And you can’t wait for it to start so you have something to do.

      Interesting how so many on here want Kintner’s video. A site of pervs?

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