…any group that would have me as a member

In yesterday’s post, former Nebraska Democrat Party chair Vince Powers’ Tweet was noted, where he posits that Nebraska 2nd District Democrats will nominate a Pro-Choice candidate for the 2018 election.

That would seem to exclude former Rep. Brad Ashford, who has voted “in favor of bills that ban abortions later than 20 weeks after fertilization and require notification of at least one parent when a girl 17 or younger seeks an abortion.”

Democrats would say that he’s not a “true believer”.

And it would definitely seem to rule out someone like Heath Mello, who couldn’t even bring himself to have a photo with Democrat superstar Bernie Sanders at their pep rally a few months ago.

But Brad Ashford IS telling people HE’s running for Congress.
(Which seems to put the spoils on that whole, “Is it Brad, or is it Ann!” discussion.)


Which brings us to…

Nebraska Democrat State Central Committee member Linda Anderson.
Er…FORMER State Central Committee member.

Ms. Anderson, it seems, has had a falling out with not only the state party, but with her most recent employer, Bold Nebraska.
Anderson was not only on the Dem’s central committee, but was Nebraska Director of (Jane Kleeb’s) Bold Nebraska, just hired 4 months ago.

But going further, she wrote a 600 word diatribe spelling out her resignation from the NDP’s Central Committee.

These included such things as…

We have consistently played the short term game of lesser of two evils, choosing name recognition and big money in our own state


Why are we trying to elect rich white men – mostly lawyers? Who thought this was a good idea? I cannot relate to anyone like this, can you?


…the NDP doesn’t want to spend any of their own money – OUR money that we’ve donated to the party I might add.


We only have two full time staff and one of those isn’t being paid by the NDP. NONE of the people on staff are women or minorities, which is deeply disturbing…


…should that money be going to helping new fresh-faced candidates with ideas that adhere to the platform?


…the same old candidates and the same old negative campaigning on media and FB.

And a final dig at Chief Commissar, Jane Kleeb:

When we elected our chair, we had hope that new faces would be pushed forward as candidates, progressive candidates would be brought to the fore, and we would return to the grassroots that this party was founded on. I had hoped we would start anew – look for common ground amongst us and follow through with hard work in finding candidates that we ALL can believe in. So far, for me, that has not been the case.

The fact that she has ditched BOTH the party AND Bold Nebraska would seem to be flag planted squarely at the foot of the Party Chairperson.

And this seems to be the theme of the week for the Dems, once again, as noted in Monday’s New York Times: The Base Wants It All. The Party Wants to Win.

So apparently the hard-cores among the Nebraska Democrats don’t want a Heath Mello at their Bernie rally. And frankly, they see where bowing to the moderates in their party hasn’t worked anyway.

It is a fascinating dilemma to watch from afar.
Then again, the Republican party isn’t all champagne and roses either, but winning over and over does help to soften those party differences.

One has to wonder if the Central Committee has already made their Dem picks for Governor and Senate — and the latest evil white, male, lawyer has been given their blessing.

Then again, maybe the Dem apparatchiks have just secretly endorsed Brad (white, male, lawyer) over Kara Eastman.

Maybe Ms. Anderson should suggest some female, former School Board Members.

You know, like (U.S. Senator) Deb Fischer and (Mayor) Jean Stothert…
(Oh, sorry, they’re Republicans….)



On the #NE02 front, someone took notice of a super PAC ad that had been running for over three months.

The ad, mentioned by the OWH’s Joe Morton, looks like this:

Morton asks whether they’re “misleading”.

Has Bacon been working to make sure that Offutt stays up to date and a strong part of the U.S. Defense apparatus?

He said his work on behalf of Offutt includes a laundry list of budget requests that include Offutt runway upgrades, modifications to the RC-135s, a new simulator building and gate security improvements.

“I am doing the best I know how to do anyway for advocating at Offutt,” he said.

Of course the kicker is that Bacon didn’t have anything to do with the Super PAC ads, because that’s illegal and could get him into loads of trouble.

So the group does what it does, and the point is made.

Look forward to the Dems questioning Bacon’s commitment to Offutt.


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  1. Julian says:

    Linda ran for National committeewoman – backed by Jane. Too bad she didn’t win. I’m sure the Democrats would be rolling in all the money she would have raised selling T-Shirts. And if she cannot take the backwater Nebraska Central Committee, Imagine her representing Nebraska at DNC meetings.

  2. anon says:

    Sorry Linda, but apparently you signed up with the wrong team.
    Democrats value skills and life experience in the their candidates.
    The party of puberty is the NEGOP. If you’re looking for something to fill your days I’m certain Ian Swanson and Taylor Royal have some envelopes that need stuffed.

    And who’d a thunk it.
    A political ad for BRIGADIER GENERAL Don Bacon, all duded up in his military uniform, badges front and center, surrounded by American flags.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reducing the uniform to a brand statement is dumb. And disrespectful. Don can wear a suit like normal people. We all know he was in the Air Force and is now a RETIRED Brigadier General. Back to the salt mines in Washington with ya’s.

      • ignorant civilians, says:


        “Reducing the uniform to a brand statement is dumb. And disrespectful”

        Actually it is not. It is an earned right and there are military regs. on when.

        If one has served one knows.

      • Spare me says:

        But the uniform is front and center in the packaging of Don Bacon.
        His meritorious military service is his singular qualification for the job.

        But when it comes to Bob Kerrey, or Chuck Hagel, or Bob Krist (or John Kerry, John McCain, Bob Dole, Max Cleland, Tammy Duckworth etc..), their meritorious service is to be ignored.
        Better yet, their valorous acts are to manipulated, twisted and degraded so they can be used as political attacks ads against them (there’s even a verb created, “Swift Boated”, for the disgusting tactic invented by the morals-free GOP).

        Lest we forget, drafting dodging Donald prefers his heroes aren’t shot down out of the sky.
        And the NEGOP is notoriously fond of the vulgar practice.
        Medal of Honor recipient Bob Kerrey, born in Lincoln, graduated from Lincoln High and UNL, owner of two businesses in Lincoln, Governor of Nebraska then Senator – he’s just god damn CARPETBAGGER, don’t ya know!!

        How can you people not hang your head shame?

  3. millennials need not apply says:

    Note to Millennials.

    The Dem party stalwarts on here say you need not apply to their party. They want the old stodgy folks who can’t win elections but they think make them look good.

    As for you, you might consider how they dumped the middle American and union folks to concentrate on identity politics. Face it, if you are white you must be old, if you are young, do not apply. And the sign said young white people need not apply, so you jumped on the fence to yell at the party, what gives you the right, and they shoved you off the other side.

    But Bernie, the rich, bald headed, white, old guy understands you and wants you to be as irrelevant as he is. But he does have three houses. The latest one worth $600,000. How’s living at home with mom and dad and paying off those student loans?

    • Spare me says:

      “they dumped the middle American and union folks”

      Couldn’t be a more ludicrous statement made.
      On behalf of their wealthy benefactors the Republican party has been assaulting the middle class, working poor and unions for decades.
      The assault has never been more overt and malicious than the one currently underway at the hands of the virulent tribe Odious Orange has gathered around him in our White House.

      • morons are losers says:

        Stupid looses elections,

        Nothing better to see than one who does not learn from their mistakes.

        How Clinton lost ‘blue wall’ states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
        Democrats once represented the working class. Not any more
        Unions investigate their poor showing for Clinton
        Hillary Clinton and the Populist Revolt
        The Democrats lost the white working class. The Republicans exploited it. Can Clinton win it back?

        Keep your stupid. You can loose forever.

      • Anonymous says:

        Clinton lost and is out of the picture. The same is happening to Trump, one tweet after another.

  4. GoFundMe says:

    Remember when Linda Anderson started a Go Fund Me page for a trip to New York for her husband Mark and her? Check the Nebraska state employees database, her husband Mark Anderson makes $65k a year. That’s significantly higher than the median income of Nebraska families all by itself, not to mention Linda’s job. Maybe if they spent less money on coffee shops and pot they could afford a vacation without panhandling online for it.

  5. Over it says:

    Democrats will always better represent the interests of the working class. Republicans are all talk, and the action will always flow up with none left for the rest of you. If Republicans were focused on account tabikity instead if the magic R, their lot might improve. Nothing will change under current political conditions, and why should it? R”s never have to answer for their big promises yet stunning lack of actual results

    • reality check, again. says:

      over and under,

      Too bad for the Dems your line of always being better for the middle class no longer plays to them. They woke up and realized the Dems didn’t give a damn about them, just their votes. Despite the Dems protestations to the contrary. And that is why they lost and will continue to lose until they face reality.

      Bottom line is, the Dems lost the middle class and unions members and now either must win them back by giving up their identity politics or wait until about 2060 when the minorities are no longer the minorities.

      But I love how you won’t give up the myth. Just like HRC. A losing strategy by someone who wants to remain a loser. Sounds like the leadership of old, white people trying to show they relate to the minorities and young. Given the choice again, identity vs populace, the Dems will continue to come out the losers. Carrot top or no carrot top.

  6. 60% of Americans says:

    It took a hapless George W. seven years. In order to attain such a lofty status he had to commit American troops two endless wars in the Middle East, wars costing trillions, a burden that will passed down to our grandchildren. He had to lift the reins from predatory capitalism who in turn welcomed millions of American families to homelessness, and he had to bring our nation and the world to the very precipice of global financial collapse.

    It took Nixon six years to get there. Six years and the repeated blows and serial scandals of Watergate that ultimately lead to his impeachment.

    It took Hair GropenFuhrer five months.

    Yet a recent Pew poll finds that 78% of white evangelical Christians approve of Trump’s job performance, most of them “strongly.”
    And 81% of Republicans continue to approve of Trump.

    • anon says:

      Not surprised by them Christians, but do you have the numbers on the military for the “Gropenfuher”. Hope the have been using a liberal unmasking by the intelligence and law enforcement agencies on those guys and not just political stuff.

  7. Are We Winning, Yet? says:

    April 23, 2016 (and repeatedly, ad infinitum, for a year) –
    “We’re gonna beat ISIS very, very quickly folks. It’s gonna be fast,” Trump said at a Saturday morning rally in Waterbury, Conn. “I have a great plan. It’s going to be great. They ask, ‘What is it?’ Well, I’d rather not say. I’d rather be unpredictable.”

    12 hours ago, Air Force Magazine –
    Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told Congress on Tuesday that “we are not winning in Afghanistan now.”

    “I believe that the enemy is surging right now,” Mattis added.

    Sen. John McCain took the lead in delivering a series of sharp criticisms;
    “It’s hard for us to act” and give the military what it needs, “when you don’t give us a strategy,” he told Mattis. “It’s been six months,” he reminded the Secretary. “We want a strategy and it’s not a hell of a lot to ask.”

    Maybe BRIGADIER GENERAL Don Bacon can suit up, polish the hardware, grab a couple American flags (and a couple campaign cameramen) and march on the capital to give Mattis and McCain some advise. After all, Don’s been able to single handedly keep that ISIS cell in Papillion at bay.

    • Help me understand says:

      According to a May 2017 Pew poll:
      98 percent of Republican military veterans approve of Trump.

      Someone explain that to me.

      Trump never served, despite turning 20 at the height of the Vietnam war, in 1966.
      Trump instead requested and received FIVE draft deferments.
      One of those deferments was for a bone spur in his foot (he can’t remember which foot).
      A bone spur that kept him out of Vietnam, yet didn’t prevent him from being, by his own description – “one of the best baseball players in New York”.
      The same Donald Trump who would tell Howard Stern that avoiding STDs throughout his club hopping days (while his peers served and died) was his own ‘personal Vietnam”.
      The same Donald Trump who has no qualms about trashing crippled POWs and Gold Star parents.
      The same Donald Trump who has claimed: “I know more about #ISIS than the generals do, believe me”, and repeatedly promised a secret plan to quickly defeat ISIS.
      A Donald Trump who is now leading a despicable attack against another highly decorated veteran and man of impeccable integrity, Robert Mueller.

      I guess it’s fitting that one of Donald Trump’s very first campaign speeches (Sep 2015) , from the deck of a decommissioned battleship, was a con from a scam charity calling itself ‘Veterans for a Strong America’.
      Trump duped or worse in fundraiser speech to fake veterans group

      Someone help me understand how so many can be so gullible.

      • another reason you lost, says:

        If you have to ask, you can’t understand,

        He’s allowing the military to do their job. He is not micromanaging. Unlike Obama who had to approve every drone strike. Such unnecessary delays drive the front line military crazy and screw up more things than any other roadblock.

        Obama, as Dems do, cut the military to unsafe levels in the opinion of the military men and women. And then upped their duties to unsustainable levels. And whether you agree or not doesn’t matter to them. Because to them, you don’t have a clue, you’ve never lived the life. You’re basically a sniveling civilian coward.

        They know Trump supports them. They knew Obama didn’t.

        The only gullible people are those who thought Obama handled the military appropriately and believed the Dem line that HRC was a lock. The middle class has left the Dems as well as the union members. When will those remaining Dems realize they are the real gullible ones are? Hopefully never. So they will stay were they belong. Irrelevant whiners.

      • Anonymous says:

        Was the DoD budget ever less than $575 billion dollars since 2000? How is that underfunded? Misspent maybe but not underfunded.

  8. Fig says:

    DC shooter of Republicans playing baseball, is a James T. Hodgkinson who wrote on FB March 22, “It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” – Of course, the FBI monitors all such open Facebook messaging.

    Hodgkinson loves Bernie SANDERS, loves to hate the NEXUX pipeline, he liked George H. W. BUSH for BUSH hating President Trump for beating Jeb, and thus likely Hodgkinson also found inspiration in the likes of Jane KLEEB, Ben SASSE, John MCCAIN and Lindsay GRAHAM.

    Do you and they really want to be murderers? Is that your goal?

    I expect some of you blame this on Trump. Go ahead. You are already running off the cliff. Light your hair on fire too. Do us all a favor and run faster.

    • sarcasm! says:

      Bernie’s new trained supporters,

      Thank goodness he was only a local grown terrorists. They can’t shoot to kill. Which makes them much less of a threat. Although it is harder to miss people with a truck running into a crowd.

      And did you see Bernie’s sincere condemnation? Yes his hands are clean. snicker

  9. Still Sasse-bashing says:

    Apparently, L St hates Senator Ben Sasse so much he won’t put Sasse’s name in his tweet saying the Nebraska delegation is okay after Congressmen were shot at and injured. Great job Sweeper! 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      Ben Sasse’s contribution is light as a feather. The shooting victims don’t even know Ben exists for all the good he does.

  10. Tough luck Steve says:

    “If she gets to pick her judges,” Trump said, “nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”

    In 2010, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) posted on social media “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!” while pointing to a list of Obamacare-supporting lawmakers.

    During her 2014 campaign, freshman Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said she believed in her right to carry guns to defend herself “whether it’s from an intruder, or whether it’s from the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important.”

    Failed 2010 Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R-NV) warned that “if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies.”

    And Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s (D-FL) congressional challenger in 2009, Republican Robert Lowry, shot at a human-shaped gun range target with Wasserman Schultz’s initials written on it.

    So there it is, I’m completely out of f*cks to give for conservative douchebag Steve Scalise – a man who met with white nationalists in 2002. A man who, voted with the NRA 100% of the time, voted to keep guns in the hands of domestic abusers, and people with mental health issues. Conservative douchebag Steve Scalise also voted against requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for mental health benefits. You don’t get any closer to shooting yourself without actually pulling the trigger than that.
    You reap the world you sow.

    • The Grundle King says:

      But nobody perpetrated actual acts of violence against those leftist politicians on the basis of conservative beliefs. YOU are on the wrong side of this one. I know it sucks, but suck it up.

  11. Soon to be DemExiting says:

    Not only is Jane Kleeb known as the Keystone Pipeline Killer, she is also now known as the Progressive Pipeline Killer amongst Progressive Democrats. She has completely destroyed the Pipeline of Progressive Democrats for office she was elected to build. Nebraska can’t get rid of her fast enough.

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