Kleeb and Dems mislead about records request…because of course

Nebraska Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb met with an Omaha city attorney last week who gave her specific information about when the City would complete the political records request made by the Nebraska Democrats.

Then Jane Kleeb went on Twitter and Facebook and pretended that this conversation never occurred and cast aspersions on the City of Omaha and Mayor Jean Stothert.

Because that’s what Jane Kleeb does. That’s how she operates. That’s how she has always operated. And YOU should expect more of this from National Democrat Jane Kleeb and her Saul Alinsky campaign tactics.

So what REALLY happened?

The Nebraska Democrats sent their political records request to the City of Omaha back in June of 2016. These deep dives cost money. And guess what? The Democrats didn’t PAY for it until October, which triggers the response to the request.

Digging up the records is time consuming. City staff has spent over 100 hours on this political request, which is estimated to be over 10,000 documents. And this is exactly what a city attorney told Jane Kleeb when he met with her…LAST WEEK!  He told her that a response to one of the three requests from the Nebraska Democratic Party would go out within the week…and as promised it went out last Friday.

The city attorney also told Jane Kleeb that the next response would go out by the first week of January 2017. And, reportedly, Jane did NOT object.

But you’d think that Jane was not at that meeting with the city attorney. Because she Tweeted today:

Hey Jane! You got the phone number wrong!
The Mayor’s Hotline, where she invites ALL citizens to call, is 402-444-5555. (Maybe look it up from your bunker in Hastings next time.)

And then there was this one..

Again, strange that Democrat Chair Kleeb didn’t have any beef with the timing of the political request when she MET with the Omaha city attorney last week.

But that is Jane Kleeb.

This is the same person accused  of blocking a female, native Nebraskan, African American from speaking at the state Democrat convention last summer.

This is the same person embroiled in the controversy of stacking the party’s caucuses with her personal Bernie Bros.

For that matter, she’s the same one who grabs a Future Farmers of America jacket to pretend she’s “one of us”.

Expect more of the same.


With the 150th anniversary of Nebraska statehood approaching, the state is putting out 150 short videos with random facts about the state and its history.

Here is #1:

How’d you do?


Senator Deb Fischer also put up a holiday greeting recently…

…and Senator Ben Sasse was out supporting the Salvation Army

Happy New Year!


  1. Jane's proud mother says:

    Reality has set in, Jane. You’re fighting like mad for this race because it’s all you have left in Nebraska.

    Don’t worry. If you lose, there’s still Thurston County.

    Love you.

  2. DCDP Leaks says:

    Ask the neoliberals and elitists about how Bill Romju, Dee Austin, Leslie Wiseman, Maureen Monahan, and Patty Zieg gave the delegate lists to all of the Clinton delegates to organize to elect Chuck Hassebrook, meanwhile cut the majority of Sanders delegates (who supported Jane) from running as a national Bernie delegate hoping they wouldn’t drive out to Kearney and elect Jane.

  3. Our Revolution says:

    Jane Kleeb didn’t “silence” anyone, the establishment Democrats are just mad because Bernie Sanders personally supported Jane and not Chuck, and HE decided he didn’t want his spokesperson opposing Jane. Jane is a board member of “Our Revolution”, she’s the real face of the revolution, not Hassebrook.

  4. Ricky says:

    This is going to be great reading! Mayor Stothert’s penchant for emailing people is going to make for some good topics in her re-election race.
    Hurry up Mayor and stop stalling! We want to read all about how you tried to give Omaha Performing Arts 11 million dollars of tax payer money to tear down historic buildings!
    If you look up the Board of Directors of Omaha Performing Arts you will see some of the biggest heavy weights in town like Scott and Mammel. I heard from somebody that works for OPA that this idea was Stotherts and she came to them with this idiotic idea. Probably she wanted to please the big money people in town with the public’s 11 million dollars. Look what happened the bad publicity forced HDR to look elsewhere for their headquarters.
    And there are lots more in those Stothert emails I bet.
    “Dear Mr Ricketts: OMG did you see ConAgra is looking to get out of town! What should we do? Create a review board of everyday citizens re portable to me to assess the situation?” JS
    “Dear Jean, Oh gosh this don’t look good. And my best friend Paul Singer is behind the hedge fund that is behind the hostile takeover of ConAgra. We are going to say nothing we can do it’s beyond our Republican’s wherewithall”.
    “Dear Pete; geez where is some good news for my campaign? I know; we will get Heineman to say the state budget deficit is all Mello’s fault and not Heineman’s or Ricketts”
    “Dear Jean: good idea; distract from the terrible management of the GOP in Omaha and Lincoln”.
    “Good idea Pete. Merry Christmas and good luck getting those death penalty drugs”
    “Thanks Jean. Nothing says happy holidays more than my death penalty push”.

    ricky from omaha

    • bynd says:

      Ricky from outer space,

      remember, ricky is the one who said, hillary would be president, the dems would control the senate and house, the death penalty in Nebraska would not be reinstated.

      How wrong can one person be? the best part is, one only needs to read his post to know what will happen in the future because as we all know, it will be the opposite of what he predicts. As has been pointed out so many times, ricky is the best thing going for republicans.

      and his class warfare attitude, shown in his hatred, no make that deviant obsession, of Nebraska’s gov., because he has never amounted to anything has become tedious. go ricky go, you have certainly become the clown of omaha. and how embarrassed that city is to have it be known you associate with it. in fact it was conagra who said they left because ricky lived in omaha.

    • bynd says:


      Jean is waiting for your apology. A real man would.

      So is the Chief of OPD.

      Crime & Courts
      Number of Omaha homicides drops dramatically; 29 killed in 2016, compared with 50 in 2015

  5. Pot calling kettle says:

    I think Stothert should release all of the txt messages where she conducts government business (and spreads lies about people) Heath should realease all of his as well.

  6. Val Budentine says:

    Has someone who is in the NDP, I used to hate Jane Kleeb, then I liked her duringe my cumeteeman race for a few months, then went back to hating her after the convenshun in Kerny.

  7. Kortezzi says:

    I see in the OWH that Stothert has sent a records request on Mello today!

    And NOW the Mello campaign complains this is Jean trying to distract people from the 1st (huge) records request aka fishing expedition.

    Nice to see that Jean is willing to fight fire with fire, and enjoy the whining hypocrisy from the Mello/Kleeb axis!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Imagine the gall of that Jane Kleeb, using Twitter to put pressure on people. No respectable Republican would do such a thing, would they? Not even the President-Elect!

    Yeah, cry me a river. If this kind of chicanery is wrong, its wrong all the time and not just when Jane Kleep does it. Your last post was, what, two whole calendar weeks ago Spartacus? At this rate you’ll have plenty of time to report on your performance at Trump’s Inauguration, like anybody besides Putin is going to be there. Champagne and caviar with our right-wing, Russian apologists, I can hardly wait for the details.

  9. Yellow Mello says:

    Heath Mello likes to behind skirts and lob bombs at his opponents. The guy has never ran anything except for the State Budget into the ground.

  10. Asswhacker says:

    Ah, the tweet, tweet smell of success!

    Everyone can tweet, send Emails, etc. Its is embarrassing for most, suicidal for some, It was Emails after all that killed SS Clinton’s presidential bid and her top aide’s marriage to the Weiner wiener, because “gee, it seemed such a good idea at the time.”

    Trump tweets and instead of an angel getting its wings, a Democrat shoves his or her head into a oven. Its like watching Darwin at work.

    • Jack Boots says:

      Putin’s puppet (Trump) tweets his love for KGB Vlad, inspiring all the little Asshat Trumpkins to chortle with glee and quicken the pace of their goose step toward the approaching cliff.

      • Anonymous says:

        Will you still blame Obama after he and his ilk are gone? When does Trump become responsible -?for anything? Or another four years of convenient, continual excuses?

      • bynd says:

        When did you stop blaming Bush? Still haven’t?

        When his finger print is no longer attached to the situation.

        But then unlike partisans, it is rarely just black or white or one persons fault. There is certainly enough blame to go around.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Happy New Year Everybody!

      I’m unfamiliar with these terms: Asswhacker, Asshatter and Asshat. Is it a ‘Nebraska’ thing? If so, y’all should be more polite…

      • Anonymous says:

        An “asshat” in the current vernacular is someone who wears their ass for a hat, ergo, they have their head up their own backside. I am unfamiliar with “asswhacker” which I take to mean someone who deserves a spanking or likes receiving such. Not at all a NE thing, I’ve seen such on every kind of comment box. Like all slang, it begins as a means to confuse us old folks, Annie.

  11. anon says:

    Jan 2, 2017 – Gallup
    “– As Donald Trump prepares to take the presidential oath on Jan. 20, less than half of Americans are confident in his ability to handle an international crisis (46%), to use military force wisely (47%) or to prevent major scandals in his administration (44%). At least seven in 10 Americans were confident in Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in these areas before they took office.”

    Having lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million, Trump enters office one of the weakest, ever.

    • bynd says:

      3 million illegals in CA.

      Hard to call one weak when your party owns the house and Senate also. But even being weak like Obama was, at least the obstructionist now don’t have a majority in either House or Senate.

      But both parties have shown working with their own is not a sure bet.

      However, your track record on predictions and what any one poll means is dubious at best. I would think you folks would be tired of making your selves look so bitter and incompetent.

      good laugh though!

      • anon says:

        “3 million illegals in CA.”

        Please, share that statement with your family at your next gathering.
        It’s a statement that clearly proves you’re an idiot.

      • Evolution-R-Us says:

        Dec 7, 2016 article in WaPo:
        “Why conservatives might be more likely to fall for fake news”

        The above is an article I stumbled upon via the always talented, recently enlightened Deena Winter’s twitter feed. The same former NE Watchdog (another Ricketts, Inc. oligarchic venture) journo who penned the following – a must read for Trumpkins – on her personal blog, Winterized:
        “Thanks to Donald Trump, I blocked my uncle on Facebook today”

      • bynd says:

        Get over your PC hurt feelings.

        John Podesta (on illegals voting): I think Teddy’s idea scratches the itch, is pretty safe and uncomplicated. On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a drivers license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.

      • bynd says:

        Had nothing to do with Trump.

        The only thing fake around here is your attempt at being intelligent. You can’t even think for yourself. Can’t prove it wrong, put out the usual BS. How impressive.


    • Hipster Pollster says:

      These from the same pollsters that gave Hillary Clinton a 99% chance of winning the election. They have zero credibility anymore.

  12. Clue for You says:

    Another fact-averse fail.

    Gallup didn’t poll the 2016 Presidential election.

    Time Magazine, Oct. 9, 2015 –
    “Here’s Why Gallup Won’t Poll the 2016 Election”

  13. GOP Swamp says:

    Late last night, In their first move of the new Congress, House Republicans voted to gut their own independent ethics watchdog.

    Don Bacon, Adrian Smith, Jeff Fortenberry?
    There is no public tally of the vote count.

    We can add ethics free to fact free.

    And Trumpkins will sit in silence.

      • bynd says:


        Another premature ejaculation by you and yours. And no, it is not impressive.

        At least the post isn’t dumber than yours.

        House Republicans on Tuesday abruptly dropped a proposal seeking controversial changes to the Office of Congressional Ethics after President-elect Donald Trump criticized the plan, as the 115th Congress opened on a contentious note.

      • Anonymous says:

        The GOP flip-flop on their effort to gut the independent Ethics Committee was never ‘fake news’, you dolt.

        And, it wasn’t Donald Trump’s milquetoast tweet that forced the GOP into a hasty, humiliating, Day 1 retreat.
        It was 24 hours of intense backlash from every corner of America – prior to Trump’s tweet – that forced the GOP into retreat.
        It was the New York Times that uncovered and exposed the GOP’s secret meeting, at night, on a federal holiday and announced to the world what these cretins were up to.
        The phone lines of the swamp dwelling, ethics-challenged members of the GOP Congress had been overwhelmed for hours on end before Donald Trump scrawled out his milquetoast tweet.

        It was an enraged America that turned the table of the backroom shenanigans of the corrupt GOP.

        It comes as no surprise that you have no f..king idea what the fake news menace is all about.

      • bynd says:

        Anonymous: @ 9:21

        Takes real intelligence for foul language doesn’t it.
        Sarcasm you dolt.
        Get over yourself, you just aren’t that impressive. Nor that bright.

  14. Trumpkin says:

    House Republicans, overriding Paul Ryan, voted to cut the power of the “independent ethics office” established in 2008 by Nancy Pelosi after several Congress members went to jail. — Ever since Vice President Burr killed the first Treasury Secty. of the USA, and early Senators beat the brains out of other Senators while in session, we all grasp that those we elect are human beings who can commit crimes. The Constitution provides means for Congress to police itself, punish its own members, and for voters to vote them out. But that is hard work for Congressional leaders.

    So what exactly was Pelosi’s “independent ethics office” for? It was her, and now for Paul Ryan, to perform a version of President Obama playing the “IT’S NOT MY FAULT” card. It’s a way for them to avoid doing their job. They want to lead but have as little responsibility as possible.

    Politicians like Pelosi and Ryan want to show up, tell people what to do, look powerful and be responsible for nothing. They try to get others to take the heat for their mistakes. An Independent House Ethics office exists so Ryan can blame it instead of HIM DOING HIS OWN JOB.

    It is rotten of those who seek power to then avoid responsibility. Such people are drawn like dung flies to legislative jobs. We similar saw 2016 presidential candidates on both sides defend political correctness that says, ultimately, nothing is anyone’s personal fault. They sugar coat and side step. But Trump of course does things differently. And painfully. There is a lot of anti-PC going on these days. Good. Acting grown up is the first step towards being grown up.

    Keep those posts coming Professor. Try some baking soda to get that sour taste out.

    • Dr. Moreau says:


      Provided no other symptoms of schizophrenia are exhibited, yours is a textbook case of Delusional Disorder.
      A malady seemingly universal amongst Trumpkins.

      Hang in there, psychopharmacology is eagerly seeking a solution.
      It’s a quest that’s been newly invigorated. An immediate patient population/market of 62,979,879 has just been identified and a new strain of psychotropics is right now awaiting deployment.
      The scientific community generally refers to this new line of drugs as C.U.L.’s (Crazy Uncle Liberty).
      They’re simply awaiting Trump’s inauguration and his subsequent deregulation of the pharmaceutical industry. After all, why waste all that time and money testing them on animals?

    • anonymous says:

      I heard Fox News balked at the spending the money to retain Megyn Kelly. The Murdoch sons (who have taken over after the departure serial molester Roger Ailes), have done extensive audience testing and have a new, much more cost effective strategy.
      They’re replacing Kelly with a poster of Farrah Fawcett, circa 1976.
      In the background they’ll rotate a variety of trained animals riding little electric scooters while playing on a loop the soundtrack of Hee Haw.

      They’re certain it will prove to be a ratings bonanza.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I like how Trump simply orders the House about with a tweet. Ethics panel, truncated ethics panel, whoops untruncated ethics panel. Looks like the House Freedom Caucus is now the House “Trump’s Bitch” Caucus. Can’t wait to see what the President-Elect will order the Majority Party of the People’s House to do next, maybe jump through a burning hoop for some biscuits?

      • Anonymous says:

        …said bynd to himself in the mirror. Yesterday. As in what Trump tweeted yesterday. As in the House backing out its change yesterday at Trump’s behest. After a clear statement from the constituents of Republican House members not to castrate the Ethics panel. You know, that thing we all read about YESTERDAY? Who cares what Ben Nelson did years ago? Is Nelson somehow involved in what the Republicans tried to do yesterday but were stopped by Trump? Bynd you’re as witless as House Republicans are dickless. They weren’t elected to be subservient to the President-Elect.

        Democrats? Done. Obama? Done. Nelson? Done and forgotten to boot. And your silence, bynd, implies your consent to Trump’s imperial presidency.

      • Anonymous says:


        A clever person you are not.

        I see you are the type where if she doesn’t say anything, you think she is saying yes and proceed with the assault.

        But you know what, better Trump than the divisive and violent politics of identity.

        And if it is the opposite of what you believe, then it must right.

        Remember the slaughter of over 400,000 at Aleppo is yours and Obama to own. And you complain about some one who isn’t even in charge yet. If only you would hold yourself to the same standards you expect from others.

        But I have noticed that about you, no personal responsibility. Just moronic statements like your silence means you agree”.

        Those witless Republicans own the House, Senate and Presidency. So what does that make you, losing to the witless? You have been rebuked by America and rendered irrelevant. Spout off all you want, losers have nothing valid to say. Get over it, the election is over.

        You’re starting to make ricky look intelligent.

      • Fighting Dems says:

        Anonymous at 2:52,

        You’re of course referring to the slaughter of 400,000 in the – Russian/Syrian war – that is Aleppo?

        A Russian/Syrian war in which the blood continues to flow in abundance, thanks to Donald Trump’s bff – Vladmir Putin.
        The same Russia discussed at a 2008 real estate conference in New York, by Donald Trump’s offspring, Donald Jr. who is quoted saying:
        “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”
        Trump Jr. added, “we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

        Two questions for you Putin patronizing, Assange admiring Trumpkins:
        1) How much American blood should we have spilled/be spilling intervening in yet another centuries long battle between perpetually warring factions of religious zealots in the middle east?

        President Obama has stood with grieving families as the caskets were unloaded at Dover.

        2) How many trillions of American taxpayer dollars should Obama have committed to a proxy war against Russia, a country ruled by a KGB thug with a little-man complex. A ‘government’ much more resembling a mob family hierarchy than a Republic?
        A corrupt little dictator, who calls Trump his friend, while enriching himself and his allies courtesy of the dwindling coffers of a declining economy currently smaller than that of Brazil.

        President Obama was forced to account for the trillions of dollars in losses incurred by GW Bush’s unfunded, off-the-books adventures in ‘spreadin’ democracy’.

      • bynd says:

        Fighting Dems:

        Ignorance is bliss,

        First rule of being the most powerful military in the world, the world must believe you will do as you say. Not, do not cross the Red line and do nothing.

        Many of the causalities in Aleppo were in hospital schools etc. Since you trust intelligence so much, the first time Assad’s forces hit a non military target and they told you so, tell Assad any more flights over Aleppo will be shot down. But Obama would not have gotten away with that. He was viewed as weak. He set the stage for Aleppo with the most powerful military in the world at his disposal.

        And actually, it was Obama who got caught telling the Russians he could stop a missile defense system in Europe after he was re-elected so they wouldn’t get so upset. So I guess I am wrong. Obama wasn’t their friend, he was their door mat.

        And the rest of your post, white noise gibberish. I love to watch some one try to defend the indefensible. What lows you won’t stoop too. What you won’t prostitute yourself for.

  16. Fighting Dems says:

    President Obama’s nomination of the eminently qualified Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court remained before the Senate longer than any other Supreme Court nomination in history. In an unprecedented act of subterfuge, the GOP stole a Supreme Court appointment from President Obama.

    Last night, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said:
    “(it is) hard for me to imagine a nominee that Donald Trump would choose that would get Republican support that we could support.”

    When pushed, Schumer intimated this is a position he was comfortable maintaining throughout a Trump tenure.
    Assuming Trump is capable of avoiding an impeachable offense (which many believe unlikely), Schumer seems willing, almost eager, to adopt the GOP’s strategy and deny Trump an appointment.

  17. Fighting Dems says:

    Julian Assange is currently hiding out in the the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Since 2010 the United States has been seeking to prosecute him under for espionage.

    For his crimes again America, Assange has recently enjoyed a hearty reach-around by Fox News uber clown, Sean “the Meathead” Hannity.

    Today, America’s President elect, Donald “Putin’s Puppet” Trump took to the twitter to declare he believes the word of criminal-in-hiding Julian Assange – a traitor to America – over that of our own United States Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    What in God’s name is wrong with you people?!

    I invite one of you Trumpkin clowns to step forward and defend this.

      • Fighting Dems says:

        What a super response!
        Thanks for the insight into why Trumpkins admire a POTUS who publicly shi&s on our intelligence community in order to side with a traitor!

        Sorry Trump Clown, a swing and miss.. no.., no.. that wasn’t even a swing.
        You’re apparently just standing ‘at the plate’, staring at you shoes.

  18. Fighting Dems says:

    Republicans are seeking to pass a budget, this week, that will institute Trump’s proposed massive tax cuts for the wealthy. A tax cut that will add, according to Rand Paul, $8.8 Trillion dollars to the debt in the coming decade. The GOP is fully aware their budget adds more than $8 Trillion to debt, it’s clearly spelled out in the proposal. Yearly deficits totaling:
    Fiscal Year 2017: $582,574,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2018: $541,560,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2019: $673,600,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2020: $728,659,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2021: $785,164,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2022: $897,085,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2023: $892,854,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2024: $863,233,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2025: $946,057,000,000
    Fiscal Year 2026: $1,008,577,000,000

    Rand Paul is the only Republican to have stepped forward to call out this Republican fleecing of the people who elected Trump.

    In addition, The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, an officially nonpartisan (in reality right leaning) fiscal budget hawk organization that has long sought to scale back entitlements (SocSec, Medicare, Medicaid), issued a report today warning Republicans that the repeal of Obamacare will add $350 Billion to the debt in the coming decade.
    Oh, and of course, should Republicans be successful in the repeal thousands of Americans will die and many multiples of those thousands will suffer for lack of basic care. To top it off, demographics clearly show that the group that will suffer the most, the unwitting masses who voted for Donald Trump.

    You people are all being played for fools and the process you’re putting the welfare of our nation in peril.

    • bynd says:

      fighting chicken little.

      Defend Trump, why?

      Better to ask you what have you said in the last couple of years to indicate you any freaking idea about what you are saying .Nada.

      As to Assange. Many of us believe that my country right or wrong is an amoral attitude. Obviously not you. Secrecy in government while doing wrong is SOP for the USA. You must worship the likes of Oliver North. Do as you want, but be prepared for the consequences when you get caught.

      And you folks use to call the Repubs fear mongers. By your silence you’ve already supported the slaughter of over 400,000 in Aleppo. Obama’s Sarajevo. That’s a lot blood you’ll never wash off.

      You have no moral high road. Because there isn’t one.

      Must be real strong hallucinogenics you are taking though.

      • Fighting Dems says:

        So, let me get this straight.

        Julian Assange, wanted for espionage against America, should be embraced and celebrated by Republicans while at the same time our incoming Republican President should be applauded for shi^^ing on the U.S. intelligence community…
        ..because Ronald Reagan, Oliver North and the Iran Contra scandal?

        And Sarajevo… really?
        How about a little refresher course –
        Oct. 22, 2016, Boston Globe
        Remembering war, grateful Bosnians rally for Hillary Clinton
        SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Residents of Sarajevo expressed Saturday their support for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming U.S. presidential election based in part on the role her husband’s administration had in ending Bosnia’s devastating war during the 1990s.

        Your rate of failure remains impressive, bynd.

      • bynd says:

        Ignorant Dem:

        Well, let’s see, Guccifer, who has been more right on than the Obama administration about hacking says the WH scenario of Russia hacking the US is wrong.

        Even if Russia did hack the DNC, so what? The emails were the problem, not the hacking. The weakness s of the Dems doesn’t allow them to take responsibility or admit the truth. Your a pretty pathetic bunch. The US government is also guilty of espionage against other nations, most notably Israel. Your moral outrage is rather selective.

        Yes Clinton ended it after 70,000 to possible 135,000 Muslims in Sarajevo had been slaughtered. That would make him and and you racists under your own definition. They must have been grateful that he didn’t let the Serbs slaughter them all . Wow, aren’t you just on top of it all. Justifying the slaughter of so many. Weak, so weak.

        I have no failure. You have a string of them starting two years ago. As I said, you have no history that would support any claim that you have any freaking idea of what you are talking about.

        Give it up. Your blind ignorance just keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper. Hillary, House, Senate, Ashford = imbecile Dems. No party has lost as many seats in the total US as those lost under Obama. And sycophants like you will tell any lie or spin any situation to make it look like some how, you have to be right, some where. Why do you have so little respect for your self?

  19. Fighting Dems says:

    Even more bizarre. Didn’t think that was possible.

    Guccifer? Really? What right wing toxic swamp do you pull this shi& from?
    Your newest idol, ‘Guccifer’ is a convicted, currently imprisoned criminal.
    Real name Marcel Lazăr Lehel. In 2014 he was jailed in his native Romania for seven years after being convicted of hacking emails of Romanian officials. He was subsequently extradited by Romania to the United States, where in May 2016, Lehel was indicted in U.S, Federal Court on nine charges: three counts of wire fraud, three counts of gaining unauthorized access to protected computers, and one count each of aggravated identity theft, cyberstalking and obstruction of justice. He pleaded guilty in U.S. federal court to two charges and in September 2016, he was sentenced to 52 months in U.S. prison.
    Romanian authorities asked for Lehel to be extradited to his home nation to complete his seven-year prison sentence, after which he’ll be shipped back to the U.S. to serve his federal prison sentence.

    And –
    we’re supposed to respect your opinion over that of the citizens of Sarajevo who saw family members slaughtered in the Bosnian War? Citizens who overtly support and praise the Clinton’s for their intervention?

    You get more delusional by the hour, bynd.

    • bynd says:

      Sadam had WMDs and ISIS was the JV. I would think you would learn.

      And what are 400,000 lives worth? Obama let the JV make a fool of him. And then Putin did the same. Obama wanted to be there. No one made him. He could have stopped the slaughter. That’s the point bozo. Not who endorsed who. How illiterate can one get. In your case, it seems there is no bottom. Keep spouting off loser. You lost to a carrot head, reality clown. It is why you lost and why you will keep you on losing. You folks didn’t have the smarts to win this time and your inability to admit your flaws will keep you loosing and becoming more and more irrelevant. Obama lost more government seats to Republicans than ever before. What more do you need to prove you have no clue? Purposefully ignorance. How impressive you are. Not!

  20. ISIS is downright giddy says:

    Headquartered at the George Bush Center for Intelligence in Langley, Virginia, the nation’s top spy agency, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT). As one of the principal members of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the President and Cabinet.
    Unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is a domestic security service, the CIA has no law enforcement function and is mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering.
    ..the CIA serves as the national manager for coordination of HUMINT activities across the entire intelligence community. Moreover, the CIA is the only agency authorized by law to carry out and oversee covert action at the behest of the President..
    The CIA has five priorities:
    1) Counterterrorism, the top priority, given the ongoing Global War on Terror.
    2) Nonproliferation of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.
    3) Warning/informing American leaders of important overseas events.
    4) Counterintelligence.
    5) Cyber intelligence.

    The CIA was directly responsible for the intelligence leading to and the planning of the daring nighttime raid (Operation Neptune Spear) that captured/killed Osama Bin Laden.
    The CIA is the lead organization in uncovering, tracking down and rooting out ISIS and many other terrorist organizations around the globe.
    The CIA is the organization that carried out (likely still carries out) the”enhanced interrogation techniques” so warmly embraced by the right.

    Every patriotic American to have ever served in the CIA takes a solemn oath, swears to God, that he/she “will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”.

    Jan 4, Wall Street Journal –
    “WASHINGTON—President-elect Donald Trump, a harsh critic of U.S. intelligence agencies, is working with top advisers on a plan that would restructure and pare back the nation’s top spy agency, people familiar with the planning said..”

    Donald Trump at Iowa Central Community College, Ft. Dodge, Iowa, November 12, 2015:
    “I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me.”

    Our psychologically unbalanced, arrested development President-elect is a danger to the welfare of our citizens and the security of our nation.

  21. Anonymous says:

    10:37 am. I was a senior security analyst for the DOD. You have little understanding of that which you speak. And you seem to buy every feint performed by PE Trump. You take what he tweets as gospel. Good luck with that. Many establishment Republicans, Democrats and Press have not only underestimated him, but have outright disregarded the need to even try to look below the surface. And that makes your views in this new political environment near worthless.

    Your haughty leftist indignation that usually treats US patriotism like a hillbilly cult is now turned by you to present yourself as indignantly patriotic. Fine. If you have more ribbons and scars than do I, good for you and bless you for it. But in the end, your feelings, your anger, resentment, bewilderment, and whatever else is driving you to refuse to look beyond what Trump waives under your nose for the idiots to absorb, is being dumbly absorbed by you.

    You have much company. Many Ph.Ds, pundits and pros are equally myopic. All of you 100% sure that what you see, presented by a better actor than Reagan, isn’t for your soppy silly benefit.

    You trying to appear patriotic, it’s like a hooker protesting their virtue. After decades of Democrats jerking GOP establishment leaders like monkeys on a leftist chain of PC punishments, somebody showed up and broke your chain.

    You are the reason he won. You. Your myopic inability. It drives you. And you haven’t a clue as to what happened or why.

    • ISIS is downright giddy says:

      “.. what Trump waives under your nose for the idiots to absorb, ”

      You mean, waiving under noses stuff like:
      1) ‘Build a wall’ — and make Mexico pay for it
      2) Deport millions of immigrants
      3) Ban muslims from entering the country
      4) Bring back coal mining jobs
      5) Bomb ISIS and take their oil
      6) Repeal Obamacare – “on Day One” and replace it with “something terrific”, something much, much cheaper and much, much better
      7) Prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private server
      8) Target and kill the relatives of terrorists
      9) Reduce the debt while passing massive tax cuts for the 0.01% that dwarf those of GW Bush. (the GOP -today- passed a Trump inspired budget resolution that would add more than $8 Trillion dollars to the debt over the next 10 years)
      10) Pledge, in writing, the GOP will enact no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

      And the idiots absorbed it.
      And the idiots elected him.

      Trump will accomplish not a single one of these pledges.

      Not one.
      Except for, possibly Number 8.
      God forbid, should a developmentally challenged Trump lead us to WWIII, and the nukes begin to fly, it will likely be hard not to kill the families of terrorists, along with countless millions more.
      Obama arrived just in time to be able to save our nation from the global financial meltdown wrought by GW and his special interest owned, deregulation loving GOP. But, it is certain to take generations of Trump successors to patch back together an irradiated, wholly devastated planet.

  22. Lil Mac says:

    Disregard everything any elected official has to say. Look to what they actually do. The current brouhaha ala Emails and hacking seems a handy smokescreen while US intel is being restructured. And that need didn’t start with Trump. Nor with Obama.

    Bush, in response to the failure to predict 911 attacks, blended FBI and CIA rivalry with NSA politicking and plodding Homeland Security, etc. on the hope that this cramming together would produce good intel. It made things worse. It removed the benefit of different sources confirming each other and turned intelligence into one stop political tooling.

    Trump’s early first three cabinet picks came because in Oct 2016, Obama was initiating deep changes to intelligence foundations; Trump’s announcement effectively shut that down. His picks for AG (FBI), CIA, and NSA all know the structure but also each has skin in the game of reform. The CIA today is like Hoover’s FBI yesterday, hardened heads and arteries. Unfortunately, Bush cocked it up. He had to do something. We were attacked. He tried to pour it all into a vat and let it mature into wine. It turned vinegar. BHO being more political and less solutionist in viewpoint naturally sees this differently than DT. Stirring the pot a little isn’t enough. It is important to get this right.

  23. McCollister quotes says:

    “Norris is rolling over in his grave.” Translation. My dad would be rolling over in his grave if he saw my voting record.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Democrats torturing a retarded person to make a point about Trump reveals the true nature of the Democratic Party. Doesn’t matter the Democrats were Black. Black Lives Matter springs directly from the Political Correctness at the heart of DNC-ism which is increasingly revealed to be like its brethren “isms”, National Socialism and Soviet Socialism and the extant Sino Socialism that has poured money into the DNC and Clinton’s funds and foundations for decades.

    Russia and China are obviously disadvantaged by Trump building up the US military that Obama has literally emasculated–even to forcing male USN sailors to urinate sitting down. (No kidding.)

    While Trump is clearly for American nationalism and the RNC is too, the DNC’s Progressives see America as a potential and proper province of a worldwide earth government. That vision of the USA as equal to other nations, including rotten tyrannies, is pure US Progressive-think. That vision of a USA without sovereignty is why the DNC displays such an affinity for Communist China and antipathy toward the Russian Republic that rejected the Marxism that US Democrats keep hoping will work if only done the DNC way. And that makes DNC Progressives a cancer within. A self-blinded bunch who find wealth sharing good and demand outcomes be equalized while eliminating the individual freedom to fail or succeed which is freedom.

    US Democrats think themselves into unethical corners. They deem themselves perpetual victims, saintly heartfelts who have a duty to make others obey for the greater good. Even to torturing the retarded. – Many Auschwitz guards felt sorry for those they slaughtered but knew it must be for the greater good. They were given psychological care to help them deal with the “good” policy they were executing. Similarly, Soviet gulag inmates worshiped their state’s leaders who killed them; confident in the greater good. – There are always reasons and excuses for hammering individuals in the name of the many. But that is the opposite of the free individual being the heart and foundation of the United States.

  25. anon says:

    This blog, solely dedicated to the promotion of Jean Stothert, has no comment re Stothert ducking debates with Heath Mello?

    Apparently she’s taking a page from the Deb Fischer playbook, who disappeared into K Street in Washington D.C for months prior to the U.S. Senate election back in 2012.

    Jim Suttle granted Stothert 13 separate debates and joint forums..

    Mello has reached out to Stothert asking for 7 debates, one in each city council ward. Multiple opportunities to engage the community and each other in conversation about the future of Omaha.
    HALF the number of debates Suttle granted Stothert.

    And chicken Jean dodged him.

    Why is this acceptable to Republicans?

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