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In the recent Omaha Mayor’s race Steve LeClair, head of the Firefighters Local allocated over $200, 000 in Firefighter’s Union funds to unseat Mayor Stothert and put in their had picked boy-toy, #MelloLies.

I so look forward to the 2018 contract negotiations…I expect they will go something like this…

“Thank you Mayor. May I have another?”

So, LeClair was that really a good investment of those hard-earned union dues?

For that same money, they could have:

• purchased a new ambulance (maybe even two) for the city,
• purchased season passes to Worlds of Fun for all members and their families
• purchased the land for the new Omaha Police Precinct
• purchased 4 new Omaha cops (since they are oh so worried about response times)
• purchased 5 new cruisers for OPD (see above)
• donated the money to the Muscular Dystropy Foundation (since they can’t raise money on the clock for that anymore).
• purchased a host of big screens and LazyBoy recliners for their union hall
• purchased multiple school buses and kegs of beer for future protest
• or even padded some pensions by investing it in their fund
• taken the entire department to Vegas via charter plane for a wild weekend
Just sayin’…



Did you catch Mello’s concession speech? Hardly a word about local issues. Jane Kleeb’s new toy has got his eyes on a more national race. Bacon & Fischer take note.

Don’t worry too much though. As long as he hitches his wagon to Kleeb and Crazy Uncle Bernie, he won’t get far in Nebraska.

Maybe he should move into a more liberal district like he did last time (Gretna to S. Omaha). Somewhere where flip-flops are popular, perhaps.


North O / South O:

“Leaders” in North and South Omaha had vastly different viewpoints over the past 6 months.

North Omaha leaders were all about how much money the city would invest in projects in their area of town.

South Omaha leaders were all about increasing business opportunities in their part of town. They weren’t after the all-mighty dollar from the city coffers, just the opportunity to increase small business success.

Somebody gets it. Somebody doesn’t.


    • Cackling Jay says:

      You can be assured Swain Construction will reap a breathtaking return on its $100,000+ investment in the Stothert campaign.

  1. Burke's Bulldog says:

    Bluejay – And if all those lottery tickets I purchased would have been winners, I’d be rich.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Monetary political contributions are free speech, so what’s the problem? Not liking such speech is like not liking the weather.

  3. Will E. Horton says:

    “North Omaha leaders were all about how much money the city would invest in projects in their area of town.”

    Why can’t I get the images of Lee Atwater out of my head??
    Somebody gets it. Somebody doesn’t.

    I guess I’ll just remain content in the knowledge that the ‘leaders’ of the Riverfront, Old Market and West Omaha never ask nor do they receive from the city any taxpayer largess for their projects.

  4. Fort Street Fury says:

    The difference is, that when the Old Market, the riverfront, and West O. get money from the city for development, there’s a return. The same can be said for South O. Benson, and midtown.

    Countless millions have been poured into North Omaha for decades, and where has that gotten the neighborhood? Nowhere.

    South Omaha, on the other hand is flourishing and has become a decent place to spend my time and money.

    • Yessiree Bob says:

      But the Donald can’t help himself, he’s like a kid in the playground (that kid with the giant, over inflated, super-padded helmet).
      He simply had to brag to his bff’s the Ruskies. I understand the transcript reads something like:
      “You guys wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve got intelligence, BIGLY! Ya see these guys, they come to me every morning – right after my chocolate cake time – and they always wanna tell me all these secrets… it’s really something else, they just walk in and start tellin’ me stuff, never seen anything like it. Most of it doesn’t make any sense, stuff about Ice This and some guy named Kim something or other. Really – a guy named Kim, I always start thinking about Johnny Cash then after a while they all leave. Did I tell you about the chocolate cake. Every morning. I’m the President, you know.. oh, wait, that’s right, you guys helped me on that one. Winning! Am I right. By the way, did you see my crowd on inauguration day – must o” been 30 – 40 million, they tell me it’s the biggest crowd ever assembled, in all of history. You see that guy over there, the one with the bag, they call that bag a ‘football’. I have no idea why, I mean look – it’s clearly a bag. Washington is funny that way… always these people, always following you around.. carrying stuff and telling you things. Hey, you guys want some cake?”

      • bynd says:

        give me coin,

        When I’m re elected, I can be more flexible. No, we won’t put the anti missile system in.

        Different sides of the same coin.

  5. Howdy Doody Time says:

    Word is, Kimberly Guilfoyle to become the new White House Press Secretary.

    That can only mean Ernest T. Bass will soon be appointed the new FBI Director.

    And Davey & Goliath are set to take over as White House Chiefs of Staff.

    • bynd says:

      Put her on there with a low cut blouse and watch the snowflakes stumble over their tongues then.

      Must be what Howdy Doody is praying for. Sex sells, everything.

  6. Time's Up says:

    Donald Trump has committed the exact offense that forced Richard Nixon to resign.

    When it became clear Nixon impeded an FBI investigation, he had to resign.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obstruction of Justice. What a terrible thing for a person, for a party, to be known for. That is an impeachable offense. It is time for Congress to follow the Constitution.

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    Except for a very few exceptions, I don’t recognize any Nebraska legislators’ names anymore. Yet it’s striking how very similar legislative budget recommendations and gubernatorial vetoes have remained unchanged since I lived there. Well, there is a single major difference in this budget: The University of Nebraska. But after decades of getting the lion’s share of postsecondary educational spending, and with it’s endowments, I doubt any harm will come to the NU system as a result of the governor’s veto.

    But the budgeting and vetoing similarities remain disturbing: provider rates, Medicaid and disability aid for the states’ TRULY most vulnerable citizens continues to lag. (Yes, naysayers, these citizens are TRULY more vulnerable than babes in the womb.) Surely y’all haven’t forgotten what happened when Heinemann vetoed funding for medical care at BSDC! (Persons with multiple disabling conditions who were living within the control and custody of the state were killed by medical neglect.) When was that? Oh yeah. As recently as 2010! And to add insult to injury, once again, as with the last biennial budget, the SPED spending growth is slighted compared to what has been granted for general education. But, the State of Nebraska is “maintaining effort” as required by federal law. Plus, the parents of schoolchildren with disability have the recent SCOTUS ruling to rely on: SPED education “must be meaningful.” It’ll just be too bad for the SPED state wards, as usual… (Note to bynd: you see, when the SPED spending is spent it’s the children lacking advocacy that get screwed. But that doesn’t concern you. I know.)

    So with the vetoes and proposed spending allotments for persons with disability, I see nothing has changed for y’all; but my loved one with disability got massive change as result of my having removed her from the State of Nebraska. Plus, we, her guardians and permanent companions escaped the onerous and grossly unjust income tax policies there: we paid more so corporations could pay none. Y’all called our tax contributions “economic development.” And we only wanted our taxes to provide for the truly most vulnerable living there…

    One might say our family is winning bigly, being back in Texas!!!

    • bynd says:

      Go home Troll. Tedious and boring. And you certainly add nothing of value. Because as usual, it always turns out to be about you. Aren’t you special!

      • Oracle says:

        Are you talking to yourself, ostrich? That advice applies more to you. Please follow it.

      • bynd says:

        Another juvenile post from our in residence juvenile. One of the main purposes for this blog is for people to respond to it and others. If you can’t handle the rules, which is par for the snowflakes, maybe you are the one who needs to leave. If you don’t like the free speech, try to squelch it. that’s how you weak people work. How much more stupid can you get? I’m sure we will find out.

        And least you try to equate my post with yours, as long as TA thinks they are calling me out directly, I will respond appropriately. Go change your diapers, I am sure you just soiled them.

    • Anonymous says:

      ” (Yes, naysayers, these citizens are TRULY more vulnerable than babes in the womb.) ”

      Let me preface this reply with: I agree with you.

      Now, allow me to point out the hypocrisy. It was only a few weeks ago – in reference to the Republicans repeal of the ACA, leading to the certainty of millions losing access to affordable care – that you said (paraphrasing);
      “Tough shit.”

      Your sentiment regarding the repeal of the ACA was that you and your family were in a position to afford to take care of your own, so f–k the 20-30 million less fortunate than you.
      F–k a whole class of Americans comprised of primarily the working poor. Friends, neighbors and family members who, thanks to the ACA and/or Medicaid expansion, finally found for themselves and their family the basic security of primary care and affordable medicines.

      What was it Jesus said about the least of these…? Oh yes:
      F–k the working poor, for they are undeserving!

      The GOP’s plan will kill thousands and eliminate care for millions in order to give a $600 Billion Tax Cut to the richest Americans.
      Obama made it clear throughout the year long deliberations leading to the passage of the ACA – the wealthiest corporations and individuals on the planet were going to be taxed to help pay for this care.
      Well by God – those rich people want their money back!! And G.damnit they’ve paid their Republican puppets well to get in there and do their dirty work!
      After all, you’ve seen how much the America’s richest and the most profitable corporations in the history of the planet have suffered over these last seven years. How devastating this ACA tax burden has been to them.
      ha. ha-ha-ha. HA-HA- HA-HAAA!

      • TexasAnnie says:

        No. You misunderstood that conversation. I was not saying f—k you. I was saying it will take a threat like this to get the people motivated. (As for me, I am both motivated, and also taking care of my own.) And now that the people are motivated, as I predicted would happen, it is unlikely that the House version of the ACA repeal will become law. Furthermore, it now looks like and I’m now predicting, that the Senate will not even repeal the ACA.

        Now, as far as the Affordable Care Act dying, yeah, that seems to be coming as more insurance carriers drop out. So we’re again at a crossroads. Do we let the ACA die without replacing it? We can’t seem to fund it, at least not until the Congress turns blue again. -OR- rather than continue shoring up the industry industry, do we push for single-payer health care, not federally subsidized insurance care? ‘Cause if that’s what you want me to say I support, Sparkles, I say, HELL YEAH! I’m on board with the possibility of health care for all!

      • bynd says:

        It’s not about Jesus stupid,

        And why does that not surprise us. Find some where in the bible where Jesus said, let the government take care of it.

        You seem to conveniently forget that the commands from Jesus were for the church and individuals. But heaven forbid you would ever take those as individual mandates meant for such as you. Because we all see that for you, there are no individual mandates you can/will perform. You just don’t have the courage of your convictions to take actual physical action. You’ll just keep bitching until you think you goad someone into doing what you are unwilling to do. What’s that about tits on a boar hog? It is so a appropriate when describing your actions, or lack there of.

      • bynd says:


        Yes you are for it. Just as long as some one else you deem has enough to pay it, pays for yours too.

      • Anon says:

        Just as long as some one else you deem has enough to pay it, pays for yours too.

        That’s rich.

        Says government-teat bynd, for whom every check he’s ever signed on the back and cashed, was signed on the front by John Q Taxpayer.
        For whom every medical bill ever incurred was paid, in large part, by Penny Ann Privatesector.

        We know bynd, you were a brave patriot. You valiantly earned that money. Sitting in your booth on the barren plains of North Dakota, guarding slowly decaying military paraphernalia from the ever present danger of a prairie dog invasion.
        A job was now more than capably handled by a $12 remote camera and a bundle of wire from Radio Shack.

      • bynd says:

        Dearest Anon, (smirk)

        If you had ever been other than a self serving butt head, your comments may mean something. But as it is, those who spend a lifetime of only serving/servicing themselves just come off as guilt ridden, emasculated little boys. Always criticizing those they know they can never live up to nor show respect for, so you can continue to be……. a self absorbed butt head.

        But, keep paying those taxes. Whether you think I earned it or not, and I really couldn’t care less, it goes to support me. For the rest of your life and/or mine. What a great way to feel all the way to the bank, you supporting me.

        And by the way, I do thank the Dems. Those last pay raises while in the Federal service they negotiated with my union, taking me well above the $100,000 a year mark, certainly gave me a nice retirement. Probably more than you make in a year. Especially when you include health insurance. See what can happen when you are truly motivated to be other than an anonymous blowhard living in fly over country? (chuckling all the way to the bank!)

  8. bynd says:

    How much dumber can the Anons get?

    bynd will get his comeuppance when the govt. teat runs dry.

    You do realize you just offered to cut your balls off to spite some one else? I guess my prediction we would see how dumb you snowflakes could get came true sooner than even I imagined.

    Dumb, dumber and dumbest.

    • smarter than bynd says:

      dumbest bynd:
      folks that don’t live off the guvment don’t hurt so bad when the guvment fails and folks that don’t have nothin now don’t miss nothin’ when the govment fails so I guess your the dumb one here

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