Volunteers with the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC make calls. (Ryan Henriksen/For The Washington Post)

Paul Hammel has a story in the OWH about the Keystone XL Pipeline hearings in Omaha. He mentions some of the people who are for and against it — focusing on the story of the oil spill in Montana.

And he tosses out that there were 4 Nebraska State Senators there in favor of the #KXL:

Proponents, who included two current and two former state senators, said oil pipelines were 400 times safer in transporting oil than railcars or trucks.

That’s sort of nebulous, right?

Proponents said…

So who were the State Senators?

Well, Hammel did find the space in a few of his Tweets to mention who they were:

Former Senators Mike Flood and Scott Lautenbaugh (both Republicans).
Current Senator Jim Smith (also Republican).

And current Senator…Mike McDonnell, very much a Democrat.
And not just a Democrat, but a Union Democrat, former head of the fire fighters’ union.

Now of course Hammel is legally obliged to print Jane Kleeb’s name in any story that hints of the #KXL pipeline.

But you’d think that his Tweet mentioning McDonnell, and Kleeb’s response (to Joe Jordan) that “Bold Nebraska doesn’t take issue with unions who support the pipeline“, would trigger some sort of news.

New Democrat State Senator and former union chief is pro-pipeline.
Former Democrat Mayoral candidate Heath Mello is pro-pipeline.
Former Congressman Brad Ashford is pro-pipeline…WHOOPS! Scratch that! Ashford needs to win a primary now, so he’s now ANTI-pipeline.

In any case, it seemed an interesting omission from Hammel in his front-page story, when it was a perfectly cromulent point to make in his Tweets.

But then again, why make a point in the Omaha paper, about an Omaha hearing, with a sitting Omaha Senator…when it doesn’t jibe with the desired point to be made in those first few paragraphs about someone from Montana?


Democracy Dies in Darkness

But if the OWH can’t cover Omahans, at least the Washington Post does. Yesterday, the Post published an awaited article about Speaker Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund and their efforts in Nebraska’s 2nd District to help re-elect Congressman Don Bacon.

(If you don’t subscribe to the Washington Post online, you may be blocked from reading it, but the mobile version is available…)

The story’s headline, for some reason, focuses on the CLF’s efforts to elect Reps in swing Congressional Districts like the 2nd… while not mentioning President Trump in their messaging. But the rest of the story focuses on the CLF’s efforts to go door-to-door with a heavy volunteer base, pointing out Bacon’s support on important local issues.

They note that the Dems want the election to be a referendum on Trump, while the door-to-door volunteers keep noting where Bacon stands.

And the head of the CLF makes a few points about Ashford as well:

Ashford, “would be driven to the left to please Democratic activists and put away a primary challenger.”

Oh come on, would Ashford be pro-KXL Pipeline if he could be so easily driven…oh. Well. Scratch that.

And then Ashford can’t even bring himself to publicly state he would vote for Nancy Pelosi — who he voted for before, and with whom he had a secret meeting in Omaha — saying, “it wasn’t clear whether she’d even run for speaker again…”

Right Brad. Oh, and note that Brad also used to support Jeb Bush for President and will be “whatever you want him to be” when it comes to party membership.

It’s funny how the media will focus on the protests and marches of the Democrats, and emphasize the angry “grass-roots” on The Left.

But here are volunteers, a year and a half out, calling thousands of people and walking thousands of doors, getting their candidate’s message out.

That is impressive.
And THAT is effective.

Something tells me that these high-school kids are not chucking bags of blood at their opponents.


Bernie and Betsy Bros Bags of Blood

Ah and speaking of bags of blood, your local Democrat supporters have done it again, ICYMI. This time chucking bags of blood at the office doors of both Senator Deb Fischer and Senator Ben Sasse.

This, right around the time that Rep. Steve Scalise is released from the hospital after an attempted assassination attempt by a Bernie Bro who didn’t like the way some Republicans voted on health care, and tried to murder as many as he could.

Funny, I saw that Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb could give a comment about pipeline support and something about a “knot in the ass” but can’t bring herself to even criticize these Betsy Riot nutjobs who keep this up in Nebraska.

The silence is deafening.



And obviously, feel free to jump in on all of the national issues as well. Leavenworth St. tries to focus on the Nebraska angles when possible.

So while the Health Care debate is interesting of course, both of Nebraska’s Senators have voted to repeal and replace, or repeal and later replace.

And while the transgender soldiers issue will be in the news, there is no current procedure worked out for anything, so that discussion will be a lot of heated nothing for a while.

But that never stopped you.

So while you’re diving into that, Commenters, two questions for you:

1) Who are the Democrats going to run for Governor?
2) Who are the Democrats going to run for U.S. Senate?

Whether they have a prayer at winning either of those seats is moot for now.
Is Bob Kerrey going to move back soon?

Dive in.


  1. Sparkles says:

    Speaking of local politics.. curious you would leave out these two prominent headlines:

    From today’s Lincoln Journal Star –
    Bob Krist cited as effective legislator
    “Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha has been named one of the nation’s 50 most effective state legislators by a Washington-based government-relations data technology firm.”

    FiscalNote announced its rankings for the most effective legislator in each state based on a study “measuring how successful a legislator is at sponsoring and steering legislation through each important stage of the legislative process, all the way through enactment.”

    And the second prominent local story is about Dave Heineman’s toady little pal, the GOP freak show known as Pat Shannon.
    The Associated Press, Jul 25, 2017 –
    “BELLEVUE — Council members in an Omaha suburb have voted to condemn and tear down an eyesore car wash owned by a fellow member..
    ..despite protests from Councilman Pat Shannon that the council wasn’t following city code in its effort to condemn his property. He refused to leave the meeting until threatened with physical removal by police.”

    A what shocker – a strong advocate for unions supports the pipeline.
    Whoda thunkit.

    And I’m sure it was just an oversight, but you left out – ‘fake’.
    As in, ‘fake blood’.

    That’s kind of like relaying a story of a shooting at a children’s party, by stating:
    “After little Jimmy unwrapped his new gun, he turned to his sister and shot her in the back of the head.”

    Except in the above instance, leaving out the word ‘Nerf’.

    • Anon says:

      Krist thought he was a force in the legislature by kissing Ernie’s ass and being a party flake, he couldn’t get comm. chairman and it was a secret vote, he couldn’t beat Battiato for office

      • Sparkles says:

        “he couldn’t get comm. chairman”

        Because Pete Ricketts bought his own legislature. (and the delusional NEGOPers cheered)

        Jan. 4, 2017, day one of the 105th Legislature of Nebraska, was the first time since it’s formation in 1855 that three freshman senators were elected to chair committees.

        And retired Lt. Colonel Bob Krist, decorated veteran of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield among others, never kissed anybody’s ass.
        It’s the GOP rookies who were given those committee chairs, that gave Richey Ricketts the reach-around.

        Somewhere there’s a hole, underneath a rock, longing for your return.

  2. Oracle says:

    When are any Republican leaders going to denounce white supremacists? Or their pre*ident’s disgusting comments, tweets and speeches? The silence is deafening….

    • Sparkles says:

      The handful of teen pranksters and “punk-patriot resistance movement” known as Betsy Riot was founded.. last fall.
      You can fit their entire global membership into the Bellevue West gym.
      Their original cause was opposition to the unchecked proliferation of guns in America.
      That opposition later branched out into issues, such as throwing the elderly and infirmed into the streets, so Richey Rich & Co. can use their new tax cut to buy a second helicopter for the Hamptons home.
      Expanded to opposition to ending Meals on Wheels so we can buy more tanks that the military insists they don’t want or need.
      Opposition to gutting SNAP and ending free school lunch when every day, nearly 247,000 Nebraskans don’t know when or where they’ll get their next meal, and more than one-third of them are children.

      Betsy Riot is a group quite different from the gun-toting masses of the right who have incessantly screamed out their desire for a violent uprising. Masses who have gone to inexorable lengths to insure an ever-greater proliferation of guns in America.
      Guns in schools, guns in church, guns at bible camp, guns at the grocery store, guns at your kids Day Care and guns at the Golden Corral.
      For decades groups like the TEA Party, secessionists, klansmen, 3 percenters, the Bundy’s, the Hutaree, the Oath Keepers, the Minutemen Project, the Michigan Militia, the Ohio Defense Force, the Fraternal Order of Alt-Nights… and countless other anti-government, militant right wingers have plotted and perpetrated violence against Americans and American communities.

      And for decades the silence from those on the right has been deafening.

      • fish moves says:

        Your favorite defense of the progressive extremists seems to be, the opposition did it too. So your distaste for the “they did it too” defense is no longer valid?

        Have you just flip flopped? Or, just take any position to try and not look like you could EVER get anything wrong. LOL

      • free speech for one side only says:

        Here let me help you with what you really mean.

        And for decades, the left has done everything imaginable to silence the right.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ricketts demonstrates that “Nobody for Governor” is the best choice. If you’re elected to do nothing and succeed then leave the office empty.

    • intellectual honesty, how refreshing says:

      So you are finally admitting that the Dems in this state couldn’t beat the Repubs even if the Repubs ran no one?

      • Anonymous says:

        Since I am not a Democrat or a Republican appeals to party are meaningless to me. Given Ricketts demonstrated performance you could elect my golden retriever Governor and do as well as the last 10 Nebraska Governors. Two months work in 24 is all that’s needed.

  4. who is on the bottom says:

    Noticed in the Mercatus Center’s ranking of the fiscal condition of the states that the top five are considered Republican and the bottom five considered Democrat. Including Liz Warren’s own MA.
    And CA, beacon for illegals, is rated below average.

    • Sparkles says:

      Comprehensively clueless, aren’t ya, bynd.

      “The Mercatus Center was founded by Rich Fink as the Center for the Study of Market Processes at Rutgers University. After the Koch family gave more than $30 million to George Mason University, the Center moved there in the mid-1980s. It took its current name in 1999.”


      “Richard Harold Fink is an American businessman and academic. He is the former executive vice president of Koch Industries, the second largest privately held company in the U.S.”

      Prominent Board members of the Mercatus Center includes –
      – Richard Fink, former Executive Vice President of Koch Industries
      – Brian Hooks, President of the Charles Koch Foundation
      – Manuel H. Johnson, economist (former Prof. of Economics at George Mason, where he held the Koch Chair in International Economics.)
      – Charles G. Koch, co-owner, Chairman and CEO of Koch Industries

      One final quote seems appropriate:
      “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
      – H.L. Mencken

      • sparkles spanked by bynd says:

        the bozo defense.

        For one who spends their time at low IQ internet sites, who are you to criticize? Prove what they put out was wrong. Put up or shut up. Your ad hominen attacks are childish and worthless. Like your opinion when you give them.

      • it's nice to know and admit your weakness' says:

        No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

        Gruber proved that point with the progressives didn’t he.

  5. Sparkles says:

    “The ‘skinny bill’ as policy is disaster. The skinny bill as replacement for Obamacare is a fraud,” Lindsay Graham continued, referring to GOP leaders’ plan to pass a bill that eliminates the individual and employer mandates of Obamacare while touching almost no other parts of the law.

    But Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse will gleefully support any form of insane GOPer fraud.
    And Dolt 45 will sign anything that rolls across his desk.
    And NEGOPers will clap and squeal with joy, like trained seals hoping to be tossed another fish.

    Country be damned.

    • Political Novice says:

      I would say we are under the barrel now.

      LOL – attacking fellow senior staff members in an expletive rant, speaking of himself in third person, wanting to KILL all the leakers, blowing the press a kiss, comparing the white house to a sinking ship – it’s going to be fun! Thank you Mr. President for draining the swamp and installing some class. Now the burning question will be who will play “The Mooch” this fall on SNL?

      If he lasts that long.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe Scaramucci will have John McCain swimmin’ wiff da’ fishes for daring to defy everyone and return the Senate to regular order?

      • Anonymous says:

        If that’s a fiddle, then it needs fixing. Oh Wait. Isn’t there a war that needs to be started by John McCain and his little buddy, Graham?

    • Anonymous says:

      He played the sympathy card plain and simple. This way the Senate can go about its business of doing nothing for another decade or so. Somebody tell Nebraska’s Senator he sounds like a little dog with no bite except his constant babble.

      • Kid Charlemagne says:

        Plus, we’ve got a president and an administration that seem compelled to step in front the cameras every day and rub shit in their hair.

        How could the travails of the Bellevue City Council, or the aimless meanderings of Don Bacon possibly compete?

      • Anonymous says:

        The aimless meanderings of Brig. Gen. Bacon are hardly different from those of Ashford and Terry. Its as if the name changes but the behavior doesn’t. So much for membership in the U.S. House of Representatives. Most Congressmen/women are rightfully ignored in office and forgotten after office.

    • Yep says:

      You’re right.
      Thankfully the international trade positions of the Trump administration have nothing to do with Nebraska, or our economy.
      Thankfully the healthcare debate occurring in Washington has nothing to do with Nebraskans, or our economy.
      Thankfully Trump’s appointment of world-class rubes like right wing talk show host Sam Clovis as Chief Scientist of the Department of Agriculture, has nothing to do with Nebraska, or our economy.
      Thankfully the immigration policies of the Trump administration have nothing to do with Nebraska, or our economy.

      And thankfully the blind allegiance to Donald Trump by every* Nebraska elected official, has nothing to do with Nebraskans, or our economy.

      *Sasse votes in lock-step with the Trump agenda. His feigned opposition is merely a self-promotional tool.

      • think about it, who am I kidding says:

        So an agreement 22 years old is fine and needs no updating. Really.

        And certainly nothing has changed since the original implementation of NAFTA.

        You can fix the ACA but not NAFTA.

        So much for your ability, or non ability, for critical thinking.

  6. Sparkles says:

    According to the CBO (headed by a Republican economist hand selected by Republicans) –
    The three health care bills that Republicans in the Senate tried to pass in the last 48 hours would have led to between 16 million and 32 million fewer Americans having health insurance, when compared to Obamacare.
    They would have lead to increases in premiums of between 20% more to 100% more than if Obamacare still in effect.
    When polled, none of these GOP bills garnered more than 17% approval from Americans.
    These GOP bills would have lead to between 55,000 to 75,000 fewer insured Nebraskans resulting in the closure of rural hospitals throughout our state.

    Yet, this is the statement we get from Deb Fischer this morning:
    “For five years, thousands of Nebraskans have contacted me to share their personal stories of higher healthcare costs and fewer choices under Obamacare. They need relief. I am disappointed we were unable to move forward today.”

    Move forward.. on relieving ten’s of thousands of Nebraskans of the burden of access to care?
    Move forward.. forcing Nebraskan’s struggling to afford care to take on an even greater burden?
    Move forward.. devastating countless small communities across Nebraska as the largest regional employer and the best paying jobs in area are are destroyed?

    Sen Fischer notes that ‘thousands’ have contacted her about the rising cost of healthcare, yet refuses to share with us the reality that ten’s of thousands of Nebraskans have contacted her in opposition to her attempts to repeal Obamacare. The GOP universally tries to hide this fact, even though hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in protest the phone lines to the senate have been repeatedly overwhelmed.
    But on rare occasion (or out of shame), the truth slips out. From Politico – June, 27, 2017 –
    Republican senators hit by calls from voters worried about Obamacare repeal bill
    “Since last Thursday, the Cochran (Senator Thad Cochran, R-MS) offices have received approximately 224 constituent calls against (Obamacare repeal) and two in favor..
    ..Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) appeared to be the first to publicly report constituent statistics, and a visual she posted on Twitter said that of the 5,569 constituents who had called her office since January about repealing the Affordable Care Act, 5,461 opposed doing away with it.”

    Deb Fischer says in her statement that her constituents “need relief” from higher healthcare costs.
    That’s true Deb, but that doesn’t mean Nebraska families are asking to be relieved of access to care. That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to relieve them of the opportunity to see a doctor, or relieve them of access to the medicines that keep them and their children alive.
    They’re not horses with a broken leg, Deb.
    They’re not seeking the kind of relief you and your fellow Republicans are desperate to levy on them.

    When will Nebraskans stop buying the blatant lies their being fed by their elected officials?
    When will you demand thoughtful action from the people you vote into office, or at least an attempt at real solutions on behalf of the American people?

    • government is not the answer says:

      “When will Nebraskans stop buying the blatant lies their being fed by their elected officials?”

      Since kick back nelson, Dirty Harry and legacy Obama, along with Gruber did the same thing, why not go with it again. The same thing was/is asked of the progressives, and they cling as tightly as ever to the ACA, regardless of the fact they have been reduced to begging the Repubs. for a bipartisanship fix to the ACA which wasn’t the answer either. 29 million remained uninsured. But, that is conveniently dismissed by the compassionate progressives. Imagine that.

      I asked my doctor yesterday if the federal government can be trusted to run a national health care system. Her quick answer, no.

      Pretty obvious when the major attitude of all partisans is party over country. As amply demonstrated by the progressive on here.

      And if it is about the people and isn’t just about the ACA, why does Schumer, speaking for all progressives, keep saying fix the ACA? Instead of fix the system?

      • Dr. Wu says:

        “I asked my doctor yesterday if the federal government can be trusted to run a national health care system. Her quick answer, no.”

        You weren’t by chance at the.. VA, when you asked this question, were you bynd?

        A Nov 6, 2015 Gallup poll showed that –
        Military/Veterans are the most satisfied group (78%) in America with the way the way the health system is working, followed closely by those on Medicare (77%).

        Also, regarding: Her quick answer, no.
        I can assure you, whether at the VA or your proctologist’s office, your doctor has no desire to discuss politics with you, bynd.

      • RFLMBO says:

        Dr. Wuss up stupid,

        What can I say. I give up, you win the argument. I should have listened to Mark Twain, Don’t argue with the stupid. They will drag down to their level and beat you with experience.

        And you have beat me like a red headed step child.

  7. The Land of Sweater Vests says:

    Will Bob Evnen and John Murante have opponents in the primary? What is everyone waiting for?

    • Anonymous says:

      For the President of the United States to stop acting like an ignorant, narcissistic, fuck wit. Once the base master of treachery, the faithless and accursed Donald Trump is bound, gagged and crudely medicated like a patient at Bedlam, maybe we can pay attention to the quaint politics of the sticks.

      • OCD over Trump says:

        Yes, when has changing things from the bottom up ever worked? You’re right, we have much more control over the Federal government than we do local government.

        Let’s fall down and hide our heads in the sand, oracle can demonstrate, and put our lives on hold until the Donald is gone. Shake our fists at the gods and curse the life we live. Just like progressives are doing now. Now there’s a recipe for success.

      • Curtis Loew says:

        Nothing quaint about ’em.
        The NEGOP primary debates are less debate and more a contest of dog whistles and grunts.
        A cage match between Graug, Slayer of Taxes vs. Mordrak, Big Bird Killer.
        The survivor to meet Kraddviik, Bringer of Guns.

        A primitive contest to determine who can more effectively defile the institution of government and impose the greatest possible burden on their constituency, while in service to a handful of Nebraska’s most privileged and wealthy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Make them fight one another to the death on PPV. Winner goes to jail, loser to the morgue. Solves problems two ways.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Reince Priebus kicked to the curb. He won’t starve, of course. My heart goes out to anyone who loses a job, even a job as shitty as working for Trump.

  9. Sparkles says:

    Here you go Bluejay –

    Lead story at OWH online:
    TransCanada official casts doubt on Keystone XL pipeline project
    “LINCOLN — TransCanada may decide against building the controversial Keystone XL pipeline across Nebraska after all..
    ..Paul Miller, TransCanada’s executive vice president and president of liquid pipeline, said the decision will be based on demand for oil shipments and on whether Nebraska approves the pipeline..
    ..Now, sagging oil prices and the growth of shipping alternatives are casting the pipeline’s future in doubt.”

    Hmmm, imagine that. Who coulda guessed?

    Mike Flood, Scott Lautenbaugh, Jim Smith and Mike McDonnell might want to hustle to the bank and cash those Canadian tar sands oil stained checks, before they bounce.
    I wonder.. are they paid in U.S. dollars, or buckets of loonies?

    • Bluejay says:

      Obama, Hillary and the Greens delayed this great project for such a long time that the economics might not work for KXL.

      As I have written here before, Governor Dave’s screwup is the untold story. He signed the law that bypassed the PSC. That law was the legal basis for the Nebraska Supreme Court to effectively block KXL. A BIG legal mistake. The lawyers for TransCanada also bear some responsibility here.

    • The Grundle King says:

      “Now, sagging oil prices and the growth of shipping alternatives are casting the pipeline’s future in doubt.”

      I find it interesting that you emphasize the oil price bit…because if history has proven anything, it’s that oil prices fluctuate. Sure they’re low now, that doesn’t mean they’ll stay there, and when they rise (as they surely will), there will once again be demand for a way to move that oil.

      So how will it be moved? Hence the reason I chose to emphasize what I did, because it will almost certainly be moved in a manner that presents a far greater danger to human life than a pipeline…by rail. But hey…what’s a few dozen dead people here and there?

      Four dozen people die in a Canadian town as the result of a derailed oil train, and the pipeline protesters don’t bat an eye…but a few hundred gallons leak at an above-ground pumping station, and it’s the end of the goddamn world.

  10. The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

    Check out what the Tribe That Rubs Shit in It’s Hair is up to now –
    From CNBC –
    House Republicans call for a second special counsel — to investigate Clinton, Comey and Lynch

    The Republican party could give a rats ass about working on behalf of the American people.
    It’s all dogs whistles and genuflecting to the brain damaged extremists among the base in an attempt to get re-elected.

      • anon says:

        Yes ,a high political/legal class conclusion to resolve what was obvious but those involved navigate to gain safe harbor, they Grubered you would agree

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper: Your work is appreciated and deserves to be respected by comments that stay within the boundaries of civil and at least void of profanity and name calling. If a point can’t be made minus both then maybe it can be kept for the next college kegger where there’s enough booze to find them enlightening.

    • Anonymous says:

      In case you haven’t noticed,, that kegger has been in full swing at the White House since Inauguration Day. You’d limit the Electorate’s just outrage at our new employee’s vituperative outbursts on Twitter to “Oh, do behave, you silly!” Calling Trump’s behavior ‘rubish’ lacks the impact of ‘bullshit’, wouldn’t you say? Indeed, the President seems the single reason cursing was invented, The man is the personification our Degenerate Age and its proved each waking moment.

      • bynd says:

        Although nothing by the poster states what party they are part of. But isn’t it time you quit using Trump to justify your life and vulgar posts?

        You accuse the Repubs of many bad things, but when some one calls for civility, it is the biggest progressive on here defending their indefensible Trump like behavior. Labeling the person Republican which means the Republicans on here are the civil ones and the progressives Trump clones.

        You accuse them of doing what you are doing with your best Jerry Falwell imitation of self righteous outrage.

        You also vastly overrate the impact of your writings and writing style on here.

        Your in good company acting like Trump, Falwell and Phelps. Remember how effective they were?

      • Anonymous says:

        When I am the author of the chaos in the White House – which we can all see happening under the current management – you’ll have a point.

        You have a perfect right, bynd, to hold elected officials – or more to the point, temporary occupants of their respective offices, who server at the collective pleasure of the Electorate – accountable. Please allow me the same right, which is no less than yours.

        Trump is visibly guilty of nearly everything his unfortunate predecessors were accused of. We can all see it, can’t we? Maybe I have sleep in my eyes. What do YOU see? Maybe I’m missing Trump’s genius here, all I see is an appetite for destruction, on display at 140 characters at time on a minute-to-minute basis. Obama may have been Satan’s Spawn but you didn’t see him pulling stuff like this.

      • Get a grip says:

        Typical progressive response. Yes we all have rights. But you always leave out, with rights goes responsibilities.

        “When I am the author of the chaos in the White House – which we can all see happening under the current management – you’ll have a point.”

        Which is the reason for why our electoral system is so dysfunctional. Do as I tell you, I elected you. Rather than setting the example you wish them to follow. In case you haven’t noticed, those who elect them to office are the more important part of this system. You want them to act differently while you remain the same uncivil Neanderthal? That’s not how it works. Despite your fervent belief that Trump allows you to unleash your most debased self.

        You want to hold others to standards you can’t even remember how to live by.

        The best thing I like about Trump, he is like alcohol, he brings out the true character of progressives just like alcohol does to drunks.

        Did you notice, the sun came up today. There is nothing new under the sun.

        Go read about the Economic Ruin of the Roman Empire. We’re just another version of the same old story. (I’ll regret this last part which will generate another cut and past rampage by Sparkles. He’s never quite grasped, it is personal opinions etc we are interested in. Not a bunch of quotes from pundits and self appointed leaders who have brought us to the point we are now at.)

        Just like when Obama was in charge, it’s nothing to get one’s panties in a tight wad over. For as we are seeing, it will all change sooner or later. Not the sun though, for a long time:)

    • Dr Tarr and Professor Fether says:

      “at least void of profanity and name calling. “

      Says the party who elected a president* who stood on the national stage and said stuff like “sue his ass,” “knock the shit out of ISIS,” and “If you see them (protestors), knock the crap out of them” “you can tell them, they can go – – – – themselves,”.
      Phrases which all brought wild applause from the GOP base.

      Says the party of a panel of GOP primary contestants who stood in front of America and compared the size on their dicks.

      Says the party of the Anthony Scaramucci and Steve Bannon, whose daily language is so vile it would embarrass a sailor.

      Says the party whose president* childishly concocts a derogatory name for every opponent he’s ever faced.
      Lyin Ted, Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Crazy Bernie, Low Energy Jeb. Pocahontas Warren, Weird Rand Paul.

      Says the party whose president* compared Carly Fiorina’s face to that of a horse, and of Megyn Kelly said there was “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her… wherever.”

      Says the party whose president* only a few days ago encouraged the Boy Scouts of America to stand and boo the former First Lady of The United States as well as the former President. This was before he told them the most respected media institutions in American are fake, then shared a story of a former yacht owning billionaire and a Manhattan cocktail party.

      And of course, we all know what your president* likes to grab.

      All of this was, and still is, met with wild enthusiasm and squeals of delight from a MAGA cap wearing crowd.
      A crowd attending nationally televised rallies and preening for the cameras while sporting T-shirts saying ‘Lock Her Up’, and ‘Hillary for Prison’, and “Trump that Bitch” and “She’s a C*nt, Vote For Trump”, and “Trump 2016 – F*ck Your Feelings” and “Trump 2016 – Finally Someone with BALLS”, and countless more moronic slanders.

      But it’s you who steps forward to demand from others bible school language and the most docile of discourse?

      Of course Sweeper has his rules and we should all respect them.
      But how about the millions of you who put this garish, profane, infantile clown into what was once was the most revered office on planet – how about you take the first step toward civility.
      The rest of us will gladly follow your lead.

      • meaningless platitudes says:

        “Of course Sweeper has his rules and we should all respect them.”

        Like, no cut and paste?

        Seems just like another ploy like those Trump uses.

      • Anonymous says:

        WOW. You’re up early. Bananas anyone? Wheaties OK? Just because someone jumps off a cliff does’t mean you need to do so as well or even give a play by play of how they jumped off the cliff.

      • SSDD says:

        Put a quarter in the slot and watch the monkey play the street organ. You can’t take the hick out of the progressive.

  12. money talks says:

    Sweeper, the sheer cromulancy of your embiggened suggestion “you’d think (that) would trigger some sort of news” leaves us rhetorically defenestrated.

    Who, after all, owns the news? Who owns the oil spilling rail cars? Who owns Jane Kleeb?

    It’s amazing how a Nebraska political blog can so frequently speak of such matters without mentioning Nebraska’s own Buffett. The super wealthy man is adept at being the invisible 10,000 lb. gorilla in the room. And that’s likely due to his talent for skinning the rubes and getting them to thank him for it.

    Buffett makes his money “investing” in what you can’t see is an upcoming good deal and then sells you a book telling you it was a good deal and that you should look beyond the horizon he sees from atop the tallest mountain of money. He doesn’t build that much. He doesn’t create much.

    He “speculates”, an ironic term because the surest thing he has going for himself is his certainty that people invest money like gamblers playing slot machines and he, like a casino owner, banks it. He doesn’t risk. You do.

    He owns oil rail cars that transport oil at a higher cost (his profit) than a pipeline. While he is making more money and empowering Kleeb, it doesn’t matter what he or she says about pipelines or oil. Buffett’s oil spilling rail cars can never outrage oil-hating Kleeb more than a withdrawal of his support for her empowerment would. He’s a smart moneymaker. The sort of guy Progressives used to burn in effigy. Today he buys them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t care that Buffett makes money speculating just so he nor Soros use their money to buy selfish influence at the legislatures/Congress. And of course they do but not nearly to the degree that the Repubs always pan their special interests.

    • The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

      “He’s a smart moneymaker. The sort of guy Progressives used to burn in effigy.”

      Really? On what planet was that?
      Pure horsepuckey.

      A fabrication pulled from your posterior just like the fabrication you clowns toss out about Warren Buffett ‘s surreptitious funding of Jane Kleeb.
      Show us the evidence Buffett has ever contributed a single dollar to Bold Nebraska.

      Buffett has publicly voiced his support for the Keystone pipeline.
      Buffett has publicly state he believes the pipeline would be good for America.

      And to say Buffett create few jobs and has made his fortune skinning the rubes, is simply asinine.

      • Disprove it says:

        It wouldn’t take much for buffy to hide anything, you might be one of his paid drones yourself

      • The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

        “Disprove it.. Buffy drone”

        Exactly the response one would expect from the Cro-Magnon mind of the modern.. I don’t know.. what do you people call yourselves this week?
        “Conservatives’, ‘TEA Partiers’, ‘Constitutionalists’, ‘Free Marketers’, ‘Republicans’, ‘Trump Nation’, ‘Patriots’, ‘Strict Constructionists’, ‘Alt-Right’, ‘Nationalists’??

        You’re constantly attempting to re-brand yourselves in an effort to run away from the idiocy of your actions just weeks prior.

      • Calling out your nonsense says:


        How about a single shred of evidence.
        You folks yammer endlessly about collusion between Jane Kleeb and… everybody. But in a debate that has raged for YEARS, you’ve never produced a single shred of evidence.
        Put up or shut up.

        Jane Kleeb doesn’t want the pipeline for the same reason TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans don’t want the pipeline. Those reasons aren’t hard to decipher, they’ve been shouted from mountain tops and farm fields, from coast to coast, thousands of times.

        According to a Feb 2017 Pew poll, 48% of Americans stand in opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline -and not a single one stands to receive a dime for their opposition.
        It is you folks, and Warren Buffett, who are the minority voice, with 42% Americans in favor of building the Keystone XL pipeline.

      • Anonymous says:

        No Kleeb fan here, but the Kleeb-paid-by-dark-financiers-conspiracy-theory doesn’t ring true and never did. For all I know, Bluejay, you’re paid out of some hoard of Nazi gold. Prove it? Disprove it? Who knows? Who cares?

        TransCanada as much as said the KXL may not make sense in the current energy economy. No conspiracy there, just Capitalism. Why boo-hoo about that? I could die in a minute. Mt family and friends may care, but not the market.

        Face it: Kleeb won. I don’t like it but its time to move on. No different than Trump taking the White House or McCain driving a stake through the ACA appeal. If Bluejay doesn’t like that then the angry bird can take a proper name and run for office, life any other fool who aspires to public service. Fix the problem or keep ‘yer beak shut. Please!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Krystal Gabel for Republican Governor for sure, Ricketts has a low approval rating despite what the polls says he releases

    • Sparkles says:

      Jesus Christ, bynd.

      Are you a child?
      Did they mix up your meds, again?
      Or maybe you were an unwitting participant in some sort of military experiment? Maybe you exposed to sort of secret chemical while sitting out there in your frigid booth, overlooking the North Dakota plains all those years. Guarding missile silos against a prairie dog uprising, or a coyote coup.
      You know, bynd, the military took special care to choose only the best and brightest for such a crucial assignment.

      Stop using my name, troll.

      • bynd says:

        First of all, I am not JC. You may think so but it isn’t it true. And As I stated before, I would not debase myself to use your moniker.

        So, get off your high horse and high on drugs attitude. I don’t prostitute, or prostrate, myself for a party like you do.

        And all you need to do is ask SS politely if that is true.

        And it truly is disgusting that one who never served, is vile enough, to speak ill of anyone’s service and sacrifice for this country. But what else can we expect from a whore like you.

  14. not bynd says:

    Dear Gen. Kelly,

    Thanks for canning Moochy! Now if you can take all electronics away from Donald and have Steve Bannon publicly whipped I will support you and Gen. Mattis’ coup.



  15. Anonymous says:

    Just found this gem on Politico:

    A Mafia capo named Mooch
    Took a gig with an orange-haired douche
    But watch out who you mock
    About sucking their cock
    Face it, scumbag…you just screwed the pooch

    • Anonymouser says:

      But wait, it was only 7 hours ago that our tweet-addled POTUS proclaimed:
      “No WH chaos!”

      And come on, Anonymous, watch the language.
      Such language is only suitable to the (then) Assistant to the President of The United States and Director of White House Communications.

      Funny, that it was less than 24 hours ago that Trump ally, quadrennial GOP presidential contender and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) praised Trump’s decision to appoint Scaramucci to run the White House press shop.
      Gingrich poo-pooed the vile language of the Mooch, noting: “President Trump is a New Yorker. He and Scaramucci sort of speak the same language,”

      • Political Novice says:

        Oh no! Well, I for one am sorry to see him go as I was greatly anticipating the hilarity that would ensue but I suppose President Trump had no choice as he wouldn’t want to give the impression that he was making bad choices . . . . . . . . . . . oh wait!

      • Anonymouser says:

        You’s gotta be mobbed up, like da Mooch, if ya wanna hang widh da Trumps.
        Deres a whole ‘additude’ in how ya carries yerself.
        And ya gotta be ruthless. When dat little Mom & Pop venda – da one ya contracted to install all dose windas in that big high rise – when he comes ’round, lookin’ ta get paid – ya gotta be willin’ to get in his face and tell ’em:
        Fuhgeddaboudit!! Contract? What Contract? Have your lawyers call my lawyers if ya’s wanna get paid!!

        You’s corn people, widh ya scruples ‘n all, yer just too honest.

  16. Anonymousest says:

    It’s official.

    The president of the united states is the laughingstock of the world.

    It took Trump 6 whole months make America a pariah around the globe.
    Russia and China openly flaunt Trump’s demands re North Korea. Both have INCREASED their trade and aid with/for NK since Trump’s inauguration.
    The Pope speaks out against Trump and Republican ideology on a weekly basis.
    Japan just raised it’s import tariffs on American beef to 50%.
    Australia openly questions the value of it’s continued alliance with America.
    European leaders publicly mock and deride Trump.
    Trump has threatened and publicly feuded with both of our most important allies, Canada and Mexico.
    Even the strong man dictator of Turkey, Erdogan, has turned loose his band of thugs to brutally beat down American protesters on American soil.

    Make American Great Again – my ass.

    • being the money bags for the world, doesn't make one great says:

      If you need to be great in the eyes of others, does it really count? I thought the Obama philosophy was to lead less especially as the strongest military and the police of the world?

      If the world wants a leader, let them pay for a leader instead of mooching off of us. I’m tired of funding the world. How can you “trust” a friend if you have to buy them?

      It’s time for a change in the world order. When you quit putting your nose in everyone else’s business, your less like to get it poked.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Kelly had Moochy physically removed from the White House today. “Escorted out” to put it politely. No chaos, though – ;^)

    This gets better by the minute!

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Good morning Nebraskans! I’ve been traveling, am now back in Texas, and happy to check in on all my Leavenworth St. Friends! Ain’t it great that our President and Congress can’t get anything done!!! We’ll all just rock along with the policies set in place while our gentleman President, Obama, led the free world.

    As with me undoubtedly some of you had hoped for real tax reform, even though realizing that Trump is a liar and cheat when issuing such a directive. Taxes should be waged at the same rate and expended for the same purposes for everyone and every person-corporation. No exceptions and no excuses. But that’s probably not what Trump had in mind, anyway. So as with Healthcare Reform, I’ll just have to accept that Trump can’t/won’t get Tax Reform either.

    Note for bynd: I’ve been reading back issues of this blog and noticed that over the past few weeks your moniker has been trifled with to such extent that it appears you are now trolling yourself! It’s too bad we can’t communicate here without all the backbiting but…you brought this on yourself! You have appointed yourself monitor and judge of all comments posted, as though you believe you have some special or intuitive power to look beneath the printed word of others to find nothing but angst. And you’ve been wrong, bynd! Panties are not in a wad over the Trump presidency! He has become nothing more than an object of national and international ridicule. Take a look back at what you have been writing, bynd; you’ve been arguing with yourself!!!

    • boo hoo for TA says:

      It never ceases to amaze, you whine and cry about how bynd responds to you, but if you look back, that is all he does. Responds to you. Less than a handful of times did he initiate posting with you. Why? Because you aren’t really worth it. All you want to do is play the victim. Talk about bringing something upon ones self.

      By the way he’s a big boy and worries less about himself than you do and also realizes why others respond to him the way they do. You should spend more time contemplating why he responds to you the way he does instead of shooting off at the hip, again.

      You should also plan a return trip to the sanitarium soon. This one seems to have not done you any good.

      Poor old biddy. SSDD

      • Anonymous says:

        We all know this is you, bynd.
        No one else even comes close to the juvenility of your ramblings.

      • captain obvious, chuckle says:


        Wow, our own captain obvious. Impressive.

        I’m glad you also recognize I try real hard to write down to your level.

  19. The Ghost of Sweeper says:

    I thought after the Mayors race Sweeper would be posting new articles every day. I guess I was wrong.

    • Sparkles says:

      I’m guessing for even the most hard core Republicans, the daily beat down of headlines detailing the ongoing, epic failure of the Republican party, its ideology and its policy prescriptions is disheartening and demoralizing.

      Trump, Ricketts, Brownback, Rauner (IL), Walker (WI), LePage (ME), Fallin (OK), Christie (NJ), Snyder (MI), Bentley (Alabama – forced to resign).

      All of them leading voices of the modern GOP, aka Plutocracy.
      All of them indisputable failures.
      Each determined to impose unconscionable new hardships on their constituencies in an effort to more richly reward the handful who comprise their circle of friends and associates, the 0.01%.

      • Sparkles says:

        Oh, and I’d be remiss to leave out from the list of failures, the fundamentalist insanity that is Texas’ Gov. Gregg Abbott and his freakshow of a Lt. Gov., right wing talk radio host Dan Patrick.

      • Sparkles says:

        Come to think of it…
        I’m almost certain the Mayors of both Lincoln and Omaha would be far better Governors than any of the above listed.

        A famous quote from Lincoln –
        “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

        I’m assuming, for most, the level of power and money required to corrupt, lies somewhere above the office of Mayor of a mid sized city.

    • notbynd says:

      Terribly, but not as bad as the Republicans are doing now that they are ostensibly in charge. Where do we find the Democratic Trump? Where? Chaos? What Chaos? Its only taken 7 months to put an adult in charge of the White House staff. Why did that take so long? Is that decisive leadership and action? All I gotta say is “Kelly for President’. Let’s call the General “45.5”.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Former Sheriff, Trump ally, right wing Icon and self proclaimed leader among the Birther Trolls, Joe Arpaio, is now, officially, a convicted criminal.

    • notbynd says:

      I can’t wait to see Prisoner Arpaio in his famous jailhouse pink jumper, sleeping in in a tent in the AZ heat. Bet he’ll be fun in the jailhouse.

  21. notbynd says:

    In a vain attempt to return the discussion to Nebraska politics, how will one, some, any or all of the following:

    – The NE Congressional delegation
    – Members of the Unicameral
    – Gov. Ricketts and his Administration

    Can advance the interests of Nebraskans with Orange Julius Caesar in the White House? How much chaos at the top can be tolerated while the rest of us are trying to get through the day? Like the Federal Government or hate it, interaction with it is inevitable. How is this supposed to work now? Perhaps we can just work with Gen. John Kelly and ignore his boss.

    • Sparkles says:

      If you want some fascinating politics with a direct tie to Omaha, you need to the check out the breaking story about Seth Rich:
      Lawsuit: President Trump reviewed bogus Fox News story before its release

      If you’re not aware, Seth Rich is an Omaha native and Creighton graduate who worked for the NE Democratic party and interned with Sen Ben Nelson.
      He moved to D.C. in pursuit of a career in politics and was killed in a robbery.
      To the dismay of Seth’s grieving parents, Fox ‘News’ and profiteering right wing loons invented and spun out countless conspiracy theories about Seth’s murder.

      A refresher –
      From the Washington Examiner:
      Brother of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich begs Sean Hannity to stop fueling conspiracy

      and BusinessInsider:
      Seth Rich’s parents plead for conservative media to stop politicizing their son’s death

      and The Atlantic:
      Hannity Loses Advertisers Over Seth Rich Conspiracy

      • Anonymous says:

        From NPR
        “The Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter of President Trump worked in concert under the watchful eye of the White House to concoct a story about the death of a young Democratic National Committee aide, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

        The explosive claim is part of a lawsuit filed against Fox News by Rod Wheeler, a longtime paid commentator for the news network. The suit was obtained exclusively by NPR.”

  22. The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

    The House vote was 419 – 3.
    The Senate vote was 98 – 2.
    The stern new sanctions bill against Russia for meddling in our election was passed last week.
    It was confirmed to have arrived at Trump’s desk last Friday, where it still awaits his signature.

    What’s the delay?
    Trump has told us repeatedly over the last several weeks that he’s impatiently sitting at his desk, pen in hand, waiting to sign a bill.
    Or is that pen reserved only for the elimination of 20+ million Americans from the rolls of the insured?
    Or maybe that pen is specially crafted to be used for a singular purpose, like a ‘gutting blade’ used in field dressing a deer.
    Except in Trump’s case, a pen specially crafted for gutting life saving assistance to millions of America’s elderly, infirmed and working poor.

  23. notbynd says:

    Politico reports that the Heritage Foundation asked Ben Sasse to be the Foundation’s President, but Sasse said no. Dang! I’d love to be rid of this do-nothing, attention-seeking, glory-hound.

      • notbynd says:

        He thinks he is.

        Trump demonstrates daily that, far from a lofty calling, the American Presidency is something any idiot can attain. Ben Sasse fancies himself next in line with fewer actual accomplishments than the current festering boil of a President.

        Dear Ben – Plenty of time for you to accomplish something, anything, before attempting to retain your current job. Aim any higher and your name will be Icarus – notbynd

  24. TexasAnnie says:

    On tax reform: Mitch says no to regular legislation; must go with budget reconciliation. A replay of the Healthcare debacle? Nothing to see here folks. Move along…

  25. anon says:

    Don’t need a cloaked democrat from Texas to tell the shortcomings of republicans, just look at Fox’s ratings, but what are you guys winning.

    • The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

      We’re winning a reprieve from the insanity of a recently deranged Republican ideology.

      We’re winning 20+ million Americans who might have a chance to retain access to life saving affordable care.
      We’re winning the stabilization of the health insurance market, to the benefit of 300 million Americans.
      We’re winning a hand up for the struggling and the working poor. A hand up, in place of yet another hand out to the richest people and corporations on the planet.
      We’re winning a life line to rural hospitals and rural communities all across America – communities like Broken Bow, Osceola, Neligh, Syracuse, Alliance, Kimball. The very roots that keep our nation strong.
      We’re winning a few weeks more security, another meal, and a roof over the heads of millions of elderly and infirmed who are spending their final days in a nursing home.
      We’re winning the safe delivery of millions of newborns in every city in America.
      We’re winning peace of mind – and a chance – for those not fortunate enough to be born winners of the genetic lottery.
      We’re winning a another meal for a hungry child who arrives at school with an empty belly.
      We’re winning mental counseling and medicine for millions who struggle to cope with the ever changing demands of society. Your friends and neighbors, who, with just a little assistance, can raise a child, support a family and continue to contribute to society in a meaningful way.
      We’re winning an opportunity for our next president to step forward and proclaim to the rest of the world – America remains that Shining City on a Hill. We are unique. We are exceptional.

      All of these things Republicans feverishly continue to try to take from Americans.
      To take, so it can be given to the richest, most fortunate people the world has ever known.
      Country be damned.

      • notbynd says:

        I’d prefer a “Just the facts, Ma’am’ list and less “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” but okay.

      • The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

        “… understanding, and action proceeding from understanding and guided by it, is the one weapon against the world’s bombardment, the one medicine, the one instrument by which liberty, health, and joy may be shaped or shaped towards, in the individual, and in the race.”

  26. notbynd says:

    I am heartened to see members of Congress take up their branch’s Constitutional responsibility and assert their individual and collective equality to the Executive. I’d be happy about this regardless of the occupant of the White House. A risk of unified government, under one party, is defaulting to the executive.

    Our government, whether unified under one party or divided by parties, must always place their highest loyalty to the Constitution, and the Constitution ONLY. I applaud Republicans in the Senate and House for speaking up, speaking out, speaking over and aspiring to leadership. Leadership abhors a vacuum. That space has never been greater than it is right now. Congress needs to let the leaders of other nations know that the lights are on, somebody is home, and we’re loaded for bear.

    PS – May the House and Senate leadership, including the minority, have Gen. John Kelly on speed-dial.

    • can't keep doing the same thing says:

      So, the same old people who got us to this point, obstructionism, no budgets, omnibus spending bills, spiteful partisanship etc., are in charge again and that is good because?

      • notbynd says:

        Not good, bad. But if even one of those bad folks grows a spine and stands up to Trump, that is good. Get it?

      • it's health care stupid! says:

        Get it?

        Only in the world of snowstorms. Which at this time of year, don’t last long.

        What if the progressive side got a spine and got off the ACA bandwagon and actually proposed something that could really help health care in this nation? Notice they never say make health care better, just the ACA. A pretty spineless bunch on each side. The only with the courage of his convictions you folks screwed out of the nomination.

  27. economic oppression says:

    I see the DOW hit 22000 today
    Janet Yellen said the biggest driver of the disparate wealth distribution in this country is the stock market.

    The Feds went to a retirement system in 1984 that includes investments. They are doing well and were not “rich” before investing.” To bad some people in this country think they know what is good for others and block the less fortunate who do pay SS from participating in this wealth builder.

    See Newsweek 11/4/14. Inequality can be turned around when all the people are allowed to participate in those economic situations that grow wealth.

    • notbynd says:

      SS is not a 401k or 403b in any way, shape or form. Its financial and medical assistance for our grandmas and our crazy relatives. It is money take out of my pocket, right now, and put into someone elses pocket, right now, without which those people would not have a home, food or medicine.

      From a Christian perspective, Christ’s wealth is in the poor, the hungry, the naked and the forgotten. That’s what the Early Church did to earn Rome’s Ire, they turned their backs on Rome and all it stood for. First they died for it. Later, circa the end of Roman antiquity, they had fully taken over the Roman state.

      Which Roman State did America’s founders appeal to, the pagan or the Christian? Which should we appeal to? The pagan market, the feral one, or the market at the service of Judeo-Christian morals? Your choice says much about you.

      • keep kicking them when they are down, progressivism 101. says:

        The choice to continue oppressing the poor with your wrong headed opinion is the one I already pointed out and gave an example of why you are wrong, the Fed. Besides who are you to tell others how to prepare for the golden years? No one, no body just a busybody?

        But then, you folks have been wrong since LBJ. Such a low opinion of your fellow citizens. Or is it that you have such a high opinion of yourself? In any case in the leading progressives terms on here, you’re fu%k&& those on the bottom because? You know what is best for everyone. Hmm, how about keeping your religion to yourself.

        Your question says more about you. Because it is a meaningless question of utmost stupidity. Something you seem to excel in. Except you forgot to put the progressive’s on there. Isn’t that what the founders really were? Progressive in the true sense of the word?

      • notbynd says:

        Ah, a pagan. Here’s your short & sweet message: don’t ask for help because FUCK YOU. You can live that way, I refuse to.

      • vulgar language, the refuge of the uneducated says:

        Ahh a self righteous, controlling, vulgar, hick. In the mold of Fred Phelps. Have any of those folks asked for your help? No. You just assume you are better and know more than them. Jerry Falwell would be proud to have you as a child. RFLMBO

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