Mello swings & misses on Omaha ideas

Jean StothertAfter Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s reelection announcement, Democrat Mayor candidate Heath Mello immediately went on the political attack, talking in generalities and keeping alive the partisan banter of the past election year that so many are tired of.

At her announcement, Stothert had Republicans and Democrats and people from every part of the city praising and endorsing Mayor Stothert before a packed crowd at UNO’s Scott Conference Center.

But Mello didn’t stop with the local press.

He also took to Twitter (or the Twitter, as Sweeper was fond to say) in response to a citizen’s request:


Mello responded…


Which is interesting.

Leavenworth St. has heard that any request the City of Omaha’s Planning Department has ever received for art work on the grain elevators…has been approved.

You can note some of the art on these elevators from Emerging Terrain on their website here.

Our guess is that the political hits from young Mello will keep coming. No word yet on if/when they might be accurate.


Jean Stothert for Mayor

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert made her reelection campaign announcement Monday evening at UNO’s Scott Conference Center.

You can watch the entire announcement, as well as short clips from the evening at the campaign Facebook page at

But the above referenced Heath Mello took a shot at former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman as well.

And Heineman apparently struck a nerve with Heath.

Here is what Heineman had to say, in part, while introducing the Mayor…

Our guess is Heineman won’t be worried about talking about his experience in Lincoln with Heath.


  1. Blowchunkus Maximus says:

    Stothert will be fine as mayor, next topic.

    Back to American Nazi Stephen Bannon. When will Republicans repudiate Bannon, and all his works, and all his empty promises? We can’t have a Fascist in the White House. Trump has ADHD and is weak-willed, perfect fodder for Fascist subversion.

    Bannon must go! Which of the Republicans will step and lead. Hello, echo chamber?! Where are you?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The first comment and it’s Nazis. There has been a lot of them marching in the evenings, the only thing missing is the torches. The election is over Joseph.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you find Bannon tolerable? Why? Party of Lincoln much? Yeah, the election is over. I didn’t vote for a white nationalist, did you?

  3. Stan says:

    “…keeping alive the partisan banter of the past election year that so many are tired of.” Couldn’t help but laugh a little seeing this line in one of the most blatantly partisan blogs in Nebraska.

    • Anonymous says:

      That partisan banter will be reduced as soon as we get the white nationalist out of the White House, out of the incoming administration, and back to his little hate-filled corner of fruits, nuts & flakes, along with all the Nazis, Confederate battle flags, and hatred for every marginalized group (not to mention all women). This is not what the Republican Party stands for.

      • Rots from the head says:

        Remember, this is the same Nebraska Republican party that only last May soundly rejected this proposal:

        “Be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party strongly opposes all degrading remarks toward women, minorities, and other individuals by Republican elected office holders or party officials, including candidates for President of the United States, because such rhetoric tarnishes the GOP’s legacy as the party of Lincoln, alienates millions of Americans,..”

        It’s a rejection that was celebrated and applauded by many on this site.

        Exactly who is it that accepts the idea that degrading remarks towards women and minorities should be tolerated?
        Correction – not merely tolerated, but celebrated. Celebrated and rewarded.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Stan, Could not agree more, Rs can not simultaneously reject NE’s non partisan tradition adopted by Omaha Charter and complain about partisanship.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Ah, yes. On a list of things that this city needs to work on, the grain elevators are approximately at number 46,372. Got news for you, edgy hipster doofuses: what Emerging Terrain did wasn’t an improvement. While anything can be art, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be good art.

    Keep swinging for the fences, Heath.

      • Macdaddy says:

        My opinion is that if he is giving the Left such vapors that it’s making them pathetically screech NAZI then he can’t be all bad. Why don’t you guys actually make a policy argument instead of immediately proving Godwin’s law? Nobody cares anymore when you vomit out a bundle of -isms that you substitute for anything substantial. It’s pitiful. Bannon beat you guys like a rented mule. Try to figure out how to not be a mule or at least not be rented.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sigh, the usual argument from you, Macdaddy. Sad. I’m not on the Left. I have no part of the Left, Democrats or Clinton. I’m Conservative and a Libertarian. Probably to the right of you, and not a part of the right that tolerates the puss that comes from the so-called Alt-Right. So why don’t YOU – YOU, MacDaddy – pay more attention to who, exactly, is having vapors. Glenn Beck, yeah, that noted ComSimp, who calls the Alt-Right extremely dangerous and and Bannon its chief spokesman. And don’t continue making the mistake that everyone who read or posts here fits neatly into your bipolar, political box.

      • Macdaddy says:

        Maybe you’d like to back up your assertion that Bannon is a Nazi? As for Glenn Beck, he regularly has the vapors…even now that he’s clean. The Blaze became so anti-Trump that I expected him to endorse Hillary, but instead of being principled, he went back to sniping. I guess now he’s casting about for anything to club Trump over the head with. Buy Gold!

      • Anonymous says:

        Read Ben Shapiro’s essay “I Know Trump’s New Campaign Chairman, Steve Bannon. Here’s What You Need To Know,” on “The Daily Wire,” dated Nov. 13, 2016. See point #5, “5. Under Bannon’s Leadership, Breitbart Openly Embraced The White Supremacist Alt-Right,” specifically:

        “Andrew Breitbart despised racism. Truly despised it. He used to brag regularly about helping to integrate his fraternity at Tulane University. He insisted that racial stories be treated with special care to avoid even the whiff of racism. With Bannon embracing Trump, all that changed. Now Breitbart has become the alt-right go-to website, with Yiannopoulos pushing white ethno-nationalism as a legitimate response to political correctness, and the comment section turning into a cesspool for white supremacist mememakers.”

        Bannon was the boss, Bannon permitted this crap under his own authority. Ergo, Bannon is responsible.

      • anon says:

        Ben Sharpio was anti-Trump and quit BB with the Michelle Fields supposed incident. and he wrote that afterwards right? put it in context move-on man

    • Anonymous says:

      Where are you on Stephen Bannon? I wouldn’t give the last booger I picked for Mello or Kleeb. In light of the clear and present danger to the Republic posed by a goddamn Nazi in the inner circles of supreme, executive power, I would expect you to have something pertinent to say.

  5. bynd says:

    Webb said that the Democratic Party’s shift to “interest group politics” had cost it support among white, low-income voters who turned out for Republican Donald Trump in last week’s presidential election. In many cases, he said, white working-class voters had become “whipping posts” for liberal activists. 

    Liberals want to turn Trump’s victory into an endorsement of racism and misogyny. That’s a dumb strategy if you’re against those things. The liberal belief that half the country is made up of horrible people is a big reason Trump got elected, and the more Democrats keep repeating it, the more likely their worst fears are to come true.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not “horrible people,” a horrible person: Stephen Bannon. Are you comfortable with somebody who steps up the edge of white nationalism as chief strategist to the President-Elect? A man whose distance from horror can be measured with micrometer calipers? The worst fears of Republicans and Democrats doesn’t come true by constant repetition, it comes true by continued ignorance about who Bannon is and who he truly represents.

      Honestly bynd, the cognitive dissonance between your Scriptural literalism and your apparent willingness to parse current events to ignore Bannon must be hard to maintain.

      • bynd says:

        things are what things are. Fear monger all you want. It has happened before and it will happen again. You can’t tell the future better or worse than anyone else. And quite frankly, both of those quotes are from people much more knowledgeable than.

        And my faith tells me what the outcome is gong to be anyway. Will worrying add one hour to your life? Don’t worry about tomorrow it will take care of it’s self. There are enough worries for today.

        You either need to learn more about my faith or not try to pigeon hole me into your stereotypes. Either is fine.

      • Anonymous says:

        bynd, I have a dim understanding of Christian Faith, enough to know that your Faith is ultimately between you and your God. The little of it you expose is fair game. As the old saw goes, even the Devil knows scripture and quotes it to effect. Jesus was not quite as passive as your quote implies, as He had Pilate scared shitless. Since Bannon is rather a modern Pilate, we have a clear example from the Lord about how to respond to such.

      • bynd says:


        Maybe a little more study and you would understand why Pilate was afraid. Was Jesus an activists, sure but he was a pacifist. For as he said paraphrased, don’t you think I couldn’t bring 12 legions of Angels down to rescue me?

        The clear example, turn the other cheek.

        43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

  6. Pavlov's Slog says:

    Heineman is such a dullard.
    In the clip provided, Heineman attempts to compare and contrast Stotherts fiscal stewardship with that of Heath Mello, declaring;
    “her opponent is leaving the state with a billion dollar projected deficit, a billion dollar deficit!”
    (and the sheep in the audience begin to boo Mello as the clip concludes)

    So, as one of 49 state legislators and governing from the minority party, Heath Mello is personally accountable for Nebraska’s looming budget deficit?

    It’s astonishing how moronic Heineman and Stothert must believe the Republican base to be.
    Such a claim is plausible only if one ignores the fact that Dave Heineman was Nebraska’s Governor for 10 years before handing over the reigns to Pete Ricketts. And prior to this Reign of Error were the days of lethargy, courtesy of accomplishment-free Mike Johanns.
    We’re quickly approaching two decades in which Republicans will have had complete control over our state’s fiscal stewardship.

    Nonetheless, there stands Heineman, offering up his asinine claim.
    And no matter how fraudulent, it’s a claim that is certain to be central to Stotherts campaign.
    And each time the ‘billion dollar deficit’ line is trotted out, the NEGOP sheep will boo their collective disdain of minority party member Health Mello.

    • anon says:

      They praised him at the end of session, he was the fiscal genius of the budget, true they have the majority in supposed republicans,(some replaced). Krist, Campbell, McCallister, and others? It’s their budget, We can budget this much, and spend the rest, if revenue projections are correct, they’re not- It’s democrats, it’s fiscal master Mello, secret ballot committees.

      • Pavlov's Slog says:

        Let me preface this response with – none of what I present will matter at all to you or those who share your delusion.

        You lament it is a couple “supposed republicans” in concert with the apparently spectacular leadership skills of a single democrat (Mello) on the NE legislature that are the reason for Nebraska’s dire fiscal outlook. For our projected billion dollar deficit.

        A couple inconvenient truths –
        Republicans have owned Nebraska’s state governance, lock stock and barrel, for 17 years.
        In spring of 2016, Republicans outnumbered Democrats on the NE legislature 36 to 12.
        On March 24, 2016, the mainline budget bill (LB956) passed on final reading, 46-1.
        A second component of the budget package (LB957), that includes fund transfers, passed 47-0.

        On March 30, 2016, Gov. Ricketts signed these state budget bills with no vetoes.

        No vetoes.

        You, Dave Heineman and Jean Stothert are now, with great fanfare, publicly granting Heath Mello wholly imaginary powers of the purse for the sole purpose of using those imagined powers as a club with which to bludgeon him in the coming race for Mayor of Omaha.
        In addition to ‘RINOs’ and Heath Mello super powers, you conjure up a conspiracy of “secret ballots” taken behind closed doors.
        Secret ballots conjured in a Republican dominated legislature; under the watch of a Republican Gov. and a Republican President of the Senate (the Lt. Governor), whose primary function is to preside over debate in the chamber and oversee movement of legislation. And all of the secret ballots completed under the watchful eye of the most powerful legal officer of the state, a Republican Attorney General.
        Yet despite all this reign of R’s, you’re convinced “secret ballots” are usurping the power of a Nebraska’s Republican electorate.

        You people are – beyond all comprehension – full of shit.
        On both a local and national level.
        You invent and inhabit alternate realities that have nothing to do with the the world in which we live. No amount of truth or reason is capable of penetrating your communal masochistic personality disorder.
        Problem is, your masochism isn’t limited to your own tribe of ill-informed. It’s a force of equal opportunity hardship and destruction that you have for decades now set loose on our nation.

      • bynd says:

        I could care less about Mello, but Heineman’s declaration is laughable and will hurt more than help.

        As predicted, give any party all, figuratively speaking, the power and they will muck it up.

        That’s why one person on the Republican side, no matter who they are, is insignificant. As we saw before, the chances of the Republicans compromising among themselves is almost nil to none.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sanders lost his party’s nomination, has no power, and is not a white nationalist. That is why Sanders is only fit for entertainment. He’s not a Confederate sympathizer.

      • Comrade says:

        He lost his party’s nomination because it was stolen from him by the most crooked politician in U.S. history. Plain and simple.

      • Anonymous says:

        None of that matters, of course. Sanders and Clinton are not the problem today. Bannon is, and those who tolerate his rancid beliefs and vicious behavior. The guy likes to fight, so lets give him one.

      • Anonymous says:

        The opposite of obsession is tacit acceptance. I’m glad you think Bannon is a loathsome POS. That is more than the usual wagging tongues have to say around here.

        I am waiting for Bannon’s next screw-up. You and I both know that won’t take line. It won’t be a New York Minute before I remind all here of their individual and collective responsibility to help get rid of this guy. The sooner that’s done the sooner I quiet down.

    • bynd says:

      So, anyone on here can tell you what to do and you have to do it or you are responsible for all consequences?

      As adults I think we pick our own fights and priorities.

      Fear mongering is not a reason to follow any one, wasn’t that the bottom line for #nevertrump?

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Wow. You’re trying to lay getting rid of Bannon on me? What was that BS about you being a conservative and libertarian? You sound more like a fascist totalitarian to me. Seek professional help.

    • Anonymous says:

      You, me, everyone. Lead, follow or get out of my way. If fighting Bannon is beyond you fine, you can hold the door for the men.

      • bynd says:

        Men hold the door for the ladies. If you can’t open the door on your own, I’m pretty sure man is the right moniker.

        And why is it one person scares you so much? What is it specifically he can do that puts you into such a tizzy?

  8. Never Stothert says:

    I supported Jean four years ago with a nice contribution and even let her put a sign in my yard. Her comments about writing-in John McCain are troublesome. I will not be supporting her this time if she couldn’t at least support the GOP nominee for President. I’ll be writing in Hal Daub.

  9. Pavlov's Slog says:

    Both the Lincoln Journal Star and Omaha World Herald are reporting this morning –
    “Nebraska HHS has paid $57M in fines, penalties to federal agencies over past 5 years, and could be on the hook for millions more”

    And that “millions more”, is (cough-cough) another $45 million or more, to be precise.

    ONE HUNDRED MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS – WASTED – due solely to the incompetence of our Republican controlled statehouse.
    A large chunk of the accountability for that massive loss laid directly at the feet of dullard Dave, courtesy of his disastrous effort to privatize child welfare services as well as the payment for developmental disability services.
    Cause ya see folks – these are two constituencies whose vote heinous Heineman didn’t have to worry about losing. A freedom from political consequence making the decision easy for him to adopt ALEC’s boilerplate plan of preying on the least among us in order to give tax breaks to the most wealthy and most privileged. Those who make up Dave’s circle of close acquaintances and well heeled contributors.

    Heckuva job, Davey.

    • bynd says:

      I agree, Davy was failure. However, Dems were in charge of many of the committees overseeing HHS. Such as Campbell who claimed to be a Republican but in no way even represented RINOs well.

      It is amusing to see such vitriol though. Would that be a hating liberal writing it?

      • Pavlov's Slog says:

        A few pickles short of a peck, eh bynd?

        Aren’t you the one who says he never votes?
        Why then, would any of this matter to you?

      • bynd says:

        Pavlov’s Slog,

        That from some one who considers them self dog spit. Or is it liquid from licking your ass.

      • bynd says:

        Pavlov’s Slog,

        What you may or may not mean is irrelevant to what others understand you to say. I’ll take your answer as the licking problem.

        I understand that crayons are therapy for those who have a hard time copying now days. Better get yourself some more.

    • bynd says:

      Pavlov’s Slog

      Actually, I took my wife to the polling place and went in meaning to leave the ballot blank. Than the flack from family would have been a lot less.

      But I so wanted to feel better voting against what liberals stand for. So I cast three votes and left. All three went the way I voted.

      Did I feel better? Nope. It all just reinforced why I don’t vote. So I don’t have to worry about it any more.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      I can testify to needless fines paid by Nebraska concerning special education.

      It’s too bad about the billion dollar projected deficit (state agencies will just have to pare down what they’re asking for). As y’all surely remember, growth in SPED spending last biennium was kept at 1/2% less than ALL OtHER categories of educational spending in Nebraska. And with this big reported deficit I’m guessing that growth will be halted altogether in the upcoming biennium. So it’s only fair that if actual cut-backs are needed (not mere cuts from previously projected growth), they must occur in ALL OTHER categories of educational spending but not SPED spending. Do y’all reason similarly?

      Anyway, the federal ‘maintenance of effort’ IS existing law. SO…what say you about applying federal law, repenting lawyer? I have seen the Nebraska Legislature ignore federal law.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      The only thing that makes Heinemann’s veto of on-site EMS for the most severely disabled Nebraskans in state care at BSDC, was the failure of all those “right-to-life” voting state senators to override. Thus the deaths, or killings as others may perceive, and of which no one was held accountable.

      repenting lawyer: What did the founders prepare in case of whole legislatures which defy LAW?

  10. Tweet Tweet says:

    Pavlov’s Slog well said. Also don’t forget about Ole Davies failure with the Department of Corrections and his attempt to combine the Department of Labor and Economic Development.

  11. Political Novice says:

    In light of his “now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of it’s division” talk I am baffled by President-elect Trump’s choices for cabinet picks of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. It just appears he is going for the most controversial figures he can find. One would think he will have enough issues with his choice of Stephen Bannon but it looks like he’s doubling down. His administration is going to be interesting to say the least.

    • bynd says:

      Political Novice:

      Or he could put in the type of people who have gotten us where we are today.

      Maybe real change this time. Right, wrong or indifferent. Abe likes him.

      • Political Novice says:

        Oh I have no doubt change is coming byrd. Now whether that change will make a marked improvement in many people’s lives remains to be seen. It just seems to me that he is taking on political liabilities right from the start. There were no other qualified candidates less controversial ? I’m willing to give them a chance to prove themselves but I know there are many others far less forgiving.

    • Primordial Ooze says:

      Alabama Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, was denied confirmation as a Federal Judge in 1986 because he was deemed too racist.

      Lt. General Michael Flynn is the founder of Flynn Intel Group, which is registered with Congress as a lobbying organization (so much for ‘draining the swamp). Flynn’s organization has been, very recently, paid tens of thousands of dollars to lobby on behalf of Turkey.
      On behalf of Turkey, Flynn himself published an opinion piece for The Hill urging U.S. support for Turkey’s controversial strongman president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
      Flynn has defended Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. and said he was open to bringing back waterboarding – a war crime under the Geneva Conventions.
      Flynn was forced out of his prior as Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency because of controversial, often offensive positions, such as branding the entire religion of Islam a “cancer”.
      Flynn has also, very recently. been on the payroll of Putin’s Russia, serving as an analyst for the country’s state-owned TV network RT and being paid to speak at the network’s anniversary gala.

  12. Lil Mac says:

    Trump’s first three cabinet picks are early and keenly purposeful.

    Some pundits call it a political reward to Trump’s friends. Politicians are often that stupid. CEO’s and Generals, however, reward success with harder work, by scrutinizing a leader and seeing where they naturally best fit even when they themselves cannot see it. Leadership not politics.

    The NYT’s is closer to the truth. It calls these 3 picks “remarkable” and “a clear signal” that Trump is breaking from past decades of America’s role in the world and our past view of ourselves, which is now being strongly, actively reversed by Trump.

    Now that is one helluva thing to say. New York Times is coming out of its sour grapes bitching that Trump would “do nothing” to a new horrifying realization that Trump may actually do everything he said he would and soon. — God forbid but America actually be Great again. That would put DC’s political Misery Industry out of work.

    Here’s three things I see in these picks that I got my attention.

    1. All three men were Army officers. Trump isn’t a veteran, but with five solid years of cadet life, he has a high degree of military discipline and focus that many civilians do not see. It is there.

    2. All three men are natural reformers who despise PC. Sessions was screwed out of a Reagan judgeship by reverse discrimination by PC Democrats who went to prison; lifelong Democrat and DIA Chief Gen. Flynn was fired by Obama for putting American first above threats, and Pompeo, who is the House torchlight on the Iran/IASA nuke insp threat, is out to right wrongs. The Establishment will call them zealots. They are each experienced for their jobs, but let loose they will run through their assigned areas like lightning bolts. Which brings us to, why these guys in these particular jobs?

    3. This alphabet soup — AG, CIA and NSA with DOJ, FBI, ATF, USMS, DEA, OIG, SIGINT – is our entire panoply federal cops and spies. While law forbids them from spying on you (not me, as my TS/SCI+ means everything I say is scrutinized forever) Federal Employees rate less protection for their own secrets. They are literally “the Bureaucracy” Trump said he would trim. They have their Public Service Unions to push their pockets full of tax dollars while doing least work, and 90% them voted for Clinton to further bloat bureaucracy as job security for these bureaucrats. However, there’s a new Sherriff in town downsizing and streamlining his executive branch, which he cannot do without firing the least productive of his honest bureaucrats, so he is going to make damn sure he first gets rid of those who work like Hillary Clinton worked… criminally.

    Trump has loosed talented zealous rat catchers on the Federal Bureaucracy early, sending a clear signal. Rats are scurrying. Misery profiteers are miserable.

    • There's something wrong with you says:

      How about we clarify the definition of “remarkable”. The NYT article you cite:

      “WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump’s remarkable appointments on Friday served notice that he not only intends to reverse eight years of liberal domestic policies but also overturn decades of bipartisan consensus on the United States’ proper role in world affairs.

      Mr. Trump moved unapologetically to realize his campaign’s vision of a nation that relentlessly enforces immigration laws; views Muslims with deep suspicion; aggressively enforces drug laws; second-guesses post-World War II alliances; and sends suspected terrorists to Guantánamo Bay or C.I.A. prisons to be interrogated with methods that have been banned as torture.”

      Remarkable, in it’s darkness and depravity.

  13. Spartacurse says:

    2016, Democrat Party theater actor disrespects GOP Vice President Elect.

    1865, Democrat Party theater actor assassinated GOP President Re-Elect.

    Democrats are getting better at losing. They aren’t any less awful than when they went to war to continue owing human beings as slaves, but they have outgrown spines, so that’s a plus.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Spartacurse, last refuge of an idiot. Booth accept the States rights model of federalism that lead to Civil War, that view is making a comeback amount a lot of Rs.

  14. Anonymous says:

    7:58, that “bipartisan role” you and the NYT’s applaud for the USA is the Progressive demand that the USA embrace its own victimization and diminishment as holiness. You would have Uncle Sam bending over like Obama literally bends over for foreign potentates. That is why Trump won.

    Yours is the mindset that says an apologetic America is a more saintly America, that coming from you secular worshipers of executive saints that you demand cure social ills. Wow. You suck that up like self raping idiots. Your thinking, diseased and cancerous at it is, you think is normal.

    Again, this is why, indeed you are why, Trump won.

    If Democrats don’t recover soon, and lord knows plenty of stunned GOP establishment leaders also don’t have a clue why Trump won, we will end up with a GOP and Libertarian Party to choose between. The sheer inanity of you hugging onto crap you know cannot be true is breathtaking. You aren’t going the way of the Whigs, you are going the lemming way off the cliff. Suck it up cupcake.

    • There's something wrong with you says:

      Your FDR yarn is fiction.

      Although, it is fact that Nancy and Ronnie made very few decisions and confirmed almost no meeting of importance without first consulting Joan Quigley, their trusted astrologer.

      When the moon is in the Seventh House
      And Jupiter aligns with Mars
      Then peace will guide the planets
      And love will steer the stars

      • There's something wrong with you says:

        They were sixth cousins and there is no proof they were ever more than valued friends and kindred spirits.

        Of course, the truth matters little to those on the right. To those that imagine simpleton platitudes a fitting proxy for the daunting task of informed and effective governance.

  15. Ricky says:

    The Lincoln Journal Star reminded me that Democrats outnumber Republicans in Omaha by a substantial amount.
    All Mello has to do is turn them out. And with the terrible job stothert has done that won’t be too hard.
    She botched HDR’s move to downtown, She lost Con Agra. She can’t figure out Crossroads Mall. She wanted to spend 50 thousand dollars to ask Ohio how to plow snow.
    The Citys credit rating is lower then when she got the job. She spent $500 K on a lawyer to not come up with a contract with the police union.
    And it’s a joke Stothert wants bipartisan support. With Dave Heineman in the room and her support of Sarpy County’s Bacon there goes that out the window.
    Come on Omaha we can do better than Stothert. She is dumber than a box of rocks.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Franklyn Roosevelt’s wife was born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. Of course, they were cousins. But to Democrats the degree makes it legal and legal makes it all normal and natural and good.

    Funny how Republicans porking cousins is hillbilly but Democrats doing it is elegant.

    Reminds me of these idiots I know. Democrats. They refused to back Hillary in 2008, but then hired her with brain damage in 2016 to get out the vote in coastal states she’d already won, and then stupidly outspend the GOP 40 to 1 in swing states that she didn’t even visit.

    Perhaps donkey incest accounts for this mental insufficiency.

    We suggest you change your party animal to the mule. Those creatures cannot breed.

    • There's something wrong with you says:

      FDR and Eleanor were, fifth cousins, once removed.

      Rudy Giuliani married his second cousin, Regina Peruggi.

      And of course, who can forget Donald Trump’s appearance on The View in March of 2006:
      “..she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

      And since you seem to have an odd fixation with breeding, a parting thought:
      Why do Republicans like having sex doggie style?
      That way they can both watch wrestling.

  17. Youa culpa says:

    Lock her up? — Hillary is crooked but also brain damaged, so she’d never be convicted. In a straitjacket, she’d be a martyr. The point of all that rhetoric was for her to lose. She lost and already Clinton Foundation money spigots are drying up, so Bill and Hill have to go back to selling fake lakefront property to Ozark hillbillies. — Hillary is locked up, with a rotten husband and waning income.

    Besides, everything Hillary did as Secretary of State was under Obama. The Executive Branch buck stops with him and he won’t be indicted.

    So, in the end, the question is, what has Clinton most damaged for which she is personally responsible. As her party’s nominee, clearly, she has most hurt her party.

    The RNC ought to give her a medal.

    Consider this—Democratic Party voters rejected Hillary in 2008, and in 2015/16 many tried to reject her for Sanders who incredibly isn’t even a Democrat. But she was the chosen one. Democrats watched Hillary outspend the Republican 40 to 1 in swing states, wasting all those hard-earned Democrat dollars, and then she didn’t even visit some of those states. She spent her time campaigning, turning out her vote, in a few large east and west coast states where she was already guaranteed to win. That’s nuts.

    Democrats are now trying not to blame themselves. But Hillary was crooked, brain damaged and showed poor judgement years before she was the nominee. That isn’t the GOP’s or Trumps’ fault.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Believe in coincidences? The election is over and suddenly Street Sweeper needs a vacation. Not like some appointment is in the works, eh?

    That may not be so, of course. But believing in coincidence is a dangerously myopic luxury. Rather like hoping Trump is stupid.

    The average political player thinks strategy is jumping out and saying “boo”. Strategy is in fact one making the totally spontaneous happen on cue. And to those who see that as unreal or dishonest, we can only wonder what it’s like to be you crawling on your hands and knees in an old gravity world while every kid drone racer knows it’s the new NFL and invests that way.

    Keep using that telegraph key, sparky. The world is online. And to Sweeper, bravo.

  19. Gin says:

    If there is a Office of the Interior to Ginger Affairs, then I would be worried about his absence. Otherwise he is probably driving Hal.

  20. Ginga Ninja says:

    If there is a Office of the Interior to Ginger Affairs, then I would be worried about his absence. Otherwise he is probably driving Hal.

  21. Lil Mac says:

    The American Press can either learn its job or die at the hands of social media. President Elect Trump never invited the Media’s love but he has expertly dominated its dysfunctional addiction to him.

    Modern journalists are encouraged to “inject themselves” into every news story, which is the cardinal sin of editorialization that makes them worse than useless. And yet they are accustomed to having their butts kissed by every politician, until now. Trump makes it clear that the mainstream Press is a for-profit business owned by the likes of Buffett and Murdoch who don’t run for office themselves but rather seek to purchase politicians. And, clearly, the news reporters and writers are unprofessionally biased, overly opinionated, and loath themselves for their addiction to Trump, whom they hate while they make his cabinet appointment version of “The Apprentice” into a sparkly best seller.

    Those watching Mainstream news today are angry losers. Americans who want news go elsewhere.

    I spoke to a retired economics professor who voted for Trump. He isn’t on Twitter or Facebook but soon will be because he was stunned to find he is suddenly uninformed of what’s going on. All sorts of news items are not being reported by that last bastion of blinding PC, the Press. Indeed, the more an angry Press pulls down its pants to prove Trump is stupid, the more Americans turn to social media for news. If that keeps up, Trump will be a popular and the mainstream news industry will be dead.

    Today’s journalists wouldn’t know a dispassionate news story if Murrow or Cronkite bit them on the jackass. Yet the whole point of having a Fourth Estate is that a responsible, professional, fact-reporting Press counters what is directly said by any empowered leader. The fact that Trump can and does go directly to The People isn’t healthy for our Republic and Trump knows that. But he didn’t break the news media. Press, heal thyself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Spoken with true adoration of Trump! Nonetheless Twitter and Facebook DID break the news media this election cycle, as is evidenced by Trump’s ascendency. And I guess a means forward to healing the press, by your description, will be for everyone to get social media accounts so that folks can get their ‘facts,’ quicker?

      The way I see it the press now has more and better opportunities to report facts. Every time Trump goes on a Twitter rant the press may report on the rant, then report on it’s accuracy, and then report on Trump’s rebuttal and the rebuttal of others, and all done timely enough. The beat goes on.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The House Congressional Page program was shut down in 2011 by Boehner and Pelosi, ostensibly for costing too much. However, it was really about Congressmen having sex with the kids.

    in 2006, Rep Mark Foley resigned because he sent sexually explicit messages to young men who had been Congressional Pages. Then in 2007, four pages were expelled for shoplifting and sexual misconduct. Nobody kept an adult eye on these 16-year-old children except the pedophiles.

    George Washington University Law Professor, Johnathan Turney, himself having been a Page, said the problem was Pages needed “better oversight”.

    Wasn’t that BEN SASSE’s job as a Congressional Page “tutor” from 1996-1998? I guess not.

  23. bynd says:

    Just for ricky today, the three rating agencies (moodys etc.) state that one of the strengths of Omaha is strong management.

    How could that be?

  24. anon says:

    Good luck to Tommy A Jr and for a good bowl game to add to his career at NU. I am glad he will be gone. Term limits is a good thing,

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper would have had three new stories up by now. Spartacus seems pretty relaxed for an insurrectionist. What gives? More bread and circuses, please, this blog is officially dull.

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