Attempted murders

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)

For those of you who haven’t been following the news of this morning’s shooting in the DC area, none of the members of the Nebraska delegation or their staff were at the Republican baseball practice where the attempted murders took place.

Senator Fischer and Reps Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith were all at the Nebraska breakfast, and Senator Sasse was elsewhere. All are safe and send their prayers.



One of the things cartoonist and otherwise persuasion analyst Scott Adams had been preaching in the months since Trump took office is that if you continue to say that Donald Trump and the Republicans are Hitler and the Nazis and the KKK, then pretty soon people will begin to believe it — essentially based on the repetition.

That’s a problem.

Unfortunately many on the left believe it.
So there are people who feel any actions that can get rid of the Nazis in their head, are justified.

Most of these are on the far, far left.
I don’t think many would consider the guy from today to be anywhere near rational.

But there have been many of the violent attacks at various rallies that have not been cited as being perpetrated by “nutjobs”. Like the “professor” who attacked someone at an pro-Trump rally with a bike lock.

Or the woman who took a board with a nail in it and attacked a police horse.

Maybe just a little more policing in your own crew is appropriate.


For instance

Once again, Nebraska Democrat and other angry protesters, maybe you shame away those “protestors” who think it’s a great idea to wear “Fuck” shirts at your rallies — and yell “Nazi” at little kids who walk by.

And maybe we will hear from the Nebraska Democrats about this comment on The Facebook this morning:

That is Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, a member of the Nebraska Democrat Executive Committee, and head of the Nebraska Black Caucus.

What’s her role?

Let her tell you:

And now we can wait to hear whether the NDP Party leaders condemn this statement, or otherwise take action.

Or we can just assume they condone it.


The Constitution

Rep. Mo Brooks administered first aid to Rep. Steve Scalise in the outfield as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Afterwards, while giving his account of what happened, a reporter asked Rep. Brooks if the shooting changed his view on the “gun situation” in America.

“Not with respect to the Second Amendment,” Brooks said. “The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to help ensure that we always have a republic. And as with any constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights, there are adverse aspects to each of those rights that we enjoy as people, and what we just saw here is one of the bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly.”

He added, “We are not going to get rid of freedom of speech” simply because some people say ugly things, or get rid of the Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure rights because some criminals could go free on technicalities.

“These rights are there to protect Americans, and while each of them has a negative aspect to them, they are fundamental to our being the greatest nation in world history. So no, I’m not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans,” he said.


  1. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, Trump is not a Nazi, but Jane Kleeb is not a Comissar. Perhaps we could all dial back. Prayer for the injured.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        Mostly just cretins.

        I wonder does having a president who urged his followers to rough up hecklers at his own rallies contribute to all this extremism?

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anon at 5:41, Trump has attracted some ugly followers but there are nut cases on both sides who find violence attractive, even more who have a taste for the language of hate and see not sharing their viewpoint as a great moral failure.

      • nexus fakeus, says:

        Sure GH,

        Just like violent video games. Except, telling some one to rough some one is a far stretch from shooting to kill. Missing the science on those are you?

  2. Anonymous says:

    So the Gabby Gifford jokes can finally stop, right? The common denominator between Gabby Gifford and Steve Scalise is someone who should not have had access to a firearm and ammunition did have access to both and used it to horrible effect. If there is a place for true bipartisan action without taunts and recrimination, lets start here.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      I have read and re-read the two sentence Chelsey Gentry-Tipton Facebook post that y’all are unnerved about. Unfortunately, the abbreviations, typical of millennials, make the text ambiguous. However it appears to me that Chelsey is asking a question, not suggesting that laughter is appropriate. So why the denigration, Street Sweeper?

      It’s really rich that you think if the Democrats don’t jump to deny Chelsey’s comment, that they must be complicate in bad intent. I’m thinking back to 2010 when the State of Nebraska literally killed it’s cloistered developmentally disabled citizens (after Heinemann vetoed funding for emergency medical staff at BSDC and the unicam did not override). YOU did not post anything on Leavenworth St. even suggesting that you found this practice offensive. And when I proceeded to do so, over the next seven years, you did find my objection offensive!!! Just sayin’, by your standard, I guess you wanted those BSDC inmates killed…

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Y is this so funny tho?”

        Are you actually f***ing serious?! I mean it. You simply CANNOT read that and come to any other conclusion that she thinks it’s funny. To construe that ‘question’ as anything other than tacit approval of the shooting, is to display a fundamental lack of understanding of the English language.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What happened today is terrible and unacceptable. Chelsey doesn’t represent the NDP or her community. Self serving posts for attention, when the Nation is faced with yet another instance of gun violence, have no place in Nebraska. No one condones her behavior.

  4. Anonymous says:

    According to her Facebook page, she just got a job at the Nebraska Sierra Club. I wonder if they agree with her that the shooting this morning was funny.

  5. Nonamouse says:

    Don’t play the innocent card, LS. The rhetoric and violence from Republicans have been bad in the past, and continue to be. By focusing on making it just Democrats, you’re part of the problem. The problem is that one side never wants to talk about there being a problem, and the other one wants to face it head on, result being butting heads with no progress. Dial it back and stop being a stooge. By the way….NO ONE supports that Chelsey chick. NO ONE. Shall we post what Republicans have posted in the past that encouraged violence? Or admit that nut jobs are out there and everyone faces the consequences of doing nothing.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      no one supports, she was elected before she made the offensive statement, so office is no proof of support for statement.

      • no one is responsible says:

        You won’t know who they are until you elect them? Another case of low information voters? Don’t you think they would at least vet those running for a leadership a little bit more thoroughly?

  6. head butters say, says:

    the other one wants to face it head on,

    Progressive speak for take away the rights of others that they deem don’t deserve them as much as the identity folks.

  7. To repenting lawyer says:

    After Chelsea remarks, her friend chimed in and said “Most here wish the shooter had better” No one spoke up. NO ONE.

  8. The Fat Lady has entered the building says:

    Two breaking news stories –

    1) It has now evolved into a criminal investigation of your president for Obstruction of Justice.

    2) It has been confirmed the investigation is also examining closely the potential of international money laundering by Trump associates.

    It’s a dangerous time for our country.
    Who knows what a reckless, morals-free con man like Donald Trump might do to reclaim the narrative. He’s got the United States military at his command and he’s surrounded himself with a group of people who just concluded a display of staged sycophancy previously unimaginable.

    • Bluejay says:

      This is unhinged. You’ve just suggested a military dictatorship run by Trump.

      Trump Derangement Syndrome is real mental illness.

    • OMG! says:

      different values based on party,

      But you say it is about the country? LOL
      It could have been worse. HRC could have been elected. And just imagine the investigations into her. And I believe your answer back then was, was she indicted, was she convicted?

      More progressive soap opera. And the said the genre was no longer viable.

  9. Julian says:

    Maybe just ask Chelsea to apologize for such a comment. But, this is not the first time Jane’s personal pick for the Black Caucus seems to have made reprehensible comments. Heard there is a voicemail out there she allegedly left last fall. Someone might want to follow up on what was recorded in the voicemail and what Jane did the back then.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You mean the voice mail where Chelsey threatened the treasurer of the independent expenditure committee that attacked Justin Wayne? Probably wouldn’t be too hard to figure out who that treasurer was, track them down and get that voicemail.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just go find Derek Wright, the treasurer for Nebraskans for Transparency, Chelsey left a threatening voicemail for him over the attacks against Justin Wayne.

  11. Tough luck Steve says:

    “If she gets to pick her judges,” Trump said, “nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”

    @Judgenap: Why do we have a Second Amendment? It’s not to shoot deer. It’s to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical! — Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) June 23, 2016

    In 2010, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) posted on social media “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!” while pointing to a list of Obamacare-supporting lawmakers.

    During her 2014 campaign, freshman Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said she believed in her right to carry guns to defend herself “whether it’s from an intruder, or whether it’s from the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important.”

    Failed 2010 Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R-NV) warned that “if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies.”

    And Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s (D-FL) congressional challenger in 2009, Republican Robert Lowry, shot at a human-shaped gun range target with Wasserman Schultz’s initials written on it.

    So yeah, I’m without sympathy for conservative d-bag Steve Scalise who voted with the NRA 100% of the time, voted against mental health requirements on gun purchases, and voted against requiring mental health benefits be covered by insurance. This is called “personal responsibility”. #Freedom-wounds

  12. Really? says:

    “if you continue to say that Donald Trump and the Republicans are Hitler and the Nazis and the KKK, then pretty soon people will begin to believe it — essentially based on the repetition.”

    Wow. Really?
    You’re calling out the Democratic party and demanding they stand up and speak out against the repetition of lies and the fomenting of hate?

    Is it possible you’re unaware of your role as Omaha’s head cheerleader of a movement that elected a man who has lied in profligacy and scale unlike any president in history? A man who’s every campaign speech allotted time for trafficking in hate. Who promised to cover the legal expenses of those attendees willing to beat down the person standing next to them? Who intimated in a campaign stop in North Carolina that the ” Second Amendment people” may be the only check, should Hillary get elected.
    The, one and only, Birther King?
    Thanks to The Donald’s repetition of that lie, polls show that two thirds of Trumpers STILL believe Obama to be a Muslim.
    Polls also show most Trump voters believe the fake Bowling Green Massacre justifies Trump’s travel ban.
    And you can be certain, even after watching the Kansas implosion, that on both the Federal and State (NEGOP) levels, the Republican party will still be pushing the lie that is Trickle Down economics.
    The GOP has mastered the art of the repetitive lie. The GOP’s calling card is a cudgel.
    Most Trump voters are certain that illegal aliens are far more violent than U.S. citizens, when in fact the statistics prove the opposite.
    Most Trump voters believe “sanctuary cities” to be violence filled war zones, when in fact statistics find them to be safer, as a rule, than cities lacking such designation.
    Trumpers believe Sharia law to be a rising threat to cities all across America.
    Jade Helm was an Obama plot to invade Texas.
    The Confederacy and the Civil War weren’t about racism or slavery.
    Clinton/Obama are coming fer yer guns.
    Agenda21 is a ‘globalist’ plot to steal yer land (and yer women).
    Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party are members of the Communist Party.
    Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to steal our jobs.
    Obama tapped my phones.
    Everyone will have much, much better health insurance at much lower prices.
    I’m not going to touch your Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.
    I’m going to bring back Coal.
    I have a secret plan to defeat ISIS, very, very quickly.
    I’m going to Make American Great Again.

    The list is never ending – and it’s all complete horseshit. A litany of lies that elevated the Prince of Grift into the White House and gave the GOP control of the Senate and House.
    And polls consistently show Trumpers to believe almost every word of it. Every word of this horseshit fed to perennially malinformed base, 24/7/365, by a principles-free Republican party in collusion with the an Ailes’ inspired right wing entertainment complex.

    Yet, it’s the Democrats you believe need to be called to the carpet.
    We’re to ignore that it’s the Republicans who chose as their standard bearer a man whose vitriol on the stump inspired a rebirth of White Nationalism in America.
    A Republican leader who openly embraces the likes of Alex Jones, who still promotes the conspiracy theory that Sandy Hook was a ‘false flag’ perpetrated by the government.
    A Republican leader who brought Breitbart, the self professed leader of the alt-right movement into the White House.
    A Republican leader who within the last few weeks invited Matt Drudge to the White House to seek his assistance in mollifying his base while amplifying his profuse, often ridiculous lies.

    The GOP is a party who only a week or so ago chuckled and joked about a soon to be Republican Congressman who grabbed a reporter by the throat and body slammed him to ground. Apparently, the reporter who had the temerity to ask Montana’s Gianforte his thoughts on the newly released CBO score.

    Louie Gohmert’s snide reply regarding the assault of the reporter was:
    “You know, we didn’t have a course on bodyslamming when I went to school. I missed that course. I’m sorry I missed it.”

    Duncan Hunter (who openly lies about ISIS fighters being captured at our southern border) said:
    “It’s not appropriate behavior. Unless the reporter deserved it.”

    Trump’s candidacy inspired White Supremacists and spurred a dramatic rise in the of Muslim hate groups across the nation – yet didn’t we hear a peep from the Republican party about ‘toning it down’.

    The sale of guns, ammo, survival gear and military paraphernalia skyrocketed with the election and throughout the administration of Obama. And the Republican party professed there was reason to their madness.

    The election of Obama saw the number of Right Wing Militia groups quadruple, or more – yet again, nary a a G.D. PEEP from the GOP.
    Instead you all collectively celebrated and reveled in the ignorant battle cries and call to arms from hate mongers and grifters like Wayne “Jack Booted Thugs” LaPierre, Charleton “Cold Dead Hands” Heston, Ted “Suck on My Machine Gun” Nugent and Sarah ‘Target a Dem – by Golly’ Palin.

    Then there are the voluminous archive of lies, conspiracy yarns and the decades long assault of the Clintons by the right wing hate machine. Vince Foster, Child Porn Rings in the basement of Pizza Parlors, Cocaine Smuggling, Dead People – lot’s of Dead People.

    You’re right when you say we need to loudly and with vigor push back on the lies and the misinformation.
    And of course any form of violence is inexcusable and the violent rhetoric needs to be curtailed.

    But you folks are a couple decades late in your newfound call to turn away from those who profit from misinformation and whose business model and campaign platforms are built on fomenting hate.

    • are they all victims? says:


      An epic post condemning fomenting hate from the other side while…..fomenting hate from the author.

      And by the way, you folks seem to not hold responsible the folks who voted for Chelsea.

      What’s with the double standard? (sarc)

  13. are they all victims? says:

    It wasn’t to long ago, that the right, especially the faith based, would point to violent computer games, movies and TV as catalysis for violent and or sexual behavior. Those industries being mainly populated by the left, especially the movies, pooh pooh such an idea.

    But now, they say that words, especially words by one person, are responsible for the ills of society.

    Fantasy land and over the top rhetoric, another reason they lost. The only ones who believe such outlandish claims are the small amount of minorities made up of their identity folks.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Ummm, actually…yes, but not in the way you think. As crazy as this leftist loon was, I would certainly doubt it was Uncle Bernie who drove this guy over the edge.

      No, as many leftists have been keen to point out in the wake of the shooting…the ‘one person’ to be blamed for all of this is Trump! I mean, it’s all his words…words by one person…that are responsible for the ills of society, dontchaknow.

    • Seriously dude? says:

      Somehow, I’m not at all surprised to read that a right-winger can’t tell make out the difference between a movie populated by actors, acting out with outlandish-fantasy behaviors, and a politician (most of them actors), acting out with outlandish behaviors right here in good reality. You sir, need to get back on your meds.

  14. progressive outrage, not! says:

    whose the victim,

    So how will all the Obama apologist dismiss his lack of action for Otto?

    It seems his administration has created another victim. They must be proud of that.

    • Trix are for Kids says:

      Allow me to enlighten you, snowflake.

      From the website of the United States Department of State, Overseas Security Advisory Council:
      “The Department of State strongly warns U.S. citizens not to travel to North Korea/the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). U.S. citizens in the DPRK are at serious risk of arrest and long-term detention under North Korea’s system of law enforcement. This system imposes unduly harsh sentences for actions that would not be considered crimes in the United States and threatens U.S. citizen detainees with being treated in accordance with “wartime law of the DPRK.” Since the United States does not maintain diplomatic or consular relations with North Korea, the U.S. government has no means to provide normal consular services to U.S. citizens in North Korea. ”

      Can’t get much f–king clearer, can ya?

      For reasons known only to Warmbler, he chose the ignore the stern and exceptionally detailed warning by the State Dept.
      When leaving North Korea Warmbler attempted to steal a propaganda poster from Pyongyang’s Yanggakdo International Hotel. In his teary plea for aide, Warmbier claimed he had been coerced into committing the crime by the Friendship United Methodist Church

      Yea, poor Otto. How could he have known?
      If it’s any solace, maybe Otto could spend some time in Flint, Michigan, with a whole array of brain damaged children and adolescents who made the mistake of thinking it was safe to drink the water flowing from their taps, in America.
      Silly kids.

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