Frequent flyer miles

fischer-thanks-04ICYMI, Nebraska’s Sr. U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer, spent Thanksgiving with the troops.

Fischer met with service members from Nebraska at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar and Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. The visit was part of a Senate Armed Services Committee congressional delegation trip focused on the continued mission in Afghanistan.

At Al Udeid Air Base, Senator Fischer met Master Sergeant Daniel Westman from Bellevue, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Shannon from Omaha, Staff Sergeant Jennifer Jensen from Alliance.

fischer-thanks-06At Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan she met with Lieutenant Colonel James Rye of McCook, Chief Warrant Officer Aaron Carpenter of Omaha, Sergeant Jared Cornell of Omaha, Sergeant Erik Servellon of Omaha Lieutenant Colonel Danny Robinson of North Platte, and Chief Warrant Officer Nicole Patterson of Beatrice.

Because of military protocol on issues involving of use of torture, it is unclear as to whether or not she or her fellow Nebraskans were forced to watch the Husker loss to Iowa on Friday.


Back home, Heath Mello is just starting into his campaign for Mayor of Omaha. He is sending emails and attacking Mayor Jean Stothert, etc., etc.

But Heath figured he needs to raise some money too, and where does Heath go to raise money to be Mayor of OMAHA?
Well…Lincoln, of course.
Because apparently Heath doesn’t know where else to go.

And who does he invite to the funder at the local bar?
Lots and lots of lobbyists.

As a matter of fact, his HOSTS for the fundraiser included over 17 lobbyists registered with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

Well, that’s one way to run for Omaha’s top job.
Run to Lincoln and rub elbows with the Lincoln Lobbyists in the Legislature.

Too bad about those term limits…


The Greater Omaha Pachyderm Luncheon is today (Monday) from 11:40am – 1pm at The Garden Cafe in Rockbrook Village, 108th & Center St.

The speakers will be State Senators Bob Hilkemann, John McCollister, and Bret Lindstrom, who will give a preview of some of the upcoming issues that may be debated in the next session.


    • anon says:

      If it meant anything to those service members is what counts, a senator in your presence that may be able to address something for them. She is there on Thanksgiving, where’s Ben

      • Fake Patriotism Is Offensive says:

        The Republican controlled 114th Congress (current) has worked the fewest days of any Congress since 1955.

        How much does it cost the American taxpayer to fly these do-nothing empty suits and pantsuits, accompanied by their entourage of aides and phalanx of security personnel, into war zones around the globe?
        What do you think.. $250,000.. $400,000.. more?
        All for the sake of pure political pandering. All because they know the photos and an accompanying blurb will run in the OWH, LJS, Beatrice Daily Sun, Alliance Times, North Platte Telegraph, McCook Gazette etc. You’ll also see these pics of Desert Deb prominently featured in her upcoming campaign propaganda.

        Of course in Deb Fisher’s case, a long pull from the government teat is nothing new.
        Her family ranch has been wedded to the government teat for decades. They’ve been the beneficiary of, what was the figure the OWH reported, well north of $2 million in federal grazing subsidies?

        By the way, Jerry took a hiatus from this blog because he signed on as Digital Director (or something like that) for Mayor Stothert’s campaign.
        One would assume the gig stipulated ixnay on the highly partisan blogginga.
        So now we have a fill-in who, to date, only posts something when they are seeking to promote Stothert or trash her opponent, Heath Mello.
        A bit transparent, no?

      • Anonymous says:

        The military has a job. So do elected officials. Let each do their job without drama.

        US Senators in particular have PLENTY of work to do in their district and in Washington, DC without traipsing about looking important. If Deb Fischer wants to be useful to the Armed Forces she should have joined up – too late for that.

        I can’t imagine what vital fact Fischer will return home with that she couldn’t have gleaned in a more complete and inexpensive manner at home. The same for all her ilk. Fischer claims to be Conservative. Let her act like one.

  1. Millennial voter says:

    Heath Mello sends out emails attacking Jean Stothert and Stothert has Street Sweeper give some dirt to Spartacus to post on a blog.

      • Millennial voter says:

        Per the Journal Star: “Jerry Kratochvil, aka Street Sweeper on Leavenworth Street’s political blog, has announced he is taking a sabbatical from the site for about six months. He’s joining the Stothert mayoral campaign as digital director.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    7:07 am asks: “Where else would one go for political clout than but to lobbyists?” — That’s like a fellow starting his search for a new wife in a whore house. At least the money is good.

    11:21 am says: “Hard to see this as anything other than shameless self-promotion.” — Those who seek and hold power are always shameless and self-promoting. The question is, are you such an ass-hat that you think any elected official loves you? – Alas but unrequited ass-hat love may prove the ultimate downfall of all the politically correct.

    As for taxpayers, it costs the same to send Democratic Party Senators to war zones.

    Selfish vs selfless, as guessed by pseudo-mind-readers, is an irrelevancy by idiots, mostly Democrats because they have political correctness blinding them from their bone marrow. Smart matters. Fischer didn’t get that reelection photo with its vote-scooping “Thanksgiving in War Zone” title by accident. She got herself onto the powerful SASC, stiffed her family on Thanksgiving, and went over there. And it is worth thousands of votes. And its nice for our troops to feel remembered.

    You Democrats seem angry that she’s not stupid like the guy who makes the lobbyist whorehouse his first shopping stop. That’s your fault. We are here basking in success. Your job is to get better Democrat candidates than the GOP incumbents. Quit the grapes and go do your job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Spoken like a defensive RINO. I didn’t vote for Fischer to to pretend to be useful to the troops. As for you at 7:33 PM, somebody made the mistake of paying you. Be grateful and shut your yap.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Pachyderm luncheon? They should change the name to RINO luncheon. Rimshot! Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Easiest zinger I ever made.

  4. Political Novice says:

    Anon 7:33 states “Smart matters.” and indeed he’s right.  He also states “Those who seek and hold power are always shameless and self-promoting.” and again I cannot disagree. In this last election cycle I observed several things which have caused my cynicism to soar to record levels.

    Back in February Judge Jeffrey  Marcuzzo had posted a $50,000 dollar bond for a motor vehicle homicide suspect who subsequently disappeared. I heard and read at that time an outcry for him to be voted out at the next election . It was also noted that he had two documented instances where he was suspended from the bench. The vast majority of comments I heard on the radio and read in the paper were critical of him and yet he remains a judge after this last election. Apparently many had short memories, were indifferent, had no idea of any of this transpiring or (puzzling) thought it was perfectly acceptable. It was just another box to be checked to them.

    Prior to the election I heard our President-elect make statement after statement of what he was going to do and how he was going to proceed. Now I constantly read where he seems to be changing those views. Apparently it’s perfectly fine to say one thing and do another in politics as long as you have the votes. If the people accept it why not?

    Yes, politicians ARE the smart ones and I’m one of the stupid ass-hats who put my faith in them doing what they say they are going to do.  Screw me.  

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Right-on Political Novice; I’ve been there so I’m no novice, and I keep going back to that nearly empty well because I have no where else to drink!

  5. Day of Reckoning says:

    The average age of the Fox News viewer is 68.

    On November 17, having now secured Republican control of all branches of government, Tea Party leader and Big Insurance lackey Tom Price (R-GA) publically stated that Medicare Phaseout would pass next summer.
    Donald Trump’s just picked Tom Price to head HHS.

    Did ya’ll get that?

    What happens when all you Tea Partiers, Trumpsters and Old Timey Alt Righters figure out you’re going to lose your health insurance?
    In place of the security of that Medicare card in your billfold, you’ll now be mailed a voucher from the federal government every year.
    A voucher that you, Joe P. Clueless, will now have to take to the individual private market and see what you can negotiate.
    Negotiate against a newly deregulated Big Insurance – because you of Tribe Clueless have been convinced that “regulation = bad, consumer protections = bad.
    A newly deregulated Big Insurance who just so happens to own most of Congress.
    Tom Price himself has received $596,825 in federal campaign campaign donations from pharmaceutical and health products companies, as well as $3.56 million from doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign donations.

    You’ll all soon figure you’re about to pay a horrendous ‘Price’ for the colossal ignorance of electing such an ill-prepared, incurious, charlatan of a man.

    • bynd says:

      That tin foil hat is on pretty tight. At least you don’t have to come up with a new shtick. Pathetic and desperate go well on you sparkles.

      • Suck it up says:

        It may be Sparkly Bynd, but I would have thought he was smarter and would be able to accept that the President elect is Donald J Trump

    • Day of Reckoning says:

      The CBO has studied, intensely, Ryan’s plan to voucherize Medicare.
      According to the last comprehensive analysis completed by the CBO (2011). under the Ryan plan, a Medicare recipient would receive an $8,000 premium support voucher in 2022.
      A voucher calculated to cover 39 percent of the cost of the average private health insurance plan for a 65-year-old. A plan calculated to cost approximately $20,500 on the private market.

      Meaning an individual Medicare beneficiary, assuming they’re a good negotiator, would be on the hook for about $12,500 a year for health insurance.

      Married? You do the math.

      Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. …
      Luke 23:34

      • TexasAnnie says:

        I know former Sparkles. But here in my county 3 of 4 voters selected Trump so I guess, like our family, they’ve got their private insurance plans in order already. Yet so many will suffer and often its the locals rather than those who came here for the anti-urban sanctuary affect.

        One might have thought that the deregulation of banking would have been instructive.

        I don’t in any way support the suffering of my neighbors, but… You know, it hasn’t been good public policy for struggling minimum wage workers to help fund Medicaid, Medicare, VA and disability costs. And the ACA hasn’t been good public policy for business. We either need Medicare for ALL, or, no medical care for ANY, —at public expense. That’s fair. So, either a move to health care vouchers as a demise of the wealth-transferring public health care systems, -or- Medicare for ALL come next election cycle. Frankly I’ll be glad for the shake-up.

      • Sparkles says:


        You state:
        “But here in my county 3 of 4 voters selected Trump so I guess, like our family, they’ve got their private insurance plans in order already.”

        No they don’t. They’re ill-informed as to what awaits them. They’ve voted against their own best interest in this election just as they have in the dozen or so elections prior.
        But now that their pitchfork wielding may produce results (repeal of Obamacare), we’re seeing stories like this one from the Nov 28th Lincoln Journal Star:
        “Farmers pledge to be squeaky wheel in Obamacare repeal debate”

        It’s a story primarily about NE’s 3rd District – one of the reddest in the nation, hard core Trumpers – who are just now realizing that Obamacare has been a blessing to farmers, ranchers and rural America in general.

        You also state:
        “the ACA hasn’t been good public policy for business.”

        That’s simply winger bull$%^&.
        Only an infinitesimal minority of businesses have been adversely affected by Obamacare.
        The fact is the so-called employer mandate to offer affordable health insurance to workers does not affect 96 percent of the employers in the U.S., because they have fewer than 50 full-time employees.
        And the vast majority of companies with more than 100 workers—which comprise about 75 million workers—already offer affordable health insurance to their employees.
        And if we hadn’t been forced to live through an all-out GOP obstructionist hellscape for the last 8 years, any language or clause in the ACA deleterious to business could have easy been amended, just as has occurred in every other congress for every major new government initiative introduced in the last 240 years of our union.

        I own a small business. I’ve bought health insurance on the private market for more than two decades. I know how the costs have dramatically escalated over that time frame and I’ve watched the implementation of Obamacare begin to curb that ever upward trajectory.
        During President Bush’s eight years in office, annual premiums for a family nearly doubled, going from $7,061 to $13,375 a year. An increase of 89.4%.
        The average annual premium for a family after nearly 8 years of Obama in office and the implementation of Obamacare (pre-existing conditions now covered, mental health now covered, standard procedures like a yearly MD visit and colonoscopies now covered) is $18,142. An increase of only 35.6% – for dramatically enhanced coverage.
        Yes deductibles have risen, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It serves as a needed curb against those prone to overuse the system. Plus, I thought the GOP was enamored by accountability? What’s their oft touted solution to unexpected expenses or financial hardship? – ‘We’ll I guess you’ll have to get a second job’.

        People need to stop believing the horse$%^& fed to them by the paid propagandists at right wing think thanks like ALEC, The Platte Institute, Heritage, AEI etc.. They’re lying to you because they are paid to lie to you. Paid by the special interests that seek to profit from your malinformed fury.

        And that’s an interesting “shake-up” you’re espousing. 50+ million seniors being mailed vouchers and told “good luck”. Each of them now being required to negotiate with an industry few of them even understand. And getting to the stage of negotiation assumes they are capable of scratching together an extra $10,000+ per year to buy the same coverage Medicare now affords them.
        But alas, the GOP has a solution for those elderly – ‘We’ll I guess you’ll have to get another job’.
        What you and the GOP are advocating seems like a surefire recipe for a whole lot of suffering, but no doubt a boon to the funeral business.
        I’m more than decade from Medicare and both my parents are gone, but I know elderly people who will surely die because they won’t be able to afford to go to the hospital. I know many more who will struggle mightily to find the extra money, an expense for which they had never planned.
        We need single payer, like every other developed nation on the planet. But the people we elect to public office are cowards. When introduced to the toxic environs of D.C. nearly all soon find themselves in the employ of special interests like Big Insurance, Big Pharma etc..

        You’re too smart for this Annie, and so is Grundle. You’ve both apparently chosen to turn your back, consigned to the idea that it’s a rigged game, the 1% and special interests have won so let them have their way with us.
        Maybe you’ve both spent a lifetime in public roles? Maybe your benefits are defined? No matter what happens to the economy or to the cost of insurance, your security will always be guaranteed by Joe Q. Lunchpail. If so, good for you.
        I find your capitulation a bit surprising Annie, since both you and I know the travails and significant medical expenses of raising a handicapped child.
        By the way, tea party Tom Price – Trump’s man who is in charge of dismantling Obamacare, privatizing Medicare and shredding Medicaid – doesn’t believe in pre-existing conditions, or regulation of the insurance industry.
        Who’s to say either of our grown children can even be insured at this time next year?

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Sparkles: I have spent more than the last three decades SUFFERING under the majority delusion that my child doesn’t matter as much as their more perfect children; I do not wish such suffering on anyone! I am simply assuming that when the majority begins to suffer under a delusion by the fat cats that the majority doesn’t matter either, change will come. So this shake-up as I see it, is just that: motivation for the people to get informed and get busy.

        Now I’m not as informed as you and I don’t try to be (unless we’re talking about the ADA or IDEA) and I do enjoy reading what you write to us. I do take your opinion with ample consideration. So let me simply say that while I think my car is important, I think my family’s health insurance and long term care insurance is more important and so I budget accordingly.

    • Anon says:

      Fox on most days carries the key demo evenings at all hours, which you and others fail to mention which is younger. Cherry pick, it didn’t work during the election

      • Day of Reckoning says:

        They “carry the key demo” because they have more total viewers.

        Sorry, I should have known the term “average” may be a concept too difficult for a Trumpster, or Fox Newser to grasp.

        It must be heartening for all you who voted for Trump that although he has refused daily national security briefings due to his busy schedule – he’s taken only two since becoming President elect – he still finds time to tweet out Alex Jones conspiracy theories about millions of illegals showing up at polling booths.

  6. bynd says:

    “It must be heartening for all you who voted for Trump that although he has refused daily national security briefings due to his busy schedule…”

    Day of Reckoning @ 11:43, Actually that day has come and gone for you.

    First you hysterically screamed he is not qualified to be commander in chief, and then he leaves it up to those he is hiring to do their job and you caterwaul about that.

    Ironic, the people voted that they wanted change. Therefore, they don’t want someone who functions as the ones before him.

    You still don’t get it. And therefore shall remain irrelevant. People don’t like where they are at. And they finally woke up and said, we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect something different.
    While the ones who don’t get it are dissatisfied, to put it mildly, only shows it is their issue and that they may never get it.

    This isn’t you or your daddy’s President. You had your chance over the years and have squandered them so that the Repubs hold the House, Senate and Presidency. Why would anyone who is so incompetent think anyone cares what they have to say? Heck, you can’t even make comments germane to today. You are stuck in the past.

    Your out of context Bible quotes are offensive. But then, that is probably what a nice liberal like you intends. Your principles of inclusiveness and not offending others not with standing. Hypocrite much.

    Embrace change or remain internally irrelevant.

    From what I see, #2 is the most likely. But then, you said the same about the Repubs.

  7. bynd says:

    “I’d like to see things from your point of view” you can’t, that’s why you lost. Duh.
    A typically liberal well thought out and deeply moving answer from a compassionate one. It’s all you have though isn’t it? As those who understand keep pointing out, nothing could be better than you and yours keep guiding the Dem party and run it into deeper irrelevance. All we have to do is look back at the last two years. Or the last eight, lost the House, Senate and Presidency, predicated the end of the Republican party, all were wrong, wildly, and you still think you are relevant. (And I don’t even particularity like Repubs either.) It would look like those with their heads up their ass’ are far beyond you though. You lost to a bunch of rural, less educated rednecks. Aren’t you just a dandy. LOL

  8. bynd says:

    DOR, It would be hard to do from some one who has hit the depths you have. Your a hoot though, the worse you make me sound, the worse is ti for you, you got beat by the likes of me. Climb all you want, a loser, as you have shown, never goes very far. Your a mental paralytic. Reduced to insults because it is all you have left. Have a good miserable life.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      bynd: you’re starting to seem like Donald with his tweets. Let it go. Sometimes your opinion isn’t the only one that matters. (I’m still remembering your exchange with me about “the wall” to be built down here in Texas!)

      • bynd says:

        TA: or can it be T&A?
        Ironic you don’t say the same to the other half of this conversation. Although I guess you would have to compare him to a hybrid of Rev. Wright and Foghorn Leghorn.

        I expected more fair and balanced from you.

  9. TexasAnnie says:

    Participants: Sweeper and Sparkles and a few of you sometimes write the contraction y’all (which means ‘you all’ ) as ya’ll (which means ‘you will’ ). And that has been annoying me…

  10. camper says:

    Speaking of annoying opinions that don’t matter, there is a Texan here who obviously doesn’t matter in a Nebraska blog. And since that same ass-hat, all ten gallons of it, was wrong as wrong can be about Trump winning the election, “Texas Annie” is now officially wearing a fifteen-gallon ass-hat.

    Besides, as far as she knows, people here are misspelling “yawl”. She can strap that to her spanker and go back to tending her mesquite fires over which the political carcasses of the Bushes are now roasting. Billary doesn’t look so good either.

    Bynd, these people are nailing themselves to crosses and they demand everyone else weep for them. We don’t even have to squirt lemon juice on the wounds. They figure victimization makes them holy so they keep putting in more nails. It’s like Darwin driving self-important politeness-blinded idiots to flay themselves. No matter how much you point that out to them, they just do it more.

    This is fascinating for a while. Schadenfreude has never been more fun. These are immensely fat self-deluded egos. But even Self Crucifixion Channel can lack variety and we will want to switch back to the game. You said it. They relegate themselves to irrelevancy. (Where did I put that lemon juice?)

  11. bynd says:

    I see at lot of validation for the terms , “addicted to self righteousness” and Election Derangement Syndrome on here. Thanks to KFAB for the edification for the former.

    Not to mention fear mongering.

    Geez, I sound like a pre election liberal.

    But just as all that stuff before the election turned out to be little more than arrogant horse shite, time will tell after the election also.

    They couldn’t get it right before, no reason to believe they have some how got religion and have any more of an understanding now.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Well you don’t need much time, bynd, for time to tell. Just today Trump/Pence announced their first corporate welfare gig.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, if we are going to pay to keep a third of jobs that business wants to move, that hardly seems a curb on movement off shore, and since wage cuts are involved can hardly be described as creation of new high paying jobs, which was the promise. If this is the change you want embraced you might consider that the Chinese cursed by wishing a person might live in an age of change.

      • bynd says:


        So your answer is to the 1000 who would have lost their jobs, they weren’t worth keeping. So then you can not be happy with the majority of new jobs this administration claims to have created because they lot more low paying jobs than before and therefore they shouldn’t count either. How elitist of you.

        All the other libs say a job is a job. As long as the Pres is credited with creating them.

        By the way, I haven’t seen the fine print but evidently it is out there since you appear to know what the deal was?

  12. camper says:

    True. Those who don’t get it, can’t get it. You cannot beat sight into the blind. PC is a blinding cancer. Those it effects think it’s no more than helpful politeness. Sure, like a melanoma.

    The GOP establishment doesn’t have a clue either. They are happy they won. But being on the winning side doesn’t make them any less blind than the pained losers. Yet unlike Democrats, the GOP establishment haven’t any motivation now to try to figure it out. They didn’t understand Reagan either. They went straight from hating him to worshiping him.

    The establishment in both parties are myopics who constantly scream, “its my turn to drive!” Until Trump came along, politicians coddled them. Trump seems to let the self-blinded idiots burn and learn, or else incinerate themselves. Go Darwin!

  13. TexasAnnie says:

    repenting lawyer: For ten of the sixteen years I lived in Nebraska I watched the unicameral. And just during the years I watched the legislature gave away so much of the tax base that now y’all have more tax incentives to business for doing business than you have businesses doing business for profit alone.
    I can’t imagine why bynd and Trump/Pence believe that bribing business to do business is good public policy. But from my point of view, it only incites business not getting tax incentives to hold out their hand too. And why shouldn’t they?

    I take a hard line view. It’s ALL or NONE with me. That’s fair. Either we repeal the tax for all, or, no business is to be supplanted by it’s workers’ taxes. Frankly, I did not expect otherwise from Trump given his multiple business bankruptcies. Yet he did indicate during primary campaigning that he would punish businesses moving off-shore and I don’t regard this outcome as punishment! We need Sparkles in here to dig up those quotes…

    • bynd says:

      TA; your memory sucks at best. I have, time and time again and a heck of a lot more than you, said business incentives are Republican wealth redistribution. I also have criticized the Angel Investors act of Nebraska which, since you say nothing about it, you seem to have no idea about. Look it up. When passed, even Ricketts, who wasn’t the governor at the time, said it was stupid. But he never got rid of it. If you want to stereotype, do a modicum of research first before sticking your cowboy boot with manure on it in your mouth.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Of which post does this post respond? I don’t think I criticized you in this regard. And there’s no need for you to get testy. Let’s keep it civil.

      • bynd says:


        “I can’t imagine why bynd and Trump/Pence believe that bribing business to do business is good public policy.”

        I wouldn’t call that line civil in that you lump me in with Trump/Pence.

        But while we’re are it, politicians have trained business to depend on government “bribes” if that is the word you want to use. It’s how the world turns, how the wheels are greased. The biggest and worse examples being Bush/Obama bailouts of not only of business but financial institutions also. But it kept people employed. Unfortunately, for the most part, it kept the same management employed also. Or shall we say management of the same basic mind set.

        The bottom line to me being, sooner or later you have to pay the piper. You can put it off all you want but the time will come. And it takes little to understand the financial institutions are already repeating their old mistakes under a new name. And it is much better pain now than a lot worse down the line. Although the pain is always that of those on the lower rungs.

        And in the future, it will be all for naught. Because automation is replacing the lowly paid at an accelerated pace. Business is already returning to the USA. Just not with jobs, but automation. And the next big government unsustainable program will be the minimum salary, employed or not. And as has been pointed out many a time, even the rich don’t have enough money to bail out this government/country.

        But it is the system that Americans have built for America. It is perfectly built for the results you get. And such is life even for my Downs grandson who continues to thrive. And the family feels so blessed for that.

        And how bad can it be anyway? More than half the population is doing so well, they don’t even feel the need to vote.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh. Sorry I lumped you in with Trump. But you should acknowledge that you have given an impression above that corporate welfare is okay.

  14. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, This administration saved more jobs with the much criticized auto ballot. Estimate is that it would take one deal like this every week for 30 years to save the same number.Given Obama was never able to get a stimulus package that was large enough, hard to knock job creation figures, and not alls were low pay. Trump’s economic picks tend to come from Goldman Sachs and represent the shareholder value model of capitalism that lacks the traditional industrial capitalism that saw communities and jobs as part of its obligations,, the driving force behind moving jobs off shore.

    • bynd says:

      RL; As I have always said, both sides screw you just in different ways. For all the cons you see in
      Trump’s picks, I can match you person for person with Obama’s picks. It’s all in your perspective.

      As to the unemployment numbers, if all you go on is the unemployment rate, you are missing the majority of the story. Or maybe you haven’t heard that the auto industry is rapidly changing over to automation. So what problem did Obama or even Trump solve? Just a solution to last long enough for them to sneak out the door thinking the are Jack Horner who sat in the corner.

      And who created the capitalist who no longer care about community obligations? Or is it just basic human nature? Neither good nor bad. Just what one does to survive? Some naturally do it better than others.

      And I will point to all churches. What did Jesus tell the rich young man, give all your wealth to the poor and ministry. I dare say, I do not see that at any of the churches I see. Or most church goers, including myself. But I do see a lot of churches who have a lot of expensive stuff and well paid/fed leaders. So what is the difference between the capitalist and the church? Right down to their by laws and mission statements.

  15. You have no idea what you're talking about says:

    Dec 2, 2016, Politico
    Trump inherits Obama boom
    The president is handing his successor an economy that’s now the envy of the world.
    “It’s a radically different position from the one President-elect Barack Obama found himself in 2008 with markets crashing, the financial crisis spinning out of control and joblessness headed toward 10 percent..
    Trump instead will take office with an economy near full employment and wages and spending rising.
    The latest positive news came Friday, with the government reporting a gain of 178,000 jobs in November and the jobless rate falling to 4.6 percent..

    ..No figures ever backed up Trump’s claims of soaring joblessness and no growth..”

      • More truths you'll no doubt ignore says:

        Nice try bynd, but yet another fail.

        Here’s the headline of the CNN story you cite (Oct 5, 2016):
        Yes, this is the slowest U.S. recovery since WWII

        But – here is the rest, in fact the heart, of the CNN story you cite:
        But it’s a long U.S. expansion
        “Plenty of experts say “hold on.” This recovery may be slow, but it’s also lasted a long time — far longer than usual — and job growth has been good.
        “We are in the fourth longest expansion in U.S. history,” notes Achuthan.
        Since World War II, the American economy has typically grown for about five years and then had a contraction. This expansion is already over seven years old.
        Furthermore, the average pace of job growth in this recovery has already topped what happened during the 2001 to 2007 expansion under President George W. Bush (the Bush recovery was the slowest in terms of jobs growth, Achuthan says).
        Over 14 million jobs have been added since the low point from the financial crisis. Job growth is as important — if not more important — than overall growth, many economists argue.
        “We are experiencing the longest string of consecutive monthly jobs gains in economic history,” says Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.”

        Obama inherited from GW Bush and the GOP the greatest recession since the Great Depression. Our economy, hence the global economy, was quite literally on the brink of complete collapse.
        Henry Paulson, the Treasury Secretary at the time of the crisis, would later state that the U.S. economy was within hours of total devastation. Still –
        Millions lost their homes.
        Tens of millions lost their jobs and their health insurance.
        $16.4 trillion of U.S. household wealth was wiped out.
        Suicide rates have soared, especially among middle aged males as they’ve witnessed everything they had worked for, all of their savings and investments, gone.

        THIS is the America Obama inherited.

        Trickle Down Trump and his Goldman Sachs cronies are right now guaranteeing more of what GW Bush and his GOP House/Senate brought us – Tax cuts for the richest Americans, deregulation of the most predatory industries on planet, more corporate welfare (ala Carrier), an unprecedented shredding of the safety net that the working poor and middle class have relied on for generations, trillions more funneled to and wasted on a ravenous Military Industrial complex.

        Your turn bynd, toss out some more of your reality-averse, context-free horse$%^&.

      • bynd says:

        More Truth etc.

        I must say, you are amusing. My turn for what/ It seems you are still delusional that your cherry picked propaganda is effective for something other than a laugh. You were wrong before the election, it is worse now.

        And I find it somewhat satisfying that I did vote this time. Only to negate at least one pompous jerk,s vote. The satisfying part being not voting for Trump. But I dislike the Dems a just little bit more than the Repubs. But the satisfying part being that all the predictions you made, came true, except for the other side. And you still don’t get it. Which is obviously to most casual of observers by your recycling your garbage from before the election to after.

        So, I didn’t your read your tirade. Didn’t need to as I read the article and you have nothing valid or new to say except to the minorities you keep barefoot and pregnant and ripe for the Planned Parenthood coffers. And I have no delusions like you that you are saying anything important to folks here.

        But the last paragraph of the article says it all,

        Economist Ed Yardeni of Yardeni Research put together over 20 pages of charts comparing this recovery to prior ones. He calls this “one of the weakest” recoveries, but he’s hesitant to dub it the absolute worst once you look across a wide range of metrics.

        The only boom being when the libs realized HRC lost and their heads collectively exploded.

        And as has been pointed out before, if you have to try and prove you are superior or smarter, then you are not. A parrot may say big words but he is still just repeating something someone else said.

        So, parrot away. Toss out some more of your reality-averse, context-free horse$%^&. I guess for you that would be jackass$%&*.

  16. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, the capitalists who no longer care are the product of NeoLiberal and Austrian economics, which cut the underpinnings out from under more traditional model of business ethics. I deplore philosophical Liberalism because it washes in cynical acid moral tradition, which is why I am a fan of Burke.
    I studied econ before BLS was forced to change unemployment figures by RWR. However there are good estimates of the number who have quit looking, and that number does tend to covary with reported rate.
    I did not like all of Obama’s choices since I felt a bit of the Bern about how closes POTUS and HRC were to financial sector, but Trump is way beyond wha either of them ever contemplated.
    American Christianity has always been too in love with wealth. Maybe Calvin is the bad guy. The current Pope can not be faulted in this regard and the moral duty of wealth to community and employees has been a constant theme of Catholic social teaching as well as the AngloCatholic tradition to which I belong.

    • bynd says:

      RL: I could spend a month looking up all that stuff. If I do, can I get any college credit?

      Sometimes doctrine is not apparent by appearances. Not that I don’t believe you:)

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Well if you don’t like philosophical liberalism are you gonna’ like Trump’s Tariffs? Now he’s tweeting that he’ll impose stiff tariffs on companies that take jobs overseas and then try to sell their products to Americans aka the taxpayers.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Texas Annie, I am a sceptic about trade agreements because of the tendency to provoke race to the bottom on regulation and taxes, rather like your worry about States cutting taxes to attract or retain business. The tariffs are window dressing for Trump.s plain to cut regulation and lower taxes, and despite his talk about well paying jobs, he has made it clear he thinks wages in the industrial sector are too high and need to be cut. The whole package does not appeal to me, and tariffs may violate current trade treaties starting with GATT.The argument for free trade ignores distributive impacts maybe everyone could be made better off but they are not.
        I suppose I am a social démocrate, too much of a communitarian to accept Philosophical Liberalism’s anthropology. I think political liberalism can be shorn of the anthropology.

  17. branmuff says:

    Leftists who cannot add, who think with their hearts, who funded a brain damaged harridan to outspend Trump 2 to 1 thus wasting a fortune in donated Dem dollars only to then lose, they give financial and political advice here.

    You people need to get out of politics because you are bad at it. You sure as hell don’t know how to lose graciously or even with a modicum of sanity.

    You start out lacking the thick elephant skin, plus your habitual PC scrubbing of your sensitivity nerve endings raw, means you now are a skinned alive jackass in a brand new salty political environment.

    The angst of the GOP Nevertrumpers, who are now happy as they bark for Trump scraps, are not one whit more informed to reality than you. Difference is, you have lost everything and are just as clueless. No scraps for you. But like I said, skinned alive. And salty. When your morphine wears off you better move to Colorado and smoke lots of dope.

  18. Coffee dregs says:

    I miss real Democrats. Where did they all go? — Communist China mass murdered more innocent people than any government in human history. Yet when Trump gets a congratulatory call from what’s left of free China (Taiwan), an angry Communist China demands their puppet Obama and US Democrats throw a hissy fit for sake of protecting world Communism. And you do it.

    Your agony is obvious. You have been skinned in this election, the new climate in Washington is salty, and you don’t have normal nerve endings but the rawest possible.

    The Democratic Party once had thick skin. FDR was tough. Truman dropped the bomb, won the war. But then the party chose to adopt thin skin in the 1960’s and Humphrey had Democrats sandpapering their nerve endings raw to make themselves into the most sensitive creatures in existence. And it worked. The Donkey’s heart grew into a bloated bleeding pained organ as its rationality withered and shrank by measure. Truman had valued strength and abhorred victimization. But the 1960s turned you into wimpy champions of, and indeed purveyors of, victimhood. You set yourselves up for this ever since. Now you are skinned, alive. You who can endure pain the least, feel it the most.

    Your agony is your own Party establishment’s fault. The GOP establishment, who are as clueless as you are as to why Trump won, are yet beneficiaries of their choice of the party that was least apt to side with, for example, the most mass murdering government in human history. Freedom matters.

    If you have any brain left with which to override your bleeding angry hearts, I recommend you remember which side of this earth you live on. Your problem is you. But your solutions are right here. Ground yourself lest you float away. Learn from your pain lest it devour you. You are not Humphrey’s victimization industry. You are give ‘em hell Harry. Grow sense, thicker skin and balls. And remember who you are.

    • There's clearly no ignorance you won't excuse says:

      Abroad –
      Diplomats from other countries privately say their governments aren’t currently taking Trump’s pronouncements seriously because they attribute them to ignorance.

      And at home –
      “Mr. Trump is also willfully ignorant about the rest of the world, about our military and its capabilities, and about government itself. He disdains expertise and experience while touting his own—such as his claim that he knows more about ISIS than America’s generals. He has no clue about the difference between negotiating a business deal and negotiating with sovereign nations..
      ..The world we confront is too perilous and too complex to have as president a man who believes he, and he alone, has all the answers and has no need to listen to anyone. In domestic affairs, there are many checks on what a president can do; in national security there are few constraints. A thin-skinned, temperamental, shoot-from-the-hip and lip, uninformed commander-in-chief is too great a risk for America.”
      – Robert Gates
      Robert Gates served eight presidents over 50 years, most recently as Secretary of Defense under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

      • There's clearly no ignorance you won't excuse says:

        History is replete with examples of the momentary triumph of ignorance:
        Kansas-Nebraska Act
        The southern states’ decision to secede with violence
        The Know-Nothing Party
        Custer riding over that ridge in Eastern Montana
        The internment of American citizens in World War II.
        Bay of Pigs
        Breaking into the Watergate Hotel
        The Birchers
        Blow Jobs in the White House
        The Invasion of Iraq
        Deregulation of Banks
        The Birthers
        Tea Party shut down of Government

        The election of Donald Trump is only the most recent example of ignorance winning out.

    • There's clearly no ignorance you won't excuse says:

      “Eight years during the Reagan administration, this (a call between US and Taiwanese leaders) never happened. Four years during the Bush Senior administration, this never happened. Eight years of Clinton, eight years of George W. Bush and eight years of Obama,” said former US Ambassador Christopher Hill, who served as the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs under Bush 43.

  19. repenting lawyer says:

    Coffee Dregs, Your history is confused. In 50s R ran against Ds as a party of appeasement that lost China. Ds made no overtures to China, Nixon went to China. Since late 60s we have had close economic ties to China and they own a fair share of national debt. Trump seems to think this is some step in negotiating new terms of trade. Given how much he is in debt to Chinese bankers maybe they will call his notes.

  20. bynd says:

    There’s clearly no ignorance you won’t excuse,

    All your hyperbolic examples not with standing, how is it that ignorance keeps beating intelligence so much? Maybe intelligence is not so intelligent if you can’t best the ignorant.

    House, Senate and Presidency. Three strikes and you’re out, literally.

      • bynd says:

        True. But in today’s world, popularity trumps right. And there are very few hard and set ” what is right” any more.

        It has all become relative.

      • Yer other brother, Darrel says:

        bynd claims:
        “popularity trumps right. And there are very few hard and set ” what is right” any more.
        It has all become relative.

        True, only for the cognitively impaired.
        True, only if you’re incapable of critical thought or willing to reject both science and reason. A stance common with much of today’s right wing.

        Just like Trump surrogate and Fox News frequent guest. Scottie Hughes, yet another blonde, right wing damsel in a tight fitting dress and stiletto heels, who stated only a few days ago –
        “People that say facts are facts—they’re not really facts.. ..There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts.”

        Who could have imagined our country could have devolved so dramatically that half of our nation no longer believes in the existence of facts?
        WTF is wrong with you people?

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, neither the POTUS because of Electoral College nor Senate because of structure is popularly elected, the House tends to be designed by State Legislatures so that Ds get more total votes even when they do not control. Those are facts relative to nothing but reality. Evaluation of those facts may be relative to view point, but not the facts. Give up Post Modernism it is out of fashion..

      • Political Novice says:

        Ah yes – facts. Both sides deluge me with their “facts” in attempting to gain control of my political soul. Who do I believe? As mentioned once before I turn to such sites as Snopes, Politifact and FactCheck to seek the truth but alas, now I’m being told those are biased as well! Of course it depends on what the answer is and whether it agrees with that party’s interpretation. What’s a poor independent to do? One can only read so much gathering information and of course there is that little thing of a job taking your time. Some things are fairly easy to decipher such as Rush Limbaugh’s opinion vs. the majority of scientists regarding climate change. Still others can only be proved or disproved with the passage of time.

        What a cynical soul I have become in not believing in God, politicians or corporations having my best interests at heart. That’s why I have come to this site – to gain wisdom from the knowledgeable and politically savvy commentators here. Of course there’s that question of who do I believe?

      • TexasAnnie says:

        I can solve your ‘factless’ problem by recommending two little treatises by a relatively unknown Princeton philosopher: Harry G. Frankfurt. 1) “On Bullshit” and 2) “On Truth.” These are easy to read and illustrate universal axioms. Bullshitting is so entrenched in our communications with one another that we must now analyze whether one is speaking from ignorance or an intent to deceive. And truthfulness is challenged by not only acts of lying, but skepticism about ‘facts,’ and anti-realism philosophical dogma, the later being the greater challenge.

        “(O)ur recognition and understanding of our own identity arises out of, and depends integrally on, our appreciation of a reality that is definitively independent of ourselves. In other words, it arises out of and depends on our recognition that there are facts and truths over which we cannot hope to exercise direct of immediate control. If there were no such facts or truths, if the world invariably and unresistingly became whatever we might like or wish it to be, we would be unable to distinguish ourselves from what is other than ourselves and we would have no sense of what in particular we ourselves are.” – Harry G. Frankfurt.

      • Our educational system has clearly failed us says:


        Throughout the election cycle, one side assailed you with things like:
        – Hillary Clinton runs a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor in D.C. (see: shooting in today’s headlines)
        – 3 million illegal aliens and millions of dead people voted for Hillary, which is the only reason she has a lead of 2.6M in the popular vote
        – Trump is going to build a big, beautiful wall and Mexico is going to pay for it
        – Global climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese
        – Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is a practicing muslim and a terrorist sympathizer
        – Donald Trump is going to lead a resurgence of coal and bring all those jobs back to Appalachia (see: economics for dummies)
        – There are 30 to 34 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.
        – Planned Parenthood makes massive profits trafficking in baby body parts
        – Joseph built the pyramids to store grain (this man – who admits to having attempted to stab a friend in the gut and attacking his mother with a hammer – is now your Secr. of Housing and Urban Development. A new job certain to put a crimp on his role as spokesman for a company peddling miracle herbs that promise to cure cancer)
        – The United States has no system to vet refugees entering the U.S.
        – The unemployment rate may be as high as 42 percent
        – ISIS is targeting Bellevue
        – Trump tax cuts for the wealthy, larger than even those enacted by GW Bush, combined with deregulation of banks and industry will trickle-down to the little folk, leading to explosive economic growth throughout America.

        Yet you, Political Novice, can’t figure out which side deals in facts, and which side peddles horse$%^&?

        And exactly who is it that is telling you that Snopes, PolitiFact and FactCheck are not to be believed?
        Let me guess – the very same imbeciles who mindlessly peddle the horse$%^& noted above.

      • Political Novice says:

        LOL – 9:21,  I would file those as in the Rush Limbaugh class of easy to decipher. Much more complicated are the financial projections and health care issues. I understand where you are coming from but I try to keep an open mind and not fall into the classic liberal/conservative forever war. I did not vote for Trump and do not care for him personally but feel that I should allow him time to make good on his promises. Skeptical? Yes I am but he will be the president and I accept that.

        A couple of my friends (yes – they are conservatives) sent me links claiming such – one can easily look them up. Regardless I will continue to use them as the basis for determining the truth.

  21. I am not sparticus says:

    Heath Mello. Yummy. Dairy Queen has a “Heath Bar and Marshmallow Blizzard”.

    Do you think his mother was having cravings when carrying him?

    Could have been worse. Sen. Dill P. Mello. Or, dare I say it, Jello Mello? On the scale of schoolyard names kids suffer, definitely better than Ira Lipschitz or Rumpy Assman. What we are saddled with just isn’t our fault. What we ourselves choose however is.

    Before you start whining about my insensitivity, whining which is itself anachronistic in this post PC era, please allow me to remind you that Heath Mello chose, on purpose, to be a member of the Jackass party. Really, a jackass. Once you choose that, it’s too late to demand people respect you as other than a clown. But sure, go ahead and angrily demand that kids not honk your red nose.

  22. bynd says:


    One of the first things to notice, their side never does wrong, the other side is always wrong.

    Second, they always cite extremes.

    Third, they never take responsibility. It is always some one else’s fault.

    Fourth, rarely do all experts agree.

  23. Missing Street Sweeper says:

    Spartacus: PLEASE give us some new fun content…You’re writing is decent, but I need more. Leavenworth Street is like a serious drug and I am having withdrawals.

  24. bynd says:

    anybody else getting a memory error when coming here and a blank space where the articles usually are? Or is my computer just dying that fast. This is the only place it happens at.

  25. bynd says:

    anybody else getting a memory error when coming here and a blank space where the articles usually are? Or is my computer just dying that fast. This is the only place it happens at. does anyone even come here any more?

    • Political Novice says:

      It’s not your computer. I’ve experienced the same thing on many occasions when I’ve checked in.

      I realize I’m relatively new here but didn’t this used to be a bustling place?

      • bynd says:

        Yes but the original owner? has taken a sabbatical and left someone else in charge. Maybe he forgot he needs to write on here.

  26. Cuckoo Coup says:

    Well, since we are up and running….

    Obama is dreaming of a CIA coup to keep Trump out of power. In his last weeks, Obama also dreams aloud of curing cancer, visiting Mars, fixing the justice system by releasing a few felons, taking Mosul from ISIS with no plans thereafter, and calling “racist” the whites who elected him but didn’t elect white Hillary. Now this same guy sees Trump eclipsing his legacy in real time. Enraged, Obama shifts from congratulating Trump to suggesting Russia rigged our election by accessing Obama’s Top Secrets knowingly left unsecured by Obama’s appointees. Even school children could hack Clinton’s unsecured server. Russia? Mayberry could hack these Democrat idiots who think with their hearts.

    Trump’s first 3 cabinet picks are all Intelligence chiefs. Our agents/spies know Obama has endangered our own agents/spies. Trump’s preemptive picks guarantee Obama will be ignored, Obama and his Intelligence chiefs seem eager to not to have a GOP administration look at what they did for eight years.

    Actually, the CIA doesn’t do internal counterintelligence, the FBI does. And Hillary blamed the FBI for her losing. What Trump preempted with intel picks was, among other things, Obama in the process of ripping apart NSA and Cybercom that he had joined, in order to hurt Republicans by hurting national intelligence. The Intell community grasps all this. You can bet that a POTUS who hates military and loves assassins ,as Obama does, is a donkey chock full of manure. I mean, if his own Secretary of State was stupid enough to unsecure national secrets in her own home, why wouldn’t the rest of his cabinet and himself be that stupid? Then too, trying to run a coup while everyone in your own party is against the Second Amendment is stupidity on steroids.

  27. bynd says:

    If there wasn’t something to find, the hack wouldn’t have ever been an issue.

    Maybe they should try to be the same in public and in private.

  28. The synaptically challenge are now in charge says:

    17 separate U.S. intelligence agencies have determined that Russia hacked our recent presidential elections.
    Our highest ranking, most experienced CIA agents – men and women who have dedicated decades of their lives to the security of our nation – have gone on record to publicly state that these Russian actors deliberately attempted to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in order to bolster the chance of a Donald Trump victory.

    Donald Trump’s response to this attack on American security, on the very democratic process that has helped make our nation exceptional?
    Why, side with Russia and publicly trash the CIA, of course.
    Publicly undermine the organization and – before even taking the oath of office – announcing to the world “I don’t believe” America’s most knowledgeable and trusted intelligence experts.
    This, coming from the same man who says he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings, a practice dating back to the Truman administration. because he is “smart”.
    This same “smart” man who retweets Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories claiming millions of illegal immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton.
    The same “smart” man who said global climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.
    The same “smart” man who was for years the driving force behind the overtly racist Birther conspiracy theories.
    The same “smart” man who just appointed Ben ‘Benny the Blade’ Carson to oversee H.U.D. That would be the Ben Carson that Trump himself, only months ago, compared to a child molester and diagnosed as having a “pathological temper”.
    Donald Trump is the same “smart” man who claims NAFTA, CAFTA and TPP are all bad for America – a claim virtually every economist and every comprehensive economic study refutes.
    To be sure, ripping up NAFTA, CAFTA and the killing the TPP are guaranteed to punch a gaping hole in Nebraska’s economy, destroying jobs from Plattsmouth to Chadron.
    Yet it was these same Nebraskans, from Plattsmouth to Chadron, who couldn’t wait to cast their ballot for Donald Trump. The same Nebraska small businesses and farm families who are now freaking out about the real possibility of losing their health insurance.
    The same “smart” man who GW’s former Director of the NSA (99 – 05) and CIA (06 – 09), Micheal Hayden, called a – ‘polezni durak’. The Russian term for useful fool. A naif, manipulated by Putin and Moscow while secretly ridiculed and held in contempt. A tool, whose blind support is happily accepted and exploited.

    And in this morning’s headlines, we have Fox News favorite, GW’s former Ambassador to the U.N. and the man Trump is expected to appoint to the No. 2 spot at the State Dept – right wing nutball John Bolton – who is claiming these Russian hacks are a actually a ‘false flag’.
    John Bolton says the hacks are likely fake – a massive ruse, a nefarious plot by the Obama administration to discredit Donald Trump and steal the election for Hillary.
    A ‘false flag’, just like Jade Helm in 2015. Alex Jones claimed and millions of Republicans believed that the military training exercise last year throughout Texas and the southwest was a nefarious plot by the Obama administration to round up Americans and lock them up in old, abandoned Wal*Marts that had secretly been converted into interment camps,
    Just like Alex Jones STILL claims Sandy Hook was a ‘false flag’. No bullets, no blood, no dead children. All just a hoax. Those 20 little children and 6 teachers were NOT shot to death. Their graves really don’t exist. The grieving families – all just actors. The whole thing is It’s a fake story perpetrated by the Obama administration – so they could confiscate your guns!

    Who knows, maybe the Russian hack ‘false flag’ it’s just the first step in Obama’s plan to knock down your doors, confiscate all your guns and impose Sharia law across the land. Maybe there are massive ships parked off our coasts. Ships filled with seething muslim terrorists waiting to takeover of America on Christmas day. Maybe Obama has no plan to ever leave office!

    The Republican party has been overtaken by nutballs and whackjobs.
    Idiots just like the two posters above, Cuckoo Coup and anon.
    You two should both come clean and reveal your real names so your families have time to avoid you, or disown you, before the coming holidays.
    Disclose your identity so your coworkers and the rest of society can castigate and mock you for the scourge you are on our nation’s soul. Condemned for this horrible legacy you are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren to attempt to clean up.

      • Political Novice says:

        The one reality that I accept is when something is directly quoted from the person saying it. We then know for a fact that person said it. Now whether that “fact” is accurate is sometimes up for interpretation. It’s easy to make claims that this politician means this or that to support our views but the proof is in the action. That being said, I think President-elect Trump’s statements will come back to haunt him in ways I’m sure he hasn’t even considered.

      • A grade schooler is capable of understanding this says:

        Re your statement:
        Now whether that “fact” is accurate is sometimes up for interpretation.

        That fence you ride is certain to leave you chapped.

        noun: fact; plural noun: facts
        a thing that is indisputably the case.
        synonyms: reality, actuality, certainty;
        antonyms: lie, fiction

        It’s only in winger world, the alternate reality crafted and carefully manipulated for profit by Fox News as well as its burgeoning legion of right wing also-rans. A business model mastered by Roger Ailes, that profiteers in hate and misinformation.

        Another definition for you, this one from the Urban Dictionary –
        Those who watch Fox News channel, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones or any other right wing info-tainment source and believes anything they say to be truthful.

      • Political Novice says:

        The is why I placed the word fact in quotation marks. Questions of objectivity and truth are closely associated with questions of fact. I grant you some facts are indisputable however it doesn’t prevent some from questioning or interpreting it different from others (at least that’s the way I see it).

        It should please you to know I don’t listen to those radio personalities you mentioned as I realize their agenda and quite frankly it bores me to hear the same mantra every day. I suppose it can be said that all talk shows have an agenda it’s just that some are not as blatant as others.

        It’s obvious you have no love for those in the far right and on many points I am in agreement with you however I try to get an understanding of those in disagreement with me as a way to reach common ground. My ass may get chapped from riding on that fence however I have a better view of both sides from there.

  29. Anonymous says:

    They knocked his site when he was here, as it is what it is, can’t blame him for a break it has becoming a forum for the butt-hurt on left and old righteous straddlers.

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