Running to and from

For those keeping score, today the LJS’s Don Walton quotes a TIME Magazine story (remember when TIME was the source for in-depth news?) which essentially says Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Sasse is running for President in 2020.

Well, maybe 2020. Maybe 2024.

Sasse gives a long-winded non-denial denial about whether or not his plans for becoming President are still “on track”.

The author then concludes:

That sounds like a yes to me.


Wrong party

State Senator Bob Krist said recently that he’s thinking about challenging Governor Pete Ricketts in the 2018 Republican Primary.

When most astute observers saw this, their first reaction was, “Republican primary? Why would Krist run as a Republican?”

Krist’s voting record, and general relationships in Lincoln tilt toward the Democrats these days.

And politics?

Well, Krist was NOT at Jean Stothert’s Mayoral Election Night party last Tuesday (like Dave Heineman, Pete Ricketts, Hal Daub, and you-name-it other Republicans were).

Krist WAS at Heath Mello’s party.

(See what I did there?)


Putting out fire with gasoline

A couple items I forgot to mention in Friday’s wrap column on the Omaha Mayor’s race:

As anyone who watched knows, the Fire Fighter’s Union was heavily involved in the race. They cut ads, took part in protests, knocked doors, made phone calls…

About those phone calls. The union was calling Republicans with a pro-Heath Mello message on Election Eve and Election Day. We heard from GOP households, with both spouses solid Republican voters, getting pro-Heath Mello calls.

Interesting, and a very dangerous, strategy. They chose to call people, who may not have otherwise gotten out to vote, to get up and vote…for Mayor Stothert. This is the, “boy, the opposition really is making an effort against her. I better go vote for her!

Of course the other interesting strategy by the FF Union was running some of their ads until midnight on Election Night. (Psst! Polls closed at 8pm!)



Erin Grace wrote a column in the OWH, essentially bemoaning the 35% voter turnout in Tuesday’s Omaha election.

She pointed to the 75% turnout that France got in their Presidential election. Then again 68% turned out in Omaha for the Presidential race.

But the gist that she got from her very small sample size was, “I don’t know enough about the candidates to vote for either, so I didn’t.

From a lofty standpoint, one can say, “Educate yourself, and do your sacred duty!”

Then again, it isn’t the worst way to go about things.

You DO sort of wonder how someone couldn’t have a strong feeling about how the city is run. Or how they missed at least the advertising, etc.

But if someone is truly not educated on the issues and candidates, isn’t it OK that they let those who are educated do the voting?

I’ve been known to skip the Weed Commissioner race, particularly where it is non-partisan, and let the weedies fight it amongst themselves on who would be better at the gig.

I’m sort of comfortable with that.

For those who “couldn’t find time”? Kind of a lame excuse these days. You can vote absentee. You can vote early. Maybe an expansion of the Vote Early locations wouldn’t be a bad thing. But that costs money, don’t forget.

The concept of a weekend vote is an interesting one, that maybe could/should be tried someplace for a study. I’m willing to bet people would find the same, if not more excuses.


Jane says

I loved the OWH’s story with Democrat Party Chair Jane Kleeb’s, “Pay no attention to that Mayor’s race where we got clobbered, and where there was a major question of why we would want to keep promoting the far-left wing of the party! Forward! Forward!

You bet she doesn’t want you to look at that. Because it was 100% HERS.

She is a Bernie-Bro through and through. And she was also one of the losing followers of anti-Semitic Congressman Keith Ellison for DNC Chair.

But it is EXACTLY the time where local Democrats should be reconsidering their strategies going forward. That’s what you do at this time. You see what went right and what went wrong.

The rally? Great optics. Awesome crowd. Good location. Good TV. Questionable length of the entertainment portion…

But the message? The thing you actually want to project to voters?

The far-left is controlling the party.
Free everything.
Lots and lots and lots of platitudes.
No coherent message from the actual, you know, CANDIDATE.

But enough assisting the local Democrats…
Carry on.


Face of the Party

Speaking of the face of the local Democrats, here is what you have right now:

Betsy Riot and the screamers at the Town Halls.

When you turn on the news, those are who you see representing the Democrats.

And if Betsy Riot isn’t showing up at a function wearing freaky masks with signs that say “F**K” over and over, they’re threatening a Congressman’s family at his home.

ICYMI, here’s what “Betsy Riot” put in the lawn at Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s house:

Which is awesome, Democrats.

And then after Fortenberry very politely asked that protesters stay away from his family, the Betsy Rioters responded

You cowardly fuckfaces.

(Scanning Nebraska Democrat Party Chair Jane Kleeb’s Twitter and Facebook pages, and NOPE, nothing disavowing this sign, or anything else about this group coming out of her party.)

Then there was the mob at Congressman Don Bacon’s town hall in Bennington. It’s good that people are going to them. And good that they’re asking him tough questions. They shouldn’t all be softballs, and Bacon doesn’t expect that.

But then the nut-jobs…er…concerned constituents…think that the BEST way to show that they’re really angry is to start chanting and yelling and disrupt the entire meeting.

Clearly they have no interest in hearing what the Congressman has to say. They are there to shout him down, and turn it into a campaign event. Because again, they are convinced that if enough people see and hear them yelling, voters will think, “Hey, those yelling people are awesome!

You know, like the ones at the Bernie rally.
And the masked Betsy Rioters
The ruder the better.

This is who is running the show for the Democrats.



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  1. Pete says:

    Great piece, Sweeper. I encourage you to write more on the subject of the problems Nebraska dems have. It’s important to show Republican readers that the other side has problems, too.

  2. The Eye Ball says:

    Why Sasse does have a following that would love him to run for president, he won’t. While writing a book is a good ides for running for president, many elected officials write books without ever running.

  3. bynd says:

    Freestuff, YES!

    They say we need automatic voter registration.

    Then voter turn out for these off year elections will be 3.5% of registered voters. Or a lot more of, I don’t know what is going on but I voted any way since I was registered.

    But then, aren’t these the types the progressives pander too? Free stuff, everyone wants free stuff. Vote for free stuff. Hmmmm, could work. They couldn’t do any worse.

    The Repubs would actually have to come up with a message other than, we aren’t free stuff Dems. Even though they are, at least on the national level.

  4. Then there's that says:

    The Democratic party did – in fact – speak out against Betsy’s Troubled Kids who crafted a sign calling Fortenberry a poopyhead.
    May 12, 2017, Lincoln Journal Star –
    “Fortenberry’s Facebook posting prompted nearly 300 comments, overwhelmingly supportive of him.
    “This is not acceptable,” the Nebraska Democratic Party tweeted in reply. “Signs like this do not change your mind and don’t reflect a movement wanting affordable health care.”

    Dennis P. Crawford · (Fortenberry opponent, Associate Chair of the NE Democratic Party)
    “This is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable.”

    And while we’re sharing repulsive events –
    Over the weekend 100+ angry, torch wielding white supremacists, lead by none other than noted Trump supporter Richard Spencer, marched on a city park in Charlottesville, Virginia.
    The march was protesting the removal of racist-tinged symbols (plaques, statues) to the civil war. As Spencer lead the torch bearing mob through the park they shared strategies to Make America White Again while chanting “Russia is our friend”.

    The city’s mayor declared the march undoubtedly; “hearkens back to the days of the KKK.”

    Oh yes –
    This is the same Richard Spencer who in late November celebrated Trump’s victory by leading a couple hundred people in a Nazi salute and chant of “Hail Trump, hail OUR people, hail victory!” – at a gathering in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.

    • The Grundle King says:

      “Fortenberry’s Facebook posting prompted nearly 300 comments, overwhelmingly supportive of him.”

      And yet, if you look at the Facebook comments on the LJS’s story, or the comments on the story as told by other local media outlets…the majority of commenters were supportive of the Betsies, which tells me that, while Fortenberry’s followers understand that you don’t take the fight to someone’s home, the majority of the libs are perfectly fine with such a childish tactic.

      BTW, thanks for the news out of Virginia…super relevant to Union-state Nebraska. Richard Spencer is a big sack of trash. What’s your actual point?

  5. Thundersnow says:

    They fried up some Bacon at the Bennington town hall this weekend.

    That chant of ‘Do Your Job’ nearly shattered the backboard.

    • The Grundle King says:

      LOL, it’s mildly humorous that they chant “Do Your Job”…it’s a whole lot more catchy (and more compatible with their short attention span) than chanting, “Do what we want you to do, even though none of us voted for you!’

  6. Bluejay says:

    Just heard Janie Kleeb on KFAB and I can’t decide if she is a dunce or a demagogue. She said she didn’t want corporations involved in K-12 education in Nebraska. I hate to break it to Janie but Creighton Prep is a corporation and it educated Sweeper, RL and Bluejay. It stays in the black (barely) each year but the Jesuits don’t get the profits. It provides millions in financial aid to students in need. The real kicker is that the total loaded cost of Prep is way less than the actual cost of her beloved Hastings high school.

    Heck of a job Janie. Keep it up.

    • Oracle says:

      Talk about an obsession, “not a Bluejay”. I graduated from Prep many years ago, and it saddens me to see someone so biased in their thoughts that they somehow think “Prep is a corporation’ has anything to do with Jane’s statements. Prep’s corporation is only responsible for and only affects the Prep universe. Jane is talking about corporations running charter schools, spending our tax money with no input from that taxpayer. It’s taxation without representation. At least I can work on voting out my school board member.

      And the “cost” argument is apples to oranges. Hastings High has to educate everyone. Remember the 8th grade entrance exam Prep gives? Selectivity is a very effective method of cutting costs.

      So I welcome you as the second member, after ostrich/bynd, to the YAI club!

      • Bluejay says:


        Kleeb doesn’t want any competition to the failed public schools in Omaha or Lincoln. And, of course, the NEA is a great source for money and donors.

        The OPS school board defines dysfunction. Good job voters!

      • Bluejay says:


        It is really sad that you don’t want all children to have the rigorous, safe and disciplined education we enjoyed at Prep. Omaha would be a better place. Instead you want to subject children to the chaos and weak education that OPS dishes out to the least among us.

      • bynd says:


        Only 1/3 of the students entering college have the skills to do college level reading and math.

        That makes you and the rest who love public schools, total idiots. And you want to condemn the rest of the world to be as stupid as you. YAFII, (illiterate idiot)

        Tell us how you care about the children now. You make stupid look intelligent.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Well said Bluejay, she probably means for profit, but careless denunciation of corporate form are just silly.CU is also a corporation and its also to blame for the three offs.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Oracle,I do not think charter schools are a good idea, but there is a world of difference between small charter schools, and the development of a for profit sector in education like for profit prisons, and State is entitled to set standards for private schools. In addition not for profit schools could run schools like charter schools. Jesuits already do in a number of places, though NE version of Blaine Amendment prevents that, but MO case in SCOTUS may change that

  7. bynd says:


    PS: I can’t add you to any group. You are without a doubt the dumbest sh_t on here. You are a stupid unto yourself.

      • Without Precedent says:

        In myriad ways, Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to American national security as well as to the welfare of people each and every one of us knows and loves.

      • bynd says:

        It is tough to clean up the last administration’s mess’ and still not take the heat from the snowflakes who want to protect their messiah. And just what secrets are those? Not saying it did or didn’t happen. Just wondering how good your inside sources are. Or is it just more pump up your look-what-I-think-I-know ego bluster? just sayn

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m talking about the current, duly elected occupant of the White House, President Donald Trump and no one else. It was this man – specifically – who shared the highest secrets about ISIS inner workings with Russian diplomats.

        You can’t “bomb the shit out of ISIS’ if ISIS knows you know about their inmost secrets. Secrets we can’t get because the guy spying for us is now dead or worse! People have been shot for less!

        It was just this kind of thing that led so many to doubt Clinton and rightly so. This is part of the reason why Clinton lost the presidential election. But Trump does the same and worse and suddenly its okay?! Geez, lets get Pence promoted and return to some semblance of sanity before the Republic falls!

  8. The Grundle King says:

    “In myriad ways, Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to American national security as well as to the welfare of people each and every one of us knows and loves.”

    Wait…Obama released actual terrorists, a significant number of which have been confirmed as re-engaging in the fight against America and killing Americans, and nearly as many are suspected of doing so. Obama paid a $10 billion ransom to Iran (a nation that counts us as a sworn enemy) to secure the release of American hostages…and another $1.3 billion after the original deal was done…and also released several ‘civilian businessmen’. Ooops…wait, they weren’t civilian businessmen after all, many of them were actually assessed as being national security threats by Obama’s own incompetent DoJ. The Obama Administration also dropped charges against 14 additional Iranian fugitives. Politico did a great story on the whole thing back on April 24th, if you can bring yourself to confront the reality of your demigod & former President’s actions.

    If Trump did disclose classified information to Russia, then indeed that’s quite stupid and inexcusable. However, as far as I’m aware, ISIS/ISIL is an enemy to both the U.S. and Russia, are they not?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Russians don’t need to know or to infer sources and methods. That’s not how the game is played.

      Its not like the Russians are sharing with us, and what is shared is stuff like “Assad’s not so bad.’ Yeah, I’ll bet you a rectum full of broken glass – a favorite torture method of the Assad regime – that it is just thad bad.

      Even Nixon wasn’t this bad.

    • Without Precedent says:

      Hey Trumper,

      Although 122 detainees transferred from Guantanamo Bay were found to have subsequently engaged in terrorist activities, 113 of those detainees were released under the administration of President George W. Bush.

      Obama paid no ransom. Period. It’s a claim found FALSE by every objective arbiter.
      You must be thinking of Ronald Reagan, who not only paid a ransom directly for the release of hostages, but then sold weapons of war to that same state sponsor of terrorism so he could fund an illegal army of right-wing militant groups in a war in Nicaragua. Apparently the profits from airplane loads of cocaine that Reagan’s CIA was smuggling into the states was insufficiently profitable to secure a Contra victory.

      Obama gave the Iranians their own money back. Obama and his military advisors rightly recognized the opportunity to reach out to a moderate Iranian President Rouhani and forge a historic deal to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions for 15 years. A deal of trust, but verify. A deal that is in fact, working:
      April 19. 2017, USA Today
      “Trump administration: Iran complying with nuclear deal”
      WASHINGTON – The Trump administration has notified Congress that Iran is complying with the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by former President Barack Obama, and says the U.S. has extended the sanctions relief given to the Islamic republic in exchange for curbs on its atomic program.
      An historic outreach to the moderates in Iran (which includes much of it’s citizenry) that could, if managed properly, be the only path forward toward a semblance of middle east peace. A peace that could bring to and end the very real possibility of tens of thousands of young American soldiers being bled out and blown up in a desert hellscape half a world away, along with the loss of trillions more in American treasure.

      But you keep defending Donald Trump.
      You keep defending a Republican party that will sacrifice the welfare of more than 20 million Americans for the sole purpose of rewarding a handful of the richest people on the planet.
      And by all means – make sure all your family and friends know where you stand, so when history is written, ensuing generations will be clear about whose side you chose.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “moderate Iranian president”

        Ah, you sweet, summer child…such a thing does not exist. Nor does a possibility for peace in the middle east. Oh…love how you missed “stupid an inexcusable”. Par for the course, I guess.

        Thanks for the chuckles.

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