Snow Flakes

Mello snow-clearing plan
Yes, Dodge Street was clogged yesterday.

Guess what readers? When snow falls during rush hour, plows can’t go any faster than the traffic that’s ahead of them. You know that snow that your wiper blades just knocked off the windshield of your Prius in the bumper to bumper traffic. Yeah, the plows can’t get to that just now.

As one plow driver put it:

I woke up to plow for the city at 3:30. So start plowing at 5:00 there was only 1/4 inch of snow. What were we supposed to plow? People give it a break. Have you ever tried to plow in rush hour? That’s when the snow started. They got us out there, job done. It’s winter driving deal with it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa Plow Driver who thinks he knows so much!
Didn’t you read Mayoral candidate Heath Mello’s PLAN for plowing streets during a rush hour storm???

Mello asserted that Stothert left the city without a “blueprint” for snow removal. When informed of the city’s lengthy snow plan, Mello questioned its rush-hour provisions…
He didn’t offer specific changes to the snow plan…
“That’s a pretty tall order.”
“When I get into City Hall, we’re going to do things differently.”

You hear that people? Differently!
He couldn’t BE more specific!
When the snow zigs, he’ll zag!
Got that!
Got thattttt???!

Then again, this IS the guy who made fun of Omaha Public Works on KFAB for “utilizing brine and salt any chance they get to make it LOOK like they’re doing something.

Classy guy.


So now you’re telling me that EVEN if you get a bunch of your best buds to make signs…signs on sticks, mind you. And you call Deb Fischer repeatedly and read the script that was emailed to you. She STILL won’t vote the way that you bullyingly demand?

What sort of a Republic are we running here?

(Oh, and the protest against the next Trump nominee starts tomorrow, so here’s how you can blockade the Senate phone lines!)

This one was forwarded, and worth reprinting:

What did you learn today?
1. Only those who “support” public schools have the capability of understanding our education system.
2. Unless you have children in the public education system you just don’t understand. (Nevermind if you are a product of public education.)
3. Only public school teachers are allowed to determine someone’s qualifications for positions.
4. One person is able to destroy education in America as we know it.
5. Without public schools America dies.
6. “Yes there’s problems. But only those of us on the inside are able to make it work by continuing what we’ve been doing.”
7. School Choice is like ISIS.
8. Betsy DeVos is only qualified to be a janitor.
9. Somehow the quality of life of teachers became less than an abandoned three year old in a sewer in rural India in an instant.
10. I came up with a great list of people who I never want teaching my children how to tie their shoes let alone reading, writing, and math.


Is it too early to start talking about the 2018 Congressional Mid-Term elections?
No it is not!

The CV on the Dems side is that the GOP will get crushed during the midterms. And if we learned anything from last year, it’s that Freshmen are vulnerable. (Well, in theory, anyway.)

So who might challenge current Rep. Don Bacon?

Well, you may have noticed that Brad Ashford has burrowed back out of his hole. He is part of the Midtown 2050 group. And he is still Tweeting away, sending out a flurry of tweets and re-tweets over the past few days.

But hey, maybe he’s just re-discovered the TV-typewriter. Maybe he’s not really interested in running another campaign.

Either way, a few other names?
Well, there’s Heath Mello.
He’ll likely be looking for a job come May.

And frankly during the Mayoral campaign Mello’s main issues have been ObamaCare, immigration and opposing President Trump. The guy would clearly rather be working in Washington than in Omaha.

But would he be game for starting another race so soon afterwards?

Another name that has been out there for a while: Howard Buffett, Jr., Warren’s grandson.

He would be more worth mentioning, except he may have a hard time fundraising and getting attention from the Omaha World-Herald…


    • H.R. says:

      Apparently you missed McCain’s speech on the Senate floor two days ago. The one where he castigated your halfwit President for comparing the U.S. to Putin’s Russia.

      And it was only last October when McCain threw Trump under the bus:
      “Donald Trump’s behavior this week,” McCain continued, “..make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy.”

      Oops! Silly me.
      You call yourself ‘Mister Tea’.
      Neither facts nor reality have mattered to you for a long, long time.

      Never mind.

  1. Stan says:

    You would have gone absolutely nuclear if this traffic jam happened under a democratic mayor. When you take every outrage to an 11, no one believes you when you try and downplay Stothert’s very real screw ups.

    • Hannibal says:

      The continuing stories about snowfall, in the winter, in Omaha, would be funny if it weren’t so disheartening.

      Only in GOPland does a Mayor’s electoral chances rely so heavily on something as rudimentary as plowing snow.

      The most animating topic for the GOP base in the coming Mayoral election is not a vision for the city, or workforce development, or access to affordable care, or prison reform, or re-investment in infrastructure, or fiscal stewardship, or neighborhood redevelopment, or education, or crime, or pensions, or….
      Nope, the animating topic for the GOP base is about making sure your drive to CVS Pharmacy and Dunkin’ Donuts is worry free.

  2. Snowjob says:

    There’s no Democratic or Republican way of clearing the snow, there’s only a successful way and a half-assed way. Stothert has performed the half-ass way. Seriously…3 inches nearly shut down the city.

    • Lt. Clark says:

      But it actually didn’t shut down the city. People were just late to work and school. O.M.G! Why didn’t the schools close or delay class? That would have relieved a lot of the traffic burden. Why didn’t businesses delay opening? Why don’t people do the responsible thing and put snow tires on their car for winter? That would have helped traffic, too.

      Nah. It’s election season plus Omahans like nothing better than to bitch and moan about snow removal. I had to bite my tongue all day yesterday at how people were shocked they had trouble getting to work. Truly shocked. I guess they are astounded that water is wet and the sky is blue as well. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves at the whiny city slickers we’ve become.

    • Schwappie says:

      Snow during rush hour will always be a problem. Doesn’t matter if it’s Republican sn9w or Democrat snow, it still needs to be plowed and is slippery. Grow up people! If u don’t likeven snow related delays, I hear real estate in CA is getting more affordable!

  3. Saul says:

    Why is Ben Sasse on my liberal TeeVee, every gd day?!
    And, when he’s not on TeeVee, he’s on the OpEd page of USA Today.

  4. Schwappie says:

    Snow during rush hour will always be a problem. Doesn’t matter if it’s Republican sn9w or Democrat snow, it still needs to be plowed and is slippery. Grow up people! If u don’t likeven snow related delays, I hear real estate in CA is getting more affordable!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m not an engineer. And I don’t drive a truck or snow plow.
    So, one of you snow-plow-ologists, please explain how the city SHOULD have plowed yesterday during rush-hour.
    I’ve heard how you think the present plan is terrible, and should be fixed and isn’t good enough and you got to work late.
    Just looking for a few ideas for removing all of the snow from the main streets, in the morning or evening regular bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, DURING A SNOWSTORM.
    Much appreciated.

    • Political Novice says:

      I actually know some city street workers who DO drive snow plows. I don’t think they have any great love for Stothert nor any interest in Mello – they simply want to do their job and collect their paycheck. The storm hit the hardest at the worst possible time but they were out doing what they could. None I talked to had any suggestions for a better way of doing it other than adding more workers and trucks. Would this be Mello’s unspecified plan? The biggest complaint from them I heard was how impatient some of the drivers were and how they would get in the way slowing things down. You have to remember they just lost a worker due to a careless driver so I’m sure they were being extra cautious . Those plow trucks dwarf most of the cars on the road.

      I’m just a political novice – the world of politics frightens and confuses me. I may not know much about the mayor’s race but I do know this . . . (with a nod to the late Phil Hartman)

      I think Mello using this as a campaign point against the mayor is a mistake. There may be some valid points he can bring up but this shouldn’t be one of them. I think any reasonable person would take into account the timing and the fact that plows can’t be everywhere at once. If your going to make accusations you better have a plan showing how you are going to do better ( cough ObamaCare cough). Now I have to go shovel my driveway – where are those damn city workers when you need them?

      • NotChuck says:

        “Now I have to go shovel my driveway – where are those damn city workers when you need them?”
        Plowing MY driveway and sidewalks back in, throwing snow and ice chunks five feet as they speed past, right after I’ve cleared them all out!!

  6. Jonny Quest says:

    Donald Trump will not be impeached.

    He will resign, with a whimper then a tantrum.

    The most important thing to Donald Trump is his perceived popularity.
    Donald Trump entered office as the most unpopular President in modern history. A rating which has fallen after only two weeks in office. A rating for which his ineptitude, and the ineptitude of those he surrounds himself with, will insure a continued decline.
    His mounting unpopularity along with the weight of the role will soon crush him, spiritually and intellectually (a short fall).

    And the world that is most important to Donald Trump is not going to relent.
    SNL is not going to let up. Television media will continue to perform their role – reminding Americans Donald Trump is a habitual liar, frequently confused and woefully unprepared. Your daily newspaper will continue to bring us the stories of confusion, corruption and collusion. Americans will continue to grow more and more fearful as the promised jobs don’t materialize, coal continues it’s decline, the threat of losing access to affordable care becomes much more real, the assault on Medicare and Social Security begin in earnest.
    Reality will soon stare Republicans in the face as the tally for Trump’s promised tax cuts for the wealthy, his major expansion of the military, his trillion dollar infrastructure bill and his insistence on building of a senseless wall that Mexico won’t pay for, begin to be tabulated.

    Add to this that on March 16th, the debt ceiling expires. The GOP will be solely tasked with lifting it or the country goes into default.
    Knowing the bankruptcy laws and employing legions of tax attorneys won’t help the Donald this time.

    Trump’s falling ratings will soon lead the wholly self-interested members of his own party to abandon him. (just as they did with GW Bush, whose name could not be uttered in the halls of Congress for years after his ignoble departure).

    Donald Trump’s impending failure will be one of the most comprehensive in the history of the office.

    For the sake of us all, we can only hope his departure comes quickly.
    Importantly – Trump’s most trusted advisor, former Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon, just convinced Donald Trump to sign an E.O. ‘reforming’ the National Security Council by disinviting two 4 Star General’s from their permanent seats and establishing a chair at the table for Steve Bannon.

    And now widely publicized, are the speeches and documents and reports showing that Steve Bannon – the man with the Presidents ear and a seat on the Council that determines war and peace – is convinced the apocalypse Is coming and that war Is Inevitable.
    And he’s convinced it’s coming soon.

  7. bynd says:

    The best part is, it is never the drivers in Omaha who carry any fault for how messed up things get when it snows.

    I hear Heath wants to make the new trolley into an international trolley. It will go around the world. The bridges over the oceans will provide numerous jobs for the refugees from the middle east.

    I do believe the blizzard on here far out paces anything seen in the last few years in Neeebrasca. They put on a heck of a snow job.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, snow is the great political risk to any mayor, remember Jane Byrne in Chicago. Being a reasonable voter I retired. I do not fear snow. I will vote on the big issues, if only I knew what they were.

      • bynd says:

        Minot ND is 14 miles from Minot AFB. 4 lane highway. After the first snow, you could see cars in the middle and on the sides of the highway. Vast majority had license plates from such as Florida and Georgia. It’s like 4 wheel drivers down here who have no idea how to drive them in bad weather. I always believed that if you needed 4 wheel drive to get some where, you shouldn’t be out there driving. And all these people who believe they are so important that it is worth risking your life to get there in bad weather.

        Every issue is important as we read what we have time to read. they are never ending. Everyone will tell you theirs is the most important cause to vote for. And then when it doesn’t win, then comes the wailing that the world will end because people weren’t smart enough to vote for their cause. I do believe we have been around long enough that we should have seen the world collapse many times. But here it is. And next election, the world ending issues are all different. One of the reasons I will probably go back to not voting again.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Are you cray-cray bynd? It’s easy enough to avoid the snow. Retire to TEXAS!!! And that would be a bonus to you. The property tax is generally lower here, and there is no state income tax.
        And as for not voting, well, suit yourself. But I am proud to say that no matter where employment took our family over 30+ years (we took early retirement to get out of Nebraska sooner), I never-ever-ever missed a primary or general election. Ever!

      • bynd says:


        Ironically, my best friend growing up moved to Houston about lived there about 30 years and spent the last couple of years in Florida building a pipeline. He and his Texas native wife moved back here for good last year.

        Family is a strong pull.

  8. Wipe that drool says:

    A castigated halfwit Republican replaced a castrated witless Democrat because a brain damaged woman slinging drool during her spasms was a bit too much for We the Audience.

    McCain is, hmm, somewhat limited. I spent time chatting with him on several occasions. We have things in common. I like the guy. He is cranky. But he is also the son of a 4 star and grandson of a 4 star who even with a chest full of medals couldn’t be trusted with 1 star. That says he is middle management. And John knows it. He’s short. And you know short guys. But beyond that, he has risen to his point of inefficiency. Show up and vote among 100 others. Its a good place for guy like John. He does okay work there. But he does tend to use stick not carrot, which sort of makes his criticism of Trump seem a bit like jealousy, as of Trump is stealing his act.

    • Take your pension says:

      As in B Kerry, MOH winner, these guys deserve their military honors, as politicians they are open game. McCain Mutiny failed in his campaign suspension, what ever that was, against Obama and has been inept ever since

    • Kubla Khan says:

      “McCain is, hmm, somewhat limited.”

      There is no one in Washington more severely limited, no one who’s arrested development is more pronounced than the half-wit grifter you people have elected President.
      (granted, Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Joe Wilson, Adrian Smith and Duncan Hunter make the Donald work hard every week to retain the title his title as Most Profoundly Inept).

      Comparing HRC’s qualifications to serve as POTUS with those of Donald Trump, is like comparing Dr. Albert Einstein’s qualifications as a theoretical physicist with those of Dr. San Guinary.

      And I suspect you know that to be true.
      If you don’t, you’re part of the problem.

      • bynd says:

        Kubla Khan can’t:

        At least you’re in good company with all your complaining,
        “Hundreds of thousands protest Trump in Iran”

        I bet you could go over and ask for money and they would give you a bunch. After all, the previous administration gave them billions. You could call it, bring the bacon back home.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Media (WP) says Trump is “Laying the groundwork to shift blame for any future terrorist attack on U.S. soil to the judiciary and the media” indeed to all who criticize his immigration policies. — However, at the same time, Bush and Hillary advisors say “Trump acts instinctively not strategically”.

    Well, which is it? Either he is wisely strategically planning or he is stupidly winging it. — The possible outcomes suggest strategy.

    If the Court says Presidents have power over immigration, which they said for BHO, then Trump wins.

    If the Court forbids Trump to protect America via the ban, and nothing bad happens then Trump fulfilled his campaign promise by signing the ban, keeping promises is appreciated, and Trump wins.

    If the Court forbids him to protect America via the ban, and home-grown terrorists attack, just as after Paris/San Bernardino, Americans will demand more security ala border/visas and Trump wins.

    If the Court forbids him to protect America via the ban, and there is bloodshed by terrorists here on a visa or having entered illegally, Americans will want to rip Judges, Democrats and GOP naysayer’s limb from limb. As much as America would suffer, Trump will have been right, so Trump wins.

    • Anonymous says:

      Naw, cuz most folks don’t believe Trump is protecting Americans with his immigration ban. Trump can’t win with bigotry, and the courts will set him straight.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous at 8:58. The Circuit did not say Trump could not issue an appropriate ban, it found likely and glaring defects in the order. Read the opinion, then perhaps the problem is Trump’s rush to play to his supporters produced a defective order, his fault.

    • Genghis Khan says:


      How about Trump simply engaging a couple lawyers who actually have a passing familiarity with the constitution, and having them redraft a new E.O.?
      It’s been a week since the ban was initially halted and living in the White House, Trump is literally surrounded by capable lawyers.
      How long might it take for a team to modify the Executive Order so it passes constitutional muster.. 48 hours.. tops?
      Pretty simple stuff, no?

      Sorry 8:58, any blood spilled washes directly across the hands of your petulant President.

      Of course, it’s possible Trump doesn’t know many lawyers well versed in constitutional law.
      Unlike Obama, who himself was a constitutional scholar and for more than a decade he taught constitutional law at the renowned University of Chicago Law School.
      And, Trump admits he doesn’t really read books, so it’s quite possible he’s never found reason to read the constitution.
      Also, Donald’s decades of experience working closely with lawyers has always been limited to bankruptcy law experts. He has employed legions of them, decade upon decade, as a key part of his business model that profited from screwing Mom & Pop businesses out of money they had rightfully earned. Free labor, free materials, free consulting services, all are great way to make handsome profits if you’re a builder. Wealth accumulated by defaulting on contracts, signed in good faith, with other businessmen who were ultimately punished for believing Trump to be a man of character.
      Like clockwork, six bankruptcies in all.

  10. Anonymous says:

    5:18. I and my family are not “most folks”.

    My entire immediate family was born overseas, lived overseas, and immigrated here. My family has zero white ancestry, most of us have accents as thick as Trump’s immigrated mother’s and wife’s, we all have held significant positions of responsibility in America, and we supported Trump avidly BECAUSE of his immigration policies. We immigrants know firsthand how vital are Trump’s policies to the USA’s survival. And unless you leave your own doors open at night, you tacitly agree with Trump that there is no safety without borders. And unless you invite ex-cons to use your home as a halfway house, you tacitly agree with Trump that where people originate from matters to your own safety.

    By the way, these are Obama’s countries not Trump’s. All of these Trump travel ban countries of origin were on Obama’s travel ban for countries ala visiting, that Obama signed into law on Dec. 2015 as his “Terrorist Travel Prevention Act”.

    You may be right. Maybe most folks don’t understand this. But they soon will. For you didn’t refute my points at 8:58. You did what all naysayers do when they cannot defend themselves with fact and truth, you scream “racist”. – YOU are the BLMs screaming down Jewish Sanders. YOU are the Berkley leftists denying free speech to a homosexual conservative. YOU call Trump, the most Jewish US President in history, a racist. YOU imply we who aren’t white are racists. — You are pathetic.

    The only shield you have is accusations of “racist”. As armor goes, that stuff is worn thin. You can blame Obama for wrecking that for you by his infantile overuse of pity-me-the-poor-POTUS.

    Do you think Trump cannot embarrass the Court? Keep thinking that.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous at 7:22 Trump has not spoken about attack on mosque in Canada, which was committed by a fellow from Egypt a country where Trump does business not included in ban. As to criticism of Trump and Judaism, you might look at statements by ADL on omission of Jews from statement on Holocaust and criticism of the executive order with analogy to ship turned back in 1940s. Order reached already lawful residents, who were abroad and according to the Circuit were denied due process and those already screened, where religious discrimination a violation of1st amendment and statute limiting power of POTUS in dealing with immigration was involved. Trump
      demanded a deference from the courts more extreme than Truman wanted in Steel Seizure case and HST lost there.

      • bynd says:

        Law is law and I am sure that there is more to say on the subject. However, it is scary that judges less qualified than Trump now decide the security parameters of who can and can not enter this country, regardless of citizenship. At least Trump has qualified advisors.

        And just why when politics plays more and more into the decisions of the courts, are judges off limits for criticism?

      • Anon says:

        I seen a lot of smart lawyer guys say Trump was right. I did see judge bowtie saying “there were none” on something he pre-researched and was wrong, that man has a 2 foot by 3 foot picture of himself where he works. I glad you explained it, I was afraid it was just politics.

      • Band, judges are not beyond reasoned criticism. Case is about Con Law not who is dangerous. Trump is not above the law. What Experts? Part of problem seems to be limited consultation. Might note Dickinson Chanel opposed order as did Yoon, law pprob who wrote the Bush2 torture memo. Neither is an enemy of executive power or a snowflake. DO had to ask Court to ignore what Trump said about order and had no evidence of danger. Just argue Trump was beyond judicial review.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, I meant Dick Cheney and John Yoo. I do not buy decisions on these typwe of issues are political in the sense of party politics though they often arise out of different understanding of law and Constitution. If no appeal to SCOTUS in this case, it is because decision is in limit with notions of limits on POTUS prominently favored by some R appointed such as Roberts and Kennedy.I will give up on I Pad it rewrites me too much.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anon at 11:09, portraits of past and present judges are now the standard federal courthouse, says little about any one judge. DJ in this case was an R appointee, CA9 was2 D appointees and 1 R.Where do you see politics.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, the Volokh Conspiracy today has 3 comments by legal academics, all conservative, om 9th Cir. decision, two favorable and one critical. Reading the items, or most of the other legal commentary, I think shows case involves serious legal issues and not mere party politics. Stanford prof, who is critical of the decision, is one of the giants of Con Law from whom I always learn even in disagreement.

    • Chaka Khan says:


      Another attempt to rewrite history.

      Obama’s was not a travel ban. It did not bar travel, it simply tightened travel rules.
      It was also not an amateurishly written Executive Order.
      And, it was a law effecting nationals of 38 countries.

      Unlike the “muslim ban” Donald Trump has so many times promised to his.. fervent crowds, the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 was a bill crafted as a direct response to the terrorist attacks that had just occurred in Paris and San Bernardino.
      Unlike the Executive Order scribbled out by alt-right champion and former Breitbart CEO, Steve Bannon, with the aid of another alt-right advocate Stephan Miller (former aid to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III), the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 was a well thought out, carefully crafted Bill, deliberated, vetted and passed by Congress before being signed into law by President Obama.

      The visa waiver program had traditionally offered expedited electronic processing and short-term visa-free travel to tourists and business travelers. Under the Act passed by Obama, dual nationals and travelers who had spent time in the listed countries were required to go through the full vetting of the regular visa process, which included an in-person interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate.
      The law was not a ban, but an enhanced screening system applied in a way that prioritized national security while still attempting to make the system as efficient as possible.

      Also, with the introduction of the new law it was made clear that the administration and Dept of Homeland Security would issue waivers to the new procedures on a case-by-case basis to individuals who had traveled to the countries in question as journalists, aid workers, for military service or as a government or international organization representative.

      This is yet another instance where team Trump puts on parade their abject ineptitude and total lack of understanding of the constitution, the role of our three branches and how government is intended to function.
      Comparing the Trump/Bannon E.O. with the law enacted by the Obama administration, is akin to the SNL skit where Chris Farley (Trump) competes with Patrick Swayze for a job as a Chippendale dancer.

      Oh, and you’re final point.
      No, your halfwit President isn’t capable of “embarrassing the Court”.
      He’ll no doubt try. Because as your President has amply demonstrated, he has the emotional maturity and temperament of a petulant child.
      He’ll try to embarrass the court. The enablers he surrounds himself with will allow him to flounder in his artless, ill-reasoned attempts. And he’ll fail.
      But, as with the 3 million illegals who voted for HRC and the 1.5 Million who showed up for his inauguration and the ‘unprecedented’ margin of victory with which he won the Presidency, his failure will once again be twisted into victory.
      As the nation suffers, he’ll continue to tweet to his followers how bigly they are all winning.

    • Khan Academy says:


      In an attempt to berate those on the left, you cry out:
      “YOU are the BLMs screaming down Jewish Sanders. YOU are the Berkley leftists denying free speech to a homosexual conservative. YOU call Trump, the most Jewish US President in history”

      1) I follow politics closely. It’s rare I hear or read of anyone referencing Bernie Sanders religion, let alone referring to him as ‘Jewish Sanders”.
      Kind of like I never hear anyone refer Jewish Kirk Douglas, or Jewish Jamie Lee Curtis.
      I assure the activists of Black Lives Matter didn’t steal a little of Bernie’s time because he was.. jewish.

      2) The homsexual conservative you are defending doesn’t face protests because he is gay, or conservative.
      Peter Thiel, billionaire co-founder of PayPal and one of Trump’s most prominent financial backers and supporters is gay and a Republican. Nobody cares.
      Mary Cheney is gay and a Republican. Nobody cares.
      Ken Mehlman, former Chairman of the RNC and longtime ally of G.W. Bush is gay, Nobody cares.
      People rise up in protest to the little troll Milo Yiannopoulis for the same reason they rise up in protest to folks like the cretins that make up Westboro Baptist Church. Each engages in the practice of offending as many people as possible, as a business model. They profit in hate.
      Why condone such vile propagandism by remaining silent?
      Would you stand silent if.. let’s say David Duke was scheduled to speak at Creighton Prep, or Mark Foley at Boys Town?
      Were you of the same opinion when the right shouted down a planned lecture by Bill Ayers, at UNL?
      A Bill Ayers who at the time of his lecture held the title of Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
      Also, in addition to Milo’s occupation as hate provocateur, Milo has fully embraced and revels in the label given him as “the Appealing Young Face of the Racist Alt-Right”.

      And you’re simply confused about the whole jewish Donald Trump thing. That’s your companions on the right who have floated that construct. Specifically, Wayne Allyn Root. You can still read the article, published by Fox News: “Trump is headed to the White House. Did we just elect our first Jewish president?”

      And, coincidentally, here’s a bit of breaking news perfectly in line with the type of stuff Yiannopoulis and his alt-right companions dabble in:
      College Republicans at Central Michigan University handed out Valentine’s Day cards mocking Jews who died in the Holocaust:
      “my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews”

    • Anonymous says:

      I was Anonymous @ 5:18 yesterday. You didn’t have any points @ 8:58 to refute. You offered speculation and then drew your own conclusions, to which I responded in kind. Then you began ranting about racism. WTF is your problem?

  11. bynd says:

    In recent polling, Trump is found more credible than the media.

    Media is less truthful.

    Approval rating, 48% to 47%.

    I’ve got $5.00 that says this will generate more than a 5 paragraph response:)

    • Oracle says:

      Good job Ostrich! You found one of the few polls (Ipsos/Reuters) that gives Trump a positive net approval. Rasmussen gives an even better spread. However honest, rational, truth-seeking folks don’t just look for “facts” that agree with their worldview. The latest aggregate polling shows Trump with a net DISapproval of 5 points with the approval % heading down, and the disapproval % heading up. That’s reality.

      • bynd says:

        RFLMBO at oracle, still haven’t replaced that lead ball have you?

        Actually it was Emerson college.
        Your detachment from reality started before the election and was a complete break when HRC finally lost. Such caterwauling!

        How many more juvenile insults can you hurl?

        But don’t worry snowflake, I see you are preparing future generations of victims. WA College Helps Parents ‘Cure’ Their Toddlers of Racism and Sexism

        Keep the blizzard coming.

  12. Cask of Amontillado says:

    The Republicans have now elected, back to back, the two most inept Presidents in modern American history.
    On purpose, eyes open, cheerfully.
    The reason that Donald Trump is not being impeached, right now, is not because he’ not a criminal, because he is; it’s not because he’s not corrupt, because he is; it’s not because he hasn’t violated the constitution nearly every day, because he has. Topping off this unprecedented debauchery is the fact that his his cabinet – rife with corruption and incompetence – has acted, in wholesale fashion, more unreservedly appalling than any to have preceded it.

    No, the reason Donald Trump is not right now being impeached is because the Republican party is completely corrupt, from top to bottom. Wholly owned by special interests, each and every one.

    • bynd says:

      The Republicans have now elected enough Republicans in the last 6 years to control the House, Senate, Presidency, 32 state legislatures (including/still Nebraska the pink state) and 31 governors. The only facts that matter.

      Only question, when they screw up, and they will, will the Dems be prepared to take control? Not if the Dems from this state and this site are setting the example. Even the sanctuarys are crumbling. Money certainly talks louder than faux compassion.

  13. bynd says:

    anon: butt hurt are we?

    Another well thought out and classy retort from a hick. And I am not quite sure what you are upset about. Their track record when in charge of all three is far from smooth sailing. Which is true for the other side, except for Obamacare, is true also.

    You must be one of those right wing fact deniers.

    Actually, I’m a realist.

  14. Nevermore says:

    A Poe aficionado here says Republicans have elected, “back to back” two inept Presidents. — So Obama is a Republican? That’s weird. — But sure, presidents are inept. All of them to some degree, unless you habitually wedge your tongue up a donkey or elephant arse. Thinking people seek a CEO not a savior as POTUS. But the word bespoken was “inept” so let’s run with that.

    Let’s compare inept now to eight years ago, in 2009. The tempo is different, the players are different, but a look back may yet prove instructive.

    Today Trump is criticized for rooting for the Patriots Super bowl winners and being buddies with its owner. Yet, on Feb 1, 2009, Pres. Obama’s NFL team, the Steelers, won the Super bowl. The coach thanked Obama for his presidential support. On Mar 17, 2009, Obama appointed the Steelers’ owner, Dan Rooney, Ambassador to Ireland.

    Today Trump’s Education Secretary DeVos is criticized for her stand on charter schools. Yet, on Feb 3, 2009, Obama read to second graders at Capitol City Charter School. The News Media loved it.

    The official record of Obama’s first days in office is full of travel, executive orders, his cabinet selections getting gracious easy approval, relaxing weekends and banquets. Slow and mostly okay.

    Slow. — On Feb 25, Obama nominated his third pick for Commerce Secretary, and on Mar 2nd he nominated a Health and Human Services. His first cabinet meeting was on April 20, 2009.

    And some less okay. — On Mar. 19th, Obama was on Leno apologizing for insulting “Special Olympics” children. On Apr 9th, Obama spoke of improving VA health care (the following year veterans died waiting for care). On Apr 16, Obama apologized to Mexican Pres. Calderon for US arms getting onto Mexican drug cartels’ hands through our porous border. And of course, Obama followed that with a fast and furious US arming of Mexican drug lords with sniper rifles that murdered US Border agents.

    Then came eight years of Obama hope turned sour, ending in a brain damaged cuckold trying to replace him by not campaigning. None of that was Trump’s fault. But you not grasping this is your fault. And that fairly ensures that what you Democrats and Republican establishment elites did to elect Trump will keep on crippling you and empowering more like Trump.

    I know I can explain this to you and you will rush out to eviscerate yourselves anyway. That is a tad grotesque but all in all, great fun for all but you.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      The Republicans didn’t “elect” Obama. The last two presidents that the Republicans “elected” were Trump and Bush. I don’t care who wins any Super Bowl game. Betsy DeVos wants charter schools expressly to starve out public schools and/or make public education like God ordained it to be. And she doesn’t appear to know much about IDEA. Trump portrays persons with physical disability as objects of ridicule. Indeed, Trump believes he’s always the smartest person in the room, which, incidentally, demonstrates his emotional stupidity.

      I know I can detail “alternative facts” for you and you will ignore them anyway.
      P.S. Lil’ Mac: Why do you always add a line about some disgusting action (e.g. tongues and asses here) to your political prose? It’s not persuasive.

  15. Edgan Allen Wrench says:

    I think I can do better than that.

    “The Cask of Amontillado” indeed. Democrats who feel insulted by America would enchain and wall up America as punishment. The murderous Democrats thinking their victims are the one’s adorned with jester’s bells for the carnival, when indeed it is Democrats themselves who offered as Sherry a brain damaged cuckold wife and offered as Medoc a socialist golem who never in his life has been a registered Democrat, as proof of their own folly and jest to which Democrats are utterly blind.

    These insulted self-heroic Democrats remain unrepentant, quite sure they are justified to so bitterly hate, so confident of their party/family motto Nemo me impune lacessit (None attacks me with impunity). And like Montresor these self-heroes, as would be murderers, insanely conclude In pace requiescat for Americans they despise, are in fact walling themselves from reality.

    In Poe’s “Tell-Tale Heart” yet another self-hero also insists he is not insane but simply suffers from “over-acuteness of the senses”. Too much feeling. This self-hero plots to murder the old man, Uncle Sam in our case, because while he loves the old man he hates what he concludes is Uncle Sam having an evil eye. The precision of the thoughtful intent to murder is argued as proving the killer cannot possibly be insane. But of course, that mistakes mental retardation for insanity. The Democrat for seven nights stares at what he thinks is Uncle Sam’s evil eye, making it impossible to “work”. And so he kills and dismembers the old man and hides the body parts under the floorboards, only to later imagine, in guilt, a still beating heart.

    Yet guilt or no guilt, without the pretense of Political Correctness that Trump has burnt away from Americans’ stinging eyes, Democrats are now seen insane, their ideas unworkable, and so they dismember themselves thinking they are getting revenge. Too much feeling. Not enough sanity.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nobody likes Trump, Texas. Its just that they dislike you more. You who demand fair tax for all while demanding taxes be showered on you personally. That sort of unreason empowers such as Trump.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Ah! A perfect example of an alternative fact. I have remained steadfast in espousing my belief: “all or none” when it comes to taxation and the usage of those taxes. You can’t name a single example of my demanding taxes be showered on me personally. (C’mon out and show yourself.)

  17. The Insane have clearly taken over the Asylum says:

    If any of you witnessed the freak show, Stephen Miller, that Team Trump trotted out for rounds on this morning’s political shows, you’ll know it to be irrefutable we are living out a real world System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether.

    An invitation (dear Fortunato):
    Play back the video of any one of Trump’s multitude of meaningless Executive Order signings.
    Now, listen carefully during the playback.
    You can clearly decipher the ever so faint, yet uniquely disharmonious and unnerving cacophony of sound. The “infinite variety of noises, which were intended for music, and which appeared to afford much entertainment to all present, with the exception of myself.”

    As the recent marches of unprecedented scale, the daily demonstrations and the nationwide town hall outrage attests; It is not just myself who is unnerved.
    It is now become clear to our nation, as it became clear to our narrator during his visit to the Maison de Sante, it is only those suited for asylum for whom Team Trump’s alarming music elicits a disquieting smile.

      • Thus Quoth The Raven says:

        You, bynd, you insipid little Trumpkin Troll, are not allowed to reference Twilight Zone.

        “We’re developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won’t be able to think.”
        – Rod Serling

  18. bynd says:

    The head of the International Monetary Fund said Sunday that U.S. President Donald Trump taking office is likely good for the American economy in the short term, though rising interest rates and a strengthening dollar will challenge global trade.

    Christine Lagarde said Trump’s plans for additional investment in U.S. infrastructure and his likely tax reforms will boost America’s economic fortunes.

    • anon says:

      More accurately:
      “IMF Head: Trump Good for US Economy for Now as Trouble Looms”

      And here’s why Trouble Looms –
      In the first week that Trump’s congress reconvened they passed a budget resolution adding $9 Trillion to our $20 Trillion dollar debt.

      Donald Trump has promised the wealthiest corporations and individuals in America the largest tax cuts in history, slashing trillions in revenues in a handout to the 0.1%.

      Trump’s freakish, white supremacist Sr. Advisor, Stephen Miller was on the talk shows just this morning reaffirming the promise of a massive expansion of our already gargantuan $600B+ military budget. His reassurance: “we’re going to begin a process of rebuilding our depleted defense capabilities on a scale we have not seen in generations.”

      The Republican’s hand selected CBO warned a few weeks ago that dismantling the ACA will not only leave millions of Americans uninsured, it will dramatically drive up the cost of insurance and healthcare for ALL Americans – not just though on the ACA.
      AND, repeal of the ACA will cost the American taxpayer $350,000,000,000.00.

      Trump has promised to build a big, beautiful, glorious wall on our southern border. Experts estimate the price to approach $25,000.000,000.00 – NONE of which the Mexican government will pay.

      Trump has promised to spend as much as $1,000,000,000,000.00 on rebuilding our infrastructure.

      Trump pledged during a Jan. 25 interview with ABC News he would “absolutely do safe zones in Syria for the people”.
      Safe zones military experts say will require a minimum of 40,000 American boots on the ground in Syria, plus all the required military hardware, and it’s anybody’s guess how long they’ll be required to stay.
      You do the math.

      Add to that – the wholesale deregulation of all businesses, Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Banks, Corporate Ag.
      Deregulation bringing back predatory banking practices, the renewed risk of a global financial collapse and the destruction of the planets most valuable, irreplaceable natural resources.
      All of it in pursuit of marginally enhanced quarterly profits.

      Short term growth courtesy of the most massive stimulus program in the history of the universe.
      And we all know how much Republicans loves them some stimulus.
      The same Republicans who squealed like stuck pigs as Obama and Hank Paulson fought desperately to pass a desperately needed stimulus of a much smaller scale. A stimulus required if we were to save the planet from a devastating global depression. An economy on the verge of collapse thanks to the policies of deregulation, massive tax cuts for the wealthy and an unfunded expansion of government while engaging in two global wars that would serve to throw the mideast in a chaos that rages still today. All of it courtesy of a hapless GW Bush and a miscreant, corporate owned Republican party.


    • GOPsychosis says:

      “there is a provision in there (Obamacare) that anyone over the age of 74 has to go before what is effectively a death panel.”

  19. GOPernicious says:

    Two items from Don Walton’s column in this morning’s Lincoln Journal Star:

    “Warning to Twitter impersonator who is posting porn on a phony site using Sen. Bob Krist’s name: He will find you.”

    Not hard to surmise the malcontent camp of ideologues from which this vulgar activity has arisen.

    And, now that Rickett’s Rogues have virulently taken over our state legislature:
    “The statistics of legislative impasse in Lincoln: 102 bills backed up at first-stage floor consideration, nine at the second stage, two ready for a final vote, zero bills enacted as the Legislature enters its 28th day in session.”

    • Billy says:

      Far from Ricketts rogues holding up the legislature, to which many democrats have themselves on the floor have no problem. Yielding time to their useful tool as a strawman doesn’t help

      • Anonymous says:

        It is a newly brazen GOP legislature stacked with Ricketts’ hand-selected and funded Freshman Chairs who are trying to run roughshod over their counterparts and in the process, silence large segments of Nebraska’s voters.
        It is a bi-partisan minority that seeks to protect the integrity of the institution and insure all Nebraskans have a voice.

        It was 25 years ago, 1992, when the legislature adopted the rule requiring approval of two-thirds of its members to end debate.
        The rule has served us admirably for 25 years.

        What is different about this year’s legislative body that would require us to abandon that rule?
        Why is it now too much to expect from our elected leaders reasoned compromise resulting in the approval of two-thirds of the our state’s legislators?

        An extreme agenda and the funding of extremist, self serving billionaires.

      • anon says:

        Bipartisan minority- you mean democrats who want to preach collegial because the r’s finally got the committee thing, and now despite Krist(who no one listens to), McCollister, the professor and such got it pretty close. The democrats groveling for bipartisanship has been so shallow the last couple of weeks is laughable. Why the rule change- so they can get something done instead of listening to the old agitating puppet doing the string holding democrats deeds, you would think he had that figured out. Bottom line it’s votes

  20. Soon to be former Republican says:

    Everyone should watch the new ad by the veterans group VoteVets.
    VoteVets: Act Like One

    It’s an ad that first aired on Morning Joe, the reasoning as presented by VoteVets:
    “Since the White House comment line is down, and Donald Trump hasn’t set up that veterans hotline he promised, we’re going to go where we know Donald Trump is listening — Morning Joe, and the other shows that he obsesses over. He’s going to hear the message of this ad again and again. We’re officially putting Mr. Trump on notice.”

      • It's Plain For All To See says:

        VoteVets was co-founded in 2006 by former Iraq War veterans Jon Soltz and Jeremy Broussard.
        Jon Soltz serves as it’s sole Chairman.

        The person you are seeking to disparage. Wesley Clark, is simply one of 17 who sit on a Board of Advisors. If you’re unaware, the role of a Board Member is largely honorary.
        The person you are seeking to disparage, Veteran, also happens to have graduated first in his class in 1966 from the West Point Military Academy. After graduation, he was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford.
        For his first deployment Clark was assigned a position in the 1st Infantry Division, shipping out to Vietnam on May 21, 1969. While only a month into his command, Clark took 4 bullets from the AK-47 of a Viet Cong soldier as he shouted out orders to his men, who counterattacked and defeated the Viet Cong force.
        Upon returning home Clark chose the Command of C Company, 6th Battalion, 32nd Armor, 194th Armored Brigade, a company composed of wounded soldiers, at Fort Knox.
        He went on to serve his nation for 34 years in the U.S. Army, before retiring as a 4 Star General and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander.
        Throughout a distinguished career Wesley Clark was awarded enough medals to fill the trunk of Lincoln Continental.
        Medals including our nation’s highest honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as well as a Silver Star, for the 4 bullet holes acquired in Vietnam.

        Then, there’s your President, Donald Trump.
        The Donald Trump who, although the ideal age to serve, received a total of 5 deferments between 1964 and 1972.
        The Donald Trump known to have a habit of attacking military heroes and Gold Star families.
        The Donald Trump who said on the campaign trail that “torture absolutely works”, and “we have to beat the savages”, and “when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”, and “I’m gonna bomb the SHIT out of ’em!”
        The Donald Trump who has on countless occasions received the profuse thanks and praise of ISIS and Al-Qaeda warlords for the amazing statements he provides that serve to aid their recruitment efforts.
        The Donald Trump who is exceptionally cavalier about the possibility of sending more American blood and treasure into the heart of the 1000 year old tribal wars among mideast nations.
        Also, it’s the Donald Trump who, when asked by Howard Stern how he managed to avoid STDs during his club hopping days, replied: “it is a dangerous world out there. It’s like Vietnam, sort of. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider,”

        And you choose to disparage Wesley Clark, for the purpose of defending Donald Trump?

      • Reader says:

        Well thank-you for that. I had not bothered to learn about Clark’s past. And Trump’s comments to Howard Stern were at once funny and sad.

    • Kilroy says:

      Ah, yes. Democrats trading on their service to pile on with other Democrats. There is zero reason why donning a uniform means you are smarter than the average citizen when it comes to running the government. But if that means something to you, just know that Americans with military service voted 61-34 for Trump. I doubt anything has happened in the last 3 weeks to change their minds but given that it probably takes several weeks to plan, shoot, and buy ad space for a TV commercial, it looks like the “VoteVets” aka George Soros front group, already had their minds made up.

  21. Vet says:

    I’ m sure people know W Clark from his failed bid to run for president. I did not disparage him but gave a fact. Wiki and the org’s endorsements look pretty democratic. Your page of spin is unneeded let people read themselves. Writing a page of spin doesn’t change fact.

    • It's Plain For All To See says:

      Ah, just as suspected.
      A lifetime of truly meritorious service to our nation, 4 bullet holes in his body and a Presidential Medal of Freedom are all irrelevant, because he’s a Democrat.
      An organization of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, fighting for basic rights and privileges for their fellow veterans, are also irrelevant because they don’t hew far enough to the right.


      Also, regarding your comment: “Writing a page of spin doesn’t change fact”

      Your derangement syndrome is eating away your ability to reason. Everything I wrote is fact.
      And for a person of reason, writing that page of fact is sufficient to fully refute your attempted slight of a decorated veteran.

    • Anonymous says:

      Vet, I believe you are committing the crime of stolen valor. I very much doubt that you have ever in your life donned the uniform of America’s armed forces. I believe you are nothing but a cowardly, two-bit armchair general.
      What did you do during whichever war was going on in the period of time that you could have served? Play field hockey with some of Drumph’s fraternity brothers?
      Unless, of course, you are a veterinarian. Then I offer my apologies.

  22. Troubling lack of judgement says:

    When does the “winning” start?

    The acting United States Attorney General informed the Trump White House almost a month ago that evidence clearly shows Michael Flynn had misled senior administration officials about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States.
    In addition she warned his actions have left himself and the Trump administration potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

    Trump fired her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Devin Nunes (R-CA) is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence). Nunes was also selected to be on the Trump Transition Team.
      As Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes was certain to have access to the very same information as our Acting Attorney General, the information clearly pointing to Michael Flynn’s illicit dalliance with the Russians.

      With this incriminating evidence in hand, it was just hours prior to Flynn’s forced resignation that Devin Nunes publicly assured Americans that there was nothing to the claims of Flynn’s collusion with the Russians. In his role as Chairman he assured Americans it was all just the President’s enemies (“the swamp” in his words) stirring up trouble.
      “It just seems like there’s a lot of nothing here,” Nunes told Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis.

      It’s quite evident –
      The wholly corrupt Republican Congress has no interest in any oversight of the Trump administration.
      This is the same Republican Congress who wasted 8 years conducting one failed investigation after another of Democrats. Colluding with the right wing media in the fabrication and promotion of one fake scandal after another. All of it with the sole purpose of whipping up a malinformed base and shaking some coin from their pockets.
      Fast & Furious and Eric Holder = exonerated.
      Benghazi-Benghazi!! and Hillary Clinton = exonerated.
      IRS and Lois Lerner = exonerated.
      Planned Parenthood and “Baby Parts’ = exonerated.
      YEARS of Kabuki Theater lead by Republicans, YEARS of misleading and misinforming their fevered base, always with the promise that the smoking gun would soon be revealed.
      In the end, nothing. Nothing but a colossal waste of time and taxpayer money.
      Of course, their personal interests were served. They got reelected and the right wing merchants of misinformation cashed in royally.

      Yet, when a real scandal brazenly plods onto the scene, the GOP is quick to obfuscate and deny, quick to deploy the smoke screens.
      When a clearly hapless, confused, wholly inept Team Trump has put our nation at the very real risk of being blackmailed by a vile KGB Thug and a dastardly Russian kleptocracy… the Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee steps forward to declare:
      “Nothing to see here folks, move along”.

      And the Trumpkins cheer.

      • bynd says:

        Thanks for a good laugh. I knew the snowflakes would not disappoint. And it appears the hypoxia is still present. Meaningless words from those who forgot how to think critically a long time ago.

        But great, and predictable, entertainment.

      • anon says:

        It is every day that Ostrich informs us that another news story has compelled him to Roll On The Floor, Laughing His Ass Off.

        As if we needed the confirmation, Ostrich makes it clear he has a lot of Ass to spare.
        One might even surmise, he is simply one, giant, ass.

      • bynd says:

        We touched more snowflake nerves. Oracle and anon, you folks wouldn’t know reality if it bit you in your arses. Because the only reality you know is progressive reality. And everyone knows, progressiveism is not reality.

        But even more amusing. It only takes one to raise the hackles of the snowflakes on here. And such vitriol! What ever happened to inclusion? I mean come on, can’t you guys/gals accept intelligence, critical thinking and logic outside your self induced Trump haze in your your little alt world?

        You do realize, no one says Trump on here than your folks. You just be trumpkin plants to keep his name alive on this out of the way blog. As the real Tumpkins point on here, they pull your strings, you dance. Pretty humiliating for those who have any sense of self worth. And now we shall see why this is uneducated fly over country. Take it away snowflakes. Dance for your supper.

      • anon says:

        “progressiveism is not reality.”

        It’s not a word, either.

        I don’t know what makes you so stupid, but it really works.

  23. anon says:

    Jennifer Rubin, staunchly conservative columnist and author of Washington Post’s ‘Right Turn’, sums it up nicely in her just-released article;
    “Trump is a threat to national security”

    • bynd says:


      You need a new scorecard. Yours is out of date and Jennifer seems to some one only you can love.

      Four years ago, Rubin had a reputation as a mouthpiece for Mitt Romney, drawing criticism and even calls for her job from those who believed she was more campaigner than commentator. Now her fiercest critics are supporters of the new leader of the Republican Party

      Her breathlessly positive coverage of Romney was considered by some to be symptomatic of the right’s refusal to accept analysis, or polling, that pointed to a second term for Barack Obama. But Trump’s candidacy created a schism among conservatives, with Rubin and others at odds with those who wanted Republicans to get behind the party’s nominee.

      Do you have anything valid to say?

      • anon says:

        “Do you have anything valid to say?”

        You stole the entirety of your post from Tom Kludt, Media Reporter for CNN Money.

        You continue to demonstrate only a fleeting alliance with rational thought.

        Should I continue?

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