Stothert for Governor…Mayor…

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, and supporters

Speaking with News Channel Nebraska‘s Joe Jordan earlier in the week (and is it just me or does “” need a new URL?), Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert put forward a couple of tantalizing plans for her political future.

After completely shutting down any ideas of her running for the House or Senate, she left another two open:

1) Running to become the first 3-term Mayor in Omaha
2) Running for Governor in 2022.

The Mayor’s 2nd term will be up in 2021.
And other than having the job that arguably has more effect on people’s daily lives than any other elected position, there are a few other “political” perks:

When you run, it’s a bang-bang Primary and General. No one likes raising money and no one really likes the forever campaigns that take an entire year. The public’s focus only really lasts so long, and having the Primary and General only a month apart is an attractive part of running for Mayor.

The other is the idea of being the longest serving Mayor in Omaha history. You’ve heard that mentioned about Dave Heineman as Nebraska Governor, and he is likely to be in the record books for some time (note that he took over after Mike Johanns left to become Ag Secretary, so his two terms were on top of that, before being term-limited).

Being a two-term Mayor — and the first woman to do so — is significant, but being a THREE term Mayor would solidify her place in Omaha history.

Ah but what of the 2022 Governor’s race?

It will (likely) be an open seat. And the Republican primary is often the real battle for the race. Any of those dynamics could change, but coming from one of the top political offices in the state would be a good jumping-off point.

And if Stothert made that decision, she would most very likely not be running for re-election in 2021, instead turning her full attention to 2022.

She’ll have a few years before decisions will need to be made, but the options on the table are interesting.

And we’ll only have to wait three years to find out!


Murante for Treasurer

Well, the waiting is no-longer for State Senator John Murante of Big Fred’s Gretna.

He will be making an announcement on his future political plans at 10:30am on Monday the 24th in the Capitol rotunda.

The word is State Treasurer, as has been noted here before.

We haven’t heard much yet from the other person who already has a web site up, Taylor Royal.

Royal has a site up under ““, and an early Google ad had it up as his State Treasurer site. But he side-stepped that when asked, and now the site has a timer on it, ticking down to 31+ days.

Which means it’s up on either August 21st or 22nd (my math’s not that good).

So either he’ll be announcing near one of those days….OR he is REALLY looking forward to the Solar Eclipse, and he’s just getting us all ready.

Question will be if anyone else wants to jump in that GOP Primary.


Eyes on August

As the Health Care debate rages on, reporters are trying to tug info from the various players. Senator Ben Sasse is all for the “repeal now, then figure something else out later” approach. Some, like Rand Paul, favor that plan (though Jonah Goldberg for one questions the sincerity of Paul‘s position).

Yesterday on her weekly call with reporters (which, by the way, not every Senator does, by any means) Senator Deb Fischer was cagey about what she wants out of a Health Care proposal.

She noted that the Senate will likely start with the House version, then start the amendment process. She also noted that she would prefer repeal and replace at the same time.

During the call, she took a moment to note that the biggest issue she hears from constituents is the issue of  affordability. She noted that people have found their premiums skyrocketing and their deductibles over the moon.

Pretty sure that’s not what was promised under Obamacare.

Could be an exciting August.


Fix-It Felix

And for your watching pleasure, check out this video from Prager University on why Government Can’t Fix Healthcare. (Hint: it needs to be market based.)

Nearly all of the Prager U videos are great. Pick your favorite on any subject and you’ll be enriched in a few minutes.


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  1. Still waiting says:

    I saw Sweeper covering Ricketts numbers in a new poll, but am still waiting for him to cover Fischer and Sasse’s numbers that were put out by the same organization. Could it be that Sweeper’s favorite senator (Fischer) has worse numbers than Sweepers most hated senator (Sasse)?

    For those that are curious, here’s what Sweeper isn’t telling you:

    Fischer: 49% approve; 33% disapprove; 18% unsure; 3% MOE
    Sasse: 52% approve; 28% disapprove; 21% unsure; 3% MOE

    Fischer Net Approve: 16
    Sasse Net Approve: 24


  2. Sparkles says:

    That’s the most inane video I’ve seen in my life.

    It’s always fascinating the dregs that fringe right wing figures, like bible thumping Dennis Prager, surround themselves with.
    The man featured in in the video is former Ohio congressmen Bob McEwen.
    While serving in congress McEwen was singled out – by his own party (Gingrich) –
    as an example of rampant corruption in Congress. McEwen was involved in the 1992 House Banking Scandal. McEwen ‘bounced 169 checks on the House Bank over a period of 39 months. McEwen was one of a handful of elected officials running a scam on the American people. Despite insufficient funds and without penalty, the checks McEwen was serially and deliberately bouncing were all made good – by the House Bank, courtesy of Joe taxpayer.

    McEwen’s most recent gig was as a $25,000/mo lobbyist for African strongman and dictator, Laurent Gbagbo.
    Here’s a headline, from two days ago, pertaining to Laurent Gbagbo:
    ICC (International Criminal Court) declines to set Laurent Gbagbo free in ruling

    It appears Mr. McEwen’s client has been imprisoned for:
    “crimes against humanity including murder, rape, and persecution in five months of bloodshed that wrecked the Ivory Coast.”

    • The Grundle King says:

      So, nothing about the actual content? Just some lazy ad hominem character assassination, and what…that’s end-o-story?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stothert can be mayor and governor. Ricketts has demonstrated that you can be governor and not do anything. It’s not like Stothert will have any extra work to do.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Our Republican Congress and Republican President still can’t do shit together. No threat to the Republic besides intrinsic, intractable inaction. Yawn, waiting for the next round of doubleplusgood from Trump on Twitter.

  5. Sparkles says:

    Sen Fisher is quoted in today’s LJS:
    “I am supporting and will vote to repeal because of the harm I see to Nebraskans and Americans,” she said.

    Headline from July 19, 2017, MarketWatch:
    CBO: Obamacare repeal would leave 32 million more uninsured and double premiums

    The LJS story goes on to note (emphasis mine):
    “Fischer said the Senate will consider a motion Tuesday to proceed by moving directly to the House-approved health care bill and then allowing amendments and debate to begin on a revised proposal. ”

    So.. after seven years of incessant wailing and more than 50 votes to repeal the law, the GOP – to this daystill has no fuching idea what they’ll replace it with.

    The kicker of the LJS story –
    “Asked to grade Trump’s performance on the issue, Fischer said she would give the president an A or a B.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Stothert would be a much better governor than what we have now. At least she would have some experience actually running something!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Spicy resigned. Who can blame him? What a shit job, regardless of who the President is. And now the White House Press Secretary has been demoted to “Tweet explainer.” Trump is his own press secretary, why even have an actual position and have to pay somebody? As Bugs Bunny said, “What a bunch of maroons!”

    • Political Novice says:

      Anthony Scaramucci made his debut at the White House press briefing today and praised the president on his competitive nature and athletic skills.

      “He’s the most competitive person I’ve ever met, okay? I’ve seen this guy throw a dead spiral through a tire. I’ve seen him at Madison Square Garden with a top coat on, he’s standing in the key and he’s hitting foul shots and swishing them. He sinks three foot putts,” he said.

      He forgot to add that he’s also faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (even the Trump Tower!)

      I like this guy – he makes me laugh. Can’t wait until SNL gets ahold of him.

  8. Bluejay says:

    As resident of Omaha I would love to see Stothert run for third term. She is excellent. But as a Nebraskan, it would be better if she was Governor.

    Serious question: Has Nebraska ever had an outstanding Governor?

    And as I have written here before, Governor Dave got totally taken by Jane Kleeb (!) on KXL and allowed Obama to say “we’re waiting on those folks in Nebraska.”

    Governor Dave did little as governor and failed on KXL. What did he accomplish other than defeat Dr. Tom?

    • Bluejay says:

      Addendum: Ben Nelson stopped the low-level nuke waste dump (at a great cost) and that was a good thing in the abstract as Kay Orr got taken.

      (That Central States Compact guy who went to jail for stealing was something else. OWH printed some letter he wrote from prison and he was nearly illiterate. How did he get through college, much less law school? Not a Creighton man, for sure. Ray something?)

  9. Sparkles says:

    Every former Director of the CBO, dating back to the agency’s inception in 1975, has just signed off on a letter addressed to Paul Ryan, telling the Republicans in congress to back the fuch off.
    Telling Republicans they really need to stop lying to the American people.

    Every former Director –

    At what point do Republican politicians admit they’re wholly corrupted?
    At what point does the Republican base, get a clue?

    • who will save the country? says:

      If and when the Dems get a coherent and effective message that resonates with the middle class and unions. Who they use to represent when they could win.

      That would mean pissing off the identity folks they represent now.
      Which would be hard to do since Perez slammed the door on a diverse and inclusive party.

      We won’t hold our breath.

      • sparkles gets spanked, again says:

        So what sparkles is saying is the CBO is a great organization, smart, relies on experts, but they can’t address a letter to whom they want it to go to. But you sparkles, a third rate pundit from a third world state in a proven failure of a newspaper know what they meant to say.

        So now you have proven to be a freaking moron.

        No, the greatest fiction writer in the world couldn’t come up with clown like you.

    • oh crap, wrong again says:

      The letter was addressed to who????????????

      Maybe you should stay away from Daily Kos. As you have pointed out, you must be one of those stupid Americans.

      The real letter as addressed moron, is:

      Letter from Former CBO Directors on the Importance of CBO’s Role in the Legislative Process

      July 21, 2017

      Honorable Paul Ryan
      United States House of Representatives
      Washington, DC 20515
      Honorable Nancy Pelosi
      Minority Leader
      United States House of Representatives
      Washington, DC 20515

      Honorable Mitch McConnell
      Majority Leader
      United States Senate
      Washington, DC 20510

      Honorable Charles Schumer
      Minority Leader
      United States Senate
      Washington, DC 20510

      • Sparkles says:

        Hey dumbass,

        Point out for me ONE occasion where Chuck Schumer called into question the findings of the CBO.

        Point our for me ONE instance where the democratic party coordinated a public attack on the CBO.

  10. Sparkles says:

    Taking the fight to Trump from his hospital bed –

    John McCain‏Verified account
    Must-read @MJGerson @washingtonpost: “Trump’s breathtaking surrender to #Russia”

  11. anonymous says:

    Breaking –
    Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador, U.S. intelligence intercepts show

  12. Sparkles says:

    Senate Intel Chair: ‘The Unmasking Thing Was All Created By Devin Nunes’
    “Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) on Friday accused his counterpart in the House, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), of creating a false narrative about Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice.”

    Republicans eating their own.
    It’s all coming unraveled.

    • get it right or speak not at all says:

      Uh hummmm. That doesn’t negate the fact that some one(s) in the Obama administration did illegally unmask people. The only thing unraveling is your mind.

      Schumer to Hillary: ‘Blame Yourself’ for Losing to Trump Instead of Comey and Russia
      And which party is coming unraveled as they eat their own? hahahahahaha

      • Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

        Hillary who? Hillary is nobody. Why do you keep bringing her up, did you want her to become president? Its the current, actual, duly elected President with Russia problems. Its that same President’s Administration that has Russia problems. Its the very same President’s family members with Russian problems. Not to mention the President’s nepotism problems, having his family with secret security clearances, in government. Russian problems, nepotism problems, but no, not Hillary problems. Hillary who?

      • ooooh, they love the shiny stuff says:

        Because she is still in the public eye and dividing the party more and more the more she hangs around.

        You are amusing with your Hillary who? The most hilarious part is, you really believe such an amateurish post is some how effective. It is your party that can’t let her go. I guess you are not in tune with the real progressives on the coast. You’re just another flyover hick from nabraska.

        Cue in Deliverance music so Impotent Republican Congress and President Can’t Pass Significant Legislation can crawl around on all fours and grunt.

        As for the legislation who cares? One Supreme court judge and maybe more. 137 other Federal judges. Heads of Depts. cutting waste, firing incompetent killers at the VA, paring back a regulatory system that went out of control under Obama. There is so much more than legislation. And keeping the Dems on their own Benghazi witch hunt.

        A good magician always has the audience watching some thing that doesn’t matter while the important stuff goes on some where else. But then, you just love shiny stuff don’t you.

      • Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

        Watching the shiny stuff? That puts me in good company with your buddy Trump, who keeps looking at his desk and wondering why there is no bill to sign.

        As for the judiciary, how many appointments have cleared the Senate lately? After Gorsuch, please.

        Don’t labor under the assumption I’m a Democrat, I’m a Libertarian. And I wonder why Congress can’t do anything useful. I could be wrong and you’re welcome to demonstrate that I am, but you have to point to actual accomplishments. Waiting, waiting for you to reply.

      • libertarian or jerk? says:

        It’s been what, 6 months out of 4 years? Come back in 3 and 1/2 years. Or are you that ignorant about how our government works. What did Obama do in 8 years with legislation? Obamacare. The less the congress does, the better off we all are. A libertarian would know that and agree.

      • Anonymous says:

        The midterms are a year away. Not much time to get anything done. No momentum to speak of. An explanation will be necessary, that or actual accomplishment. What Libertarian would run for office and claim inaction as an accomplishment? What three and a half-year chance is there? None.

      • win an election, become relevant says:

        What libertarian would run for office and win? None that would make a big positive impact.

        Although I love john Stossel and basically Rand Paul is a libertarian. When you become relevant, then you can help set the standards.

        It must obvious even to you that America doesn’t want to live under your system of governance. Anarchy has that effect on the informed.

      • Anonymous says:

        I touched by your concern for Libertarians, but Republican inaction will earn them a beating in the midterms. How fun will that be?

    • do it right or not at all says:

      How novel. Government not passing a bill that they can’t do an adequate job on any way.

      Party of failure would be the ones who passed the ACA. Which was nothing but promises that couldn’t be fulfilled. How cruel to raise the hopes of so many with such folly. And they knew it was not workable.

      Shame on you progressives!

      • Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

        I’m a Libertarian, not a Democrat. Libertarians and Democrats have nothing to do with current, Republican incompetence – Libertarians and Democrats have no power. At all.

        The ACA was the wrong solution to a real problem – do something, even if its the wrong thing.

        We’ve been hearing for 7+ years about repeal and replace. Where is it?

      • what are they, really? says:

        Only a moron ask such a stupid question. Whether repeal is passed or not, lack of action produces the same result. The end of the ACA. Libertarian or Dem? More like a Gruber uniformed voter.

      • who would want congress to do more? says:

        Nothing as opposed to wrong thing is a good thing. I really am starting to doubt your credentials as a libertarian. You want congress to do more and pass more bills despite their record on the bills they pass. Do you have a clue?

      • Anonymous says:

        Doing nothing is an accomplishment? Where is the legislation to shrink government? Or did I miss something? The Federal government is not smaller, its bigger than ever. Still the same number of Cabinet departments, just some minor pushing money around. No less government in the economy. The defense industry is indistinguishable, in its State dependence, from its former Soviet and current Russian counterpart. How is that capitalism? Its a jobs program under the cover of State authority. I’m beginning to doubt your conservative credentials.

      • win an election, become relevant says:

        Wow, you really are out of touch. When was the last time either party shrunk government? You actually think the Republicans would do such a thing? At least Trump is appointing cabinet members who are shrinking some of government.

        Your pie in the sky utopia is not even under consideration. I take what I can get under the reality of the current times. It’s a much less frustrating life to live in reality. Try it. Or join the skin heads and supremacist who basically have the same philosophy of government as you.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only thing Trump and his Cabinet are shrinking are their weenies. Actual savings much? As in dollar amounts that will never be spent and come back to the taxpayer? Um, no. I am living in the reality of Republican failure to govern. No judges confirmed since Gorsuch. No significant legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President. The lot of them should simply resign and go home. Why pay people to do nothing? At least we’d save salary money and bennies.

  13. Sparkles says:

    I give up. President Trump is my President. I do not know why it took me so long. Man, this feels good to say that out loud #MAGA

    • Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

      There is a vacancy in the White House. Its located directly between Donald Trump’s left and right ears.

      Where, oh where, is the ACA replacement bill? Is Obama the obstacle? No, Obama is on vacation with Richard Branson. Are the Clintons the obstacle? No, they are off giving spendy speeches. Are the Democrats the obstacle? No, the Democrats are powerless in DC and throughout the country.

      Is it that Republicans can’t, don’t and won’t agree with Republicans? The Party of Lincoln is divided. Lincoln said a house divided against itself cannot stand. That Party of Lincoln? Why the reticence? These same Republicans who can’t agree on an ACA replacement are positively Communist in their love of government intervention in defense, agriculture and trade.

      Don’t like how other countries play in world markets? Slap a tariff on them.

      The American family farm has been mere tenancy on corporate farms for generations now. Companies are paid to grow and not grow food, with government price supports, government underwriting loans and crop insurance. Thanks to Earl Butz we grow industrial feedstocks masquerading as food, which food is driving the whole country to depression, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.

      Direct and indirect defense spending is just south of $900 billion dollars. We have not enough of the wrong weapons we can’t use because they don’t work, provided by 1.5, ship, aircraft and armor builders. Not even two vendors in each major industry, is that capitalism? That is state intervention in the economy masquerading as a market, barely. Its a 75 year old jobs program.

      I tell you what, I will take single payer health insurance if we can get the State out of the rest of the economy and have some actual competition for once – from hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs, not one and a half or two.

  14. Sparkles says:

    Please do not use my name “real” Sparkles. It took countless minutes to come up with it. Use RWP or something else.

    • Crap Detector says:

      bynd must be on the loose Sparkles and real Sparkles but don’t worry ’cause when you write something of import, we can tell the difference. And even if bynd comes here to deny, everybody knows he’s chief suspect and deserves all blame anyway.

      • boo hoo says:

        Not a problem little whiner. Blame is irrelevant when nobody knows who is who. But I realize that is above your mental capacity to comprehend. Besides, if you can’t take it, don’t dish out our littlest snowflake.

        Cry me a river.

  15. Sparkles says:

    You hire a driver to drive.
    You pay a plumber to plumb, a baker to bake and a cook to cook.

    You elect people to government, to govern.

    January 3, 2009, until January 3, 2011.
    The 111th Congress.
    President: Barack H. Obama
    Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid
    House Speaker: Nancy Pelosi
    The most productive Congress in modern history in terms of legislation passed.
    A record of accomplishment exceeded only by the 89th Congress, under the leadership President Lyndon B. Johnson (D-TX). A congress responsible for the remarkable array of legislative achievements that comprise the”Great Society”.
    Senate Majority Leader: Mike Mansfield (D-MT)
    House Speaker: John McCormack (D-MA)

    For comparison, let’s check a couple weekend quotes from the shitshow that is the GOP circus.
    Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) told TPM when asked how things were going within his party.
    “It’s been some of the most chaotic six, seven months I’ve ever spent here. I’ve been here 20 years, with a Democratic president just sworn in, a Republican president just sworn in, and this has been somewhat of a chaotic circus,” Jones continued. “It’s going to be very difficult to get any major legislation through Congress this year, and I think next year there’ll be even less of a chance.”

    And from a 30 year GOP veteran:
    “The bottom line is we have found a way to mire ourselves into our own frustrations and we’ve got to end that,” House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) told TPM, saying internal tensions and distrust within the party are as bad as he’s seen in years, calling it “sobering”

    Sorry, Pete.
    But it’s sobering only to those who have for a decade or more deluded themselves into thinking wholesale obstruction was somehow.. governance. Elected officials who imagined intransigence, subterfuge and debauchery in service to the agenda of their paymasters, the 0.01%, was somehow moving America forward. Convinced that their allegiance to the wealthiest people and corporations on Wall Street, somehow translated to addressing the very real problems of a struggling main street.
    The Republican party abandoned ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ the moment Raygun read the poll-tested script declaring: “government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem”
    In the firing of Jim DeMint, even the Heritage Foundation has recently admitted that it, and the Republican party have lost their way. Even Heritage is embarrassed about what their party has become.

    Of course, none of this means anything to you folks.
    Facts don’t matter.
    There is no lesson to be learned from, for history doesn’t matter.
    America’s sudden and dramatic collapse in stature on the world stage, doesn’t matter.
    The pain and suffering that you’re willing to subject your friends, family and the communities in which you live, doesn’t matter.

    Come election time, you’ll tuck yourself away in that voting booth and pull the lever for every self-serving carnival barker with with an ‘R’ next their name.
    Country be damned.

    And bynd, stop using my name, you fuching troll.

    • Didi Mao! says:

      There remains hope for the GOP.
      It seems The Donald’s victory has emboldened a new breed of GOP political contender.
      Apparently both Kid Rock and Caitlyn Jenner are considering throwing their respective hats (panties) in the ring.

      • Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

        I’d love to see that photo op with Trump, Ryan and McConnell. Try explaining that Instagram post to Grandma.

    • your not worth the effort says:

      Don’t flatter your self. You write like a snotty, overindulged little twerp.

      I mean really, do you wear a tutu and put sparkly makeup on your face, wear a crown and run around with a cardboard wand? Poof, life is good! Poof, the rich are now poor! Poof, oops that would be poop, in your pants.

      Being the most prolific and the most productive are two different things. Rabbits are prolific. Hard workers are productive. And productive has nothing to do with the amount of legislation passed or politicians.

  16. Sparkles says:

    I also forgot to mention that all those accomplishments were put on the credit card. We have been the most successful in increasing the debt too. #MAGA

    • Sparkles says:

      Hey dumbass,
      None of them were put on the credit card.
      Funding streams were established for every one the Great Society initiatives.
      Ever heard of “Federal Insurance Contributions Act”, i.e. FICA?
      Did politicians in the ensuing years fail to adjust these pay-fors? Hell Yes!
      Did politicians actively CHOOSE, for decades, to ignore the pending boomer bubble? You bet!
      Did Obama openly go against his own party in trying to strike a deal with Republicans by offering cuts to both Medicare and Social Security?
      Fuch Yea!
      Did Obama’s good faith negotiation matter to a GOP intent on obstructing everything Obama?
      Fuch No!
      April 11, 2013 –
      Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP
      Obama plans to cut between $200 billion and $380 billion more from Social Security and Medicare than Republicans in the next ten years

      It was George W and the 6 year unchecked rule of his Insane GOP Clown Posse that put Two Wars, one of the largest tax cuts (for the wealthy) in history and Medicaid Part D, the largest expansion of Medicare in the programs history, all on credit card.
      No effort whatsoever was put forth to pay for a single DIME of it!
      And not a peep from you people ‘fiscal conservatives’!!
      While he and Darth were doing busy salting the earth for their successor, the mindless GOP minions were busy deregulatin’ up a storm. A storm that would lead directly to The Great Recession – a calamity whose effects weigh on us to this day. A devastation of our economy leaving more than 8 million Americans newly unemployed, millions of families homeless, and a lingering hopelessness that has lead to an unprecedented escalation of suicide rates among a newly destitute swath of middle aged Americans.

      Don Bacon and the GOP -right now- want to give the Defense Department nearly $100 BILLION MORE than even Donald Trump’s massive military spending increase. Tens of Billions of taxpayer dollars more than even the military itself wants! Funding for programs military leaders have assured congress, repeatedly, it doesn’t need!
      Are you ‘fiscal conservatives’ up in arms?!! OF COURSE NOT!!!!

      GDammit people – WAKE UP!

      • write something worth reading! says:

        A motivating or educational writer you are not. Write less and we will sleep less.

        America is just fine, it is you who is all fuc#$$#@ up. (To use your illiterate vernacular.)

  17. Didi Mao.. Mao! says:

    Word is that Tillerson may soon Rexit the SecState gig.
    Snidely Whiplash rumored to be courted as his replacement.

  18. Sparkles says:

    Rand Paul, moments ago to Fox News, responding to Neil Cavuto:
    “We have no earthly idea what we will be voting on tomorrow other than that it’ll be moving to the House bill, but everybody knows it’s not really going to be the House bill,”

    1/6th of our economy.
    Twenty, Thirty, Forty Million Americans negatively impacted in a significant manner.
    If it’s Ben Sasse’s preferred Repeal N FuchEm, the CBO says 32 million Americans will lose access to affordable care and the insurance premiums for every one of you reading this, will double.
    Rural hospitals throughout America are guaranteed to be forced to close, devastating rural communities and impacting entire rural regions. Their schools, banks, diners, grocery stores, service stations. The tax base that maintains our state’s roads and water systems and sewers. Nothing will left untouched, unharmed.
    Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of elderly will be forced out of nursing homes and, if they’re lucky, into the basements of their children.

    And as of this afternoon, GOPers have NO IDEA what they’ll be voting on.
    After seven years of bluster and promise and bumper stickers and placards and spittle – none of them have any idea what tomorrow may bring,
    After seven years – every major health organization on the planet has gone on the record in public opposition to what the Republicans have proposed
    A paltry 12% of Americans support the bill drafted by a Republican party. A partly wholly owned by specials interests.

    Yet, Deb Fischer gives Trump and A or a B for his efforts on health reform.
    And Don Bacon, like Donald Trump, is a “Hell Yes!” for whatever spawn emerges from this criminal act tomorrow, this clusterfuch perpetrated to the detriment of all but the richest Americans.

    And you people, who fancy yourselves ‘conservatives’ and ‘patriots’, don’t care.
    As long as you can say you stuck it to Obama, you’re giddy with joy.
    Country be damned.

    • identity politics, no thank you says:

      What you seem to not grasp is that your vision of Murica was rejected in the last election and mainly those since 2010.

      Elections have consequences. The biggest one being, you and your philosophy are irrelevant and have been rejected. You should learn to deal with it. Your hysteria affects only you so adversely.

  19. Sparkles says:

    I forgot to mention Fannie and Freddie (quasi govt agencies) was the biggest pusher of subprime mortgages. Heck even Clinton wanted to ramp up sub prime lending in 1999. The 20% model was outdated and who needs verifiable income. Clinton has much to do with the chicken in every pot (homeownership for all) that contributed to lending to morons. But…… that is none of my business.

    Oh by the way #MAGA

      • look between your legs says:


        You can’t make people like you up.

        Poor little offended snowflakes.

        You don’t know dick!

    • Sparkles says:

      A quick google will prove to all but the witless that you sir, are a loon.
      It’s a winger myth, long ago debunked, that affordable housing policies caused the subprime crisis, or that Fannie & Freddie caused the housing crisis.

      And stop using my name, loathsome troll.

  20. Sparkles Mom says:

    Now Sparkles, quit pestering these nice young men and come to dinner. Mommy made your favorite. Murica meatloaf made with snowflakes, Hillary tears, and a teaspoon of Corey Booker’s hair clippings.

    I am sure 2018 cycle will be just fine and you can b in a better mood. Mommy also got your favorite Alex Jones jammies laid out.

  21. Sparkles says:

    Go read the New York time in 1999 to get a sense what Clinton wanted to do to push home ownership in unconventional ways. If you think, drive by appraisials, not verifying income, was not a contributing factor, you are crazy. The buildup started before 2000 my friend. But in your eyes, the government is NEVER at fault. I do not need Google to tell me what I know because it is my profession and lived it. Heard your mom was making meatloaf again.

    • Sparkles says:

      Stop using my name, you fuching troll.

      “drive by appraisials, not verifying income,”.. was the practice of a greed driven private lending industry – NOT Fannie & Freddie!
      It was all part of the GOP’s (with an assist from Clinton, i.e. Glass Steagall and more importantly Phil Graham R-TX and Graham-Leach-Bliley) deregulation and lack of oversight by PRIVATE banking and and re-insurance companies. Lax policies bought and paid for courtesy of a wholly compliant GOP puppets (and an big assist from Wall Street friendly, complicit democrats).

      It was banks and fly-by-night mortgage companies eager to sell tranches of bundled mortgages to a voracious Chinese market that drove the frenzy, a frenzy resulting from Greenspan keeping interest too low for too long.
      It was AIG insuring the credit worthiness of the junk mortgages that made the whole debacle possible.

      Here, a three second google pulls up even the winger rag Forbes admitting what is now common knowledge –
      “It is clear to anyone who has studied the financial crisis of 2008 that the private sector’s drive for short-term profit was behind it. More than 84 percent of the sub-prime mortgages in 2006 were issued by private lending. These private firms made nearly 83 percent of the subprime loans to low- and moderate-income borrowers that year. Out of the top 25 subprime lenders in 2006, only one was subject to the usual mortgage laws and regulations. The nonbank underwriters made more than 12 million subprime mortgages with a value of nearly $2 trillion. The lenders who made these were exempt from federal regulations.”

      For christ’s sake, turn off Lou Dobbs and Fox ‘News’ read a fuching book.
      And thanks for demonstrating you know next to nothing about even your own ‘profession’.

      And again – STOP using my fuching name.

  22. bynd says:

    I’m such an ass! Biggest one on this blog. I have no life, so I just post to annoy others. No code of conduct either as I don’t mind using other’s monikers just to confuse the issues instead of having an intelligent conversation which I am incapable of.

    • WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! says:


      It’s like watching a cutter cut themselves with words.

      And then believe it is somebody else blood.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except when someone says they are bynd but they aren’t – then it’s Street Sweeper to the rescue. Why not go to real names and raise the level of discourse. Everyone or no one.

      • Oracle says:

        Or better yet, ban any posts from bynd’s IP address. He’s the one who started ignoring SS’s admonition to not use other’s names. Very bad manners and way outside the norm, not any different than the current House and Senate leadership.

  23. Sparkles says:

    You should read “Hidden in Plain Sight”. The problem started in 1992. The GSE Act of 1992 set aggressive targets for them to purchase loans originated to borrowers at or below the median income level – many of whom were “subprime.” To meet the goals, the GSEs lowered underwriting standards for mortgages they purchased from originators, who before had little incentive to originate poorly underwritten loans, Wallison explains.

    Sorry your boy Clinton encouraged lowering financial standards so people could buy homes they could not afford.

  24. Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

    Tell me, again, what Trump’s bitch with his hand-picked attorney general is?

  25. bynd says:

    The snow flakes are in full bloom. Accusations with no proof, “Or better yet, ban any posts from bynd’s IP address. He’s the one who started ignoring SS’s admonition to not use other’s names.”

    In fact as many times as they think it is bynd and it is not, shows what weak, stupid people they are who over estimate their ability to even tell who is writing what.

    Don’t like what is being said, ban some one. Stifle free speech. Based on their opinions only.

    As you folks like to say when defending porn or other graphic TV, if you don’t like it, turn the channel.

    You want discussion, put a muzzle on your Sparkles. The most prolific poster of manure on here. No discussion there. If you can’t police your own, don’t even begin to worry about others.

    Reminds me of all the whining toddlers in the daycare. You need adults to have discussion. If oracle is an example of what progressives think is an adult, then you really are a lost group. Remember, Oracle’s big line is,YAI. Now that’s a grown up response isn’t it. And it stimulates all sorts of intelligent discussion.

    And just how do you police if some one is using their real name or not? What a totally stupid idea with absolute no0 thought behind it. A knee jerk reaction to a non existent problem.

    Thank goodness the voters from the last election saved us from these vultures being in charge any longer.

    If you want to be treated like an adult, act like one.

    • Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

      Names can be verified with little effort. Discussion lists on other web sites have pretty good ways of doing this. Even WordPress, out of the box, can be set up to verify email addresses. Not foolproof, but you’d be surprised at how tight the screws can be tightened. All depends on how much signal you want and how much noise is tolerated. The S/N Ratio at LSt. is very noisy on a good day. Don’t like it? Leave. Nothing kills a blog faster than ignoring it.

      • bynd says:

        “Names can be verified with little effort.”

        Fake email accounts. Who would have thunk it. Or identity theft.

        No, there is no full proof way to do it. And are you going to pay SS to do these things? Especially when the problem is yours. Solve it for yourself. Lead the way, or quit your whining.

        “Nothing kills a blog faster than ignoring it.”
        I’d pay good money for you to prove that theory by leaving with all the snowflakes who need a safe space.

      • Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

        Sure. People choose to use no name or a fake name, all the time. Not everyone does. Running a WordPress blog of my own tells me a lot about how SS runs this one. bynd, you and I could have a productive conversation, but its a) clear you don’t ever want to and b) don’t know a single thing about how a WordPress or any other blog works. And don’t care to educate yourself. Pity.

      • bynd says:

        a) clear you don’t ever want to :
        about this subject, why would I? I don’t have the problem. I don’t need a solution. And there are a lot of other discussions I would rather spend my time on.

        b) don’t know a single thing about how a WordPress or any other blog works. And don’t care to educate yourself

        You’re right I don’t and no I don’t to care to educate about it. If you fly, what would like to know about the Air Traffic control system? I can tell you more than you can ever absorb. But that isn’t why we are here. At least, I am not.

      • Impotent Republican Congress and President Can't Pass Significant Legislation says:

        My current interest in NextGen started with reading everything I could find in the public literature about SAGE. SAGE was a truly great idea and a great project. It would never have worked in combat by the Air Force’s own admission, but it paved the way for decades of incremental change, and the development of modern ATC and battle management systems. I’m a rank amateur but I read alot. Learning is a blessing.

  26. Sparkles says:

    For christ’s sake – the Boy Scouts.

    Your president knows no debauchery, no boorish degeneracy too vile.
    He stands on stage and spits up an obscenity laced, ‘Manhattan Cocktail party’, political jeremiad to an audience of Boy Scouts!

    In crass political gamesmanship he compels Boy Scouts to stand and boo on command both the former First Lady of United States and the former President of the United States.

    Apparently still exhilarated by his triumph of the teens, we find your president is up at 4:30am launching into a wholly unhinged twitter tirade. A tirade leading off with a retweet of yet another fake ‘Hillary scandal’ propagated by none other than Sean Hannity.

    Come on, Republicans, own up.
    Step forward and tell us why you still believe this man is fit to hold the office of POTUS.
    Tell us why Nebraska’s delegation should maintain their blind allegiance to this mentally unbalanced thimble-wit.

    And an example of the rank hypocrisy of the Trump loving TEAOP, harken back to 2009, when President Obama, with two young children of his own, chose to publicly address America’s school children and encourage them to respect your teacher, work hard and stay in school.
    Sept 5, 2009 –
    “Many conservatives enraged over Obama school speech”
    Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer released a statement this week accusing Obama of using taxpayer money to “indoctrinate” children.
    “As the father of four children, I am absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology,” Greer said.

    • bynd says:

      But yet, this country elected him and his values and rejected you and yours.

      Your rantings fall on deaf ears because you have nothing relevant to say.

      “Minnesota Schools Adopt Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners”.
      And that’s not indoctrination? It’s Obama’s legacy. Why are you so enraged that the truth is being told? Don’t you want kindergartners to under about transgenders?

      What about the bathroom issue from Obama’s Dept of Ed? The issue is not the bathroom, but that you folks think a child, who science states has a partially developed brain, is allowed to make such decisions. They are not capable of making such decisions. But you want this country to go against science and allow them to. That’s indoctrination based on voodoo science.

      And on and on. Why do you think fly over country voted against you? Ordinary, hard working individuals who reject identity politics which is all about indoctrination. Especially children.

      You make the North Koreans look like amateurs.

      But keep denying the obvious. You’ll remain and impotent group even longer. The majority who voted for Trump knew what he is. The surprise is only yours. But consider, knowing what they knew, they still voted against you and yours. It doesn’t get more humiliating than that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sparkles: We got it. Former President Obama is a saint in waiting for cannonization and Trump is president now. I thought Boys Scouts were always to be prepared for all things. So?

  27. Sparkles says:

    Hey, remember the time I spent hours and hours writing my “thoughts” on a blog and ended up changing anyone’s hearts and minds? Me neither. #MAGA

  28. Really? says:

    Jean couldn’t get along with the local sheriff from the same political party. I highly doubt she would be able to work with the legislature.

    • the curmudgeon says:

      But you never considered for a minute it was the curmudgeon Dunning who was the problem.

      How narrow minded. She appears to get things done in Omaha which would require she get along with a lot of different people. And the election wasn’t even close.

      She appears to have great credentials for dealing with a diverse legislature. For those who care to look with open eyes.

  29. Trump Horsewhips Senate Into Permitting Debate on ACA Replacement says:

    Gee, that only took 7 1/2 years. A great victory? It’s not VE or VJ Day, ferchrissakes. Can the Senate and House stick to regular order and permit our elected representatives to actually propose & discuss amendments? Also, the hated CBO has to score EVERYTHING. I want to see the Republicans driver that “32 million fewer uninsured” number down to zero, or at least lower than the ACA’s number of uninsured. Trump, Ryan and McConnell can each have a Gatorade and get back to work.

    • The Grundle King says:

      “I want to see the Republicans driver that “32 million fewer uninsured” number down to zero, or at least lower than the ACA’s number of uninsured.”

      Why should young, healthy individuals be legally forced to purchase a product they don’t need, for having committed the sole crime of existing?

      A little over 15 years ago, my father was diagnosed with cancer. It was discovered after spreading to some lymph nodes in his neck, which caused some swelling (that luckily prompted him to take a rare trip to the doctor). The doctors were never able to identify exactly where the tumor was, because it was too small to pick up on X-ray/MRI, so after a surgery to remove the affected lymph nodes, they just radiated his head from just below his eyes down to the bottom of his neck. Of course, he racked up thousands in medical bills, and didn’t have insurance to pay for it.

      Medical bankruptcy? Never…we’re talking about a man with far too much pride to let somebody else pick up his tab. Luckily, he was able to set up a payment plan at the time and, after about 15 years, was able to pay off all his bills. He has health insurance now, and has been fortunate enough not to have any significant medical issues since that time.

      Now, I understand that hospitals and doctors want their money now, and don’t want to wait that long to get the bills paid off, but payment plans ARE a viable way to give people ACCESS to health care, without forcing them to purchase insurance. It seems though that, in the last 10 years, they’ve gone largely by the wayside. Your options are (A) have insurance to pay medical expenses, or (B) hospital takes you to collections and you sell your home, cars, etc. to pay them.

      I see hospitals as one of the primary drivers of rising healthcare costs, and also as the primary reason for medical bankruptcy…they want to build palaces with marble floors and water features, conference rooms, etc., all while calling that ‘health care’. And rather than work with patients on options to pay their bills, they’ll take everything you own just to fill their coffers.

      ‘Oh, but they really care about their patients!’


      • bynd says:

        Having had by pass surgery within the last two years, UNMC and the VNA help me set up payment plans based on what I said I could pay. Could have been as low as $10 per month. I had several other bills in there and they were the same. Making the effort is what they look for. However, my insurance did have a list of all the doctors I “saw” while in the hospital and the list was 17. One even said I had COPD, although I tested negative for it with in the previous year. I also never remember seeing him. His bill ended up costing me less than $10.00. But then my individual bills were less than $5000.00 a piece.

      • Trump Horsewhips Senate Into Permitting Debate on ACA Replacement says:

        Private insurance is the private socialization of risk. That socialization of risk may be appropriate in some places – car insurance, homeowners insurance – and, as you point out, inappropriate elsewhere. We’ve made good use of payment plans for medical bills and the providers have been accommodating. I’d like to know more non-accommodating situations and outliers (sic). Sorry for your father’s illness and thanks for a good post.

      • Oracle says:

        With the amount of medical inflation in the last 15 years, I doubt a payment plan could work for someone who ended up in your father’s situation today. I have a friend who spent less than 24 hours at a hospital due to a fainting spell. No outlandish tests were done and nothing was found. The bill without insurance was $51,000.

        One of the reasons for medical inflation is that there is no counterbalance. Insurance companies don’t care. (One unintended consequence of the ACA resulted from the requirement that 85% of insurance money goes to care, with up to 15% to the insurance company. Increase the price, and that 15% gets bigger.) You need an entity the size of government to reign in the excess spending.

      • Oracle says:

        bynd, you’re comparing apples to oranges. You have insurance though the VA which is probably better than what 90% of the population has. GK’s father had NO insurance.

      • get it right once, will ya says:


        Since I have no idea what VA insurance is, your whole post is invalid and full of more of your wrong headed suppositions.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Oracle wrote: “With the amount of medical inflation in the last 15 years, I doubt a payment plan could work for someone who ended up in your father’s situation today. I have a friend who spent less than 24 hours at a hospital due to a fainting spell. No outlandish tests were done and nothing was found. The bill without insurance was $51,000.”

        I agree whole-heartedly…and that much money for a one-day stay is beyond absurd. The median U.S. household income for 2016 was about $56k, so you’re talking about one household’s entire annual income going to just one day in a hospital. That’s unconscionable.

        But look at that scenario and tell me anyone other than the hospital is at fault. Indeed, the bill was likely reduced significantly just based on the prices the insurance company negotiated with the hospital.

        I’d love to see how the cost of a relatively simple medical procedure…let’s say, non-surgical treatment of a broken arm…has increased over the last 15 years. Something tells me it would drastically out-pace the inflation rate, and we all know the treatment hasn’t changed much, if at all, during that time.

      • Oracle says:

        That’s the point of government being involved in health care. As a single person I have no power to negotiate the price down. Insurance companies do to some extent, but only for their insured, meaning that hospitals end up charging more for those without insurance. Only the government has enough power to negotiate pricing for everyone.

      • Sparkles says:


        Thank you for so eloquently making the case for a Medicare for all, single payer system.

        Every expert (with the exception of a handful of liars and loons on the right) agrees that single-payer gets you more bang for your buck by reducing administrative overhead, hospital and doctor’s’ fees, and prescription drug prices.
        The buying power of 300 million is a pretty powerful negotiating tool.

        By the way, the Republican’s ongoing efforts to fuch over millions of Americans in their uncontrollable zeal to slash taxes for the wealthy, is hastening the country’s move to single payer.

        Your father shouldn’t have had to fear homelessness, only because he became ill.
        Not in America.
        Not in a nation willing to spend $700 billion a year on war machines.
        Not in a nation that turns a blind eye to corporations parking trillions in profits offshore in order to avoid paying the taxes that build our roads, fund our schools and maintain our infrastructure.
        Not in a nation where corporate behemoths like General Electric, International Paper, and PG&E, have paid no federal income tax at all over an eight-year period, from 2008 – 2015.
        A recent study found that 258 of Fortune 500 companies were consistently profitable in each of the eight years between 2008 and 2015. One hundred of those 258 companies paid zero or less in federal income taxes in at least one year from 2008 to 2015.

        America is the richest nation on the planet. We’re simply governed by corrupt politicians who exist to serve the needs of the rich and powerful. Politicians who are simply vessels to insure lobbyist and special-interest crafted legislation is passed into law.
        This couldn’t be more evident than the current GOP (Fischer, Sasse, Bacon, Fortenberry, Smith) effort to pass a bill approved by 12% of Americans.

        Your father, and millions like him, shouldn’t have had to fear homelessness only because they became ill.
        Not in America.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I disagree that I’ve made the case for single payer…at most I’ve made a case for some regulations on cost controls. Perhaps bumping up tax breaks/credits for those who spend X% of their annual income on medical expenses. I’m a firm believer that there are answers that don’t require making every man, woman, and child a government dependent.

      • free market is NOT the solution - free market is the PROBLEM says:

        How delusional.

        ‘New Choice Health’ and half a dozen companies just like it have been around for a decade or more. They’re all a joke. They’re all fronts hoping to make money on patient referrals.
        To begin with, people don’t shop for valve bypass surgery while writhing in pain in the ER.
        People don’t run in the house to grab their notebook so they can research prices while little Johnny is laying in the driveway with a blood pouring from a gash in his head, or a bone protruding from his arm.
        Grundle’s dad wasn’t capable of self-diagnosing the lymph node issue in order to permit
        a bargain hunt for the cheapest Mufflers-N-LymphNodes Repair shop.

        Here’s the clownish reality –
        I went to the New Health Choice. It forces you to choose from a pull down menu a procedure that you, apparently, have diagnosed the need for while watching Duck Dynasty.
        So, I imagined a’Hernia Repair” was in order. I was then required to type in a zip code, so Lincoln it is, and voila’ – New Health Choice provided the following:
        1) LOC Surgery Center: $1500 – $4700
        2) Nebraska Surgery Center: $1500 – $4700
        3) Northwoods Surgery Center: $1500 – $4700
        4) Omega Surgery Center: $1500 – $4700
        (apparently, our two hospitals in Lincoln, St Elizabeth and Bryan, don’t do hernia repairs)

        That’s SUPER helpful.. New Choice Health!!
        Now, just fill out their online form, or place a call to the rent-a-girl at the cavernous call center in Weehauken New Jersey, and my business will be conveniently referred to the scalpel of my choosing. A referral certina to include an invoice from New Choice Health.

        Oh, and imagine that, I see New Choice Health has a whole 34 followers on LinkedIn. And after only 10 years in business! What a feat!

        You people will go to amazing lengths in an effort to maintain that reality free bubble in which you exist.

        But none of this means anything to you, does it?
        You’ll remaining securely sequestered away in your reality free, grifters universe. In the world of Fox News, Breitbart, Platte Institute and hate radio.

      • Crap Detector says:

        Very good diatribe about single payer but oh so true! Grundle makes a good case for single payer despite his denial; his broken arm scenario has changed considerably in fifteen years. Before the Affordable Care Act folks without insurance got cared for under the payment plans of those with insurance. The ACA spread the cost around, better, but not as good as Medicare for All will. And it’s coming, Grundle, ’cause there ain’t no “free market’ in America no more. There’s only those that get stuck paying taxes and those that have been relieved of their taxes, courtesy of your um, ‘representatives.’

      • Oracle says:

        One single payer plan I’ve seen continues our employee deduction system, but instead of the money going to an insurance company it goes to the government. GK, you have a pretty broad definition of “dependent” if this is government dependence. Frankly I’d rather be dependent on the government than my insurance company.

      • low IQ is you says:

        It is not only amusing but telling that “free market is NOT the solution – free market is the PROBLEM” always likes to talk about the political sites that cater to the low IQ folks. Evidently he spends a lot of time there.

        And how do we know he is low IQ? Because the best he can do is assume everyone is as dumb as him and he believes they researches these low IQ sites much as he does, extensively.

        A lonely life for the snowflakes not knowing how dumb they really are as they all support the same crap from each other. Especially the crap detector, who seems to be always malfunctioning. Which is what happens to any one who swallows so much crap. .

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Frankly I’d rather be dependent on the government than my insurance company.”


        I laugh because, if you decide you don’t like your insurance company, you have the free will to switch (or carry no insurance and pay the tax…err, penalty).

        Don’t like your government? To damn bad…because you’re stuck with ’em. But I’m sure you’re right…I mean, look at how well government dependence is going in Venezuela!

      • Oracle says:

        GK, at least I have a vote as to who represents me in the government. I have virtually no control over my insurance company. And with consolidations this becomes even more true. Last time I looked I lived in the United States not Venezuela.

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