First video in #NE02 Dem race

Kara Eastman, candidate for the Democrat nomination for Nebraska’s  2nd Congressional seat, has her first (web) ad out. See it here:

A few thoughts:

1) Apparently I didn’t realize she pronounced her name “CAR-uh” and not “CARE-uh”. But after they said it 10 times, I guess I got it now.

2) For what amounts to an intro ad, almost zero biography information about her. One would think that would at least be weaved in there a little more.

3) Ben Gray commits early! Though strangely he’s only listed as “Elected Official” instead of “Omaha City Council President.” In any case, it would seem that Gray isn’t waiting for Brad Ashford or anyone else to get in. Looks like there could be a battle for North O votes.

4) Per #2, lots of OTHER people talking, and very little from the actual candidate. What was memorable about the ad then? Ask the average person a day later which one of the speakers is the one running for office, and they’d probably say Gray.

5) Interesting list of jobs for all of these people: “Nonprofit Leader”, “Environmental Consultant”, “Student Activist” (which apparently differs from the earlier speaker, who is just a plan old “College Student”), “Clean Water Champion” (is that on his business cards?). Not the usual list of careers you see on someone’s LinkedIn profile, eh?

But then, this is all about the Democrat primary, so listing…”Middle Manager”, “Software Tech Guy” or “White Male Attorney” isn’t going to get you as many points with this crowd.

What, no “Betsy Rioter”?



It looks like Nebraska will have a single insurance company left to provide ObamaCare coverage. The OWH reports that Medica Health will provide coverage in Nebraska, after Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and Aetna Health dropped out providing ACA coverage last week.

In Iowa, there may be zero plans left. If that happens, nearly 72,000 people would have no coverage — as any new plan passed by Congress wouldn’t yet be in effect.

Currently there is cost-sharing reduction funding provided so that individuals who don’t have employer-funded insurance or Medicaid or Medicare can keep purchasing insurance. Some in Congress have suggested halting those payments. The problem is that without those payments — and before any new law goes into effect — thousands of people will have to drop their coverage, simply because it is unaffordable.

ObamaCare has been a mess in a myriad of ways, but many argue that to simply let the markets collapse without a transition in place doesn’t make much sense either.



The OWH and local radio and TV covered the Nebraska Democrat’s issue with their Black Caucus chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton — which was summarized here yesterday.

It’s certainly interesting that while Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb asked Gentry-Tipton to resign amid her statements after the assassination attempts in the DC area, she also bristled at the media for wanting to cover “what amounts to an internal party dispute.”

Well, if that’s the case, please don’t publicize any of your other party meetings, conventions, statements, parades, or other “party” goings-on either.

There is something called “leadership” in the parties for a reason: they’re supposed to be “leading”. When there’s a question who’s leading, or otherwise in-charge of the party, their policies, and their members, that’s new-worthy. will continue to follow and keep you updated.


Best weekend of the year!

Have a great weekend and see you at the CWS!

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  1. Then there's that says:

    Let’s examine the uninformed, snide little castigations of the people publicly supporting the candidacy of “CAR-uh” Eastman. Among your list of snowflakey whines, it is Number 5, i.e. “Nonprofit Leader”, “Environmental Consultant” and “Clean Water Champion”

    Nonprofit Leader, Marian Fey –
    Executive Director, Nebraska Cultural Endowment
    Former Director, Nebraskans for the Arts
    Former President, Omaha Public School Board
    Former accountable for Special Projects for Wounded Warriors Family Support, Omaha
    As a prominent community leaders, Marian was featured in an extensive write up in Omaha Magazine.

    Environmental Consultant, Craig Moody, MBA –
    Former Facility Manager for the Federal Reserve Bank in Omaha before partnering with Daniel Lawse to found Verdis Group, a sustainability consultancy.
    In 2015, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce named Verdis Group the Small Business of the Year.
    Their clients include UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, Omaha Public Schools, UNO, Henry Doorly Zoo, Methodist Health System, and more.
    A quick look at some of Craig’s work as a volunteer includes:
    University of Nebraska President’s Advisory Council (current)
    Omaha Business Ethics Alliance, Board of Trustees (2011 – current)
    Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition, Board of Directors (2015 – current)
    Bus Rapid Transit Stakeholder Committee, Chair (2015 – current)
    Mode Shift Omaha, Board of Directors (2014 – current)
    Leadership Omaha, Class 37 (2014 – 2015)
    Complete Streets Stakeholder Committee (2014 – 2015)
    Green Omaha Coalition, Board of Directors, Chair (2009 – 2014)
    City of Omaha Urban Design Review Board (2013 – 2014)

    “Clean Water Champion”, Buy Ray Tut –
    Buey was born in South Sudan in a small village called Maiwut. Along with his family, Buey immigrated to the United States as a refugee at the age of 11.
    After graduating from the University of Nebraska Omaha, where he majored in Economics and Political Science, Buy and a friend founded the nonprofit organization Aqua-Africa, with the aim of transforming the way in which aid is administered to underdeveloped nations and to provide access to clean water in East Africa.
    As Executive Director of Aqua-Africa, Buy has addressed the US House of Representatives and was recently a featured presenter at TEDxOmaha. His presentation was titled: “Don’t just teach a man to fish, create a market for him”.

    Look guys – (grunt-grunt, snort-snort) – just a bunch of kookball lefties coming out of the woodwork for looney “CAR-uh”.
    Kara Eastman, MSW, Loyola University –
    President and CEO of Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, 11 years.
    Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors for Metropolitan Community College.
    Board member of the National Lead and Environmental Hazards Association.
    Social Worker with over 20 years of experience working in nonprofits and social services.
    Has raised over $13 million to create safe and healthy housing for children in Omaha.
    Married for 16 years to Scott Eastman, a professor of History at Creighton University.

    Of course, all candidates can’t be as fortunate as Jean Stothert, who was able to secure the support of Ian Swanson – ‘Worship Drummer’, Taylor Royal – “Daddy’s Checkbook”, or Bill Kintner – for whom no one in Nebraska, to this day has any idea what he did for living for 50 years before finally stepping foot in Nebraska to assume the role of State Senator.
    Oh wait, my bad.
    Jean, nor anyone else sought the endorsement of Bill.

    • menage a trois, says:

      Then there’s that, Kintner, Weiner,

      Now’s there’s three of kind:)

      I think like Mello, she should bring in the big guns from outside.

      James Devine. #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen.
      Democrat Jeff LeTourneau, The official, Jeff LeTourneau, followed up by saying, “You are a f—ing disgrace to any gay person I know, you piece of s—.”

      The alt left grows bigger everyday.

      And you’ve got to love that the best the writer can do is Kintner. How about Weiner? Each party has their black eye. The writer just gave themselves two of them.

      And here we go again. I’m going to Washington to change the system. How’d that work out for the last President? How’s it working out for the current one? To change the system one must literally put a bulls eye on heir back. Thank goodness the progressives haven’t learn to shoot straight yet.

      And the facts of climate change? The temp is up, ice is melting, you can’t change the temp to stop the ice from melting for up to a thousand years. The Paris accord goal of $100 billion a year by 2020 towards climate change was not enough. Actually it takes about a trillion dollars to lower the CO2
      1ppm. That means we are at $50 trillion. About the economic out put of the earth. For the science believers, stopping isn’t the immediate concern, it would be preparing for the adverse consequences. Business in the US is already working on stopping what we do. Evidently the science believers don’t believe the science or understand what it means.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well–meow, meow. You left out the part of how they all walk on water AND that President Trump is a real, real bad person who must be impeached. Nice, bland, fluffy ad that says squat. Because all these important people are all on board , the good sheep that I am means I must follow suit. Right.

      • chuckle says:

        None of which has anything to do with what I posted. But then we expect nothing else from a disciple. Party first and only. F–k the country. To use the new snowflake term.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Touting a ‘sustainability’ business as an ‘environmental consultant’ is a freaking joke. Typically, to be an ‘environmental consultant’, you might actually need to know something about environmental regulations and laws…like Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, US Code, etc.

      This guy can tell you that your company needs to recycle, change to LED bulbs, and encourage your employees to ride their bikes. Whoopty-freakin-doo.

    • Anonymous part Deux says:

      As opposed to Hillary who was under investigation for years before she even got there. Oh yeah, she never got there.

      And under investigation, as we have seen lately when done publicly, means little but, some one had the power to start another witch hunt.

      What ever happened to collusion?

      • Anonymous says:

        “Hillary who was under investigation for years”

        Please tell me, after the litany of accusations, years (decades) of congressional investigations and untold millions of taxpayer dollars wasted – exactly what crimes has Hillary Clinton been formally charged with?
        Maybe that’s a question too hard for you. How about we limit your accountability to relaying for us just those crimes of which she’s actually been convicted.

        We’ll wait.

        Re your query: “What ever happened to collusion?”
        Most people know that Trump, himself, wasn’t part of any collusion. He’s too stupid and his character too… ‘challenged’ for anyone to choose to collude with him.
        Any foreign (or domestic) agent would know that twittering, incurious Don could in no way be trusted with the knowledge of the illicit activities swirling around him.

        No, Dolt 45 won’t be nabbed for collusion. But you can be certain Trump the Grifter’s luck has done run out.
        Mueller has assembled a crack team and Mueller is a man of exceptional intelligence and decisive action.
        Trump, among others in his little band of miscreants, will indeed be charged with crimes. Crimes that will carry prison sentences.
        But, Trump won’t fall to impeachment. He’ll resign in disgrace long before the impeachment hearings commence.

      • the true anonymous says:


        Please tell me, after the litany of accusations, years (decades) of congressional investigations and untold millions of taxpayer dollars wasted – exactly what crimes has Hillary Clinton been formally charged with?

        That’s the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymost says:

        True Anonymous,

        But you conflated a lack of charges resulting from investigations by the synaptically challenged, base pandering, Kabuki Theatre Troupe – aka Clinton Deranged GOP – with what you assume will be a lack of charges leveled against the Tufted Tweeting Yam.

        It’s comparing Pears to Oranges.

        Doesn’t work.

      • their brain is mush says:


        Fool yourself, you would be the only one you can.

        No, you were talking about Kintner also.

        Your dementia and inability to read your own post is getting worse. Up your meds.

  2. will GH man up says:

    Can’t wait for Gerard’s mea culpa and apology for the his comments on the Springfield soccer fiasco. Or, shall we follow his lead and say it is an embarrassment to Nebraska when he gets things so wrong so publicly.

    Man up GH.

    Why is it we have to read the truth about Springfield in an Orlando newspaper? Because the left leaning media found out they were wrong but don’t want to print the truth? It upsets their narrative about an identity group that wasn’t being wronged? Where’s sparkles to set the record straight? What a shinning example of what a worthless group the mainstream media is.

    And the faulty outrage of GH and his leftists snowflakes.

    • Gerard Harbison says:

      What Springfield soccer fiasco? Banning a little girl from a soccer team because it’s claimed she looks like a boy? The Nebraska State Soccer Association has already apologized.

      By the way, I find it amusing to be told to ‘man up’ by a wuss who doesn’t have the cojones to post under the name his unwed mother gave him.

  3. Sparkles says:

    News is that Trump’s lawyer is now lawyering up.

    You know they’re scared when the lawyers need their own lawyers.

    Of course, who can blame them.
    God only knows what maniacal inspiration Donny Two Scoops will ordain over the weekend while watching Steve Doocy or Judge Jeanine.
    The White House staff could wake up Sunday morning to learn, via twitter, that both Mueller and Rosenstein have now been fired, we’re suing Mexico for ‘Wall money’ and we’re drawing up plans for a ground invasion of North Korea.

    Welcome to Trump’s ‘Murrica.

    • socialist hate America, says:

      Better Murrica than,

      As we start to recover from Obama’s United American Socialist Republic of Western Europe. U ASPWE.

      • Sparkles says:

        “As we start to recover from Obama’s…”

        Only a total f%*king moron would even attempt such an ignorant preface to a statement.

        Obama inherited a global financial disaster of historic depth and imminent peril.
        Millions of American families newly homeless. Thousands of companies shuttered and thousands more teetering at the precipice of a chasm. A Great Recession so severe as to lead to an unprecedented surge in suicides among the middle aged American males, a surge that persists to this day. Literally millions lost everything – jobs, homes, insurance, life savings, marriages.. hope.

        After 8 years, fighting full scale Republican obstructionism each every day, Obama left behind what even conservative economists have called a ‘Goldilocks economy’.
        And Donald Trump, with the help of a Republican party beholden to the 0.01%, is doing everything they can to once again destroy it.

        So.. F. Y.
        F.Y. and your ‘socialist’ horseshit.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sparkles, are you unhappy that Obama spurned your sexual advances or that Donald turned you down. Anyone with your level of *** must be jilted in some way.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        Actually, me and Sparkles have gone at it, fight-club style, many times in the past. The thing is, at the moment we have a common enemy: the stupidest President in history and his mob of even stupider followers.

        What does it say when Paul Ryan tries to excuse by the president by arguing he’s too ignorant to know he’s screwing up?

  5. Appellation Pie says:

    Good eye, Sweep. Kara Eastman pronounces her name as “CAR-uh” and not “CARE-uh”. Which is pretentious among Huskers. It signals she is stuck up and eager to correct everyone.

    Husker speech has a few anomalies. We habitually drop the fricative “t” at the end of words leaving an implied but nonexistent “tuh” imagined; and unlike the rest of lazy schwa Americans, we use harder vowels. Nebraskans eat hard A-pples not soft Aw-pulls (apples). To the Husker ear, Kara calling herself CAR-eh is like a snooty Brit offering Grey Poupon.

    Then too, there is the visually jagged stabbing “K” instead of the curved “C” that evokes rural milkmaids. Kara’s name adds an iconoclastic “K” atop a effete schwa. – Parents inflict names on children. Kara spent part of every day of her life correcting Nebraskans to her name. That carves channels into one’s personality. And personality is what people vote for or against.

    Only 10% of voters have political principles. Voters key on personality, name rec, first impression, so on. Of course, oddity can be turned into attention getting advantage. Trump’s hair didn’t keep him out of office. Hillary’s ass maybe, because she took offense. But that’s the thing. Does a lifetime of correcting people, defending your core self, you demanding your snooty Grey Poupon name is right and everyone else is wrong, set your neural pathways to your advantage or disadvantage?

    Since her ad mentions “Kara” so seriously, often and blatantly, as if to instruct NE voters out of their ignorant darkness, that may suggests a self-sighted viewpoint that doesn’t bode well for those trying to sell themselves. It would take humor and self-effacement to turn her slightly oddly writ and pronounced name into a campaign asset. But that’s inside her or it isn’t, name notwithstanding.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes, Maid Marion…when she sat on the OPS Board and did a radio interview she sounded as though fairies flew through her ears. It was cringe worthy, not quite Ben Sasse level of blather, but close without the political zeal.

    • anon says:

      Bens the guy that drinking with his establishment soc buddies get in a beef with a guy, his buddies work him over and as they depart Ben goes over and kicks him

    • Gerard Harbison says:

      I love it when someone who doesn’t meet the admission requirements for a community college casts shade on a Yale PhD.

  7. Reality Loser says:

    Ben Gray represents his district…..OMG Best laugh I have had in a long time. Kara is a Bernie socialist. Plain and Simple

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kara Eastman’s Kodak moment as a Bernie socialist? Democrats killing Republicans are Bernie socialists.

    Sanders is interesting. Unlike his supporters, Bernie isn’t stupid enough to actually be a Democrat.

    Sanders has never been a registered Democrat and yet Democrats have from riots in Chicago to Berkley arson and free speech gagging to shooting Republicans in DC, done it all or him. And yet Democrat leaders like Pelosi decry such violence while saying “yet I understand why”.

    Sure, to the National Socialist and Soviet Socialist killer core of the US Democratic Party, killing people who insult you makes sense.

  9. Marion Fey??? says:

    Yea she is a winner. How many of her kids can’t read at grade level? Do math at grade level? or have an ACT score that is above the national average?

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