State Senator Burke Harr and Insurance Salesman Ned Ryerson

Today in the Unicameral, the Rules Committee will meet where they will address a number of proposals.

One, by Democrat Burke Harr would would effectively ABOLISH the Urban Affairs Committee by combining it with General Affairs.

Urban Affairs is currently chaired by the lone Democrat and lone African American Committee Chair, Justin Wayne. And one can argue about whether or not there are too many committees anyway.

But just IMAGINE if such a proposal were put forward by, say, Bill Kintner. Or Mark Kolterman. Or Mike Groene.

There would be outrage! Cries of racism! Appeals to the ghost of George Norris! A sudden “grass-roots” letter campaign from local Democrats!

Someone should get back to Adam Morfeld and let him know that Harr didn’t find enough “red” in his red wedding.


Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram leaned into the mic at a Council meeting yesterday and burped, “I hope we don’t see something like this (sexual harassment lawsuit) before the Council again.

Oh, Councilman Jerram, you mean something like…this?

Something like a City Official (you) mugging to the words, “Suck My Private Sector“?


Yes, it probably IS a good thing that no one from the council offices decided to file a claim against Jerram for this display.

And Heath Mello immediately spits out a press release demanding that someone be FIRED over this!

Well, except that someone WAS fired over it. But the city’s Personnel Board gave them their job back. So, once again, young Heath spouts off without knowledge of the facts, which is his M-O.

And of course this all occurred…during the Jim Suttle Administration.

Nothing like city politics.


Keeping you up to date, only two candidates are on the April Omaha Mayoral ballot:

Jean Stothert.
And…Christopher Geary!

Geary, a perennial candidate got the required signatures and he’s officially in.

No word yet on signatures from hopeful NFL baron Taylor Royal or from heretofore unknown Ean Mikale. (Not to mention Heath Mello.)

At this point among the top candidates, only Jean Stothert has accepted a debate request from KFAB as well. Then again when your “plan for the future” is a snowplow tracking system…that has been in place for 5 years…maybe you aren’t in a hurry to respond to a live radio debate.


State Senator Burke Harr and Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry

Back to Lincoln, also on today’s agenda in the Legislature’s Rules Committee, there’s Burke Harr’s plan to take redistricting away from the Legislature and give it to an “independent” advisory committee.

This is always an interesting scheme. Someone appoints a committee then declares that those going into it have no biases, grudges, agenda or influences.

And they also don’t answer to the voters.

This is another cop-out by those who don’t get their way and want to back-end their own agenda in by appointing their own people and calling it a blue-ribbon commission.

There is a reason there are elections.
There is a reason people vote.


Jane Kleeb is in the news again. This time in a story pointing out that her “Bold Alliance” group, which is trying to grow chapters in other states, is really just an astroturf group funded by George Soros and others profiting off of cancellation of energy projects.

While Bold Alliance depicts itself as “a network of ‘small and mighty’ groups in rural states,” it was lambasted as a faux-grassroot organization in a 2014 report by the minority staff of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, which called the group “an arm of the Billionaire’s Club.”

“It is nothing more than a shield for wealthy and distant non-Nebraskan interests who seek to advance a political agenda without drawing attention to the fact that they, too, are outsiders with little connection to the state,” the report said.

That “grass” has ground up rubber tires underneath it.


  1. It's getting comical says:

    The ‘story’ you are referring to about Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska is a ‘story’ published by a web site called InsideSources.
    The publisher of the site is Shawn McCoy. McCoy’s own claim to fame is that he previously served as Iowa Communications Director for the Romney Campaign.
    Prior to his Iowa gig with Romney, he served as Communications Director for the failed Senate run of Linda McMahon (of the WWE wrastling McMahon’s)

    The actual story on Kleeb/Bold Nebraska is written by Erin Mundahl, a 2014 graduate of Winger U. (aka Hillsdale College), from where she earned a BA in English/French.
    Her previous work consists of freelance pieces in Red Alert Politics and the Weekly Standard.

    Finally, re:
    “a 2014 report by the minority staff of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, which called the group “an arm of the Billionaire’s Club.”

    That would be the minority staff of the ranking member Jim “Love’s Me Some Oil” Inhofe. Inhofe is the most blatantly open tool of Big Oil ever elected to the Senate.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Mmmkay…but is the claim of ‘Bold Alliance’ being “faux-grassroots” actually wrong? You’ve done well to attack the messenger, but what have you to say about the message?

      • Let there be light says:

        Lemme see, this is a group/organization known for standing in the frigid weather of a North Dakota winter while being hosed down by water cannons, doused in pepper spray and shot at close range by assault-style shotguns loaded with beanbag rounds.

        In addition to being assailed by the Nebraska State Patrol at a remote location in North Dakota, the groups two other major endeavors to date are:
        1) with funding (a whole $65,000) from the Nebraska Farmers Union and 1,300 other donors, built a barn – yes, a barn – at a remote site a couple miles outside the village of Bradshaw, Nebraska, pop. 273.

        2) Organized the ‘Harvest of Hope – A Concert to Protect the Heartland’, on a farm outside the metropolis of Neigh, NE. A concert with feature the aging hippies Farm Aid paring of Willie Nelson and Neil Young.

        The aim of Bold Nebraska and Bold Alliance – this nefarious cabal – is to literally protect the soil and water from which grass roots.
        But no, you’re right. They’re not a grassroots organization.
        The folks of Bold Nebraska are clearly just a sham, shysters seeking to dig into your back pocket and take your money.

        The TRUE grass roots folks are those busloads of people shipped into Nebraska to show support for Canadian oil in Nebraska soil. Each of them exiting the rented buses sporting the same T-shirts proclaiming how great the windfall will be from those 4 permanent jobs in Nebraska resulting from the pipeline. It’s THEY who are the grass roots.
        It’s the throngs that show up on Capital Hill to protest a living minimum wage – they are also the TRUE grassroots, the salt-of-the-earth Americans.
        It’s the legions of Trumpkins demanding the the GOP dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The ONE agency in our massive government tasked to protest the little guy, the lowly consumer. It it THOSE protestors and their backers who are true patriots.
        It’s the screaming masses, despites decades of damning evidence, DEMAND Tax Cuts For the Wealthy and the shredding of our nation’s safety nets who are the GENU-INE grass roots. It is THEY who we should all look to as the true voice of the common man.
        It’s Mark Fahleson and Pete Ricketts with their grassroots effort to impose a regressive sales tax on all Nebraskans in order to fulfill their campaign pledge of more richly rewarding wealthy land owners and corporations. THESE are the people securing a better, more equal future for our children. The people who will insure America remains a land of opportunity for all.

        Yep, you’re right. Those DFH’s from Hastings, Nebraska trying to protect America’s land and water – it’s all a scam.

      • bynd says:

        Yep I know. My family stood with the USAF in North Dakota for 8 1/2 years. 1975 3 day blizzard and all. Funny after all that time, not one progressive said thanks for insuring their right to protest or even delivered us one meal. But we were eligible for food stamps. But my wife wouldn’t hear of it.

        And just how many Bold folks where up there this time? One from Oklahoma.
        “Mekasi Camp, our Bold Oklahoma Coordinator and member of the Ponca Nation, is living in North Dakota at the Standing Rock camp. He is one of the lead logistical coordinators and can always use more hands!”

        And what made the difference in North Dakota? 2000 vets joining the protest.

        Cut and paste. Why not just put Bold’s link here and be done with it. Election Derangement Syndrome manifests itself in many areas. Especially in areas of hyperbole.

      • The Grundle King says:

        While you’ve done an excellent job of pointing out how Bold Nebraska/Bold Alliance has spent the resources they received, you’ve said nothing that relates to the source of said resources.

        Yes, we’re all aware of that whole ‘Burning Man on the Prairie’ cabal they participated in a month or so ago…as well as the mess those enviro-hippies left behind. If the whole ‘Occupy’ movement taught us anything, it’s that leftists are professional squatters, albeit messy ones.

        And I’m glad you brought up the Neligh concert, because IIRC, there was a lawsuit filed by Bold Nebraska against the couple who foolishly agreed to do business with Janey-poo. The Boldies claimed, on the basis of an oral contract, that they didn’t get their due from the booze profiteering. Whoda thunk Bold Nebraska had so much in common with the store owners in Whiteclay, eh!

        I don’t believe that Bold Nebraska/Alliance are trying to steal my money…and I never made such a claim…so I have no idea where that whole rant came from. I simply don’t believe the organizations are the organic manifestations of a groundswell of ‘everyman’ supporters. They’re a well-funded organization whose actions have had some pretty great indirect benefits for folks like, say, Warren Buffet…whose BNSF oil trains are raking in big bucks from oil companies who are simply trying to get their product to market in the safest and most reliable way possible (i.e. pipeline).

        So, back to the original question…and if it’s not too much trouble, maybe answer try answering it this time…is the claim of ‘Bold Alliance’ being “faux-grassroots” actually wrong?

      • Let there be light says:

        There’s not a word of my post that is “cut and pasted” from anywhere.

        Why should anyone thank you for the right to protest?
        You chose the service as a career. The last person drafted into the military was April 18, 1972.
        Also, who exactly were you guarding us against all those years – on the plains of North Dakota?
        Yes, we know there are missile silos in ND, in addition to the silos all over the nation. Most of them abandoned, gutted by scrap metal vandals decades ago.
        Plus, we’re reminded of those silos much more frequently than the military would likely prefer – Nov, 2014 “North Dakota nuclear missile base struggles to recover from scandals”
        – March 2016 – “Fourteen junior enlisted airmen assigned to security at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, where 150 Minuteman III nuclear missiles are on 24-hour alert, were under investigation Friday for alleged drug activity off base in the latest scandal to hit the nuclear force.”
        I suppose it’s hard to avoid scandal, when your duty is to sit in a whole in the ground in the middle of no man’s land and stare at a console of 1960’s era switches and knobs all day.
        Of course then there are those who get to sit in a little cracker box and stare at the open plains all day, guarding the mind numbingly bored crew sitting in a hole in the ground.
        Since you choice the military as a career – and the military deemed you fit for the North Dakota plains – one would imagine the lifetime pension and free healthcare would be adequate thanks. No?

        And as you state, even your fellow veterans find the Bold Nebraska’s cause worthy of support.

      • Let there be light says:

        In answer to the question:
        “what qualifies a shotgun as being ‘assault style’?”

        Glad you asked –
        Criteria of an assault weapon
        Under the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 the definition of “semiautomatic assault weapon” included specific semi-automatic firearm models by name, and other semi-automatic firearms that possessed two or more from a set certain features:
        – Semi-automatic shotguns with two or more of the following:
        Folding or telescoping stock
        Pistol grip
        Detachable magazine

        Some specific current examples include:
        Molot VEPR-12
        Saiga 12
        Kalashnikov US109T

      • bynd says:

        to: Let there be diffused light.

        Ironic, no cut and paste but exactly like other posts from progressives.

        You made my point so well. What kudos do the protesters in ND deserve for being there? None. Just like Bold NE. None. But 2000 vets, who you like to denigrate since most were from the Vietnam era, made the difference, again.

        My enlistment date was 1970 and was voluntary while you and yours ran to Canada. But that is neither here nor there in this discussion. And no, I was not drafted.

        Although if you are old enough, no doubt you carry much of the guilt along with Kerry over the killing fields of Cambodia. Millions of dead to your credit?

        ” March 2016 – “Fourteen junior enlisted airmen assigned to security at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, where 150 Minuteman III nuclear missiles are on 24-hour alert, were under investigation Friday for alleged drug activity off base in the latest scandal to hit the nuclear force.”
        A product of progressive policies in regards to drug use and lack of personal responsibility. Notice the date is from current times. Indeed, it happened on Obama’s watch. Gotta love the consequences of the social experimentation of the current administration where it pertains to the military and the awesome responsibility they carry on their shoulder. Obviously the administration cared more about getting women killed in action than using drugs on duty around ICBMs.

        I doubt you would have had the physical or mental fortitude to stand on a flight line in blizzard conditions protecting military assets. Always worrying about taking care of your own ass. Nice comfortable, warm and drug induced stupor in your nice safe life.

        But Putin loves it when “amerikans” denigrate their military. It shows what a friend of Putin you are. Weaken the military and make sure as the Pres of the US you act like his lapdog. No, he wouldn’t put those missiles in there if it upset his butty (msp meant) Putin.

        You write as one who admires Putin and hates America. You sure say a lot of things he would be proud of.

        Go home comrade. We can get your cut and paste garbage from BuzzFeed.

      • Let there be light says:

        The Grundle King,

        It’s always interesting to decipher the info that apparently circulates in the alternate reality that is the right wing media.
        But, you’re a thoughtful, reasoned person, so you deserve a response.

        First –
        You’re observation about DFH’s and the concert in Neligh, i.e: “the mess those enviro-hippies left behind”

        I’m not aware of the DFH stories you’ve apparently read. Stories of the borderline elderly (the demographic attracted by Neil Young and Willie Nelson), trashing the place. Nevertheless, a simple reply:
        July 2016 – “Drunken Chesney fans leave 48 tons of garbage in Pittsburgh”
        DF is quality shared among a wide swath of Americans.

        And that ‘poor Neligh couple’ you’re so concerned about, the one Bold NE was forced to sue? Seems like they took a page straight from the Donald Trump Guide to Getting Ahead in Business –
        July, 28, 2015:
        “A Neligh couple who sold beer nearly a year ago at the Bold Nebraska benefit concert headlined by Willie Nelson and Neil Young have filed for bankruptcy,..
        ..At the time of the concert, Coleen and Lloyd Meis owned the White Spot Bar & Grill in Neligh but since have closed it and opened the Imperial Steak House.”
        Check out the Facebook page, the Meis’ new Steakhouse is doing quite well, thank you.

        Second –
        “They’re a well-funded organization whose actions have had some pretty great indirect benefits for folks like, say, Warren Buffet”

        a) So, you’re troubled that they’re successful, aka “well funded”. Troubled that farmers, ranchers, veterans and everyday Americans find common cause in their concern for the water they and their children drink and the air they breath.
        b) You’re floating the theory that Bold Nebraska was a ploy cooked up by a desperate, dastardly Warren Buffet(sic) to force toxic tar sands onto our nation’s rail system?
        Umm, okay. Good luck with that.

        Finally, re their credibility as a “grass roots” organization.
        Just like almost every right wing organization in America, it is difficult to track the money.
        It is difficult, specifically because in the last several years, right wing organizations have convinced their elected Republican officials to rewrite our nation’s laws in order to make it easier to hide the identities of their wealthy benefactors.
        It’s certain Bold Nebraska plays by the same rules as every organization on the right. I would posit that Bold Nebraska is, by many multiples. far closer to grass roots than virtually any right wing organization in America.
        Allow me to remind you that the person you folks on the right elected as our Governor has personally, and along with his immediate family almost solely, used these laws to fund countless right wing orgs and special interest causes in Nebraska.

        Your side openly cheers as your elected officials rewrite the rules to the benefit of the privileged. .
        Your side heralds and rewards those who push those rules to their very limits, in causes that often harm their own welfare and always richly reward the few.

        Yet, your incensed when those rules are used to protect the water we all drink and the air we all breath. And in protecting the Ogallala aquifer, protecting our state from economic devastation. You angered when those very sames rules are used to protect farmers, ranchers the common man in Nebraska, North Dakota and surrounding states against the interests of a foreign oil conglomerate.

        No, Bold Nebraska/Alliance is not a “faux grass roots” group.
        When compared to ALEC, American’s For Prosperity, TEA-(add your favorite appendage), Platte Institute, Heritage Foundation, Grover’s American’s for Tax Reform and many more, Bold Nebraska should rightly be nominated for Consumer Protection Sainthood.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “– Semi-automatic shotguns with two or more of the following:
        Folding or telescoping stock
        Pistol grip
        Detachable magazine”

        Sooo…aesthetics? Who knew you were so blatantly superficial?

      • The Grundle King says:

        “July 2016 – “Drunken Chesney fans leave 48 tons of garbage in Pittsburgh”
        DF is quality shared among a wide swath of Americans.”

        First, I wasn’t talking about any mess left behind at Neligh, but at the DAPL protest. Though it is heartening to know that DFH’s are DFH’s no matter where they go or what they do. I will offer no defense of anyone who leaves a mess behind. I’ve always operated as my parents taught me…leave the place cleaner than you found it. BUT, I do think it’s hilarious that you chose to compare a bunch of ‘passionate water-protectors’ to drunken fans of bad pop-country. I mean…what does that really say about the DAPL/Boldies? Ye shall be known by the company you keep.

        I’m also confused by your rant against the Neligh couple filing bankruptcy? I mean, do you want people to be destitute for life if their businesses fail? Do you hate that bankruptcies are allowed…or just that evil conservatives/Republicans are allowed to file for them? If it’s the latter, you can take comfort knowing you should only be half-pissed, because Lloyd’s registered as a Democrat, while Coleen’s a Republican.

        You sure do go to a lot of effort to basically say that, no, they’re not really grassroots, but gosh darnit, don’t call them ‘faux grassroots’…because feelings. I get that you’re on board with their cause, and that’s fine. But you needn’t take my disdain for their intellectual dishonesty as a personal affront.

      • Let there be light says:

        The Grundle King,

        Regarding assault style shotguns, you replied:
        “Sooo…aesthetics? Who knew you were so blatantly superficial?”

        Sooo.. you expected the definition of ‘assault style shotgun’ would differ dramatically from that of ‘assault style rifle’?
        That’s certainly a curious perspective, no?
        (to be clear – not my definition mind you, but the definition codified into law by our government)

        And regarding your continuing concern for the owners of the new, quite attractive and reportedly quite successful Imperial Steak House in Neligh. Or, from your perspective; “do you want people to be destitute for life..”
        How was it again that your Republican PEOTUS described bankruptcy, or more aptly put – boasted of bankruptcy?
        Ah yes, as a “brilliant” use of our nations bankruptcy laws. A feat of brilliance he employed time, and time, and time again.
        Apparently our PEOTUS also harbors a curious perspective on matters seemingly mundane.
        Each time a fit of ‘brilliance’ swept over him, he left ever more hard working Americans destitute. Americans who had diligently fulfilled the contract they had signed, yet when payday arrived were unable to match the legion of lawyers our principles-free PEOTUS engaged as a cudgel in order to deny them payment.

  2. mmmbop Senator Hansen says:

    He also wants the clerk to make all hiring decisions for the committee staff. What could possibly go wrong there?

  3. It's getting comical says:

    The reports about Bold Nebraska’s funding cite only paltry sums being donated by wealthy individuals to environmental causes. Individuals who, for some silly reason, have a deep concern about the quality of the water we drink and the air we breath.
    (Dec 16, 2016 – “Corpus Christi’s Drinking Water Can Burn Human Skin”)

    In a July 31, 2014 story about this same Senate hit piece on Bold Nebraska, a story written by Deena Winter for NE Watchdog, Deena breaks out for the reader the paltry sums involved. Her story is titled “Senate report blasts Bold Nebraska as faux grassroots group”

    Plus, the indignation over ‘big money’ is laughable, coming from right. By comparison, here’s a headline everyone should recognize, this one from a Trumpkin’s favorite site, Breitbart News:
    “Report: Koch Brothers Will Spend $889 Million on 2016 Elections”

    A headline that is cause for open celebration in wingerland.

    • Bluejay says:

      But how much does Jane Kleeb get in gold coins and diamonds from OPEC and Russia?

      We know now for certain that Russia funds the anti-fracking crowd.

  4. Oracle says:

    At some point karma is going to bite you righties in the ass, You’ve gotten so used to lying and promoting propaganda that you do it almost reflexively, and you’ve got the perfect leaders in Trump and McConnell. Eventually the public will get sick of the act, and that combined with demographic changes will be the death knell of the Republican party. Enjoy your last gasp of power, but please don’t screw things up past the point of no return over the next 4 years.

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, Place your Bets! says:

      The odds makers are certain to soon open the betting.
      How long before Donald Trump is forced into his Richard Nixon moment. The moment when, to avoid impeachment, he steps up to the mic to declare:
      “You won’t have Trump to kick around anymore, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference.”

      11 months?
      2 years?

      • bynd says:

        Does BuzzFeed pay by the word or by the posts. I’ve seen the exact same posts on other sites around here. No originality, no independent thought. Are progressive now a cult?

      • Ladies and Gentlemen, Place your Bets! says:

        “I’ve seen the exact same posts on other sites around here.”

        What is it with you folks on the right? Words have meaning.
        Just because Donald Trump pulls shite out his arse every day and on the following day says the exact opposite, or denies having ever said it, even when confronted with the audio/video – doesn’t mean it’s normal, or acceptable.

        I’m not trying to be offensive, but you’re a liar, bynd.

        You have in fact not seen the same exact posts, anywhere else.
        The nice thing is, if your not a liar, it will easy for you to prove.
        Simply relay to us where you found this same exact post. Simpler yet, relay to us a post that even bears a close likeness to it. And I’ll give you a third option; cut and paste the other “same exact post” for all of us to see.

        The court is yours, bynd. The solution is simple.
        Are you a liar, or not?

    • The Grundle King says:

      “At some point karma is going to bite you righties in the ass…”

      Seems like this last election kinda showed who was due for a bite in the ass by karma.

  5. You just can't make this stuff up says:

    At Trump’s press conference today, Trump’s attorney, Sheri Dillon, stepped up to the microphone to relay the decision that Trump will be handing over control of his organization to his children – who he is in close contact with every day of his life.
    However, he will not be putting the organization into a blind trust.
    (see: sham)

    Who is Sheri Dillon, an enquiring mind might ask.
    Sheri Dillon is a Partner at the law firm Morgan Lewis.
    The same Morgan Lewis that In May of 2016, was named ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’.

  6. Julian says:

    I see Janey is more concerned with getting comments in covering her own…, but doesn’t make any comments to help out Wonder Boy Heath. Never forget, its all about Jane. The Democrats are suckers.

  7. Pete @ Let there be light says:

    I stopped reading your comment as soon as I read the words, “assault style shotguns”. At that point, I literally laughed out loud for long enough that people in the office asked if I was okay.

    Please, please, please enlighten me, knower of all things firearms: What makes a shotgun an “assault style” shotgun?

    • Let there be light says:

      “people in the office asked if I was okay.”

      Maybe they were simply hoping you would relent with the guffaws and the consequent casting of spittle about the room.

      Or maybe they thought the cause of your latest delirium was brought on by a too-tight band on your Tri Corner cap, cutting off the supply of blood and oxygen to your brain.

    • Anonymous says:

      No links allowed here, but you can do a search on YouTube for the Saiga 12 gauge shotgun, 30 round drum from Alliance Armament. There are other such add ons that are available.

  8. bynd says:

    You loose, Ladies and Gentlemen, Place your Bets!

    trump will be impeached, About 9,590,000 results (0.65 seconds)

    Just one example needed. But I would never accuse of lying. You aren’t smart enough to pull i t off as we now see.

    Wasn’t your bet you would leave here if proven wrong? Or do you like being the court jester?

  9. Ricky says:

    Great idea by Sen Harr! Get rid of the Committee that Mr Wayne chairs! That was going to Sen Crawford before Mr Ricketts stuck his nose into things and got Mr Wayne the chair.
    Mr Justin Wayne is from North Omaha but was endorsed by Dave Heineman. Why would Wayne have anything to do with the GOP? Their policies hurt the inner cities and minorities. Wayne’s buddy Murante wants another Voter ID law passed, and of course the only reason for that is to discourage voters from poor and minority districts.
    On the other hand, Wayne did propose a bill allowing felons voting rights, which I support, but I am guessing that will go nowhere.
    Another thing I have always wondered is; was Wayne with Lastatbar when the former Senator blew a 2.4 BAC? I heard they were together that night.
    So Wayne left the Omaha Public Schools board, and they voted 105 times and still could not get a President. Tied 4 to 4. Wayne should have stayed.
    Also Loserbaugh and Wayne conspired to oust the duly elected former school board, and as Ben Gray said at this week’s City Council meeting; if the old OPS board was dysfunctional, what is this board?
    Gray said that after some righty from bumf… Nebraska wanted to tell omaha how to run our pension systems for public employees.
    PS Mr Street Sweeper is doing a bang-up job as social media person for Stothert re election. The first thing he did is block me from twitter. I am hurt.
    Anyway Jerry K lives in Boston; what does he know about Omaha? Mean Jean had a bad hire on that one.

  10. bynd says:

    I see the Pres has banned Cuban refugees from our country. What principles won’t he abandon to kneel to a brutal dictatorship.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest. But I’m sure the libs on here will condemn him.

  11. Spank my Caucus says:

    On the lighter side…

    The Congressional Black Caucus had a GOP member and wouldn’t invite him to meetings. The Hispanic Caucus is Democrat-only and true to machismo stereotypes its head hombre called a female member “whore”. Two years ago, when the House Freedom Caucus formed to the right of the Republican Study Committee Caucus, one senior GOP staffer of the latter called the former “assholes” for not grinding out more GOP versions of Democrat laws. Lots of caucuses.

    Congress is where your hopes and tax dollars go to die. – There are over 350 Congressional Caucuses, to include: Non-Alcoholic Caucus (dry), Bourbon Caucus (wet), Cement Caucus (solid), Algae Caucus (slimy), Congressional Assyrian Caucus (Assyria 2500-605 BC), Congressional Baby Caucus (wah), Airship Caucus (blimps), Caucus for Competitiveness in Entertainment Technology (what?), Caucus on the Deadliest Cancers (what about second deadliest eh?), Caucus to End Bullying (learn to box), Caucus on the Internet of Things (should win an award for vagueness), Chicken Caucus (lays eggs), Dyslexia Caucus (or Aixelsyd Sucuac), Congressional Future Caucus (next meeting, tomorrow), Congressional RV Caucus, Congressional Rock and Roll Caucus, and Congressional Rodeo Caucus. – Yup, it’s a rodeo

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the chuckle, Spank my Caucus. Those are real caucuses.

    The House of Representatives (HOR) is the core of “WE the people”. Stick that HOR core in the middle of “WE” and you get WhorE or wHORe. Either way, its skanky.

    Power corrupts. Corruption is putrefaction. You pay extra for the skankiest cheese. It’s the funk that makes politics fun. Don’t worry. Its not as if we are letting idiots hold our purse strings.

  13. Cuckoo Coup says:

    Democrats seem to be pushing for a COUP to remove Trump. In a battle of wits, Dems go unarmed.

    Out of pity, here’s some helpful advice.

    1. GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY. It takes people who “cling to guns” to conduct a coup and they all voted for Trump. Dems proud of Flower Power vs Guns, should remember Kent State didn’t end in a tie.

    2. COMEY IS BARACK’S BOY. Obama arguably has a better legacy with Trump than with Billary Deux; Hillary too promised to revamp Obamacare; so if Comey hurt Hillary it was with Obama’s blessing. What isn’t arguable is that Comey is Obama’s choice. Obama appointed Comey. Obama didn’t fire him. So Impeach Obama. But you better hurry.

    3. REPUBLI-REAL VS DEMO-CRAZY. Republicans somewhat better grasp that the USA has always been a Republic while Democrats rarely understand the USA has never ever been a Democracy. – Michael Moore points out Dems stupidly lost the EVs twice in 16 years, while getting more popular votes, because they haven’t read the US Constitution.

  14. bynd says:

    It appears Ernie forgot his promise to shut down the legislature if Kintner wasn’t dealt with. He has already lost a couple in the first few days. Could Ernie be on the decline with the newbies in there not afraid of him.

  15. Snip snip says:

    Democrats behave like petulant children who lost a baseball game. Republican elites, some on FOX News, behave like game winners with hurt feelings because the losers won’t shake hands.

    You have learned nothing from an entire cycle of example telling you to grow up.

    Here is a Primer on being American. Absorb it and your eyes will open. If not, jump to item “5”.

    1. Hate is central to human nature, starting with us hating to die. Not only is “hate” not possibly a crime, but hate is your protected US right. The Bill of Rights does not exist so you can say how much you love a thing but rather for you to express your most virulent hate of it, of them, of that person.

    2. Crime is punishable. And crime is action not feelings. Hate whomever and whatever you want, express that hate if you wish. But commit crime and your ass is jailed.

    3. This Republic is supposed to be us battling each other. Human nature is endless conflict, competition for survival, for ego points, for the promotion, for the last slice of pie. Our Constitutional Republican form of Government… this is NOT a democracy… exists so we can battle out our worst hates with words not crimes. Not bullets. As in hating, as in protesting, compete all you want but break law and you pay.

    That’s human nature and policy optimum. The best possible outcome for all of us is that we hate each other freely without killing each other really. That is as good as life gets. If you need warm hugs, get a dog… preferably not a face-eating mutt like the one Obama owns.

    4. There were pissed off Congressmen and actors who didn’t attend GWB’s inauguration. Good. Anyone who invites sour party poopers is a social idiot.

    5. Unsex yourself. A college student has sworn to cut off his penis when Trump swears in. Finally, something useful for this Republic. Darwin agrees. I’m happy with giving a tax credit to voters who spay or neuter themselves. It is a win win.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Whoa there Snip Snip! Your outlook is about as bleak as it gets. Love is just as natural to humans as hate; and hating to die is not a universal human condition. It is true that the Dems and Repubs are alternatively petulant and elitist, but our republic and indeed our Bill of Rights should never be expressed as merely a vehicle for hate. I’d ‘hate’ to live in your worldview.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Snip snip, words are action and in many circumstances may be criminal, e.g. solicitation and conspiracy at the common law. Hate speech that amounts to incitement may be criminal, Holmes’s famous cry of fire in a crowded theater is criminal. Most crimes have a mental element and hate demonstrated by speech could supply it.
      Republic does not mean what you think it did at the Founding, mostly refers to virtuous citizens, and we may not have direct democracy at the federal level. NE does, but US is much closer to a Democracy with spread of franchise and direct election of Senators, and electors no longer exercise independent judgment, they follow the election outcome in there states.
      Notion that politics isa about hate owes more to aearly 20th century German philosopher of law than anything the Founders believed.

    • The salvation of the state.. says:

      Isn’t that special.
      Lil Mac feels the need to conflate those opposed to Trump with the welfare class.

      Let’s talk welfare class, shall we?
      In an effort to avoid paying taxes (taxes that build/maintain roads, schools, airports, etc..) Fortune 500 companies now hold a record $2.5 Trillion offshore.
      Many of the largest, most profitable corporations in America pay either no tax, or, courtesy of the taxpayer, enjoy a negative tax rate.
      From 2008 to 2013, while GE made over $33.9 billion in United States profits, it received a total tax refund of more than $2.9 billion. G.E.’s effective U.S. corporate income tax rate over this six year period was -9 percent.
      From 2008 to 2013, while Verizon made over $42.4 billion in U.S. profits, it received a total tax refund of $732 million from the IRS. Verizon’s effective U.S. corporate income tax rate over this six-year period was -2 percent.

      Closer to home, U.S. Farm/Ranch operations received $322 Billion in taxpayer funded federal subsidies between 1995 – 2014.
      Nebraska Farm/Ranch operations received $18.2 Billion in taxpayer funded federal subsidies over that time frame, earning it a ranking of 6th in the nation.
      63% of Nebraska farmers receive tax payer funded federal subsidies.
      Sen Deb Fischer’s family operation, Sunny Slope Ranch, has saved nearly $3 million over the years in taxpayer funded, federally subsidized grazing fees.

      The headline in today’s Lincoln Journal Star is a story about Pete Ricketts and the NEGOP’s proposed cuts to our child welfare system. Cute needed to help fund the Governor’s promised property tax cuts and income tax reductions to Nebraska’s highest income brackets.
      A proposal that that will cut 74 jobs at HHS and specifically targets rates paid to community agencies that provide services for children and families, people with developmental disabilities and Medicaid recipients.
      As Jim Blue, Executive Director of Cedars in Lincoln phrased the debate precisely: “I see no reason why that should be on the backs of abused and neglected children,”.
      And as he logically points out, these cuts are clearly regressive. You can pay a little to counsel/serve this population in their youth, or you can pay a lot to serve them as adults.

      In late November the NE Legislative Audit Office released an 80 page report detailing the ignorance and crony largess that is Nebraska’s Corporate Welfare program.
      In an in-depth review of the Nebraska Advantage Act the report puts the price of adding a single full-time job under Nebraska’s largest business tax incentive program ranging from $24,500 to a whopping $320,000. Per job.
      Job creation is the major goal of the Nebraska Advantage Act (a monstrosity originally birthed by Kay Orr and known as LB775), and it fails this task in spectacular fashion.
      Creighton’s own Ernie Goss did a study of LB775 in 1997 and concluded that most jobs attributed to LB775 would have been created with or without its incentives.
      This same study, and the same conclusion has been repeated and verified time and again over the ensuing decades. Another extensive report in 2012 put the price per job at $225,000. Yet the Corporate Welfare Trough that is the Nebraska Advantage Act still lives on, still reaches deep into the pockets of hard working Nebraskans every day. A program intently designed to take from those with little to redistribute to those with much.
      And no matter the truth revealed by the study, or review or audit – decade after decade, Republicans f*^&ing stand and applaud this transfer of wealth!!

      And here’s a quick peek at the takers – in 2012-13, the following companies received taxpayer funded subsidies from Nebraskans:
      TD Ameritrade – $11,293,018.00
      PayPal – $9,518,877.00
      Mutual of Omaha – $5,827,531.00

      But, it wouldn’t be fair to castigate this decades old corporate welfare program without presenting the view of a ‘fiscally conservative NEGOPer’.
      Commenting on the report, Barry Kennedy, president of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry said; “We still think the Advantage Act is working well,”

      • TexasAnnie says:

        I know and it was thusly so when I lived in Nebraska now many years ago. Back when, there were three senators at the unicam who would battle against corporate welfare: Wickersham, Raikes and Chambers. And the unicam had an economic model developed: TRAIN or Tax and Revenue Analysis in Nebraska, which told them what they needed to know. Yet the other 46 senators voted to give out more tax incentives which caused still more taxpayers to come to the unicam for more and more tax incentives, year after year, until now more than half the tax base is granted away! Just think of it. If everyone in Nebraska paid sales taxes at the same rate and for every transaction, the sales taxes across the state could be lower and/or the state income tax could be eliminated altogether.

        Or if you think the sales tax is too regressive, the sales tax could be eliminated altogether, provided everyone then pay income taxes at the same rate and on all income derived. My point is not to quibble about which method of taxation is most ‘fair,’ but rather to argue that no method is ‘fair’ while some do not pay while others must make up revenue granted away.

      • anon says:


        You’re in luck!
        Just yesterday the Nebraska legislature introduced a newly crafted Cudgel o’ Regression. No doubt it is with great fervor they seek to wield this blunt, yet shiny new weapon against the least of thee, my brothers.

        It was yesterday that Republican Sens. Jim Smith (newly appointed national board member of ALEC) and Brett Lindstrom introduced LB452. A bill that would aid in paying for tax cuts to Nebraska’s wealthiest individuals and corporations by adding sales taxes to; maintenance and repair services, personal care services, storage and moving services, newspapers, laundromats, lottery tickets and taxis.

        God Bless ALECmerica!

        I expect any day now one of our Republican legislators will introduce LB-911. A bill absolving themselves and their 0.01% overseers of any responsibility should they be caught in the act of actually fuching Nebraska’s working poor to death.

  16. The salvation of the state.. says:

    Speaking of studies, audits, reports… reality.

    Just released –
    The Congressional Budget Office just issued a report on the likely effects of a Republican effort to repeal Obamacare immediately but keep some elements of the coverage expansion in place for two years.

    The numbers are staggering.

    Within the first year, the CBO predicts, 18 million people would lose insurance.
    In addition, premiums for people buying coverage on their own would increase, on average, by 20 to 25 percent relative to what they would be if the Affordable Care Act remained in place.

    After the immediate carnage of the first year, the CBO concludes the number of Americans without health insurance would be 32 million higher and premiums would be 50 percent higher ― again, relative to what they would be if Obamacare stayed on the books.

    And, it’s important to remember – this is the GOP’s hand selected CBO Director, Keith Hall, who came to these conclusions.
    When Republicans took control of Congress (fall 2014) they removed the prior CBO Director, Doug Elmendorf, in large part because they thought his/CBO projections of the positive effects of the ACA were too optimistic.

    After 8 years of determined obstruction and a focused assault on any act resembling thoughtful governance, a flailing, corporate owned GOP and their incurious Tweeter in Chief is finding out governing is hard.

    • Political Novice says:

      Trump and Congress want to immediately repeal Obamacare but have not submitted a detailed plan for doing so.

      I think Charleston Heston said it best in Planet of the Apes:

      “It’s a madhouse! A madhouse!

      • bynd says:


        Actually, there are over 50 plans.

        But it might still be a mad house. Except Rand Paul has a complete bill and as a doctor and fairly intelligent person, it is not a madhouse bill.

        But if you keep worrying about all the rumors and what ifs coming out of DC, you will be in a madhouse soon.

        Look at the hysterical rantings of the loser leftists on here. More scary and comical than a Scary Movie!

    • bynd says:

      What was the CBO report based on?

      Was it based on a bill passed by the house and senate and ready for Trump’s signature? No.

      Was it based on a bill passed by either the house or senate? No.

      Is it a bill currently in a committee in either the house or senate? No.

      Is it a current, 2017 bill? No.

      What is it based on? A bill from 2016 that is no longer relevant to anything concerning repeal of the ACA or it’s replacement.

      Fear mongering at it finest. Never to be outdone by anything the repubs. ever did.

      • Oracle says:

        bynd, from now on I was be calling you “ostrich”. You deny items that 99.9% of people consider factual because they don’t agree with your worldview. The CBO report is based on simple math. Take away known revenue, but keep known expenses, and you get a result. But if it feels better, just keep you head buried in the sand.

      • bynd says:

        Wrong again. I see you keep burying your head up your arse. Until you have a passed bill you don’t have squat. But I do realize the method you advocate is the one you folks have used for a long time. No facts just make stuff up

      • Political Novice says:

        Over FIFTY plans? Well bynd that’s reassuring. So Rand Paul has one ready to go and from what I have read, already has President-elect Trump’s full approval? Well I’m glad that’s settled. As a doctor he’s eminently qualified and has experience with such things. Perhaps he could get Ben Carson to weigh in – he’s a doctor as well.

        I see hysterical ravings from both left and right here and yet I read (in my opinion) some thoughtful comments from both sides also. So in addition to the comedic entertainment I get some badly needed political education as well. It’s all good.

        It may all turn into a madhouse but to use a famous quote:

        “What, me worry?”

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd a b passed law may make for better prediction that an estimate of likely law, but its impact is still a matter of prediction at passage, and predictions are not factual, though they may be more or less probability. See Aristotle on the sea battle tomorrow.

      • bynd says:


        My point being any projection on a non existent bill, as was done here, is totally irrelevant and useless.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, rather depends on assumptions about likely bill, your blanket rule is overstated, particularly here where we have years of studies of different approaches. CBO is not noted for wild predictions.Glad to see you are not a total sceptic about predictions otherwise action bcomes totally irrational.

  17. Anon says:

    Per OWH, if the democrats are going to go for power at the local level Jane(Fonda)Kleeb is good for me, but then who else do they have

  18. When the walls, came tumbling down says:

    Monica Crowley, the first to fall, ignominiously.
    The first card to be discarded from an already precariously teetering house.

    One of the most scandal ridden Presidencies in modern history was that of Ronald Wilson Reagan. By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, indicted, or been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations.

    Team Trump is destined to make the Reagan era incompetence and debauchery look like child’s play.

  19. Tweet Tweet says:

    If ObamaCare is so great why did BCBS and United leave the market place? Nebraskans left with Aetna and some on name insurance. Rates that SKYROCKETED

  20. Anonymous says:

    Nancy DeVos is getting an education from Senate Dems. Having to damn Trump’s comments on that ’06 tape as sexual assault? Never took out a student loan – as in never struggled to pay for college? Unaware of current Federal responsibilities under Federal law for special education? DeVos is rich, I’ll grant you that, but money doesn’t mean smart – never has. Surely there’s a better conservative fit here than this?

    • bynd says:

      Never took out a student loan. The gall of such a person.

      As opposed to those who take out so many student loans the job they are studying for could never make them enough money to pay off the loans.

      Not smart is your opinion. But you have not even begun to show her unqualified. However, your bigotry and jealousy of the rich is showing brightly.

      William Bennett.

      Maybe even you. You seem to know everything about everything:)

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve never been burdened by wealth, having earned the little I have, including a college education. Yep, borrowed money. Payed it back, too. I finished paying my loans off 20 years ago. I needed to borrow money though I worked a couple jobs through college and grad school. I bet your story is similar, bynd.

        The DeVos Family already has to answer for the pyramid scheme that is Amway, which has fuck all to do with public education. It’ll be fun watching a noob figure out how to run the equivalent of a Fortune 100 corporation with her vast experience in self-funded think tanks. No different than being a community organizer.

      • Anonymous says:

        71 percent of students graduating from four-year colleges have student loan debt.

        Nelnet is one of the largest student loan services companies in America. Headquartered in Lincoln, they have have offices around the United States and Canada.
        They employ 2,200 people in Lincoln and 300 in Omaha.
        Nelnet, the people they employ and money the are investing back into the community are a driving force behind the revitalization and transformation of Lincoln.

        It’s only in NutterVille that aiding the development of an educated workforce is a trifecta of evils. A plot somehow usurping their individual freedoms and liberties.
        It’s only in NutterVille:
        College = bad
        Government = bad
        Low Interest Student Loans and ensuing Consumer Protections = bad

      • bynd says:

        Actually my story is much different except the military paid for my education. Even tried selling Amway once when we poor and serving in the USAF. Amway, which we all know has been investigated from hell and back, has never been charged or convicted, you know like you like to say about HRC. If the standard is good enough for her, it must be good for folks probably not as rich her. Although the DeVos earned their money, she didn’t.

        Quite frankly, I wish they would close down the dept. of worthless education. A money sucker that provides no needed services and takes local control and money away from the hardworking folks of this nation.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Looks like being “collegial” and secret ballots hedge has it’s limits. Time to get to important issues like changing the state flag and changing Columbus day. Step forth rinos and get down to important business.
    All you have to do is vote

    • Anonymous says:

      Nebraska needs a flag like another hole in the head. Get rid of it. Nebraska Brand Committee? Nope, not needed. Nebraska Tourism Commission? More bullshit, get rid of it. There’s a lot of aimless fuckery in government, from Omaha to Scottsbluff. And we all know what to do, don’t we? A lot of this stuff, if it needs doing at all, can be done privately. Not a government responsibility.

      Let’s see, what else? Nebraska Football? Screw that too. Let the NFL run farm clubs for us at the college level. Its just a job. Earn your money and then go to college if you want. Or tend bar, I don’t care. Just don’t make me pay for it – any of it. Yeah, college football is self-funding to a point, but not the overhead needed – public overhead – to keep that enterprise profitable.

      Its time to drive public spending down to the bone. Let’s see who has the guts to do it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    New polls from both the Washington Post/ABC News and CNN/ORC show President Obama’s approval rating at 60%.
    29% of Americans are Democrats, with whom his approval rating is now 90%.
    42% of Americans are Independents, with whom his approval rating stands at 61%.
    26% percent of Americans are Republicans, where his approval rating is 18%.

    The more Americans see and hear from Trump. the more they value and appreciate Obama.

      • anon says:

        Next topic:
        In two days, Donald Trump will assumes the office of POTUS with the lowest approval rating in the history of polling.

      • Anonymous says:

        The history of Presidential exit polling dates back to 1945 and the Presidency of FDR.

        Among all Presidents in the last 72 years, Barack Obama’s leaves office with an approval rating of 60%, placing him #4 on the list of modern Presidents, ahead of both Eisenhower and Kennedy.
        Even that lofty rating is no doubt skewed downward. No other President in modern history has had to contend with the 24/7/365 harangue, screech and daily torrent of misinformation that is the business model of the hate-for-profit media.

        In the latter months of his Presidency George W Bush managed the drive his numbers upward from their record setting lows, to a whopping 33% approval rating on the day he left office and went into hiding, while America teetered on the brink. A hapless tenure in which Republicans controlled the White House, Senate and House for 6 out of 8 years, leaving in their wake the real potential for economic devastation not witnessed since the Great Depression. The exception being, America’s fall would take every other nation on the planet with it.

        Regarding approval ratings, the only question that remains: Can Trump top Nixon?
        Richard Nixon sauntered out of the oval office with an approval rating of 24.

        Can Trump achieve, teens?
        A shake of the Magic 8 Ball says: Signs point to Yes

        Speaking of Nixon, veterans should find this… interesting.
        We now have definitive proof that Nixon lied. Republicans have long tried to refute all prior evidence, to alter the history in defense of their party, but the truth has indeed prevailed.
        Republican President Richard M. Nixon was a traitor to his nation.
        In just the last few weeks we’ve learned of a newfound cache of notes left by H. R. Haldeman, his closest aide, showing that Nixon in fact directed his campaign’s efforts to scuttle the peace talks. A peace he feared could give his opponent, Hubert Humphrey, an edge in the 1968 election.
        The notes clearly confirm than on Oct. 22, 1968, Nixon ordered Haldeman to “monkey wrench” the initiative.
        The ‘initiative’ being LBJ’s effort to bring peace, an end to the Vietnam war, during the upcoming peace talks in Paris in 1968.
        Nixon and Halderman’s ‘monkey wrench’ proving to be the person we had all along suspected, Anna Chennault.

        FBI wiretaps all but confirmed these same facts in 1968. Haldeman’s notes have brought us Nixon’s conviction.
        It was October 1968 that Richard Nixon lead a concerted effort, aided by Republican operatives and supporters, to intentionally prolong the Vietnam war, for personal political gain.
        Prolong the war by undermining peace talks in Paris. Talks that -years- later would finally lead to the Paris Peace Accords, and the official (albeit nominal) end to the Vietnam war on January 27, 1973. The last two Americans to die in the Vietnam war, died on April 29, 1975.

        Between the fall of 1968 and January of 1973, more than 20,000 US servicemen died in Vietnam. More than 100,000 were wounded. More than a million Vietnamese were killed.
        But, Nixon insured his chances to become President.

        What if Nixon wouldn’t have intentionally acted to scuttle the peace talks in ’68?
        What if LBJ – who was certain he could succeed in bringing the war to end before leaving office – what if those efforts weren’t undermined by Republicans?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Next Topic:
    In one of their first acts of the Republican controlled 115th Congress, the Republican House and Senate voted to pass a budget resolution that will add $9.1 Trillion to the debt.

  24. Outsider says:

    It is embarrassing that agency heads, such as the state tax commissioner Fulton, are afraid to come before the Appropriations Committee to talk about their agencies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would Fulton answer to the people of Nebraska?
      He was appointed by Ricketts, Inc. and he answers only to Ricketts, Inc.

      • bynd says:

        The system that Nebraskan’s have built.

        Isn’t it a marvelous thing?

        Everyone gets to bitch about something. Legit or not.

    • bynd says:

      It’s called protocol. The only embarrassing part is some one thinks it OK to go past the boss for other than whistleblowing. At least until the boss oks it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Trump becomes President at 12:01 PM Eastern Time on Jan. 20. At 12:02 PM I get to ask where the GD replacement for the ACA is. The Republicans have had 6 fecking years to plan for replacement & implementation. They are already late. Unacceptable. This should have been been vetted, done, in the can and ready to implement immediately.

    • bynd says:

      And then you would complain it was done to fast under the cover of darkness. As long as they know what is in it. We’ve already been down the incompetent road.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

        Address my question: why wasn’t this figured out well in advance? Six years was plenty of time to craft a plan, vet it and run it by the public. 12:02 PM Friday and Trump is late as well as incompetent. It’ll take more than a tweet or two to explain this screw-up.

        Sorry, Trump’s in charge and therefore Trump is to blame. Not more Obama or Clinton to – both are gone, both are irrelevant.

      • bynd says:

        Why did it take the Dems 17 months to finally pass the ACA? And that was after the Dems first try in 1993. Why did it really take the Dems 16 years plus 18 more months to get the ACA passed into law? And after all that time, they still had not read what was in the law.
        So I guess, that makes you the fool to believe that anyone but you buys into your time line. And quite frankly, what are going to do, cry them to death if they don’t match your time line? Foolish time line, foolish proposition. Made by a fool?

      • Where is the bottom says:

        bynd asks:
        “Why did it take the Dems 17 months to finally pass the ACA? And that was after the Dems first try in 1993. Why did it really take the Dems 16 years..”

        16 years?

        1912: Former President Teddy Roosevelt champions national health insurance as he unsuccessfully tries to ride his progressive Bull Moose Party back to the White House.

        1935: Amid the throes of the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt assigns staff to create a publicly funded national health insurance program, but delays it’s introduction in order to first push for Social Security.

        1945: President Harry Truman calls on Congress to create a national insurance program. The American Medical Association denounces the idea as “socialized medicine” and it goes nowhere.

        1960: John F. Kennedy makes health care a major campaign issue but as president can’t get a plan for the elderly through Congress.

        1974: President Richard Nixon wants to require employers to cover their workers and create federal subsidies to help everyone else buy private insurance. The Watergate scandal intervenes.

        August 1974: After Nixon’s resignation President Gerald Ford renews the effort to enact a payroll tax and general federal revenue financing of national health insurance. Ford gave up when the conservative half of his committee fell prey to the lobbying influence ($$) of the American Medical Association.

        1976: President Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy made a determined effort to implement a national health insurance program. Their efforts prove futile due to budget constraints in the face of a deteriorating economy.

        1993: President Bill Clinton puts Hillary in charge of developing what becomes a 1,300-page plan for universal coverage. It requires businesses to cover their workers and mandates that everyone have health insurance. The plan meets Republican opposition, divides Democrats and comes under a firestorm of lobbying from businesses and the health care industry. It dies in the Senate.

        2003: President George W. Bush and a Republican controlled Congress whipped out the nation’s credit card and pass the largest expansion to Medicare in the program’s history. Just like the two ongoing wars in the mideast, Republicans had no clue and no concern as to how they would pay for the massive, newly birthed Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act.
        And the birth of the bill was something straight out of horror novel. With Denny “The Diddler” Hastert in command, Republicans took to the House floor to engage in a marathon session of skullduggery. The bill endured numerous failed votes, each failure followed by considerable chicanery, bribes and horse trading -on the House floor- among Republicans. Finally, at 3am in the morning on Nov 22, 2003 the bill passed by a margin of 219-215.
        It proved to be a bill so larded with special interest provisions and payoffs that it was nearly unworkable. It is a bill that, after passage, required months of review and scrutiny leading to years of bipartisan amendments, dozens of them, to make it a viable, functional product.

        2009: Obama and the Democratically-controlled Congress fought tooth-and-nail an intransigent Republican party beholden to an array of special interests in order to bring healthcare to millions of America’s working poor. Americans previously rejected by insurance companies due to pre-existing conditions or unable to afford to care for themselves of their families. Since passage of the ACA, hospitals have enjoyed a significant decline in losses due to charity care, the healthcare industry has added more than 2 million good paying jobs, the escalating cost of care, as well as the cost of insurance premiums has dampened and the rate of uninsured Americans is the lowest in the history of our nation.
        The ACA is a bill with known flaws. Flaws that are easily remedied, improvements that are simple to enact. But a bill for which an intransigent Republican party not only refuses to improve, but actively assaults, ripping out pieces in acts they know to be detrimental the bill and to the working poor Americans who have found in it life saving relief.

        bynd, you previously noted that the military paid for your educations.
        I suggest they demand a refund.

      • bynd says:

        Where is the bottom,

        Evidently you found with your head.
        Your history lesson being nothing more than dodge. It really started 13.5 billion years ago when the universe was created.

        Your posting being not relevant to the current discussion. Much like you being irrelevant with irrelevant outdated info posts.

        But nice cut and paste. What ever will you do if they start enforcing the no cut and paste rule? You would be a mute snowflake.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Sorry bynd. In little over a day the ACA replacement failure becomes a 100% failure of POTUS 45 and the majority party of the 115th Congress. No mercy.

    • bynd says:

      to Anal-phony-mouse,

      Only according to the snowflakes who haven’t had touch with reality since HRC lost. (Actually long before.)
      And once again, no one cares but you. If you understood that principle, HRC might have won.

      No mercy. What, you’ll write more biting commentary? LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        I can laugh with you, if that makes you feel better. Only 20 hours before Trump & Company take full responsibility for their lack of a replacement for the ACA. The country is waiting for the greatest business mind of the age to demonstrate he’s worth the time of day. We’re waiting.

  27. Future Fretters of America says:

    Poor Herbster, Heineman and McCoy.
    No amount of public pandering, pleading or payola was going to be sufficient.
    All of them shut out for appointments in the certain-to-be-abbreviated tenure of our newly elected Tweeter in Chief, Incurious Don.

    Too bad, it would have been great entertainment to watch any one of this trio flounder in front of a Senate panel.
    Embarrassing to Nebraska, but entertaining nonetheless.
    One would have thought Charles had a shot at it. After all, the woefully ill-qualified, pyramid scheme Queen, Betsy DeVoss was pick to serve as Sec of Education.

    It’s hilarious to read the current article in the OWH about former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue’s appointment.
    It’s an appointment that has the NE Farmers Union, Charles Grassley, Joni Ernst, Ben ‘Take Me Off The Ag Committee’ Sasse and sundry other special interest ag operatives in a frenzy.
    All of them fearing that the Big Ag/Corporate Welfare teat that has so richly rewarded them for decades may suddenly be throttled back a bit.
    Panicked that some of the taxpayer largess they’ve grown accustomed to harvesting every year, may now be diverted to cotton and peanut farmers in the south.
    Fraught that a southern Governor appointed to Ag Secr. might blow the whistle on the massive scam that is the Renewal Fuels Standard. A program that even the uber conservative Heritage Foundation points to as an unconscionable swindle of the American taxpayer.

  28. C'mon says:

    You people realize that if ACA is repealed, and the eventual non-reconciliation items are removed (so true repeal) then we revert back to HIPAA, the Public Health Service Act and significant deference to state oversight of health insurance. And before you say “Well it didn’t work in Nebraska!” it actually did compared to other states.

    Nebraska had one of the lowest uninsured rates in Nebraska and the rate increases were no where near other states who had more generous benefits.

    In other words, if you love being dictated to by unaccountable, unelected federal employee lifers in D.C. you can, or, you can actually look to local elected leaders who have direct accountability to solve health care as a whole on a local level.

    What is a problem in New York City isn’t necessarily an issue in York, NE.

    • What Planet Do You People Live On? says:

      A wholly antithetical view.
      Could not be more in opposition to reality.

      The health care needs of an individual or family in New York are identical to the healthcare needs of an individual or family in York or Yutan, Detroit or Dallas.

      Our health care and insurance systems, in Nebraska and the nation, were on an unsustainable path prior to the introduction of ACA.
      More and more families were being priced out the system, insurance companies were rescinding the policies of those that posed even a minimal risk to their bottom line, those with chronic diseases (and their families) faced certain bankruptcy and more and more hospitals were being crippled by the cost of charity care as people sought basic care via the emergency room.
      American’s were , and still are, paying the highest prices for care on planet while receiving a quality of care that fails to crack the top 20 among nations around the globe.
      It was a system doomed for failure with no mechanism in place to avert a looming disaster.

      Also, even a casual observer of Nebraska politics in the last two decades has witnessed wide scale incompetence by Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services.
      The ACA is not a product of ‘lifers in D.C.’, it’s a collaboration of the brightest minds in physicians, care providers, health systems, pharma and the insurance industry.

      The ACA, while not a panacea, has by nearly every measure been a significant step forward. It could be a vastly improved product, right now, and Americans would be much better served were it not for the years-long campaign of misinformation and heinous activities of the Grotesquely Obstructionist Party.

      One need look no further than the newly released CBO (Republican stacked CBO) report to refute your claim in it’s entirety.

      • Anonymous says:

        “The health care needs of an individual or family in New York are identical to the healthcare needs of an individual or family in York or Yutan, Detroit or Dallas.” Really? I’d like to hear from an actuary on this question.

      • C'mon says:

        Once again What Planet you do not understand the reality of numbers. You talk about fantastic coverage, yet, that fantastic coverage increased rates over 100% in Nebraska. The normal increases in rates were 5-10% depending on medical inflation and other trends.

        HHS, by the way, doesn’t regulate insurance plans as you claim. That is the job of the Department of Insurance.

        And the brightest minds? The same ones that didn’t get the computer system created those minds? The same ones who said you can keep your doctor, but not really? The ones that said you rates will go down but they actually went up?

      • What Planet Do You People Live On? says:

        Compared with urban Americans, rural residents have higher poverty rates, a larger percentage of elderly, tend to be in poorer health, have fewer doctors, hospitals, and other health resources, and face more difficulty getting to health services.

      • bynd says:

        What Planet Do You People Live On?

        The one where truth and intelligence counts. Let the cut and paste begin.

        Gruber’s ‘Stupidity’ Comment

        Earlier this month, video began circulating online of Gruber speaking at an October 2013 conference on health economics at the University of Pennsylvania, where he said the ACA had been written “in a tortured way” so that the Congressional Budget Office wouldn’t “score the mandate as taxes.” He went on to say, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, you know, call it the ‘stupidity of the American voter’ or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.”

        He apologized in a Nov. 11 interview on MSNBC, saying he “basically spoke inappropriately.” But he said political infeasibility meant the law had to be structured a certain way, and that political pressure led to an “incomplete law.”

        Pelosi Fact Sheet on Jonathan Gruber, Nov. 13: Indeed, at the dozens of hearings on the health reform bill by the three health committees in the House in 2009, with 181 witnesses, Jonathan Gruber was never a witness. He testified at one Senate hearing.

        Earlier, on Nov. 13, Pelosi said of Gruber at a weekly briefing to reporters, “I don’t know who he is,” a comment her staff later said meant that she didn’t know Gruber personally. We found seven instances of Gruber being cited on Pelosi’s leadership website, and the Washington Post dug up November 2009 comments by Pelosi, in which she specifically named Gruber in citing his work.

        Gruber was hired by the Department of Health and Human Services for a one-year contract to provide “technical assistance in evaluating options for national healthcare reform,” as a Feb. 25, 2009, federal job posting indicates. The posting said he was uniquely qualified for the position not only because of his expertise in health economics but his “proprietary statistically sophisticated micro-simulation model” that could determine the impact of changes in health care policy.

        Gruber’s consultancy work wasn’t made public until it was reported in early January 2010. Fox News then reported that Gruber was paid almost $400,000 for the contract, an amount that was recently confirmed by the Washington Post’s Kessler.

        Gruber’s expert status in health economics was very well-known before Obama took office. We have quoted him on the subject many times, including in February 2008, when we cited his microsimulation modeling of different approaches to a health care overhaul and noted he had talked with the Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards campaigns on the topic. Gruber, who is also director of the health care program at the National Bureau of Economic Research, had advised former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and the state Legislature in developing the state’s 2006 health care law, which shares several similarities with the subsequent federal law.

        Pelosi’s post is wrong to say he testified only once before the Senate. He testified at three Senate hearings on health care overhaul options and legislation: a May, 12, 2009, Senate Finance Committee hearing; a June 11, 2009, Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing; and a Nov. 3, 2009, hearing also before the HELP Committee.

        And on and on. Here is one of, one of the main, creators of the ACA. And you try to spin it your way. Only you and Gruber believe you and Gruber. Comparing you to is like comparing filet to hotdogs. Just so you are clear, you are the hotdog.

      • Anonymous says:

        Naw, I’ll just put a bag over your head, bynd. You can hold your breath in my place. I’ll get the duct tape while you hope Trumps hurries his ass up.

      • bynd says:

        I could care less. But it is so much fun to push your buttons. Tick tick tick, a new facial nervous issue for you?

        But good come back for a passive progressive. I see Trump Derangement Syndrome has changed most progressive in many ways, some not so good.

        So now you want to murder others because you are so depressed? You need serious help.

        But here, let me shed a tear for the loss of your innocence. Dam, it just won’t happen. tick tick tick, one is gone and another is here.

  29. Ricky says:

    Kind of sad that Street Sweeper has sold out to Stothert.
    Now we have to see her twitter feed on this blog.
    How much money did it take to buy Street Sweepers soul?
    did SS really need money that bad to ruin L street?
    And anyway SS lives in Boston he does not even know what goes on in Omaha.
    Go Mello!

  30. Konrad says:

    ha is there a bill sen. john kuehn introduces that’s not handed to him first by the Gov’s office (a la transparency bill for leadership votes but secrecy for lethal drug providers)? robots, butt boys, stooges, thinking they’ll get something in return. what billionaire club $ hath wrought in the ne legislature. the guy’s a clown, set up like a bowling pin to be shred to pieces by chambers.

    • anon says:

      Chambers, he may be able to stop it, in between talking about himself, a trait shared with Obama. He is going to let them add a judge. OWH made it a story, actually something he does often, blows off and fades, at the expense of time and circus. Surely arranged for Krist to introduce the facts appear that his vendetta against a judge was a hinderance to the justice system.
      The governor of Nebraska is doing what the citizens have worked and voted for despite the legislature to carry out

  31. Anonymous says:

    Today the day! Our new motto, “Go Fuck Yourself!” replaces “In God We Trust.” And thanks to Trumpcare, our new, shovel-ready healthcare plan, you can earn the tool you need to dig your very own grave! Gee, I feel better already! America – prepare to meet your Russian, prison boyfriend. It only hurts a little while. You may even like it.

  32. Something is seriously wrong with Donald Trump says:

    Yesterday, America witnessed Trump’s first official act as POTUS, his preinaugural concert.
    It will go down in history as one of the most bizarre.

    As has been widely reported, you’ll see more star power at Stir Cove on a Tuesday night than at Trump’s grand preinaugural. We’ll set that bit of embarrassment aside.

    I wouldn’t believe it, had I not heard it myself –
    Donald and Melania made their grand entrance onto the veranda of the eternally inspiring Lincoln Monument, to the tune of Heart of Stone, by The Rolling Stones. The opening lyrics to which are:
    There’ve been so many girls that I’ve known
    I’ve made so many cry and still I wonder why
    Here comes the little girl I see her walking down the street
    She’s all by herself I try and knock her off her feet

    For those not familiar with the song, google it, please. I invite you to indulge in your own WTF moment.

    Another mind numbing moment –
    In a true stroke of genius (act of defiance?), someone thought it appropriate to book the United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own” to play for all in attendance Philip Sousa’s march “The Liberty Bell.” For those not familiar with it, this is very same music that serves as the distinctive opening theme song to Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
    Unfortunately, a huge foot did not emerge to crush the proceedings.

    Although, a hat tip – the festivities were topped off by Toby Keith, who opened by thanking Barack Obama for his service before welcoming Trump as our next President.
    Toby Keith is a legitimate star and a patriot who has given much in support of our troops and our country.

    To wrap it all up Trump took us down the rabbit hole with another of his troubling, vocalized delusions –
    Trump proclaimed the event to be “unprecedented in history” for it’s planning, star power, execution and the amazing attendance.
    An attendance, generously, estimated at around 10,000, on a balmy 50 degree day.

    One can only assume he missed Obama’s preinaugural concert in 2009.
    Of course The Donald has an excuse for being otherwise occupied at the time. 2009 was the year he filed for his 6th bankruptcy, this one on his Trump Entertainment Resorts.

    In case you were one of the few on the planet that missed it – Obama’s preinaugural concert drew a crowd estimated to be 400,000, on an frigid, icy Jan 20th with wind chills driving the temperature into the teens.
    Based on the combined attendance numbers, television viewership, and Internet traffic, it was among the most-observed events ever by a global audience.
    The concert featured performances by:
    Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Renée Fleming, Caleb Green, Josh Groban, Herbie Hancock, Heather Headley, Bettye Lavette, John Legend, John Mellencamp, Jennifer Nettles, Pete Seeger, Shakira, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, U2, Usher, and Stevie Wonder.

    The concert also featured impassioned and moving readings of historical passages by Jack Black, Steve Carell, Rosario Dawson, Jamie Foxx, Tom Hanks, Samuel L. Jackson, Ashley Judd, Martin Luther King III, Queen Latifah, Laura Linney, George Lopez, Kal Penn, Marisa Tomei, Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker and Tiger Woods.

  33. Anonymous says:

    President Trump: where is the ACA replacement you’ve promised? One minute into the job and he’s already late. A typical disappointment. So ineffectual. So weak. So Trump. Okay, maybe after lunch….

  34. bynd says:

    The snowflakes are now officially irrelevant. Let the healing begin for those who want it and for the least of us, someone who can finally help them in a real way and not just with phones, money and a scam called Obamacare. What will make America great is not politics pitting minorities against themselves and everyone else. That has been rejected.

    Success or failure, things have changed. And the sun will come up tomorrow.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that the sun? Or a ball of fake, faded, blond hair and a burnt-orange spray tan?

      Let the healing begin, Snowflake, and remember to “Go Fuck Yourself.” It’s the Trumpmerican Way ™.

      • Anonymous says:

        Our new motto: “Go Fuck Yourself, Snowflake.” Get used to it. We’re all special Snowflakes now, even you.

    • anon says:

      ” the sun will come up tomorrow”

      Except of course, for the countless thousands every year who are certain to face the very real risk of dying due to lack care brought about by the repeal of the ACA.

      129 million Americans currently live with pre-existing conditions.
      Should Republicans manage to gut health care and deregulate the insurance industry to such an extent as to once again leave many of these people uninsurable, it is ten’s of thousands of Americans for whom the sun could cease to rise.

      And let’s not forget, a man who has demonstrated time and again to share the temperament of a toddler, a man who has threatened to bomb the families of terrorists and welcomed the renewal of a new nuclear arms race, is now in possession of the nuclear codes.
      On any given morning, that glow on the horizon may in fact not be the rising of the sun.

      Also, with ExxonMobil running the State Dept and the EPA headed by a man who’s solitary mission for years has been to cripple the EPA, who’s to say we’ll be able to even see the sun as it rises or falls.

      • bynd says:

        to Anon;

        What would you have if you had no imagination? Since you had no concern for the 29 million who never got insured, more than did, your faux outrage about others is obviously more for show than any true concern. And since the ACA is still here, and most talk is keeping the good parts of the ACA and there is no rational reason to believe what you print has any basis in reality, your desperate attempts at relevance are falling woefully short. Except for amusement purposes. With your breathless hysterics you have constructed your very own self made hell. A worthless exercise that affects only you. How fun to watch though. Self flagellation. Something even Christians disavow.

        What you snowflakes fear the most is light, especially sunlight. Your time here for relevance is over and the darkness you lived in is being stripped away.
        The bottom line, your life sucks. But only because you want it too.

        Enjoy the next four years, your worst fears may come true. The only thing worse than that is that you will be totally wrong, again.

        He wasn’t elected to make you and yours happy.

      • bynd says:

        to anon-sense

        snowflake’s death squads. How unoriginal.

        Anon in wonder land. I bet you pass from bitterness eating up your insides before Trump gets impeached.

        Why would anyone let someone else make them into such an uncontrollable basket case.

      • I got the DTs says:

        400,000 Americans die every year due to medical errors. Damned if you have health care, damned if you don’t. Of course, we aren’t talking about having health care but who pays for it.

  35. anon says:

    Within only days of his inauguration as President of the United States, Donald Trump was forced to pay $25,000,000.00 in order to avoid being called to testify at a trial where Trump University was certain to be found guilty of deceiving and defrauding ten’s of thousands of Americans.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Keep whining about Trump. In fact, keep screaming. Your pain is delightful. It brings such schadenfreude.

    Green Darwin wants you to off yourself into a compost heap. I say don’t. And if you choose to stay alive and in misery, please don’t leave the country. Stay right here and be in pain. There is no teaching you and no end to your egotistical stupidity. Your bloated ego makes this so delicious.

    You not only slip on the banana peel, you then shove the peel up your rump, extract it, eat it and then complain about the taste. Funny stuff.

  37. Hose out the cage says:

    Bynd. Bless your persistence but you keep trying to educate these rump hording left-handed monkeys into other means of political consumption.

    Recommend you wash your hands and step back from the cage when you are dealing this these creatures. They have a tendency to fling poo when agitated.

    • anon says:

      Sure to be a god from a hollywood revisionist history movie, by the time the get to Obama 5, written by Oliver Stoned and directed by Alec Bawlin, music by Bruce Springsteen

  38. Anonymous says:

    The Daily Stormer, the leading neo-Nazi website – which also proudly proclaims itself to be “America’s #1 Trusted Republican News Source” – is beyond jubilant today with the inauguration of their new leader.
    They’re blasting out the headline “It’s Victory Day”, on a banner featuring their two most revered leaders, Ronald W. Reagan and Donald J. Trump.

    The neo-Nazi’s had to be ecstatic with that Fatherland speech Trump delivered as an inaugural address.

    • bynd says:

      to Anonymous:

      I see as the snowflake descends from the lofty perch it put itself on, hypoxia has set in. And your hyperventilating certainly doesn’t help the condition.

      Symptoms include as we see, Light headedness, Euphoria or sensation of dissociation from self, Confusion, memory loss and cognitive problems, disorientation.

      You need to start conserving your oxygen snowflake. Failure to continue to not have self control could lead to, Severe hypoxia which can lead to loss of consciousness, seizures or convulsions, coma and even death. And a deep descent into Goodwin’s law.

      Poor snowflakes.

  39. Incursions-R-Us says:

    After listening to the inaugural address, Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, Tehran and Islamabad are ecstatic beyond their wildest imagination.

    “All countries should be free to pursue their self interest.”
    – President Donald J. Trump
    Inaugural Address, Jan. 20, 2017

    • bynd says:

      ” All countries should be free to pursue their self interest.”

      Obama certainly has, including negotiating treaties to enshrine those nuclear rights in international law.

      I hear he is having a nuclear bomb proof shelter built under his house.

      Thank you snowflake for showing us the mess that the last President left us in. And really, a little logic will tell you that if all those countries believe that Trump will drop the bomb, they sure as hell are not going to test the theory. Just because you would doesn’t mean even the North Koreans are as off balance as you.

      But then logic and critical thinking are not your forte are they. Boo!

  40. Anonymous says:

    A crowd dwarfing that of the inauguration of Donald Trump is now marching in the streets of our capital.
    A crowd of emboldened Americans twice the size of Trump’s has joined in a Women’s March, standing in defiance of Donald Trump and the Republican’s position on women’s and minority rights.

    A crowd estimated at nearly 100,000 has shown up – in London – to join voices with women an ocean way.
    Women who will no longer stand silent to the regressive mindset foisted upon a nation by the Republican party and their diminishing legion of fundamentalist zealots.

    Strap up, the battle cry of the Trumpkins will not go unanswered.

    • anon says:

      The celebrities might be fighting the Republican party, but the women, and surely it is not all women there, they are fighting just as well amongst themselves as women.

    • bynd says:

      I would have thought that the snowflakes had learned about numbers and what they mean since they got all of them wrong in regards to the presidential election. And who uses the word dwarf? The nationally acclaimed Sacramento Bee and numerous alt left web sites. And the facts are, no formal count is taken any more. From CBS “Official crowd estimates are no longer provided, but aerial photos allow at least a visual comparison”.
      Will there be more today than yesterday? Appears so. But then, it isn’t raining today.

      125.9 adult females in the USA. I’ll give you 3 million involved today and that is very generous. That would be .02% of adult women in the USA. Although it is hard to find other than percentages, it can be deduced that more white women voted for Trump than the total of all races participating in today’s marches.

      Do we disregard these protesters? Nope, but they need to be put into context.

      The average Trump voter is not poorly educated or unemployed, nor does he live in a rural area. Back in May, FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver punctured the myth of the “working class” being Trump’s voter base: In exit polls of 23 states from the primaries, all showed a higher median income for Trump supporters than the national average, usually around $70,000. Exit polls last week, while not definitive, reveal that both college-educated white men and college educated white women voted for Trump by much higher than expected margins. new republic.

      Far from being purely a revolt by poorer whites left behind by globalisation, who did indeed turn out in greater numbers for the Republican candidate than in 2012, Trump’s victory also relied on the support of the middle-class, the better-educated and the well-off. the guardian

      In 2016, the theory that women would vote together in the interest of their gender soared and crashed once again. This was supposed to be the election where women formed a coalition to block the man who boasted of groping them; who has been accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women; who said women who have abortions deserved to be punished; who said women facing sexual harassment at work should “find another career”; who implied that a female journalist was on her period when he didn’t like her question; who said his female opponent didn’t look “presidential.” It was supposed to be the election in which women rejected the candidate who hates women in favor of the candidate who is one. nytimes magazine.

      And you can find dozens of more articles like this one.

      Snowflakes don’t like context.

      • Anonymous says:

        Said the biggest snowflake of them all. Your math is off too. For simplicity’s sake lets say the US population is 300 million people. 1% is 3 million.

        Lets say 100 million of them are adult women. So 1% is a million, 2% is 2 million, 3% is 3 million, etc. Slight fewer than 3% of adult women, say 2.7%, are telling Trump “Go fuck yourself, snowflake.” Not whatever space you pulled “.02%” out of, bynd. Use a calculator next time, it’ll improve your effectiveness.

        And remember to GFYS. It’s the only rule in Trumpmerica.

      • bynd says:

        Your assumptions are not in line with facts. That’s why your answers are more bull than true. Too hard to research? Try again. But the point is bozo, it’s such a small amount as to be insignificant. As you saw in the election, the active have no idea and folks like you misread everything. Nice try though snowflake. Hypoxia will kill if you don’t treat it. Not wasting what little oxygen you have would be a great good life saving start. By the way, there are 125.9 adult women in the US. That would mean I didn’t move the decimal. Blame my Nebraska public education including west dodge high.

  41. Political Novice says:

    Frankly it makes no difference to me one way or the other concerning the women’s marches. It’s their right, their time and their money. It’s yet to be seen how much of an impact it will have in the total scope of things but there is no denying it’s getting the publicity many are seeking. The one thought that keeps coming into my (arguably dense) head is wondering how much they have to pay for hotel and motels. I’ll bet the room prices are jacked way up.

    Did I vote for Trump? No. Do I like his personality? No. Do I believe he can keep all his promises? No. Am I optimistic about his policies? No. That being said I am at least willing to wait to see the results and outcome of such polices. I feel it’s only fair. He’s made some bold statements and if he can pull it off more power to him. No matter what is done there will be losers and winners with someone being unhappy.

    I think I would have worded differently the part in his inaugural address where he stated “and most importantly, we are protected by God”. I’m willing to bet that some fanatic will interpret that as a challenge of “my God is stronger than your God – so bring it on”.

    Intentional or not, having “Pershing’s Own” performing a march that was used as Monty Python’s theme tune was a classic!

  42. Anonymous3 says:

    “Frankly it makes no difference to me one way or the other concerning the women’s marches.”

    It is certain to prove the largest protest march in the history of the United States.
    Americans joining hands and stepping forward to protest the neanderthal ideology of Donald Trump and the modern Republican party.

    It’s a march that makes the Koch funded TEA party hootenannies look like a Duggar family reunion (quick – hide the little girls!!)

    Yet, it’s somehow.. irrelevant?

    By the way, I concur:
    GFYS, bynd.

    • Political Novice says:

      Well I can’t still can’t see how it’s going to affect me directly – but hey, good for them.

      Yes I get it – you hate Trump and the Republican party. I’m no fan myself but I don’t hate those with a different philosophy than mine. To those who chant “not my president” I can only shrug “well, who is? Love or hate him we are stuck with him.

      Time will tell I guess how much of an impact this will have and what comes from it. It will be interesting if a “Make America Great Again’ march materializes to counter-protest. My bet is that it won’t happen.

    • bynd says:


      NIce to see that the language of the hick ignorant is communicable amongst the snowflakes. The coasts were right, there are many uneducated around here. It’s just that they happen to be liberal.

      • Anonymous says:

        You don’t understand, bynd. YOU ARE A SNOWFLAKE. Nothing else. In Trumpmerica you can pretend that your chatter matters, in your safe, sheltered little world. But, seriously – go fuck yourself. This is now the constant answer to your every post. Go. Fuck. Yourself.

      • bynd says:

        To Anonymous snowflake:

        Ever since I have been on this site, the progressives have posted in an arrogant, self righteous condescending manner. And the conservatives dealt with it.
        But not one ever, ever cracked up and lost it like you just did.

        I hope you answer that way every time, because it will be a reminder of how weak progressives are. You can dish it out, but can’t take. You can’t argue with logic and critical thinking. When proven wrong, you crack.

        And you think throwing a foul mouth tantrum is some how harmful to some one else. Indeed, the only one who is harmed by such outbursts is the illiterate one who says or writes it.

        4 more years snowflake, you are not going to make it are you?

        An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with any opinions that differ from their own. These people can often be seen congregating in “safe zones” on college campuses.

    • bynd says:


      Here’s the best part. Hillary looks good to progressives when put up against Trump. The marching women look good when put against the folks from the Teaparty. You compare yourselves to what you claim is the worst of the conservative side and think that is a good thing. A great showing. Really?

      As I said, progressives hate context. It spoils their world and shows how they lower their standards to make themselves look good. Pathetic.

      So many snowflakes here it seems to be becoming a blizzard. Blizzard of BS.

  43. spect says:

    You all are perhaps trying to measure inches against ounces.

    Social psychologists try to apply what they guess is going on in one human mind to what they don’t know is going on in the seething ocean of millions of minds. That overreach leads measurable science to become unmeasurable art. And art is anyone’s guess. Yet scientists aren’t paid to guess. So they measure and poll and do other things that didn’t work in this last election because, intuitively, they aren’t all that intuitive.

    You don’t have to know metric from inches to grasp that shifting from measuring candidates by “whom do you like” to measure one who doesn’t seek being liked, is like trying to measure fluid ounces with a yard stick.

    Watching Social Psychologists explain anti-Political Correctness — Liberals who see PC as comfortably nice speech versus Conservatives who see PC as tyrannically gagged speech; filtered through the scientist’s own political myopia — is like watching monkeys hammering at a computer.

    Measuring a Trump whom you hate, by your yardstick marked with increments of how much you must “like” this or that public figure, is guaranteed to leave you unable to predict outcomes. That in turn makes you worthless as a political analyst and leaves you adrift as a citizen, once sure but now reduced to the level of a street junky craving your next “nice” fix, which isn’t coming.

    Fixing problems isn’t fun, isn’t nice, isn’t enjoyable. PC is nice and doesn’t fix problems. PC is social heroin. Its junkies love it. Those who escape its grasp see the world with entirely different eyes.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Madonna threatens President = Profitable media exposure for a celebrity.

    You threaten President = 5 years’ imprisonment and $250,000 fine for you as a dumbass.

    Feel free to experiment. You can say what Madonna said and when you are thrown in prison we will see if we feel sorry for you. Vent that big heart of yours until it bursts. Darwin demands it.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Darwin demands it.”

      Lest we forget, it’s your side, the Cro-Magnon collective calling itself ‘conservatives’, that doesn’t believe in evolution.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous at 7:53. Nothing Madona said would get anyone thrown in jail since f word is protect by the 1st Amendment, and saying you thought about doing something but decided not to is no threat.

    • anon says:

      She followed up her asinine claim of “alternative facts”, with:
      “There’s no way to really quantify crowd numbers,”


      But of course, the Breitbart crowd will lap up and regurgitate this overt, naked manipulation, oblivious to the naivete and ignorance it displays on their part.

      Cue bynd, in 3.. 2.. 1..

      • bynd says:

        Snow flake, you can count backwards. Impressive. Pretty tight with Briebart crowd. Must be really good friends.

      • Anonymous says:

        I see the Arch-Snowflake emerges once again to comment from his PC comfort bubble. Beats me why we who work for a living support this yokel. You’re welcome, bynd.

      • anon says:

        As Trumpkins, and Tea Partiers before them, have amply demonstrated, “Politically Incorrect” is simply the politically correct term for “Being Offensive”.

        It’s a role at which you all excel.

      • bynd says:

        To Anal-ymous

        “Beats me why we who work for a living support this yokel. You’re welcome, bynd.”

        Why thank you snowflake.
        The answer is, the stupid always work for those smarter than them. That I don’t let others, control how I feel or what I do.

        And I have a lot more diversity to my life than constantly posting worthless cut and paste on here about a carrot top who whipped you and yours. I mean really, he kicked your butt and all you can do is post about him.

        Simple concepts. Good life. And never once in 8 years did I lose sleep over Obama.

    • bynd says:


      Snowflake, do you act so surprised at such things because you still can’t believe he kicked your butt? Or are you genuinely surprised?

      I mean, really. Who cares who had the largest crowd at their gathering? And you folks fall for that crap everytime.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you can be trusted in the smallest matter, you can be trusted with the greatest responsibility. Trustworthiness begins with continuous factual accuracy and credibility. Correct?

  45. Mr. Green Jeans says:


    Week one of Donald Trump’s Presidency will focus on International trade!
    He intends to sign an executive order pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
    in addition he has demanded renegotiation of NAFTA and has promised, if he doesn’t get his way, he’ll also pull out of NAFTA.

    So, all you Nebraska farmers out there who pulled the lever for Donald Trump – grab yerself a chunk of hickory stick, bite down firmly and bend over.

    I’m just thankful that no matter how severely Nebraska’s agricultural community is damaged by the shredding of international trade deals, it will in no way effect the overall health of our state’s economy.

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
    – H. L. Mencken

  46. anonymous says:

    Whoda thunkit.

    Kintner apparently has too much free time on his hands.
    Yet again this weekend he found a way to be an offensive human being.

    Of course he apologized for it, after the fact, stating (in his best caveman):
    “I hope no women experiences (sic) harassment or assault either,”

    Or at least we think that was a statement issued by Kinter. In place of a signature, the note bears his distinctive ‘X’ scrawled across the bottom of the page.

    • anonymous says:

      The two most obvious topics to cover in the new thread –

      1) Republican State Legislator Bill Kintner’s continued offensiveness

      2) This weekend’s Women’s March, the biggest political rallies the cities of Omaha, Lincoln, Loup City – or our nation – have ever seen. Marches protesting our newly elected Republican President and the policies advanced by the Republican party.
      “I’ve been in traffic seven years and this is easily – without a doubt – the biggest rally we’ve ever worked”, said Sgt. Jerry Martinez of the Omaha Police Department. “It was peaceful. No problem.”

      And it would no doubt be quite timely to toss in for discussion the article in today’s OWH:
      “Iowa’s budget shortfall traced to 2013 tax cut”

      • bynd says:


        We see again your low standards for defining success. 3 maybe 4 million females, and they weren’t all females anyway, out of 125.9 adult females in the USA. Not really impressive. And context is everything. It is nice to see they talked about the truly oppressed females out in the world. Oh yeah, they didn’t. The majority in this country being privileged, white,upper class females. Life is tough here in the USA for them. Especially the Hollywood hypocrites. Who abuses more women and sexually assaults more women and pays women a lot less than males than Hollywood? But once again, they ignore the hand that feeds them. It helps if you know what the real issues are and who is really the enemy.

  47. bynd says:

    Meanwhile, while the snowflakes ignore things that are truly important. As one of his last acts Obama tore apart Cuban immigrant families by canceling the wet foot dry foot policy. All so he can be kiss the butt of the brutal Castro regime, his now bosom buddies. But you won’t hear it from the snowflakes, they are more worried about my crowd size is bigger than yours. Or supporting the privileged female she in this weekend’s march. Hypocrites is not a strong enough word for these loatham sub humans.

    As the Cuban immigrants, or want to be immigrants, Obama is the enemy and hated and they look to Trump. Hopefully that humanitarian disaster by god Obama will be reversed by the new President. Rest well snowflakes, you have just torn apart untold immigrant families.

  48. anonymous says:

    Who would have guessed you were such a fan of a flagrantly open borders and automatic amnesty?

    bynd simply found and parroted a distorted analysis of the policy he stumbled across on some right wing website. He’s incapable of understanding what he’s even talking about.

    Wet foot dry foot is an illogical and discriminatory policy. Ending it marks an advancement long overdue.
    The move is part of the historic normalization of relations with Cuba, a move celebrated by nearly every Cuban and a move that will rank highly among President Obama’s long list of accomplishments.

    Deal for ya bynd, for every new Cuban dry foot (and they arrived in record numbers last year) to whom America uniquely extends amnesty and citizenship, and all accordant benefits therein, we ding the pensions of military retirees to pay for it.
    As soon as that toe leaps from the boat and touches the sand, they are automatically enrolled in TRICARE. As a courtesy we’ll set it up to the U.S. Govt sends you a tweet (or email, your choice) noting $1 will deducted from your next check. Another illegal crossing, another $1. A whole boat load…

    After all, we’re quite familiar with how warmly Republicans embrace illegal immigrants and how blanket amnesty is at the very top of every Trumpkins list.

    • bynd says:

      so let’s see now. Cuba isn’t issuing any immigration trips to the USA. Cubans who enjoyed a special status now have no reason to even try to come here. And believes that Cubans are celebrating that they can longer can get from there to here. Get that BuzzFeed did ya snowflake. Or just make it up in that mosh mash in your head.

      Here’s one that snowflake is talking about, She spent weeks hiking through the Amazon, crossing a crocodile-filled river. She scaled border walls, escaped from immigration detention in Panama and slept in a church. Broke, hungry and exhausted, she found refuge with indigenous people in the jungle who took her in and fed her for a week.

      Finally, six months after fleeing Cuba on a tortuous journey to the United States, Marleni Barbier, a dental assistant from Havana, made it to the border with Texas — about 12 hours too late.

      Here’s some more who celebrating:
      More than 1,000 Cuban migrants who endured monthslong treks across as many as 10 countries to reach the United States are marooned in Mexico, halted by the Obama administration’s decision this month to end special immigration privileges for Cubans who make it to the American border.

      The abrupt change is a profound one for Cubans, who fled their country by the tens of thousands in the last year to take advantage of a decades-old policy that permitted them to enter the United States.

      I have faith that Trump will change it,” said Ms. Barbier, 44, who arrived at the Texas border right after President Barack Obama announced the end of special rights for Cubans. “To take away a law at the last minute like that, it’s so unjust.”

      Need I go on. Persecuted Cubans, unlike Muslims who wanted to come here by the hundreds of thousand from the mid east, are being screwed by the progressives so they can kowtow to Castro and pay reparations and get more of them thrown in jail.

      That’s great stuff your shooting up there snowflake. But when it comes to stupid, you make Trump look like and absolute genius.

      After all, we’re quite familiar with how warmly progressives now embrace illegal immigrants and how blanket amnesty is at the very top of every snowflakes list. My name is snowflake anonymous and I want to be just like carrot top.

  49. anon says:

    Donald Trump has repeatedly declared NAFTA to be the worst trade deal the U.S. has ever signed.

    From the web site of the right wing Heritage Foundation:
    “The North American Free Trade Agreement: Ronald Reagan’s Vision Realized”
    Ronald Reagan first proposed a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Mexico in his 1980 presidential campaign. Since that time, The Heritage Foundation is proud of the role it has played in articulating President Reagan’s vision.. ..The NAFTA win is a great victory for free trade conservatives. It was they who first championed the notion of free trade with Mexico.
    – Nov. 23, 1993

    On November 18, 1993 NAFTA was approved in Speaker Newt Gingrich’s House with the support of 132 Republicans and 102 Democrats, who prevailed over the opposition of 156 Democrats, 43 Republicans and one independent.

  50. bynd says:

    Pay attention. 1993 is not 2016.
    1992, Motorola International 3200 The first digital hand-size mobile telephone.

    Nokia 1011This was the first mass-produced GSM phone. It was produced until 1994.

    1993 Dow Jones at 3654, etc etc.

    And I guess in your world, the Dems are still the leaders of the KKK. Nothing ever changes does it snowflake?

  51. Here kitty, kitty says:

    Democrats are stupid. Republicans are too but at least they have thicker hide and can do math. Trump dragged elephants across the finish line, happy now, dazed. But compared to the teeth gnashing of elephants in the Primary, which was brutal, Democrats don’t even have the luxury of an elephant’s thick skin, as skinless Dems are now being rolled in salt and dipped in lemon juice.

    You keep focusing on what Trump wants you to focus on. It’s like he swings bits of yarn in front of cats. And the surer you are of your erudition, the more blind you are to this. You continue to think this is all random on his part. Yet at every turn you are left on your back, pants around your ankles.

    A recent victim was Schumer’s nearsighted gambit ala his CIA-renege, which for sake of his fit of pique-tinged-misjudgment earns Democrats a newfound distrust in the Senate and strongly brings naysaying Republicans McCain, Graham and Rubio to Trump’s side. Trump’s problem has always been Republicans not Democrats. It takes a common enemy like Schumer screwing over Senators personally to bring GOP support to Trump. Do you really think Trump doesn’t know that?

    Consider this. Schumer at inauguration stood up and gave the usual work-together speech. Trump then gave a speech “he crafted himself” which to those happy with his victory sounded an uplifting, patriotic speech, while at the same time, to everyone who dislikes his victory, including Schumer, it sounded like a kick in the ass to defeated Democrats. Do you think that’s by accident?

    Nothing Trump does or says is purposeless. He is a paragon of efficiency and strategic elegance. Everything he does works double and triple duty to further his aims on several levels. And often in broad daylight, so grounded that it works even while you are looking at it. That is far more than deception or sleight of hand. It is by design a pleasing perk to those with him, a smokescreen for scrutinizers, and a draw for the suicidal indignance triggered by disliking him. The more you dislike him, the more it triggers, the more eagerly you rise up and screw yourself.

    How many times do you have to punch at the guy only to have your own teeth magically fly loose for you get the idea that you are out of your league? He’s negotiating and you are watching the yarn. But, go ahead and think he’s random. See where that gets you. And funny part is, me telling you this will probably save none from plunging off the cliff.

    • dem says:

      Just last night, Trump again made the assertion at a meeting with congressional leaders that he would have won the popular vote had it not been for millions of illegals voting for Hillary.

      128,824,833 votes were cast in the ’16 election.
      We’re approaching 3 months beyond the day of the election and there is not a person on the planet that can provide evidence of even a 10 illegals having voted for Hillary, let alone millions.

      Donald Trump is mentally challenged.
      The people who blindly follow him either a) don’t give a shit that the President of the United States lacks a firm grasp on reality, or, b) are incapable of critical thought.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Breaking News –
    The NE Legislature has risen up to ask Bill Kintner to resign his seat in the Legislature on Tuesday or face certain expulsion.

    “..the volume of emails and phone calls in response to Kintner’s situation was making it impossible to conduct state business.”

    Seems the “snowflakes” are collecting their first scalp.
    Strap up, Trumpkins.

    • bynd says:

      News flash, snowflakes admit they created Trump to destroy the Republican party. When asked how they thought that strategy was working, they said they had the Republicans right where they wanted them. Over confident and getting ready to pass a lot of America destroying legislation.

      We are on our way back they proclaimed.

  53. Preservation Jazz says:

    This may be post #208 or perhaps it is post #22,208 in this bloggy toilet into which we may expect some turds to fall.

    What we do not and should not expect is this toilet to remain unflushed for weeks on end.

    The sugary delight of Trump supporters is instinctually fed upon by sour turd-like disappointed Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, etc. so as to fester a contagion of poisonous funk less like a petri dish of vileness than a home brew vat of satanic proportions.

    If Democrats want to commit suicide by stupidity, do you really want their dead festering bodies rotting behind your couch so as to stink up the place? Even Democrats who choose to survive must find that painfully disgusting.

    Bynd isn’t here to debate you idiots, but rather to varnish you leftist turds for display. Its a hobby. Like taxidermy. Disgusting but some museum might buy your dry carcass.

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