Whines and cheeses

It is high comedy when the Democrats in the Nebraska Legislature whine and moan about the “new partisanship” in the Unicameral.


Wait, what? I thought the Unicameral didn’t have parties? How do we know they’re Democrats?

Bob Krist, who had his bottom handed to him (family blog here) on the Executive Board vote is the latest to cite the “black day” in the Legislature because Republicans took all but one committee chair.

This Tweet summed it up:

Well, here’s some news Senator: Nebraskans were tired of voting for Republicans and having Democrats be put in charge. Because to most, party does mean something. Nebraskans saw the Legislature abolish the death penalty and promptly voted it right back in. Nebraskans saw the RINOs vote contrary to their districts and voted them out.

Welcome to voters and their representatives giving State Senators a clue.

Of course the really comical part is that Democrats in the Legislature vote as a block on nearly ALL of the right/left issues. But as soon as Republicans vote with those they agree with politically in this political body, “Oh my! The partisanship!”

Cry me a river.


The Omaha Mayor’s race is officially gearing up with former State Senator Heath Mello challenging Mayor Jean Stothert to seven debates across Omaha, one in each city council district.

Why Mello thinks only 7 is sufficient when there were way more than that last time is unknown. Or why he didn’t invite the other announced Mayoral candidate, Taylor Royal, who has turned in exactly as many signatures to put his name on the ballot as Mello has, also a head-scratcher.

Then there’s the issue of “transparency” that Mello has been so fond of for about 4 weeks. After demanding “transparency” from the Mayor, who has responded to the Nebraska Democrats’ records request with over 2,400 documents from the city, Mello hid from a demand by the Stothert campaign for HIS records as a State Senator.

Specifically, Mello responded to the the Stothert campaign (in the 3rd quarter of the Nebraska – Tennessee Music City Bowl so as to duck away from the press) saying he DECLINED the request:

“This is consistent normal practice of other Legislative members who have received similar requests including former State Senators Deb Fischer and John Nelson.”

But when asked Thursday, U.S. Senator Deb Fischer specifically called out Mello’s statement. In a call with reporters Senator Fischer said:

“I don’t know where Mr. Mello got his information from, but he’s wrong. The request (made to Fischer by the Nebraska Democrats in 2012) was for my calendar, my schedules. We printed those off and we mailed them to the Nebraska Democrat Party, and heard nothing about it again. I haven’t talked to Heath for the last four years since I left the Legislature, so I don’t know where he got that information. But it’s wrong.”

Ball’s in your court Heath.
Any other excuses for hiding your records?


Holy moley the Omaha World-Herald went after Senator Ben Sasse today. In an editorial they attacked Sasse for quitting the Senate Agriculture Committee and joining the Senate Armed Services Committee instead.

Beyond the fact that Nebraska is already represented on Armed Services by fellow Nebraska Republican Deb Fischer, Sasse left the Ag Committee, which has seated a Nebraskan since the 1970s.

“Sasse’s decision ends that tradition, and it’s troubling.”

On that note, North Omahan, via Bellevue, State Senator Ernie Chambers is now on the Legislature’s Ag Committee.



Congratulations to new Congressman Don Bacon – NE02.

You can find him on Twitter @DonJBacon and on Facebook at RepDonBacon.

And Leavenworth St.’s founder Jerry Kratochvil, a/k/a Street Sweeper, has a new Twitter account: @JerryKrat. Follow him for all things in the local zeitgeist.


  1. Chuck Finn says:

    I don’t think the problem is too many Republicans in committee chairs, it’s all of the new senators that were elected because Ricketts bankrolled their campaigns were getting these chairs. Ricketts was embarrassed by the legislature a few too many time last year, so he needs to put his own cronies in position to help him out this year. He might be able to get his daddy’s tax cut through this year now.

    • One plus One equals Two says:

      If sheep elect wolves to be their shepherds, then they deserve to be eaten.

      Kleptocracy (from Greek: κλεπτοκρατία, klépto- thieves + -kratos rule, literally “rule by thieves”)
      A government with corrupt rulers (kleptocrats) that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory in order to extend their personal wealth and political power. Typically this system involves the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population (see: Platte Institute, ALEC, Mark Fahleson’s sales tax proposal), sometimes without even the pretense of honest service.

  2. Dundee Dell says:

    I know all of the Dems and (McCollister and Hilkeman) met in secret to control the CD 2 caucus but I will not say a word. Sorry Sara, you got caught trying to be sneaky.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sarah Howard and Burke Harr will just blame Justin Wayne for their own attempt to chop off Murante from the exec committee.

    • anon says:

      Ernie’s “little sister” self serving Sara’s act didn’t sway for the committee chair, gone to that well every time, like the optometrist bill she referenced, I was in tears

  4. See Jean Run says:

    Reading comprehension in camp Stothert apparently falls far below the national average.

    As has been clearly pointed out to them, under Nebraska Public Records Law, the “correspondence, memoranda, and records of telephone calls related to the performance of duties by a member of the Legislature in whatever form,” may be withheld from the public.

    Stothert’s demand is pure ploy.

    Of course, if Bill Kintner would like to step forward and establish a new precedence for NE Legislators, I’m certain there are a many who would love to rifle through 4 years of his emails.

    Plus, context.
    Unlike Jean Stothert, Health Mello has never been embroiled in controversy over his official email and text messages.

  5. The Committees says:

    Thought it’d be nice to see the whole make-up of the committees.

    Jim Scheer of Norfolk

    Executive Board of the Legislative Council
    Dan Watermeier, Chairperson, John Kuehn (Vice-Chair), Kate Bolz, Ernie Chambers, Sue Crawford, Dan Hughes, Tyson Larson, John McCollister, Jim Scheer, John Stinner (Ex Officio)

    Committee on Committees
    Joni Craighead (Chairperson), Steve Erdman, Curt Friesen, Mike Groene, Burke Harr, Robert Hilkemann, Sara Howard, Mark Kolterman, John Kuehn, Adam Morfeld, Patty Pansing Brooks, Paul Schumacher, Jim Smith

    Enrollment and Review
    Anna Wishart (Chairperson)

    Mike Hilgers (Chairperson), Burke Harr, Bob Krist, John Kuehn, Jim Scheer (Ex Officio), Paul Schumacher

    Brasch (Chairperson), Albrecht, Blood, Chambers, Halloran, Harr, Krist, Lowe

    Stinner (Chairperson), Bolz, Hilkemann, Kintner, Kuehn, McDonnell, Vargas, Watermeier, Wishart

    Banking, Commerce and Insurance
    Lindstrom (Chairperson), Baker, Brewer, Craighead, Kolterman, McCollister, Schumacher, Williams

    Business and Labor
    Albrecht (Chairperson), Chambers, Crawford, Halloran, Hansen, Howard, Lowe

    Groene (Chairperson), Ebke, Erdman, Kolowski, Linehan, Morfeld, Pansing Brooks, Walz

    General Affairs
    Larson (Chairperson), Blood, Brasch, Harr, Krist, Quick, Riepe, Wayne

    Government, Military and Veterans Affairs
    Murante (Chairperson),Blood, Brewer, Briese, Craighead, Hilgers, Lowe, Wayne

    Health and Human Services
    Riepe (Chairperson), Crawford, Erdman, Howard, Kolterman, Linehan, Williams

    Ebke (Chairperson), Baker, Chambers, Halloran, Hansen, Krist, Morfeld, Pansing Brooks

    Natural Resources
    Hughes (Chairperson), Albrecht, Bostelman, Geist, Kolowski, McCollister, Quick, Walz

    Nebraska Retirement Systems
    Kolterman (Chairperson), Bolz, Groene, Kolowski, Lindstrom, Stinner

    Smith (Chairperson), Brasch, Friesen, Groene, Harr, Larson, Lindstrom, Schumacher

    Transportation and Telecommunications
    Friesen (Chairperson), Bostelman, Briese, Geist, Hilgers, Hughes, Murante, Smith

    Urban Affairs
    Wayne (Chairperson), Crawford, Hansen, Howard, Larson, Quick, Riepe

    Watermeier (Chairperson), Kuehn (Vice-Chair), Bolz, Chambers, Crawford, Hughes, Larson, McCollister,
    Scheer, Stinner (nonvoting ex officio)

    Hilgers (Chairperson), Harr, Krist, Kuehn, Schumacher, Scheer (ex officio)

  6. Peanut Gallery says:

    Senator Krist looks upset in the photo, but nothing like the look on Senator Hilkemann’s face! Done got caught!

  7. anon says:

    Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated, yet again, he is truly a colossal imbecile.
    After being brief today by U.S. intelligence on Russia’s hacking activities, he released to the press a “Statement by President-Elect Donald J. Trump” (a letter emblazoned with the cartoonish ‘seal’ somebody scratched out to make his correspondence look somehow official).

    The letter contains a series of – BLATANT LIES – about what was relayed by U.S. intelligence officials.

    We know they are lies because the intelligence report on the Russian hack, containing the very information provided Trump, was RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC shortly after his briefing!!

    The CIA notified the press, hell the hole world, that after briefing Trump this report would be released to the public.
    How in God’s name did the dimwit collective that constitutes team Trump not know their lies would be immediately exposed!

    It’s a level of incompetence hard to fathom.

      • anon says:

        As of last August, 72% of Republicans still doubt President Obama’s citizenship.

        Half of Republicans still believe we found WMDs in Iraq.

        52% of Republicans believe Trump won the popular vote.
        (if I recall correctly, you are among this deluded 52%)

        Nearly half of Republicans believe Hillary Clinton is involved in a satanic child prostitution ring operated from beneath a pizzeria in Washington D.C.

        Nearly all Republicans believe Trump is going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.

        In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

      • bynd says:


        Yeah, If I recall, you have dementia, and you have shown it again.

        And once again, your rant says nothing. But that is who you are and what you do. Nothing, just like your Venus goddess HRC. Who believes Russia, the FBI and/or the tooth fairy made her loose.

        All the polls but two said HRC would win, and yet you still believe polls. Delusional is the word for your state of mind. But keep the comedy coming. You lost to Trump. No worse thing can be said of anyone.

  8. To peanut says:

    LMAO. Here is my take.

    Krist: Maybe being a condescending d-bag was not such a good idea.

    Hilkenmen: Oh crap. I just attracted a primary opponent

    McCollister: I thought meeting secretly with Democrats to screw Republicans was a great idea. Don’t you know I am smarter than you!!!!

    Sara Howard: Well that secret meeting backfired

    Groene: Bye Felicia!!!! You picked the wrong blue hair to mess with.

  9. Bluejay says:

    In a five minute interview on KFAB Jane Kleeb bragged about our nonpartisan Unicameral and later was excited about three new Dems elected. If it is nonpartisan how do we know they are .Dems?

    The nonpartisan label is just cover for Dems to dupe low information voters. Brad.Ashford tried it.

    And Kleeb should be DNC chair for life. With her in charge the Dems will continue to lose at every level. Mello won’t get 40%.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The intelligence information is quite clear.
    One of the world’s most corrupt leaders, Vladmir Putin, and the mafia-like oligarchy that rules Russia clearly believed it was in the best interest of themselves and their country that a Republican was elected President of the United States.

    • bynd says:

      So, ISIS thought they could build a Caliphate. And the sultan of Brunei treated Bill Clinton like one of his family right after implementing sharia law in his country.

      And if Obama had stood up to Putin, we wouldn’t be where we are today with them.

      It does no good to have the most powerful military when you have the weakest leader.

      Isn’t it great, we can blame the next four years on Obama. How apropos.

  11. Outsider says:

    The Dems have even caucused on the legislative floor in the corner and now complain of partisanship? Best day ever was to see Burke Harr lose his committee!!

  12. threadcount says:

    Spartacus, interesting set of comments in-milieu. There seems a thread throughout.

    Eunuchcameraled Democrats, who have long thrived by advertising their love of being non-Party, suddenly reveal themselves as being all-Party; uncharacteristic of they who are usually better at playing the hypocrisy game than that.

    Then we have Mello being so unfocused as to rate two, count’em two, “wrongs” from Senator Deb Fischer. He was talking directly about her and failed to fact check, which is sophomoric of a politician, for it prevents them from being even passably convincing as a useful hypocrite.

    And Sen. Ben Sasse, who seems to look down his nose at everyone, especially reserving his superiority against Republicans like Fischer whom he tries to subtly patronize, reveals himself a total self-centered shit by getting off the Senate AG committee that Nebraskans need, and getting on the SASC that Fischer already has seniority on. – Screw Nebraska, Sasse is all Kerrey in your DC NYC face. — She may however put Ben in a high chair with a bib. For the Fischer is more fisher than fish, more crafty than booky smart Sassy may predict. That said, Sasse has some chops for the new job. But him throwing AG out of the window is tantamount to treason to AG Nebraska. Basically, he’s the same shit he was before. Before what? Before he was born.

    The common thread here is, the Democrats and Sasse really, really, really thought Hillary would win. Really. And they lost their minds as a result of her loss. Or more accurately, they lost situational awareness to the point of spastically masturbating, complete with neck twitch and a faraway stare, in their corner of the cage in full view of others, quite unaware their nervous habits are visible. Being very disappointed will do that to the politically correct thin skinned. Their nerve endings are dipped in hot sauce and what seems “whine” is really more like the infamous “silent scream”.

    • anon says:

      Ben Sasse high-tailing out of the convention, suit flapping, head half turned addressing reporter on the fly out of the Quest Center-freik you people! Then on to Colorado to give a speech

  13. The Eye Ball says:

    Your boiling up nonsense like a Democrat does or just being stupid. The so-called “Ag Committee” is largely about food stamps. That is why Brad Ashford, Democrat who represented Omaha, was on the House ag committee.

  14. One and Done says:

    Ben got caught lying about his reasons for leaving the Ag committee. He said it was because he was asked to serve on Judiciary. However that is a false statement as 3 other US Senators both serve on Ag and Judiciary. Grassley, Leahy, and Klobuchar. I think Nebraskans are on to this twit.

  15. Sandhills Republican says:

    I agree. Senator Sasse campaigned in our neck of the woods that he was a strong supporter of agriculture. He gave up his chairmanship of a very important sub-committee that was involved with marketing of our ag exports. He will cost us millions of dollars in lost sales.

    • The Eye Ball says:

      Some of you just can’t stop making up stuff can you? Sasse will be doing the heavy work on the Judiciary Committee. That is why he was ASKED to be on the Committtee.
      As for Agriculture Committee, many of you are exaggerating its importance. It has largely been a food stamp committee. While the Agriculture Committee does do some important stuff, agriculture is well represented by Senators such as Joni Ernst. Wish some of you would do a bit of homework on this stuff because you merely are helping the Buffett World Herald.

      • Clue Merchant says:

        Here’s the Press Release from camp Sasse – dated January 28, 2015
        Sasse Will Lead Key Agriculture Subcommittee
        Today, United States Senator Ben Sasse was named chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Livestock, Marketing, and Agriculture Security.

        “It is a tremendous honor to serve as the chairman of this important subcommittee,” said Senator Sasse. “Nebraskans know farming and ranching better than anyone in Washington and I’m honored to take their insight, ideas, and hard-work approach to the subcommittee. Our state leads the country in red meat production and pioneers innovations for the next generation of farming. I look forward to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Nebraska’s producers as we promote responsible policy and keep the future of agriculture strong.”

        “I am pleased to have Senator Sasse on the Committee and I am looking forward to the knowledge and fresh perspective he brings to our work on behalf of American agriculture,” Chairman Roberts said. “As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Livestock, Marketing and Agriculture Security, he will be well positioned to represent Nebraskans’ interests in these issues.”

        “Nebraska has much at stake related to the livestock sector given its place as the number one cattle feeding and total red meat producing state,” said Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation President Steve Nelson. “Our cattle, pork, dairy and poultry industries will now have a strong voice on the Subcommittee on Livestock, Marketing, and Agriculture Security thanks to the leadership and commitment of Senator Sasse. We look forward to working with him in this new role for the betterment of Nebraska’s livestock economy.”

        And the press release that should’ve been issue when last week, self-serving Sasse abandoned his chairmanship of this important to Ag committee, a committee ideally suited to promoting the welfare of Nebraska and our vital ag industry;
        “Oops. Never mind.”

        Ya see, with Sasse’s move to the Judiciary and Armed Services committees, Sasse can better position himself for his 2020 run for POTUS.
        It’s hard to inspire the mandatory hate and rage in your national voting base when talking grazing practices, grain prices and cattle futures.
        Much easier to motivate an angry GOP when you can shovel judicial and military-type drivel to the Tri Corner cap crowd.
        Drivel about ‘others’ trampling on yer consteetution, the righteousness and infallibility of founding fathers who governed an America of 238 years ago, the ‘remedy’ available to all Amurricans via the 2nd amendment and the pressing need to water the Tree of Liberty.

        Pablum, all of it.

        Jesus people, wake the f up.

  16. You should be ashamed your party has become so remarkably diminished says:

    Time is almost up!
    President Obama is REALLY going to have get his game on.

    For 9 years, the grifters and malefactors who comprise the fear-for-profit industry that preys on a disturbingly mal-informed Republican base. Grifters like the NRA, who have guaranteed that Obama would soon command his Black Panther, terrorist sympathizing, jack-booted army of thugs to kick down your doors and confiscate your guns and your gold.
    For years we’ve been promised by dozens of leading TeaParty GOP elites, that at any moment Obama may launch the long his coup of democracy and impose Sharia law on every American.
    Before week’s end, Obama’s Army may sweep up your young ‘uns to be locked away in the Alex Jones’ reported abandoned Wal*Mart stores. Stores that have been converted to terrorist indoctrination camps.
    As forewarned by Bill Kintner and Charlie Janssen – at any hour your property is certain to be seized under the auspices of Obama’s globalist Agenda 21 plot – a scheme likely required to secure land and housing for the arriving hordes of foreign terrorists.
    Any moment now we should be made privy to long awaited proof that Obama truly is a Kenyan, a report we were promised years ago was eminent, because special agents in Hawaii – agents employed our Birther King President Elect – had uncovered the documents PROVING Obama was a foreigner with terrorist ties.
    The news should arrive soon that Obama’s gay bath house lovers from the seedy back streets of Chicago, as reported by WorldNet Daily, will be promoted to positions of authority in every city in America.
    And Hillary’s pedophile sex ring, – a whackjob conspiracy theory retweeted as truth by Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor – will move from under a pizzeria in D.C. to every Pizza Hut in America.
    And we’re only moments away from realizing what Charles Grassley waned us about – men in white coats arriving at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, intent on euthanizing them as ObamaCare’s Death Panels get the green light.

    The NRA, Bill Kintner, Charlie Janssen, Alex Jones, Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Breitbart – thousands more – each and every one, deviously profiting from the collective insanity of a delusional GOP base.
    A base so ill-informed as to have elected Donald Trump President of the United States.

    Alas, I’m probably wrong to include Kintner among the grifters, Kintner likely shares your insanity.
    And for the sake of our children, let’s hope Trump falls into the camp of a principles-free predator seeking financial gain, instead of simply another of the inflicted.

  17. anon says:

    The OWH just published a story calling bullshit on the claims made above re the claims of transparency by both Deb Fischer and Jean Stothert.

  18. Ricky says:

    Mr Mello’s point is that Stothert has done official city business in secret; using text messages that she later deleted. Also why did the city charge so much money to the Mello campaign to get the information that is supposed to be available to the public? What if somebody did not have the cash to pay?
    Good move by Mello for the emails. Can’t wait to see them; Mean Jean probably writes about her intellect level which is not high so it will be good reading.
    And wasn’t it Gov Ricketts that set in motion Justin Wayne to chair urban affairs over the more veteran Crawford? Wayne is a rookie! Can Wayne even chair a committee? Never done it before has he?
    Wait till Wayne stabs the legislators in the back like he did his fellow Omaha Public Schools board members when he and Loserbaugh made them run again. What a sellout is Wayne.
    But not that much has changed as far as a power broker in the legislature; it’s the great Ernie Chambers with his guile and wisdom and experience that will frustrate the righty’s like Hilgers.

    ricky from omaha

    • bynd says:

      Quote from ricky, “Personally I hope Putin has a video of Trump with another woman or maybe with another man”

      So now we see what you really are, a closet gay hating homophobe. You are the lowest of the low.

      • Ricky says:

        ha ha . no I don’t really care. But video with a gay prostitute and Trump would send the evangelicals into a frenzy. In fact, now that I think about it, that’s what Russia probably has on Trump.
        Either that or with an underage gal.
        I think Street Sweeper, after he gets done being a toadie for Mean Jean, should look into that.

      • bynd says:

        Sorry ricky, once you throw the slur, you don’t get off with just a haha. Only a homophobic person believes that relations between same sex persons is a blackmail offense. Obviously you care. You were voicing something you thought was horrible. And then to top it off, you go after prostitutes. Aren’t you just a judgemental ass.

        And the best part is, those who voted for Trump knew what he was before they voted for them. So it really isn’t a big deal. As opposed to you who has hidden in the closet of homophobia until you revealed yourself and HRC and her top dogs who revealed them selves as just plain jerks. At least Trump was honest about what he was. You make Trump look like an angel. And if the evangelicals cared, Trump would not have elected. So shall we add your bigotry to the rest of your putrid personality? Go back to trying Skype Kintner. You make even him look good.

  19. catch says:

    Good catch, Bind, Dems are all about adeptly juggling hypocrisy but under pressure it squirts out.

    Trump, like everyone else elected, is an unknown until they hold office despite what they promised or said before. What makes him different is he baits the stupid inside people to make them kill themselves. That’s a great talent. On the other hand, Democrats offered us a brain damaged crook to replace a truly objectionable US hating, racist Obama.

    “Every time I see Obama he makes my skin crawl.” A non-white female immigrant told me that yesterday.

    How do Dem Progressives account for this? I say they don’t and perhaps can’t. They don’t even account for themselves. The fallacy of sharing wealth that comes from thin air, them hoping an Obama who never held a supervisory job could lead a country, people who hope rather than think that nice is better than real.

    These people are too stupid to survive and Darwin has come for them now, all grim reaper, in the form of Trumpic irony that they swallow and then burst.

    Most of the Left don’t know they are being baited to suicide. And the few who do, think its like fish bait. They think Trump is angling to catch valuable Democrats as if a trophy trout worth keeping.

    If they had sense, they’d have voted for him. Those now left are hopeless creatures and not valuable ones. Democrats being baited now are more like vermin. You don’t bait them like fish.

    Amid Trump’s flurry of feints and parries, he scatters carefully crafted bits of truth very rudely packaged as one might scatter mouse bait and then forget it. The cute little Progressive mice and larger ugly Socialist rats gobble up the anti-PC and then go away to die, quite out of mind but to the overall good for they do carry a plague of PC that weakens the bones, muscle and brains of a nation. That the creatures seem dizzy at this point is understandable.

    • The Horror says:

      Alas, yet another Trumpkin showing clear signs of HSE, Hominid Spongiform Encephalopathy.
      A neurodegenerative disease leading to a spongy degeneration of the brain.

      As we ponder the pending appointment of Donald Trump as POTUS and today’s possible Cabinet appointments of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (aka Racy McRacist) and Ben Carson (aka Benny the Blade), it’s difficult not to picture a future America very much resembling the concluding scenes of the 1978 movie classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
      A future where the dwindling few are forced to hide in fear, clinging desperately to sanity and rational thought.
      The only exception from the movie being that the modern day alien invaders, although appropriating humans as host, will be much easier to spot.
      They’ll all be sporting Make America Great Again caps and waving Gadsden flags.

      • bynd says:

        So we can’t wear the hat, make Russia and ISIS great again, that we wear in honor of Barack? I’m crushed.

  20. Red Dawn says:

    CNN – 26 minutes ago
    (CNN) Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.

    Sources tell CNN that these same allegations about communications between the Trump campaign and the Russians, mentioned in classified briefings for congressional leaders last year, prompted then-Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid to send a letter to FBI Director Comey in October, in which he wrote, “It has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government — a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States.”

    The Trump transition team declined repeated requests for comment.

    end quote

    Now we know why the fawning treatment by Trump of Putin and Russia.
    At the moment James Comey was being told that there were some emails on a laptop that might possibly relate to Hillary Clinton’s email server, he was privy to information that Donald Trump was being blackmailed by Russian intelligence and that his campaign was in regular contact with Moscow. Comey decided that only one of these stories was important enough to break to the public.

    Lock him up.. lock him up.. lock him up.

  21. bynd says:

    I would say that CNN holds as much sway on here for most as Fox news does for you. But, it’s all fake. Entertaining, but fake.

    • bynd says:

      Just the Dem controlled part along with their friends in the media. BuzzFeed? Really?

      Ever notice how both parties install their own people at the head of intelligence agencies? If intelligence is neutral and unbiased, why would they do that?

      It was just an aspirin factory. No need to kill OBL Bill, he’s harmless. The JV team. WMDs in Iraq? We’ve made a good deal with Iran, over ten billion given to our buddies over there.

      But they have done good also. They just aren’t perfect and want to keep their jobs just like everyone else. Everyone is biased, everyone.

      • Guidance for Goobers, Inc. says:

        Hey Goober, regarding your claim;
        “Ever notice how both parties install their own people at the head of intelligence agencies?”

        How about we shine a light on the ignorance of your statement.
        No doubt this will be hard for you to follow and difficult for you to comprehend, but others will understand.

        Robert Gates –
        In Reagan Admin: served as Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
        H.W. Bush: ..Deputy National Security Advisor then Director of Central Intelligence
        Bush the Lesser: ..Secretary of Defense
        Obama: ..Secretary of Defense

        James R. Clapper –
        In Clinton Admin: served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency
        H.W. Bush: ..Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency
        Bush the Lesser: ..Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
        Obama: ..Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Director of National Intelligence

        John O. Brennan –
        Bush the Lesser: served as Director of the National Counterterrorism Center
        Obama: ..United States Homeland Security Advisor and
        Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

        Brent Scowcroft –
        In the Nixon Admin: Assistant National Security Advisor
        Ford: National Security Advisor
        H.W. Bush: National Security Advisor
        Bush the Lesser: Chair of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board
        Obama: Special Assistant tasked with guiding and advising Obama in choosing his national security team

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