State Senator Burke Harr and Insurance Salesman Ned Ryerson

Today in the Unicameral, the Rules Committee will meet where they will address a number of proposals.

One, by Democrat Burke Harr would would effectively ABOLISH the Urban Affairs Committee by combining it with General Affairs.

Urban Affairs is currently chaired by the lone Democrat and lone African American Committee Chair, Justin Wayne. And one can argue about whether or not there are too many committees anyway.

But just IMAGINE if such a proposal were put forward by, say, Bill Kintner. Or Mark Kolterman. Or Mike Groene.

There would be outrage! Cries of racism! Appeals to the ghost of George Norris! A sudden “grass-roots” letter campaign from local Democrats!

Someone should get back to Adam Morfeld and let him know that Harr didn’t find enough “red” in his red wedding.


Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram leaned into the mic at a Council meeting yesterday and burped, “I hope we don’t see something like this (sexual harassment lawsuit) before the Council again.

Oh, Councilman Jerram, you mean something like…this?

Something like a City Official (you) mugging to the words, “Suck My Private Sector“?


Yes, it probably IS a good thing that no one from the council offices decided to file a claim against Jerram for this display.

And Heath Mello immediately spits out a press release demanding that someone be FIRED over this!

Well, except that someone WAS fired over it. But the city’s Personnel Board gave them their job back. So, once again, young Heath spouts off without knowledge of the facts, which is his M-O.

And of course this all occurred…during the Jim Suttle Administration.

Nothing like city politics.


Keeping you up to date, only two candidates are on the April Omaha Mayoral ballot:

Jean Stothert.
And…Christopher Geary!

Geary, a perennial candidate got the required signatures and he’s officially in.

No word yet on signatures from hopeful NFL baron Taylor Royal or from heretofore unknown Ean Mikale. (Not to mention Heath Mello.)

At this point among the top candidates, only Jean Stothert has accepted a debate request from KFAB as well. Then again when your “plan for the future” is a snowplow tracking system…that has been in place for 5 years…maybe you aren’t in a hurry to respond to a live radio debate.


State Senator Burke Harr and Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry

Back to Lincoln, also on today’s agenda in the Legislature’s Rules Committee, there’s Burke Harr’s plan to take redistricting away from the Legislature and give it to an “independent” advisory committee.

This is always an interesting scheme. Someone appoints a committee then declares that those going into it have no biases, grudges, agenda or influences.

And they also don’t answer to the voters.

This is another cop-out by those who don’t get their way and want to back-end their own agenda in by appointing their own people and calling it a blue-ribbon commission.

There is a reason there are elections.
There is a reason people vote.


Jane Kleeb is in the news again. This time in a story pointing out that her “Bold Alliance” group, which is trying to grow chapters in other states, is really just an astroturf group funded by George Soros and others profiting off of cancellation of energy projects.

While Bold Alliance depicts itself as “a network of ‘small and mighty’ groups in rural states,” it was lambasted as a faux-grassroot organization in a 2014 report by the minority staff of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, which called the group “an arm of the Billionaire’s Club.”

“It is nothing more than a shield for wealthy and distant non-Nebraskan interests who seek to advance a political agenda without drawing attention to the fact that they, too, are outsiders with little connection to the state,” the report said.

That “grass” has ground up rubber tires underneath it.


  1. It's getting comical says:

    The ‘story’ you are referring to about Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska is a ‘story’ published by a web site called InsideSources.
    The publisher of the site is Shawn McCoy. McCoy’s own claim to fame is that he previously served as Iowa Communications Director for the Romney Campaign.
    Prior to his Iowa gig with Romney, he served as Communications Director for the failed Senate run of Linda McMahon (of the WWE wrastling McMahon’s)

    The actual story on Kleeb/Bold Nebraska is written by Erin Mundahl, a 2014 graduate of Winger U. (aka Hillsdale College), from where she earned a BA in English/French.
    Her previous work consists of freelance pieces in Red Alert Politics and the Weekly Standard.

    Finally, re:
    “a 2014 report by the minority staff of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, which called the group “an arm of the Billionaire’s Club.”

    That would be the minority staff of the ranking member Jim “Love’s Me Some Oil” Inhofe. Inhofe is the most blatantly open tool of Big Oil ever elected to the Senate.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Mmmkay…but is the claim of ‘Bold Alliance’ being “faux-grassroots” actually wrong? You’ve done well to attack the messenger, but what have you to say about the message?

      • Let there be light says:

        Lemme see, this is a group/organization known for standing in the frigid weather of a North Dakota winter while being hosed down by water cannons, doused in pepper spray and shot at close range by assault-style shotguns loaded with beanbag rounds.

        In addition to being assailed by the Nebraska State Patrol at a remote location in North Dakota, the groups two other major endeavors to date are:
        1) with funding (a whole $65,000) from the Nebraska Farmers Union and 1,300 other donors, built a barn – yes, a barn – at a remote site a couple miles outside the village of Bradshaw, Nebraska, pop. 273.

        2) Organized the ‘Harvest of Hope – A Concert to Protect the Heartland’, on a farm outside the metropolis of Neigh, NE. A concert with feature the aging hippies Farm Aid paring of Willie Nelson and Neil Young.

        The aim of Bold Nebraska and Bold Alliance – this nefarious cabal – is to literally protect the soil and water from which grass roots.
        But no, you’re right. They’re not a grassroots organization.
        The folks of Bold Nebraska are clearly just a sham, shysters seeking to dig into your back pocket and take your money.

        The TRUE grass roots folks are those busloads of people shipped into Nebraska to show support for Canadian oil in Nebraska soil. Each of them exiting the rented buses sporting the same T-shirts proclaiming how great the windfall will be from those 4 permanent jobs in Nebraska resulting from the pipeline. It’s THEY who are the grass roots.
        It’s the throngs that show up on Capital Hill to protest a living minimum wage – they are also the TRUE grassroots, the salt-of-the-earth Americans.
        It’s the legions of Trumpkins demanding the the GOP dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The ONE agency in our massive government tasked to protest the little guy, the lowly consumer. It it THOSE protestors and their backers who are true patriots.
        It’s the screaming masses, despites decades of damning evidence, DEMAND Tax Cuts For the Wealthy and the shredding of our nation’s safety nets who are the GENU-INE grass roots. It is THEY who we should all look to as the true voice of the common man.
        It’s Mark Fahleson and Pete Ricketts with their grassroots effort to impose a regressive sales tax on all Nebraskans in order to fulfill their campaign pledge of more richly rewarding wealthy land owners and corporations. THESE are the people securing a better, more equal future for our children. The people who will insure America remains a land of opportunity for all.

        Yep, you’re right. Those DFH’s from Hastings, Nebraska trying to protect America’s land and water – it’s all a scam.

      • bynd says:

        Yep I know. My family stood with the USAF in North Dakota for 8 1/2 years. 1975 3 day blizzard and all. Funny after all that time, not one progressive said thanks for insuring their right to protest or even delivered us one meal. But we were eligible for food stamps. But my wife wouldn’t hear of it.

        And just how many Bold folks where up there this time? One from Oklahoma.
        “Mekasi Camp, our Bold Oklahoma Coordinator and member of the Ponca Nation, is living in North Dakota at the Standing Rock camp. He is one of the lead logistical coordinators and can always use more hands!”

        And what made the difference in North Dakota? 2000 vets joining the protest.

        Cut and paste. Why not just put Bold’s link here and be done with it. Election Derangement Syndrome manifests itself in many areas. Especially in areas of hyperbole.

      • The Grundle King says:

        While you’ve done an excellent job of pointing out how Bold Nebraska/Bold Alliance has spent the resources they received, you’ve said nothing that relates to the source of said resources.

        Yes, we’re all aware of that whole ‘Burning Man on the Prairie’ cabal they participated in a month or so ago…as well as the mess those enviro-hippies left behind. If the whole ‘Occupy’ movement taught us anything, it’s that leftists are professional squatters, albeit messy ones.

        And I’m glad you brought up the Neligh concert, because IIRC, there was a lawsuit filed by Bold Nebraska against the couple who foolishly agreed to do business with Janey-poo. The Boldies claimed, on the basis of an oral contract, that they didn’t get their due from the booze profiteering. Whoda thunk Bold Nebraska had so much in common with the store owners in Whiteclay, eh!

        I don’t believe that Bold Nebraska/Alliance are trying to steal my money…and I never made such a claim…so I have no idea where that whole rant came from. I simply don’t believe the organizations are the organic manifestations of a groundswell of ‘everyman’ supporters. They’re a well-funded organization whose actions have had some pretty great indirect benefits for folks like, say, Warren Buffet…whose BNSF oil trains are raking in big bucks from oil companies who are simply trying to get their product to market in the safest and most reliable way possible (i.e. pipeline).

        So, back to the original question…and if it’s not too much trouble, maybe answer try answering it this time…is the claim of ‘Bold Alliance’ being “faux-grassroots” actually wrong?

      • Let there be light says:

        There’s not a word of my post that is “cut and pasted” from anywhere.

        Why should anyone thank you for the right to protest?
        You chose the service as a career. The last person drafted into the military was April 18, 1972.
        Also, who exactly were you guarding us against all those years – on the plains of North Dakota?
        Yes, we know there are missile silos in ND, in addition to the silos all over the nation. Most of them abandoned, gutted by scrap metal vandals decades ago.
        Plus, we’re reminded of those silos much more frequently than the military would likely prefer – Nov, 2014 “North Dakota nuclear missile base struggles to recover from scandals”
        – March 2016 – “Fourteen junior enlisted airmen assigned to security at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, where 150 Minuteman III nuclear missiles are on 24-hour alert, were under investigation Friday for alleged drug activity off base in the latest scandal to hit the nuclear force.”
        I suppose it’s hard to avoid scandal, when your duty is to sit in a whole in the ground in the middle of no man’s land and stare at a console of 1960’s era switches and knobs all day.
        Of course then there are those who get to sit in a little cracker box and stare at the open plains all day, guarding the mind numbingly bored crew sitting in a hole in the ground.
        Since you choice the military as a career – and the military deemed you fit for the North Dakota plains – one would imagine the lifetime pension and free healthcare would be adequate thanks. No?

        And as you state, even your fellow veterans find the Bold Nebraska’s cause worthy of support.

      • Let there be light says:

        In answer to the question:
        “what qualifies a shotgun as being ‘assault style’?”

        Glad you asked –
        Criteria of an assault weapon
        Under the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 the definition of “semiautomatic assault weapon” included specific semi-automatic firearm models by name, and other semi-automatic firearms that possessed two or more from a set certain features:
        – Semi-automatic shotguns with two or more of the following:
        Folding or telescoping stock
        Pistol grip
        Detachable magazine

        Some specific current examples include:
        Molot VEPR-12
        Saiga 12
        Kalashnikov US109T

      • bynd says:

        to: Let there be diffused light.

        Ironic, no cut and paste but exactly like other posts from progressives.

        You made my point so well. What kudos do the protesters in ND deserve for being there? None. Just like Bold NE. None. But 2000 vets, who you like to denigrate since most were from the Vietnam era, made the difference, again.

        My enlistment date was 1970 and was voluntary while you and yours ran to Canada. But that is neither here nor there in this discussion. And no, I was not drafted.

        Although if you are old enough, no doubt you carry much of the guilt along with Kerry over the killing fields of Cambodia. Millions of dead to your credit?

        ” March 2016 – “Fourteen junior enlisted airmen assigned to security at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, where 150 Minuteman III nuclear missiles are on 24-hour alert, were under investigation Friday for alleged drug activity off base in the latest scandal to hit the nuclear force.”
        A product of progressive policies in regards to drug use and lack of personal responsibility. Notice the date is from current times. Indeed, it happened on Obama’s watch. Gotta love the consequences of the social experimentation of the current administration where it pertains to the military and the awesome responsibility they carry on their shoulder. Obviously the administration cared more about getting women killed in action than using drugs on duty around ICBMs.

        I doubt you would have had the physical or mental fortitude to stand on a flight line in blizzard conditions protecting military assets. Always worrying about taking care of your own ass. Nice comfortable, warm and drug induced stupor in your nice safe life.

        But Putin loves it when “amerikans” denigrate their military. It shows what a friend of Putin you are. Weaken the military and make sure as the Pres of the US you act like his lapdog. No, he wouldn’t put those missiles in there if it upset his butty (msp meant) Putin.

        You write as one who admires Putin and hates America. You sure say a lot of things he would be proud of.

        Go home comrade. We can get your cut and paste garbage from BuzzFeed.

      • Let there be light says:

        The Grundle King,

        It’s always interesting to decipher the info that apparently circulates in the alternate reality that is the right wing media.
        But, you’re a thoughtful, reasoned person, so you deserve a response.

        First –
        You’re observation about DFH’s and the concert in Neligh, i.e: “the mess those enviro-hippies left behind”

        I’m not aware of the DFH stories you’ve apparently read. Stories of the borderline elderly (the demographic attracted by Neil Young and Willie Nelson), trashing the place. Nevertheless, a simple reply:
        July 2016 – “Drunken Chesney fans leave 48 tons of garbage in Pittsburgh”
        DF is quality shared among a wide swath of Americans.

        And that ‘poor Neligh couple’ you’re so concerned about, the one Bold NE was forced to sue? Seems like they took a page straight from the Donald Trump Guide to Getting Ahead in Business –
        July, 28, 2015:
        “A Neligh couple who sold beer nearly a year ago at the Bold Nebraska benefit concert headlined by Willie Nelson and Neil Young have filed for bankruptcy,..
        ..At the time of the concert, Coleen and Lloyd Meis owned the White Spot Bar & Grill in Neligh but since have closed it and opened the Imperial Steak House.”
        Check out the Facebook page, the Meis’ new Steakhouse is doing quite well, thank you.

        Second –
        “They’re a well-funded organization whose actions have had some pretty great indirect benefits for folks like, say, Warren Buffet”

        a) So, you’re troubled that they’re successful, aka “well funded”. Troubled that farmers, ranchers, veterans and everyday Americans find common cause in their concern for the water they and their children drink and the air they breath.
        b) You’re floating the theory that Bold Nebraska was a ploy cooked up by a desperate, dastardly Warren Buffet(sic) to force toxic tar sands onto our nation’s rail system?
        Umm, okay. Good luck with that.

        Finally, re their credibility as a “grass roots” organization.
        Just like almost every right wing organization in America, it is difficult to track the money.
        It is difficult, specifically because in the last several years, right wing organizations have convinced their elected Republican officials to rewrite our nation’s laws in order to make it easier to hide the identities of their wealthy benefactors.
        It’s certain Bold Nebraska plays by the same rules as every organization on the right. I would posit that Bold Nebraska is, by many multiples. far closer to grass roots than virtually any right wing organization in America.
        Allow me to remind you that the person you folks on the right elected as our Governor has personally, and along with his immediate family almost solely, used these laws to fund countless right wing orgs and special interest causes in Nebraska.

        Your side openly cheers as your elected officials rewrite the rules to the benefit of the privileged. .
        Your side heralds and rewards those who push those rules to their very limits, in causes that often harm their own welfare and always richly reward the few.

        Yet, your incensed when those rules are used to protect the water we all drink and the air we all breath. And in protecting the Ogallala aquifer, protecting our state from economic devastation. You angered when those very sames rules are used to protect farmers, ranchers the common man in Nebraska, North Dakota and surrounding states against the interests of a foreign oil conglomerate.

        No, Bold Nebraska/Alliance is not a “faux grass roots” group.
        When compared to ALEC, American’s For Prosperity, TEA-(add your favorite appendage), Platte Institute, Heritage Foundation, Grover’s American’s for Tax Reform and many more, Bold Nebraska should rightly be nominated for Consumer Protection Sainthood.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “– Semi-automatic shotguns with two or more of the following:
        Folding or telescoping stock
        Pistol grip
        Detachable magazine”

        Sooo…aesthetics? Who knew you were so blatantly superficial?

      • The Grundle King says:

        “July 2016 – “Drunken Chesney fans leave 48 tons of garbage in Pittsburgh”
        DF is quality shared among a wide swath of Americans.”

        First, I wasn’t talking about any mess left behind at Neligh, but at the DAPL protest. Though it is heartening to know that DFH’s are DFH’s no matter where they go or what they do. I will offer no defense of anyone who leaves a mess behind. I’ve always operated as my parents taught me…leave the place cleaner than you found it. BUT, I do think it’s hilarious that you chose to compare a bunch of ‘passionate water-protectors’ to drunken fans of bad pop-country. I mean…what does that really say about the DAPL/Boldies? Ye shall be known by the company you keep.

        I’m also confused by your rant against the Neligh couple filing bankruptcy? I mean, do you want people to be destitute for life if their businesses fail? Do you hate that bankruptcies are allowed…or just that evil conservatives/Republicans are allowed to file for them? If it’s the latter, you can take comfort knowing you should only be half-pissed, because Lloyd’s registered as a Democrat, while Coleen’s a Republican.

        You sure do go to a lot of effort to basically say that, no, they’re not really grassroots, but gosh darnit, don’t call them ‘faux grassroots’…because feelings. I get that you’re on board with their cause, and that’s fine. But you needn’t take my disdain for their intellectual dishonesty as a personal affront.

      • Let there be light says:

        The Grundle King,

        Regarding assault style shotguns, you replied:
        “Sooo…aesthetics? Who knew you were so blatantly superficial?”

        Sooo.. you expected the definition of ‘assault style shotgun’ would differ dramatically from that of ‘assault style rifle’?
        That’s certainly a curious perspective, no?
        (to be clear – not my definition mind you, but the definition codified into law by our government)

        And regarding your continuing concern for the owners of the new, quite attractive and reportedly quite successful Imperial Steak House in Neligh. Or, from your perspective; “do you want people to be destitute for life..”
        How was it again that your Republican PEOTUS described bankruptcy, or more aptly put – boasted of bankruptcy?
        Ah yes, as a “brilliant” use of our nations bankruptcy laws. A feat of brilliance he employed time, and time, and time again.
        Apparently our PEOTUS also harbors a curious perspective on matters seemingly mundane.
        Each time a fit of ‘brilliance’ swept over him, he left ever more hard working Americans destitute. Americans who had diligently fulfilled the contract they had signed, yet when payday arrived were unable to match the legion of lawyers our principles-free PEOTUS engaged as a cudgel in order to deny them payment.

  2. mmmbop Senator Hansen says:

    He also wants the clerk to make all hiring decisions for the committee staff. What could possibly go wrong there?

  3. It's getting comical says:

    The reports about Bold Nebraska’s funding cite only paltry sums being donated by wealthy individuals to environmental causes. Individuals who, for some silly reason, have a deep concern about the quality of the water we drink and the air we breath.
    (Dec 16, 2016 – “Corpus Christi’s Drinking Water Can Burn Human Skin”)

    In a July 31, 2014 story about this same Senate hit piece on Bold Nebraska, a story written by Deena Winter for NE Watchdog, Deena breaks out for the reader the paltry sums involved. Her story is titled “Senate report blasts Bold Nebraska as faux grassroots group”

    Plus, the indignation over ‘big money’ is laughable, coming from right. By comparison, here’s a headline everyone should recognize, this one from a Trumpkin’s favorite site, Breitbart News:
    “Report: Koch Brothers Will Spend $889 Million on 2016 Elections”

    A headline that is cause for open celebration in wingerland.

    • Bluejay says:

      But how much does Jane Kleeb get in gold coins and diamonds from OPEC and Russia?

      We know now for certain that Russia funds the anti-fracking crowd.

  4. Oracle says:

    At some point karma is going to bite you righties in the ass, You’ve gotten so used to lying and promoting propaganda that you do it almost reflexively, and you’ve got the perfect leaders in Trump and McConnell. Eventually the public will get sick of the act, and that combined with demographic changes will be the death knell of the Republican party. Enjoy your last gasp of power, but please don’t screw things up past the point of no return over the next 4 years.

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, Place your Bets! says:

      The odds makers are certain to soon open the betting.
      How long before Donald Trump is forced into his Richard Nixon moment. The moment when, to avoid impeachment, he steps up to the mic to declare:
      “You won’t have Trump to kick around anymore, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference.”

      11 months?
      2 years?

      • bynd says:

        Does BuzzFeed pay by the word or by the posts. I’ve seen the exact same posts on other sites around here. No originality, no independent thought. Are progressive now a cult?

      • Ladies and Gentlemen, Place your Bets! says:

        “I’ve seen the exact same posts on other sites around here.”

        What is it with you folks on the right? Words have meaning.
        Just because Donald Trump pulls shite out his arse every day and on the following day says the exact opposite, or denies having ever said it, even when confronted with the audio/video – doesn’t mean it’s normal, or acceptable.

        I’m not trying to be offensive, but you’re a liar, bynd.

        You have in fact not seen the same exact posts, anywhere else.
        The nice thing is, if your not a liar, it will easy for you to prove.
        Simply relay to us where you found this same exact post. Simpler yet, relay to us a post that even bears a close likeness to it. And I’ll give you a third option; cut and paste the other “same exact post” for all of us to see.

        The court is yours, bynd. The solution is simple.
        Are you a liar, or not?

    • The Grundle King says:

      “At some point karma is going to bite you righties in the ass…”

      Seems like this last election kinda showed who was due for a bite in the ass by karma.

  5. You just can't make this stuff up says:

    At Trump’s press conference today, Trump’s attorney, Sheri Dillon, stepped up to the microphone to relay the decision that Trump will be handing over control of his organization to his children – who he is in close contact with every day of his life.
    However, he will not be putting the organization into a blind trust.
    (see: sham)

    Who is Sheri Dillon, an enquiring mind might ask.
    Sheri Dillon is a Partner at the law firm Morgan Lewis.
    The same Morgan Lewis that In May of 2016, was named ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’.

  6. Julian says:

    I see Janey is more concerned with getting comments in covering her own…, but doesn’t make any comments to help out Wonder Boy Heath. Never forget, its all about Jane. The Democrats are suckers.

  7. Pete @ Let there be light says:

    I stopped reading your comment as soon as I read the words, “assault style shotguns”. At that point, I literally laughed out loud for long enough that people in the office asked if I was okay.

    Please, please, please enlighten me, knower of all things firearms: What makes a shotgun an “assault style” shotgun?

    • Let there be light says:

      “people in the office asked if I was okay.”

      Maybe they were simply hoping you would relent with the guffaws and the consequent casting of spittle about the room.

      Or maybe they thought the cause of your latest delirium was brought on by a too-tight band on your Tri Corner cap, cutting off the supply of blood and oxygen to your brain.

  8. bynd says:

    You loose, Ladies and Gentlemen, Place your Bets!

    trump will be impeached, About 9,590,000 results (0.65 seconds)

    Just one example needed. But I would never accuse of lying. You aren’t smart enough to pull i t off as we now see.

    Wasn’t your bet you would leave here if proven wrong? Or do you like being the court jester?

  9. Ricky says:

    Great idea by Sen Harr! Get rid of the Committee that Mr Wayne chairs! That was going to Sen Crawford before Mr Ricketts stuck his nose into things and got Mr Wayne the chair.
    Mr Justin Wayne is from North Omaha but was endorsed by Dave Heineman. Why would Wayne have anything to do with the GOP? Their policies hurt the inner cities and minorities. Wayne’s buddy Murante wants another Voter ID law passed, and of course the only reason for that is to discourage voters from poor and minority districts.
    On the other hand, Wayne did propose a bill allowing felons voting rights, which I support, but I am guessing that will go nowhere.
    Another thing I have always wondered is; was Wayne with Lastatbar when the former Senator blew a 2.4 BAC? I heard they were together that night.
    So Wayne left the Omaha Public Schools board, and they voted 105 times and still could not get a President. Tied 4 to 4. Wayne should have stayed.
    Also Loserbaugh and Wayne conspired to oust the duly elected former school board, and as Ben Gray said at this week’s City Council meeting; if the old OPS board was dysfunctional, what is this board?
    Gray said that after some righty from bumf… Nebraska wanted to tell omaha how to run our pension systems for public employees.
    PS Mr Street Sweeper is doing a bang-up job as social media person for Stothert re election. The first thing he did is block me from twitter. I am hurt.
    Anyway Jerry K lives in Boston; what does he know about Omaha? Mean Jean had a bad hire on that one.

  10. bynd says:

    I see the Pres has banned Cuban refugees from our country. What principles won’t he abandon to kneel to a brutal dictatorship.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest. But I’m sure the libs on here will condemn him.

  11. Spank my Caucus says:

    On the lighter side…

    The Congressional Black Caucus had a GOP member and wouldn’t invite him to meetings. The Hispanic Caucus is Democrat-only and true to machismo stereotypes its head hombre called a female member “whore”. Two years ago, when the House Freedom Caucus formed to the right of the Republican Study Committee Caucus, one senior GOP staffer of the latter called the former “assholes” for not grinding out more GOP versions of Democrat laws. Lots of caucuses.

    Congress is where your hopes and tax dollars go to die. – There are over 350 Congressional Caucuses, to include: Non-Alcoholic Caucus (dry), Bourbon Caucus (wet), Cement Caucus (solid), Algae Caucus (slimy), Congressional Assyrian Caucus (Assyria 2500-605 BC), Congressional Baby Caucus (wah), Airship Caucus (blimps), Caucus for Competitiveness in Entertainment Technology (what?), Caucus on the Deadliest Cancers (what about second deadliest eh?), Caucus to End Bullying (learn to box), Caucus on the Internet of Things (should win an award for vagueness), Chicken Caucus (lays eggs), Dyslexia Caucus (or Aixelsyd Sucuac), Congressional Future Caucus (next meeting, tomorrow), Congressional RV Caucus, Congressional Rock and Roll Caucus, and Congressional Rodeo Caucus. – Yup, it’s a rodeo

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the chuckle, Spank my Caucus. Those are real caucuses.

    The House of Representatives (HOR) is the core of “WE the people”. Stick that HOR core in the middle of “WE” and you get WhorE or wHORe. Either way, its skanky.

    Power corrupts. Corruption is putrefaction. You pay extra for the skankiest cheese. It’s the funk that makes politics fun. Don’t worry. Its not as if we are letting idiots hold our purse strings.

  13. Cuckoo Coup says:

    Democrats seem to be pushing for a COUP to remove Trump. In a battle of wits, Dems go unarmed.

    Out of pity, here’s some helpful advice.

    1. GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY. It takes people who “cling to guns” to conduct a coup and they all voted for Trump. Dems proud of Flower Power vs Guns, should remember Kent State didn’t end in a tie.

    2. COMEY IS BARACK’S BOY. Obama arguably has a better legacy with Trump than with Billary Deux; Hillary too promised to revamp Obamacare; so if Comey hurt Hillary it was with Obama’s blessing. What isn’t arguable is that Comey is Obama’s choice. Obama appointed Comey. Obama didn’t fire him. So Impeach Obama. But you better hurry.

    3. REPUBLI-REAL VS DEMO-CRAZY. Republicans somewhat better grasp that the USA has always been a Republic while Democrats rarely understand the USA has never ever been a Democracy. – Michael Moore points out Dems stupidly lost the EVs twice in 16 years, while getting more popular votes, because they haven’t read the US Constitution.

  14. bynd says:

    It appears Ernie forgot his promise to shut down the legislature if Kintner wasn’t dealt with. He has already lost a couple in the first few days. Could Ernie be on the decline with the newbies in there not afraid of him.

  15. Snip snip says:

    Democrats behave like petulant children who lost a baseball game. Republican elites, some on FOX News, behave like game winners with hurt feelings because the losers won’t shake hands.

    You have learned nothing from an entire cycle of example telling you to grow up.

    Here is a Primer on being American. Absorb it and your eyes will open. If not, jump to item “5”.

    1. Hate is central to human nature, starting with us hating to die. Not only is “hate” not possibly a crime, but hate is your protected US right. The Bill of Rights does not exist so you can say how much you love a thing but rather for you to express your most virulent hate of it, of them, of that person.

    2. Crime is punishable. And crime is action not feelings. Hate whomever and whatever you want, express that hate if you wish. But commit crime and your ass is jailed.

    3. This Republic is supposed to be us battling each other. Human nature is endless conflict, competition for survival, for ego points, for the promotion, for the last slice of pie. Our Constitutional Republican form of Government… this is NOT a democracy… exists so we can battle out our worst hates with words not crimes. Not bullets. As in hating, as in protesting, compete all you want but break law and you pay.

    That’s human nature and policy optimum. The best possible outcome for all of us is that we hate each other freely without killing each other really. That is as good as life gets. If you need warm hugs, get a dog… preferably not a face-eating mutt like the one Obama owns.

    4. There were pissed off Congressmen and actors who didn’t attend GWB’s inauguration. Good. Anyone who invites sour party poopers is a social idiot.

    5. Unsex yourself. A college student has sworn to cut off his penis when Trump swears in. Finally, something useful for this Republic. Darwin agrees. I’m happy with giving a tax credit to voters who spay or neuter themselves. It is a win win.

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