BREAKING: Cornhusker Hat Trick

Charles Herbster 03Breaking first on Leavenworth Street!

Well that didn’t take long.  I had a call from a high-up Republican operative that Nebraska maybe represented very well in and around the Trump Administration.  

We previously know that Dave Heineman and Charles Herbster were possible candidate for Agriculture Secretary, but as of the afternoon the picture has become more clear.  

Heineman 901.jpgAccording to my source Former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman is being strongly considered as Chair of the RNC.  Charles Herbster is on the short list for Agriculture Secretary.  

Finally, a dramatic surprise, Senator Deb Fischer is being discussed as Secretary for Transportation.  That possibility makes sense as Deb Fischer has experience in transportation issue and President–Elect Trump has placed an infrastructure bill as one of his top legislative priorities.  

Deb Fischer 1202Leavenworth Street will keep you posted on these events


  1. All Seeing Eye says:

    NOTE: If you are protesting for America to have no borders, you will please list your name and address here and we will send someone over to remove your front and back doors. If you do not, we have your name anyway and early next year the same IRS that was targeting Conservatives for audits will be targeting you. And we will also remove your doors.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    Just mentioning the possibility of Sen. Fischer getting tapped for a cabinet job prompts us to present this hypothetical headline to ponder.


  3. Bluejay says:

    I could also see Don Bacon being appointed as Senator. He did just win an election and knows something about the military. Maybe a twofer then and Pete could appoint Chip Maxwell to the House.

    • WRONG says:

      Pete hates Chip. Fischer would never be appointed to a Trump cabinet. She burned that bridge already. This is just her team trying (like always) to (unsuccessfully) raise her profile.

  4. WRONG says:

    WRONG! Spartacus, are you seriously buying into Fischer’s weak hack spin already? Anyone with any real knowledge knows her team is pushing this and team Trump has ZERO interest in appointing her to dog catcher, let alone a Sec in his Cabinet! She made her own bed when she unendorsed Trump and then tried to backpedal once she felt the heat. She and her political hack team are not ready for prime time and definetly not in the good graces of the president elect. She would be wise to fire whoever gIves her political advice.
    Nice try, kids. Keep dreaming.

  5. Nebraska Hat trick says:

    I thought a Nebraska Hat Trick is when McCollister screws the voters, the GOP, and the Governor? Love when McPherson calls out Sasse but fails to mention he got McCollister elected.

  6. Ed Stevens says:

    I am saddened by the decision to return to anonymous/pseudonymous blogging here. Leavenworth Street became a much stronger voice when Jerry K came out of the shadows a few years ago; his decision now to return L Street to innominacy is, in my view, a giant step backward.

    LS has always been, first and foremost, an opinion blog, NOT a “news” source (though occasionally tidbits unreported elsewhere showed up here), and as such, has depended on identifying the writer/opiner for much of its legitimacy. That is now gone … and so am I. I cannot credit the opinions of those who are not willing to publicly own them – which is why, incidentally, I rarely read the “Comments” section of this or any other blog … too many anony-mice, afraid to take responsibility for their own ideas.

    Jerry, we hardly knew ye ….

  7. Blowchunkus Maximus says:

    Bannon…heh, heh, heh. Yeah, that guy. Endless fun at that guys expense. The Man in the High Castle. Only in AmeriKKKa!

  8. Interesting says:

    Interesting that this “breaking news” would come on a political hack blog and that it isn’t being reported anywhere by real journalists. Let’s all remember that it was the same LStreet that said Fischer was on Trump’s VP short list. Ha!

  9. I am not sparticus says:

    Disagree about using real names. Opinions come back to kill careers. While we concede that there is some benefit in knowing who someone is in order to burn a bag of flaming dog poop on their porch, the idea of any idea being more or less relevant or not, predictive or not, by virtue of one’s name associated reputation or lack thereof, makes names irrelevant but for identifying this or that blogger for context. Pseudonyms do that just fine. But ideas that need a name to prop them up are bad ideas.

    I do agree that one “Spartacus” isn’t the same as another “Spartacus”. That’s just confusing for a set of different moderators. Of course set a unique handle for each moderator. But if, say, Spartacus Deux is Joe Blow, then whatever Joe says is not more or less right or wrong by being from Joe instead of from Spartacus Deux.

    Moreover, a totally anonymous statement can be absolutely illuminating while a statement welded to one’s legally recorded name can be total hogwash.

    Blogging is too instant for it being so permanent. We aren’t carving in stone the maxims of life we have learned for future generations. But that’s how long online words under our name last. Forever. At best, we blab here about what seems like good ideas at the time. Some of us use this to try out new ideas. That is good use. But this is permanent. And to a degree irrelevant. Putting your real name here may force you to proofread more closely but you will sway no one. For everyone here is part of the 1% of Americans who dig deep into politics and they are not apt to change their minds to any substantial degree.

    If the above makes sense, it makes sense no matter what I call myself.

    • Farty Cuss says:

      I couldn’t disagree more.
      Pseudonymous writing renders your words totally worthless, your opinion vapid.
      No doubt the following people would agree –
      Mark Twain
      Ayn Rand
      Dr. Seuss
      Lewis Carroll
      George Orwell
      Woody Allen
      Stan Lee
      Silence Dogwood, Alice Addertongue and Anthony Afterwit
      Anne Rice and Anne Rampling
      Ann Landers
      C.S. Forester
      Lemony Snicket
      O. Henry
      Paul French

      Pseudonymous writing is for fools. One should always remember:
      It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.

      • Few people object when someone writes pseudonymously. The problem arises when pseudonymity is used as a platform to launch personal attacks without the usual repercussions.

    • Pyramids-R-Us says:

      A quick google search shows Herbster received a couple warning letters from the FDA, in 2001 and again in 2003 for false claims relating to the efficacy of the various herbal remedies and skin creams he peddles.
      Products sold via a Multi-Level-Marketing model (aka Pyramid Scheme).

      Mother Jones did an article on Herbster earlier this year, when he was announced as a Trump Ag advisor.
      An article providing insight into the Multi-Level-Marketing empire he has built in Falls City. An empire recently joined by Dave Heineman, Beau McCoy and Heineman’s former top aide, Carlos Castillo.

      But it’s a mistake to imagine Herbster’s MLM pedigree makes him unfit for high office in a Trump cabinet. It likely only endears him to Trump, who himself has dabbled repeatedly in ever MLM scam and scheme presented him.
      As you’ll recall, Trump’s GOP convention actually provided a prominent stage for another MLM fraudster, Michelle Van Etten. A puzzling choice for a prominent stage appearance. A woman whose sole claim to fame is her exceptional wealth acquired from selling miracle tonics and herbal concoctions promising to improve health and even fight cancer. Then again, hers is a business closely associated with conspiracy loon Alex Jones. And the Alex Jones audience of conspiracy kooks and white supremacists is a constituency to which Team Trump was determined to pander.

      And let’s not forget Dr. Ben Carson and former Governor Mike Huckabee, both known to peddle miracle cancer cures as highly lucrative sidelines while simultaneously running for leader of the free world.

      We’d be remiss to leave out former GOP POTUS frontrunner, Michelle Bachmann. She and her husband skipped the bottling and packaging process altogether. They simply applied the divine magic of Jesus in curing people of the evils of homosexuality.

      And of course there is the Grand Pubahs of the Pyramid – the DeVos family, founders of Amway. For decades they’ve joined paragons of virtue such as Rev Jerry Falwell, Jerry Jr., Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham and legion others (of questionable character leading them to great wealth) in pouring money into driving the Republican party to the extreme right.
      To the right, to the right, ever to the right.

      Considering this band of grifters is the amalgam from which the modern day GOP has been formed, how could it possibly come as a surprise that it is Donald Trump who has finally ascended to the pinnacle of this morbid pyramid of character-challenged humanity?

      In the land of the blind..

  10. Anon says:

    You people do realize that a name my be be made up, or used by someone else. And by what means you think you need someones name is bullshit, it’s the internet. I don’t g a f who you are

  11. Anonymous says:

    Back to Bannon though. Party of Lincoln, you say? Stephen Bannon is morally inferior to Nixon and morally equivalent to the dog shit I just scraped off my shoe. A white nationalist? Really? Have we sunk so low? How is this defensible? This appointment as “chief strategist” is raw meat for racists. If anybody drops the “N” word near me their going to have a tough time explaining what happened – with no fucking teeth.

    • Alt-Right THIS says:

      To their credit, it’s a party willing to embrace its demons.
      They even denote they are racists in their titles, i.e.; Steve King (R), Iowa.

      • Anonymous says:

        Naw, I’ve never seen Steve King as a racist. Many other shortcomings but not that particular one.

        The Republicans have got to shitcan Bannon before he even opens his mouth for the first time as an official representative of a Trump Administration. He’s a living liability and he will drag an already struggling, proto-administration, into an endless, moral quagmire. I fully expect Nebraska Republicans to get this matter dealt with. What was that about a “hat trick?” Say you won’t serve in a Trump Cabinet ’till Bannon is out.

      • TEAdle Dee, TEAdle Dumb says:

        In a 2013 interview with Newsmax, King said that he was tired of people talking about those young people (Mexicans), who would benefit from measures like the Dream Act, as if they were mostly good—as if they even belonged in families. “They aren’t all valedictorians. They weren’t all brought in by their parents”:
        “For everyone who’s a valedictorian, there’s another hundred out there who weigh a hundred and thirty pounds—and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling seventy-five pounds of marijuana across the desert.”

        Those people—the ones with cantaloupe calves—are “undermining our culture and civilization.”

      • Blowchunkus Maximus says:

        I know, right? The biggest political upset in American history is overthrown by the presence of a racist shitlick like Stephen Bannon and Nebraska’s Republicans are SILENT.


        Where are you, Defenders of All That Is Right and Good? Did your balls suddenly shrink? Bannon! Bannon! Bannon! He is the death of all your hopes and Bannon is your fucking problem. What are YOU going to do? Republicans – right thinking Republicans – hate Bannon. Bannon is evil. I am going to press this nerve forever. This is where your four years of Hell start.

      • Political Novice says:

        I’ll say this – President-elect Trump sure has a strange way of showing that “now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division — have to get together.”

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