Giving the finger

Ashford takes part in First Class sit-in

Earlier this week, Leavenworth St. that the Congressional Leadership Fund issued results of a poll showing Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi’s low disapproval ratings in key Congressional Districts around the country.

Specifically, it noted that of 11 “swing” Districts polled, Nebraska’s 2nd District had the worst numbers for Pelosi — 60% disapproval.

So how did Nebraska Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb respond to reporter Joe Jordan’s question about Pelosi being a “drag”?

“She is not a drag at all. I think when the Republican Party attacks a strong woman and a mother mocking her and trying to villainize her it says more about their feelings on women.”

And it should be clear that when Kleeb and her Democrat buddies go to the “strong woman” card, she is flailing about on her rudderless ship.

How do Nebraska Republicans feel about actual strong women?

Oh I don’t know, maybe we could ask, Nebraska’s Senior U.S. Senator Deb Fischer?

Or maybe the Mayor of it’s largest city, Jean Stothert?

Then we could talk to the Mayor of it’s 3rd largest city (not including Memorial Stadium, of course) Rita Sanders in Bellevue.

How about the only woman on the Omaha City Council, Republican Aimee Melton?

And we could all go on and on through every level of government in Nebraska, talking to strong REPUBLICAN women.

As for the Democrats?

Well we know that the hard-core state Democrats, like Jane, chose an old white man over their female candidate in the state caucuses.

While there was already a female candidate in the 2nd District, another old white male Democrat re-treaded the campaign tires for his campaign.

And women in the state party, such as FORMER Democrat Central Committee member Linda Anderson, are leaving the party hierarchy because of the issues the leadership has with continually propping up “white, male, lawyers”, as she put it.

Heck, after much fanfare about a second woman running for Congress in the 2nd, Brad Ashford’s wife didn’t even issue a press release saying that she decided not to run — leaving it to Brad to start spouting off about wanting just keep running for office.

Yes Jane, there is a problem with one of Nebraska’s parties and strong female elected officials.

And it would be wise of you to start fixing that problem the Nebraska Democrats clearly have.


First-Class Brad

Which leads us back to Brad Ashford.

Here is Jane Kleeb worrying that the GOP can’t support Nancy Pelosi…when her own candidates can’t decide whether they support her!

Ashford responded to the Pelosi-drag poll with his finger in the air about whether or not he would AGAIN vote for her for Speaker:

“I haven’t gotten to that in my head, deciding what I’d do.”

Gee Brad, what is it you have against “strong women”???

Brad calls his support of Nancy Pelosi, “inside baseball”.

Well, no, this is something voters would like to actually know about a candidate: where they stand on the issues, and who they support driving the agenda in Washington. Heck, this is particularly the case in the House, where the Speaker decides what does and does not get done.

So here’s the deal Brad:

We will just assume that your past support for Nancy Pelosi — voting for her for Speaker, having her to Omaha for a private dinner-date — means that you STILL support her, and her agenda.

Unless you feel that breeze chill your finger, and you change your mind.

We still remember when you told voters you didn’t know what party you were in, or when you suggested you might vote Jeb Bush for President.

We realize you’ll do anything to get re-elected.



And just to round things out, hey LJS Editorial Board, you might need a visit from the boys at Project Veritas, after your recent editorial.

They suggested that because Senator Deb Fischer didn’t want the loony-bins from Betsy Riot and Indivisible Nebraska disrupting her campaign announcement in Lincoln, that it encourages a feeling of non-accessibility.

LJS, when you write this garbage, it encourages a feeling of dishonesty in the media.

You know, I know and everyone knows that events like this are private, and you can exclude anyone you want.

AND, Deb Fischer has been holding Town Halls throughout her Senate career.

She is accessible to all of her constituents at any official function.

It’d be nice if you cut the crap.



And have a great weekend!

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  1. Gerard Harbison says:

    How about the misogynist you ran for President? We’ve seen how he advocates dealing with strong women. In particular, he seems to be unable to stay away from the subject of women’s blood. I don’t even want an inkling of why that is.

    If Fischer didn’t want dissenters at her campaign event, she shouldn’t have given them tickets to attend.

  2. Bluejay says:

    1. Clueless Jane Kleeb is a gift to the Republican Party. Still waiting for her to answer the legit question – under oath – of whether she gets paid by Russia or OPEC. Stopping KXL benefits Russia and OPEC. Does Jane have a bitcoin account? Is she a US person who has had contact with foreign agents? Did Susan Rice unmask her? Or is Kleeb just a useful idiot? Given Kleeb’s history, I vote for useful idiot. Anyone who believes in the global warming scam and is not getting paid is not too bright.

    2. The LJS just wants to generate controversy and clicks. The parent of LJS actually did go bankrupt.

  3. Blood Blood Everywhere says:

    The President is a Class Act (sarcasm). SS should share if he agrees or disagrees with the President’s attitude towards women. So far the silence is deafening.

    • Sparkles says:

      One can pretty easily surmise where SS’s alliance might fall.
      If you’ll recall, LStreet frequently called to account Bill Kintner for his serial misogyny.

      Oh, wait…

      Party before country.
      At all times, in every circumstance, party before country.

    • Shake my head says:

      Not sure what SS thinks, but the amount of coverage Sen. Sasse received tweeting his thoughts should be enough of a Nebraska link for a Nebraska political blog.

      Honestly, I expect more from POTUS. POTUS should be someone who can inspire children..

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah! Well said….afterall Senator Sasse is the one who has the image of him standing on his head for his Twitter feed….so, so dignified and refined to those he serves. Then there are those images of him in his running attire with Senators in suits. Refinement to the hilt. Stick a microphone in front of Ben to badmouth Trump and the media is sure to walk away with a score. Funny how that works when you are positioning your next romp for office. HELLLLOOOOOO Iowa, how are ya?

  4. Sparkles says:

    “She (Fischer) is accessible to all of her constituents at any official function.”

    Cause ya see, NEgoobers, a statewide tour, where you officially announce your intention to run for for public office, surrounded by a phalanx of elected officials, isn’t an “official function”.

    From Wikipedia:
    “An official function is either an event, such as a convention, that has an official purpose for one’s employment, vocation or profession-whether run by a person, institution or governmental agency-or an official duty..
    ..Official duties are those performed to facilitate the achievement of one’s assignments as an employee.”

    Even the private confabs Deb frequently attends, events vastly outnumber her townhalls, are “official functions”.

    And please enlighten me – when exactly was it that you who comprise the Republican base abandoned a representative Republic?
    When was it that Republican’s abandoned Lincoln’s stirring commitment to a nation – of the people, by the people, for the people?
    The modern GOP has tossed aside that solemn pledge in favor of a nation; of the Benjamins, by the Benjamins, for the Benjamins.
    It’s evident in every policy proposal and every special interest-crafted bill you (somehow?!) blindly support. One need look no further than your ‘healthcare’ bill for the damning proof.

  5. Oracle says:

    You know, I know and everyone knows that events like this are private, and you can exclude anyone you want.

    Keep repeating that lie, SS. It’s a proven strategy to keep low-information voters in your R club. Not good for the country, but as Sparkles says: “party always before country”.

    The event was advertised as a PUBLIC event and tickets were available online for this PUBLIC event. People arrived for this PUBLIC event with tickets, but were turned away.

    Not a Bluejay, as far as KXL is concerned, google “Environmentalists Accidentally Win Keystone XL Fight”.

      • Oracle says:

        Proving again you are too big of an idiot to have attended any school with the word “Creighton” in it.

        The MJ post refers to an article from the “liberal” Wall Street Journal that is behind their firewall. Maybe if you’d actually look at the post instead of making a judgement based on the URL you wouldn’t look so stupid.

      • Then, there's that says:

        “TransCanada will just export the oil to China.”

        Umm.. nope.
        China has recently imposed a stiff tax on toxic, highly polluting, expensive to refine bitumen (tars sands) blends.
        In 2016 their consumption of bitumen blended fuel fell by 72.5% year on year. The continued imposition of stiff taxes on it’s use is expected to drive demand down even further.

        Oil refiners, domestic and foreign, are much less interested in toxic Canadian tar sands. It has become economically unattractive (you know.. that whole free market stuff?)
        And in case you weren’t aware, those tar sands can only be shipped to destinations capable of refining the bitumen (tar sands) that come from Canada.
        Canada is incapable of refining their own own tar sands. They have no plants capable of doing so and it’s not economically feasible for them to build one. To refine tar sands requires a massive investment in an array of equipment and a specialized plant.
        Louisiana and Houston have such plants as does China. But even the Chinese now recognize that the ability to leave your house without a gas mask is, generally, a good thing.

      • Tawian says:

        And now we believe everything China states.

        DVD pirates running rampant in China
        Reel China: With the Chinese government essentially looking the other way, major Hollywood films can be had on the cheap in Beijing and beyond within days of their theatrical release.

        How’s that working out for Hollywood and Nashville?

      • Bluejay says:

        I suppose that Canadian oil can be exported to Venezuela and refined there. Turns out that socialism has nearly killed the oil production business in that country.

        Again, any person foolish enough to believe in the CAGW scam deserves the likes of Kleeb as their leader.

      • Then there's that says:

        Venezuela is home to one the largest reserves of tar sands in the world.

        I’m trying to figure out how it might be economically feasible for TransCanada to mine tar sands in northeast Alberta, Canada, transport those heavy tar sands via heated, pressurized pipe, 2925 miles across the United States – paying royalties to every land owner along the way and taxes to every state – all the way to Port Arthur, Texas. In Texas the toxic sludge is extracted from the pipeline to be shipped to and loaded on tankers. Tankers that will transport it another ship 2194 miles (as the crow flies) to Caracas, Venezuela, where is is again unloaded and stored as the heavy sludge awaits the expensive process of refining before it is then loaded back on to a tanker for shipment across the globe, to China.

        Come on, Bluejay. The gig is up.
        You and bynd have got to be closely related.
        The original brothers Darrell and Darrell, am I right?

      • Bluejay says:


        Landowners don’t receive a royalty for ever bbl that passes through their property. Where did you get that? Dead wrong. The easement payment is all the Nebraska property owner gets.

        TransCanada is just the pipeline; not the owner of the oil. It is paid a fee for transport. And be assured that thousands of manhours have been expended to project a reasonable rate of return before billions are spent.

        You know nothing about the oil business. Are you Jane Kleeb. Jane Kleeb: Useful idiot or Russian agent, you decide.

      • Bluejay says:


        Venezuela may well have oil sands deposits but it can’t even extract the easy oil because it is broke. Socialism, donchaknow.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        “Again, any person foolish enough to believe in the CAGW scam deserves the likes of Kleeb as their leader.”

        Yeah, damn that pesky science. Burn the witches!

        I don’t want Jane Kleeb or the NDP as my leader. But I don’t want a science-denying moron either. Don’t make me choose between them.

  6. Semi-Insider says:

    The Lincoln Journal Star is going out of business within two to three years. So their crap will soon be cut…

    • Livin' Large says:

      You need to crawl outside of that Semi, it’s clearly affecting your brain.

      (is your Semi parked, per chance, down by the river?)

      • Semi-Insider says:

        Livin’ Large can’t see his own feet or the fact the newspaper industry is dead.

        Meanwhile, cutbacks are coming to Journal Star in next six months, say insiders. Can’t wait!

      • Livin' Large says:

        Dec 27, 2016, from NPR:
        “Big Newspapers Are Booming: ‘Washington Post’ To Add 60”

        In case you’re unaware (in case.. ha!) Lee Enterprises, based in Davenport, Iowa, publishes the Lincoln Journal Star.
        Dec 12, 2016, Wisconsin State Journal:
        “for the full fiscal year, the Davenport, Iowa, newspaper publishing company’s profits rose 50 percent..
        For the full 2016 fiscal year, Lee reported profits of $36 million, or 64 cents a diluted share, on revenue of $614.4 million compared with $24.3 million in profits, or 43 cents a diluted share, on revenue of $648.5 million for the 2015 fiscal year.
        Lee reduced its debt by $108.7 million in fiscal 2016, decreasing interest costs by $8.2 million..
        “In 2016, our enterprises ranked among industry leaders in revenue and operating performance,” Kevin Mowbray, president and CEO, said in a written statement.”

        It never ceases to amaze me how little the (vocal) right knows about the world around them.
        Trump attacks the ‘failing media’, and the angry little trumpkins all scramble obediently fall into line. Goose stepping in unison with their beloved Hair GropenFuhrer.

  7. Millennial voter says:

    A plug for Project Veritas, run by a felon propagandist who set up meetings under false pretenses, mischaracterize their intentions, and selectively edits their footage for maximum effect, is viewed by as a reputable journalistic source. This is your Republican Party, ladies and gentlemen!

    • Charlie Sheen says:

      You mean the party that holds the House, Senate, Presidency, 32 state legislatures and 31 governorship?

      • Millennial voter says:

        So why can’t Republicans get any meaningful legislation onto the president’s desk?

      • millennials, guppys in a shark tank says:

        And while your focus is on the one hand, the other is stealing you blind.

        I’ll bet you watch the collusion investigations everyday also.

        If that is all you are watching, you’re missing all the important stuff. But what else can we expect.

      • Millennial voter says:

        Bynd, can you tell me what meaningful legislation Donald Trump has signed into law?

      • what really matters says:


        S1094, H.J.Res. 66, H.J. Res. 67, H.J. Res 43, S.J Res. 34, H.J Res 57, H.J Res. 58, H.R. 657, S 544, H.R. 353,

        But then legislation is but one aspect of what a party is doing. If that is your only measure, you certainly are a low information voter. And I see that your slide into partisanship continues. When you can’t determine what is really important, and discern what is good and bad from both parties, you become just another cog in the wheel who supports the continuation of our dysfunctional political system.

        Congratulations, you have become another non thinking airhead.

      • Crap Detector says:

        Poor bynd. He’s home all alone during our very long week-end Independence Day celebrations. He has nothing to do but troll L St. looking for victims to insult. Name-calling is band’s forte. I’ll help you Millennial Voter. You understand of course that resolutions are not legislation but in the Land of Trump they are a very fine substitute. So evidently bynd has been impressed by all the signing ceremonies he’s been viewing and thinking Trump is ‘winning.” Bynd must not think that “what really matters” is health care and tax reform, which, I’m assuming by your tongue in cheek queries, is what really matters to you.

      • crap fried the detectors brain cells says:

        Crap sallower,

        “He’s home all alone during our very long week-end Independence Day celebrations. He has nothing to do but troll L St. ” RFLMBO, the utter fatuousness of that statement by the one who wrote it by sitting at home and waiting for me to post is hilarious.

        And hey, it is great to know you have absolutely no problem with the Res. As your messiah, Obama, now your .1% leader demonstrated so ably, you don’t need legislation to make an impact.

        But it helps when the legislative side is on board.

        More examples why you folks have loss so much and will keep on doing so. You can’t even tell when you are slamming yourself.

        And if it offends you so much, why are you still here and replying to me? Because you can’t stay away. You can’t be away from my postings even during a holiday weekend. You need to stop huffing the crap fumes.

      • Millennial voter says:

        bynd, did you even look up what any of those “accomplishments” are? This took 5 minutes of Google and copy/pasting:

        S. 1094: Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017. PROTECTING LEAKERS

        H.J.Res.66: The rule describes circumstances in which state payroll deduction savings programs with automatic enrollment would not give rise to the establishment of employee pension benefit plans under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 [ERISA]. WOW.

        H.J.Res.67: “The amendment expands the regulation beyond states to cover qualified state political subdivisions and their programs that otherwise comply with the regulation.” MORE REGULATION

        H.J.Res.43: This joint resolution nullifies a Department of Health and Human Services rule regarding subrecipients of family planning grants. SO GROUNDBREAKING THAT AN ALL REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT PASSED THIS

        S.J.Res.34: This joint resolution nullifies the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission entitled “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services.

        H.J.Res.57: This joint resolution nullifies the rule finalized by the Department of Education on November 29, 2016, relating to accountability and state plans under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

        H.J.Res.58: This joint resolution nullifies the “Teacher Preparation Issues” rule finalized by the Department of Education on October 31, 2016. The rule implements requirements related to assessing the quality of teacher preparation programs under title II (Teacher Quality Enhancement) of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

        H.R.657: This bill extends the prohibition against a person taking, failing to take, or threatening to take or fail to take a personnel action against any employee or applicant for employment for refusing to obey an order that would require the individual to violate a law to personnel actions against such an individual for refusing to obey an order that would violate a rule or regulation. MORE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION

        S.544: This bill amends the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 to eliminate the August 7, 2017, sunset date for the Veterans Choice Program, thus allowing the program to operate until all of the money in the Veterans Choice Fund is expended. MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING

        H.R. 353: Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017
        115th Congress (2017-2018) LOL

        “Congratulations, you have become another non thinking airhead.”

      • ignorance can be cured says:


        Well I can’t really call you an airhead because you have no concept of how important those rules are. So for now, we’ll just leave it at ignorant. Which is good, since stupid can not be cured. There is still hope for you. But the direction you are going, there is little hope.

        And quite frankly I have no desire to spend any more of my time trying to explain any of it to you. You’ve already turned into a partisan and talking to them is like talking to a slug.

        Although it could be, you are just to damn lazy to research any of it.

        Or maybe you can work for the government, talk to a vet or Fed union guy and see how important those things are. But that would require effort. I don’t see you doing that either.

        My money is on lazy.

      • Millennial voter says:

        Bynd, please explain the importance of those rules, and why they are hallmarks of the Trump presidency.

      • hope says:


        After you have read today’s OWH editorial on Federal agencies, Congress must rein in regulations.

        You need the foundation before you can build the house.

    • Grifting Obtuse People says:

      Of course you can’t mention Project Veritas without noting their copy cat counterparts,
      the fictitious Center for Medical Progress. The folks behind the Planned Parenthood fakery.

      How many was it again… oh yes.. 15.
      In March, prosecutors filed 15 felony charges against the two anti-abortion activists, David Robert Daleiden and Sandra Susan Merritt.

      Yet, these two were praised by the Republican party and heralded by the right wing media.
      For months the Republicans held widely publicized hearings in the House Judiciary committee.
      A nationally televised GOP Kabuki Theatre, a show so fiery, CongressFolk so exercised it would’ve made Jimmy Swaggart, or P.T. Barnum blush.

      • your blatant double standard says:

        Weren’t these charges filed before and dismissed?

        And they have been convicted of how many?

        didn’t you say HRC was innocent, and Bill because they were not convicted? So who cares but you?

      • Grifting Obtuse People says:

        blatant stupid, standard –

        Please remind us how many felony charges were lodged against HRC in her four decades in politics.

        We’ll wait.

      • another progressive revelation says:

        That was the point einstein. One gold star for the Obtuse brain dead.

        You been huffing crap fumes with the rest of the snowflakes?

  8. quaint and amusing says:

    It is amusing the labels, NEgroobers, that the stupid American Gruberites put on folks now days. His words not mine. He is after all an MIT guy.

    And the focus of the progressive’s sayings have now changed. It is no longer party before country. Ir is now more appropriate to say, “partying with the .1% after screwing the 99% of your ex country.

    Now the government has to bail out Rahm.

    And what do you call a female misogynist? Kleeb? The leader of TOWP. The old white male party of Nebraska.

    “And please enlighten me – when exactly was it that you who comprise the Republican base abandoned a representative Republic?” Asks the spokesperson for the party that lost the election because of identity politics.

    Which begs the question of what is a representative republic? “Representative democracy (also indirect democracy, representative republic, or psephocracy) is a type of democracy founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people, as opposed to direct democracy. (Note the term group of people and not all the people.)

    And a politician who cavorts on the computer with a sex professional practices serial misogyny. While a porn loving professor around all those nubile co eds is a normal male. Isn’t porn the height of misogyny?

      • who cares what you think? says:

        Unless I talked snowflake blather. Then I could be the NDP chairperson if I identified as anything but a male.

        And you would bow at my feet and lick my boots. Although I am pretty sure I would not want your drool on my boots. And they are work boots!

      • progressive perversions says:

        Exactly a day ago, you asked a hick question with redneck overtones. If you don’t know, ask mommy and daddy if you can watch.

  9. Skip says:

    Great plan by Sasse, the one that the guy who he has been disparaging day one. A plan mired in the safe space, the swamp, establishment genius, complete with the gym rat snark

  10. Silence of the Lambs says:

    Hey all you faux f**king freedom lovers and constitution loving ‘patriots’.
    Where’s your rebel cry about Donald Trump and Kris Kobach’s insidious demand that every state turn over to Trump and Kobach all publicly available voter roll data, including the full names of all registered voters along with their addresses, dates of birth, the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, their voting history and other personal information.
    A demand driven by the lunatic delusion that millions of illegals are flooding our polling booths. A request borne of mental instability and a childlike fixation by Trumplethinskin on a loss to Hillary Clinton of the popular vote.

    Imagine the armored up, flag waving howler monkeys that would have taken to the streets on this 4th of July weekend – locked and loaded – if Obama had made such a request.
    Imagine the call to arms from hate mongers like Sean Hannity, Alex Jones and Limbaugh.

    Fortunately, as of Friday, 27 states had already raised objections and pushed back against the demand.
    And fortunately, there are even a handful of sane Republicans out there willing to stand up and push back. Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a Republican, said of Kobach’s letter: “My reply would be: They can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico, and Mississippi is a great state to launch from. Mississippi residents should celebrate Independence Day and our state’s right to protect the privacy of our citizens..”

    Yet among the Trump horde, not a peep.

    • OMG! says:

      more hypocritical blather,

      Much like the complaint snowflakes who said little about Obama’s NSA who ramped up intelligence gathering on US citizens. Don’t forget his Big Data Research and Development Initiative.

      Do you have something new and valid to get rabid about?

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        I’m sorry, you flunked.

        Someone who actually believed in the Constitution would know the Federal Government’s only role in apportioning representation is in conducting the census. They have no business poring through voter rolls.

        And if the secretaries of state wanted Putin to have the rolls, they could always mail them directly to the Kremlin, and eliminate the middle-man.

      • college edmucated says:

        Gerard, have you retired? Your brain seems to be malfunctioning more and more.
        Of course we have had no proof that the intelligence community in particular, and the government in general, has stayed strictly with in the bounds of the law. I guess in your academically protected world you think government resides within the law.

        You been huffing crap fumes with the snowflakes?

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        College edumacated:

        Apply for a refund. (Or you may be covered by the Trump U class-action settlement.

        Obama is no longer president, except for living rent free in Trump’s head. No, I don’t like the erosion of privacy under Obama. I’ve been protesting the NSA’s policies since Snowden’s revelations.

      • Silence of the Lambs says:

        Is your individual vote now a matter of public record?
        Your date of birth?
        The last 4 digits of you S.S.#?

        The government’s primary responsibility is the protection of the citizenry.
        I fully expect my government to protect myself and my family from miscreants like Kris Kobach and the reprobate, underworld ganglanders who have long associated with Donny ‘Two Scoops’ Trump.

        ‘Listen up good Joey (Scarborough) cause here’s the deal – you and your little lady friend Mika da Mouse, are gonna call up Donny Two Scoops and grovel to him like the little bitches you are. It’s that, or Donny’s gonna give the nod to have his long time pal, David ‘Super Tiny’ Pecker, run a nasty hit piece on ya’s in his paper, the National Enquirer.”

      • huge sigh of exasperation says:

        “it breaks down the separation of federalism”

        Yep, that has never happened.

      • logic, you l.eft home without it says:

        Stupidity of the lambs,

        Yes the government has none of that info now.

      • Sparkles says:

        It’s like my Pappy used to say;
        I’d rather have a bottle in front o’ me, than a frontal lobotomy.

  11. Ya don't say says:

    From Business Insider:
    “Harvard law professor: If the White House threatened ‘Morning Joe’ hosts with a National Enquirer story, it’s a crime”
    That statute, 18 US Code 872, says: “Whoever, being an officer, or employee of the United States or any department or agency thereof, or representing himself to be or assuming to act as such, under color or pretense of office or employment commits or attempts an act of extortion, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned.”

  12. Gerard Harbison says:

    BTW. check out Trump’s press conference with Buzz Aldrin. Buzz is notoriously a bit of a flake, but he sounded sane and stable, compared with the lunatic. And here’s a synopsis:

    l“I know what this is,” Trump said. “Space!”

    Beside him, Aldrin chimed in with a quote from the astronaut character Buzz Lightyear from the movie “Toy Story.”

    “Infinity and beyond!” Aldrin said.

    Everyone laughed.

    Then Trump added some lines of his own.

    “This is infinity here,” he said. “It could be infinity. We don’t really don’t know. But it could be. It has to be something — but it could be infinity, right?”

    You deranged idiots elected this moron.

    • it's not my fault says:

      changing your tune,

      “You deranged idiots elected this moron.”

      You use to rightfully believe we did is we didn’t elect HRC. Trump was the only alternative, he won by default. Since you libertarians can’t seem to get your act together either. You sound more like a progressive every day, it isn’t your fault, it is some one else.

      The morons are the Dems who thought they had a lock with HRC.

      Maybe if folks spent more time on putting up electable people rather than foaming at the mouth about carrot top they might actually accomplish something.

      But this is the system you help build ever since you were bestowed the right to vote in this country. You frittered away any chance at meaningful impact for a failed ideology. Sounds moronic to me. just sayn,

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        There were several candidates you could have voted for. You voted for the worst. Claiming there were only two choices is simply conceding your democratic choice to other people.

        HRC wasn’t my choice. But I didn’t turn her into the creepy devil incarnate you chumps were scared of. She wouldn’t have embarrassed the nation daily with moronic tweets. She would have actually made some appointees.

        You guys are genuinely creepy. Trump wasn’t elected by the right. He was elected by the stupid.

        The reason I sound ‘progressive’ to you is I don’t have a stick up my ass about gay marriage and similar social issues. You have this confused with actual libertarianism.

      • an obvious waste of an education says:


        You have inserted yourself into the our election system better than most partisans who have been in it longer than you. That’s quite and accomplishment. But not one to be proud of.

        If the object was to not let one person get elected, you can’t accomplish that goal by splitting the votes against her between 3 or more other candidates. I realize you are not a math prof. but even those you call stupid figured that one out. Are you smarter than a stupid person? Appears not.

        Wow, moronic tweets. How about a president that can’t get a security clearance because she acted recklessly with classified info? Or, how about all those emails. You should have read them to see the true character of HRC and the head Democrats. Had they run a fair honest primary, more than likely, Bernie would have been the nominee. Even Biden said HRC was the wrong candidate. Or hey, take the time to go talk to some folks from Arkansas and see what they have to say about the Clintons. Truth is Gerard, she was worse than anyone thought, except those who really knew what a witch she was.

        And now we see you like big government. Not very libertarian. Has the government stopped functioning because political patronage has not bee used to fill positions that have little to no purpose? Have you heard of which part of government can’t function because an unqualified appointee of the president is present. Please enlighten us on the impact of no one being appointed to those positions.

        So, you have gay marriage stuck up your ass? I voted against the Nebraska Doma act. In fact, as opposed to your non libertarian ideology of government regulating marriage that you seem to have, I don’t believe government should even be involved in marriage. Let the government stick to contract law and the private sector stick to personal and private relationships between individuals, or animals or even fish. I don’t care, but it does seem to upset you greatly.

        So let’s see, are you smarter than a stupid non libertarian? It would seem you have a lot to learn from the stupid on exactly what your ideology really should be.

        The stupid are those like you who give up your ability to reason, for your feelings of hate. And you certainly are not smarter than those who voted. Even those who voted for Trump.

        And by the way, edumactaed was a purposeful misspelling. Wow, how could an up to date, with it and cool guy like you not know that? And with that, it appears you would have flunked out of Trump U.

        Have a nice 4th of July. For safety’s sake, I would suggest you not play with fireworks:)

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        My object was not to defeat HRC at all costs. My object was to elect the best possible candidate. That wasn’t HRC, and it certainly wasn’t Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, I was faculty advisor to ‘Students for Rubio’. If Rubio, or for that matter Cruz or Fiorina or several of the other candidates had been the nominee, I’d have voted for them.

        The impact of the failure to nominate people for positions is paralyzing the State Department. It’s also holding up much of Trump’s agenda.

        The President doesn’t need a security clearance. Several of his top advisors shouldn’t have one, because they’re in bed with an enemy of the United States. But they do. Hopefully, they’ll just use them to profit corruptly, rather than actually betray us.

        No, HRC wasn’t worse than anyone thought. She was incompetent in choosing to run her own mail server, and had a super-delegate advantage over communist Bernie. We knew about her mixed record as SoS. We knew her (relatively centrist) politics. She was just as bad as some of us thought. We knew that well before the election. What she wasn’t was a witch, or a narcissistic lunatic, or Lucrezia Borgia, and the scary-high percentage of people on the right who think she was have serious issues.

        I believe in minimal government. I doubt you have the wherewithal to debate it.

        Unless you’re a Congressman (which I doubt) you didn’t vote against DOMA. I’m fine with the government getting out of the business of approving sexual relationships, but most of the time, this argument is simply an excuse to stealth-oppose gay marriage.

        Please play with fireworks. And don’t worry about those warnings; they’re just nanny-statism.

      • feelings are no way to make life decisions says:

        If Rubio, or for that matter Cruz or Fiorina or several of the other candidates had been the nominee, I’d have voted for them.

        But they weren’t and have no bearing on our discussion on the two person election. Or did you just end up voting for the libertarian ticket which I believe you said you didn’t like the top guy of the ticket?

        The impact of the failure to nominate people for positions is paralyzing the State Department.

        Google provides nothing but speculation to back up that claim. There are people running those Depts. Just not patronage folks. I would think you would approve that more Trump cronies are not in the government. And definitely no stories on a crisis in the state dept.

        I believe in minimal government. I doubt you have the wherewithal to debate it.

        Then what are you afraid of? If you were that smart, you sure as hell wouldn’t be hanging around here. Unless of course, you believe you are superior to everyone else. And it’s the only way to try and justify you are right.

        But I’ll fire the first shot. Pure libertarianism is anarchy. As one example, no national currency. Accept for payment what you wish. Chickens what ever. There would be no army or national guard. Or police.

        If you don’t want a President qualified to have a security clearance, why did you raise such hell when Trump was falsely accused of giving secrets to the Russians. Remember, he has the ultimate authority to decide what is and is not classified. As for HRC, it was documented she taught about such things. But yet still violated them. I guess as narcissist go, you two are pretty much alike. Do what you like, you’re smarter than everyone else.

        Unlike the stupid, (is that you?), I don’t waste my money on fireworks. Better to watch some one else blow up the world and themselves.

        And by the way, just so you don’t get your panties in a tight wad, I am not defending Trump. Just pointing out how wrong and illogical you are.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        Gary Johnson, for all his faults, was easily the most qualified national candidate.

        I’m temporarily living right across the Potomac from Foggy Bottom. I also know lots of people who work for the federal govt. I know what the morale’s like.

        ” If you were that smart, you sure as hell wouldn’t be hanging around here.”
        I certainly wouldn’t reading the tripe an anonymous coward leaves here. But I do respond to personal attacks. And when I do, losers like you realize they turned up with a knife to a gunfight.

        You just showed you know nothing about libertarianism. If libertarianism were anarchism, we would call it anarchism. The party stands for minimal government, not no government. Go read a frigging book.

        “If you don’t want a President qualified to have a security clearance, why did you raise such hell when Trump was falsely accused of giving secrets to the Russians.”

        If you knew anything at all about the constitutional structure of this country, you’d know why the President doesn’t need a security clearance. And let’s wait to hear from Robert Mueller before we exonerate the President.

        “And by the way, just so you don’t get your panties in a tight wad, I am not defending Trump. Just pointing out how wrong and illogical you are.”

        No. You’re a-hole looking to pick a fight, while posting anonymously because you’re afraid to use the name your unwed mother gave you.

    • Crap Detector says:

      bynd is still here with nothing to do but troll L St. all day! I had to get up early to get out celebrating. But don’t worry bynd, I’ll check in throughout the week-end to make sure you’re not left alone too long. I know how you get cranky and insulting if you don’t get enough attention throughout the day.

      • is it love or just hidden admiration? says:

        Is there anything more satisfying, than knowing someone’s biggest personal goal, is to spend time on the computer away from family and friends, looking for the postings of one person so they can reply to them.

        wow, CD is actually stalking bynd. Creepy.

      • CD says:

        Naw it’s not love just a test to see how long bynd will come back. He’s so easily baited.

  13. Anonymous says:

    and the discussion for today goes south again regrettably. Recess must have been a real treat back in the day.

  14. Gerard Harbison says:

    And in the latest news, the maker of the nasty little video the President tweeted yesterday, showing him physically attacking CNN, is a nut who calls himelf HanAssholeSolo on reddit. He’s a rabid anti-semite, a racist who has used the n word about black children, and a bigot. In other word, right out of the President’s base.

    HanAssholeSolo doesn’t have the cojones to use his real name, either. But at least he believes in truth in labeling.

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