Democrats’ 3rd way

The LJS’s Don Walton has a story about the burgeoning campaign for Governor that State Senator Bob Krist appears to be running.

Walton seems to be following up on Leavenworth St.’s post from last week where…exactly that was mentioned.

Of course the point that Walton leaves out is the gist of a 3rd-party run affecting the race as a whole, and allowing Mystery Democrat to…win?

It’s always awesome when the Dems imagine the White Knight of the Party riding in to get elected and save the party and…and…wait who? Exactly.

State party pooh-bah Vince Powers was tweeting about that theory all weekend as well — imagining, “Pro choice democrat wins in three way race against two pro life republicans.

And then there’s this chuckler from Powers:

Bob Krist is well respected, he could get 27-30 % of vote, enough to ensure that a democrat gets elected with 38-40 % of vote.


Because Bob Krist is “well respected” among…Democrat Unicameral staffers trying to find a vote by a “Republican” against Republicans?

Shockingly, that isn’t likely to translate to 30% statewide.

(Hey, and don’t overlook Krist getting 5,000 signatures for a 3rd-party run. Unless the Dems are going to pay for it…)

And then there’s the question of Bob Krist working so that he can…get some Democrat elected? That’s his plan?



More Bernie

And then this Tweet from former Nebraska Democrat Party Chairman, Vince Powers:

Well then.
It appears, per Powers, that the #NE02 Dmeocrats WON’T be nominating Brad Ashford or Heath Mello, eh?

And the Dems have apparently chosen abortion as the primary issue to run on in 2018.

Interesting point in a NYT’s article asking whether Democrats want a hard-line, Bernie Sanders, ideology…or do they want to win elections?

The former head of the Congressional (Democrat) Black Caucus asked:

“We are going to lose every possible winnable seat, in a year where there are many winnable seats, if we come across as inflexible left-wingers,” (Rep. Emmanuel) Cleaver said. “I respect Bernie — I just don’t think we can become the party of Bernie.”

Someone tell that to Vince Powers and Jane Kleeb.


Better late than never?

Hey, how about that OWH editorial from Sunday:

So, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s plan to fix the substandard city streets is…”a sound idea“.

It’s also a “sensible compromise“.

And it, “strikes a reasonable balance between the interests of affected property owners and other local taxpayers.

Gee, that’s just a bit of a different tune than say…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ELECTION where this blaring story was featured on the front page:

Annnnnd that story was featured digitally on the OWH’s front page for about another month and a half while Hansen took a breather from blaming the Mayor for not fixing every pothole in town.

That’s not what the story said? Sorry, I just jumped into the shoes of the average person who just looked at the forlorn photo and headline.

Anywho, great editorial…


  1. Trump's Murrica says:

    That’s cute (emphasis mine):
    “The former head of the Congressional (Democrat) Black Caucus asked:”

    Little known fact:
    Fully one third of all black Republicans embrace membership in the Congressional Black Caucus.
    Of course, in the modern GOP, out of the 290 seats held in Congress by Republicans, a whopping 3 of those 290 are African American.
    Two in the House and One in the Senate. So Mia Love’s singular participation in the Black Congressional Caucus represents one third of all black Republicans elected to congress.

    Another little known fact:
    This year’s RNC had the lowest share of black delegates at any GOP convention in a century.
    A total of 18 black delegates attended the Republican National Convention. Eighteen, or roughly 0.7 percent of the 2,472 national delegates to convene in Cleveland.

    It’s also, unnerving, the hypocrisy of the vitriol continually spilled onto page against as Bob Krist.
    Those who frequent this site are profuse in their praise of Brigadier General Donald J. Bacon, and never failed to add the Brigadier General part to every mention of him, just as Don Bacon himself never fails be pictured either in uniform, or surrounded by people in uniform, or surrounded by American flags.

    Yet Lieutenant Colonel Bob Krist, who served 20 years in Air Force, flew more than 100 combat sorties, served in both Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, was awarded the Air Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal and Aerial Achievement Medal. In 2014, he was inducted into the Nebraska Aviation Hall of Fame.

    Yet, since Lieutenant Colonel and Hall of Fame Aviator Bob Krist doesn’t toe the extremist Platte Institute (schtoop the naive folk) line, Krist receives ZERO respect for his service.

    • Pete says:

      False. Republicans know and respect Bob Krist for his service. It’s just that our disrespect for his complete disregard of the party and his constituents is a more frequent topic of conversation.

      • Crap Detector says:

        False. The complete disregard of the party comes from within the party, now headed by Trump! At the local level, Krist attempts sensible policies that can be negotiated with Democrats.

    • Capt. Crunch says:

      there are plenty of a wipes with those military “heroes”. The guy couldn’t get committee chairman by his “party”, some leader.

  2. Bob Krist's Therapist says:

    Nobody disrespects Lt Col Krist’s military service. His legislative service…that is a whole other ball game.

    Bacon’s demeanor and presence in his role as a US Representative is befitting of his military title. It is immediately apparent and recognized the moment he walks into a room. He acts like a Brigadier General. Calm. Courteous. Respectful.

    By contrast, Krist’s outbursts, condescension, and emotional instability as a state senator make rational people look the other way to avoid watching the train wreck. It sounded like he was drunk again on Coby Mach last week the way he ranted and stumbled over his well worn gripes. His selfish, egotistical behavior finally caught up with him and he got the boot from his throne as chair of executive committee. He can blame anybody he wants to, but it was his own erratic behavior and ego.

    Acting that way is more befitting of a state senator than a Lt Col. I doubt his military superiors would have tolerated his petulant behavior.

  3. Bluejay says:

    1. Matthew Hansen and Erin Grace are shills for the Dems.

    2. Looking forward to the crushing defeat of Bob Krist. Krist will not play in Pender.

    3. Janie Kleeb needs to throw her cowboy hat into the ring and run for Governor. Russian and Soros bitcoin will go far.

  4. Bluejay says:

    How desperate are the Dems that they have to fantasize about a third party candidate? Krist just ought to switch parties.

  5. Jerks, the lot of you! says:

    Bob Krist is an honorable man. He fights for Democrat values. Medicaid expansion, more spending, shorter sentences for criminals. He is a true Republican just like FDR. He has my vote.

    with anger,


    • Alex, they'll take A Clue, for $200 says:

      How about we check the objective ratings of our state legislators ‘winger cred’ as tallied by one of the right’s very own standard bearers – The American Conservative Union, the oldest conservative lobbying organization in the country, chaired by the one and only Matt Schlapp (rhymes with fap).
      The most recent ratings available were published in Nov 2016, and are a score for the votes cast in the 2016 session.

      Here’s a sampling of how the Gold Standard – the American Conservative Union – scored a handful of NEGOP names you’ll all recognize (the higher the score, the “better”, i.e. more extreme) –
      Roy Baker – 50
      Larson – 50
      Krist – 50
      Lindstrom – 53
      Gloor – 57
      McCoy – 58
      Nicole Fox – 58
      Sheer – 58
      Shiliz – 58
      McCollister – 58
      Uber Winger Murante – 60
      ALEC’s own Jim Smith – 62

      The average score for the 2016 session – 58

      But by golly – that there Krist and McCollister (former Executive Director of the Pete’s Right Wing Platte Institute), THEY”RE WAY OUT THERE IN LOONEY LIBERAL LAND!!!

    • Alex, they'll take A Clue, for $400 says:

      Also, ‘Jerks’ decries Medicaid expansion and Krist’s support for it.

      Here’s another clue for you –
      A new report, “Medicaid in Small Town America; A Lifeline for Children, Families and Communities was just released by Georgetown University.
      The report finds, on average (nationally), 45% of children in small towns and rural areas rely on Medicaid for coverage, compared to 38% in metro areas.
      That rate is slightly lower in Nebraska, where 31% of children in rural areas and small towns in Nebraska get their health coverage through Medicaid. That is higher than in urban areas where the rate is 26 %. The important point is that Medicaid plays an important role in both parts of the state, both the urban areas and in the more rural areas.”

      And regarding shorter sentences for low level, petty criminal offenses – how about we take a vote. For every person who votes in opposition to the shorter sentences, we’ll attached that ballot to your annual tax filings and access only you and those who share your opinion the added cost of extended the prison sentences.

      Cause clearly, you Nebraska Republicans are f^*king rocket scientists when it comes to operating prisons.

  6. Oh!! Maha says:

    A name you’re all familiar with, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer – “We failed.”

    In other news –
    Video shows two Omaha police officers repeatedly stun and brutally beat a mentally handicapped man outside of a convenience store. One officer dragged the handicapped man by his hair and hit him in the head several times, even after the man was not resisting.
    The mentally handicapped man was shocked 12 times, including times when he was not resisting, as well as when he was handcuffed and securely seated in the back of the cruiser.

    The officers stated their initial intention was to take the mentally handicapped man to a bus station so he could be reunited with family in South Dakota.
    The brutalized man never made it to a bus stop. He was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.
    Final autopsy results are not back.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What’s with Trump’s Cabinet meeting? “You and your suit are simply divine, Mr. President! We bask in the light of orange glow and are blessed!”


    Can any of these people dare to tell Trump the truth when necessary, or is it all just peachy all the g-d time?

    • Ode to Joy says:

      36% of Americans (93% of those who post on this site) watch that clip – a truly grotesque, staged production of forced sycophancy – and THEY FEEL GOOD about their president!

      It’s almost unfathomable.

      Although, I was just stuck with an idea:
      Maybe we could put that bit of video to good use. We could add it to a montage of clips showing Trump uttering heinous, wholly ignorant shite (of which the Orange Menace has left us a gold mine) and use the assembled video as a WEIGHT LOSS aide.
      Trump makes most of America nauseous, so why not use that nausea to our collective benefit!
      It’s a brutal approach. kind of like the scene from A Clockwork ‘Orange’ (who knew!), but certain to produce results.

  8. @300 pm says:

    I do not know if Krist could get re elected in his own district let alone the state. McCollister at least has conservative groups like Planned Parenthood and the teachers union supporting him.

    • Anonymous says:

      And McCollister’s score in 2016 was as stated – 58%.

      Some perspective –
      Ronald Reagan was Democrat until the age of 51.
      As Republican Governor of California Reagan signed into law a bill liberalizing abortion.
      In 1986, as Republican president he signed into law a sweeping Amnesty bill, granting permanent residency to 2.7 million illegal aliens.
      Nixon founded the EPA and signed in law Title IX, a civil rights law preventing gender bias at colleges and universities.
      Eisenhower sponsored and signed the Civil Rights Bill of 1957 and 1960, spent the money required to build our interstate system, effectively ended McCarthyism. desegregated the armed forces, established NASA and launched DARPA.
      And it was Eisenhower who warned of an unchecked, all consuming military-industrial complex.
      “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

      It was 2013, on Fox News Sunday that another prominent Republican spoke of the the demise of his party, saying:
      “Reagan couldn’t have made it. Certainly, Nixon couldn’t have made it, because he had ideas.”
      – Bob Dole

      Today’s special-interest-beholden Republicans would mock, ridicule and fight tooth and nail, each and every one the accomplishments of these former Republican presidents.

      Krist and McCollister are Republicans in the mold of Reagan, Eisenhower and Dole.
      It’s you people who have abandoned your senses along with the the party’s moorings.

  9. Jack Daniels says:

    Krist is that you posting again? You could not even get your peers to vote you chair. How do you expect the whole state to vote for you?

  10. Susan Lucci, says:


    Amusing and quaint, the drama queens from the party that has a hard time electing dog catchers, attempting to give a history lesson on political parties and elections. Yet, since 2010 they have lost control of the House, Senate, Presidency, 32 state legislatures and 31 governorships. Not to mention their unbeatable diva lost to an orange headed carrot top.

    I do believe they also predicted the devastation of the Republican party and the supremacy of their own.

    The only way they get back in the game? There is little they can do except to understand when the only folks at their rallies and their base consist of small identity groups and now foul mouthed leadership, you’re not going to change your fortunes. Only if the other side screws up royally, which is a good possibility, they are and will remain irrelevant drama queens.

    A soap opera on the internet. Entertaining watching the desperate try to be relevant. Much like some one with COPD and their hacking cough bringing up a mouthful of foul tasting bile drooling down their chin.

    • Anonymous says:

      All Trump has to do is keep tweeting. Every utterance leads to the Dems retaking the Senate in the midterms. And then the fun stops.

  11. April 1st says:

    Krist and McCollister are like Reagan LOL!!!! I just peed myself. Krist and McCollister could not even get votes from their peers for chairmanships. The people that knew them best wouldn’t even vote for them. McCollister and Krist also sided with and conspired with Dems for leadership and votes. They also attack other Republicans regularly. Perhaps Ronald McCollister forgot Reagan’s 11th commandment.

    • Alex, they'll take A Clue, for $600 says:

      “McCollister could not even get votes from their peers for chairmanships.

      Richey Ricketts bought himself a toady legislature. How is it possible you missed that?!
      Is the problem that you people don’t read, or that you’re incapable of comprehending what you read.

      The extremist faction of the GOP, lead by Pete’s Checkbook, hijacked the 2017 legislative session.
      All the papers wrote about it. For weeks. Lot’s of articles, all saying the same thing.
      Kathy Campbell (R), John Harms (R), Galen Hadley (former Speaker – R) co-authored a widely published letter (March 9) decrying the partisan hackery if Ricketts and his fresh crop of minions,

      In a story about Pete’s mugging of the legislature, the Jan 5 OWH reported:
      “Veteran lobbyist Walt Radcliffe said it is not unusual to see a coalition of senators come together on the first day of a session. But Wednesday marked the first time he could recall having a freshman senator elected committee chairman, let alone three freshmen.”

      Radcliffe & Associates have been a lobbyists since Jesus was in diapers! No living human being has more experience or greater knowledge of the NE legislature! And he’s never seen anything like the partisan hijacking of the ’17 session.

      Please, all we ask is that you people stop willfully enabling these GOP grifters, and in the process deliberately f–ing up our state and our country. Politics is clearly too confusing for y’all.
      Find yourself a hobby – try fishing, read a book, maybe painting or collecting rocks.

      • The Real Partisan Hijack Attempt says:

        Sooooooo off the mark from reality….but since you accept an opinion piece by three former senators trying desperately to prove they are nonpartisan as news and take the opinion of Walt Radcliffe as the absolute perspective on legislative happenings…well, not surprised.

        What Walton won’t publish, Radcliffe won’t talk about, and the libs want to forget is the real attempt at hijacking the session…starting with the meeting organized by John Lindsay and Joe Kohout, bringing McCollister in to upset the CD2 exec committee choices, with CD1 following suit. McCollister and Hilkeman were brought across with promises following a coup in the exec board. Every wonder how CD1 got Bolz and Crawford and CD2 got McCollister and Chambers given both are by party evenly split groups?? Hmmmmmmmm….. Who got booted from their chairmanships?? Maybe the very people plotting–Harr, Krist, Crawford– Hmmmmmmm…..

        Sorry Lindsey and Kohout. Your plan backfired. You galvanized a majority against you and your puppets. And conservatives won’t forget what you tried. Nor will they forget Krist, Hilkeman, or McCollister’s defection for their own advancement.

        Step away from your “I’m with Her” tumbler cup of LJS George Norris flavored kool aid for one second and you might just get the total picture of what really is going on…or was attempted. Stop looking for others to tell you what they think happened and look at what really did. You might just learn something.

      • Alex, they'll take A Clue, for $600 says:

        Your opening sentence disqualifies your opinion in it’s entirety –
        “since you accept an opinion piece by three former senators trying desperately to prove they are nonpartisan as news and take the opinion of Walt Radcliffe as the absolute perspective on legislative happenings..”

        1) Those three former Senators are among the most admired and respected in recent memory.
        2) Walt Radcliffe’s statement wasn’t ‘perspective’ it was a statement of fact.
        Fact passed down by the closest thing the Nebraska legislature has to an all-knowing, all- seeing Yoda.

        I must admit, I’m curious why you would imagine Campbell, Hadley and Harms would be –
        trying desperately to prove they are nonpartisan

        Really? To what end, exactly?
        Harms is 77 years old, Hadley 75 and Campbell 70.
        Do you imagine any of them have their sites set on higher office down the road? Maybe a return to the high paying, jet setting lifestyle of a NE legislator?
        Maybe you imagine Kathy needs the work, needs to supplement her meager income.
        And it’s not just their age, or their wealth that makes your accusation ridiculous.
        No one who knows anything at all about the NE legislature and the service of any one of these three Republican Senators would call into question their integrity. No one who knows of their service would imagine any of them long for the approval of Nebraska’s newly extreme, highly partisan right.

        So, sorry, but I’m going to leave it to you alone to ponder the attempted coup by Ernie Chambers & company.

  12. It should be a crime says:

    Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich
    Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down
    7:17 PM – 17 May 2017

    Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich
    Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring. check fec reports. Time to rethink.
    6:34 AM – 12 Jun 2017

  13. The Russians are coming says:

    Somewhat stunning article just published by Bloomberg –
    Russian Cyber Hacks on U.S. Electoral System Far Wider Than Previously Known
    “Russia’s cyberattack on the U.S. electoral system before Donald Trump’s election was far more widespread than has been publicly revealed, including incursions into voter databases and software systems in almost twice as many states as previously reported.”

    It’s a story certain to illicit a raging tweet storm from our infantile, increasingly dangerous president.

    • Smells like Treason says:

      Equally stunning is that the article makes it clear that Republicans actively blocked efforts by the Secr. of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and the Obama admin to protect our voting system from Russian cyberattacks.

      Colluding with the Republicans was the Heritage Foundation, who had one of their resident trolls. Hans A. von Spakovsky, write an article calling into question the necessity of stepping up the Dept of Homeland Security’s efforts to guard against Russian intrusions.

      Yet another garish example of a malfeasant, highly damaging, wholesale obstruction of everything Obama by the Republican party.
      Country be damned.

      The story has been told in vivid detail and should be known to every American.
      While the Obama’s were attending inauguration balls, a junta of Republicans assembled at a high end D.C. restaurant called the Caucus Room Brasserie, to plot their wholesale obstruction of the incoming President.
      It was a meeting attended by Republican congressmen Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan, Pete Sessions, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, and Republican Senators. Jim DeMint (who would soon leave to become the head of Heritage) Jon Kyl, Tom Coburn, John Ensign and Bob Corker. Also in attendance were Newt Gingrich and Frank Luntz.

      It’s a meeting that should be noted in every history book and a plot that should be reviewed and discussed in every civics class.

    • anon says:

      Nixon held clandestine talks with the Viet Cong before the ’68 election, Reagan did the same with the Iranians before the ’80 election, and now Team Trump with the Russians before ’16.

      And the deluded GOP base cheers, imagining themselves the ‘moral majority’, the protectors of all that is good and true.

      • the new MM, says:

        hypocrite much,

        If your post wasn’t so inane, it could almost be funny. Just as the Dems think they are copying everything else they despise in the Republicans, violence, disrupting meeting, vulgar language, you have also taken over being the new moral majority.

        On second thought, this is hilarious!

        And who’d a thunk it.
        A political ad for BRIGADIER GENERAL Don Bacon, all duded up in his military uniform, badges front and center, surrounded by American flags.

        And the deluded GOP base cheers, imagining themselves the ‘moral majority’, the protectors of all that is good and true.

        Yet another garish example of a malfeasant, highly damaging, wholesale obstruction of everything Obama by the Republican party.
        Country be damned.

        Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring. check fec reports. Time to rethink.

        Please, all we ask is that you people stop willfully enabling these GOP grifters, and in the process deliberately f–ing up our state and our country. Politics is clearly too confusing for y’all.
        Find yourself a hobby – try fishing, read a book, maybe painting or collecting rocks.

        And it goes on and on.

  14. Good for a laugh says:

    Google Nebraska trial attorneys trying to go after Justin Wayne. Their Treasurer was a gem. KETV I believe

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