Mayors, Mellos, and Moderates

Long time no talk. Much to get to as we get closer to Christmas/New Years (and a new Legislative session!)

2017 Mayor’s Race:

Progressive Democrat Sen. Heath Mello recently held his official campaign kickoff and came out swinging, claiming Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s leadership has made Omaha terrible for millennials. This on the same day Mayor Stothert held a millennials forum where she outlined all of the “Top Ten” lists Omaha is on, including No.3 on “America’s 15 Best Cities for Young Professionals” (Forbes) and No.2 on the “Best U.S. Cities for Millennial College Students” (USA Today).

Senator Mello might be taking a page from the Hillary Clinton “vast, right-wing conspiracy” playbook, but we have a sneaking suspicion Omahans agree that Forbes and USA Today are legitimate sources and Omaha is doing just fine.


Nebraska Legislature

We are just a few short weeks away from a new Nebraska Legislative Session. Or, as conservatives like to call it: the months we lose sleep over tax increases.

Here are a few things to watch:

  1. What happens on the first day of Session in the battle over open votes? Sen. Chambers has pledged to filibuster indefinitely (reading his “Kintner-grams for hours on the floor if necessary) if open votes are pushed. Do Republicans have the intestinal fortitude to fight back, or will they find other avenues to get it passed? Rumor has it that, if given a vote, the rules change would be close.
  2. Do Democrats get many Committee Chairmen, or do Republicans fight back? While many Dems have publicly said little, behind the scenes it’s nuclear war over chairmanships. (Ask any of the newly-elected Senators how much mail/calls they’ve received from folks lobbying for votes) Does a GOP-dominated Legislature give them the ribbing the Dems deserve for their pride?
  3. How does the Unicam address the almost $1B budget shortfall? Progressives like Renee Fry at the liberal Open Sky Institute want tax increases (through expanding the sales tax base, primarily) to make up the gap, but conservatives want a combination of tax reform and fiscal discipline. Will moderate Republicans decide to fight for the actual Republican Party platform?

(Sensing a theme yet with these questions?)

  1. Finally, what happens with Kintner? Dems are saying they will push for an expulsion vote, which would place Republicans in a tight spot. It will be interesting to see what the Republicans decide to do. Few people think the votes are out there to actually kick Kintner out, but we are sure the Dems would love an opportunity to prosecute Sen. Kintner on the floor and grandstand for NET.


Bud Says Goodbye:

The Nebraska Republican Party had its last State Central Committee Meeting of the 2016 cycle this weekend and honored retiring Executive Director Bud Synhorst for his service to the Party. Bud (serving under Chairmen JL Spray and Dan Welch) oversaw very successful elections in 2014 and 2016. While not all of the Republicans elected have voted like it enough for many conservatives, the Party exists to elect Republicans, and Bud did that very well.

Thank you for your service, Bud. We all hope you get to watch a great many more baseball games now!

Who will replace Bud? The rumor mill is spinning, with Party stalwarts Patrick Roy (who worked for Deb Fischer ’12, Dan Welch ’13, Bart McLeay ’14, and at Northstar most recently), Kenny Zoeller (Sasse in ’14, Advisor to Gov. Ricketts since then), and Rod Edwards (who has managed many Leg. Races) among the names being tossed around. Stay tuned, b/c this will be interesting…



  1. Anonymous says:

    Publius? Spartacus? How about “Molasses,” as in “slow as….” We’ll look for a next post at or around January 15, 2017.

  2. Nebraska Conservative says:

    Finally, something to read while I’m bored at work……
    Welcome, Publius! Hopefully you post more often than Spartacus did.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hillary Clinton got 10% of the vote in Cherry County, Nebraska. Democrats should find out who the Democratic party chair of Cherry County is and elect them to the DNC to bring that kind of success to the national party.

    • Anonymous Jr. says:

      Bud Pettigrew is the chair of Cherry. He’s been chair there for 10 years, in another 10 years he’ll have the Democratic candidate down to 1% of the vote.

  4. Look.. a Squirrel! says:

    Leavenworth St. post – November 28, 2016 at 1:42 pm –
    Fake Patriotism Is Offensive says:
    ..By the way, Jerry took a hiatus from this blog because he signed on as Digital Director (or something like that) for Mayor Stothert’s campaign.
    One would assume the gig stipulated ixnay on the highly partisan blogginga.
    So now we have a fill-in who, to date, only posts something when they are seeking to promote Stothert or trash her opponent, Heath Mello.
    A bit transparent, no?

  5. TexasAnnie says:

    The Nebraska Legislature can solve the billion dollar budget deficit by making actual cuts to the budget rather than it’s usual scam of cutting only projected growth from the last budget cycle. And if the sales taxes are to be raised, they should be raised on those currently getting sales tax exemptions. The sales tax should not be raised on those currently paying sales taxes. I’ve seen these budget crises touted at this time of year many times before. It’s mostly the university system trying to take more than it’s fair share and/or the “job creators” who will only create jobs at taxpayers expense. But it’s easy enough for anyone to read the Nebraska Constitution and ascertain those institutions that the senators MUST fund (like K-12 including SPED) as distinguished from those it MAY fund (like U. of Neb). And there’s plenty of revenue to fund what must be funded without raising taxes at all! Plus, if everyone and every corporation in Nebraska paid taxes at the same rate, some taxes could be very low or repealed altogether, for everyone. And if the theory that ‘lower taxes’ = ‘job creation’ IS true, then Nebraska will need more immigrants…

  6. Collegial says:

    Annie, I have to agree and see it pretty much the same, like Woodmen instead of letting it go thru the legal system. It will be another year of the same. Closed committee votes enabled by republicans( a lock on Krist and Campbell). The committees, forget it. There will be more exemptions and “fees”, and probably tax increases. Watch budget master Mello if you want a preview of what he can do to Omaha;s budget

  7. Macdaddy says:

    How can you tell the difference between Rs and Ds in the Unicam? Beats the hell out of me. BTW, that wasn’t a compliment, Hilkeman.

  8. grit says:

    I have been in violent overseas coups. I guarantee that when ballots turn to bullets, you will wish you had put up with that candidate you hate for a few years. Yet, if your goal really is to play with such fire, you probably should have those who “cling to religion and guns” on your side.

    The Electoral College votes on Dec 19th. –The USA’s first Electoral College voted in 1788. Some feared Adams might tie Gen. Washington. Hamilton schemed to deny votes to Adams so as not to throw the election into the House. It worked. Adams became VP with only 34 EVs. Adams might have been our first President. 16 years later Hamilton was killed by VP Burr. So much for civility in politics. — Go ahead and try to sway electors today if you can. Give it your best punch, cupcake!

    This is for all the marbles. Trump is where he is by not asking or giving quarter. If America is to be great again, it needs to wake up, grow up, and play hardball. So far those against Trump have mostly been marshmallows. They seem determined to go down swinging—though they hit like a girl.

  9. Pardon the interruption says:

    A swing, and a miss.

    Publius notes that Mayor Stothert is publicly touting Omaha is –
    No. 3 on “America’s 15 Best Cities for Young Professionals” (Forbes)

    That was a ranking attained – in 2014.
    Stothert had been sworn in as Mayor only six months earlier, on June 10th, 2013.

    In 2014, Forbes cited as it’s reason for Omaha’s ranking at #3, as:
    “It boasts a strong presence of large businesses (1 for every 810 residents) as well as small-to-medium ones (1 for every 52 residents). Warren Buffett’s hometown is headquarters to the Fab Five, a group of Fortune 500 companies that includes Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific, ConAgra Foods (oops! make that ‘Fab Four’), Kiewit Corp and Mutual of Omaha… ..But the city also has a lively startup scene, including its own Midwestern-focused tech news blog, Silicon Prairie News, and regional start-up conference, Big Omaha.”

    When breaking this down, we’ll ignore the fact that Mayor Stothert had nothing to do with bringing these major corporations to Omaha (U.P. was founded 1862, Kiewit 1884, Mutual of Omaha 1909 and the new kid on the block, Berkshire in 1962)

    Number 1 –
    Forbes 2016 list of ‘Best Cities for Young Professionals”, finds Omaha has fallen to #12 under Stothert’s leadership.
    Now coming in at #1 is Republican favorite Sanctuary City and Nancy Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco, CA. Seattle is #5, the city of the $15 minimum wage – a wage guaranteed by Pete’s Platte Institute to utterly destroy all business and devastate economies. At #9 is the booming Detroit suburb of Warren, MI – we all know how GOPers loves them some Detroit. Also coming in ahead of a declining Omaha is the uber liberal oasis of Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

    Number 2 –
    Regarding the Forbes 2014 mention of the Silicon Prairie thing. It’s citation that not only misses the mark, but exposes how Omaha has in fact missed a major millennial opportunity under Stothert’s tenure. From CBS News, Feb 25, 2016 –
    “Today, Lincoln is becoming a mini Palo Alto, home to more than 100 software startups. And once-abandoned buildings now house coworking spaces and incubators.
    “You just hear from people who come visit and check out the town, they go ‘Lincoln is cool! This is really cool!’ And we’re like, ‘It is, right!?'” Jarrett said.

    And from July 2016, tech publication ‘Emerging Prairie’ is the story –
    “5 rural cities that rode the startup wave to fame”
    An article again pointing to Lincoln, as well as Des Moine, Fargo, Ashburn VA and Kelowna Canada.

    And it’s not just that Mayor Stothert touts accolades that are.. dubious.
    The number of accolades Omaha has received during Stothert’s tenure pale in comparison to those received by Lincoln, under a Democratic Mayor who enjoyed the advantage of many years of support from a democratically controlled city council.

    • Oracle says:

      Unfortunately in Lincoln, Republicans gained a majority on the City Council two years ago, impeding the progress Lincoln had enjoyed.

      • Honest Abe says:

        And just today, there’s a story in the Lincoln Journal Star about the always-partisan Republicant hacks who have taken hostage Lincoln’s city council. A story about a ham-handed effort pushed through the council by a LIBA funded faux PAC (Citizens for Moronic Governance – or something like that) intended to strip the Mayor of taxing authority.
        A move guaranteed to lead to downgrade of the city’s debt rating.
        An unwarranted debt downgrade that would cost Lincoln taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars in added interest on current and future debt obligations.
        But the Republican’t city council members in Lincoln, lead by their Fuhrer Coby Mach, don’t give a shit about the senseless waste of millions of taxpayer dollars. They’re intent on stomping their little feet and wailing like out of control toddlers in order to cater to the tiny little attention spans of their Fox News addled, Breitbart bludgeoned base.
        Few cities in America have been better managed throughout the last decade than Lincoln. Republicants are desperate to manufacture avenues for partisan attack on a remarkably successful Democrat Mayor and long reign of successful democratic control.

        Speaking of millions wasted – here’s another accolade for Mayor Stothert:
        “Bond rating agency Moody’s downgrades City of Omaha for 2nd time in 2 years”
        By Roseann Moring / World-Herald staff writer Oct 24, 2014

      • bynd says:

        60% of Omahans would disagree with you. But, being a self perceived persecuted minority is now a life style. enjoy.

      • Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer says:

        Of course your 60% comes from this post on Leavenworth St, back in June:
        “In an internal poll conducted by Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s re-election campaign, the Mayor has a 60% approval rating with Omaha voters.”

        In other breaking news, an internal poll conducted by Vladmir Putin’s re-election campaign, the President of the Russian Federation has a 97% (bang!.. bang! bang!), er, I mean 100% approval rating.

        Here’s some more numbers. As of May 2016, in a poll of self-professed Trump supporters, Pew Research found that:
        -65% still believe President Obama is a Muslim
        -24% think Antonin Scalia was murdered, fewer than half (42%) believe he died of natural causes

  10. bynd says:

    No Ted,

    Once again you project your own autistic tendencies on others. The important dates as you have pointed out.

    A World-Herald Poll conducted earlier this month showed Stothert’s approval rating at 60 percent — one of the highest approval ratings for any recent Omaha mayor. from 2014

    And no one has shown it to be changed.

    Your place on the spectrum seems to be well entrenched. Don’t assume everyone is as myopic as you when it comes to information gathering.

    Your repeated use of the same numbers over and over is tediously repetitive. These same lines, as you admitted, made you wrong before the election, and you have done nothing to make them more relevant now. SSDD. The result is till the same.

    • Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer says:

      My apologies bynd.
      Who could have imagined you to be so dazzlingly clueless as to believe a poll conducted in 2014 is somehow relevant to an election to be held 3 years later, in May 2017.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re/”autistic tendencies,” my child is autistic. Please refrain from indiscriminate references to autism. your pejorative adjective is my way of life. Forever. No different from calling someone a “retard.” My nephew has Down Syndrome so no “R” word either.

      A small amount of courtesy improves your credibility.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Screw your sensitivities. Everyone’s family has its cripples and retards. Yours has your sour puss.

    Courtesy only boosts credibility in those who put nice above truth. People like you are killing the world one hurt feeling at a time. Would you rather have your retarded kid treated badly and spoken to nicely or vice versa? People cringe before mental defectives because they should feel that is a horrible thing, because getting a trophy for showing up and tying your shoe does not in fact make you a special winner. And the disabled sure as hell know that. Better than you do.

    No one is advocating hurting anyone or denying care, etc. But you who cannot tell real pain from hurt feelings, you shouldn’t be dealing with the disabled. You aren’t honest enough. And without a sense of humor, many gimps like me would have checked out long ago. So lighten up. Frankly, you might ask yourself if you aren’t the one having problems accepting it.

    • Let there be light says:

      Anonymous erroneously states –
      No one is advocating hurting anyone or denying care, etc.

      You’re ill-informed.
      The GOP and NEGOP have for decades endeavored to pay for tax breaks for their wealthy and privileged benefactors by denying care to the nation’s most vulnerable.
      One need look no further than –
      Heineman and the NEGOPs botched attempt to privatize the child welfare system.
      Heinemans and the NEGOPs attempt to squeeze money from Beatrice State Development Center.
      The NEGOPs underfunding (antiquated approach to confinement/rehabilitation) and mismanagement of our prison system.
      The NEGOPs refusal to expand medicaid to the Nebraska’s largely working poor. An initiative that would pump billions of dollars into NE’s economy, support 10,000 or more jobs, save small community hospitals (thus – saving entire communities), while greatly improving the health of the working poor and enabling access to simple preventative medicines that will in the future save our state billions of more dollars.
      The list goes on an on, and it is a list common to nearly every Republican controlled state, because nearly every Republican Gov and state legislatures pushes the very same inane ALEC crafted ‘model bills.’ Each bill aimed at the redistribution of wealth, from those with little to those with much.
      And at the federal level the Tea-deranged henchmen of the GOP (‘Freedom Caucus’), push the same discredited pablum. Pablum concocted 30, 40 years ago in the bowels of the plutocrat funded think tanks like Heritage Foundation, Manhattan Institute, Cato, Claremont Institute, AEI and others.

      Wake the f up.
      You people are ruining our nation.

      • A bitter harvest says:

        I’m hopeful the blueprint for a new strategy has emerged.

        Dec 1, 2016, The Week –
        “It’s time for Democrats to fight dirty”
        At long last, Democrats must learn from their tormenters: Obstruct. Delay. Delegitimize. Harass. Destroy. Above all: Do. Not. Help. This. Man. Govern.

  12. bynd says:

    So, for 30 to 40 years the Repubs have given all the money to the rich. Kept wages artificially low. And yet you claim now that America is flourishing. Seems rather implausible under the scenario you have described. Unless the non rich have an inexhaustible supply of wealth that the rich can keep on plundering.

    The liberals invested in the stock market, which Yellen says is the main difference in the widening gap between the rich and poor, like to point out how well they are doing because the stock market has done well under Obama. While they deny access to the stock market by the less fortunate while confiscating their money through the slowly dying social welfare system. The only way out it seems is through death.

    Sounds like a regurgitation of the pre election stuff that was rejected then, and is no different now.

    The continued harping on keeping people in economic slavery and demanding even more slavery hasn’t worked since LBJ’s Great Society began.

    If you don’t like the way America is now, it is the fault of both parties. Neither has the high road.
    And if you believe your side is somehow not to blame, you are a another freaking, partisan, zealot, idiot who are the greatest contributors to our dysfunctional government.

    But prattle on, your Election Derangement Syndrome may eventually wear itself out. If not, you’ll loose again in the next election. But there is hope, take a flight to New York and I am sure they will give you refugee status and free counseling.

    Did you know Tillerson is in favor of the Paris accord and carbon taxing? Probably not.

    Your goal appears to be to resurrect the irrational fear of Russia that we had in the cold war. Safe zones, counseling because your side lost the election, hysterical protesting, crying (actually uncontrollable bawling). Sounds like biblical times, weeping and gnashing of teeth. Yep, those are the kind of people who will take us boldly into the future. (sarc)

    As they say, you can’t cure stupid.

  13. lox says:

    Bynd describes facts. Democrats gives Bynd the middle finger. Bynd gives more facts. Democrats wish for more middle fingers. —If nothing else is clear, it is that Democrats are now stripped of reason. Hate laid bare. Democrats have always stewed with hate they hide, while carefully projecting it on everyone else, But at this pivotal moment Democrats are unable to keep the hate exploding from them, showing their inner hypocrisy. They hate that too. And worse, they know they are stuck defending the Clintons. — Here is some more the incurably stupid will not grasp.

    The WP and NYT broke the 1996 CHINAGATE and since then confirmed the Clintons and DNC have taken money from the Chinese for Clinton’s election, his Impeachment Fund, and now the Foundation. When Sen Kerry met with officers of the Chinese Army in Kerry’s Senate office to put a Chinese company on the NY Stock Exchange in exchange for money to the Democrats, that was small change compared to the Clintons’ influence peddling. And not just to Red China.

    Bill Clinton was a paid a half million to speak in Moscow after Hillary’s State Dept. approved a deal that gave the Russians control of one-fifth of America’s uranium capacity. When Russian state-run Rosatom bought Uranium One, Hillary didn’t reveal the chairman of Uranium One donated $2.35 million dollars into the Clinton Foundation. The Foundation didn’t disclose that either. — Trump saying nice things about Putin is not the same as Hillary giving Russia one-fifth of our uranium reserves. – Then too, Russia has a much bigger problem… China itself. China borders on Russia, has more than twice the ready troops of Russia, and it manipulates currency like non-Communist countries cannot, which makes the Clintons going to the highest bidder a lethal threat to Russia.

    One gets the impression Obama knows the Clintons are anchors on the DNC but so welded, he can’t shake them off. While all politics is a toilet, none come close to Bill and Hillary as political whores. And that puts Democrats in the post-Trump hard spot of having to defend the crooks.

    This Trump-Russia play is a last gasp for Clinton Democrats. Trump’s presence baits whatever vulnerably exists in critics to rise up and shoot themselves. And the Clintons are a bone cancer in the DNC. Thus we today have Democrats ridiculously accusing Trump, as a politician for only one year, of colluding with Russians like the Clintons who have colluded with Red Chinese for a quarter of a century. Which also runs uphill against the fact that Trump won despite him pissing off Super PACs, big money donors, and foreign countries, who all prefer to buy the Clintons.

    Democrats are miserably stuck defending Clintons. They preferred Obama and Sanders. Yet here they are. Any who wake from this nightmare realize they doomed themselves to it when they let Clinton in the door. So its either slip back into the comforting nightmare or get busy purging the Jackass. — Don’t feel bad. The Bush family are a bunch of arse-holes too. The elephant used a lot of fiber to pass those calcified turds. But its feeling better already.

  14. bynd says:

    The irony of the situation is, liberals have been working hard making an amoral society. Keep the christians and their values out.

    And Trump is what you get when you have an amoral society. Just as in Hollywood where the females constantly complained how they are treated. Or Silicon valley. Who pay no attention to such things as diversity. And the best part is, 20 million more evangelicals voted this year and have given the libs what they wanted. You should be telling them thank you.

    As has been said before, be careful what you ask for, you may get Trumped. LOL

  15. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, this talk of keeping Christians and values out is silly, a product of your own imaginations. What values are you talking about? How have Christians been kept out? Your claim to be Christianity a model Christian is arrogant and heretical, and your willingness to cast out Christians who do not share your politics is a Doctrine of Limited Atonement even Calvin would reject. Stick to politics, your theology is an embarrassment. The Social Gospel is as much a part of American Protestant history as is the Fundamentals.

    • bynd says:


      Shall we call you god since you have decided that only you can make such judgements? That only you understand God’s mind and what he deems appropriate? Remember, not everyone is the same faith as you and to assume so is arrogant and quite frankly, unChristian. Only you and your faith are the right ones. Really?

      Put your opinion out there no problem. Condemn and judge others, act like a god? Don’t think so highly of yourself.

      Doctrine of Limited Atonement. I have no idea what you are trying to say. Maybe you would condescend to explain. Atonement however, is not up to you or me. Nor do we know what God thinks about such things and the people involved. Well any how, me. You seem to have a direct line to Him and speak for Him also. Dangerous ground you are treading on.

      By the way in case you haven’t noticed, the church no longer takes on their biblical duties like taking care of orphans and widows. Those in need and oppressed. Occasionally maybe. But as we read in the paper all the time, our religious leaders now cheer on the government to do their job. Social gospel right. Yeah it is part of the history but not the current times. Unless of course you believe that just preaching it is enough.

      Wait a minute, I am reading in the Bible where Jesus forced the Romans to take over his charge. Over never mind. He never asked the Romans to do anything.

      The most fair thing that could happen right now, tax the church to pay for their duties that the government does for them. Now there’s a social gospel.

  16. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, my point is that you claim to be normative for Christianity, not that I am. If you said these are the views of one Christian, I would disagree with your theology but see you as a brother Christian. It is your tendency to cast other Christians out that I find annoying. Your political views I do not share but I respect. They may flow from your reading of Scripture, but not everyone who disagrees with them is an amoral pagan trying to destroy Faith, and your use of liberal as a dirty word tends to obscure the history of Liberal Theology and its contribution to Christian thought.

  17. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, Limited Atonement is the doctrine that Christ died only for the Elect. Given that most English originating Christian denominations in US and their spinoffs originate in Calvin, it has had a long term influence on American religious thought. It tends to lead to dismissing Christians with whom we disagree with as not real Christian. It was this tendency to unchurch one another and to form factions that worried Madison who feared politics could become a place of denominational struggle. He feared what Knox famously described as “Enthusiasm.” Ronald not John.

  18. bynd says:


    I find many “Christians” who dismiss others based solely on word usage. Not a very christian trait. But elitists like their secret code words. Makes them feel special and superior.

    Propitiation is the word many use now. Which is his sacrifice for all. As mercy and grace is meant for all. But that would be one of the differences in our beliefs. But then it is not in the words used but the relationship with Him. And only He, and no man, can determine who is right or not with Himself.

    And as we see, Madison was rightfully concerned. There is no such thing as denominations in the Bible, we are all one. Denominations is a man made construct and a very destructive one at that.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd I agree. Lets take it as given that you and I are not in the business of judging souls and leave that to God. After too many years of study theological language comes naturally to me, but no put down is intended. Of course denominations are creatures of time and human weakness, but right doctrine and the nastiness of doctrinal differences has been with Christian since Christian beginings. The original point of Liberalism was to allow difference of religious views with out state required uniformity of belief.That core, I think is valid, though hard to execute in practice, and is the core of both the religion clauses of the First Amendment.

      • Political Novice says:

        Repenting lawyer – after reading the comments between you and bynd I am reminded of the old Emo Philips joke:

        Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, “Don’t do it!” He said, “Nobody loves me.” I said, “God loves you. Do you believe in God?”
        He said, “Yes.” I said, “Are you a Christian or a Jew?” He said, “A Christian.” I said, “Me, too! Protestant or Catholic?” He said, “Protestant.” I said, “Me, too! What franchise?” He said, “Baptist.” I said, “Me, too! Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?” He said, “Northern Baptist.” I said, “Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist or Northern Liberal Baptist?”
        He said, “Northern Conservative Baptist.” I said, “Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region, or Northern Conservative Baptist Eastern Region?” He said, “Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region.” I said, “Me, too!”
        Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1879, or Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912?” He said, “Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912.” I said, “Die, heretic!” And I pushed him over.

        My apology if you have heard it before but I do love that joke. But what do I know? I’m an atheist.

  19. Lil Mac says:

    Hillary may loses votes to Sanders in the Electoral College and thus Trump win even bigger. Just as recount effort backfired, this latest effort to turn Republicans into “faithless electors” may too.

    Reasons boil down to history and proportionality habit. Since 1828, there have been 142 “faithless electors” in the Electoral College; 12 were Republicans, 130 were Democrats. Today’s Republicans remember Clinton’s China-gate and see the release of Hillary’s unsecured emails as her own fault. Democrats, on the other hand, view Hillary exposing US Top Secrets as an invasion of HER privacy and they now expect GOP electors to give away the Presidency which Trump already won for them.

    If Sanders gets votes, that may be due to the Democrats’ addiction to over-proportionality. Basically, Democrats being Democrats. For unlike Republicans and the Electoral College, Democrats are habituated to intense proportionally among their own delegates. (GOP has more “winner take all”.)

    During the convention, Sanders received every one of his 1,848 pledged delegates or 46% of the total won, but only 4% of super delegates. Democrats are, in a sense, hardwired to stick with their original pick. For many that is Sanders. His supporters were fierce. Trump has a big lead in EVs, so there’s good reason for Republican delegates to stick with their winner and less reason for Sanders supporters to hesitate to express frustration by voting for Sanders.

    If this indeed backfires, it will come on the heels of Democrats donating $7 million to the Green Party to do recounts which gained Trump votes, leaving the Greens to pocket Democrat cash.

  20. Lil Mac says:

    As predicted above, Clinton ended up with twice as many “faithless electors”. If you add in the Maine and Minnesota Dems who tried to vote for Sanders, Clinton had three times more faithless turncoats.

    When Dems demanded recounts, that gave Trump more votes. Then Democrat organized this coup against Trump which lost Clinton some electoral votes.

    Republicans who swung at Trump often gave themselves black eyes but Democrats seem to stab themselves in the gut. Their efforts lately actually push them backwards.

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