Ashford: Russian hacking may have led to my loss!

Democrat candidate for Congress, Brad Ashford was on the 1290 KOIL Matt Tompkins Show yesterday.

And he mumbled out this doozy:

I know this. What I DO know is that…as we’ve talked about on the show before is that our (campaign) emails were hacked in July and August of last year.
And we also know we were micro-targeted like some of the other races around the country by a few groups that may or may not have had access to Russian information.
I don’t know what impact that had on the election.

(At about the 32:00 mark of the show, if you want to listen…)

What. The. Hell?????

OK, Brad, if YOU’RE bringing it up, what exactly are you saying???

Are you suggesting that…what? That there was some sort of Russian micro-targeting that led to 2nd District voters choosing Don Bacon over you?

Was there something that came out from this “hacking” that turned the tables?

Enquiring minds want to know what in the hell you’re talking about!


Krist-mas in July

Well, State Senator Bob Krist has made if pseudo-official and declared himself a non-Republican.

Krist tells WOWT that he may challenge Governor Ricketts and…

He says he’s leaving the Republican Party and will now be an Independent politician.

Interesting that.

Well the Nebraska GOP’s ED, Kenny Zoeller, jumped to it and noted a few things about “Flip-Floppin’ Bob Krist”:

On July 13th, Senator Krist went back on a previous statement and switched political parties despite stating the following just two months ago:

“It has been suggested that I should run as an independent,” Krist said during an interview, thereby avoiding a direct GOP primary confrontation with Ricketts.

“But I am what I am,” Krist said. “I’m a Republican and I’m a centrist. I am not going to change my coat.”

This should come to no surprise to anyone as Senator Krist has a long history of saying one thing and doing another:

    • Flop: Introduces a bill to increase property taxes by $448 million over the next two years.
    • Flip: Promises to support reducing the cloture rule to 30 votes.
    • Flip: Senator Krist giving his word to vote for LB10 in 2016.

Psst! And THIS way, Krist won’t have to run in a Primary against anyone!
Looks like Jane and the Dems got their deal.
Now all they have to do is convince the ghost of Frank Morrison to run again…


Sasse über alles (weren’t they supposed to be a “magazine”?) put out  a lengthy article about Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse yesterday.

The folks on the Twitters were a little abuzz, noting the general regret about Senator Sasse. The gist?

The headline sums it up, for them:

The Wasted Mind of Ben Sasse: The Nebraska senator has urgent, persuasive ideas for saving American politics. Why won’t he act on them?

And all the Twitter-guys go…Yeah Slate! Exactly.
Though most for different reasons.

Some who have/had hope in Sasse, note that the guy who was supposed to be the “Obamacare Nemesis” has been anything but. One expected that he would be leading the charge, throwing around proposals, arguing the finer points of health care and insurance on FOX and MSNBC in back-to-back appearances.

Instead, his boldest proposal has been, “Let’s do this…later!

Which was all between book-tour appearances.

But there are others — from a leftier side of things — who also are “disappointed” in Sasse. And this is the side that Slate comes from:

See, they saw the Ivy League educated young Senator who has been busting Donald Trump’s balls since he made his way down the escalator…yet he still votes with the Republicans?

Sure the writer, Ben Mathis-Lilley, wants you to at-first believe that he doesn’t expect Sasse to vote like a Democrat…

What is most maddening about Sasse is not his party fealty per se—I’m not expecting a Republican senator to support left-wing policies; that’s not the standard we should hold him to—but the way he has outlined the basis for a path he has yet to take himself.

Riiiiiight. He’s not holding Sasse to a Democrat standard at all!

Oh wait. Yes he is:

But at the same time, Sasse’s Senate votes have so far aligned with Trump’s wishes 95 percent of the time, the same level of support that Trump has gotten from right-wing ideologues like Ted Cruz and party loyalists like Chuck Grassley.

And just so we can clearly nail down his real beef with Sasse, it’s right here:

At some point Sasse will have to actually interrupt Bill Maher; he’ll have to actually run against Donald Trump instead of suggesting that it would be nice if someone else did; he’ll have to challenge his own president not just by tweeting but by putting a hold on an executive-branch nominee until the Judiciary Committee, of which he’s a member, agrees to hearings on Trump’s obstruction of the FBI’s Russia investigation; he’ll have to refuse to vote for a motion to proceed on the health care bill until it gets a public hearing. It will be hard work, and he will get a lot of blowback from his own party and its dogmatic activists.

It’s comical really.

Here’s the deal: If Sasse hadn’t been the stone in Trump’s shoe, this article would NEVER have been written. Instead, they see Sasse as one of them: “He’s an East-coaster dressed up as a Nebraska yokel. He’s just fooling them! When will he come out and vote the way we want him to?!”

Of course if Sasse wants to prove himself among conservatives, he’ll also have to come up with a few more bold ideas that he can actually shepherd through the swamp. And of course he may have to cooperate with The Donald President in order to accomplish that.

The TED talks only get you so far.


  1. Sparkles says:

    Enquiring minds want to know what in the hell you’re talking about!

    December 13, 2016, New York Times –
    Democratic House Candidates Were Also Targets of Russian Hacking

    December 14, 2016, Salon –
    GOP super PAC linked to Paul Ryan used illegally hacked material against Democratic House candidates: report

    May 25, 2017, Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ –
    How Alleged Russian Hacker Teamed Up With Florida GOP Operative

  2. Mother Russia says:

    We prefered Ashford because he can work accross the aisle and not tough on criminals. If we got caught hacking, we would get good time and a reduces sentence. We love Brad!

  3. Sparkles says:

    Re the Krist attack –
    I took the opportunity to look up just one claim:
    “Flop: Introduces a bill to increase property taxes by $448 million over the next two years.”

    The Reality –
    Febr 16, 2017, Unicameral Update –
    “LB468, introduced by Omaha Sen. Bob Krist, would delay until 2019-20 a $224 million transfer passed last year that would provide property tax relief to agricultural and horticultural land owners..

    ..The bill is projected to save the state $504 million in FY2017-18 and $543 million in FY2018-19.

    Krist said it is time to seriously evaluate all sources of lost potential revenue and practice fiscal restraint in the face of a $900 million budget shortfall.

    “The spending now occurs automatically, going unchecked with no legislative review of their magnitude or their merit,” he said. “Without regular review, we’re not watching the dollars escaping from the revenue [funds].”

    OpenSky Policy Institute supported Krist’s efforts:
    “Some portions of state spending have escaped the regular review of the appropriations process and now occur automatically,” Fry said. “Many transfers and tax expenditures in LB468 should be examined just like appropriations, especially in the face of the budget shortfall.”

    It’s called fiscal stewardship in the face of an economic downturn.

    • "Save Money" says:

      By the state saving money, you mean increasing taxes. Also, eliminating the property tax relief credit fund harms those with fixed and low incomes who own homes the most.

      The budget problem we have in Nebraska is a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Our GDP has seen growth every year since 2012 so clearly the problem lies within the growth of government spending during that time. Heath Mello’s crowning achievement was the FY13-14/FY14-15 biennial budget. The Legislature passed a budget that grew state government by 5.7% and 7.0% while our GDP only grew at 2.55% and .25% during those same time periods. This is a problem and big government advocates like Krist refuse to actually address the underlying problem which is government outspending actual growth.

      • sparkles less and less says:

        How could this possibly be? Are we not an ignorant bunch of conservatives who believe in less government?

        And if the Open Sky is in favor of looking over automatic spending, shouldn’t we look at all automatic spending, read welfare?

        But it can all be easily fixed, call it the Buffett tax and let it apply to any state resident who is worth more than say, $40 billion. Actually, all you should have to do is ask him.

  4. fishbait says:

    Every party is a cult. Populism isn’t a party but an antitoxin. And Trump is not a Republican. He changed affiliation 5 times. Dems are in agony but may learn from it. Republicans are worse off for they lack impetus to learn. They seem to forget Trump beat one brain damaged Democrat but whipped nearly two dozen GOP senators and governors. He made party, press and pope look stupid. And this Russia thing is now being milked by (drum roll please) Trump.

    If you want things to go a different way, stop “praying I’ll wake up” and instead try dry reason. Analyze not hope. Quit swallowing baits.

    Today, I heard a Progressive on public radio, very excited to impeach Trump, say “I cannot emphasize enough how critically important are these Emails released by Donald Trump Jr.”

    Reread that. Its insane. A guy named Trump Jr is volunteering these Emails. It’s the roadrunner’s trap with a big sign saying “trap” pointing at it. But you instead think what? The Trumps who have been fearless up to now are suddenly scared? They volunteer weapons to kill themselves? Isn’t it more likely that he is again offering any opposition a free ticket to the Oscars and those who use that ticket find themselves hanging on Golgotha? He wiggles bait and they swallow it.

    The Washington Post in Dec 2015 found him “disciplined and methodical” with a pattern of experimentation of message and “kernels of truth” inside inflammatory statements. “Incredibly deliberate.” He’s baiting people who think he’s dumb because he’s not and they are blind to it.

    Lay in the middle of that road and pray all you want but you will be run over again and again.

    • Great Wave of Stoopid says:

      Krist is overestimating the intelligence of the NE electorate.

      The sad reality is we’re a Kintner/Trump tribe.
      Bumper sticker politics combined with the proper timbre in your grunt.

  5. To sparkles says:

    Well if opensky likes it….. I would also like nebraska appleseed thinks. Oh and the league of women voters here. Now that is a non-partisan cross section.

      • wack a mole, you missed, you lose, again says:

        Boo!!! No me dork. RFLMBO

        but since you brought it up. what’s the difference between sparkles and the finch? the finch has enough common sense to stop for the night and the finch knows whose it adversary is.

  6. Sassifornia Uber Alles says:

    Love the Post Sweeper. Sasse above all says it all. The greatest mind on healthcare can’t ever write a bill to repeal and replace a health care. He is a fraud above all

    • Gerard Harbison says:

      Today’s poll data, from Morning Consult:
      Sasse 52% favorable, 28% unfavorable
      Fischer 49% favorable, 33% unfavorable

      • To Gerard says:

        Doing nothing helps your negatives. Taking a stand for what is right can sometimes be unpopular. Ben Sasse will do nothing on Obamacare. He has bigger ambitions.

      • NE Voter says:

        Sounds about right. Since the late 1980s, the Republican party and the majority of its elected officials have abandoned the pragmatic conservative governing philosophy of Eisenhower, Buckley and (to a lesser extent) Goldwater in favor of a core belief that government does not work. And Sasse and his ilk wake up every morning desperate to prove it. Republican poll respondents will continue to reward it even after the inevitable breaking point and collapse after the fall of Manhattan Mugabe.

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    I had ‘hope’ while Sasse was dogging the candidate Trump, too. But that hope died when Trump got elected and I haven’t been waiting around for a Sasse miracle since…

    Nor have I been obsessive about coming to Leavenworth St. for the single purpose of criticizing or insulting another poster, bynd. For one worried so much about what the “snowflakes” are thinking and doing you position yourself as the ultimate hypocrite: unlike the finch you won’t even stop for the night!
    So have another go at me and everyone else who crosses your path, again, today, boogeyman bynd!

    • bynd the shiny object says:

      Wow, I feel bad. TA, you hurt my feelings. I have created another victim.

      And I don’t even have to be here. There is a bynd behind every post. chuckle

      As if the progressives haven’t created enough victims.

      I wonder if SS will start giving me a bounty. I could make a fortune off those who are not here to obsess about me.

      But to bring it full circle. Your hate speech is rather hypocritical isn’t it TA? And so early in the morning.

  8. Bluejay says:

    1. I thought the Dems were the experts with social media and microtargeting on Facebook. Obama bragged about it all the time. Eric Schmidt of Google promised to help Hillary.

    2. Krist has no chance. He might not even get on the ballot. And what will the name of this new party be? The Cornhusker party? The George Norris party? Squish party?

    As mediocre as Pete has been, he still wins in a walk.

  9. Bluejay says:

    When does Kim Robak declare? Jane Kleeb? Bill from Pender?

    Nebraska needs to break the glass ceiling. We need a woman Governor to fight global warming!

  10. Sparkles says:

    July 13, 2017, AP –
    Confidant of Pope Francis condemns US religious right
    “A close confidant of Pope Francis, writing Thursday in a Vatican-approved magazine, condemned the way some American evangelicals and their Roman Catholic supporters mix religion and politics, saying their worldview promotes division and hatred..
    ..Spadaro also took aim at conservative religious support for President Donald Trump, accusing activists of promoting a “xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and purifying deportations.”

    • can the Pope be President? says:

      Nice to see you approve of religion in government. Especially if it is a religion you approve of.

      Can’t wait for that gate to open. Most intelligent Christians don’t even want a christian government. Nor a Catholic one. But it would be great watching the secular response to one.

      It would be great if you got what you asked for here.

  11. snowflakes cut loose says:

    I see the American women are coming to Ralston.

    Heck, I’d pay good money to watch the protesters outside.

    • do you really matter? says:

      That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. For picking Republican candidates you are 50/50. For Dems only correct 43% of the time.

  12. Anonymous says:

    When the atheist Sparkles is reduced to selling chances to kiss the pope’s patoot, we are witnessing the final stages of a Democrat Left-Melt. Global warming is real.

    The old DNC iceberg of socialist policy impossibility is melting in Tweet heat. A mountainous berg kept frozen over the years by Republicans who, if you call them “bigot” will instantly don sack cloth, rip out their tongues and snip off their balls.

    The Republican hero Corbett who killed Lincoln’s assassin Booth indeed castrated himself, with a scissors, without anesthetic, with all the holy vigor and verve of a Sparkles touting a good time at a Vatican child care center.

    Republicans have a long tradition of self-mutilation. But whatever is missing between GOP legs, it’s nothing compared to the Democrat self-lobotomy going on right now.

  13. Sparkles says:

    The belief that we have a long way to go before we even begin to understand the infinite complexities of the universe.

    “The big magic sky-man made it all, now give me some money.”

    “Republican hero Corbett”
    A religious fanatic, literally ‘mad as a hatter’. Corbett believed “men who were high in authority at Washington” were after him. A “Secret Order” was planning to seeking to kill him, leading him to carry a pistol with him at all times. As his paranoia increased, Corbett began brandishing his pistol at friends or strangers. He was eventually declared insane by a court of law and locked away in an asylum.

    All of these are qualities that, to this day, lend themselves to Republican hero status.
    In the words of David Byrne:
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was

    • progressives the biggest bigots of all says:

      Atheism: the belief that magic by Penn and Teller created the universe. That you can make something out of nothing. Science trying, but unable to so far, create artificial life. But they believe that It doesn’t take any intelligence to create life. Don’t know what they believe.

      Faith: We even love those who are so much more full of faith than us as to believe the stuff up above.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        You don’t know squat about atheism, or physics.

        Or biology, for that matter. Craig Venter created a bacterium de novo last year.

        If Christians love atheists, they sure have a funny way of showing it.

        We know the fire awaits unbelievers
        All of the sinners the same
        Girl you and I will die unbelievers bound to the tracks of the train. I doubt the cranky old geezers on this site have ever heard of Vampire Weekend, but fortunately I’m here to help.

        We know the fire awaits unbelievers
        All of the sinners the same
        Girl you and I will die unbelievers bound to the tracks of the train
        I’m not excited
        But should I be
        Is this the fate that half of the world has planned for me?

      • bynd says:

        Craig Venter created a bacterium de novo last year.

        Not even close to being true as you stated it. One man did not create anything. 20 scientist, 10 years and $40 million. And all he has proven is, the de novo had to be created by something with a mind. Actually, 20 somethings with a mind. You might even say, great minds.

        You are great proof, even scientist try to advanced their personal agenda by spinning your story and hoping others don’t want to question your veracity.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        That’s stupid. So Sherman didn’t march through Georgia, it was a few tens of thousands of nameless schmos?

        So if the mind God created is responsible for Venter’s bacterium, is God also responsible for the Holocaust, also a product of the human mind?

        Bynd, I was feeling bad for you a moment ago. You’ll be relieved to know the feeling has passed, and it won’t be coming back.

      • bynd says:

        Last thing I need is a closed minded windbag worried about me.

        Look up working intelligence and being an ass. I do believe you are the poster child.

  14. Sparkles says:

    Sweeper wraps up his post under the sub-heading, “It’s comical really”, then opines:
    Of course if Sasse wants to prove himself among conservatives, he’ll also have to come up with a few more bold ideas that he can actually shepherd through the swamp. And of course he may have to cooperate with The Donald President in order to accomplish that.

    “Prove himself” with bold ideas? Since when does the GOP base value bold ideas?
    Take for instance Accomplishment Free Lee Terry. A man who spent 16 (18?) years in Congress without ever having even offered, let alone passed, a single meager idea (god forbid ‘bold”) he can point to. He’s known for two things:
    1) “Why’d you get me so drunk”
    2) Blatantly carrying water for a foreign oil concern.

    Then there’s Mike ‘Sleepy’ Johann’s, the migrant Ag Secr who abandoned ship in favor of a golden chute immediately prior to a deadline for finalizing a new Ag Bill. A bill critical to Nebraskans and farmers across the nation.

    And how about our 3rd District Congressman, the reclusive Adrian ‘Rare Sighting’ Smith, who can be spotted only a few times a year at a Koch conference or mingling among a herd of lobbyists at a Big Ag Pesticide confab.

    And it’s obvious to all that there’s little to nothing cooking at either camp Bacon or Ricketts Resorts.

    What’s ‘comical’ is imagining the the NEGOP base gives a rat’s arse whether their elected officials do… anything. At least anything that truly benefits Joe & Jane Lunchpail.

    Also, to imagine Sasse would have to cooperate with The Donald President to achieve anything, is beyond comical.
    Trump will sign anything they shove in front of him. One need look no further than the series of failed GOP wealthcare efforts. The Donald has openly praised every one of them. He was quoted Wednesday in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (after a literal ‘laying on of hands’ in our White House by Charlatans-R-Us):
    “I am sitting in the Oval Office with a pen in hand, waiting for our senators to give it to me.”
    Two days ago, in a garbled tweet, The Donald mumbled: “Republicans Senators are working hard to get their failed ObamaCare replacement approved. I will be at my desk, pen in hand!”
    (you read that right, he called it – “their failed Obamacare replacement”)
    And this fevered cry by The Donald is for a bill garnering only 12% – 27% approval among Americans!
    Of course, Trump has no idea what’s in any of the bills he’s so desperate to sign. And he doesn’t want to know. He doesn’t care. He’s desperate to dismantle another Obama achievement so he can cut taxes, by hundreds of billions, for a wealthy few. Equally as important, a Desperate Donald wants to be seen doing something. Because in Don’s mind, doing something is winning – even if it devastates our health system and causes suffering and hardship to more than 30 million or more Americans.
    The surreal Kabuki Theatre of his serial ‘executive order’ signings are now a thing of the past and The Don is in dire need of more faux victories. As has been widely reported, most of those ‘executive orders’ aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

    Yep, it’s comical all right. All of it.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Sparkles I tend to agree with you about the GOP, except, your characterization of Mike ‘Sleepy’ Johanns was unexpected. I acknowledge that it was more difficult for me to follow his directives as Ag Secretary as I don’t possess knowledge or much interest in agricultural policies (except where they impede tax justice). So perhaps your criticism is not off base.

      But I truly respected Johanns when he was Governor. I will never, ever, ever forget that it was Johanns who got those disabled and homeless children who had been unconstitutionally denied a public education altogether, enrolled into their nearby public schools. This is something that the Education Committee would not do. This is something that the Board of Education and education bureaucracy could not do. (But to their credit they did try.) This is something that the self-designated ‘Defender of the Downtrodden’ would not do. This is something that Nebraskans for Peace, Nebraska Right to Life and the entire Christian community of Nebraska did not give a damn about, because Ben Nelson had convinced everyone that unenforceable federal special education legislation was nothing more than “a cruel hoax” to quote him exactly.

      Conversely at that time, Adrian Smith as a state senator, who should have been busy in the unicameral re-writing the 19th century residency statute to accommodate late 20th century enrollment needs of children without homes and children with disability who had been moved —by the state, into a residence outside their parents’ designated district—instead told me I should go to church (for what I’m still unsure) when I complained to him about those children being denied a public education in Nebraska!

      It should be noted, Sparkles, that a Democrat caused the unconstitutional denial of a public education to those disabled children in the late 1990’s. Not a Republican. Ben Nelson did more damage to the Democrat Party than you ever seem willing to admit.

  15. Get thee to the gulag says:

    “MSN has temporarily removed commenting on our websites while we explore better ways for you to engage in discussion on the issues you care about.”

    That’s no joke, that is a quote from MSN. No comment allowed.

    “Better” ways for you to engage in discussion? What the holy hell? What’s that mean? Sounds like that pesky Free Speech of individauls is getting in the way of the for profit news industry’s Free Press.

    That sounds less like Pulitzer and more like Goebbels.

    • Political Novice says:

      I noticed that myself and like you am completely baffled as to what they are trying to achieve. I guess their definition of “temporarily” is different from mine as it seems this message has been there for awhile. Wouldn’t you have something ready to replace it before removing it like . . . gee, I don’t know . . . . . healthcare?

      • Slippin' into darkness says:

        A great number of sites don’t allow comments.

        Is that somehow an inconvenience?
        A conspiracy?
        A nefarious left wing plot?

      • Political Novice says:

        True – but what fun is that? I often find the comments more enlightening than the main story itself. Its the main reason I come here – with due respect to SS. But it’s MSN’s site and they can do as they please. Who needs those pesky commentators who actually READ their stories anyway?

  16. TexasAnnie says:

    As I continue to read about the Senate proposed Trumpcare, I become agitated when folks like Mike Pence lie about Medicaid. In this case Pence told the Natl. Gov. Assn. on Friday that the Obamacare Medicaid expansion caused waiting lists for the developmentally disabled, nearly 60,000 in Ohio alone.

    The waiting lists in Ohio and Nebraska and Texas and all across the United States were caused when laws were passed to create appropriate spaces and services for developmentally disabled citizens; laws which subsequently were never funded or were underfunded… The waiting lists were in place literally decades BEFORE the Affordable Care Act. And since Pence lied about Medicaid in this instance are any of his opinions about Medicaid believable?

    On the other hand, the GOP Governor of Ohio (who I truly wish had been elected Prez) has spoken up to tell the truth about Medicaid and waiting lists. Too bad the GOP Governors of Nebraska and Texas and all across the United States won’t follow suit. I guess in this instance Kasich is better than the GOP.

    • Sparkles says:

      The AP reported Pence, Tom Price and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma made a Saturday morning pitch for TrumpCare during a closed-door meeting of the bipartisan National Governors Association.
      After the dog and pony show, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) emerged to say it’s unlikely Pence & Co. changed anyone’s mind.
      Sandoval made his point in a not-so-congenial fashion –
      “I am struggling to validate the numbers that are being presented to me by the administration, versus what I’m hearing from independent (experts), what I’ll likely hear from the (Congressional Budget Office), what I’m hearing from back home,” Sandoval said after the governors-only meeting.”

      In other words –
      Pence, Price and Verma sat us down in a private, closed door meeting and proceeded to flat-out lie to us!
      I’m guessing Sandoval and the other Governors in attendance didn’t take kindly to being lied to in same manner as the GOP perpetually lies to its malinformed base.

      Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said the mood at the Saturday breakfast meeting was “tense” and “there are a lot of Republican governors who apparently have a neck problem, because they were all looking down.”

      Of note –
      Most of you are probably unaware Seema Verma is Trump’s new new CMS Administrator. (Verma worked for Mike Pence, gutting Medicaid, when Pence was Gov of Indiana)
      And it’s almost certain you’re unaware that Calder Lynch was recently appointed as Special Assistant to the CMS Administrator, Seema Verma.
      Does the name Calder Lynch ring a bell?
      He’s the 30ish year old ALEC tool that Ricketts brought up from (Bobby Jindal’s failed) Louisiana to serve as Nebraska’s Medicaid Director. (‘serve’, as in ‘privatize – to disastrous results’ )
      As the headlines continue to unfold in the coming months/years of the devastation Lynch left in his wake as Medicaid Director, his is a name of which you should make note.

      • they all lie says:

        Lying to your leadership base to advance a poor health care bill. Where have we seen that before?

  17. Vladimir Poutine says:

    We no want Brad. He too skinny. We like fat American like Hero Trump who roast nicely with apple in mouth.

  18. Slippin' into darkness says:

    Your president, moments ago stood at a lectern in front of a bank of cameras and said –
    “The gentleman who was in charge of Omaha Beef, they do beef, he hugged me and he wanted to kiss me so badly. Because he said our business is a whole different business now. You got China approved. The other administrations couldn’t even come close.
    And I told him, you know how long it took? One sentence. I said, President Xi, we’d love to sell beef back in China again. He said; You can do that. That was the end of that, right?!”

    Sep 22, 2016 – The Hill
    China moves to lift ban on US beef
    “China is moving to lift a long-standing ban on U.S. beef after a mad cow disease scare locked out imports more than a decade ago..
    ..“This is great news for U.S. beef producers,” said Kent Bacus, director of international trade for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.”

    Sep 22, 2016, press release from –
    WASHINGTON, Sept. 22, 2016 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today issued the following statement:
    “I welcome the announcement from China’s Ministry of Agriculture that it has lifted its ban on U.S. beef following a recently concluded review of the U.S. supply system..
    ..Since 2003, USDA has led a multi-agency, full-court press, dedicating significant resources to restore foreign market access for U.S. beef.”

    Two Scoops Donald is an abject moron.
    And a serial liar.
    And the Trumper base eats it up like seals clamoring for another fish.

    • Political Novice says:

      Trump a serial liar? I’m . . . . I’m shocked! Why the next thing you will be telling us is that he’s not modest and humble.

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