Got to get it on

Not to be outdone by Brad Ashford’s new un-endorsement of the KXL Pipeline — that he had long endorsed back when he needed to look “conservative” in comparison to Lee Terry and Don Bacon — Heath Mello has jumped back into the fray.

Mello is continuing his re-tweeting of the various Mayors around the country “signing-on” to the Paris Climate accord.

Uh huh.

Because nothing truly shows leadership — true leadership, mind you — than by truly re-tweeting platitude about nothingness and pretending they mean something.

Here’s one for ya Heath: If you had any ideas, you would have presented them during the 6-month mayoral campaign. And we’re talking REAL ideas. With proposals, dates and dollar amounts next to them.

Saying, “We truly must lead on this most important issue because federal leaders have not” is just so much witless palaver.

But of course all of this is really just to gin up his Democrat base for a run for…what?


The Nebraska Democrat Party nomination is his oyster, and he can reach for, and likely win whatever he wants…in the primary.

Of course, his best shot would be for the House of Reps.
Is he willing to battle with Brad?

And will Mello’s long-time endorsement of the KXL Pipeline hurt him in the end?

¿Quién es más liberal?


No choice but to get it on

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse was on The Adam Carolla Show podcast today (recorded Tuesday), once again touting his book.

I mention this over his dozens of other book interviews, as I’m a big fan of Carolla’s podcast, and listen to it nearly every day. Adam started his podcast 8 years ago after his FM radio show got cancelled. He was one of the first big names to start a podcast and I happened to jump in on Day 1 — not having really been a follower before that.

Many only know Carolla from when he and Jimmy Kimmel did “The Man Show” on Comedy Central years ago. But he really developed his radio chops from over a decade doing “Love Line” with Dr. Drew Pinsky. That late-night FM radio call in show on sex and relationship topics honed Carolla’s speaking skills, as well as a very sharp perspective on the human condition.

Of course his perspective also comes with a bit of a high school football locker room attitude, coupled with years of a dysfunctional welfare-bound family, manual jobs and a craving for success and satisfaction in the entertainment industry.

Along the way he developed the #1 podcast in the world, created a movie and documentary production company, has had multiple New York Times bestselling books and maybe most remarkably, a top selling bottled wine-cocktail (of course named, Mangria.)

Oh, and here is a video he did for Prager University last fall:

Which is all to say that Sasse was on a show with an entrepreneur who wrote a best-selling book called, “In 50 years we’ll all be chicks“, which happens to dovetail a bit with the theme of Sasse’s book, “The Vanishing American Adult“.

And Sasse received a much more welcoming reception calling-in to Carolla than he did with the combative Bill Maher. Adam has long endorsed the spirit of kids working, and the satisfaction of manual labor in general, and it jibes with some of what Sasse is pushing.

Though Sasse noted his wish of addressing Maher’s N-word joke differently, Carolla stated that he gives Maher a pass as a comedian trying to be cutting-edge in the moment.

And then Sasse stated again, that when Maher made the joke he “cringed”.


Well, anywho, if you’d like to hear the whole interview, click here. The part with Sasse starts around the 15:00 minute mark and lasts for about 35 minutes before Adam goes on to interview the guys who developed the Coachella festival.

(Yesterday’s show with French Stewart was better.)


Comey island

Feel free to jump in on what Comey did and didn’t say and what it means and doesn’t mean and blah blah blah blah.

There seem to be more interesting political issues out there these days.


OK, after reading the full Comey stuff, as opposed to just the commentary, there is certainly more to discuss. But it doesn’t seem to expand on any of what was said before. On an “abuse” issue, it’s still on the same, “I hope you can let this go…” statements. “Hoping” something isn’t going to get Trump canned, or otherwise impeached, like the Dems are hoping.

But it will keep him in the news, talking about stuff he doesn’t want to discuss.

Soldier on.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I had to look up palaver.

    Comey Island is a great pun.

    Good that Ben is back in the saddle riding the dead horse again plugging his book. I thought he was a Nebraska Senator. Hey Nebraskans, “Do you know where your Senator is?” Try radio, TV and anywhere he can get a media moment. Sadly funny.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nebraskans have a single US Senator, Deb Fischer. Wherever she is, that is where are single, sole, real US Senator is. Unlike the other one, the one with the nice teeth. What’s his name?

  2. Bluejay says:

    The Democrat party continues to commit suicide with its insane CAGW obsession. Go right ahead NY, CA and HI and enforce the Paris Treaty all by yourselves. OH, NV, TX and NE will take those jobs.

    And since the federal government has the exclusive right to make treaties, I don’t think the executive orders of President Jerry Brown will receive favor in the 9th Circuit.

    What stunt will Janie Kleeb pull when the PSC approves the KXL route? How much bitcoin will it take for her to commence a hunger strike? Vlad wants value for his money.

    The sad fact is that today’s Democrat party is disconnected from average voters.

    • Bluejay says:

      GI newspaper, “Kleeb said that Flood should join the “pipeline fighters” if he doesn’t want to do business with Russia and Saudi Arabia, because some of the pipe for the Keystone XL comes from Russia and the Saudis recently assumed 100-percent ownership of America’s largest refinery, Motiva Enterprises in Port Arthur, Texas, which she said would refine oil from the Keystone XL.”

      Kleeb now officially insane.

      • Oracle says:

        Not a Bluejay, more likely that a person calling someone who recites certifiable facts as insane is the truly insane one.

  3. Fed-Up says:

    Did I miss it, or since when did L St decide to become “The Daily Hackjob”?
    I used to respect the commentary I read from L St. Then, Sweeper decided he would outright refuse to control his palpable animosity towards Ben Sasse and use his post to absolutely hammer our junior REPUBLICAN United States Senator with every post.
    The anti-Sasse commentary is childish, un-informed, unprincipled, and outright false.
    Do I like Senator Sasse’s decisions during the 2016 election? Nope.
    But do I love his voting record and love how he decided to write a book that addresses one of the most pressing cultural issues of our time, THAT IS WHAT A US SENATOR IS SUPPOSED TO DO!
    This hackery is absolutely pathetic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ben can solve his own problem by doing his job quietly, not engaging in obvious, continuous self-promotion, to what end even even he does not know.

    • OK, I’ll bite:

      Let me know where I “hammer” the jr. Senator today.
      Let me know what I’ve written about Sasse that is “false” (I’ll let you have your opinions about the rest).

      One of us put out exactly what was said, including the complete video of the incident.
      The other keeps using the word “cringed”.
      I’ll let the readers decide on their own who is putting out facts.

      In the mean time, I thought that was a perfectly cromulent review of the podcast, and (other than the “cringe” part) should leave you happy as a balance-boarding Senator.

      • Gerard Harbison says:


        You do it incessantly; snide, obnoxious comments against Sasse.

        Maybe you like him in those gym shorts?

      • The Eye Ball says:

        Sweeper, I don’t think you are trying to be mean, but I think people are picking up on the negative vibe of the story. Sasse was clearly embarrassed knowing there was no real exit for the situation. Maher knows this. Those who keep trashing Sasse are doing the bidding of Maher and Maher knows it. Some say he should not gone on the show but I think he was right to do so. The sad thing is the GOP won’t stand up to Maher and condemn him for embarrassing the Senator. Instead, people tear in to Sasse and I think that pretty much tells the world the sad state of the GOP today.

      • No, I asked where I “hammered” him, and you say, “oh you do it all the time”.
        So I’ll just assume I’m correct here.

        As for the “negative vibe”, I have SPECIFICALLY pointed out that Senator Sasse is trying to sell that he “just cringed” where in fact he smiles and laughs. Now if you want to say he did that “nervously” and/or “uncomfortably”, fine.
        But please don’t try to sell me that he “just cringed”, mainly b/c I own two eyes.

        And thanks for reading.

      • Fed-Up says:

        You think Sasse didn’t cringe, I think he did. You say it’s an objective fact; I say you’re completely full of it.
        You “hammer” Sasse daily with your tone and substance. Your comments are snide and (to use your terminology) “because I have two eyes” I can see your anti-Sasse hackery (and so can anyone that has two eyes).
        Questions for Sasse-bashers: do you hate Senator Mike Lee for going on his own book tour about the Lost Founders? Can you not see that both books contribute to addressing and solving problems our country is currently facing. Is that not what elected officials are supposed to do?
        Ben Sasse made an imprudent decision with his #NeverTrump stuff. But he’s 100% correct on most votes and wrote a very great book.
        You haters should read his book…. you might learn something. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      The knocks on Sasse are nothing to snivel about, he’s a big boy, it’s not his record it’s his mouth.Trump deals with it as President and he is a senator pushing a book, the hell with him

    • Anonymous says:

      In defense of Sweeper who needs one. Senator’s time is to be doing the job and the description doesn’t include writing a book and plugging it nonstop to every media source to continue to be their darlin. By vote, Sasse is Nebraska’s darlin, regrettabl. Sometimes ‘love” is blind. The commentary here by Sweeper points out what Sasse continues to create on his own accord with his own decision. If you look at his Twitter feed it doesn’t much resemble a United States Senator. Why did he leave the Ag Committee? Probably to get more camera time, which he did, on the Judiciary Commitee–oh the funniest of when his wife tweeted about Gorsich bladder issues–in a giggle, giggle moment fitting for a Supreme Court Justice interview. The guy has no class. Check out his resume. It suggests someone that is full of zeal and ambition. Good for him! It is when he uses others and then discards them for his egocentric needs that he crosses the line from humble public servant to media’s glory hound. Oh my what to do, that a media person with a blog wouldn’t fall prey and point out some of the senator’s self obession. Were he working hard day in and day out to truly be Nebraska’s senator, we’d probably see him less and experience his leadership more.

      • Anonymous says:

        I incorrectly stated and apologize that Sweeper does NOT need a defense. Yet? If he did, so what?

      • wha? says:

        I’m confused.

        It is you – the Republican party – who consistently celebrates doing nothing in congress.
        You elect people to congress with a mandate of not only, doing nothing, but of actually turning back accomplishments of prior congresses.
        The Republican representatives you’ve elected have truly distinguished themselves on your behalf. They are right now seeking a trifecta. Since gaining control of congress in 2010, the GOP has racked up successive awards as the Least Productive Congress in the history of our union.

        The central tenet of Donald Trump’s campaign was the “deconstruction of the administrative state,”. A mantra publicly proclaimed and promised to the people by his most trusted advisor and our shadow president, Steve Bannon. Vast swaths of government would, on day one, be abolished. En masse.

        Then of course, there’s the NEGOP’s 16 year loving embrace of Lee ‘Accomplishment Free’ Terry.

        But, Ben Sasse’s lack of legislative accomplishments is now… bad?

        Someone please help me understand.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Republicans in the Kansas State Legislature have voted to override Brownback’s veto of their tax increase, thus ending Brownback’s Folly.


    Basic arithmetic will tell you that if state government provides some service, that state’s citizens must pay for that service with cold hard cash, in this case through taxes.

    I appreciate the desire for a small, efficient state government, but that government can’t be paid for by wishful thinking about future economic growth. You get what you pay for. Kansas is coming to its collective senses and not a moment too soon.

  5. Bluejay says:

    Real science from the University of Sussex,

    “Abstract: The private benefit of carbon is the value, at the margin, of the energy services provided by the use of fossil fuels. It is the weighted average of the price of energy times the carbon dioxide emission coefficient, with energy used as weights. The private benefits is here estimated, for the first time, at $411/tCO2. The private benefit is lowest for coal use in industry and highest for residential electricity; it is lowest in Kazakhstan and highest in Norway. The private benefit of carbon is much higher than the social cost of carbon.”

    EPA put the social cost of carbon at $40 per ton.

    CAGW is a scam.

  6. Now THAT, is funny says:

    It was a bit surprising to see Adam Carolla promotes his podcast as the number #1 most downloaded. Carolla did have a popular show, several years ago, in the earlier days of podcasting. In the days when the selection of shows was infinitely smaller. Fact is, Carolla’s podcast no longer ranks in the top 100, which has to be pretty disappointing, considering a couple podcasts you’ll currently find among the top 100 include ‘2 Dope Queens’, and ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’.

    And, it was impossible not to laugh at Carolla’s video at PragerU.
    Carolla’s lists as his Number 1 Rule when determining Who NOT To Vote For –
    “Anyone who promises: I’ll Fight For You”

    Jan 20, 2017 inauguration speech in front of 870,000,000 people, the largest crowd ever assembled in the history of humanity.
    I will fight for you with every breath in my body – and I will never, ever let you down.”
    – Donald Trump

    Carolla’s Number 2 Rule when determining Who NOT To Vote For –
    “Anyone who says: I’ll level the playing field”

    7 days ago, Twitter –
    My job as President is to do everything within my power to give America a level playing field. #AmericaFirst

    • they are so confused says:

      duh-unerdhead posts again,

      On 1/21/17 the snowflake progressives were beside themselves because they said the Trump folks over estimated his inauguration crowd. And it was actually the smallest ever.

      Now you say, “Jan 20, 2017 inauguration speech in front of 870,000,000 people, the largest crowd ever assembled in the history of humanity.”

      I guess that makes the rest of post not worth reading if you can’t even get those facts right. Does your significant other buy that from you either? Your smallest can become the biggest?

      • anon says:

        Only you, bynd – a government teat lifer who fancies himself an intellectual – could be incapable of recognizing the sarcasm.

        870 million people, on the mall.

        Yet we continue to wonder how our country has so tragically fallen.

      • Crap Detector says:

        We all knew it was bynd pretending to miss the sarcasm. His raison d’être is coming on L St. and finding fault with anything anyone else has posted.

      • Anon my teat says:


        I prefer to consider it as one who has set up residence in your house. Sleeping in your bed while you sleep on the floor. Eating your food while you are forced to eat what you can beat the dog to. You would be my personal piggy bank. Except I am sure, you have never been able to rise above your job at Taco Bell and really be something.

        It is the responsibility of the one sending the message to insure those who receive it are getting it thwart intended. You must have been sick, again, on the day in elementary when they taught that basic knowledge. Actually, you must have had another of your sickly little child attacks that lasted at least a week. To bad you haven’t out grown all that hypochondria life style. It is evident that you still have issues with everyone superior to you. That would be most conservatives.

  7. Seems important says:

    It’s clear from his testimony Comey would love it if Trump actually possessed the “tapes” he tweeted about.

    Comey seems certain that these tapes would support his interpretation/argument that Trump’s expressed “hope” Comey would drop the Russia/Flynn investigation, was in fact a direction by the POTUS that Comey do so.

    Could this all come down to the existence of tapes?
    History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

    By the way, how can you anyone not be ashamed and embarrassed by the complicity and artifice of the Republican’s in their questioning of Comey. Each of them with the sole objective of obscuring or downplaying Trump’s subterfuge.
    Party before country – always.

      • Anonymous says:

        Isn’t it remarkable, Nixon’s long running, pitched battle was also with the media.
        It was 1962, long before he was even elected president, that he is quoted:
        “you don’t have Nixon to kick around any more, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference.”

        WaPo had a great (prescient) piece last summer on the striking similarities between Nixon and Trump.
        “Trump’s war on the media carries chilling echoes of Nixon”

        As is obvious, the modern GOP is wholly incapable of governing.
        They’ve been the party of “No” for so long, that there is no core of members remaining that are competent enough to successfully formulate and drive policy. They’re the dog that caught the car. They’ve been blatantly lying to the base for so long about the amazing things they’ll be able to achieve – if only you’ll elect them – that they now have no excuses for their failure to deliver and haven’t a clue about how to extract themselves from their self made dilemma. All they know for certain is that it’s too late for the truth.
        (from Politico – Boehner unloads on GOP’s ‘false prophets’
        “There are people out there spreading, you know, noise about how much can get done.”)

        It’s a party that hasn’t had a novel idea since the 1980’s, and the ideas it pushes (on behalf of the 0.01%) – taxes cuts for the wealthy, slashing our safety nets, gutting regulations on polluters, rolling back consumer protections, defunding women’s services, dismantling Obamacare, massive increases in military spending, rescinding equal rights and voting rights protections, etc.. – are ALL highly unpopular with the American people.

        Even Heritage has admitted that the party has lost it’s moorings. They recently kicked Jim DeMint to the curb because the founders of the organization are embarrassed by the devolution of what was once a legitimate think tank. The Republican party once relied upon places like Heritage – groups of scholarly people dedicated to strategies allowing America to compete and succeed in a global market. Albeit the strategies were conservative, they were informed, thoughtful solutions and serious policy aimed at improving our collective condition. Hell – Heritage was the organization responsible for the creation of what is now known as Obamacare.

        Since they no longer offer solutions or even have popular ideas upon which to run, they’re in dire need of a fabricating a boogeyman they can run against.
        The Clintons are gone, Obama is out of the picture, the Pelosi bludgeon is losing it’s effect, the war on Xmas is highly seasonal, most of their constituents now have gay family members and friends, the folks are the Mexican restaurant are always polite and friendly (and they did a great job on their roof!), they no longer fear the oldtime boogeyman Russia (actually, they now embrace The Donald’s bff, Vlad), Iran and it’s people are openly embracing democracy and the ISIS cell in Papillion has yet to rise up and strike fear in the heart of all America.

        So.. a la Nixon, they’ve turned to the media as boogeyman.

        You watch, you’ll see it in every ad they run, just as you see in right now in the ad the Trump PACs are running trying to convince people that Trump really is succeeding, BIGLY, but the damned media just won’t talk about it.
        Which, by the way, wtf is up with that?! Donald Trump was giving his ‘carnage in America’ speech only a few months ago and they’ve already got campaign ads up and running?!

    • critical thinkers say, says:


      Those who are not party zealots, are intelligent and able to be logical thinkers enough to understand that when it comes to Dems and Repubs, it is not about who is better, but who is not the worse.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what Trump wants more, tapes or no tapes. Its entertaining either way, and a real problem for the White House.

    If Trump has tapes they will eventually be found out and Congress will make its own judgement about the existence of recordings (in whatever form) and what those recordings say.

    If Trump doesn’t have tapes (in whatever form) its his word against Comey’s word. Comey is testifying under oath, in front of Congress, and in public. How does Trump compete against that? With Twitter?

    • Co-conspirators says:

      Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III testified, under oath, to congress.

      Flat out lied.

      Our republican controlled house and senate won’t touch it.

    • Crap Detector says:

      Twitter works for me. It’s direct, and, as reported by the media we can get the yin and yang of the issues.

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