MORE: How local Democrat officials behave (Holiday edition)

Nebraska 2nd District Congressman Don Bacon spent the 4th of July walking (and running) at various parades around the district.

At the GE George Parade in Dundee, the retired General marched dutifully along while being heckled by a group of Bacon-haters. (Not to be confused with the delicious Wendy’s sandwich.)

So when he got to Ralston, and the same gang was helping the folks there enjoy their 4th by yelling at the Congressman, Rep. Bacon decided to greet the creeps directly:

So who’s the guy who made his own “Bacon Kills / Bacon Sucks” stencils?

Oh, just a member of the Nebraska Democrat Party’s Central Committee.

His name is Mark Vondrasek and he enjoys being a thorn in everyone’s side.

Everyone’s? Yep, he is apparently on the side of the now infamous Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, –who wrote about her laughter at Congressmen after the assassination attempt, claimed she was the victim, then worked with a friend to (allegedly) blackmail a fellow party member before helping to get him booted from the party.

So, because Vondrasek is on Gentry-Tipton’s side, that means he’s ….anti-Democrat Party Chair Jane Kleeb.


So how do Kleeb and Bacon differ on their approach?

Don walked right up to this guy, and took a photo with him.  Vondrasek as you can see, flipped the bird.

Thumbs Up vs The Bird

(That means he’s fighting against “The Man”, in case you weren’t down with the opposition’s call signs.)

But what does Jane do when questioned by the exact same guy? Let’s watch:

She turns tail and runs.

Well, she walks away as fast as she can.

Won’t answer his repeated questions. Won’t address him as a Central Committee member.

Smiles and flees.

What’s the idea again? They go low and we go high?

All politics is local, friends.

And it doesn’t get any more local than walking down the street in a parade. (Or, conversely, walking away.)



And just to put a bow on it, here’s how former Rep. Brad Ashford responded when asked a direct question about his party affiliation in a similar parade setting:


The Works

And these are always cool, so here’s KETV’s timelapse of the Omaha skyline on the evening of the 4th:




      • Anon says:

        I doubt she runs unopposed in general, I’m sure there will be a Republican or even a democratic runner who will stand no chance.

  1. NDP follower says:

    The NDP is a big, giant dumpster fire in of itself. Jane is only interested in advancing herself…at the same time – she is killing her career in a big, giant way. She hasn’t won any elections of consequence and has been a total failure at building the party up. Keep taking this thing into the gutter, Jane. We are right behind you….

    • Republicans Are Mean says:

      WTF? The only elections that have occurred since Jane became NDP chair are the Omaha and Lincoln city elections. I guess Mello’s loss is all her fault. But then you better give her credit for Democrats regaining control of the Lincoln City Council and maintaining control in Omaha. And individual donations to the party are up significantly.

      • To Republicans are Mean says:

        You forgot Vinny Palermo winning is South Omaha. He schooled Jane’s boy in South O

      • Republicans Are Mean says:

        Wrong! The NDP (and Jane) were neutral in Dem vs Dem races. Jim Rogers was not “Jane’s boy”.

      • Former State Senator that rhymes with Whitwhicki says:

        The Democratic Party does not take sides! HA!!!!!!!!

      • Republicans Are Mean says:

        If you are warned several times to not run a negative and dishonest campaign against a fellow Democrats, but you continue, then yes. And that was strictly the Douglas County party, not NDP.

      • To Republicans are Mean says:

        So Douglas County Democrats are dishonest and renegades in the eyes of the NDP? Good to know!

      • Republicans Are Mean says:

        Unlike Repubs, Dem groups don’t all have to fall in line. If you want to trash a fellow Dem, then your support is pulled. The state party under the old regime disagreed, but they never called the DCDP “dishonest and regenades”.

      • To Republicans are Mean 2 says:

        Synowiecki camp did nothing but put compare and contrast with the other candidates. If that’s “trashing” an opponent, then maybe you need some thicker skin.

      • Republicans Are Mean says:

        Lying about a candidate’s position is not “compare and contrast’. Synowiecki’s campaign was warned several times, but they ignored those warnings, so DCDP pulled their support.

    • Bluejay says:

      Kleeb might be getting paid in bitcoin by OPEC or Russia. She doesn’t care about winning elections or building the party. Either Kleeb is getting paid or she is a useful idiot.

    • Democrats have purposeful dementia says:

      Repubs may be mean, but Dems are congenital liars,

      “Unlike Repubs, Dem groups don’t all have to fall in line. If you want to trash a fellow Dem, then your support is pulled.”

      Tell Mello that.

  2. Flipper says:

    Thank Vince Powers for what you guys have! On his watch you all imploded and Jane is just furthering that crater even more.

    I think I’ll just sit back — drink a beer and watch the crater get bigger.

    You got a first time candidate in a Congressional race already going to the gutter with trash like this against a serial flip-flopper. Should be an interesting primary to watch both sides just nuke each other.

    Just remember — one candidate Flips to the Left, Flops to the Right………

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it is great Congressman Bacon is using a positive approach to his leadership role. Not sure why others want to make their point in such a way except to get attention. Jane seems over her head when it comes to these internal matters, but it sure doesn’t look good on a professional level. But, in the same respect, not sure who would be filming Brad Ashford at a parade hoping for a “gotcha moment.” Petty is petty when their are so many big issues.

    • Sparkles says:

      Not sure why others want to make their point in such a way except to get attention.

      Umm… does anyone doubt there’s a need for attention?
      Especially attention to Don Bacon’s “positive approach to leadership”(whu?!) , i.e., ignoring the eminent danger of the GOP’s wealthcare plan to his constituency and our state. For the sake of comity simply accepting that Don Bacon is a rubber stamp in service to party and the privileged.

      A recent review conducted by a noted panel of MD’s and researchers, published in the New England Journal of Medicine (Health Insurance and Health – What the Recent Evidence Tells Us ), puts a conservative estimate on the number of Americans killed by the Republican wealthcare plan at 208,500 additional deaths by 2026.

      So, “Hell Yes”, Bacon Kills.

      Americans oppose the GOP’s wealthcare plan in overwhelming numbers. Polls show the approval ranges from a dismal 12% of Americans, to a Fox ‘News’ poll of a whopping 27% approval.

      When you can find an honest Republican (i.e., not Deb Fischer), the numbers are staggering. Shortly after introduction of the Senate wealthcare bill, Mississippi’s (Trump +18) Republican Sen. Thad Cochran’s office said calls from constituents have been overwhelmingly negative:
      “Since last Thursday, the Cochran offices have received approximately 224 constituent calls against (against the GOP plan) and two in favor..”

      Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said Tuesday that she was surprised at how prominent Republicans’ Obamacare repeal efforts were in voters’ minds.
      “There was only one issue. That’s unusual. It’s usually a wide range of issues,” she told the Washington Post after a July 4th parade in Eastport, Maine. “I heard, over and over again, encouragement for my stand against the current version of the Senate and House health care bills. People were thanking me, over and over again. ‘Thank you, Susan!’ ‘Stay strong, Susan!’
      (Eastport Maine is Washington County, which Trump won by 18 points)

      Public health experts at George Washington University just released an estimate that 912,000 health care workers in the United States could lose their jobs from the repeal Obamacare and a replacement with the GOP wealthcare plan.

      Don Bacon and the NEGOP are deplorable for their support of the pain they will inflict on countless millions – all in service to a blatant transfer of wealth to the richest people on the planet.
      It’s an inexcusable dereliction of duty.

      It is the civic duty of informed Americans to rise up and to call out Don Bacon.
      To call out the Republican party.
      To call out Ben Sasse and his newest approach, Repeal and F&ck ‘Em.

      We should all be thankful Democrats are peaceful protestors and there’s never a need to call in Pete Ricketts head cracking State Patrol.

      • Silence of the Lambs says:

        Maine, just like Nebraska, is a rural state driven by agriculture and dotted with small hospitals, each hospital and the populations they serve highly reliant on Medicaid dollars.

        “If you took a blank sheet of paper and said, ‘How could we get a bill that would really hammer Maine,’ this would be it,” said Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), who walked ahead of Collins in the parade.

        Only 4 of your 52 Republican Senators attended the most patriotic and politically significant of all America’s celebrations – a 4th of July parade. Three of them were Dean Heller (NV), Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins – all of whom oppose the Senate wealthcare plan.
        The 4th is Ted Cruz, who is facing what is expected will be a tough reelection in ’18. A race with a strong Democratic opponent.

        Only 3 of the your 52 Republican Senators will be hosting a Town Hall over their July 4th recess. All 3 are opposed the Senate wealthcare bill.

        Why is it Republican elected officials are avoiding this celebration of America, hiding from their constituencies?

        Someone please remind me what the Boston Tea Party was about again. You know, the real Tea Party, the one that lead to a call to arms and our Revolutionary War.
        A war for a self governance, of the people, by the people, for the people. A battle sparked by cries of “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

  4. Julian says:

    D & R central committee members tend to be further to the extreme than the everyday voter registered in his or her party. But generally, cooler heads prevail. Remember in 2012 when the Ron Paulites came within a whisker of electing statewide NEGOP officials? (although they did take over the Douglas County GOP) Well, the NE Dems didn’t manage to hold off the BSC element. The individual giving the one finger salute and the Black caucus chair were both backed by Jane. For the party structure, you reap what you sow. Gives Dem candidates something to run against. “I’m a democrat because I believe in X, Y Z but I’m not a crazy progressive like those nuts on the central committee.” This post certainly helps them with that narrative. And while individual contributions are up, overall fundraising is down, way down. When reports come out, it won’t look like it because Parties are conduits for funds for elections. A lot of money went through NDP for the Omaha City race, but none of it was raised by Jane. DNC money was secured by others. No one trusts Jane. Her billionaire environmentalist friends won’t even write her a check. And frankly, there are nuts like this central committee in the R party, too. The Entire Green Party may be. Not sure. Don’t meet many of them.

  5. calling out Don says:

    Great job. Keep the snowflakes howling and caterwauling. The more they do, the more we know you are dong very well.

    It is the duty of all patriotic Americans to support their government.

    By the way, SNAP numbers are going down for men between 15 and 49 for those able bodied and able to work, as work to eat comes into play. It seems when forced to work rather than live off your neighbors, people will get out and work. It will be hard, but the Obama live large off the government mentality can be changed. The progressives are mean to insist that anyone be a beholden serf, (indentured servants who don’t have to serve?), to the US government. Economic slavery. There ought to be a law.

    Ask what you can you do for your country. I’ve yet to see a personal plan from the progressives on here on what they will do if all their dire consequences they keep predicting come true. Nor do I expect to see any. Getting out of the arm chair when it doesn’t tip automatically is tough for them to do.

  6. sand says:

    Dem Mark Vondrasek has Socialist Sanders on his Twitter banner. Dem James Hodgkinson has Socialist Sanders on his Facebook banner. Socialist killers of the world unite!

    Socialist Oswald shot JFK. Socialist Czolgosz shot McKinnley. Booth was a Democrat-Confederate who shot GOP Lincoln knowing the Democrat VP would take over and create 100 years of Jim Crow. The violence done at rallies was by Sanders Socialists, even threating to kill the Dem chairwoman of Nevada. Democrat leftists have a habit of violence.

    The nature of the Left is change. Change is violent. Conservatism conserves. Yes, the Left accuses conservatives of violence. Yes, that is irrational. But no more so than Hinkley shooting Reagan thinking Foster wasn’t a lesbian. Shit for brains isn’t new among violent idiots for change. They gravitate to the DNC Left.

    Regardless how many banjo picking hermits gravitate to the GOP, Democrats ooze a sugary PC that draws Marxist biting flies like Vondrasek from feeding off Communist shit to the Democrat’s dinner table. This guy is Kleeb’s problem.

  7. Someone who has actually worked for progressive candidates. says:

    Who is Mark Vondrasek? Never heard of him. The Democratic party needs more door knocking and less trash talking.

  8. Krispy says:

    Whattttt???? No mention of the Kris Pierce for Assessor stickers at the Republican pancake feed on July 4th? That is way better than anything Mark did on the 4th. Democrats and his employers have all kicked this guy out. You can have him.

  9. Kris Pierce in Ohio says:

    Google “Pierce resigns from EGB amid USG accusations”.

    Now you know why Kris Pierce moved to Nebraska in the first place.

    “Pierce resigns from EGB amid USG accusations
    By Phil Helsel and Megan E. Walsh: Phil Helsel and Megan E. Walsh January 6, 2002 0

    Kris “Krispy” Pierce has resigned from his position as director of the Elections Governance Board because of accusations that he misled the Undergraduate Student Government about the outcome of a sexual harassment investigation last spring.
    “Not only this time, but on a couple occasions, he’s been caught not telling the whole truth,” said USG President Eddie Pauline. “Krispy lied to the Senate. If he’s lying to the people that employ him, that’s not a good precedent to set.”
    Amy Huizinga, junior in Spanish, accused Pierce of slapping her on the buttocks, making sexual advances and initiating unwelcome physical contact in a complaint filed on March 23 to Human Resources. Huizinga and Pierce worked together at Royer Marketplace and lived near each other in Drackett Tower.
    Although Student Judicial Affairs took no action against Pierce, Human Resources found Pierce did violate the university’s sexual harassment policy and recommended he be removed from his position as student supervisor at Royer Marketplace and leave Drackett Tower.”etc,etc,etc…

  10. Question says:

    Isn’t there any YRs that could run for county assessor? I thought Chris Chap was running for this. He is a solid conservative.

  11. Imagine that says:

    And the list of the right wing criminal organizations grows.

    There’s James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and their litany of highly doctored, surreptitious videos and misleading hit pieces bringing 1) multiple criminal convictions; 2) a $10,000 donation from Donald Trump just prior to announcing his run for president in 2015.

    There’s David Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress that ‘produced’ the highly doctored Planned Parenthood videos for which he is now facing 15 felony counts.

    And now there are the bible thumping billionaires of Hobby Lobby, who we’ve just learned:
    “Hobby Lobby fined $3M for smuggling Iraq religious artifacts”
    “Hobby Lobby Agrees to Forfeit 5,500 Artifacts Smuggled Out of Iraq”
    OKLAHOMA CITY — Hobby Lobby Stores has agreed to pay a $3 million federal fine and forfeit thousands of ancient Iraqi religious artifacts smuggled from the Middle East that the government alleges were intentionally mislabeled for import, federal prosecutors said.

    One might ask – ‘but wait, how does the billionaire bible banging Green family in Oklahoma possibly come into possession of thousands of religious antiquities plundered throughout the Iraq war?’

    Glad you asked –
    A separate, but closely related headline, from BusinessInsider, April 6, 2016 –
    “ISIS is making $200 million from stolen ancient artifacts”
    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq are netting between $150 million and $200 million per year from illicit trade in plundered antiquities,

    So, it appears your purchase of Hobby Lobby trinkets made by children working in sweat shops in places like Bangladesh and Pingxiang, has not only funded the lavish lifestyle of Oklahoma billionaires, it has helped fund the beheadings, mass rape, human incineration and sundry global terrorism of ISIS.

    (I wonder if Don Bacon’s sleeper cell of ISIS fighters in Papillion got in on some of that Green family green?)

    Apparently the the Ten Commandments are very specific about the evils of contraceptives, but when it comes to theft, covetousness, or lying.. meh, not so much.

    And, apologizes for the off topic post.
    I know you were all busy discussing matters and people much more important. People like 26 year old ‘flipper o’ the bird’ Mark Vondrasek, Chelsey Gentry-… something, Phil… Montauk (?), and that guy in Iowa, the one who doesn’t like Ben Sasse.

    • Democrats are the meanest says:

      Better topics,

      Yes, we should be talking about Maxine Water’s 4.3 million dollar home that is outside her district and in a area with a small foot print of minorities. Pretty good for a lifetime civil servant. snicker

      Or how CNN and the NY Times had to print retractions that 17 agencies say Russia meddled in the election. The actual count is 4. Which for you snowflakes which means 13 did not. Which for you snowflakes means more did not than did.

      Or how about the back log in immigration courts as Obama underfunded and undermanned those also. Were did all that money go?

      But the best one is the Dems in CA getting death threats from other progressives because they shelved their single payer health care plan because they couldn’t afford it. But governor moonbeam said they would provide their own security and launch their own satellites after they left the USA.

      I see Barack’s first chief of staff Rahm, runs his city no better than he did the government. Highest total shootings and killings in Chicago ever last week end. Trump had to send the Feds in.

      The Repubs are setting the welfare kings free. SNAP rolls have been declining up to 85% of 15 to 49 year old, single, able bodied males without children, as the work to eat rule goes into effect. You can be freed from being an economic slave to the Federal government. Who would have thought it possible?

      Yes progressives, the party of murder and funding of able body people staying at home while business searches for workers. And let’s not forget, Oregon who now has the most lenient laws for abortion in the US which would also translate as in the world also. Keep killing those babies. Who will fund all those boomers in retirement? When so many babies are being flushed down the drain, literally, when there are waiting list for adopting babies?

      Obama’s good buddy Kim Jung Un continues the trajectory that Obama allowed him to follow for 8 years. Best part is, those rockets reach mainly the goofy progressives who want open borders, HI and CA. Poor AK just get’s thrown in for good measure. But that is the ultimate open border, North Korea ICBMs landing in your state.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you’re saying it was only the FBI, CIA, NSA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (which formally and officially represents all intelligence agencies – hence the extrapolation to 17) to have stated, under oath, that Russians interfered in the election in order to help Trump?

        Wow. What vindication. Clearly a jubilant day to be a Trumper.

        And the party of Richy Ricketts and The Donald, suddenly has a problem with wealth?
        Maxine Waters was one of 13 children raised by a single mother. Her first job, at age 13, was busing tables at a whites-only restaurant. Her first full time job was at a garment factory. Maxine Waters married a former NFL player in 1977, a bright man, who invested his money wisely.

        Regarding the decline in SNAP, here’s a headline that will be meaningful to everyone but you.
        From March 8, 2016, CBPP:
        “SNAP spending, which rose substantially as a share of the economy (GDP) in the wake of the Great Recession, fell for the second consecutive year in 2015, following the pattern that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and other experts expect.”

        Allow me to ‘splain.
        SNAP expanded dramatically when GWB and the Republicans destroyed our economy. President Obama (and Hank Paulson) fought an intransigent GOP to pull off a minor miracle in righting our economy. As experts expected, the SNAP numbers began to decline when the economy recovered. A decline that began in 2014.

        The rest of your post is also horseshit and drivel, but I’m bored with you bynd.
        I’ve already wasted too much time responding to you. It’s not as if reality and reason matter to you.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        Absolutely. I mean, if the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency didn’t weigh in on Russian hacking, then it can’t possibly have happened. Right?

      • Nostradummus says:

        All signs point to a fat guy with a laptop, sitting on his bed somewhere outside of Hoboken. New Jersey.

      • Democrats are liars says:

        No I am saying the NYTimes and CNN put out the retractions. And if “Office of the Director of National Intelligence (which formally and officially represents all intelligence agencies – hence the extrapolation to 17)”. then those two media outlets would have used that defense. They didn’t and I doubt you are smarter than them. No matter how dumb they look.

        So why read any more of your post? You can’t get past the first paragraph without getting anything right.

      • two peas in a over ripe pod, says:


        Yes I can understand being constantly proven wrong would get annoying.

        You no longer write as one guided by logic or critical thought. Just another ordinary hater. I have never seen some one dumb them self down so much in such a short span time just because their FEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGs are all ramped up.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        Partisan dumbasses like this one can never understand those of us who, when the facts change, actually change our opinions, rather than deny the facts.

        I was admittedly stupid when I was routinely defending the GOP over issues I don’t agree about or don’t care about. No political party is worth that.

        Now go back to your little Dunning-Kruger world.

      • your butt hurt response says:


        Because some one dare challenge Gerard, they become partisan dumb ass. but it is an easy way to avoid actually putting a thoughtful reply down. Even though you make the claim to not call names.

        And there is changing one’s mind, and there is contracting rabies. Don’t confuse the two.

  12. Farmageddon says:

    Leaders from Japan and the European Union just announced an agreement on the broad strokes of a trade deal that will cover nearly 30 percent of the global economy, 10 percent of the world’s population and 40 percent of global trade.
    “The pact would be a heavy blow to American producers of these goods, by making U.S.-made goods relatively more expensive and less competitive in the major markets of Japan and Europe..
    ..On Thursday, Abe (Japan’s Prime Minister) said that he would continue to push ahead with TPP negotiations without the United States in meetings with the remaining 11 countries next week,..”

    Add to this news a July 2 headline, from Forbes:
    “Trump Wants A Trade War Over Steel And Other Products – Bye Bye Jobs And Economic Growth”

    And a few weeks ago Trump reversed Obama’s policy of normalization with Cuba.
    From Newsweek, June 21st
    “As we cope with the biggest drop in farm prices in decades, we need to be opening up markets for American farm goods, not sending signals that might lead to less access,” American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall said in a statement.

    Donald Trump, his neo-nationalist enablers and a malinformed tribe of Republicans who’ve recently replaced their tin foil bonnets with too-tight MAGA caps are determined to once again devastate America’s economy.

    • they like the taste of stink bait says:

      to to the third brother Darrel,

      Yeah, there you go. They will have nothing to do with the USA. The number one ranked world economy with a GDP of 24.5% of the world GDP.
      Don’t you ever get tired of swallowing those treble hooks? It must hurt when they pull them out every time you are proven wrong.

    • Silence of the Lambs says:

      Don Bacon sits on the House Committee on Agriculture.
      Surely he, Adrian Smith and Deb Fischer will soon be speaking out forcefully in Congress, defending the international trade that is vital to Nebraska’s economic prosperity.
      And you can be certain that all three are busy scheduling numerous town hall meetings to address this looming crisis and encourage Nebraskan’s to become active and engaged in an issue critical to the security of everyone in our state.


      • but you won't run for office says:

        What a waste. All that expert knowledge and it is wasted on a blog, not even their own, in flyover country.

        Yes, this is what pass’ for a public education. No thought or logic, just spit out what feels right.

        Should we all feel honored because you have chosen to be with us instead of cavorting with
        Barack and the very very rich and famous?

  13. Great Wave of Stoopid says:

    Your Secretary of the Dept of Energy, Rick Perry, spoke at a coal fired power plant in West Virginia yesterday. While riffing about how he and Dolt 45 were going to bring back coal, an intrepid reporter called out from the audience the obvious question –
    ‘but Secr. Perry, how are you going to bring coal back when shale gas is 1/3 to 1/2 the price..?’

    It’s a question that has seemingly befuddled the Trump hordes, but a query even an elementary school tot could understand.

    And here was Secr. of DOE Perry’s response to the reporter, verbatim:
    “Here’s a little economics lesson: supply and demand. You put the supply out there and the demand will follow,..”

    Really. Word for word.
    Let that sink in for a moment. (bynd, find someone to explain it to you)

    To be fair(?), the department Perry now heads, the DOE, was one of the departments Rick Perry promised to eliminate if elected POTUS. Of course, the DOE, is also the name of the agency he couldn’t recall when making his famous ‘oops’ debate blunder.

    It should also be noted that when Perry made his debate stage blunder, he was surrounded by an array of GOP luminaries. Mental giants like Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann, both of whom Republicans clearly found to be of Presidential timbre.
    And we’d remiss not to mention that Ron Paul was also on that stage. He tried to toss out helpful suggestions to Perry on which depts. Perry had oft promised to eliminate. The same Ron Paul whose Revolution has devolved into selling home freeze dryers on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and on hate radio. Freeze dryers at $3000+ a pop.
    Oh yes, and Benny ‘The Blade’ Carson is heading up your Dept of Housing and Urban Development. I hear the dept. is contemplating a move away from building affordable housing in favor of building pyramids. Pyramids to store grain.

  14. where is the crap taster? says:

    Supply and demand,

    It was a demand that the progressives no longer have any real power in this country. The voters supplied conservatives and Republicans.

    Looks like the great wave of stoopid has now become a snowflake tsunami.

    Thanks for making my point before I even made it. Now learn to deal with your own truth of why you are are irrelevant.

  15. Point of Know Return says:

    Palco, Kansas is in Rooks county, which voted for Trump by a margin of 84% to 11% over Clinton.

    From yesterday’s Kansas City Star –
    “The mass of people stretched into the grass outside the community center in western Kansas.. The room at the McKenna Youth and Activity Center was meant to house 65 people but roughly 150 showed up for the town hall in Palco, Kan., population less than 300.”

    They showed up at a town hall to demand their Republican Senator, Jerry Moran, stand firm against the GOP wealthcare bill.

    Moran is one the GOP holdouts that McConnell is trying to flip. He told the crowd;
    “I understand the value of a hospital in your community, a physician in your town, a pharmacy on main street,” Moran said.

  16. Point of Know Return says:

    July 7, 2017, 1:55 AM CDT (12 hours ago), Bloomberg –
    Russians Are Suspects in Nuclear Site Hackings, Sources Say
    “Hackers working for a foreign government recently breached at least a dozen U.S. power plants, including the Wolf Creek nuclear facility in Kansas,..
    The intruders could be positioning themselves to eventually disrupt the nation’s power supply, warned the officials”

    July 7, 2017 – tweeted in the wee hours of the morning, from a hotel somewhere near Hamburg, Germany –
    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 12 hours ago
    Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!

  17. beyond hypocracy says:

    Would de Blasio welcome a true Nazi from Germany to New York so he could speak at and support a skin head rally?

  18. it's Obama's fault, not Bush any more! says:

    “Hackers working for a foreign government recently breached at least a dozen U.S. power plants, including the Wolf Creek nuclear facility in Kansas,..
    The intruders could be positioning themselves to eventually disrupt the nation’s power supply, warned the officials”

    Eight years Obama had to fix this and did he? No.

    Good point of knowing what points to bring up and show who the incompetent President was.

    Remember, according to the snowflakes reckoning, the next four years will be blamed on Obama. The worse in keeping the world safe and most divisive President ever!

  19. Anonymous says:

    (Obama).. “The worse in keeping the world safe”

    You’re a moron.

    just today’s news:
    “Russians Are Suspects in Nuclear Site Hackings”
    “Trump’s tweets might actually start a nuclear war with North Korea”

    • you're a bush league self wacker says:

      “Trump’s tweets might actually start a nuclear war with North Korea”

      From an opinion piece from the Chicago Tribune? How bush league and amateurish. Desperate post from a desperate mind. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

      And a lot of people have hacked our power grid, for years. But once again, had Obama actually done his job and protected the US during his 8 years and taken steps to stop the hacking of our government and infrastructure we wouldn’t be having these issue. Instead, he was more interested in passing fake news about places like Ferguson and extorting business for his buddies.

      And really, now we have buffoons like you calling others morons? You’re a joke. Always have been and now as we check your “sources” in the future, you will always be one.

      • Anonymous says:

        dim-witted little troll,

        “Trump’s tweets might actually start a nuclear war with North Korea”, is an article written by Laura Rosenberger, originally published in the Washington Post.
        Laura Rosenberger served as Bilateral Political Unit Chief for the Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs under Obama before being appointed Director for China and Korea at the National Security Council.
        Prior to serving Obama she served as Foreign Affairs Officer in the Office of Korean Affairs from 2004 to 2009 (Bush) and was designated a member of the “six-party talks” delegation on North Korea’s nuclear program in the George W. Bush administration.

      • twit smarter than a black hole says:

        You are everyday proof that on any given day, you can find a headline to support any foolish belief. Or at least you can twist one to support your point of view.

        It is the Chamberlain policies of past presidents, like Obama’s 8 years, that have lead us to where we are today with North Korea. As we saw with Chamberlain and others, appeasement eventually has catastrophic consequences.

        Tweets will start a war. The dim twits around here are you and the writer. Your turned your light bulbs off on Jan. 20th of 2017

  20. Merkel's merkin says:

    Jackie Kennedy spoke 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian). Melania speaks six (English, French, Italian, German, Serbo-Croat and Slovene.) That’s more than the average translator/diplomat. Melania can converse with half of the heads of state at G20. How rare is that? Only 1 in 4 Americans can hold a conversation in even one other language. Less than 2% can speak four.

    And yet the US Media criticized Mrs. Trump for not being able to speak Russian with Putin.

    Jackie couldn’t help JFK with his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. But if Merkle dissed the Donald in either Hochdeutsche or Plattdeutsch German, Melania would have known.

    Jackie’s 4 languages are still applauded. Melania’s 6 aren’t enough.

    American journalists feel themselves fair-minded professionals. I don’t know if they have ink in their veins but they certainly do have Scheisse im der Kopf.

    • Rent-A-EuroBride says:

      Plus, Melania has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, from the University of Ljubljana.
      Her official bio stated such as late as last summer and she swore so under oath in 2013.


      And the naked pictures of our current First Lady of the United States (my favorite is the girl on girl) are certainly more impressive than those of any FLOTUS to have preceded her, Jackie included.

      • now they're really desperate! says:

        Prude much! Or just jealous. Even PETA wouldn’t use a nude of you.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        What, they don’t award bachelor degrees for study one year and then dropping out? I’m shocked.

      • educated doesn't mean intelligent says:

        How hard can it be to get one. You have several don’t you? And look where you spend all your time.

  21. Gerard Harbison says:

    Melania speaks English (sort of ) because she’s lived her for 20 years. She speaks Slovene because she grew up there. I expect her current fluency in French, Italian, German and Serbo-Croat is about the same as my fluency in Russian.

    And it’s Scheiße im Kopf, not Scheiße im der Kopf. ‘Im’ is a contraction of ‘in dem’, so you effectively wrote ‘the the’.

    Wonder if you’re worse or better than Melania at German?

    • real men don't pick on women says:

      More little boy butt hurt? I see you are honing your language skills on hate and bigotry. Not to mention, you have become a misogynist.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        Stop wasting your time here, and pick up a book on introductory German. Though how dumb does one have to be not to simply paste from Google Translate?

        Being skeptical about one woman’s claims about her language fluency is not misogyny. Or are you thinking Trump married her for her mind?

        Angela Merkel speaks fluently in German, English and Russian. And she has a doctorate in quantum chemistry. That’s the difference between a woman of high intelligence and achievement, and a trophy-wife.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        In any case, here’s Melania in her own words: asked by a student, at an appearance at New York University, if she would still be with Donald Trump if he was not rich.

        She replied
        “If I weren’t beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?”

        Golddigger mantra.

      • yes you are an excuse making misogyny says:

        You have become a petty little man just like the snowflakes on here.

        Other ugly men have the same problems as you with beautiful women.

        Unlike you, she sounds like a practical realists.

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