Responding in real time

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s appearance on “Real Time” with Bill Maher gave the Senator lots and lots of press Saturday night and Sunday — though maybe not what he was hoping for on the extended book tour.

I was channel surfing late, and came upon it live, but only after the eyebrow raising part. It’s probably worth noting that nothing was said about Maher’s “joke” anywhere later in the interview.

Which is notable only to the extent that no one was thinking about what would be THE topic of discussion later.

But a few things about Maher’s exclamation that he is a “house (n-word)”.

Sasse has done probably two dozen of these interviews pushing his new book — radio, TV, including Late Night with Seth Meyers. (Maybe leave aside for now the discussion of how he’s doing these instead of town halls.)

It is at least…surprising…that Sasse didn’t bring himself to challenge Bill Maher in the moment. Was he starstuck by Maher? Was he choking under the lights of the LIVE HBO audience? It’s not every day that someone uses the n-word in conversation, yells that it’s a joke, and then everyone around you laughs and cheers.

It is surprising.

But, in a live moment on stage, not everyone is perfect, or has time to say exactly what they’d like, right?

But 5 hours later (or something like that), Sasse DID take the opportunity to craft exactly what he wanted to say…on Twitter.

And in 4 Tweets, Sasse spelled out what he would have liked to say.

But he also took the opportunity to re-write what actually happened.

Sasse wrote:

Well, as was highlighted on The Drudge Report, Sasse didn’t “just cringe”. (Which quote the OWH also got wrong in their story.)

He laughed along with Maher and what seemed to be the entire studio audience.

If there was a “cringe” it occurred while the camera was still on Maher (in the shot above), because when it came back to Sasse, he was in full big grin mode:

Call it a “nervous” smile if you want, but it’s certainly not “just cringing”. There’s no “good” in that image.

Here’s the whole shot:


Which is to say, if you’re going to “apologize” for what happened, it’s worth apologizing for what you did do, and not change the facts.

But again, maybe Sasse thought he was “just cringing” the whole time, or someone told him that, and he Tweeted it all without actually seeing the tape. It’s certainly possible.

But if that was the case, there has been no follow-up on the Twitter by Sasse — where he has instead dropped the issue.

But the last point is the reason Sasse was there in the first place. Beyond choosing to go on the liberal show of choice these days,  Sasse is there pushing his book about “being an adult”.

And then he’s there giggling at the use of the n-word — not all that long after making pot jokes on Twitter. In the mean time he’s scolding about wearing shorts and dressing up for Halloween?

It’s worth noting that adults also admit their mistakes and apologize for them.



By the way Democrats who have jumped in to note Sasse’s “lack of awareness” at the time:

Bill Maher is YOUR guy, so you’d better be calling for his scalp as well.

But how about the studio audience there? Maher yells, “hey it’s a joke” and the audience of leftists — who cheered every time Maher sought to hammer Sasse — CHEERED for his n-word joke.

The next day Maher apologized for using the word, saying he shouldn’t have done it.

Wonder how all of those at the taping feel today.

Let’s be sure that the Dems also call for their public-shaming as well.


Who’s for Krist?

Governor Pete Ricketts re-election announcements in Omaha and Lincoln drew “protestors”, because of course. And now apparently they are protests in favor of someone else.

There was a Facebook “Event” set up to protest Ricketts…in favor of State Senator Bob Krist running for Governor.

There are some Democrats who feel that it would be awesome to have Krist run to soften Ricketts up in the primary, so the imaginary Democrat would have an easier time beating him in the fall.

But Democrat party peeps jumped into the discussion about Krist and went another direction. They (Jane?) think Krist should run on a new bipartisan tickets — a new PARTY — where people from both parties can join in.

Which at first glance looked like Jane Kleeb is abdicating her role as party chair to endorse a “Republican” (“wait, Krist is a Republican? hahahahaha!”).

But thinking about it, a Krist primary run really doesn’t do that much. Does anyone really think he could defeat Ricketts?

But a THIRD party, in the General Election, could in theory give a Democrat candidate just a bit more of a fighting chance, if he or she could split up the Republican vote.

It is an interesting theory — and makes the Dems’ sudden support of Krist a little more sensible for them in a long-run strategy.


PRINTED shirts, mind you

And hey there’s the Betsy Riot folks at the Ricketts announcement, dressing up in their “Fuck Ricketts” shirts!

And others pointed out that these protestors were screaming 4-letter words at the people walking in, and at their kids.


That’s great Democrats. You should be proud.

These are YOUR people.
If you actually condemn this, how about doing something about it?



And finally there is Brad Ashford.

You thought he couldn’t flip-flop on more issues, right?
He flipped on ObamaCare (fought it, then endorsed it).
He flipped on Guantanamo (wanted it closed, then kept open).
Heck, he supported Jeb Bush for President, before choosing Hillary…or something.

And now?
Ashford was a supporter of the Keystone XL Pipeline for years.
But just the other day, he Tweeted out his opposition, because something about a different route or some such excuse.

The reality is that Ashford saw the writing on the wall, what with a lefty primary opponent already, and knew that he’d have to “adjust” to fit the prevailing party winds. He already did that with the Omaha streetcar group — when it looked like that position looked less popular.

That’s Ashford’s M-O. He’s a finger-in-the-wind kind of guy, and one of the reasons that he didn’t get re-hired last year.

Now we wait to see if Heath Mello changes his strong support for the Keystone XL Pipeline to something more in line with the lefties in the Democrat party.

Then again, if he can change his position from pro-life to pro-abortion in a day’s time, what’s little pipeline to stand in the way of ambition?


  1. An Adult says:

    Ben Sasse has no room to peddle a book about being an Adult. When has he acted like an adult let a alone a US Senator. An Adult and especially a US Senator would have walked off state when Maher made that disgusting joke. An Adult doesn’t Tweet “Pot Jokes”. An Adult goes to work and does their job. I have yet to see Sasse do anything of substance in the Senate and he spends his time self-promoting himself. Has Ben read his own book or was a ghost writer involved?

    • The Burrite says:

      Seriously? Since when does being “An Adult” mean that you can’t tweet a pot joke? I didn’t realize adulthood meant eschewing any sense of humor, but maybe I’ve been doing it wrong for years (just in case you are to much of “An Adult” to catch it, I’m laying the sarcasm on pretty thick).

      • To Burrite says:

        An Adult that is a US Senator doesn’t have pot humor on their Tweets. Especially when children can read them. If I want pot humor I’ll rent a Cheech & Chong movie.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? Cheech and Chong are your only benchmarks for pot discussion and/or humor? Also, how many children are reading a Senator’s tweets? You are really bringing your C- game today.

    • Gerard Harbison says:

      I’m an adult. I think pot jokes are funny. And I haven’t smoked pot in at least 20 years.

      Seems like you have a very large stick lodged in your nether regions.

      • Anonymous says:

        One expects more from a person who ran to “lead” and making pot jokes funny or not isn’t the best example of leadership as a United State Senator. He likes the limelight and this is what comes with the territory when you chase it as vigorously as he has with reckless regard. It was always there, but is surfacing more so of late. His Twitter account is far different than others in his position to serve. Who takes anyone seriously with the image with words to match that he chooses to put out there as a humble public servant?

      • The Burrite says:

        Right on, GH! Ironically, the responses to this post are so incomprehensible that one has to wonder if they are partaking in the pot brownies they so vehemently protest.

  2. Randy Marsh says:

    Ben, take it from experience. You don’t want to be labeled as that guy. Believe me its hard to shake.

  3. The Burrite says:

    If someone couldn’t see that Sen. Sasse was cringing, they were viewing the video with an agenda, whether that’s Street Sweeper or Jane Kleeb, it doesn’t matter. Any rational individual can see the discomfort on his face; if you want to say he should have spoken up, I will accept that, but his discomfort was visible, so don’t paint it as anything less.

  4. Gerard Harbison says:

    His response was an admission he should have acted differently, and a promise to do better in future. Looks like an apology to me.

  5. Word's smallest violin says:

    What a whiney little snowflake of a post.

    Who knew the party of President Pu**y Grabber was so sensitive?
    The party that elected as their president a thrice married, six times bankrupt orange troll who has made a career of defrauding the gullible and who has in19 weeks succeeded in turning America into a pariah, hated by the world. And, in a truly amazing feat, in those same 19 weeks has ceded America’s position as leader of the free world, a position held for 70 years.

    All of this while golfing 22 times at private resorts.

    And pity be to those sensitive NE folk who had to walk by a couple kids wearing T-shirts with cuss words printed on them. These are the very same sensitive NE folk who voted for man who took to the stage and screamed at their families and children stuff like:
    “And you can tell them, to go (clearly mouths the word f**k) themselves.”
    “knock the shit out of ISIS,”
    “sue his ass”
    And repeating to crowd (for the sake of crass, juvenile entertainment) a comment that a rabid Trumper rally attendee had screamed out about Ted Cruz:
    “She said: ‘He’s a pussy.’ That’s terrible.”
    “Blood coming out her eyes. Blood coming out of her.. wherever.”
    “Would anyone vote for that?! Could you imagine that, the face of our next president?”
    “She got schlonged, she lost, I mean she lost.”

    And none of the above even broaches the crass, xenophobic, dog whistling to the base about Muslims and Mexicans and “Inner City” criminals. Dog whistles that swelled the ranks with America’s White Supremacist movement to levels not witnessed since the 50’s.
    Break out the fire hoses.

    All of this vulgarity in the act of running for the office of President of the United States.
    All of it, to wild applause from the sensitive, god-fearing folk of the Republican base.

    “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shout somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters”

    • colonel kurtz, says:

      flip flop again,

      What has American exceptionalism ever got us other than dead soldiers, a lot less money and enemies galore.
      Leader of the world. Everyone must be like us.

      You bitch about military spending then whine about not being the world leader anymore. And you still don’t understand why you lost.

      • Non-revisionist says:

        It is American exceptionalism that your side blindly parrots.
        Jingoism prominently featured at every GOP campaign rally and the very premise on which Hair GropenFuhrer based his presidential campaign.

        For those with an attention span exceeding that of a gnat, it was (‘traitorous, terrorist sympathizing, anti-Murrican) President Obama who elicited wailing and gnashing of the teeth from an enraged right for saying:
        “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. I’m enormously proud of my country and its role and history in the world.”

        And, it’s simply juvenile to conflate military strength with global leadership.
        Macron, Merkel and Xi Jinping have been anointed the leaders of the free world without launching a single ship or purchasing a single bullet.

      • don't blame me, I don't support either party, says:

        My side,

        That would be the intelligent independents. Who find partisans amusing to boorish.

        And instead of debunking all that you wrote, let’s just hit the highlight.

        Tthe best ignorant/stupid statement of all. “And, it’s simply juvenile to conflate military strength with global leadership.
        Macron, Merkel and Xi Jinping have been anointed the leaders of the free world without launching a single ship or purchasing a single bullet.’

        So China has not built islands in the ocean for military purposes. China has not built up it’s armed forces as never before. China’s navy is building its biggest amphibious assault vessel ever. The U.S. Navy’s Greatest Fear: China’s Killer Missile Swarms .

        We can see how the German’s and French are paying the price for their”leadership” in letting the immigrants come unhindered into their countries. I bet you wish we could have the same type of attacks so we can be just like them. Flush with immigrants and citizens just being collateral damage, the price you pay to be a ‘leader” in the immigrant world.

        Just a few headlines and facts.

        It is hard to believe that even in your partisan mode you would make such an ignorant statement. But on one thing you are partially right, it isn’t always about our military might, it is also about our money. And as long as we dole out we have friends galore. Stop putting it out there and see how our leadership fares.

        And it is just another example of why you lost. But keep it up and Trump will find himself in for 8 years. Because as a better alternative to him, your party has a long way to go.

        And Hillary your great goddess now making her, it wasn’t my fault and I was a victim tour just digs your hole even deeper. Who would want a leader from party who most qualified and famous leader up to now, blames their failure on others and couldn’t even beat carrot top. For a party of progressives, you sure spend lot of time going backwards.

    • Gerard Harbison says:

      He’s a RINO (sp!) because he is one of three senators with a 100% conservative voting record?

      Although, since the Republican Party has been taken over by yahoos, RINO may soon become an honorable label.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bill Maher is odious but he got a double-helping of gall & balls: he received Sasse’s share in addition to his own. Maher would be a great senator compared to do-nothing Sasse. If there is a Republican Bill Maher who can stand for Sasse’s Senate seat in Nebraska, let her or him come forth.

  7. Nothing short of alarming says:

    The opening line to an extensive Fact Check of Trump, just published by the AP:
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump can’t be counted on to give accurate information to Americans when violent acts are unfolding abroad.

  8. Oracle says:

    That’s great Democrats. You should be proud.
    These are YOUR people.
    If you actually condemn this, how about doing something about it?

    What kind of BS is this? Do you actually believe the Democratic Party has any control over this group, or even knows who they are? What more do you expect than making a statement against their actions?

  9. The Grundle King says:

    I did not realize we had sharks in Nebraska…but somehow Sweeper found one and jumped it. Maybe it was a dude dressed up as ‘left shark’ for Halloween.

    Seriously. You’re going to criticize Ben because his cringe or nervous laughter wasn’t ‘cringey’ enough? And then, as he issues his statement on the whole exchange via Twitter, you criticize him for describing what happened (which may not have matched up with what was portrayed, HBO editing and all) in a way that you don’t think is 100% accurate, but Trump says shit on Twitter that is 100% inaccurate, and all is good, I guess.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ben Sasse can be grateful that most of his constituents in Nebraska are willing to look the other way when one of their elected officials don’t go out of their way to promote justice and condemn bigotry. E for effort, but its little more than posturing for what he thinks will be a future presidential run as a generic white candidate with the magic R behind his name, toting the same talking points as every other R.

  11. Disgusted Midwesterner says:

    Rather than concern yourself with printed T-shirts, I would be more worried about the damage Ricketts has done to Nebraska financials, especially cuts to the university system, which is one of our greatest economic payoffs that we invest in. What did we, as the people of Nebraska get in return? Tax cuts for ranchers. That’s a pretty poor deal for most of us.

    • Still behind the future says:

      A system where many graduates can’t even figure out the degree they are getting won’t get them a job good enough to live on and still pay the student loans. Yes, let’s keep pouring money into such a scam. By the way, at companies such as Google, you no longer need a degree to get a job. As they say, a degree doesn’t mean you function well in the business world.

      also see,
      Ernst and Young,
      Penguin Random House
      Whole Foods
      Home Depot
      Bank of America

      The days of higher education as you know it are limited. Some have finally found the fortitude to stop supporting the scam.

      • Ernest T. says:

        “at companies such as Google, you no longer need a degree to get a job”

        And you don’t need arms to play basketball. But it helps.

        edjeecation = bad

      • and they're serious? says:

        How can anyone answer such a stupid remark?

        I’ll bet your favorite scene in the movies is Ned Beatty with the two brothers. And you dream about being Ned.

      • Disgusted Midwesterner says:

        Oh right, lets not forget those high quality, service sector and retail Mcjobs. Are you freaking kidding me? Can’t you think bigger than that? Starbucks and Chipolte everybody, clap clap.

      • Anonymous says:

        Starbucks, as 6/28/15, 22, 519 stores in 60 countries.

        Net income US$475.6 million (2015)
        Total assets US$2.73 billion (2015)
        Total equity US$1.245 billion (2012)
        Number of employees 45,200 (2013)

        Yes, by your standards, failures. Small time mom and pop stores. How did you miss Apple and the other twelve.

        You are living proof that there are still plenty of rubes and hicks in Nebraska.

    • Riders of the Purple Haze says:

      But most of the people of Nebraska don’t pony up for Pete like those ranchers (aka Corp Ag).
      Those Oshkosh adorned patrons of the prairie are a mighty reliable cash crop for a Wranglin’ Ricketts.
      A subsidy with certainty for the campaign coffers of whoever bears Nebraska’s ‘R’ brand.

      The farmers and ranchers of Nebraska’s 3rd have been tapped for the quid and our Governor has ever since been workin’ diligently to fatten up their quo.

      Speaking of Corp Ag –
      The biggest Corporate lobbyist in all of agriculture is Monsanto. Apparently in 2011 they felt their money hadn’t bought them enough government, so they lobbied Congress hard for their own seat at the table and their direct participation in all decisions ag. They demanded from congress the establishment of the “Congressional Caucus on Modern Agriculture”(‘modern’ – aka chemicals and genetic engineering).
      Well, of course Congress cashed the check granted them their wish (ka-ching!). And voila’ – the Congressional Caucus on Modern Agriculture was born in Feb 2011.
      And what tool who did Monsanto select to Chair their newly purchased Caucus?
      Why, none other than Nebraska’s own, Adrian ‘GMO’ Smith. (ka-ching!) A position he holds to this very day.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Provide peer-reviewed science showing that GMOs are the devil you claim they are, or shut the hell up. Seriously…clowns like you will gobble up and regurgitate talking points on climate change all damn day, but you’re all flat-earthers when it comes to GMOs.

        Science denial knows no political affiliation.

      • Riders of the Purple Haze says:

        Grundle Rage,

        “Provide peer-reviewed science showing that GMOs are the devil you claim they are, or shut the hell up.”

        Pray tell – what “claim” might you be referring to?
        Find somewhere in my post, a single example, where I call into the question the safety of GMOs.
        Hell, I even like a like a little arsenic in my chicken, makes ’em big and plump.

        I called Smith a GMO, because.. there’s something not quite right about the man.
        He’s got that faraway look in his eye, a la Michelle Bachmann, Joe Wilson, Bill Kintner, Ben Carson, Sarah Palin..
        But hey, it’s obvious that stupefied is a quality the Republican base finds irresistible.

        Love GMOs. They’ve been a blessing to all of mankind, even those with an extra appendage.
        science = good
        third eye = even gooder

    • Midwesterner Who Can Do Math says:

      Please, please, please explain how a $13 million reduction to a bloated $2.5 Billion annual budget is damaging Nebraska “financials”. Tell us lowly taxpayers where that $13 million would have been spent. I challenge you to back up that statement with fact.

      • Disgusted Midwesterner says:

        Lets not forget that the University system includes the med center. For every $1 we invest there, we get back $5.

      • Midwesterner Who Can Do Math says:

        You must be Disgruntled because you cannot do basic arithmetic. The University spends $2.5 Billion. Their own oft touted study says they have a $3.8 Billion annual economic impact (not $ returned to taxpayers or to state coffers, or even tax revenue….very different then “getting back” anything).

        That is barely $1.50 in economic impact for every $1 spent. Common core math may be a unique approach, but even it can’t make 2.5:3.8 equivalent to 1:5. How do you arrive at your numbers?

    • Where is the increased state revenue? says:

      To be fair, the University was one of the lowest % cuts. I would have rather they took a larger cut and restore more of the HHS funding.

  12. The Honorable Greasy Bob Krist says:

    I would personally like to thank Ben Sasse for his commitment to the republican party. Much as I am a wolf in sheeps clothing, ol Ben can come through like a shining knight. I reach out my hand to him, and would love to give him a good ‘ol fashion. Thank you for your support.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Before asking others to tie something together, perhaps you should try tying together an actual sentence. :/

  13. The Eye Ball says:

    Can you please cut back on the sanctimonious self-righteous moralizations and deal with the facts?

    You take a snippet of a long interview and don’t even understand Bill Maher’s strategy. Maher wanted to trap Sasse and you can tell from the start what was up. Sasse did cringe because he had no idea where Maher was going with the discussion.

    When left wingers get defensive in discussions and want to press their opponents, they immediately turn to race, knowing it will hit people emotionally. White people are continually hyper-sensitive about racial words, yet no black person was injured by the historical racial reference.

      • The Eye Ball says:

        To Here’s your sign, you need to understand how leftists operate in a debate. They are always ready to shift to race when losing an argument. Sasse was no on the show to speak about race relations.

        To Looking back at you: You just made my point. The discussion had nothing to do with racial discrimination, or hatred. Maher used an historical reference to point his disdain for hard labor did it in such a way as to invoke race in to the topic. It apparently backfired.

      • Post-Whitey says:

        ‘Whitey’ is a derogatory historical reference. And, by the way, All Lives Matter!!!!!!!!!!

      • Here's your sign says:

        Eye Ball,

        “you need to understand how leftists operate in a debate. They are always ready to shift to race when losing an argument.”

        Did you watch the clip?
        If you watched the clip and still think Maher had a some predetermined plot to set Sasse up or paint him as a racist.. you’re a kook.
        I’ll forgo the tedium of trying to explain it to you.

        Come to think of it, the Maher interview is irrelevant. You claim:
        “(leftists) They are always ready to shift to race when losing an argument.”

        That statement, alone, makes you a kook.

        Therefore, to save other innocent people who might cross your path the time that would have been wasted in conversation with you – Here’s your sign.

  14. Rest In Peace, Conservatism.
    L St believes anti-Sasse hackery is more important than principle. The comments on here should make any good conservative cringe like Senator Sasse did, because they show just how pathetically anti-principle the modern GOP can be.
    GET OVER YOUR PRIMARY BATTLES, FOLKS! The lot of you need to quit your Clinton-esque whining and deal with the fact that Ben Sasse beat Shane Osborn fair and square. PERIOD. And I thought we were supposed to be “team players” and not criticize a fellow Republican?
    “But Ben Sasse did it first!” — A response not too unlike a third-grader.
    This is the state of the Party I helped lead through its pinnacle in the 1980s. Well, the Party is Trump’s now! Good riddance.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Crony capitalism took over the GOP long before Trump, who, is supposed to be draining the swamp of crony capitalists, assumedly to make way for his own cronies, I’m guessing, but since Trump is a very unreliable liar, I just can’t be sure.

      Anyway, you had ample reason to leave the GOP before Trump!

    • Party before Country says:

      Wraith of Raygun.

      “I thought we were supposed to be “team players” and not criticize a fellow Republican?”

      It is exactly THAT type of mindless fealty to party that has crippled America via the wholesale incompetence of George W. and the outright lunacy of Dolt 45 – who, allow me to remind you – won on a REPUBLICAN ticket and in polls no more than a week old was still clocking in at an 87% APPROVAL rating among REPUBLICANS!!
      (this very same fealty has for decades stymied progress in Nebraska, courtesy of D-D-Dave Heineman, Pete Ricketts, Jim Smith, Bill Kintner, Adrian Smith, Lee Terry, Beau McCoy, Charlie Jannsen, Dave Bloomfield, Tom Hansen…)

      And for the purposes of historical veracity, the name of Ronald Reagan should never be invoked with the appending footnote:
      The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any US president.
      Throughout the Reagan tenure there were few important meetings scheduled, speeches given or events planned that weren’t first approved by White House Astrologer.

  15. Anon says:

    Ben should have done a Quest Center, suit coat flappin’, high-tail out of there. the Groupies here already have his book

  16. Here's your sign says:

    To the blind eyeball,

    “How leftists operate”. Dog whistles, dogs. Don’t be a dog. Buzzphrase clown.

  17. Gerard Harbison says:

    Meanwhile, in Springfield Nebraska (Sarpy County), an eight year old girl and her team, Omaha’s Azzuri Cachorros girls soccer team, were disqualified after reaching the final of a tournament, because the president of the Nebraska State Soccer Association thought she looked like a boy. He family had an insurance card listing her as a girl, but officials wouldn’t stand down.

    This is now all over national news, but the OWH and LJS don’t seem to have mentioned it. I understand; a lot of the time, I’m embarrassed to admit I live in this state.

    And as my wife noted, 8 year old boys and 8 year old girls often look pretty much the same. I think the president of the association has some serious issues.

    • The Grundle King says:

      I saw that report last night, and what a total head-scratcher. Look, I’m as sick as anyone of hearing about all the trans-trending bullshit, and I share many of the concerns about mixing males and females in the field of competition…at least for those kids that are going through or have undergone puberty, due to the very real differences in physical development.

      But we’re talking about 8 year old kids here, fer cryin’ out loud. Even if the kid was a boy, was there really that much of a difference in performance between the other kids? As soon as information was provided that gave proof of the child’s sex, that should have been the end of it. Something tells me that guy should be clearing out his desk today.

    • correction says:

      Actually, the State Assoc. had nothing to do with it. It was all the folks who ran the tournament.

      “Nebraska State Soccer does not run the tournament, nor is it involved in any of the decisions the tournament makes with regards to rules, players or teams,” the association said in a statement. “Nebraska State Soccer would never disqualify a player from participating on a girls’ team based on appearance. While we are disappointed that a player was denied the opportunity to play, that decision was made by entities other than the Nebraska State Soccer Association.”

      All that being said, they should have erred on the side of the team and sorted it all out after the tournament.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Indeed. It seems it would have been preferable to let them play and see how the game plays out…and if an actual rules violation was verified afterwards, they could have disqualified them at that point.

  18. Lyin King says:

    May 20, 2017 –
    “That was a tremendous day. Tremendous investments in the United States. Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs,”
    Donald Trump, speaking in Riyadh

    May 20, 2017, Fox News:
    “The arms deal, plus other investments that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said could total up to $350 billion, was the central achievement of Trump’s first day in Riyadh,”

    It’s all a lie.
    Fake News from a desperate, flailing Trump White House.

    • so you believe in science says:

      If the progressives would just quit whining so much, we could lower the earth’s temp 3 degrees in one day.

      Fact, a lot the supporters have declared they will increase their efforts and make up for the loss of the US.

      Capitalism, not government, will make this work. Government can’t even lead a horse to water much less make it drink.

      And by the way, you do realize that science says that even at $100 billion a year, a Paris 2020 goal, it won’t be enough? Or that the NOAA now states it could take up to a thousand years to bring the temp back down.

      And I thought you believed in science.

      This could be the answer to feeding the folks on the coasts. Al Gore said he saw fish swimming on the streets of Miami. Scoop them up and fry them up. And the streets get cleaned at the same time. win win!

      Better prepare for the worst. Because if science is right, you can’t stop it. Just like the evolution of the earth can not/could not be stopped. Go get those windmills Quixote. The enema of the anus’ on the earth is going to begin.

      • Anonymous says:

        So if you lose your job, your property, your wealth, your family, your friends and you die, that’s just science and hard cheese to boot – is that what you’re saying? And don’t dare ask anybody else for help, because they’re scrambling just like you. I like the Mad Max movies, but I don’t care to live that way. What about you?

      • yet they claim they believe says:

        you’re killing me,

        I can’t stop laughing. Are you serious?

        So if you lose your job, your property, your wealth, your family, your friends and you die, that’s just science and hard cheese to boot – is that what you’re saying? Nope

        But science has told you what climate change consequences will be. And what the scenarios are.

        And no, I can’t interpret science to you. Google it. May be they can put it a first grade level.

  19. Welcome to Griftopia says:

    It’s almost shocking how the special interest owned minions that make up the Grifter King’s cabinet can stare into the camera and blatantly f*^&ing lie.

    Slick Willy had a smarmy demeanor when lying.
    Hillary was contrived, and manipulative.
    G.W. rarely comprehended what he has being coerced to do, so his misadventures, although stupendously harmful, were often the product of bewilderment.
    But through all the shading and all the lies, neither of the Clintons acted to intentionally harm the American people.
    (and Obama was the most forthright, honest President we’ve had since Carter and Eisenhower.)

    But this current claque of Republicans surrounding Trump, like Scott Pruitt, Steve Bannon and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III – these people are malevolent.
    These people mean harm.

  20. Anonymous says:

    June 8th Comey testifies. We should be due for a new post about then. It’ll either be a bombshell or a burp. Not a Trump fan, but I can’t decide which I prefer, the bombshell or the burp.

    • International Racketeers says:

      We’re not going to learn anything new in Comey’s testimony.
      All the Comey stuff is out there. No one is going to be brought down by the Russia scandal.
      (although, Sessions should be run out of office for lying to congress, while under oath, about three different meetings with the Russians)

      The bombshells will drop when Mueller’s team starts to subpoena the Trump crime family. The ensuing hearings will reveal the sordid criminals, strongmen, oligarchs and kleptocrats that have funded Trump’s ventures for the last few decades.
      Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does the act apply to actions before Trump took office, after Trump took office, or does that matter at all?

      • International Racketeers says:

        Good question. You’ll find an informed answer by googling:
        FCPA Statute of Limitations—When are bygones really gone?

        And an amazing read re Trump’s legal dilemma was just posted at the Washington Monthly. Apparently, Donald Trump has reached out to several of the most prominent law firms in America to represent him in the Meuller/Weissmann (Russia) investigation – and none will touch it.
        Why No Lawyers Will Represent Trump
        “Under ordinary circumstances, I can’t think of anything more prestigious for a law firm than to be able to say that when the shit hits the fan, they’re the ones who take the call from the president. But, with this president, they’re not even confident that the client won’t stiff them on their bill. They’re also savvy enough to realize that the Trump Organization is up to its ears in money laundering and that this will create a conflict with the large banking institutions they represent. And Trump is so toxic, guilty, and unsympathetic that simply advocating on his behalf would cause people to shun and disdain their whole organization.”

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