Good Monday to ya’ll.
I was on “The American Way with Ian Swanson” on Saturday (1420AM, 94.5FM) to discuss the current, sad, state of the Nebraska Democrat party.

Hear it here:

I was Ian’s first guest, going for the first 15 minutes or so. Enjoy.



Prior to my radio debut with Ian, Nebraska’s Senior U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer was in Omaha, then Grand Island, Scottsbluff, Kearney and Lincoln to kick-off her 2018 re-election campaign.

Fischer was joined by Governor Pete Ricketts, as well as former Governor’s Dave Heineman and Kay Orr, Congressmen Don Bacon and Adrian Smith, as well as Mayor Jean Stothert and Bellevue Mayor Rita Sanders.

Currently, Fischer is opponent-less in her race. And as the Cook Political Report notes, “You can’t beat someone with no one.

But the Nebraska Democrats have stated on The Facebook:

“We have a candidate. They will announce by early Fall.”

Wonder which wing of the party of the party “they’ll” be from.


Study: Water, wet

UW study finds Seattle’s minimum wage is costing jobs

Hmm… So you’re telling me that if businesses are forced to pay their workers more, they’ll cut back on the number of work hours they give out?

What is this crazy math that you’re presenting me?

Carry on.


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  1. Oracle says:

    UW study finds Seattle’s minimum wage is costing jobs

    Of course everything is not black and white as SS would have you believe. (Why are righties so binary? Life and the world are so much more complex!) Previous studies have shown that a MODEST increase in the minimum wage DOES NOT increase unemployment. It’s not hard to concur that too big of an increase would. $15 is probably too high and too big of a jump. $12 would be better. Stealing from Kevin Drum, the minimum wage in other rich counties is around 50% of the median wage, which is $11 – $13. And adjusting for inflation, this was the minimum wage in the ’60s. So could we find some common ground here, or do you Repubs still insist that the minimum wage should be $0?

    • The Eye Ball says:

      Oracle, increasing minimum wage ALWAYS causes a loss of jobs. Some studies do not see any significant loss but that is because they use a short time frame. Usually, the impact takes a year to take effect and is a force factor in costs going up. In Omaha, several grocery and commercial stores consolidated and went out of business and introduced self-check out stands.

      Sometimes the impact is done stealthy such as merely cutting hours and limiting sales.

      • Oracle says:

        Yeah, EyeBall, I’m sure you know more than all of the studies done. Go to Amazon and order “The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters”. It explains how idiots somehow believe they know more than the experts, without doing any of the work, other than Googling a few snippets.

        And self-check would have been installed regardless because it’s cheaper even if wages didn’t rise.

      • expert on oracle says:

        smarter than a fifth grader,

        So Oracle is not really saying she is smarter than the UW experts is she?

      • Oracle says:

        “expert”, you can’t even read. I agreed with the UW report. But that report only showed than a $15 minimum wage, a large jump from the previous minimum, raised unemployment. Smaller minimum wage raises have not had the same effect elsewhere.

    • Sparkles says:

      The UW study on minimum wage was conducted by an adjunct fellow of the Manhattan Institute, Jacob L. Vigdor.

      From SourceWatch –
      “The Manhattan Institute (MI) is a right-wing 501(c)(3) non-profit think tank founded in 1978 by William J. Casey, who later became President Ronald Reagan’s CIA director. It is an associate member of the State Policy Network.”
      State Policy Network is a kissing cousin of ALEC. SPN is a right wing umbrella networks that funds and operates little state based Heritage-lite’s, carrying water for special interests, pushing failed supply side ignorance (see: Kansas), championing voodoo economics and predatory privatization schemes (see: D-D-Dave Heinemen’s attempt to privatize the state foster care system; Pete Ricketts growing cluster%&ck within HHS – Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Sam Brownback.. hell, every Republican Governor in America in the last 4 decades).

      Is Vigdor’s study credible? Hell, I don’t know. Some fellow researchers say yes, some no.

      But one thing is certain and it’s borne out in the following, oft replicated study:
      “Low Wages Cost U.S. Taxpayers $152.8 Billion Each Year in Public Support for Working Families”

      So pick your poison.
      Would you rather:
      1) McDonald’s customers pay $2.69, instead of $2.49 for a Happy Meal, with that extra 20 cents insuring each employee can earn a living wage?
      – OR –
      2) Would prefer to continue to pick up the tab for the Medicaid, SNAP and housing assistance for which full time 40+ hour/week McDonald’s employee qualifies?

      $1.59 or $1.69 for your Nacho Cheese Doritos Loco Taco?

      88 cents, or 95 cents for that loaf of bread at Walmart?

      By the way, for all who are giddy about that minimum wage UW study, here’s another analysis by that very same Jacob L. Vigdor, penned for the Dallas Morning News:
      “Despite what Trump and others say, the Mexican border is secure”

  2. Ian Swanson says:

    Jerry, it was a pleasure having you on! Thanks for making time for The American Way.
    Dems make a lot about the “Civil War” in the GOP but they’re in the midst of their own as well: Berniecrats and Hillary-supporters, etc. — Doesn’t bode well for their efforts to retake a statewide race in 2018!

  3. The Eye Ball says:

    About the Sasse vs GOP Trump supporters, does anyone understand how upset Cruz supporters are over how Trump treated Cruz? Does anyone realize the primary season went on far too long? Apparently the GOP still does not understand a bulk of conservatives.

    • anon says:

      Cruz is a good man but could not, or anyone else, have won. Ben Sasse is nobody but an establishment metro newbie malcontent that picked the wrong horse

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Cruz is a good man but could not have won.”

        It’s an interesting proposition for two reasons:

        1. It implies that Clinton was not the deeply flawed, unlikable political insider that the Trump supporters have been (correctly) depicting her as since the election…and that she was only beaten by a far superior, much stronger candidate. (***GUFFAW***)

        2. It implies that a large contingent of the people who voted for Trump only voted for him because he IS Trump…that they’re part of a similar ‘cult of personality’ as the Obama supporters they’ve criticized for years. And that, as a result, they wouldn’t have turned out to vote for a candidate with a strong and long-lasting record as a conservative…because they’re less interested in beating the Democrats politically, and more interested in having someone to badmouth them publicly.

        Either way, it doesn’t say much for Trump or his supporters.

  4. Sparkles says:

    Seems invertebrate chameleon Ted doesn’t share his supporters disdain for The Donald.

    I can only assume you’ve missed the dozen or so articles marveling about how Donny Two Scoops and Teddy ‘The Craven’ Cruz are now all buddy-buddy.

    Yep, your boy Teddy’s been pulling curly little butterscotch blonde hairs out from his teeth for months now.

  5. Semi-Insider says:

    Is it true Danielle Nantkes/Conrad is going to challenge Jane Kleeb for director of the state Dem party? This weekend we overheard her Conrad’s friends say how Conrad feels Kleeb is doing a lousy job and that she says was considering pushing Kleeb out. I’ve also heard talk of Mello knocking out Kleeb.

    • anon says:

      Kleeb isn’t the problem, when all you got is Mello and Ashford. You need more than midtown Omaha, Lincoln, and ex legislature hacks, might as well run Battiato or Jerram

    • Oracle says:

      What secrecy? A full accounting of NDP Finances has been delivered at each State Central Committee meeting since Jane became chair. Unlike previous chairs which only gave bank balances to the board and nothing else.

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