The Wheels Down Politics Show – Sam Fischer & Dave Boomer of the Mayor Stothert re-election campaign

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Sam Fischer

Jerry Kratochvil chats with Sam Fischer and Dave Boomer, campaign manager and communications director respectively, for Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s successful re-election campaign.

Sam, Dave, and Jerry discuss…

  • Primary night,
  • the Taylor Royal effect,
  • the Bernie Sanders visit,
  • the Scott Walker visit,
  • the Heath Mello message,
  • and their outstanding candidate, Mayor Jean Stothert,

…among other things in this wrap-up of the 2017 Omaha Mayor’s race.

Dave Boomer (with Mayor Jean Stothert)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have no time to listen this morning, Street Sweeper. But would I need to, in order to get the gist of what you’re selling: Republicans GOOD, Democrats BAD!

  2. Sparkles says:

    It’s like stepping into the Twilight Zone.
    The podcast starts out with Sweep and Fischer spending 3 minutes assuring listeners that the number 44 is in fact greater than the number 41.

    “A lot of people looked at it as if we lost the primary. Sam, what did you think…”

    “Well, we didn’t lose the primary.. ..the fact of the matter is we never lost the primary”

    You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And who can forget the wide margins of Congressman Lee Terry’s victories with Boomer on board……
    Give credit where credit is due to the candidate who went door to door relentlessly. Their strategy was some of the worst and they got lucky to have a tireless canidate who wanted to win despite it. Sorry boys. She scored the win.

    • A) Boomer’s a rock-star. The stories we could tell about his effectiveness (but alas, may not). And he won’t say it, but without him, Lee Terry lost.
      B) Agreed that having the superior candidate is ALWAYS the difference…
      C) …but the strategy for the candidate, all around, was solid and effective and proven by the results.

      Not clear why you’ve chosen to hammer the campaign, but the simple fact is you’ve got zilch to hang your hat on, you’re wrong, and you know it.

      And thanks for listening/reading.

  4. Yep says:

    At @ 26 minutes in, the trio mock’s the Mello camp for trying to ‘nationalize’ the race by bringing in Bernie Sanders, discussing affordable healthcare for all and on occasion pointing to GOP/Trump blunders.

    The admonishment voiced by Fischer and shared by Boomer is: “All politics is local, always is”.

    Which of course, is why the Stothert campaign (i.e., Fischer and Boomer) brought Scott Walker to Omaha.
    It’s why Stothert supporters spent significant sums saturating Omaha’s airwaves with unflattering images of Nancy Pelosi and attacks on Bernie Sanders.
    And god only knows how many stories and images of Nancy Pelosi have graced this blog over the last few months.

    It’s infantile.
    And, it’s beyond me how the image of an exceptionally intelligent, supremely accomplished woman can inspire such visceral hate in a population.

    And it’s for this same reason one of the GOP’s most prominent Super PACs, the Congressional Leadership Fund, just announced that leading into the 2018 midterms, they will spend $100 million, blanketing congressional districts throughout the nation with Pelosi-focused attack ads:
    “Nancy Pelosi will be front and center in the millions of dollars we’re going to spend over the next two years across the country.”

    Because ya know – “All politics is local, always is”.

    • Please check me if I’m wrong, but when during the Mayor’s race did anyone cite Nancy Pelosi?

      But if you’re talking about, “how the image of an exceptionally intelligent, supremely accomplished woman can inspire such visceral hate in a population…” let’s go back to the CAMPAIGN WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE.

      I’ve got the screenshots, “Yep”, of the numerous times people wrote “F**K STOTHERT!” or a variation on it on Twitter, Facebook and the like. (Though not all, mind you, as I only have a 1 TB drive.) The idea that you, and Jane Kleeb very specifically (more on that tomorrow), throw around that the GOP somehow hates women is a terrific laugh. With the Nebraska Democrats’ record of non-support of women in office, you know that none of it holds true, and it is in fact Nebraska GOP women who are leading in the state.

      Face facts: voters in Nebraska don’t like Nancy Pelosi’s politics. They don’t like Hillary’s politics. But there are plenty of Republicans’ politics they do like. And many of those Republican office holders just happen to be women.

      And thanks for reading/listening.

    • Nope says:

      Stothert’s campaign never used any images of or mentioned Pelosi or Sanders in their advertising. Yep’s claims are not true.

  5. Unfathomable says:

    Just a sample:
    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Jun 27
    So they caught Fake News CNN cold, but what about NBC, CBS & ABC? What about the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost? They are all Fake News!

    This follows retweets by your president promoting ‘Fox & Friends’ appearances by Mark Levin and Sean Hannity.

    Something has gone seriously awry in our nation.
    How can sane Republicans idly sit by and watch their president take to the twitter everyday, inviting the world to watch as he grabs hands full of sh*t and rubs it in his hair?

    Go look at his twitter feed and honestly tell me what you’re looking at is somehow not the delusional ramblings of an unbalanced mind.

    Yet, not a peep from GOP Senators or Congressmen/ladies. Wholesale complicity.

    • ever notice, how far on the wrong side you are says:

      Because it isn’t about persona but about effectiveness and the right policies.

      I see Obama the messiah and let his hair down and is becoming firmly entrenched in the 1%. You folks couldn’t even read him right.

  6. Mom at Home says:

    But nothing, absolutely nothing, can touch the hate displayed by the Leadership Team under the Supervision of Jane Kleeb at the NEDP, following the attempted massacre of a number of Republican Members of Congress that will simply having baseball Practice.

    Get your house in order.

    • Unfathomable says:

      Quite the comparison.
      Unlike a the GOP’s concerted effort by highly paid professionals with 100’s of millions of dollars at their disposal and a campaign apparatus of national scale – the ‘team’ to which you refer consists of two people. Both are names unrecognizable to 99.97% of Nebraska democrats.
      Of those two people, one can be solely credited for choice to do the right thing, in exposing of the other.
      If not for her, the offense to which you speak would remain unknown to this day.
      And for this offense the NEDP immediately removed the offender from office.

      House in order.

      Your turn.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile….back at the ranch, Nebraska’s own little U.S. Senator was on radio babbling like a brook while the host sucked up about how hard the senator is working for Nebraskans.

    • no one to point to says:

      Yes, but shouldn’t you be highlighting the accomplishments of Nebraska’s democrat US Senator? Or congress person?

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Well she’s not working hard enough! The 40% federal SPED match is currently only being met at 15% according to Betsy DeVos! Plus Fischer and her Republican colleagues want to strip Medicaid from public schools (which pays for SPED therapies and equipment). I know Fischer’s ‘heart” in this matter because I have her voting record on SPED legislation while in the unicam; she doesn’t give a damn about the disabled…

      bynd, see: “A Little Noticed Target in the House Health Bill,” May 3, 2017. And you know bynd, the Senate version would have stripped even more Medicaid dollars, but even the Republicans are unwilling to vote on that mess! And this: “Teachers Concerned AHCA Could Hurt SPED Programs in School,” May 4, 2017.
      bynd, you should also check out “How the ACA is Helping Children With Special Needs and Their Families,” Sept. 27, 2016.

  8. Billy says:

    At the KFAB debate Mello was really unaware of city procedures with gaps in how he was going to get here from there. Stothert spelled it out. She does have command of issues. I think until she laid out the streetcar position it was a problem, it is a costly bad idea.

  9. Mom at Home says:

    My Dear Unfathomable,

    No they did not. They fired the guy the real despicable Black Caucus Chair tried to BLACKMAIL. Thanks for playing.

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