Another Nebraska Democrat celebrates Congressional assassination attempt

Phil Montag, April 2017, with his Nebraska Democrat Party badge

A Nebraska Democrat Party official has said on recorded audio that he is “fuckin’ glad” Congressman Steve Scalise got shot, and that he wishes Scalise “was fuckin’ dead“.

The list of Nebraska Democrats expressing glee about the shooting of Scalise is growing.

Nebraska Democrat Party Black Caucus Chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton. Gentry-Tipton has been in the news since posting on Facebook that she thought it “funny” that Republicans were “crying” after Scalise and others were shot.

Nebraska Democrat Party “Technology Chair” (at least that’s how’s he’s described in the video below) Phil Montag was at a private meeting to show his support for Gentry-Tipton.

Apparently unbeknownst to Montag, another Democrat at the meeting was recording their conversation — something he didn’t tell Montag until AFTER Montag spouted off about his true feelings about the shooting.

Listen to the audio here:

Here is a transcript of the discussion:

Male: “Right now, so what is it that you want to do?”

Phil Montag: “Let me tell you, that motherfucker, the one that was shot, the scafie guy…I mean that guy, what’s was his name scafie?”

Female: “Scalise”

Male: “I really don’t want you to deflect right now.”

Montag: “No, this motherfucker, like his whole job is to like get people , convince Republicans to fuckin’ kick people off fuckin’ healthcare”

Female: “We know all of this.”

Montag: “I hate this motherfucker”

Female: “We know this”

Montage: “I’m fuckin’ glad he got shot!”

Male: “Phil! Phil!”

Montag: “I’m glad he got shot!”

Male: “Dude!”

Montage: “I’m not going to fuckin’ say that in public.”

Female: “You don’t have to say that in public.”

Male: “Then what are you saying it to us for?”

Female: “Say something, say something.”

Male: “What are you telling us for?”

Montag: “I wish he was fuckin’ dead!”

Male: “Why are you telling us but not telling anyone else?”

Montag: “Cause I’m trying to fuckin’ figure all this shit out.”

Male: “It’s OK, because I’ve been recoding this conversation since you’ve come in, so I will publicly release it myself.”

It has been suggested that the other male individual who says he was recording, is Destin Madison, like Gentry-Tipton, a member of the Nebraska Democrat Black Caucus.

Montag’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been deleted, though his blog page is still up [Update: That blog was taken down as well, about 1/2 hr after this post.].

If he ever was listed before, there is no listing of him as the “Technology Chair” on the Nebraska Democrats’ website. But he is still listed as the Chair of the “Nebraska Democrats Working Families Caucus” on their website — though he may not still be in that position.

An individual on the “Talk Real Solutions” blog, where this video seemed to first be published after it was put on YouTube, asks:

“Will white privilege win, or will the Democrats right this listing ship and stay out of Black people’s affairs?”

It isn’t clear why that writer finds criticism of laughing at a political assassination attempt is a matter of race.

But it is clear that Montag’s statements are even more reprehensible than Gentry-Tipton’s — even if said in what he thought was a private setting.

Of course the kicker on all of this is just how many more Democrats are saying this in private, without a recorder running.

As of 1pm today (6/22/17), neither Nebraska Democrat Chair, Jane Kleeb, nor the Nebraska Democrat Party has put out a statement regarding this.

Note that in the previous case, Gentry-Tipton said that Kleeb asked for her resignation before even talking to her. The above video has been up since at least 9:30 am today.


Montag was a Hillary Clinton supporter during the Nebraska primaries and caucuses.


He incurred the wrath of other Nebraska Democrats, on Facebook anyway, for trying to “troll” Bernie Sanders supporters.

They would have none of it:

Just yesterday Nebraska Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb Tweeted the reason the Dems lost in #GA06 is “get big money out of politics”.

In a race where the Democrat spent 6x more than the Republican.

So her solution to the Democrat’s woes?

“…trust your state parties and local grassroots groups first and always.”


This coming from the person who runs the state party and thought the best idea for the Omaha Democrats was to bring in Socialist Bernie Sanders and anti-Semite Keith Ellison to campaign for Heath Mello for Mayor.

In the majority Democrat Omaha, Mello lost to Republican Mayor Jean Stothert 53-46.

The Democrat party is a mess.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Montag is a complete SLOB to boot. He’s just a disgusting human. Much like Michael Moore, but if you make that comparison to his face he would likely need a change of pants.

  2. NE Libertarian says:

    An inexcusable statement regardless of one’s politics. I abhor and reject violence in itself and as a means of political change. Strength to Mr. Scalise and the other shooting victims.

  3. Julian says:

    Chelsey was elected (by the pro Jane swarm slate). Phil was appointed by Jane to do technology stuff. He wasn’t elected to represent a group in the Democratic party. Both owe their places to Jane. My R friends were right last Summer when Jane was elected. Start popping the popcorn. Saul Alinsky didn’t write a chapter on how to lead or govern when you take over.

    • Quixote, if you become the next Democrat Party Technology Chair, and you’re secretly recorded supporting the death of Republicans, you can use all the F-bombs you want.

  4. Bluejay says:

    “Montag: “Cause I’m trying to fuckin’ figure all this shit out.””

    That quote pretty much sums up today’s Nebraska Democrat Party.

  5. TexasAnnie says:

    So I woke up this morning to the latest Trump brainfart and learned that he now wants to cut the cost of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, or rather regenerate the cost, by adding solar panels. And even though this idea has been published months ago, Trump is now claiming the idea as his own. Never mind that Trump did not believe solar panels work well, when he was campaigning; now he believes they will enhance the project and SAVE MEXICO MONEY to boot! Of course, tomorrow, or the next day perhaps, somebody might slip into the White House and inform Trump that part of the border with Mexico (the one-half part called TEXAS) lies in the Rio Grande and/or mountains, and that it is just not feasible to build a wall there. And then, surely, Trump will deny having ever said that he had this idea to begin with!

  6. HTH says:

    “Of course the kicker on all of this is just how many more Democrats are saying this in private, without a recorder running.”

    Sweeper, you can get off your pedestal. Of course, there are countless Democrats that think and say horrendous things about Republicans. This is reprehensible.

    But don’t be a partisan shill. Until Trump became the nominee, I was a Republican. I’ve sat at DC GOP events and heard people (even prominent republicans) say the most vile, hateful, and sickening things about the Obamas, confident that their private, “true” views would remain safe among friends. Hell, we all remember what happened with Pat McPherson/his blog; and that was public.

    It’s sick when anyone does it. It’s not a partisan thing; it’s a human decency thing. This is not that hard.


    • Crap Detector says:

      So true, HTH. Few have forgotten how Trump treated Obama when Obama was prez. Sweeper is so blinded by partisanship he can’t help himself.

  7. BreakingMad says:

    I recently made my way back to Big O after living on the east coast the last 20 years. I was anxious to get back to Fly Over Country where I thought political vitriol wouldn’t be as off-the-charts as it was on the coast. Soooo, what the heck happened to Omaha in the last 20 years? I am so embarrassed and ashamed of that idiot Phil Montag’s vile rant about Senator Scalise. Who the heck was responsible for appointing this unhinged and uninformed dolt to any kind of a position in Nebraska’s Democratic Party?
    If you listen to the audio of the infamous conversation between Montag, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton and Destin Madison one can hear that Phil Montag couldn’t even correctly pronounce Senator Scalise’s name. One of the two others that are part of the conversation had to tell Montag the correct name of the injured Republican whip. Not a very enlightened co-chair of the Tech Committee, would ya say? I have fired off an email to Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Chair, trying to find out if she was the one to appoint Phil Montag to the position of Technology Co-Chair. I’m not sure exactly what the responsibilities of a technology co-chair are, but I think they obviously are far more than Montag was equipped to handle.
    The other item that concerns me is why did Chelsey Gentry-Tipton and her partner-in-exposure, Destin Madison, feel the need to tape this eye-opening conversation without Montag’s knowledge? Yes, Destin does inform Montag that the conversation was being recorded but it is after they capture Phil’s hateful statements. It almost sounded as if they were goading Montag into making the reprehensible statements, but I am certainly NOT excusing Montag from any of his pathetic and pitiful ranting. Phil says he had wished that Senator Scalise had died, but why did Destin Madison feel the need to record this conversation and then later publicly reveal it?

    I had read that Ms. Gentry-Tipton was, also, taking heat regarding her own inappropriate comments that she had made earlier about the attempt on the lives of the Republican officials while on the baseball field in Alexandria, VA. Was Ms. Gentry-Tipton trying to create a diversion regarding the scrutiny that she was receiving about her own vile comments relating to Republican whip Steve Scalise?

    Jane Kleeb needs to explain why she felt someone as unbalanced as Phil Montag was able to get a position as Tech Chair in the Democratic Party and Chelsey Gentry-Tipton needs to explain why she had Destin Madison record this shameful, eyebrow-raising conversation and why they chose to publicly expose Montag. Something smells rotten in Omaha. I guess politics are politics everywhere one goes.

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