Breaking news that President Trump signed an Executive Order to move forward with both the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines.

Governor Ricketts:

Keystone XL will create good-paying jobs for Nebraska workers and bring property tax relief to counties along the route. Today’s decision represents years of extensive environmental reviews that confirm Keystone XL complies with federal safety and environmental standards. With the federal approval process complete, state regulators must now work through the process in Nebraska to conduct their own thorough consideration of the project.

Looks like someone is going to have to get some new t-shirts printed.


In the main election for this off-year, announced-challenger Heath Mello went to the Kiwanis Club in Omaha to talk about how he’d work if he were elected Mayor of Omaha.

When asked about the recent Nebraska budget that he led in crafting, which ended up millions in the red, he responded that he DID his work on the budget…last spring.

He told the Kiwanisians that after he worked on the budget in April he was D-U-N done, and when the shortfall numbers came in, that was someone else’s job to figure out.

For instance, he said:

“When I ended my term as a legislature in service in April of last year the last legislative session, we had a balanced budget…”

“…when I ended my term as Appropriations Chair in April we balanced the budget and there was no deficit…”

“…we started to see projections start to slide and start to see revenues come in month after month a little lower…”

[full audio here]

What’s that, Senator?
He said, twice, he ended his service in April? He says he saw the revenues sliding month after month, but did nothing???

Heath Mello continued to be a State Senator until January of 2017. And every article written, every story reported about him until the new Senators were sworn in still called him Senator Heath Mello. For instance, just a month ago, in December, SENATOR Mello stood shoulder to shoulder with fellow State Senators Ken Haar and Tyson Larson to discuss how the Nebraska Legislature should discuss…climate change.

You got that?

Mello is willing to get down and dirty with his colleagues to talk about how to change the weather. But after he wrote down his guesses for how much money the state would bring in for the year back in April, he washed his hands of all things Appropriations!

The Governor certainly didn’t wait until the new Legislature was sworn in to address it. Why wouldn’t Mello weigh in then? Wouldn’t the self-proclaimed EXPERT on the budget want to sit down with the Governor or his colleagues or SOMEONE to work out the screw-up that occurred?

Not so much, says Mello.

Heck, back in July, Mello told the OWH, “We’ll need to keep a mindful eye on the next couple months’ revenue.” Which is nice. So what did he do about it? Absolutely nothing? (Maybe he could release all of his schedules to clear all this up.)

Is Mello to blame for the budget going kerplooey? Well, he WAS the one who led the Legislature on it. But just for argument’s sake, let’s say he gets the benefit of the doubt about the predictions. But after EVERYONE discovered that the predictions were wrong, what did Mello do?

Well, apparently he just put together his campaign for Mayor of Omaha.

And like a high school kid leaving the cafeteria, he left his giant mess there for someone ELSE to clean up.

While Mayor Jean Stothert is building new police precincts, negotiating labor contracts and fixing roads, Mello says he wants to fix ObamaCare and stop the polar caps from melting. Perhaps when he was filing for Mayor, he thought he was running for Congress.


Nebraska Legislature Speaker Jim Scheer is preparing a resolution for Wednesday to expel State Senator Bill Kintner. He says that he believes he has more than 33 votes.

Kintner is reportedly preparing a statement for later today.

In the meantime there are bags full of hammers standing around asking, “What was Bill Kintner thinking?”

That’s the reaction of most normal thinking people involved in Nebraska politics. ICYMI, Kintner re-Tweeted a radio jock’s Tweet showing 3 ladies from the Women’s March holding “Not MY Pussy” signs, with the tag, “Ladies I think you’re safe.”

Apparently Kintner thought that was a really good one and re-Tweeted it to his Followers.

So here is a guy who is dealing with Ernie Chambers every day on his past issues, and probably not successfully.

Instead of laying low, keeping out of trouble and watching his every step and statement, after less than 3 weeks in session, he steps on his own…er…feet.

Many have never liked Kintner’s bombast. Others find his outspokenness a breath of fresh air in a PC world. But there is no doubt right now that he is hurting the Nebraska Republican Party, and it didn’t even take one of Chambers’ 6th-grade poems to do it.

Sure he has a right to say what he wants. And yes it was meant to be a joke. But, for Kintner especially, perception is reality. And the perception by the public is that Kintner is an oaf who can’t help himself from doing the next thing.

If he hasn’t done it already, Kintner needs to take a long look in the mirror.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for getting something new posted!

    Back to business. Trump’s pronouncement doesn’t compel business, property owners, or the state and/or Federal courts & legislature, to do or not do anything about the pipelines. Back to Square One.

  2. Bluejay says:

    Jane Kleeb already in full meltdown mode. I hope Jane will enjoy the crushing defeat she will suffer here. Also hope she enjoys jail. Jane will take down the Dem party with her.

  3. Lay some Pipe(line) says:

    It’s going to be fun to watch Jane and the fledgling NDP react to today’s great news.

    Also: This blog sometimes reads like a Stothert for Mayor blog. I understand why JK had to say he’s not writing while he works for the campaign, but the readers here are smart enough to recognize that he is clearly still writing.

    • Anonymous says:

      “This blog sometimes reads like a Stothert for Mayor blog.”

      In the very same fashion as ‘sometimes’ it gets dark at night and ‘sometimes’ Pelini would yell on the sidelines.

      In case you haven’t figured it out, there is no new post unless they’ve crafted some sort of new attack on Health Mello and an accompanying aggrandizement of a mundane activity performed by Jean Stothert.
      (i.e.: ‘Stothert has God like abilities! She looked up at the sky and determined it to be gray, then, in an almost supernatural display of foresight declared “let there be salt”, and lo and behold, there was salt! – check out our twitter feed, we have the video!!)

  4. Bluejay says:

    And dear sweet Jane: Elections have consequences. Your side lost; big time, both nationally and locally. You must come to grips with the fact that 65% of Nebraskans voted for Trump.

  5. I wonder says:

    So, if Kintner is now going to be taken down by his retweet and other follow up conversations he had on Twitter, will the Legislature also expel Ernie Chambers for his statements which, to many, are racist, offensive and degrading to several?

    This is a dangerous path the GOP is opening up. This isn’t expulsion for a crime. It’s expulsion for words. They didn’t move on the previous activities which were lewd to say the least. So, clearly, this is for words and thoughts.

    So, for consistency sake, Senator Chambers should also be expelled for his thoughts and for his words as well.

    • wonder no more says:

      Kintner is a buffoon and reviled by most Nebraskans. His actions will serve to tarnish the NEGOP for decades to come.

      Senator Chambers will continue to be revered by most Nebraskans as one the most intelligent and accomplished ever to serve.

      • bynd says:

        Senator Chambers will continue to be revered by most Nebraskans as one the most intelligent and accomplished ever to serve.

        Just ask all his dead constituents or the ones hooked on drugs. And why the majority of Blacks in Omaha who are upwardly mobile move to Dallas or Atlanta. That would be because those cities have vibrant Black communities where they can live and prosper.

        The only one who believes the above is ricky fulton. And we know how good he is at anything approaching truth or intelligence. That would be none of either.

        Climb back in your hole ricky. No body would confuse your childish writing for any body else.

    • Bluejay says:

      No one – not the press, US Attorney or CA AG – has ever investigated illegal aliens voting in American elections. They don’t want the truth to be known. Illegals use their CA driver’s licenses to register using Motor Voter. This is obvious to anyone who is paying attention.

    • anon says:

      Great question!
      Maybe this is an instance where past is prologue?
      If you’ll recall it was the spring of 2011 that our Birther-In-Chief promised he would soon break a stunning revelation, a discovery that his special agents in Hawaii were, at that very moment, about to deliver to the world:
      “I have people that have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re finding,” he told NBC news.
      The Tiny Handed Vulgarian went on to declare that his investigators just might uncover “one of the greatest cons in the history of politics and beyond.”.
      An announcement was expected.. any day. An announcement of the proof of Obama’s Kenyan birth and his ties to muslim terrorists. An announcement the world still awaits.

      Maybe Orange Incurious has those same special agents on the trail of the millions of illegals who secretly sauntered through the polling places in November. Illegals that Hillary no doubt now has clustered in seclusion (maybe they’re hiding in Alex Jones’ abandoned Wal*Marts! The ones that Obama had turned into detention camps, ready for his launch of marital law!!)
      I’ll bet Joe Arpaio is leading those special agents. After all, the citizens of Arizona recently made him newly unemployed. Then again, the self proclaimed “America’s Toughest (former) Sheriff” may not be allowed to leave his home state. After the federal government found him guilty of “systematic disregard” for the Constitution (for which the GOP has long celebrated him) he is facing yet another lawsuit for being unable to control his racist assholery. (for which the GOP still celebrates him)

      We’re a nation awash in lunacy.

  6. Pete says:

    I think the leg. is setting a seriously dangerous precedent here. Kintner is being expelled because he pressed the wrong button on his twitter app. Not for writing something himself, or saying it out loud. And not for using his state owned laptop for cybersex. Nope! Meanwhile, Ernie gets away with saying very publicly on the floor of the legislature, nasty things about his colleagues, and violent things about police officers.

    I know this isn’t a partisan thing. His expulsion is not the Dems winning. There are plenty of Republicans who genuinely want him gone. Just remember that folks, when Ernie does something stupid in a week or two and none of them bat an eye.

    • Anonymous says:

      For all you old timers out there:
      Does anyone remember a state senator whose behavior was more vulgar than Bill Kintner?

      If so, did their party, or constituents, dogmatically defend those actions?

      Maybe in Nebraska your leaders, the Republicans anyway, aren’t held to a higher standard.

      • I remember says:

        I remember a state senator who crashed into the back of a snow plow drunk.

        I remember a state senator stealing from her campaign funds to gamble.

        I remember state senators having wild parties and “things” happening.

        I remember a state senator insulting Catholics, calling people racists, and insulting the spouses of state senator.

        But yeah, a crude retweet is the worst thing since Hitler.

    • Anon says:

      Kitner is done. The legislature spent all day talking about what should just have been done. How many times does Krist have to say he is pulling the trigger

  7. E. Tim Orr says:

    Hear! Hear!
    It Is shocking that this blog talks so much about the Omaha Mayor’s race, unlike 2013 and 2009 when it focused primarily on the currency devaluations in East Timor! Oh how the times have changed!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Always entertaining when Republicans are debating which of their elected representatives is the most morally bankrupt.

    Tough call, that’s a pool wide and deep.

      • Anonymous says:

        More than 20,000 American soldiers died and another 100,000+ were wounded in Vietnam -AFTER- Nixon intentionally sabotaged LBJ’s efforts to end the Vietnam war in 1968 at the Paris Peace accord. Peace talks Richard Nixon deliberately sabotaged his personal political gain.

        Then’s there’s Ronald Reagan, who illegally sold arms and munitions to both Iraq and Iran while on the list of State Sponsors of Terror. The illegal proceeds from those arms sales surreptitiously funneled around congress in order to covertly fund a war in Nicaragua. The Ronald Reagan who traded arms for hostages with Iran. The Ron and Nancy Reagan who never scheduled an important meeting or event without first consulting with their astrologer.
        Reagan’s Chief of Staff would pen in his memoir:
        “Virtually every major move and decision the Reagan’s made during my time as White House Chief of Staff was cleared in advance with a woman in San Francisco [Quigley] who drew up horoscopes to make certain that the planets were in a favorable alignment”

        It’s all well documented, historical fact.

        Legacies almost beyond imagination.

        Bill Clinton got a blow job.

    • Bluejay says:


      The Clintons were paid off with millions for official acts while Hillary was at State and in anticipation of her winning in 16. Read, “Clinton Cash” and ask the people of Haiti about Clinton corruption.

      BTW, Ho Chi Minh was never going to settle for peace; he got a complete victory.

      • Anonymous says:


        Bullshit, your affinity for delusion has once again overcome you.
        Almost every “scandal” detailed in hack sensationalist Peter Schweizer’s book has been debunked.
        Not a single act of the “corruption” Schweizer claims, and you embrace, would stand up in a court of law, or fevered Republicans would have long ago had Hillary in leg chains.
        Although there were instances in which the conflict of interest may have been unsavory, neither that conflict nor their occasional poor judgement amounted to criminal offenses.

        Try again.

  9. Krist says:

    Senator Krist is on KLIN in Lincoln and just said Kintner is also guilty of the following:

    Throwing a cup
    Tossing papers
    Launching a pencil

  10. Julian says:

    Pipeline or Bust! Isn’t that what the Berners said when they voted for Jill Stein. Now all the little snowflakes will drop everything to go to protect the sacred water, write their representatives, and forget all about Heath Mello for Mayor. No one in Omaha cares about the Pipeline except for a few. And they were going to vote for Heath anyway. And the Unions are reminded once again why they can’t work with Jane and wont support the Democrat Party while she is around. Good day for Republcans in Nebraska.

      • Julian says:

        It is a good day for Republicans Diversion of Kitner gone. Ricketts gets to appoint another Senator in his pocket and beholden to him for re-election for 2 legislative sessions. Jane is toast. Snowflake rally against a pipeline instead of helping Heath for Mayor. Unions walk away from Nebraska Democrats. Can’t imagine a day that will be better for Republicans. Thank you Jane!

      • bynd says:


        Did anyone say it was a crime?
        Any boss can have sexual encounters with subordinates and claim it is not wrong. It’s called the Clinton/liberal defense.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd never said it was right, morally wrong usually, civil wrong probably, used by some bosses regardless of political views, yes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    A mighty snowstorm blows through Lincoln, scouring a blight from our legislative body.

    By the way, Thank you Bill.
    Thank you for including in your resignation speech a clear and definitive shout out to liberals and progressives. The “liberal activist campaign” that you admit forced you out of office!

    The reporters in attendance noted there was snickering in the crowd as Kitner delivered his speech, with the only question shouted out he departed being: “Why wait until January 30th!?”

    Strap up, Trumpkins.

  12. dem says:

    We’re not yet through week 1, and –

    In addition to silencing any possible dissent (implementing a gag order), on the Department of Agriculture, the Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency, Herr Trump has just now tweeted a threat to impose martial law on one of America’s largest cities.

    “If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible “carnage” going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!”

    Imagine if President Obama, in his 8 years as President, had committed any one of these acts. You people know there would have been a call to arms. Wayne LaPierre and Alex Jones would have had you locked and loaded and marching on Washington.

    Welcome to fascism folks, welcome to Herr Trump’s Amerika.

      • Sparkles says:

        Posse Comitatus?

        Trump knows Posse Comitatus. Back in the 80’s he used to pay her by the hour to date him. And man, was she some act! Yuuugge.. you know. Believe me.

    • LOL..

      BTW, seen the latest. Apparently one of the official photographs of the inauguration, hanging in the White House, was photoshopped to make Donald Trump’s hand, which is resting on Obama’s shoulder, look bigger.

      President Queeg, methinks. Dangerously unstable.

  13. anon says:

    There were 1.5 million people in attendance for Bill Kintner’s resignation speech.

    It was the largest crowd in history to watch a resignation speech, both in person and on TV and streaming media.

    • Anonymous says:

      “It fits in with your other representations”

      Meaning of course, that it’s truthful.

      Adding to the decades of previous knowledge and first hand accounts of Nixon’s treasonous acts;
      “Jan 5, 2017 – Newly discovered notes by Bob Haldeman, a Nixon aide..”

      google away

      You’re welcome.

      • Anonymous says:

        And, it should be noted, more than 1 million Vietnamese died between the winter ’68 and the end of the war.

      • Anonymous says:


        You continue to demonstrate why the military found the barren, sparsely populated plains of North Dakota to be such a fitting assignment for you.

        Maybe that explains the dramatic decline in North Dakota’s coyote and prairie dog populations in late 70’s.
        They killed themselves because they could no longer face another day, harangued by your nonsensical ramblings, droning on and on.

    • Anon says:

      Your question was answered after his resignation today,-I was out of the room, what are we doing, could you tell me what’s going on, what’s the difference, where am I, adjourn

  14. Virgo says:

    Let’s hear more browbeating and moral indignation from senators who have plenty of skeletons in their own closets. All that’s done in the dark will eventually be brought to light . . .

  15. Yellow Mello says:

    Heath was collecting a State Paycheck until December 31, 2016. He quit doing his job 7 months early??? Maybe we needs to Yellow Mellows calendar to see what he was doing? He could release that!

  16. Oracle says:

    Most of you on this site have moved from ODS and CDS to LDS (Liberal Derangement Syndrome). And somehow you think the use of the term “snowflake” bothers us. Sorry, but we’re nowhere as thin-skinned as your supreme commander, Trump. Just keep remembering that you are in the minority.

    • bynd says:

      “Just keep remembering that you are in the minority.” RFLMBO

      The twisted logic you folks use to assuage your poor butt hurt. Actually the snowflake must hurt, otherwise you wouldn’t mention it.

      And by the way, the Repubs are in the majority in the House, Senate, Presidency, state legislatures, state governors. Just remember, you have no power and are irrelevant. Reduced to running around with a vagina on your head. And also in a minority.

      Hang in there snowflake, you can come out of the fetal position in fours years just to be put back into it again. And I’m not even a repub.

      • Oracle says:

        Ostrich, more people voted for Democrats in the Presidential and Senate races. Thanks to our screwy system that has been manipulated by a party with no concept of fairness, the minority is in charge. And why you think a mention of the word “snowflake” means it bothers me is outside the scope of normal logic. Will you be leaving your brain for study when you die, like some NFL players? It would be fascinating to see the structure that produces the nonsense emanating from it.

      • Anonymous says:

        “bynd” is code for an inert warhead on a Minuteman missile. You know, a lump of ultimately inert, dense matter. Lead.

      • bynd says:

        It’s a regular blizzard. Snowflakes everywhere. A pathetic, clueless bunch you are. And anti American none the less. But it is great to know that you folks are so arrogant as to believe that you are indeed smarter than the founders of this country. All 55 who signed the constitution. You didn’t win. The rules are what determine the winner. You lost. How much more stupid can you get? You’ve been loosing for years. And the great thing is, you don’t know how to win. You don’t know the rules. You’ll remain losers until you learn the rules and learn to win.

        You lost to freaking carrot top. And you lost because those you dumped, middle class and blue collar workers, voted against you. And then what do you do to compound the problem? You insult them when you blame them for your loss. We don’t need the circus, we have the Dems and liberals. The greatest show of incompetence and ignorance on earth. An authentic group of clowns.

        And Oracle, the biggest bozo of all. We got more votes. You sound like an elementary little boy on the play ground who has eaten more more rabbit turds than anyone else. Keep eating them, see where that gets you.

        As Bugs liked to say, what a bunch of maroons.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd the Founders adopted the Electoral College as a sop to Slave States, they screwed up on not having separate votes for POTUS and VicePOTUS, and but for slavery they probably would have adopted direct popular election of POtTUS. They did not anticipate political parties and did not provide for direct election of Senators. Founders, smart yes, beyond criticism no.
        Ds get more votes for House but many States design districts to make that irrelevant. Not anticipated by Founders and not proof of majority. Senate is a product .of federalism so talk of majority, unless you mean of States is irrelevant.
        Given how few Americans vote who knows about majorities anyway since you do not like polls.
        You are right about winner in 2016 be satisfied with that.

  17. Oracle says:

    Ostrich, what’s “loosing for years”? Anyway, the ultimate responsibility for the loss belongs to the Clinton campaign. Never should have been as close as it was. That allowed Comey’s dastardly actions to shift enough votes for Drumpf to win. Simple math and statistics confirmed this, but perhaps you’d rather believe “alternative facts”. I’m sure you also believe Drumpf won the popular vote.

    • bynd says:

      How about, lost the House, lost the Senate, lost the Pessidency, 31 Repub state legislatures, 30 Repub govs. All that didn’t happen over night. I love it, as Sparkles would say, when the lower ranks within a party revolt and say it was all leaderships fault. And then add the caveat, really it was somebody else fault. Always in your world it is some body else’s fault. Can’t fix that, so then you are condemned to loose. What a sad and bleak future you have to look forward too.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, having been a NE D for years I am used to loses. Your current post is accurate, talk of majority and attendant comments was not
        Since you raised the issues of Founders and Federalism, how do you square immigration executive order on State and local officials as ICE agents and withholding funds from sanctuary cities with the views of Scalia on these issues in the Brady law case. If Trump appoints a justice like Scalia he could have real problems, and what happened to all the complains about Obama’s executive orders, do not recall provision Founders wrote that allows POTUS to withhold funds in this manner.

      • Oracle says:

        Ostrich, you’re getting so flustered the misspellings are proliferating. Calm down! I can visualize the spittle exiting your mouth 🙁

  18. Anonymous says:

    Every state senator should be watching their backs. Nebraska’s own branch of Anonymous has begun to search through their emails and private files. Dirt is already being found.

  19. Count de Money says:

    Trump lost the popular vote by 2% but won the EV by 14%. Had Hillary studied Civics, or not had brain damage, or not have camped out in LA and NYC for the entire campaign, had she gone to Wisconsin and not become a press hermit, or not told union democrats she’d put them out of work, she’d be Pres. Rodham-Clinton today.

    You shot Hillary out the donkey’s anus in 2008. Did you think that turd would improve with age?

    If you Democrats refuse to study civics, if you do all your campaigning only in LA and NYC, and if you run Hillary again, you will make Republicans happy. But then you won’t be giving this nation a competition of ideas that it needs.

    Start by learning that you inviting yourself to be screwed is stupid.

    For example, you bitched that Russia rigged the US election. Now Trump has election commissions and FBI investigate actual voting. Hmm. Do you think more Republicans were bussing in Russians to vote for Trump or more Democrats bussing in Mexicans to vote for Hillary? What were you thinking? You weren’t thinking, you were feeling. If you hope hard enough and sprinkle fairy dust, you can fly. Trump has you punching yourselves. He had Republicans doing that too but you have glass jaws.

    • Sparkles says:

      Trump’s voter fraud investigation is a simply a product of Herr Donald’s unbound narcissism.
      It’s an endeavor that will waste countless millions of taxpayer dollars and drag our nation down a rabbit hole in a futile attempt to assuage his impaired mind and disturbed imagination.
      Anyone who believes otherwise should seek psychological counseling.
      The ‘investigation’ is also an endeavor that miscreant GOPers with alt-right leanings (see: White Supremacists, or, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III), will use to disenfranchise countless new legions of Americans. From it will evolve a misinformation campaign leading to the imposition of new restrictions making it as difficult as possible for countless new legions of Americans to exercise their right to vote.
      A right millions, men and women, have suffered and died for throughout our nation’s history, but a right that now stands as an obstacle to office for the declining, aged ranks of our modern day Republican party.

      Regarding your statement: “Do you think more Republicans were bussing in Russians to vote for Trump or more Democrats bussing in Mexicans to vote for Hillary?”

      Do you folks ever read the stuff you put out there before clicking, Post Comment?

      Do you imagine someone could read the reality averse, conspiracy laden ruminations you entertain yourselves with and not be certain of your more than casual relationship with lunacy?

      • bynd says:

        “Do you imagine someone could read the reality averse, conspiracy laden ruminations you entertain yourselves with and not be certain of your more than casual relationship with lunacy?”

        Your looking in a mirror right?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Trump has signed so many executive orders since taking office you’d think he borrowed Obama’s Word template. In fact that was probably all Obama left in the way of a parting letter on the Oval Office desk.

    Seriously, would it hurt to get some backing legislation from, um, the Congress to grant the President authority? Or have we dispensed with that triviality? The oath says “…and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    “Preserve, protect and defend” – I don’t see the word “ignore” anywhere. Do you?

    • bynd says:

      I guess you would have to know what the content of his executive orders are. You don’t need legislation to cancel the previous administration’s exec. orders.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, some truth in your answer, but what do you make of Trump’s talk of a Justice like Scalia? Seems dishonest unless Scalia is limited to abortion and same sex marriage, a strange view of the Constitution.

    • Sparkles says:

      Although I agree with the sentiment, I’d like to shed just a bit of light on a deliberate misinformation that has been manufactured and marketed by the right.

      “so many executive orders since taking office you’d think he borrowed Obama’s Word template”

      Barack Obama averaged fewer executive orders per year in office than any U.S. president in 120 years.

      Importantly, you must also take into account that Obama faced a challenge unlikely to have been matched by any President prior. He was forced to attempt to govern while facing the most intransigent Congress in the history of our nation. A Congress controlled for 6 out of 8 years by a Republican party that, for purely political gain, were steadfastly, from Day 1, determined to block every initiative put forward – no matter it;s merit – and squelch even the pretense of cooperation.
      And the TEA-addled. Ailes-grifted base cheered their obstruction.

      Donald Trump enjoys a wholly compliant Republican Senate, Republican House and a soon to be SCOTUS.

      There’s not an excuse in the world for this unprecedented, egregious exercise of politics through distraction and governance through fiat.

      And the TEA-addled, Ailes-grifted base cheers.

      • bynd says:

        Obama has issued 195 executive orders as of Tuesday. Published alongside them in the Federal Register are 198 presidential memoranda — all of which carry the same legal force as executive orders. He’s already signed 33% more presidential memoranda in less than six years than Bush did in eight.

        Obama’s rate of EO on the first week out paced Trump’s.

        Where does it say in the Constitution that a President has the authority to start writing EO’s just because he believes that Congress isn’t doing enough of it according to his desires. Your, “just remember” is nonsense.

        Once again, you seem to make the rule of law to be made secondary to the agenda of a person or party. That is called a dictatorship.

        I guess when loosing becomes a way of life, you grasp at any straw to become relevant. You’re trying to build your own safe space here snowflake. But your posts are a good reminder of what it takes to lose.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, given your “I don’t care” about Trump and your attack on Obama on executive orders, you are being a hypocrite.

      • Sparkles says:

        The President is under no obligation to publish memoranda in the Federal Register.
        If each memorandum is not actively chosen for publication, they are remarkably difficult to later track. For the sake of transparency, the Obama administration announced early in their tenure they would make a concerted effort to publish all memoranda.

        “USA Today relied heavily on the research of Kenneth S. Lowande, a graduate student at the University of Virginia, who published an article in the December issue of Presidential Studies Quarterly tracking the presidential memoranda published in the Federal Register since 1945.

        Lowande said he picked that start date as “practical research decision” because he did not have enough time to go back further. He added that “my data only include those that presidents chose (for whatever reason) to publish.” He noted that USA Today’s assertion that Obama has issued the “most ever” was not correct.”

  21. TexasAnnie says:

    Hey bynd! I’ve been real busy down here in Texas and haven’t been able to keep up with your opinions. But I did check in this morning because yesterday the “news” broke about the possibility of building a ‘wall’ separating off Mexico from West Texas. As I recall, you believe building a wall there is quite feasible. Do you still hold that opinion?

    Also, in view of the above comments, what does the term ‘snowflake’ mean in relation to the Democrats?
    I don’t get it. Is the symbolism about cleanliness? Purity? “White as snow?”

    • bynd says:

      Hi TA:

      The Titanic was unsinkable, we will will never walk on the moon, Hillary couldn’t loose to a buffoon like Trump. Never say never. Except, the Dems will never be in charge again unless they accurately understand why they keep on loosing. They’ve been loosing since 2010.

      An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with any opinions that differ from their own. These people can often be seen congregating in “safe zones” on college campuses.

      “little snowflake justice warriors”: “Oh, little snowflakes, when did you all become grandmothers and society matrons, clutching your pearls in horror at someone who has an opinion about something, a way of expressing themselves that’s not the mirror image of yours, you snivelling little weak-ass narcissists?”

      The part on college campus is optional. Actually, if Trump went to/supported safe zones, he could be a snowflake.

      The only person who is really/usefully busy in Texas is Tom Herman:)

    • Sparkles says:


      ‘Snowflake’ is a term used because ‘PC’ has (long ago) lost it’s intended derogatory affect.

      Both are terms employed to excuse behaviors and attitudes most find offensive.
      Behaviors like those of our President (forcefully kissing women, “grab ’em by the pussy”, mocking the handicapped, encouraging violence among his followers, etc..)
      Or, behaviors like those of Bill Kintner, or Joe Arpaio, or Steve King, or Joe Wilson.

      You see, only the overly sensitive are offended by jokes about sexual assault and the blanket condemnation of entire ethnicities.
      Only an overly sensitive ‘Snowflake’ would fail to find humor in the birth defects and afflictions of others.

  22. Tweet Tweet says:

    Why should we give Federal Homeland Security funds to cities that are willing to protect criminals and terrorist? These millions of dollars should be taken from the sanctuary cities/states and directed to BUILD THE WALL!!!

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Tweet Tweet, a specific statutory condition upon accepting and keeping very specific funds is probably ok. Otherwise the reason is called federalism, the basic structure of the Constitution as explained by Trump’s ideal Justice Scalia. States and their entities are not servants of the Federal Government.

    • Sparkles says:

      A headline from Breitbart:
      “Illegal Alien Killer Protected by Nebraska ‘Sanctuary City’ Vanishes After Paying Bond”

      (That would of course be Steve Bannon’s Breitbart, our President’s closest advisor)

      Well, whaddya know. Right here in River City.
      How about we start by eliminating, today, all federal funds flowing into the Sanctuary City of Omaha, Nebraska.
      After all, Donald Trump personally visited the Root family and championed their cause. He’s certainly aware of Omaha’s heinous Sanctuary status.
      In fact, instead of merely cutting off all federal funds, why not make an example out for Omaha for all other cities to fear! How about a little martial law, like the kind Trump threatened to impose in Chicago.
      In order to send a message to the world, we should not only devastate Omaha financially, but we should turn it into a Police State. Invite the Sovereign Citizen’s movement in, along with the sundry Militia movements. We can house them, and their caches of weapons, on the campus at Creighton.
      From there they can disperse throughout the city, adorned with Glocks, ARs, Tactical Shotguns and Make American Great Again caps.
      An armed Trumpkin on every block, outside every Daycare and strategically positioned throughout every school zone.
      And, a bonus!! Don Bacon assured us during his campaign that ISIS is determined to attack Papillion. So why not go beyond the simple(ton) Militia’s and bring in some heavy hardware. Why not some tanks cruising 1-80 and some up-armored HumVees with 50 cals patrolling the Old Market.
      We’ll set up a stop and frisk outside both CenturyLink and TD Ameritrade Park (Welcome, Creighton Fans!) and set up random military checkpoints in quiet neighborhoods throughout Omaha, rotating them every few days.

      Somebody might want to give Jean Stothert a call. With the loss of all federal support she’ll have to start shuttering schools, hospitals, police precincts, fire stations, services for the aged and infirmed, maintenance of roads and bridges…

      • bynd says:

        It is hard to understand, that some one who has been on the losing side for over 6 years can some how imagine they have any intelligence, and I use that term loosely, that any one cares for. I mean, it has already been proven to be one of the biggest loosing strategies ever in elections at all levels.

        Can you imagine an ad; Come to a symposium to learn all the secrets of how the Dems run their party. We will expound on the thoughts, policies and actions since the elections in 2010. We will then show how these same thoughts, policies and actions will help us become winners in the future. Come listen to how we have lost the House, Senate and Presidency, (to a carrot topped buffoon non the less), 31 state legislatures and 30 governorships. Only $19.95, but wait, sign up this week and we will throw in pink knit hats and protest signs already filled out for the next national elections. Emphasis will be on computer security with the system we have built and tested over the last 5 years. Including, what emails to keep and what emails to destroy.

        We will also include, free of charge, a CD/DVD of all previous writings that helped elevate us to the elite level we have obtained. You can copy and paste from them in the future with our whole hearted permission. No need to think up anything new on your own. Relax in your arm chair and we will do the thinking for you.

        Hurry, seating is limited.

        Who will be the first to sign up?

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, you missed spelled it. It’s Gruber. And you’ve been making this same prediction since I have been on here. And your hope that some how you will still be relevant when whites are just a plurality is comical. It takes more than that. And who knows, before you die you folks may figure it out. But as time goes by, things change. And dinosaurs like you won’t. Doomed to be nothing more than a foot note about extinction .

  23. shrinkwrap says:

    “When we go to persuade somebody on a political issue, we talk like we’re speaking into a mirror. We don’t persuade so much as we rehearse our own reasons for why we believe. [In our experiments] we kept saying: ‘Empathy and respect, empathy and respect.’ If you can tap into that, you can connect, and you might be able to persuade somebody.”– Robb Willer, Stanford Prof of Social Psychology.

    Yesterday I saw two TV “journalists” conducting interviews, one on MSNBC, one on FOX, one left, one right. Both journalists began every other sentence with “I think…” to the person they were interviewing. As interviewers, they were eager to offer their own opinion. As if in debate.

    Human brains cannot interview and debate at the same time. Brains work heuristically, approximations of reality. Governing that process is a very powerful self-preservation instinct. When the aim is to interview to elicit factual information from someone (who obviously is more well informed than the journalist on any topic other than Journalism itself), not only is the journalist under informed to argue their own opinion against such expert, but the very act of offering opinion forces the journalist to hear everything the interviewee says through a filter of the journalist needing to prove their own opinion right. Appearing wrong in one’s opinion can end one’s career.

    Modern Millennials, including journalists, cannot tell an interview from a debate. That’s because as children they were taught to value anything they feel even if they have zero knowledge of it. This is social pathology. And a professor’s demand that we feel empathy for those we disagree with is an inadequate alternative to the dispassionate sort of skeptical adult thinking that created science.

    You don’t have to respect or empathize with anyone in order to be smart enough to know that what they say is true or untrue. It is as if PC-addicted emotionalists need to fool themselves into liking what they hate, in order for them to even begin to listen to what is said. That is a child’s or an addict’s approach, not a rational adult’s.

    If we need to fool ourselves with pretend feelings in order to act rational and grown up, we have more problems than just four years of Trump.

  24. Tweet Tweet says:

    Homeland Security funds are passed down from the federal level to the state to allocate out to communities. The Governor has the authority to control to who and where the funds are distributed.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What’s with gag order at some Federal agencies (e.g. USDA, EPA) and their scientists? Aren’t scientists supposed to be able to think their thoughts, do research, interact with their peers and speak aloud without fear or favor? I smell bullshit.

    • bynd says:

      No federal employee has the right to speak for the Federal government with out proper authorization. You know, like those scientist who wanted man made climate change denier scientist jailed to intimidate them and shut them up.

      • Anonymous says:

        No government has the right to tell scientists (or anyone else) what to think or say. Lets not be confused about who is doing who the favor. Government is always and only the servant of its citizens, including those citizens it happens to employee.

        We trust scientists to struggle to find subtle answers to difficult questions. Peer review demands you share methodology, facts, reasoning and conclusions with peers who can duplicate your work and results. To suggest otherwise is like making a doctor’s appointment so you can instruct your physician in the practice of medicine.

        As for the climate science canard, bynd, your expertise in the field is nill, just like me. Now if you have published scientific papers to your credit, great. Lets see the citations so we can check your work. I’m open to correction.

      • bynd says:


        You work for the government you follow their rules. You work for a private business, watch what happens when you start sharing business secrets with the competition. How much lower will you stoop just to make a non existent point?

        And so here is your correction. Think before writing such ignorant stuff.

      • bynd says:


        Anonymous, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, a little bent out of shape are you?

        “As for the climate science canard, bynd, your expertise in the field is nill, just like me.”

        I made no claim on my knowledge on climate change. You need to chill out and read without your eyes popping out due to high blood pressure. And because you know nothing, about many things I might add, doesn’t mean myself or others don’t.

        Speak only of your own lack knowledge including your lack of knowledge of others and what they know.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bynd, I’ve worked in private & non-profit industry for 31 years. I’m subject to some non-disclosure agreements that will last my lifetime. I am not a scientist and neither are you. Scientists have a special responsibility to see clearly and speak honestly, consequences be damned. Or are we all just following orders now?

        I have a conscience. Companies and governments are amoral, social constructs. Those constructs have their uses and those uses are few indeed, and especially they have no conscience. Only human beings have moral capabilities. So sometimes I and others get do speak out. Sometimes I am wrong and sometimes there is a steep price to pay for that. I am at peace with all of it, as God alone is the perfect and final judge.

        So much for your BS.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, trade secrets and proprietary information are limited cases, otherwise anon is right on how science works. Trump did not stop people from pretending to speak for USA, he stifled ordinary and customary publications. He has that power but not a hopeful sign.
        One of the purposes of tenure is to allow uncensored communication by scientists and other scholars. Medicine also dependent on publication of research. I served on a medical school IRB for 8 years and a rank and tenure committee that included a med school and sciences. Is that your background.

      • Anonymous says:

        Still waiting for those citations, bynd. Can’t wait to read your scientific research papers, buddy.

      • bynd says:

        Anonymous and RL, neither one of you is claiming any government experience and that is what we are talking about. Takes none of the special crap you two are talking about. Make relevent comparisons or none at all. Oh yeah, I have over 25 years in the Fedral gov. And over 8 as a national union officer dealing with working conditions. Come back when you can stay on topic .

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, I was a lawyer for FPC now FERC, taught ad law which encompasses issues of employee rights and you mention private employees, I have litigate trade secret cases. In addition you were claiming an expertise in how Governments treats science, an area no covered by you cv.

  26. bynd says:

    The snowflakes are ecstatic they got rid of Kintner. Or so they say. Big whoop.

    Trumpkins are toppling European leaders. Goodbye Angela.

    • Sparkles says:

      Actually, it’s only in TrumpkinLand where one would imagine Bezo(sic) and WP to be discrediting elements (“speaks for itself”).

      And of course the Professor is on google.
      It’s called: reading.
      Reading, driven by the desire to expand your base of knowledge, aka, learning.
      If your career was that of an admired professor, it’s an activity and endeavor to which you’re certain to be drawn.
      Learning, as opposed to being the unwitting victim of grifting platforms employed by the likes of Steve Bannon, Matt Drudge, Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones.
      Platforms whose product is not news, but entertainment. The more inflammatory the better.
      Apparently they’ve found the level of hate, paranoia and fear they can generate in their victims directly correlates with the number of penis pills, survival seeds, gold coins and bug-out kits they can sell.

      So, pop another pill, crack open another bottle of Rush’s LiberTEA, I’ll leave you to your happy victimhood.

      • bynd says:

        You can only expand your knowledge base if you are willing to read and understand opposing views.

        So that puts Sparkles right with his list, Steve Bannon, Matt Drudge, Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones.

        Even the devil speaks truth.

      • anon says:

        I give as much cred to WP as I would another rag, such as Buffet’s OWH, or your facts and writings on this blog, such as your many essays on the election of President Trump

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anon at 1:40, WP distributes Volokh Conspiracy the most important conservative legal blog. News not slanted,. Some commentators attribute out come of Austrian presidential election to increased fears of Russia.
        Since Ido not read German my sources on german politics are limited though DV has an English news service.

      • anon says:

        RL, I don’t care if it’s Fox news, or the WaPo story that’s been on drudge all day that has sparkles tinkling himself.

  27. Sparkles says:

    BREAKING – Washington Post
    Republicans just concluded a big, secret pow-pow in Philadelphia where they met with the purpose of working out plans on best to destroy affordable access to healthcare for millions of Americans while at the same time ram through congress the largest tax cut in America’s history for the wealthiest people on the planet.

    Seems someone tape recorded the whole “secret” shebang, and forwarded to the recording to the Washington Post.

    Guess what – not a single Republican has any f*^&ing clue as to how they’ll replace Obamacare, and they’re scared to death.

    Article is:
    “Behind closed doors, Republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal Obamacare”

    • Sparkles says:

      From the recordings of the GOP meeting:

      The Chairman of the House Freedom caucus:
      “It’s time that we start talking about specifics, negotiating back and forth on what works and doesn’t work for our constituency,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC),”

      Umm.. about 7 years late to ‘start talking about specifics’, don’t ya think, Mark?
      But no worry, there are only 20,000,0000 Americans at risk of losing their health insurance.
      And the CBO (the republicans hand picked CBO) said the repeal of the ACA would only cause the rates for every American to DOUBLE, while coverage would get worse and insurance companies could once again selectively deny people they deem too great a risk to cover.

      And from Republican Senator James Risch, Idaho:
      “No one has ever said we are going to have this repealed and replaced on such and such a date,” Risch said. “This is 3,000 pages of legislation, thousands of pages of regulations on arguably the most complex sector of our economy, the most personal matter of our economy and to say ‘we’re going to walk in one day and redo this thing’ I think overly ambitious. It’s overly optimistic..”

      Umm… sorry Jim, but the exact date was… ‘DAY ONE’.
      That was the promise. The promise made, ad nauseam, by every Republican candidate to run for President.
      Because, if you remember Jim. Republicans have 50 bills, each fully fleshed out, ready-to-roll replacements for the ACA.

      50 plans, right bynd?

      • Anonymous says:

        “See, see? This is why people with actuarial expertise should not be allowed to publicly discuss the proposed insurance legislation they vet, Like those smarty-pants scientists at the EPA, who think that others don’t also have opinions about complicated things like bugs and air and stuff. You braniacs will keep yer yaps shut if you know whats good for yaz! Its time for the deciders to decide now.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Using TrumpMath its alternatively accurate to say we have 1,500 replacements for the ACA, each bigger than the last. Really, they’re marvelous! The longest plan is some 300,000 pages long, each one written by a loyal, American citizen who is so excited – I mean that, so, So, SO excited – for our new wonderfulness. The most wonderful wonderfulness ever.

  28. bynd says:

    Sparkles, so you have been behind the closed doors with the Republicans. Interesting.

    From the postings on here, the only scared ones are the snowflakes. That would be you. But you could always move to California with your nutty friends and secede from the USA. Then you could welcome all the drugs, cartel members, felon illegals and snowflakes you want and feel safe enough to leave your doors unlocked at night.

    I am concerned about your health. You seem unable to be calm and lower your blood pressure.

  29. To sparkles says:

    Nothing you have writter here (copy and pasted) has changed one mind. All this time could have been used more constructively.

    • Political Novice says:

      I wouldn’t go so far to say that. What has been written here certainly has influenced my opinion on some things. I would agree that politics is not my strong suite but I can certainly be swayed if one’s argument can be backed up with supporting facts. The problem is that alternative facts now seem to be part of the picture. Dear oh dear – who do I believe? In any case the entertainment value here is priceless.

      Just today I received a flyer from the AmericanActionNetwork stating in bold print that Congressman Don Bacon has a plan to deliver quality, affordable, patient-centered health care. I suppose I should call and thank him like the flyer suggests however I think I will just wait and see what this “plan” is all about. Oh yes – they have a picture of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi front and center with the famous (or infamous) quote “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” with a copy of the Affordable Care Act for good measure. Nothing to get the blood boiling like a picture of old Pelosi with that quote – yes?

      Eh – Trump is a little late on that day one thing isn’t he?

      • bynd says:


        It is always easier to attack the opposition rather than put forward the virtues of your own party.

        Most party’s virtues are only virtuous when compared to the other party.

        Ironic one has to compare them self to Trump to look good.

      • It’s particularly hard to find virtues in your party if you’re Republican. Some of them used to stand for limiting government spending, reducing the deficit, and protecting personal freedom. Seems they have evaporated.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Good day in the non-partisan legislature today. the battle to get something done, and the nervousness of inaction, with trying to justify that very thing. Interesting PPB referencing the minority(less votes) and wanting it to be collegialand and Krist (R?) as a example as such. Non partisan people popping up to declare their party, and say they just want to get along(less votes). Will see what(McCollister’s) fade and fall for their agenda and the Vile independently democrat to be their willing scapegoat

    • Sparkles says:

      A Breitbart Presidency, its oppressive darkness overwhelming our shining city on a hill, it’s radiance extinguished, replaced by the irradiated pall of OrangeGlo self tanner and a clown-worthy shock of 70 year old FDC Yellow No. 5 hair.

      “I’ve spoken of the shining city all my political life, but I don’t know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, wind-swept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace; a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That’s how I saw it, and see it still.”
      – Ronald W. Reagan
      January 11, 1989, farewell speech to the nation

      23 minutes ago, NYT –
      “Refugees Detained at U.S. Airports; Trump Immigration Order Is Challenged”

      • anonymous says:

        President Donald J. Trump:
        “F— your tired, your poor,
        Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,”

      • anon says:

        I read some Europeans were complaining about it took 4 days to get visa’s into the country and some Iranian film directors were being prevented to go to the Oscars, it’s a crummy deal and I am all broke up

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? I read about an Iraqi Muslim who worked for us Americans for 10 years. Some of those years were spent as an embedded translator for the 101st Airborne Division. This friend of America got sent back to Iraq. Is that what we stand for now?

      • bynd says:

        Anonymous, such stories have been rampant the last 8 years.

        But what is interesting, Iraqis fighting for Iraq in their military are presumably doing so to make Iraq a better place to live for them and their families. But they are discouraged they then can’t come to the US? Then why are they risking their lives for Iraq?

      • Anonymous says:

        From CNN today: “One of the men, Hameed Khalid Darweesh, worked with the US government for 10 years after the US invaded Iraq. He was released early Saturday afternoon due to provisions in Trump’s order that allow the secretaries of state and homeland security to admit individuals into the US on a case-by-case basis, a source with knowledge of the case told CNN.”

        Why should the United States even appear to be ungrateful to Mr. Darweesh by detaining him at the border? It is a short jump from “Papers, please, Darweesh” to “Papers, please, bynd.”

  31. Anon says:

    Friday at end of session Sen Paul Schumacher asked senators to look at the budget and asked How could they be so wrong with the deficit they now have. I think I can help the professor out, look no further than your voting record senator

  32. bynd says:

    President Obama F— you Cubans. Raul, I bow to you.

    Hey ricky, murders under Stothert down. Murders in Lincoln under Beutler hit all time high. Speak ricky speak. Omahans thank you. Had you not said all the stupid things you did about murders in Omaha, it may not have turned out well.

    • Anonymous says:

      It was Iraq, not Iran, unless more alternative facts are at work. And it was a one-off, after the fact. Will every single person who helped our Armed Forces be subject to case-by-case vetting, as if the Army (in Darweesh’s case) didn’t vet the guy already? Not that the Army doesn’t make mistakes, e.g. noted Muslim terrorist Chelsea Manning comes to mind as a threat to national security. Maybe “extreme vetting” should be applied at home?

  33. hobbled lobby says:

    Re the lobbying ban… federal officials have long gained knowledge and influence on the taxpayer’s dime and then, when their boss was voted out, they whored themselves for big pay to corporations and foreign governments lobbying against taxpayers and US interests. Trained by our government to rip off our government.

    The Administration just set a lifetime ban of lobbying for foreign governments and 5-year ban for corporate lobbying. And yet the Associated Press complains that “the ban could make it difficult for Trump to fill thousands of jobs… some candidates may chafe at being asked to agree to the ban and turn down job offers as a result.”

    Chafe at what? If a person won’t serve in office without needing to get rich by screwing taxpayers, that SOB should never be in office in the first place.

    If you never drain a swamp, you can at least stop running it as a snake breeding farm. Our News Media seems to be worried that we won’t get enough snakes to run our government.

  34. Anonymous says:

    How soon will we need internal passports like the USSR had? Along with implicit denial of movement; you can stay where your papers stay you can stay, otherwise you can’t go anywhere?

    Imagine a world where you have just one civil right, the right to die. Would you like to exercise your civil right now?

    • anonymous says:

      “..the right to die.”

      You’ve stumbled upon the sum total of the GOPs replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act.

      It’s a plan that meets the standard requirement for most GOP plans – it fits on a bumper sticker, which is the maximum attention span of a Trumpkin.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not on my agenda as I am pro-life and not merely pro-birth. I want the Trump Administration to remember its new-found orthodoxy on this subject, The Donald himself in particular. No surprise that he’ll run the usual suspects through the wood chipper, he was as pro-choice as they come until very recently.

    • bynd says:

      You must mean like driver license, with insurance papers etc. Get stopped by the authorities now with no ID and don’t pass go. For quite a while. Sorry to bust your bubble. If u do anything with any government entity u need ID. It’s the same all over the world. Russia Derangement Syndrome. A whole lot of syndromes going around.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, asa practical matter your right you need some kind of government document to travel by air and for a lot of other purposes National identity type documents are not limited to Russia,for example France. There is an American tradition of opposing such documents, however, which long predates current issues.

  35. Sparkles says:

    Don Walton’s regular Monday column in the LJS is now online, and it’s a dandy.

    Sen Krist (R) does all Nebraskans a favor and spills the beans on a few more right wing extremists walking the halls of our beautiful capitol building.

    In a conversation with Don Walton, Sen. Krist clarifies that; Yes, Sen Tyson Larson (R) is a liar.

    Sen Krist then clearly spells out that it was a bipartisan effort to boot Sen John Murante (R) from the Legislature’s Executive Board.
    Seems the opinion is bipartisan that Sen. Murante (R) engages in “objectionable behavior”.

    Good times.

    • anon says:

      Haven’t read it , may all be, or somewhat true, but a columnist wrote it. It seems the battle is the majority needs to stay tight to navigate Ernie, and Krist isn’t the majority, he couldn’t get committee votes because he is bogus. The getting are nervous about not getting anything done like flag change and changing Columbus day. They are going to put their “tool”out their till someone blinks, they have the republican get along gang, curious to see where McCoys replacement goes. It’s good fodder
      for OWH and LJS

  36. Sparkles says:

    According to historical Gallup data , the number of days until achieving MAJORITY (50% or more) disapproval rating:

    Reagan: 727
    Bush I: 1336
    Clinton: 573
    Bush II: 1205
    Obama: 936

    Trump: 8. days.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder who future President Pence has in mind for his vice president? I bet he already has a couple names in mind. And not 4 years from now. Sooner.

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, you missed spelled it. It’s Gruber. And you’ve been making this same prediction since I have been on here. And your hope that some how you will still be relevant when whites are just a plurality is comical. It takes more than that. And who knows, before you die you folks may figure it out. But as time goes by, things change. And dinosaurs like you won’t. Doomed to be nothing more than a foot note about extinction .

  37. Anonymous says:

    Better a Trumpkin than a Munchkin.

    Remember the midgets? The dopy Lullaby League and cranky Lollypop Guild believed they held the secrets and strings of power. Modern Munchkins are more apoplectic. Since they prefer a dysfunctional swamp to a useful political wetland of ideas, they should burst a vein. And they may, thanks to grumpy Trump doing what he does best.

    Whereas Baum’s articulate wizard worked behind a curtain, this brusque fellow shows his detractors where and when he intends to be and they lay down on that spot at the appointed time, expecting to derail him. Munchkins are convinced he isn’t strategic. Their bodies litter the landscape.

    Movie Munchkins assumed Dorothy would be a “bust” in her effort to get home, an effort that required she right wrongs and reveal hidden string pullers. Trump however is already at home, in a USA too much like irrational Oz, a reformer and negotiator. Indeed, a progressive solutionist whose current cabinet is conservative only because the pendulum has swung too far left. He is on the road to reform and with the energy of a tornado. Heaven help Republicans who get in his way. Dems are no hurdle.

    Case in point, Republicans who want Obamacare removed and replaced by nothing will be crushed. For one cannot champion fetus life and allow children to die untreated. Obamacare will be replaced by something national that works; perhaps coopting business like Obamacare, perhaps more socialized, or a mix. But it will happen and will improve because while Munchkins learn how to make pointy shoes in law school, executives are more apt to create executive systems that work.

    • Sparkles says:

      Another difference between Trumpkins and Munchkins is noted in your own post.
      When Munchkins organize they form Leagues and Guilds.
      Since Trumpkins find it difficult to spell either League or Guild, when they organize they often refer to themselves as clans.
      Then, to simplify even further their outreach and recruitment efforts, they’ve historically preferred to substitute a ‘k’ for the ‘c’ in clan, because.. well.. let’s face it, KKC simply doesn’t have the same.. joie de vivre.

      • bynd says:

        But yet Sparkles, they have bested the Dems for the last six years. House, Senate, Presidency. Nothing better than to watch the snowflakes on here keep pointing out the deficiencies of the people who keep kicking your butt. And if I am not mistaken, and I am not, how many predicted the end of the Repub party prior to the election. Yet the ones in disarray would be the Dems. The only embarrassment is how inept you keep making yourself look.

        You lost to carrot top. Doesn’t get any worse or pathetic for you folks.

  38. Sparkles says:

    A few days ago Steve Bannon declared the fact based media to be the “opposition party”, advising it should “shut it’s mouth” because “they don’t understand this country”.

    The continued global outrage over the actions of Team Trump halfwits is ample evidence that it is in fact the Trumpkins who don’t understand America.

    It is Obama’s America that you see marching in the streets in numbers never before witnessed.
    It is Obama’s America that will, again, be responsible for cleaning up and rebuilding our government after being defiled and debauched by Republicans, this time Trump and his minions.

    And in the end, this final lurch towards extremism will be defeated.
    In it’s place progressives and thoughtful Republicans will renew the hard work of thoughtful governance. An effort that will, in time, restore America to a shining city on a hill.

    In the end, the values our grandchildren will celebrate and be taught in schools will be Obama’s, not Trump’s.

      • Sparkles says:

        No, you didn’t.

        The anti-Trump marches started the day after his inauguration and haven’t abated.

        “..political scientists say they think we may have just witnessed the largest day of demonstrations in American history.

        According to data collected by Erica Chenoweth at the University of Denver and Jeremy Pressman at the University of Connecticut, marches held in more than 500 US cities were attended by at least 3.3 million people.

        “Even using a conservative estimate, it was the single largest day for a demonstration in the US,” Chenoweth, an expert on political protests and civil resistance, told us.”

        Erica Chenoweth, Ph.D.
        Professor & Associate Dean for Research at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.

        Jeremy Pressman, Ph.D. MIT
        Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of Middle East Studies at the University of Connecticut.

      • byn says:


        More identity politics. You really are dense. Wow, 3.3 million out of hundreds of millions. More white women voted for Trump. Your low standards with your arrogant stupidity will keep the opposition in power for a long time.

        Keep working on your identity politics. It is winner.

  39. bynd says:

    Sparkles: In the end, the values our grandchildren will celebrate and be taught in schools will be Obama’s, not Trump’s.

    That would be identity and hate politics.

  40. Tweet Tweet says:

    Where were the protest when Obama refused the 90+ refugees from Cuba on January 18th? Survived the trip crossing the ocean in an open boat. Sent them packing!!! So much for Obama’s values. What a HYPOCRIT….

    • Sparkles says:

      President Obama has done more to benefit the Cuban people than any President in history.

      The normalization of relations with Cuba will spur an explosion of economic growth that will last for decades. Millions will be lifted from poverty as they find good paying jobs. Cuban entrepreneurs will start successful new businesses and will live lives they never before dreamed possible in Cuba, Businesses and developers will flock to Cuba’s shores.
      The country will be transformed. Cuba’s people will finally have an opportunity to prosper.

      Even your tiny handed vulgarian President is aware of the remarkable opportunity that lies ahead for the Cuban people:
      Newsweek, 9/29/16 –
      How Donald Trump’s Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba
      “A company controlled by Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, secretly conducted business in Communist Cuba during Fidel Castro’s presidency despite strict American trade bans that made such undertakings illegal, according to interviews with former Trump executives, internal company records and court filings.”

  41. bynd says:

    I’m not sure how much further down the quality on this site can go. The cut and paste is out of control.
    The postings are uninteresting and more like advertisements from mindless drones. The rules say no cut and paste. And we are seeing the results from ignoring that rule. You could go to BuzzFeed and do better. At least we know they are from the loony left.

      • bynd says:

        I’m very sure that I can match neither the out put nor the low caliber tabloid writings of the snowflakes on here.

      • repenting lawyer says: 4:36, examples, neither to my knowledge has been wrong in an obvious way, debatable decisions make law cases. Curious as to your legal education. Yates’s view on validity of order is very defensible though perhaps she should have resigned.
        Disagreeing with a lawyer’s decision for political reasons is not a criticism of its legal foundation. Bynd’s views on law tend to match Humpty Dumpty’s view on word meaning.

      • Flakes says:

        Nice to see the rent a protesters at Turner Park, then they can be away from the scene of the anniversary of Sara Root’s death, nice timing bleeding heart snowflakes

  42. Tom Collins says:

    The site is unsustainable because the politics and policies of the Republican party, both local and national, have become indefensible.

  43. anon says:

    Donald Trump had been scheduled to tour the Harley Davidson factory in Milwaukee on Thursday, where he also planned to sign executive orders related to American manufacturing.

    The visit had not been publicly announced, but White House staffers were already on the ground in Milwaukee setting up for President Trump’s planned arrival.

    The visit has been canceled.

    Administration officials have announced that Harley-Davidson has determined it wasn’t comfortable hosting him amid the massive protests that have been planned.

    Chalk up another victory for the snowflakes.
    Let the blizzard commence. At this rate, It won’t be long before the White House resembles a snow-packed mountain pass in the Sierra Nevada’s during the devastating winter of 1846–47.
    Except this time it is the Donald Party who will soon be turning on themselves.

  44. Make AmeriKKKa Again says:

    David Duke, the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan tweeted out:

    “It appears that everything I’ve been talking about for decades is coming true and the ideas I’ve fought for have won. #winning”

  45. TexasAnnie says:

    Gorsuch will retaliate against rugged individualism in America! He will seek to transform thinking individuals into androids of otherwise legitimate rationality, henceforth incapable of reason for reason’s sake. I do hope the Democrats delay his confirmation just as long as they possibly can…you know, just for the benefit of any merit which PROTEST may bring.

    We all possess an innate right-to-die, and that ‘right’ contrasts with our acquired right-to-life. When our right-to-life is expressed as a mandate to live, it ceases to be a ‘right’ altogether.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, but I do think you are more leftist than whatever you claim, is it libertarian or independent. Kind of a L Ebke. My Opinion, pull your mask off and there’s a democrat, which is fine.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anon, support for right to die goes back to Roman Stoics not a famous liberal group. On the other hand SCOTUS has left issue States and Gorsuch’s opposition is philosophical not Constitutional and right is winning in the States. A lot of Ds oppose because of worry about impact on the poor, on the other hand the doctrine of double effect, which Gorsuch learned from Finnis, allows for an indirect right to die to alleviate suffering. In ant event issue is not likely to be reconsidered by SCOTUS.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        I’m Independent, but libertarian, philosophically.

        repenting lawyer: Why do you say SCOTUS is unlikely to reconsider the right to die? Won’t it keep coming back, like abortion litigation? And by the way, what do you make of our nationalized right to abortion, but looking to states rights’ for assisted dying? Contradictory?

      • repenting lawyer says:

        TexasAnnie, The Court could not find a right to die in Constitution and rejected efforts to limit State statues allowing physician assisted suicide, not likely to change and little effort to change through litigation. Casey regime allows for more variance in State abortion law but right to life is not satisfied. I like plurality opinion in Casey, but that is just me. thought Kennedy’s decision on federal “partial birth abortion” sloppy. National right is ok with me though if there was a do over more narrow Roe and more room for States might have worked better, RBG’s position as a law prof.

  46. anon says:

    US Navy Seal William Owens was killed in a botched raid in Yemen. His body arrived in Dover last night.
    Three other U.S. special forces officers were wounded in the botched raid.
    Medics at the scene said about 30 people, including 10 women and children, were killed.

    Everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.
    The special forces, apparently lacking full intelligence, were confronted by heavily-fortified positions, including landmines, and faced heavy gunfire from buildings all around during the 50-minute firefight. One of the US planes sent in to help had to be left behind and was deliberately destroyed.

    US military officials told Reuters that Trump approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations.

    • obama screwed the troops says:

      Anon the moron:

      So what you are saying is that the military, left decimated by Obama and woefully unprepared to do their job, with officers trained in the Obama era and no longer having the resources to protect their troops, screwed up and got some one killed. As for the civilians deaths, that would be the mark of Obama military action.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will see a lot more of it until the damage done by Obama is rectified. He’ll have the blood of a lot of young Americans on his hands.

      • anon says:

        You’re welcomed to believe whatever delusion fits most neatly into the alternate reality manifested by your acute ODS.

        I’ll stick with what our military professionals have determined:
        “US military officials told Reuters that Trump approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations.”

      • anon spits in his own mess kit' says:

        Anon the only fool:

        CENTCOM asks for operations we believe have a good chance for success and when we ask for authorization we certainly believe there is a chance of successful operations based on our planning,” CENTCOM spokesman Colonel John Thomas said.

        A White House official said the operation was thoroughly vetted by the previous administration and that the previous defense secretary had signed off on it in January. The raid was delayed for operational reasons, the White House official said.

      • the worm turns says:

        to asinine anonymous:

        “Obama’s gone, Trump is in-charge & completely, entirely responsible. Deal with it.”

        The best defense is a good offense. Not abject stupidity.

        I’d tell you to deal with it, but you do not seem to have the ability.

      • anon says:

        mess kit,

        You’re wrong, again.
        President Obama and his military advisors chose NOT to go forward with this raid, for the EXACT reason the raid failed.

        “One of the three U.S. officials said on-the-ground surveillance of the compound was “minimal, at best.”
        “The decision was made (by the Obama Admin) to leave it to the incoming administration, partly in the hope that more and better intelligence could be collected,” that official said.”

        But, we know the fact that you’re wrong, won’t dissuade you. We know no matter the mountains of evidence and reams of data presented, yours is a mind closed to expansion.
        Trumpkins, like the Tea Partiers before them, don’t care about facts. They’ve drunk too deeply and for too long from the toxic brew served up by profiteering enterprises on the right.
        It was 2012 that conservative author David Frum (former member of the GW Bush White House) warned:
        “Republicans have been fleeced, exploited and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex.”

        And one of the chief exploiters and profiteers of the malinformed right – a true wellspring of fake news and hate-for-profit bilge – Breitbart’s own King of Con, Steve Bannon.
        The same Steve Bannon who now serves as Trump’s chief advisor AND by executive decree has just secured a seat as a permanent member of the National Security Council, a council from which decisions of global war and peace emanate.
        And to make room for Bannon at the table, Trump had to disinvite a few previous permanent members, in a decree that declares:
        “The Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff shall attend where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed.”

        So Bannon has convinced Trump that in matters relating to our national security, it is Bannon’s voice that is more important than that of the Director of National Intelligence or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

      • we are not as gullible as you says:

        Another rant from anon the ignorant.

        Your ability to interpret, although amusing, is pretty much nonexistent. The Obama administration left it hoping for more intelligence. But regardless, they marked it for a raid.

        And why is it you left so much of the story out the first time since you now thinks it points to a failure of Trump? Because you knew it didn’t and now try to spin the truth once you were called on it.

        Any military officer who purposefully put his soldiers in danger due to not enough info to do the job is guilty of dereliction of duty.

        To say that things were lacking is not to point to Trump but to the military offices who said it could be done.

        But it is obvious you have never been in or understand the military. Actually understanding anything but being a good little sycophant.

        But, we know the fact that you’re wrong, won’t dissuade you. We know no matter the mountains of evidence and reams of data presented, yours is a mind closed to expansion.

        Your fascination with Bannon is beyond logic. A stalking mentality. But just like a little kid in bed at night, you need a bogey man.

        But you sow tales that the Grimm brothers would be envious of.

        The Obama administration will go down as one the least responsible ones in history. In other words, they accomplished nothing lasting. Even you hold them responsible for nothing. And make not another mistake in thinking this is about Trump. It is about the divisive Obama who tried to sell the snake oil of universal health care. The 29 million not ever insured will attest to that.

        Next fanatsy.

      • anon says:


        Strike 3.
        You again, shared nothing with us that would support your point.
        You simply regurgitated your hatred of our former President, which you made clear in your prior posts.

      • only haters hate says:

        Nothing presented to you would work for you unless it was the same slobbering affection for our previous president. Just as your “hatred of our former president” accusation is wrong. But hate sees hate.

        I understand, when the only mechanisms one has to deal with reality is denial and hyperbole what you get is an Anon.

        The support of my point is there, you’re just anal to see it.

        As to hating Obama, not true. Dislike yes. But I am not a hater like you. I wouldn’t let others dictate my life to me, once again, like you.

  47. anon says:

    Suppose it was a Bay of Pigs set up for government transition with the discredited Intelligence community, but as a military strategist you have checked it out

    • anon says:

      other anon,

      Your delusion runs deep.
      And as noted pertaining to the Clan o’ Trumpkins and their Tea Party predecessors, a collective delusion impervious to fact.

      • Have you convinced yourself yet? says:


        But yet you are now under the thumb of the Clan o’ Trumpkins and their Tea Party predecessors.

  48. Mailing it In says:

    Funny that heath Mello (who claims to be the high tech guy to reinvent Omaha gov’t w/the latest tech stuff) MAILED in his campaign finance rpt to the NADC.

    High Tech Heath … lol

  49. whose in charge? says:

    Why progressives can’t get elected

    Heath states he wants to keep more young people in the state and specifically Omaha with high paying jobs.

    What good will that do if the other progressive get the Gov’s. tax cut stopped? They just don’t get it and are at odds even with themselves.

  50. anon says:

    I called Deb Fischer’s office today to ask her to support Betsy DeVos, the results is what it must feel like when state senators feel like when they get NEA contributions

    • anon says:

      I called Deb Fischer’s office today to ask her to join her Republican colleagues Sens Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in opposing the nomination of Betsy DeVos, an ideologue who has clearly demonstrated she knows next to nothing about education policy,

      • anon says:

        I watched, it was BS, cribbed talking points for Patty soccer mom, and then Frankenstein She will be making policy now

  51. anon says:

    The #DeleteUber campaign just forced Uber’s CEO to cut ties with Trump

    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has withdrawn from Donald Trump’s economic advisory council, according to reports by the New York Times. The announcement came in an internal company email after a week of protests by advocates of immigration rights.

    Another victory for the snowflakes.

    • they keep cutting their nose off says:

      Yes won’t it be great when all moderating voices are gone from the government. The snowflakes will have fulfilled the wishes of all the Trump supporters and Tea party folks with nothing but the hard core left. And then what? How much more stupid can they get. Especially as the SCOTUS gets stacked against them.

      In better news, the Border patrol unions say morale is surging under Trump. What is remarkable is that it has been historically that the Dems have such an effect on the fed unions folks. In this case, the lowest morale among the border employees was reached under Obama. And did you see Pelosi dismissing the stories of those who live on the border and the problems they have with the government not doing it’s job? I’m sure SFO has trained Pelosi well to address border concerns better than those who live there.

      These folks just squealing their heads off as the rule of law returns to the land.

      • Anonymous says:

        “the lowest morale among the border employees was reached under Obama.”

        They were bored.
        For nearly two years, Mexicans have been leaving the country in numbers greater than those newly arriving.

      • Like shooting ducks in a barrel says:

        Anonymous, don’t Bogart that joint;
        We are undermanned and there are revisions and renovations that need to be made in the infrastructure along the border,” says Chris Harris, a veteran Border Patrol agent and director of legislative and political affairs for the National Border Patrol Council.
        When Trump was elected, there was an increase in optimism among the agents, but nothing like what we’ve seen in the past few days,” Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, said in reference to Trump’s executive orders.

        Moran said he saw first-hand how morale plummeted under the Obama administration. Agents, he said, felt handcuffed by stringent policies that prevented them from doing their jobs. Under “catch and release,” they were releasing nearly 80 percent of the people they apprehended trying to enter the U.S. illegally, Moran said.

        Moran said he is not totally surprised at the opposition Trump is receiving from sanctuary city mayors and the public, who he believes does not understand the implications of illegal immigration.
        Our skill sets have atrophied in this arena during the last eight or so years concurrent with the previous presidential administration,” said Harris. “It will take a complete paradigm shift in some of the ways we conduct business, and even in the way we think. Our operational mindset needs to be rethought and rechanneled.”
        The number of unaccompanied children apprehended at the Southwest border jumped nearly 50 percent between fiscal years 2015-2016, from 39,970 to 59,692. In the first three months of this fiscal year (Oct. 1-Dec. 31), 21,321 have already been apprehended, according to Border Patrol stats.

        But it is the number of family units apprehended that is staggering. Apprehensions jumped 95 percent between fiscal years 2015-2016, from 39,838 to 77,674. The numbers for the 2017 fiscal year have already surpassed the total for 2015, with 44,843 apprehended the past few months, according to Border Patrol.

      • Anonymous says:

        Since the inauguration of Bill Clinton, the amount of money spent on border security has increased 14 times; the number of border patrol agents have increased 500 percent; the amount of border wall has grown from 77 miles to 700 miles since 2000; and the number of people being apprehended trying to cross the border have decreased by four-fifths. More Mexicans are right now leaving the U.S. every year than entering.

        It’s funny that you quote Shawn Moran, Vice President of National Border Patrol Council.
        The National Border Patrol Council is the Border Patrol’s Labor Union. A labor union that is a subsidiary of the AFL-CIO.
        We all know how much Republicans and Donald Trump loves them some labor unions.

        Shawn Moran is also commonly referred to as “Trump’s border patrol guy”. This is the same exact Shawn Moran that on Dec 16, 2016 went on national T.V. to point out that Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, is a certified nutcase –
        “President-Elect Donald Trump’s national security advisor Gen. Michael Flynn spread a fake news story on Breitbart News that there were Arabic signs along the U.S./Mexico border. He explained that the signs direct so-called “radical Islamic terrorists” to smugglers that can get them over the U.S. border. But Shawn Moran, the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, claims that’s illogical and false.
        “I’ve never seen any signs let alone in Arabic,” Moran said on “Erin Burnett Out Front” Friday night. “This is a smuggling operation. It would not bode well for the smugglers if they were advertising where their smuggler routes were. I’ve never seen and it I’ve never heard it from any agents.. ..There’s been no terrorist attack by anyone who came over the southern border in this way. there is no evidence that could happen.”

        Also, thank you for reminding us of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Central America’s Northern Triangle – the Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. A crisis, as your own story describes, has forced tens of thousands of children and family units to flee the brutal violence and extreme poverty in their home countries. Children being sent on a journey across the desert in the hope they can find safety and carve out a life in the United States.
        Imagine for a moment you weren’t so fortunate as to have been born a U.S. Citizen. Imagine the soul-wrenching experience of scraping together your life’s savings to pay Coyotes to smuggle your 13 year old daughter across the desert in an effort to save her from the certain brutality she will find outside your door, on the streets of your home city. You can’t scrape together enough money to save your wife, or your other two children, boys, 9 and 11. They’ll have to learn to fight.

        You Trumpkins seem to have forgotten what it is that has always made America great, made it that shining city on a hill.
        Here’s a reminder, the words of a Republican who couldn’t get elected by the extremists that have wrested control of today’s Republican party – from Ronald Reagan’s farewell speech:
        “I’ve spoken of the shining city all my political life, but I don’t know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace; a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That’s how I saw it, and see it still.
        And how stands the city on this winter night? More prosperous, more secure, and happier than it was eight years ago. But more than that: After 200 years, two centuries, she still stands strong and true on the granite ridge, and her glow has held steady no matter what storm. And she’s still a beacon, still a magnet for all who must have freedom, for all the pilgrims from all the lost places who are hurtling through the darkness, toward home.”

        Until… Donald Trump.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Spartacus, are you going to let this discussion ramble on to 500 posts before starting a new one? We all can see whats last on your to-do list.

  53. The brie that bynds says:

    This may be post #235 or perhaps it is post #23,456 in this bloggy toilet into which we may expect some turds to fall.

    What we do not and should not expect is that this toilet remain unflushed for weeks on end.

    The sugary delight of Trump supporters is instinctually fed upon by sour turd-like disappointed Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, Libertarians, etc. so as to fester a contagion of poisonous funk less like a petri dish of vileness than a home brew vat of satanic proportions.

    If Democrats want to commit suicide by stupidity, do you really want their dead festering bodies rotting behind your couch so as to stink up the place? Even Democrats who choose to survive must find that painfully disgusting.

    Bynd isn’t here to debate you idiots, but rather to fish out and varnish you leftist turds for display. It’s a hobby. Like taxidermy. Disgusting but some museum might buy your carcass.

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