Morning Update: Nebraska Democrats torn on comments by Black Caucus Chair

Leavenworth St. reported yesterday on the comments by Nebraska Democrat Party Executive Committee member and Black Caucus Chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, on Facebook after the attempted assassinations of Members of Congress.

As noted here, Gentry-Tipton wrote the following (in a response to another post):

She then proceeded to double-down on these comments, along with others:


(You can also note the other reprehensible comments in this post.)

Leavenworth St. and others called on NDP Chair Jane Kleeb to take some sort of action regarding this. Kleeb stated on Twitter:


Well, she may have asked her to resign, but Gentry-Tipton is apparently having none of it:

And Gentry-Tipton has followed up by posting the group’s by-laws, which do have an impeachment provision. You can see the majority supportive comments for Gentry-Tipton on that group’s FB thread.

As noted here earlier this week, Central Committee member Linda Anderson resigned after her apparent disagreement with the party’s procedures.

But at least this time Kleeb did the appropriate thing by going all the way to call for her resignation.

It waits to be seen what the follow-up will be, and whether other members of the party go the extra step and remove her from that leadership position.

What a mess.


  1. Bluejay says:

    Why should CGT resign? She is mostly aligned with NDP policy. And she’s a victim. Double minority.

    I noticed one piercing on her face. She needs more. And more tats. Hip. Cool. Trendy.

  2. Bluejay says:

    I also resent the fact that Janie Kleeb asked CGT to resign. Is Kleeb a hater? CGT just expressing her opinion.

  3. Bluejay says:

    Jane Kleeb doesn’t tolerate reckless behavior? What about her support of the DAPL pipeline fighters in Standing Rock, North Dakota?

  4. Bluejay says:

    Is CGT the chair or chairwoman? She refers to herself as both. I’m confused. I identify her as the chairwoman.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, she’s clearly YOUR gal. janekleeb, janekleeb, janekleeb. She’s clearly your obsession. Do you do anything else in a 24 x 7 period but crow about Kleeb? What would you do if she was gone, be quiet forever? If only.

  5. Then there's that says:

    Jeff Fortenberry, speaking about the recent incident where a dozen or so rich old white guys were shot at by a crazed man while playing baseball, is quoted in today’s Lincoln Journal Star:
    “We cannot continue to survive as a country if good men and women who are willing to serve become targets.”

    These are “real people from real communities with real families, all Americans,” he said.

    How about the 23 million plus Americans who are not rich, who are targeted by your team to lose access to life saving affordable healthcare – so you can give massive tax cuts to the wealthiest people on the planet?
    Are they not “real people from real communities with real families, all Americans,”?

    How about the working poor, elderly and infirmed who your team is targeting as victims of an $800 billion gutting of Medicaid – so you can give massive tax cuts to the wealthiest people on the planet?
    Are they not “real people from real communities with real families, all Americans,”?
    (a newly released study from Georgetown Univ shows 1 in 3 rural Nebraska children rely on Medicaid. In a GOP nirvana – when that school bus from Verdigre rolls past you on the highway – fully one third of those children wouldn’t receive medical care and many would be malnourished. But some rich guys may have a fourth home, or maybe that sweet little Cessna Skyhawk they’ve had their eye on)

    How about the elderly and infirmed who rely on the most basic sustenance, Meals of Wheels. A program that also makes possible the one friendly face many have remaining who checks on them each week?
    It is your team that has proposed eliminating this program – so you can give massive tax cuts to the wealthiest people on the planet.
    Are they not “real people from real communities with real families, all Americans,”?

    How about the working poor and families temporarily down on their luck who rely on a program called LIHEAP to help heat the homes on frigid winter nights?
    It is your team that has proposed abandoning these families freeze by eliminating this program – so you can give massive tax cuts to the wealthiest people on the planet.
    Are they not “real people from real communities with real families, all Americans,”?

    There is immense outrage throughout the right wing at the violence perpetrated by a lone loon in Washington.
    Yet when 217 rich Republicans in Jeff Fortenberry’s House vote on measures guaranteed to lead to the suffering and death of countless thousands of “real people from real communities with real families, all Americans,” – the GOP base fucking cheers them on.
    Jeff and his rich, privileged cohorts gathered around Donald Trump on the White House lawn and threw a beer party and reveled in their glory while posing for group pictures.

    • Anonymous says:

      The people of Flint, Michigan, still can’t drink the water there, or bathe in it safely. It’s been three years now.

      Breaking, from Reuters –
      “Six Michigan officials criminally charged in Flint water crisis”
      Six current and former Michigan and Flint officials were criminally charged on Wednesday for their roles in the city’s water crisis that was linked to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that caused at least 12 deaths, the state’s attorney general said.

      • Atomic number 82, symbol Pb says:

        Oh yes, I remember all that outrage and fury by the right wing media over those 12 dead people in Flint. Some of those stories went into great detail, even mentioning the permanent brain damage to the innumerable children who unknowingly consumed the lead tainted water, courtesy of Michigan’s GOP.
        The story made all the headlines.
        Jeff Fortenberry wrote a big Op Ed about it for the New York Times.
        Sean Hannity covered that story, non-stop, for weeks on end.
        Limbaugh was so distraught he had to take a couple days off work.
        Paul Ryan took to the floor of the House and gave a rousing speech: ‘An attack on one Flintonian is an attack on all Flintonians!’

      • The Grundle King says:

        It’s puzzling when people blame ‘the state of Michigan’ for the Flint water travesty. Actually…no, it’s not…because it’s easy for those folks to blame the Republican-run state, and not the Democrat-run city where the whole disaster actually happened.

        Let’s say the same thing happened right here in Democrat-run Lincoln, Nebraska. The (Democrat) mayor appoints Department directors (with the approval of the current Democrat-majority city council). The director of the Department of Public Works and Utilities would be responsible for the management of the city water supply, and would obviously have to report high lead contamination levels to the mayor. Democrats would still find a way to blame Pete Ricketts (and would be sure to work in a comment about his shaved-head appearance, while doing it). Pathetic, the lot of ye.

      • Anonymous says:

        It takes all of 2 seconds to search and see that the City of Flint was broke and under the administration of the State of Michigan.

        It was the State of Michigan that directed the Flint City Water Department to take water from the Flint River instead of from Lake Huron & the Detroit River by way of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department. Flint officials resisted this change and were directly ordered by the state’s onsite managers to change the water source.

        It was mistreated water from the Flint River that dissolved encapsulated heavy metals within Flint’s water pipes, which went right out through the tap into the sink, bath, shower & yard.

        Why? To save money.

        Is Flint a fiscal and monetary mess? Yes. Is the proper response tainted drinking water? No.

      • Take Me To The River says:

        How can someone not know the GOP is responsible for Flint?

        Billionaire venture capitalist Rick Snyder’s GOP was directly responsible for:
        a) the original crime of poisoning the citizens of the city.
        b) the assorted crimes involved in covering that up.
        c) the assorted crimes involved in passing the buck.

        And the crime they’ve been charged with?
        Involuntary Manslaughter.

      • The Grundle King says:

        So why was the city of Flint broke? Democrat mismanagement? Pshaww.

        Was it the GOP that ‘mistreated’ the water?

      • Anonymous says:

        Was it the GOP of Michigan that was directly responsible for this decision? No.

        It was officials appointed by the administration of Rick Snyder, Republican governor of Michigan, who decided to use water from the Flint River.

        Hairsplit much?

      • The Grundle King says:

        “courtesy of Michigan’s GOP”

        “Was it the GOP of Michigan that was directly responsible for this decision? No.”

        Which is it?

  6. The Grundle King says:

    “I don’t condone or find the humor in what happened.”

    “Y is this so funny tho?”

    So aside from exhibiting sociopathic tendencies, she’s a documented liar.

    The entirety of the remainder of her letter is an attempt to divert attention away from what she said…and there is no need to examine the ‘context’ of her statement…and to silence any further dissent against her views, because criticism of her views would be racist. Pathetic.

    And of course, we get the idiot who thinks that expecting people to pay for their own health insurance = 23 million murders, and thereby justifies the attempted murder of not only Scalise, but every other person on that field. Indeed, folks of that mindset would justify the murder of every single Republican if it saved just one life.

    With the Republicans in control of Congress and POTUS, it’s time for some actual common-sense gun control laws. It is time to ban every single registered Democrat from purchasing, owning, possessing, or using guns of any sort. We could all watch as the nation’s murder rate plummets.

    • Anonymous says:

      Plummet but not stop. Its not about party, its about 1/5 of the adult population of the United States having some form of mental illness at any given moment. Have a look at the National Institutes of Mental Health web site and be informed. Crazy people do crazy things. If they have access to firearms they do crazy things with firearms. Gun control? How about mental health triage.

      • Huckleberry says:

        Mental health?
        Why, Republicans have a solution for crazy people with guns –

        Feb 15, 2017, Washington Post –
        Republicans in Congress just made it easier for mentally ill people to get guns


        Mar 10, 2017, Forbes –
        GOP Plan Strips Addiction, Mental Health Coverage For Millions

        The Republican solutions is more of both, crazy and guns.
        Cause.. freedom.

      • The Grundle King says:


        Your evidence is a WaPo headline that is incredibly misleading…and a GOP proposal?

        People who are adjudicated mentally ill cannot buy firearms from licensed dealers. Sure, they could buy them via a private sale…but that has nothing to do with the subject of the WaPo story.

        Use your brain and do a little research…you may not learn anything, but at least you’ll look smarter.

      • Huckleberry says:

        Thankfully, people not sporting your brand of blinders can read those articles for themselves to decipher the truth.

    • Anon says:

      I’m in my 50’s and an avid consumer of news, including politics. Yet I can’t recall having ever read about the threat of violence from ‘left wing’ militia groups.
      And if you’re not aware, there are at least half a dozen recent studies by prominent organizations that not only confirm the absence of a violent left, but prominently warn of the growing danger of right wing extremism. (Dept Homeland Security, West Point Military Academy, Göttingen Institute for Democracy Studies, – or check it out the data yourself at the Extremist Crime Database)

      • The Grundle King says:

        ” Yet I can’t recall having ever read about the threat of violence from ‘left wing’ militia groups.”

        Well…since you can’t recall ever having read about it, then the threat must not exist.

      • Right Wing Bubbles says:

        It’s super easy to prove me wrong Grundle – go find the data of the studies pointing to the scourge of left wing violence.

        Surely, with the pervasive violence emanating from the left that you, Limbaugh and Sweeper are railing against, there’s got to be statistics to back you up.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        Ever hear of the Black Bloc?

        Or the Weathermen?

        Or the Symbionese Liberation Army?

      • Anon says:

        Heard of them all. (Black Bloc etc..)

        From what I recall, Black Bloc is/was mostly a European thing, although the smattering of our new age Anti-Fascist bands popping up across America have recently adopted their fashion style. Oh, and the paint. They like to paint and tip over garbage cans.

        The Symbionese Liberation Army?
        Really? How long were they around… 6 months? In numbers totally, what.. a dozen?
        And of course they’ve been extinct for 40 years.

        And the Weathermen, aka Weather Underground.. ah of course, Bill Ayers, the boogeyman.
        Again, numbering in the dozen.
        Again, extinct for 40 years.

        I’m wracking my brain trying to tabulate how many Americans were killed by these three radical leftist organizations.
        I’m wracking my brain trying to figure how they are a threat to modern society.

        But, thank you for proving my point.

  7. Like Manna from Heaven says:

    There’s a new video out showing the Australian Prime Minister mocking Donald Trump, who in just five short months has become the most repulsive and ridiculed man on the planet.

    Sam ‘Trickle Down’ Brownback just got taken out behind a woodshed in the Topeka by his fellow Republicans.

    Rick “Mineral Water” Snyder is in a panic as his Michigan minions have just been charged with Involuntary Manslaughter for their fiasco in Flint.

    Up north, the GOP appears to be eating it’s own, from the Wisconsin Capital Times:
    “The only thing that may be more anemic than Wisconsin’s performance on job creation over six years of Scott Walker’s administration is the political influence the governor now wields over his fellow Republicans in control of the state Legislature…
    ..the stagnating 2017 state budget and the accompanying flurry of publicly traded insults, threats and rejections of major gubernatorial policy initiatives can be traced to the political weakness of Gov. Scott Walker.”

    • The Grundle King says:

      So you agree with Gentry-Tipton that it IS funny that Republican lawmakers were intentionally targeted by a violent leftist, and that first responders were also wounded?

  8. Anonymous says:

    It sure didn’t take Tom Tilden long to betray Linda and Chelsey, they should have known by how quickly he stabbed Chuck Haasebrook in the back once it was convenient for him that he would turn on them too someday.

  9. Busted says:

    Well the Omaha World Herald and Fox 42 is reporting Leavenworthst story, Sorry Dems, she was not trying to say ironic in place of funny. Nice spin though. No one is buying it. She should not have doubled down on her dumb comments.

  10. Gerard Harbison says:

    I’m so tired of phony outrage. Yeah, she said something really stupid. Many people do, especially politicians. But with all the evil in the world, I can’t see getting worked up about stuff like this.

    Snowflakery is a bad look for the left, but it’s worse for the right.

    • The Grundle King says:

      “phony outrage”

      Really? People aren’t entitled to be actually outraged when someone says it’s “funny” when people get shot?

  11. Julian says:

    Jane supported Chelsey for Caucus chair. She was part of Jane’s slate. The “swarm” that was repudiated for disgusting tactics in the Latino Caucus was responsible for Chelsey’s election. Maybe Jane should of though of having people who understood the job instead of just agreeing to vote Jane’s way on everything. Guess that backfired. Chelsey stays on and votes against Jane on everything now. Jane is not much of a strategic thinker. Oh, and by the way, Jane tried to get the swarm to unseat the current Latino Chair again in Chadron and put in another Jane yes person.

    • Oracle says:

      Another clueless post. The “swarm” had nothing to do with Chelsey’s election as they were not eligible to vote. Rest of your post is BS too.

  12. mitch says:

    I say let her keep her job and she will be known as the party of hate !!! Maybe the devil will help her finish her devil like life ! Only to burn in hell like the piece of shit she is !

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