I am Spartacus!

sparatcus04I am Spartacus!  Well at least for purposes of having a pen name on Leavenworth Street.  I remember as a child watching the classic film in which Spartacus’ brethren claimed to be Spartacus to stand up for freedom over certain death.   Spartacus seemed like an appropriate name for our posts on Leavenworth Street while Jerry takes his sabbatical away from this Blog. Leavenworth Street has been an important voice in our community and on occasion has reached national notoriety.  

I always thought that Jerry taking the name of Street Sweeper was a clever device to maintain his anonymity and to create a buzz as to who Street Sweeper might be.  In light of the radical left attacking those with a conservative bent, using a pen name seems appropriate.  Furthermore, the pen name “Spartacus” can be used by one or many if needed to keep up with the posts on this blog.  I may want to tap others to help provide new content and top cover different topics and elections.

So the next question you may be asking am I qualified to take the reins of Leavenworth Street from Jerry?  That is a fair question. While I will be anonymous, I will tell you a little about myself.  I have been active in our community for about 20 years.  I am a Conservative.  I have experience in both politics and journalism.  I have a day job but I enjoy following the local, state, and national political scene.  What attracted me to doing this for Jerry was to keep alive another independent voice that adds to the debate and for over a decade Jerry has done just that.  What an exciting time politically we live in. With the Lincoln and Omaha elections next spring, Donald Trump being elected President, a revised Unicameral starting in January, and protesters in the streets, I think there will be plenty of topics to cover over the next several months.  

With that said, I AM SPARTACUS!


  1. Gary and Ace says:

    The new sweeper has to be gary or ace. The riding of a horse was a dead giveaway. They may prefer yearlings to a full grown horse though.

  2. Blowchunkus Maximus says:

    Greetings! My name is inspired by the ranting of Steve Bannon of Breitbart. If he behaves I won’t heave. If he’s true to for form and at all Klan-worthy, it’s gonna be tomato stew everywhere!




  3. Bluejay says:

    At least we know it isn’t Jane Kleeb filling in for Jerry.

    Jane’s latest delusion was that Hillary should be President because she won the popular vote. A popular vote which may have included 3 million illegal aliens.

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