…as disliked as Notre Dame football

For those of you plowing through the post-mortems of yesterday’s Georgia 6th Congressional District runoff (not to mention the South Carolina one that received nearly zero attention), here is a fantastic summary from an actual resident of the district, Will Collier.

He put the following up on the Twitter (and I puzzled it back together, so you don’t have to read the 140 character-or-less version):

#GA06 summary, from an actual resident:

So it’s time for some post-runoff Gaming Theory, from an actual resident of GA06.

If you lived in the 6th, you were bombarded by fliers, signs, ads, door-knockers, and most of all, phone calls. At least once a day (and usually more than once), the phone would ring from an out-of-state area code. First it was robocalls, then the last couple of weeks, call centers. They weren’t targeted. They were calling everybody, every day. And they wouldn’t take “Go to Hell” for an answer—trust me on this one.

Now, imagine for a moment that the roles in the ’16 election were reversed, and Hillary had nominated a Bay Area Dem for her cabinet. California would have called a special election. Imagine millions of dollars and tons of vicious social media rhetoric Flowing out of, say, Georgia to the Republican candidate for that race. How do you think Californians would have reacted to that?

Self-awareness not being a notable Leftie trait at the best of times, today the Left coast is declaring GA06 a mass Klan meeting. That’ll go over just as well here in 18 months, dudes. You should definitely keep that up.

The big factor that was missed by the national press: the sheer annoyance of the race. Not only did this special and the runoff extend the godawful 2016 election for another 8 months in a district where neither major presidential nominee was remotely popular, the ridiculous amount of money that poured into the Ossoff campaign from out of state resulted in wall-to-wall ads.

You not turn on the radio or TV without hearing/seeing a campaign commercial, and Ossoff’s fans seemed determined to cover every square inch of Georgia with “Jon Ossoff” signs. The state will probably have to dig a new landfill to get rid of them.

That strategy made sense in the jungle primary: put this nice-looking kid out there, use the money to flood the zone and slip him through the crowded ballot on name recognition.

That was a smart strategy. It very nearly worked—in April.

Back then, Ossoff never uttered the word “Democrat,” nor did it appear in his ads. But yesterday, there were only two names and two parties on the ballot.

Karen Handel might as well have her name next to “Generic Republican” in the dictionary. Ossoff, thanks to the media blitz on both sides, might as well have had “Nancy Pelosi” on his ballot.

Trump is not popular here, I doubt he ever will be. @baseballcrank does an fine job of tallying that reality.

But “unpopular” is not the same as “toxic.” Leftie media types started griping yesterday about the GOP putting Pelosi on anti-Ossoff ads. There’s good reason for that: she’s toxic everywhere except hard-Left enclaves.

GA06 is a lot of things, but hard Left isn’t one. Pelosi, her caucus and its nutball fan club are as disliked as Notre Dame fball here.

When Ossoff couldn’t hide in the crowd of the primary, the crowd he really was hanging with—Hollywood and Pelosi was instantly toxic in Cobb and north Fulton; somewhat less so in more Democractic Dekalb, but the damage was done.

I’ll add another factor that the national media wants to ignore: the post-election temper tantrums on the Left.

Once again, Trump isn’t popular in this district. But you know what’s a lot less popular? Riots. Morons in black masks with clubs. Kids who’ve never thought about paying a mortgage telling you you’re a terrible person because you wouldn’t vote for a corrupt old liar in a pantsuit.

Those things are really, really unpopular. And the Left’s bratty insistence that it deserves a do-over after it lost an eminently winnable election Isn’t getting any traction in middle America.

Today’s run of the usual suspects saying Ossoff lost because he didn’t go full Bolshevik are right up the same alley. And they’ll result in similar reactions in later elections especially those that aren’t bolstered by $30M in now-wasted activist money that simply filled the coffers ff D consultants and advertisers and broadcasters.

When all they really succeeded in doing was pissing off the people they needed to get votes from. Bad strategy, bad politics.

And so, Jon @Ossoff, we who actually live in GA06 say to you, your loopy fans, and most of all your phone centers:

(That last image is Curly Bill (Powers Booth) from the 1993 classic, Tombstone.)

Feels very much like similar sentiments could be said about the Omaha Mayor’s race from April and May, yeah?

The opposition got some real traction when they hit on local issues. Then they decided the race should be about supporting Bernie Sanders and hammering Donald Trump. And Mayor Jean Stothert stuck to her strong positions on local issues and sailed to victory.

Some are saying, “these are Republican districts that Republicans should be winning by much more!” Which has some truth.

But we are also told over and over and over and over how UN-popular the President is, and how the message must be sent how much people hate him.

Not dislike. HATE.

And then in Kansas, Montana, South Carolina, Georgia…and Omaha, voters note that they’ll stick with the Republicans.

Oh sure, these aren’t districts in Manhattan or San Francisco. But we have been told repeatedly that it doesn’t matter.

NOW we can have some fun watching the Dems eat each other while they eke out a new strategy.

Or maybe Republicans will just get tired of winning…



  1. Bluejay says:

    Today’s Democrat party is limited to big cities, the West Coast, the Northeast and college towns. That’s it.

  2. they can't win an election says:


    With the revelation, to some, by former Obama administration security experts that one of the goals of the Russian interference in the last election was to sow discord, how much longer will the Dems keep playing the part that Vlad has laid out for them? Dems, the puppets of Russia.

    CNN’s on line poll where 70% said Trump should not be investigated for obstruction of justice. Can’t wait for the snowflakes to point out it wasn’t a scientific poll.

  3. Feel the burn says:

    Sweeper, good analysis. But we are still missing some of the fundamental base answers. Large swaths of the Political Class see and ignore Trumpic underpulling and a-partisan Populist appeal. Yet nothing occurs in a vacuum. If we don’t know, we guess. And guessing isn’t working for Dems, is it?

    ANTI PARTY AMERICA. In Dec 2015, Civis Analytics, a Democratic firm, found Trump’s core supporters were working Republicans and yet his most staunch supporters were working Conservative Democrats. That is true even today. Yet we don’t hear that because RNC conservatives and DNC leftists don’t benefit from the existence of Conservative Democrats, so this huge demographic, along with likeminded everyman voters who are all giving the finger to the RNC, DNC and DC itself, are ignored. Talk about not knowing your audience! Or not caring.

    UNDER POLLING. Pres. Trump is still under-polling even by-proxy in state elections, still being outspent by Dems who still think they see a “wave of anti-Trump sentiment”. Yet Democrat violence keeps Pro-Trump support from showing up in polls. After all, Democrat activist Hodgkinson ran a poll “Are you Republicans” before he opened fire.

    The Left doesn’t whisper its violence like Americans whisper Trump support. Free Speech is gagged. And for what? To stop an Administration enforcing laws, borders, thrift, and defense? To stop common sense from solving national problems? Yes, exactly.

    Inside Orwellian dystopias people feel normal but they aren’t. Today each American chooses the red or blue pill, to awaken or remain in the Matrix dream where we serve a DC elite that thrives off national dysfunction. The more entrenched the elites, the less likely they can survive being removed.

    America’s populist anti-Party sentiment, that both parties are trying hard to ignore, bodes ill for all who profit by not solving problems so they have job security via reelection. That sounds cliché but it is true. We the People are putting the elephant on a diet and exercise program. The Leftist Jackass is going to the glue factory. If the DNC reemerges it will resemble its Conservatism of 50 years ago.

    It will be that DNC, along with a trimmer GOP, that puts Trump on Mt. Rushmore. You will be able to hear the Jackasses howl from their padded cells.

  4. Juan says:

    One thing from the GA race is clear, if the Ashfords make it out of the primary we can expect a nonstop reel of Brad’s “Sure, I voted for Nancy Pelosi!” sound bite.

  5. ignorant pride loose again, says:

    will they ever learn?

    Voters “want us to focus on jobs and the economy,” Illinois Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos told Fox News’ “Happening Now” on Wednesday. “I get almost no questions about Russia. I get no recommendations that I [should] support impeachment. … All of the other sideshows are not what people want us to focus on.”

    Ossoff vastly outpaced Handel, with nearly $24 million to her $4.5 million -though Handel was boosted by outside groups.

    As the final returns in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District were tallied, Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton tweeted the loss “better be a wakeup call” for Democrats.

    Looks like the progressives on here aren’t in touch with the American people either. That’s good for Republicans, bad, very bad for the progressives. And Kleeb, a Bernie guy, is in charge of the party. Can she change enough, at all?

    The snowflakes on here who like to write the novels looks more and more like buffoons as time Marches on. It is why they lost and why they will keep on losing, until they change. They show no ability or desire to do so.

    • Crap Detector says:

      nor do you bynd. you keep on criticizing but offer no ideas yourself. do you think you know the American people better than all other American people?

      • a fine example of the failed public education you are says:

        crap in the morning, afternoon and evening,

        I offered them you’re just to busy chewing on your cud of crap.

        If you don’t have the answers and can’t get them from your fellow lost souls snowflakes, then I could give them all day and you would never comprehend.

        Here’s an idea. Maybe you could research this stuff your self. You don’t believe me but you want answers. What a freaking lazy moron.

        Try thinking for a change. Or are you so needy that someone needs to hold your hand all the time?

      • a fine example of the failed public education you are says:


        All those quotes are from Dem leaders. You know, the folks you claim as the elite of your world.

  6. TexasAnnie says:

    Well the secret Senate Republican health insurance plan has leaked and it does include the dreaded ‘tax credit’ subsidies that will cause Rand Paul to lead an opposition, or so he has promised. Can the Senate get the votes needed to pass it’s version of stripping away the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, effectively withdrawing coverage for millions of Americans? I still doubt such a bill can make it to the president’s desk, but you never know what this Congress might do… Oddly, my info cites that abortion coverage is not banned in the Senate version!

  7. In other News......... says:

    Not to be out-done, Ben Sasse will be doing a fly around Nebraska to tout his record and his new book on parenting. When asked if any officials will be flying with him, Ben replied, “Nope, the plane only has space for me and my ego”

  8. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile Chuck Grassley (sic) is taking up the Senate side of the obstruction of justice investigation. Checks and balances from odd quarters but welcome.

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