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    • Anonymous says:

      I hope Sweeper sets his house in order after Stothert is re-elected. That or he closes LSt down permanently. The shark has jumped.

  1. Great Wave of Stoopid says:

    In an interview with Sirius, your president again compared himself and his presidency with that of Andrew Jackson (a slaveholder who marshalled the ethnic cleansing of Indians)

    In the interview Trump states:
    “People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?”

    Trump is certain if Jackson were president, instead of Lincoln, Jackson would have prevented the war –
    “He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War, he said ‘There’s no reason for this.”

    Jackson died in 1845.

    The Civil War began in 1861.

    The president of the United States is a moron.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    In the absence of content. Let’s try to say something about politics…

    Headline “Democrat (experts) say they now know exactly why Clinton lost”. Sure, but will Democrats listen? Back in Dec 2015, the Wash Post analyzed Trump’s chaotic comms and to their surprise found him “disciplined and methodical” in his populist msg but Democrats didn’t listen then.

    Today top Democrat strategists crunch election data and conclude the entire Democrat establishment is wrong about why Hillary lost and Trump won. Will Democrats listen now?

    Most think, wrongly, that her base didn’t turn out, his did, and he got the new voters. In fact, Hillary got most of the new voters in Ohio and elsewhere. In fact, Democrat defections elected Trump. 70% of her loss was due to defection. — Compared to the easy Band-Aid of getting out the vote, this harsh realization is like discovering the donkey has a cancer.

    Turning out the base is not good enough, data suggests. NYT analysis agrees.

    Indeed, Dem analysts say the DNC must “both reach out to white working-class voters and their (Dem) base with a strong message rooted in economic populism” or lose “6 or 7” Senate seats in 2018.

    So the progressive heart of the donkey must be replaced by a populist heart? That’s a hard message for any party member to swallow.

    Can a new Left Populist DNC, replacing 50 years of neo-socialist progressivism, make the donkey stronger than the elephant post-Trump? I don’t see why not. But donkeys need to perform heart surgery on themselves. Change hurts. Fact is, GOP leaders don’t know why Trump won so this could be an important time for the DNC. The RNC has less incentive to learn and grow.

  3. Hey Stoopid says:

    That “moron”, per, the DNC’s own strategists/analysts, was elected by Democrats. See 9:32 above.

    If you keep swallowing the cheese Trump dangles as bait then your bellyache won’t go away. He knows Progressives are lactose intolerant and that burly Democrat working unionists just love a slice of cheddar with their Trumpy ham. And he is a ham. You hate ham, you cannot tolerate his cheese, but plenty of ham and cheese lovers can’t get enough of it. Its your bellyache not theirs. The cheese he dangles has you doing the dysentery dance. Don’t swallow it ever single time.

  4. Great Wave of Stoopid says:

    Stoopid is bipartisan.

    In the words of a great philosopher:
    Stoopid is as stoopid does.

    Nov 22, 2016, statistician Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight –
    Education, Not Income, Predicted Who Would Vote For Trump
    “Sometimes statistical analysis is tricky, and sometimes a finding just jumps off the page. Here’s one example of the latter..
    (long analysis, lot’s of charts/graphs, wonk talk, history etc.., concluding in..)
    ..In short, it appears as though educational levels are the critical factor in predicting shifts in the vote between 2012 and 2016.”

  5. bynd says:


    Why does some one make a life’s work of studying a moron? Wouldn’t time be better spent trying to find out why that person was elected and start working on someone to beat them in the next election? Or is there another anointed waiting in the wings?

    So, you don’t like the blog. If it doesn’t change, you say it should be shut down. But the best and intelligent answer is, if you don’t like the blog, leave. How arrogant to think a blog should be shut down because you don’t like it. More restraint on free speech.

      • bynd says:


        So you think when you leave everyone leaves with you? Or no one else will come when you leave? Or you don’t realize that it is the whiny snowflakes with juvenile posts that keep participation down? You are hilariously, ignorantly, arrogant.

        But better yet test your theory. Leave. Or have you no convictions of what you write? Does your elephant ego overload your canary butt?? You’re like a little child who can’t have his toy. Boo hoo for anonymously, the juvenile.

        PS. Sweeper was here long before I got here. He’ll be here long after I’m gone. His choice, not yours.

        And liberals wonder why they are becoming extinct.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, Libertarian here. Not buying what you’re selling, bynd. No one else is either.

      • bynd says:

        Libertarians, you mean anarchist. As to what you are, seems has nothing to do with what you post. A jerk, even a libertarian jerk, is still a jerk. But your credentials/postings when compared to Gerard would indicate, you have no idea what you are. And if you aren’t buying fine, but it seems you are biting and swallowing.

      • Anonymous says:

        You seem to know a lot about me for someone I don’t know from Adam. By your posts you sound like you’re choking. Need a pat on the back?

      • Anon says:

        That’s odd, I too sense a choking throughout much of bynd’s rambling.

        I always assumed maybe he forgot to remove the ‘bite block’ at the conclusion of his daily electroshock therapy treatment.

        Mmmmmm, Juicy Fruit.

  6. Howard Lane says:

    will the St Thomas More folks think Heath Mello is pro-life or a sell-out? That’s going to be interesting…

    • Bluejay says:

      Heath’s decision to federalize the race for Omaha mayor is going to backfire on him. Big time.

      Abortion and climate change are not local issues.

      Thanks, Jane Kleeb! Keep on losing.

      • bynd says:

        But, but, he will make the schools better, shatter the glass ceiling, build a $4.3 billion International airport like Denver, and the millennials will flock here, like sea gulls at the dump, give me, give me. $300 million for a trolley is chump change for one who can change the world as mayor of Omaha.

        Can you say “envision one of the most heavily taxed cities in the world!”

        Has he said what he would cap the restaurant tax at? Truth is, he will cap the growth of the tax. Far different from capping the tax from growing at all. And what about all the other occupation taxes? Don’t all of them, especially those on phones and cell phones hurt even worse? At least if you don’t g out to eat, no restaurant tax. But everyone has a cell phone and pays Omaha occupation taxes on those.

        If we didn’t know better, we would think Pete is Heath’s mentor on taxation.

    • Going Cafeteria says:

      Ofd owns them, they have Howard, Jerram, McCollister, had Ashford and using streets to grab some westside area

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