Bacon gets an opponent

Congressman Don Bacon officially has an opponent for the 2018 election.

Well, semi-officially anyway.

Democrat Kara Eastman has her campaign website up now — and probably more importantly, her campaign Facebook page. (And, fwiw, a yet-to-be activated campaign Twitter account.)

Now astute observers recognized instantly what is behind Eastman’s campaign logo:

It’s the Keystone XL Pipeline route!

Or maybe her alternative route? (Sigh. RIGHT OVER the Ogallala Aquifer…)

There’s a little bit of irony in that:

The story going around is that when Eastman, an elected member of the Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors, ran for that office…it wasn’t supposed to be her. The powers that be in the Democrat party saw that gig as easy pickin’s, and had someone else in mind. Eastman bucked them, ran, and won.

So, while seemingly on the same issue page as Jane Kleeb and Bernie Sanders, apparently she has not knelt before them, and has not been considered a “team player.” We will probably have to wait to see how all that works out.

But Eastman’s ever changing web site notes all the left leaning requisites: $15 minimum wage, “standing against Citizens United” (whatever that means), and no tax breaks for “wealthy corporations” (btw guys, that’s in there 2x in the same paragraph).

Which will make it interesting to watch when the other shoes drop.

The Ashfords have guaranteed that either Brad or Ann runs for Congress. “One of us is running. And that you can take to the bank,” Brad told The Hill.

So you’ve got Kara on the left and Brad, or his former Republican wife Ann, on the right. (You’ll remember that Ashford had a relatively conservative voting record during his two years in Congress, hoping to appease his very mixed district. Didn’t work out for him.)

One’s a lefty, but hasn’t bowed to the Elders. One’s a righty, but has never been considered a “true believer”.

Does that leave space for someone else to shoot the gap, as it were?
Someone who uses an inordinate amount of hair gel, spent the past 6 months talking about Congressional issues and is currently looking for a job?

Wouldn’t that be a fun primary to watch?

(Is it likely that Ashford and Mello would rip each other apart for the middle/right of center side of the local party? We will have to see how bad each wants it.)


Apology accepted

All the while, we have Rep. Don Bacon working on the floor of the House (recently for the Kerrie Orozco Bill), talking to constituents and holding Town Hall Meetings.

Oh, remember those? Bacon was hounded in the press for not wanting to hold meetings that were taken over by the masked rabble-rousers whose specific intent was to disrupt Town Halls.

Well, things cooled off — protest march burnout set in — and Bacon has been holding Town Halls left and right across Nebraska’s 2nd District.

(Don’t worry Congressman, the OWH’s columnists will be up with that congratulatory piece in no time!)

Now just five months into his first term, some have noted that Don Bacon has held more Town Halls than Brad Ashford held in his entire 2 year term.

As a matter of fact, according to this story it actually looks like the number of public events that Ashford held was zero. Funny that Ashford never received a public tongue-lashing like Bacon did.

Ha ha.


Fisching for an opponent?

All the while, Nebraska’s senior U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer, has held her usual Town Halls — 8 last August.

Fischer doesn’t get the press that some do, mainly because she is just doing her work in the Senate like most expect her to.

Though you would sort of expect a little coverage when, say, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture visits the state, and actually stays at her ranch near Valentine:

That’s Fischer with Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue holding a roundtable in the Sand Hills (well, not the hills themselves, mind you).

It is curious that this type of stuff doesn’t get more play on the eastern side of the state. You might note that agriculture commodity prices are the #1 issue that is pointed to for why the Nebraska Legislature’s current budget was so out of whack. As Fischer notes, “A great year for the rancher near Ogallala encourages the success of a business in Omaha’s Old Market.

All the while Fischer is addressing issues like NAFTA, ethanol, net neutrality and health care, among all the others that she hits on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

To put it another way, she is quietly kicking ass and taking names.

And she is up for re-election in 2018.

Any taker among the Dems for this office?
Someone that can really contend?
Heck St. Bob Kerrey of the Bridge could only muster 42% against the relatively unknown Fischer back in 2012.

If Cosmic Bob couldn’t do it, who can?

(But it would be quite the failure, if the current Dem Chair couldn’t come up with a serious candidate for that statewide office.)

Kara Eastman for U.S. Senate?


Challenging Fort

Oh, and apparently Jeff Fortenberry also has an opponent:

Jessica McClure.

No not THAT Jessica McClure who was saved from the well back in 1987. (Well, we’re pretty sure it’s not Baby Jessica…)

You can see her website, etc. here.

Let’s just say that if Fort looks to be in jeopardy, we will letcha know.

**UPDATE at 10am**

Well THAT was quick.

Missed the LJS story that says Democrat Bill Hoppner is considering getting into the #NE01 race against Fortenberry. Hoppner, kiddies, lost to eventual Governor, then Senator Ben Nelson in the 1990 Democrat primary by 41 votes. FORTY-ONE VOTES, STATEWIDE!

Not saying Hoppner still has the juice he had 27 years ago, but probably has a little more than the above-referenced McClure.

(Oh, and apparently Dennis Crawford, who lost 2 years ago, is in the race as well.)


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  1. Team Sasse says:

    Wow Deb Fischer should get an opponent. How has she represented Nebraska in the last 4 years? She is never on a Sunday talk show. She never has a 100% score on any conservative rating. She never quit an important committee like Ag. She never wrote a book. She never drove an Uber. She never handed out Runzas at Memorial Stadium. She never tweeted pot jokes. We in Nebraska have standards.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Club for Growth can pound sand. I didn’t elect those people and I absolutely do not care what any of them think about anything. Just another self-serving brand trying to take my money and diminish my vote. Screw ’em.

    • Anonymous says:

      Deb Fischer never pretended to be running for President, like her junior counterpart.

      Fischer appears to be doing least some small part of the job she was elected to do, unlike her junior counterpart.

      Mr. Sasse would do well to put his ambitions down and focus on the task at hand, thank you. Moving one bill from sponsorship to passage every 18 months? There’s room for improvement there.

  2. Nosferatu says:

    Cook Political Report – HOUSE OVERVIEW – May 19, 2017
    by David Wasserman
    Even Senior House Republicans Are at Risk in 2018

    Also, Don Bacon, Deb Fischer and Jeff Fortenberry* are on the opposite side from the American electorate on nearly every position they hold.
    The convincing evidence of such is clearly presented in this article, published today at Vox:
    “What right-wing populism? Polls reveal that it’s liberalism that’s surging.”

    And it appears more likely with each passing scandal that Dolt 45 is going to serve as the blunt instrument that drives the proverbial stake deep into the heart of the corporate owned subsidiary currently calling itself the Republican party.

    *I didn’t forget about Adrian Smith. It’s just.. who gives a f–k about Adrian Smith.
    District 3 voters richly deserve every hardship they are about to bring on themselves.
    A cold hearted person would wish the Republican wealthcare bill (AHCA) would be enacted into law, just to watch the certain devastation of rural Nebraska. To watch the assured fate of rural hospitals as they shutter the doors and windows, leading to the collapse of whole communities, causing the dissolution of schools/districts from the ensuing out migration of all who can afford to leave.
    Those left behind will undoubtedly face elevated suffering and a quickened demise due to the loss of both insurance and access to care.
    At least they’ll have their newly minted Medicare vouchers and an abundance of abandoned homes. The crumbling homes surrounding, now firewood, and the vouchers as starter. They’ll need a constantly blazing fire if they’re to stave off the frigid winter winds sweeping across the ever more barren plains of Nebraska’s 3rd district.
    “Trump budget could mean fatally cold winters for some of America’s poor
    Ending home heating subsidies is a choice to let people die.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      While District 3 voters do deserve Adrian Smith and every hardship he seeks to bring their way, I still give a f–k about their welfare, especially when we’re talkin’ ’bout the welfare of children. The education and healthcare of children cannot be deferred to some hoped for liberal surge. These needs are immediate. So no, former Sparkles, I cannot agree with your seeming spitefulness in this regard.

  3. Pete says:

    Dear Nosferatu:

    Your side keeps losing in elections since November, but I’m glad you read top notch outlets like Vox, which is a model of journalistic objectivity. I bet the geniuses over at Salon agree with you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Political competition keeps everybody sharp – sharper then running unopposed. Good, lets have much more of it.

  5. Meanwhile, Mike Flynn is pleading the fifth. According to the press, he’s willing to deal.

    You know who he reported to. That’s the only person they’d be willing to give up Flynn to get. Evidently, Flynn thinks he has the goods.

    Resigned 24 days after appointment, and will plead the fifth four months after the appointment. Is that a record?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Flynn defines the word “shitpile.” As in piled higher and deeper with each passing day. You’d think a general officer in the US Army would no better. Apparently he doesn’t no any better than the US Navy admiral who got 18 months in the pokey for the “Fat Leonard” scandal.

    Maybe the Army can call Flynn back to active duty, cashier him, and imprison him for treason. It might be time for an strong example of what happens to people who screw up this badly.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Manchester terror bombing. Earmarks of Islamist attack. Drupe hulls, ect., commonly used by trained terrorists. But news is still coming in. Too early to make suppositions.

    So I flip over to CNN and an expert is already supposing it might be “right wing extremists” trying to bomb people and blame it on Muslims. No kidding. That is exactly what the CNN expert said. And the CNN anchor sat there nodding in agreement. As if a Le Pen or Trump voter bombed a bunch of English kids to embarrass Islamic terrorists.

    You can guess who the Swamp is going to blame next.

    • Grasping at Strawmen says:

      NutterLand is all in a twitter about this CNN clip.
      And the full accounting is nothing like delusional wingers are portraying.

      The analyst spent 96% of his time going into great detail explaining how this attack has all the hallmarks of “radical Islamic terrorism”.

      He spent the other 4% of his interview accurately reporting that “it must be noted” that (although this attack is almost certain to be radical Islamic terrorism) there have in fact been a number of false flag, right wing extremist plots uncovered throughout Europe in the last few months.

  8. drunk for the duration says:

    Hoppner may be best of the barrel scrapings.

    He, Ms. Pussy-hat, and Watermelon Kleeb*, reflect the national trend toward Dems becoming more overtly Marcusian. Neo-Marxists are coming out of the closet. It might be the Populist bug spray doing that but they seem heady and free from those old constraints they hate, like free speech and working for a living.

    * WATERMELONS, green on the outside but red cultural Marxists on the inside. Plus, HONEYDEWS among the DC GOP, yellow on the outside, almost as watery as the reds on the inside.

    Sorry to disappoint you but even the above weirdness pales before NE crankism. Nelson was a conservative and problematic for the DNC until he passed Obamacare which promptly sank his career. He was like Hagel an expedient iconoclast. A façade of independence while sucking off the Swamp teat. The nonpartisan Nebraska voting majority love that cranky shitheadedness.

    • Then there's that says:

      Let’s deconstruct your laughingly ill-informed, kool-aid guzzling aberration, shall we?

      “Populist bug spray”
      Not a single endeavor or initiative from Dolt 45 and crew hews populist. Not one.
      EVERY endeavor is a reach around to special interests, the uber wealthy or religious zealots.

      “sucking off the Swamp teat.”
      Literally dozens of former lobbyists and industry lawyers have been welcomed to the swamp by the Trump administration, which has hired them at a much higher rate than the previous administration.
      Few in history have filled important federal agency oversight roles with a more ethically-challenged array of former lobbyists, Wall Street grifters and K-Street kleptocrats.

      Hair Gropenfuhrer and his minions know this to be true and in a desperate attempt to bury the evidence – May 22, 2017, NYT:
      White House Moves to Block Ethics Inquiry Into Ex-Lobbyists on Payroll
      “It is an extraordinary thing,” he said of the White House request. “I have never seen anything like it.”
      – Walter M. Shaub Jr., head of the Office of Government Ethics

      Marilyn L. Glynn, who served as general counsel and acting director of the agency (Office of Govt Ethics) during the George W. Bush administration, also called the move by the Trump White House “unprecedented and extremely troubling.”

      • Anonymous says:

        At least Nixon was a good liar. The current bunch of yahoos can’t even lie well. What is the world coming to?

      • A Face in the Crowd says:

        Our country has been inundated by a Great Wave of Stoopid.
        Attention spans limited to a bumper sticker combined with a profound level of naivety.

        Lonesome Rhodes: This whole country’s just like my flock of sheep!
        Marcia Jeffries: Sheep?
        Lonesome Rhodes: Rednecks, crackers, hillbillies, hausfraus, shut-ins, pea-pickers – everybody that’s got to jump when somebody else blows the whistle. They don’t know it yet, but they’re all gonna be ‘Fighters for Fuller’. They’re mine! I own ’em! They think like I do. Only they’re even more stupid than I am, so I gotta think for ’em. Marcia, you just wait and see. I’m gonna be the power behind the president – and you’ll be the power behind me!

  9. Trickle This says:

    The new Trump budget has just been released and Nebraska farmers are p.i.s.s.e.d.
    In a newly published story in the Lincoln Journal Star they’re bleating like little lambs.
    Seems The Lyin King wants to interrupt all that feeding at the gubmint trough to which they’ve grown so accustomed. Wean them from the teat, if you will.
    Lordy, the whole durned passel of Trump lovin’ Red Staters are squealing like stuck pigs.
    Why dadgummit you’d plum think their ox had been gored.
    Buffaloed, I tell ya, by their very own Benedict Donald.

    Now, if The Great White Dope can succeed in dismantling NAFTA, along with passing the AHCA (effectively choking off rural health), we’ll see a Great Depression sweep this state that will make the Dust Bowl look like Rio’s Carnival!

    • America, #uck Yeah! says:

      Don’t forget, Deb Fischer was in a barn. There were flags, lot’s of flags.
      And people in hats, cowboy and otherwise.
      Winning, Bigly!

      • anon says:

        Wrong candidate. It would simply confuse the base.
        The governance-in-a-barn thing has already been done, and recently.
        It was verbose Ben, a man of Lilliputian action, who promised to move the nation’s capital to the plains of Nebraska.

      • Apocalyptic Vision says:

        As a courtesy, maybe on our way out we could divert some border wall money into a monument to be left behind for our Native friends. A monument befitting the legacy of our insane reign – a gnarly Thunderdome.
        We could build it via a creative expansion of that colossal waste of taxpayer dollars that is the Kearney Arch.. .or whatever it is they call that terminally vacant brainfart.

        Two men enter..

      • Anonymous says:

        Natives will never get their land back. It wasn’t their land before it was taken. They even said they did not own it. And the land that was taken is so transformed now, they have no aboriginal use for it anymore. Other than “farming and ranching” on the backs of American taxpayers, a la Sen. Deb Fischer, assimilation is the only means to success in the U.S. for Native Americans.

  10. husk says:

    ISIS takes responsibility for murdering kids and yet Washington Post says some of Islamic State’s “previous claims have not been proven.”

    Not been proven? These melons apply innocent until proven guilty to people who proudly admit murdering schoolgirls? That’s the American Press?

    8 year old Saffie Rose’s murder delights Islamic State and yet news media melons worry about proving whether Islamic murder skills are learned by Muslim killers in a classroom or by correspondence courses.

    If the world was fair then these melons would be suffering in those innocents’ place.

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