Electoral College Makes it Official: Hillary Clinton is #NotMyPresident

Merry Christmas, everyone! Or should we say, Happy ChrismaHannuKwanzikah!

Colin Powell and Faith Spotted Eagle

Monday, amidst the cacophonous and shrill demonstrations/protestations of Clintonites around the country, members of the Electoral College officially voted to make Donald J. Trump the President-elect of the United States. Electors from Washington and Texas tried to spearhead an effort to “vote your conscience” and find a compromise Republican candidate instead of Trump, but they failed miserably. They tried to force an Intelligence briefing about Russia’s supposed involvement in the election, but they failed miserably. In short, their effort failed to get any traction on the ground (meaning, outside of liberal papers like the New York Times and Washington Post) where the votes actually mattered. Reminds us of Hillary’s campaign in key states like Wisconsin and Michigan….

Many protests were held in state capitals around the country, but Wisconsin’s takes the cake. One woman shouted “You people have no right! We’re all going to die in wars because of you!” Another shouted “This is MY AMERICA! YOU SOLD US OUT!” Chants of “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME” were constant. (On a positive note, however, when’s the last time anyone ever watched these proceedings before?)

The final tally? Trump 304, Clinton 227, with seven “faithless electors” voting for other candidates. One small problem: Clinton had more faithless electors than Trump did. (All 5 Nebraska electors voted for Trump, as expected) The entire spectrum was represented, with Libertarian Republican Ron Paul, Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Native American Faith Spotted Eagle all receiving votes. (Note that Ron Paul didn’t even run for President yet still got more electoral votes than Gary Johnson…)

Here are the faithless electors, and the people for whom they voted:

State Pledged to Voted for
Hawaii Clinton Bernie Sanders
Texas Trump Ron Paul
Texas Trump John Kasich
Washington Clinton Colin L. Powell
Washington Clinton Colin L. Powell
Washington Clinton Colin L. Powell
Washington Clinton Faith Spotted Eagle


2017 Mayor’s Race:

Taylor Royal, your next Mayor?

As has been reported elsewhere, 26 year old accountant Taylor Royal is running as a Republican for Omaha mayor in 2017 against incumbent Mayor Jean Stothert and liberal Democrat challenger Sen. Heath Mello. Unfortunately for Taylor, Deadspin has already written an article slamming him for wanting to build an NFL stadium. We cannot post the title because it uses a slur word, but we suspect Omaha voters would hesitate to build yet another stadium. In all reality, though, congratulations to Taylor for wanting to get involved, but the political/financial feasibility of this endeavor might leave much to be desired.


Nebraska Legislature

Counting down the days until the madness known as the #NEleg begins in earnest. Here are a couple off the beaten path issues that might play a role this year:

Occupational Licensing Reform – The OWH recently published an editorial largely endorsing the movement to reduce licensure requirements for certain professions. This follows in the footsteps of Sen. Nicole Fox’s bill passed last session to reform the licensing requirements for hair braiding, etc. While not a sexy issue, the issue has bipartisan support (President Obama’s WH published a report endorsing the project nationally) and would encourage private-sector job growth. Will the Senators have enough time/moxy to address it?

“Campaign Finance Reform” – Democrat Sen. Sue Crawford (recently re-elected) was featured in an OWH story about the prospect of tougher requirements for advertisements during election season. In the story, she laments the role voter education campaigns (primarily the ones done by Trees of Liberty and Americans for Prosperity) did in sinking the re-election hopes of multiple colleagues. Voter information projects differ from traditional political mail in that they cannot endorse candidates or ask for a vote, but they can talk about issues.

Liberals are complaining that voters were informed about the liberal voting records of supposedly “conservative Republicans” like Al Davis and Jerry Johnson and that they responded by kicking them out of office.

Does this not remind you of the complaining done by the Clinton campaign about Russia “stealing” the election by releasing 100% truthful information about Clinton’s misdeeds?

All of these things could have been avoided if Republican Senators voted the platform and Clinton/Team Clinton didn’t skirt the rules.

More importantly, did the OWH mention the fact that the single biggest political contributor to Nebraska Legislative races in the last few cycles is none other than the ultra-liberal NSEA/teachers union? No, because that would screw up their preferred narrative that only conservative Republicans like Gov. Ricketts throw money around. It’s interesting how they fail to mention the tens of thousands of dollars the NSEA spent attacking conservatives like Suzanne Geist, Ian Swanson, and others. (More to come on this subject as well)


Herbster for Ag Secretary?:

More reporting from Politico that Nebraska GOP Donor Charles W. Herbster is still in contention for Ag Secretary:

Charles Herbster, the agribusiness mogul from Nebraska who chairs Trump’s agricultural advisory committee, managed to stay under the radar as he made his way to New York last week to meet with Trump transition officials, according to a source close to the transition — though he doesn’t appear to have spoken directly to the president-elect. Still, the fact Herbster was summoned to NYC suggests he remains very much in the mix. In many ways, Herbster would make sense: He’s a businessman from one of the country’s biggest farm states who was a key rural backer for the loyalty-loving Trump during the campaign. His dearth of government experience, which would likely be a detriment in any other administration, could fit into Trump’s swamp-draining pledge. (Source: POLITICO/http://www.politico.com/tipsheets/morning-agriculture/2016/12/vilsack-hints-at-future-ag-policy-role-217941)


NEGOP ED Position Unannounced:

The Nebraska Republican Party has not yet announced who will take-over for Bud Synhorst as Executive Director. The race seems to be down to Patrick Roy, Kenny Zoeller, and a mystery third candidate, rumored to be from out-of-state. An announcement is expected soon. The “smart money” is on Kenny Zoeller, but the NEGOP could surprise us all. More to come.


  1. Anonymous says:

    CNN reporting that Gingrich says Trump won’t be using the phrase “Drain the swamp” anymore. In fact Trump disclaims that phrase. Anybody see a problem here? Nope? Amazing, the latitude Donald gets.

  2. Pheyded says:

    Will Comrade Mello be appearing with Democrat Party Chair, Comrade Kleeb on Russian Propoganda TV to campaign for all the Russian votes for Omaha Mayor? Goes right along with their ultra liberal love of Sanders and Ellison who both spoke well of Comrade Castro.

    • Political Novice says:

      LOOK! It’s loading! It’s alive . . . . ALIVE!

      Ahem – as a political ignoramus I come to this site to learn from the astute commentators here and would like to know the opinions to a question that has been vexing me lately. All during the election cycle all I ever heard was how bad and befuddled ACA was. Many said it was a total failure and beyond repair. Some even said that Hillary lost because of it. President-elect Trump even stated it would be immediately repealed and replaced once he was in office. But now I read that new polls show far more Americans would like to expand or keep the health care law, rather than repeal it. I read not a single major organization representing patients, physicians, hospitals or others who work in the nation’s health care system backs the GOP’s strategy. I also read where some republicans want to keep parts of it but overhaul others. It seems everyone has a different idea with what to get rid of, what to keep and what to replace it with. I’m completely confused if the majority of Americans want to get rid of it completely or have it overhauled to make it more functional.

      Is there anyone who thinks this is going to go smoothly and quickly?

  3. LD 4 says:

    I really hope someone challenges Hilkeman who is Kolowski’s BFF. I heard Chris Chappelear lives in the district. He has been involved for years. Let’s give him a shot. He would be a conservative breathe of fresh air. Also Butler should consider running again.

  4. To anon says:

    The fact that when it master McCollister and Hilkeman secretly worked to oust Murante is all I need to know about the both of them. My prediction is Baker, Hilkeman, and McCollister will get good challenges from the right. I am not a purist and can accept bad votes on occassion but when you cacus with Dems, bye Felicia!

    • anon says:

      How fuching childish.
      Then again, not surprising, coming from the party that elected Donald “grab ’em by the pussy” Trump.

  5. Lil Mac says:

    “Political Novice”, we appreciate your sincerity and humor. But let us add our own perspective on the ACA aka Obamacare and a GOP that’s probably more booger picker than boogieman.

    You speak of “polls” re. a “GOP strategy” of repealing but maybe replacing or adjusting the ACA.

    Firstly, if polls worked Hillary would be President-Elect. Polls do not measure accurately under Shy Tory Effect or its bigger cousin Anti-PC Effect, which even now works to gag and slant response and draw hubris to suicide. This unreliability of polls is consequent to the Anti-PC Effect seen at work in the GOP Primary, the General, the post-election meltdown, and today as Obama himself rises in sure indignation to unwittingly destroy his own credibility while thinking he is defending his legacy. PC blinds its owners.

    Secondly, there is no GOP strategy. — Reagan’s 33 Dem years morphed into GOP semi-Conservatism that since Bush41 has morphed into a form of Democrat-Lite. Lack-lusters like Gore and Hillary allowed other dim bulbs like GWB to get a pass. The DNC has been manhandled by Bill and Barack as the GOP is now by Donald. GOP lack-lusters McCain and Mitt “Romneycare” mirror the Democrat’s usual yawn products. — All of this (presumably) is due to both parties trying to wield power instead of promoting principles. – Trump meanwhile, and collateral to him crafting a motivated cabinet to achieve his aims, conducted an elegant three-week long ruin of Mitt’s credibility, turning Mitt into a bootlicking job seeker, while appointing Mitt’s own Trump-supporting niece to run the RNC that Mitt once owned. No back-armor consolidation was ever more quickly or solidly accomplished since Reagan. — But there is no GOP strategy for Obamacare. Like the border, ACA was a dead issue for the GOP prior to Trump.

    Thirdly, one need not have developed worldwide systems of vast consequence, to know that Obamacare was created in an infantile manner. Obama promised a healthcare system Race Horse. But he gave the job of building it to Pelosi who farmed it out to dozens who built that bloated Race Horse, one hoof, one claw and one tentacle at a time. — In all fairness, Obama came to power with the management experience of a janitor… and not a head janitor.

    Finally, you ask “Is there anyone who thinks this is going to go smoothly and quickly?”

    What Trump is doing is far too quick for those who champion what he intends to destroy. And what he intends to build–like a military capable of defending the USA—that’s going to happen too smoothly. My goodness, but what shall happen when our DOD quits giving out free vaginas and instead turns it eyes toward those who wish to kill us? What if a healthcare system isn’t developed by the managerial inept? Lions and tigers and bears…

    • lil whack says:

      Now that he’s abandoned his pledge to “drain the swamp”, Reality Show Don’s singular accomplishment will be limited to converting the White House into a landfill of ignorance and kleptocracy.

      Brazen charlatanism.

    • Political Novice says:

      I agree with you somewhat concerning polls. I suppose polls can be useful and even sometimes accurate however it’s been my experience that poll questions can be worded to achieve the answer wanted. I remember being asked questions over the phone and immediately realized that the questions were such that I was being pointed in the direction they wanted. I thought “two can play this game” and since I wasn’t getting paid or under oath gave answers which were obviously not what they were seeking. I sensed they were disappointed. So much for polls.

      There is no GOP strategy for replacing the ACA? I haven’t seen anything solid from the President-elect either. It just seems to me that when you constantly criticize something you should be prepared to replace it especially when you have the opportunity to do so. Perhaps the President-elect will do as he says and dismantle it once he gets officially in office but this is an extremely complicated issue and there will be a lot of angry people who will be forced to go thru the whole process again. No – I find it hard to believe this will go smoothly – but hey, what do I know?

      ” conducted an elegant three-week long ruin of Mitt’s credibility, turning Mitt into a bootlicking job seeker”.

      Now THAT was funny.

  6. be afraid, be very afraid says:

    Dec 28, 2016 Donald Trump (standing next to the flag waving manslaughterer, mob connected, boxing promoter Don King) announces to the assembled press:
    “I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it so nobody knows exactly what’s going on.”

  7. Post Traumatic Trump Disorder says:

    Looks like all you veterans who have been complaining about the VA are going to get your wish.
    Trump is determined to close them.
    Privatize veterans care.
    Exactly the extra layer of care veterans most need; a profit motive.

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
    – H. L. Mencken

    • bynd says:

      As a vet, I quit going to the VA after the first time I went there. Nothing needs to be privatized. Just get rid of it and pay for the vets to go to the doctors/hospitals like everyone else.

      • Anonymous says:

        But…but…but everyone else has to PAY for their medical care. Are you saying you want ME to PAY for YOUR medical care?

      • bynd says:


        Maybe you should have served instead of wimping out on the side lines if you find it so distasteful.

        Although you don’t pay for my medical because of my military service. And you think fed employees don’t pay taxes?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kleptocracy and charlatanism sounds like the Clintons.

    Q. Who is the most “Jewish” person elected US President? Hint: His two sons are married to Jews and his daughter is an orthodox Jew. His children and grandchildren are Jewish. Yet detractors call him anti-Semitic. They also call him xenophobe and yet his mother, wife and ex are foreign-born immigrants. — Yet Trump’s detractors know what Trump is going to do. I don’t. I predicted he’d win and you Dems didn’t even see that win coming. But now you know his next step.

    If Trump isn’t the racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobe you hope he is, he will suck the voting bloc guts out of the DNC. Especially the Jewish bloc.

    Jews always voted Democrat except once in 1920 when they went for Socialist Debs. Unlike other blocs that need GOTV efforts, Jews have often been the party leaders running the caucuses. Sure, there are atheist “gene Jews” that play the race card but how far can a frantic “Barack Hussain” push them, now in the throes of his final days, to get Jews to actually help hurt Israel? Democrat Catholics who don’t feel they are citizens of Vatican City would recoil in horror if Obama threatened the Holy See as he is threatening Israel. And Hillary putting mine workers out of work “forever”, wow, what was she thinking?

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