Meet the new litmus test. Same as the old litmus test.

Take back the old district?

Dems are still flailing about after the dust-storm that was kicked up when Pro-Choice Bernie Sanders joined “Pro-Life” Heath Mello on stage during the Omaha Mayor’s campaign.

Since then, there has been a great deal of wailing and teeth-gnashing about whether the Dems are a Big-Tent party, or require a pro-abortion litmus test.

In the past week, it went like this:

U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico, who is chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the party would have to “be a big family” if it wants to regain control of the U.S. House and should not withhold financial backing from candidates opposed to abortion.

“There is not a litmus test for Democratic candidates,” Luján said.


Not having any of that, Pro-Choicer Lindy West wrote in a New York Times Op-Ed, headlined:

Of Course Abortion Should Be a Litmus Test for Democrats

She went on to say:

Democratic candidates are perfectly welcome to refrain from terminating their own pregnancies. But to be anti-choice on a policy level is absolutely indefensible from an economic justice, racial justice, gender justice and human rights standpoint. And if the Democratic Party does not stand for any of those things, then what on earth is it?


Then candidate for the Dem nomination to Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, Kara Eastman wrote in a mini Tweet-storm:

Brad Ashford & other Democratic candidates are perfectly welcome to refrain from terminating their own pregnancies.

Everyone should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family.

I’m proud to be the only pro-choice candidate in the race for the Nebraska Second Congressional District.

If you agree, and want an elected official that isn’t going to back down from this fight, I hope that I can count on your support.


And then she laid into Brad Ashford…

@BradAshford18 – if I am wrong on any of this, please, give me a call. Nothing would make me happier than to know that you’re pro-choice.

You also voted ‘Yes’ on LB 1103 prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks.

You voted ‘Yes’ on LB 675, which wanted women to view their ultrasounds prior to an abortion procedure.

While running as a Democrat in 2014 for Congress, you stated that you strongly opposed abortion on the Faith2Action Survey.

As a Democrat running for Congress in 2014, you again stated that you were strong opposed to abortion being a woman’s unrestricted right.


Ashford and his wife have been pushing back against Eastman, with Tweets such as…

You need to stop misleading statements.

Of course, Brad is trying to play both sides of this issue, much like he has on health care, (not to mention what party he is in).

But it will be fun to watch Kara go as far left as she thinks, and see how far Brad is willing to go — both knowing they’d have to run back to the center in November.


Here they are at their “County Fair”

CNN sent a reporter and camera crew west of Lincoln (gasp!) to David City, Nebraska do a story on the hillbillies…er…huskers who still support President Donald Trump.

A recent Gallup poll showed 52% of Nebraskans STILL support the President of the United States, and the national reporter wanted to find out what these rubes…er…Red Staters were thinking.

For instance…

Asked why their support for Trump is still so strong despite no concrete legislative successes in his first six months, supporters here quickly blame “obstructionists”

They “quickly blame”… see because they’re not even thinking about it. They’re just knee-jerk goobers…er…conservatives who will support the President no matter WHAT he does.

Oh and…

Any mention of Russia to these resident prompts bristling and instant dismissal.

Well, there’s your bi-annual view of life out in fly-over country.

Lord help them if they ever make it all the way to Broken Bow.


Bold enough?

So here’s one that was passed on to Leavenworth St.

It seems that with the continual hammering of the Keystone XL Pipeline, some on the union side of the state Democratic party have had it with Chairperson Jane Kleeb.

Rumor in the Capitol is that unions are no longer donating to the NDP. They are, we have been told, saying that Jane either needs to leave Bold Nebraska or step down as Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

The double-dutying of Kleeb is certainly something that could get under the hide of those whose jobs she is trying prevent. The unions have been long supporters of the party, but have also been supporters of the pipeline.

Jane has been having it both ways as head of both.



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  1. Bluejay says:

    1. As noted in the post below, I got the date of the useful idiots parade in Lincoln off by one day. I fully admit my error. But when will the global warming loons admit that their predictions for the end of the world have been wrong by 20 years? One generation of useful idiots is enough!

    Seriously, Putin is laughing about how easy it is to dupe the Dems over oil. Jane needs to learn that she only helps Russia with her support of the global warming scam. Wind and solar won’t scale, too expensive and unreliable. Ask Germany, Australia and Spain.

    2. The unions either need to cut off the money or remove Kleeb. Unlikely to remove Kleeb as the voting members of the party are either identity politics warriors or global warming nuts. The NDP is dead and irrelevant. Good people like Bill Hoeppner (Pender) and Kim Robak (Columbus) have been marginalized and driven out. And I am sincere about Bill and Kim. I like them both.

      • Bluejay says:

        Not physics at all. It is a prediction about a future event using a flawed model and corrupt data driven by a political and business agenda, that is, a scam.

      • notbynd says:

        Said the weatherman. Said the scientist.

        Bluejay, you are a cement head. How do you keep a job?

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        You should realize that when you write, bluejay, what I mostly hear is a large orange cretin bellowing out ‘fake news’ about anything that reports his misdeeds.

        Global warming is still basic physics. The arguments are merely about the details.

      • Bluejay says:


        Then why has “basic physics” been wrong for 30 years?

        Also, why do you hate me because of the color of my orange skin? Do you hate and discriminate against all people of color? Black, brown, yellow, orange and red?

      • Bluejay says:


        Why does electricity cost three times as much in Germany than in the United States? Answer: The global warming nuts have forced Germany away from fossil fuel.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        Basic physics has been right for 30 years. Hope this helps.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        45% of Germany’s power generation is from coal. 30% of US power generation is from coal. What we do have here is lots of natural gas, far less carbon intensive than coal. Germany doesn’t; it imports huge quantities of gas from Russia.

        Facts, dude.

      • Bluejay says:


        If basic physics has been right for 30 years and the warmists have been wrong in predicting disaster for 30 years – the disaster supposedly being premised upon basic physics – then why no disaster now?

      • Bluejay says:


        The global warming scam is premised upon the disaster happening in the future when all of the academics who wrongly predicted it are no longer in this world. Where will you be in 2100?

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        The only people who have predicted disaster in the ultra-short term are fringe loonies. The actual details of how climate change is proceeding are still in flux. But there are some things we are virtually certain of — continued warming, particularly at the poles, sea-level rise, overall increased precipitation. We also agree that a lot of the warming is already baked in the cake — the system responds fairly slowly. None of this is scientifically controversial.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        Of course, I’ll be lying in my grave in 2100, unless some revolutionary anti-aging treatment is invented.

        But I have grandchildren, and, I hope with time I’ll have great grandchildren. They’ll still be alive in 2100.

      • Bluejay says:

        GH wrote, “The only people who have predicted disaster in the ultra-short term are fringe loonies.” And that would be the leaders: Gore, McKibben, Hanson, Steyer, Obama, the Clintons, Kleeb etc. I distinctly recall one of Obama’s 2016 Saturday weekly addresses where he said NYC was going to be underwater soon.

        Face it GH, with Trump in office and us pulling out of the Paris Treaty the jig is up. Your side lost.

      • Oracle says:

        Please “not Bluejay”, admit you are in no way connected with the Creighton name. Your idiocy is tarnishing it. Did you see the phrase “disaster in the ultra-short term”? None of the referenced people predicted that. They did predict that if we didn’t change our ways, starting now, our descendants would be faced with disasters due to man made climate change.

      • Bluejay says:


        Below is from Snopes. Just one example of the crazy and wrong predictions made by the warmists. McKibben is probably the worst.

        “In the late 2000s, Al Gore made a series of high-profile statements suggesting the possibility that Arctic sea ice could be completely gone during the summer by around 2013 or 2014.

        WHAT’S FALSE
        Gore did not himself make these predictions but said (in some cases erroneously) that others had; Gore never referred to a year-long lack of ice for both poles, but instead largely referenced Arctic sea ice in the summer.

        In the years 2007, 2008, and 2009, Al Gore made statements about the possibility of a complete lack of summer sea ice in the Arctic by as early as 2013. While Gore attributed these predictions to scientists, they stemmed from a selective reading of aggressive estimates regarding future melting. The comments became a popular talking point for human-caused climate change deniers in 2014 and onward when the predictions, which in some cases were overstated, did not pan out.”

        You people can’t begin to admit that you are wrong. You also lost the election. The scam is finished.

        More recently some of the more sophisticated warmists don’t commit to a date for domesday or they say the end of the century. Therefore virtue signalers like GH can claim they are doing this for their grandkids.


        Do you realize you come across in this forum just like the arrogant and unhinged Michael Mann at Penn State? What is wrong with you?

        The only way I can rationalize your irrational devotion to the warmist religion is that somehow you are in on the grant graveytrain for the true believers who allege they are scientists.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        Dude, while we’re sharing and all, you come across like every creationist nutjob I’ve ever run into. You should consider the possibility is that my ‘arrogance’ does not mean I have a high opinion of myself; it could mean I have a very low opinion of you.

        “Gore, McKibben, Hanson, Steyer, Obama, the Clintons, Kleeb”…the list includes exactly one scientist (and no one I’ve ever voted for). And I doubt you can come up with anything comparable that Hanson has said, even if he is a bit strident at times.

        As for your ‘virtue-signalling’ crap, you clearly can’t comprehend someone might have a concern over the world their grandchildren will inherit. That’s sad, and more than a little ugly.

        Arctic Sea Ice is currently tracking close to the record low levels of 2012. That will put it at 20% less than half of the 1981-2010 average. Sure, it will be a long time before it vansishes completely in the summer — bays and inlets in the Canadian archipelago will be slow to give it up, but it’s already moret han half gone.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        I have one thing to say about your Creighton ‘logic’ course, bluejay. Ask for a refund.

        Never cared for the Jesuits anyway.

      • Bluejay says:


        Below was published in July 2017 and was the first Google search result. Hansen was massively wrong and he just moves the goalposts.

        And you, sir, represent everything that is wrong with today’s public universities. Can we cut YOUR taxpayer funded salary? I completely destroy your statements here and you just insult me. Heck of an argument. Your mother wears army boots and your basketball and football teams suck.

        “And just last week [Hansen] addressed the prospect of further temperature increases during an interview with New York magazine. Keep in mind that Hansen predicted in a greenhouse model that there would be “an increase of from two to five degrees Fahrenheit” in global temperatures by 2018, as quoted from December 1988 edition of Spin magazine.

        “I don’t think we’re going to get four or five degrees this century, because we get a cooling effect from the melting ice,” he said last week. “But the biggest effect will be that melting ice. In my opinion that’s the big thing – sea-level rise – because we have such a large fraction of people on coastlines, more than half of the large cities in the world are on coastlines.” [Hansen]

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        Bluejay: your ‘source’ is denialist Tony Watts, who’s quoting an article in Spin magazine in 1988. Spin was a music magazine, founded by that reliable source, Bob Guccione of Penthouse fame.

        In fact, Hansen claims observational data fall close to his middle prediction. Google:

        What Exactly Is Michael Crichton’s “Scientific Method”? by James Hansen

        We’ve had 1.3° F of warming since 1988. And we’re not at 2018 yet.

        You represent everything that is wrong with Trumpkins. And you wouldn’t know how to demolish an argument if I gave you a wrecking ball.

      • Bluejay says:


        The satellite data is contra. Flat temps. This is important because the satellite temps can’t be adjusted by so-called scientists who have a political and money bias to promote warming.

        Hansen is a total fraud and his alarmist predictions have been entirely wrong. Gore, Obama and the rest all rely on him.

        You can’t deny the fact that the US pulled out of the Paris Treaty. The scam is done. Over. Finished.

        I tired of arguing with a political idiot and true believer warmist with a doctorate in chemistry.

        There is one historical fact that you cannot deny: since Dana Altman and Greg McDermott have been the head basketball coaches at Creighton, we have completely owned your pathetic basketball team.

        Warmists are losers; just like the UNL basketball team. Deal with it.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        More outright nonsense from birdbrain.

        Satellite measurements of the troposphere confirm warming trend, data shows.

        Why would I care about UNL men’s basketball? I sat in a Russian class with our starting center a few years back, and watched him sleep his way to a C. (He already knew Serbian). And Tim Miles, an engaging and funny guy, bought me lunch once. It’s a shame he’s not a more successful coach.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        And, by the way, my doctorate is in Biophysics. I haven’t taken a Chemistry course beyond the sophomore level. Most people consider my views to be lukewarmist. See, unlike you, birdbrain, I can look at and evaluate the data, and make up my own mind. I’m not a true believer in anything.

      • Bluejay says:


        The UNL website shows that you work in the Chemistry department.

        No one cares about the UNL basketball team. I only referenced it as an analogy. I learned about analogies from the Jesuits. The analogy is this. The UNL basketball team is a bunch of overpaid arrogant losers who are delusional about nearly everything. They have lost for years and years and can’t accept that fact. They are delusional in thinking that one day they might win. Just like you warmists. But at least the UNL basketball team isn’t a drag on the economy with the goal of making most people poorer and a few elites like Elon Musk rich.

        Get it? Analogy. Maybe you should take Logic 101 at Creighton; the number one ranked college in the Midwest.

    • Oracle says:

      Dunning–Kruger in a nutshell. Not a Bluejay is convinced he knows more than people who spend their careers studying climate change, the vast majority who have come to the conclusion that it is anthropogenic. Must be a gigantic scam, though I fail to understand what all these scientists have to gain by being part of it. I’m throwing in Occam’s Razor for good measure.

      • Bluejay says:


        I learned my critical thinking skills in my Logic course at Creighton. The CAGW people constantly use the appeal to authority fallacy. Their favorite is the “97% of all scientists agree” soound bite. That, however, has been thoroughly debunked but it worked for propaganda purposes with today’s superficial media and to virtue signal.

        The other obvious problem here is the incentive for bias by these so-called objective scientists. Michael Mann and the rest have a huge money incentive to feed this academic machine. They need the grant money. What else are they going to do now that *real* air pollution has been solved in the United States? They had to concoct a new demon in order to keep their jobs and get paid. And once the adjustments of numbers and collusion scandal from the U.K. became known, they were completely discredited. But Elon Musk thanks them!

        The above is blindingly obvious to me and it should be to anyone who went to a Jesuit college. Too bad you didn’t take Logic.

      • Oracle says:

        That’s a mighty big conspiracy theory you espouse. Over 90% of all climate scientists are involved. I’m invoking Occam’s Razor again. To me and most of the universe it’s far, far more likely that honest scientists have come to this conclusion.

        Just an educated guess, but I’m betting your conclusions are based less on logic and more on your own biases.

      • Bluejay says:


        The arrogance of Progressives is astounding. After thirty years of failure your side is relegated to the weak claim that it is going to be correct someday in the distant future. This reminds me of when Barry Collier said in his first news conference that the Big Red was going to be in the Final Four. But he never gave a date. Probably meant 2100. The CAGW crowd is the Washington Generals of politics and the whole world knows it.

        With.Trump in the WH and us out of the Paris Treaty your side needs to face facts. You lost in a stunning defeat. Historic. America hates the Left. It rejects CAGW. Move on.

      • Oracle says:

        Google “Global Warming Concern at Three-Decade High in US | Gallup”. Then tell me with a straight face that “America rejects CAGW. One result is that 68% believe global warming is caused by human activity.

        It’s becoming clear that you started with a conclusion, then came up with “facts” to support it. Even if it means disregarding strong evidence that disprove it. Not very logical; it’s backwards.

  2. Mike Quinlan > Jane Kleeb says:

    Maybe the unions stopped supporting the party because Jane Kleeb went around telling people that she flipped and supported Ron Kaminski for National Committeeman because the night before Mike Quinlan and others physically threatened and intimidated her into supporting him.

    Jane, please stop the lies. Mike Quinlan is a hero. If you can’t support labor at least quit demonizing them, and if you’re going to demonize them at least do it truthfully.

  3. Shakedown says:

    All the money wasted by union leaders, members money. they could reduce their dues and they would get more than the dems have helped them. But when you support illegal immigration what sense does that make.

  4. Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump. says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Dems. There is no possible excuse for Trump, so let’s deflect.

    At one point you had some intellectual legitimacy, Sweeper. You could still get it back. So just stop.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        A grand jury is impaneled. Mueller has requested the White House records on Michael Flynn. The clock is ticking. And he who laughs last laughs best.

  5. Patellar reflex legume says:

    A professor who is “forever never” for anything is closed minded. Well, every one wants to be Galileo and nobody wants to be the inquisitor who knows “forever” that he’s wrong. Flat earth indeed.

    Global Warming is what your Socialist ilk say when they mean human beings, Americans specifically, are wrecking our planet. And they may be right. Or perhaps not. The sun cranked up a bit and other planets are also warming. Yet measurable warming, or cooling, interstitial periods, and climate change (climate that doesn’t change is by definition not climate), all that fades before you wanting, apparently, the USA to pay for China and India to spew pollutants into air we breathe, so as to punish Americans. Or what exactly is your rant? Your point? The semantics?

    Apparently, Trump tickled your fanny and out popped a Socialist. Certainly, a recalcitrant.

    Just as well. The old Right-Wing Professor was pleasant, enlightening and irritatingly thoughtful. Your new concrete rant is more filling. Like a lard pudding.

    • notbynd says:

      “The sun cranked up” – that’s your scientific explanation? As long as you have H-Bombs and Viagra, that’s science. But any attempt to explain climate change scientifically and its the global elite using pseudoscience to justify wealth redistribution and a planned economy. Have I missed anything? You must lecture on this at the NU College of Agriculture, they have no idea what they’re missing.

      I could be wrong so why don’t you and I walk through the peer-reviewed, climatological literature together. You can point out their errors and mine together! Oh, goodie, I can’t wait.

      • what does science say? says:

        I would like to see the literature on how plate tectonics is affecting climate change.

        Have they settled on a climate sensitivity value yet? Or established a baseline from which to measure increases/decreases in world temps?

        My literature is older so I was just wondering if these questions have been answered.

    • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

      Oh good, another goober is lecturing me on how to be a professor. This comment is unintentionally hilarious, though. I was “pleasant, enlightening and irritatingly thoughtful” when I wrote things the goober agreed with. Now I’m a “socialist”. What a radical transformation in the space of a year!

      Spare me the tired denialist talking points, and complete nonsense — climate that doesnt change is still climate. Solar output has not significantly changed, except for the well-documented sunspot cycle. And the fact that climate changed in the past doesn’t mean the present warming is due to an output change. That’s grade-school ‘logic’. In fact, long-term changes in climate over the last 50m years are clearly driven by atmospheric CO2.

      No, I don’t think the USA should “pay for China and India to spew pollutants into air we breathe”. But here’s the thing; you aren’t going to have a hand in setting policy solutions if you never admit there’s a problem. And as AGW gets worse, even some of the rubes are going to desert the denialist position.

  6. Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

    Sarcasm is ineffectual when it’s indistinguishable from reality. ‘Hillbillies’, ‘goobers’ and ‘rubes’ are perfectly valid descriptors who voted for a candidate who made it quite clear he was going to launch trade wars that would disproportionately affect said hillbillies, goobers and rubes. They voted against their own interests because of a stupid hashtag “MAGA”. And Japan’s 50% beef tariff is only going to make the abysmal state economy worse.

    • anon says:

      Evidently the goober, hicks, rubes, hillbillies, and nazis, put it together over you smart MFers, seeing how you have been running things, go make some flubber.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        You’ve managed to point a gun at your own head, to spite the eggheads.

      • win some, lose some says:

        I thought the scientific model required one to look at all sides/evidence. Japan may or may not be gone. For now it seems so. Replaced by the largest market in the world China. Seems like more than a fair trade if one needs to be made. And no, I am telling you how think as a scientist. Just going on what you have claimed is the system:)

        You don’t use to different models do you? One for your science side and one for your politics? Like God fearing folks who don’t let their beliefs influence their governance.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        Headline, OWH

        “Japan hikes tariffs on imports of frozen beef; Ricketts says effect on Nebraska will be ‘serious'”

        and in the body of the article

        “Nebraska exported $316 million worth of beef to Japan in 2016 out of total exports worth more than $1.1 billion.”


        “Gov. Pete Ricketts said the move “will have a serious economic impact” on Nebraska’s beef industry, which is looking to expand exports as the state’s cattle herd grows.”

        So it appears I am not the rube you’re looking for. His name is Pete. I know those are awful big numbers, goober, but that’s close to 30% of our total exports.

  7. notbynd says:

    Back to Sweeper’s litmus test question. It is genuinely difficult to find a Pro-Life Democrat. But there are acres of Pro-Choice Republicans and nobody cares. Why?

      • the enemy of my enemy..... says:

        Didn’t say that. If you eliminate all who don’t agree with all you believe, you would be a party of one. Just like “homosexuals are an abomination” Muslim are allowed in the Dem party. Or are they? Foreign concepts to you it appears?

      • notbynd says:

        No, not at all. What I’m chewing on is this. Are we condemning Dems because they are not a big tent part, e.g. that it welcomes pro-choice and pro-life Dems equally? Repubs, by contrast, are a big tent party that welcomes pro-choice and pro-life equally, is that correct to say?

        There is a strain of pro-life activist that condemns Dems for that party’s pro-choice litmus test. Those same pro-life have their own litmus test, a test that Dems fail. But their fellow Repubs – pro-choice Repubs – seem to get a pass. Thats the way it looks to me. A complicated question before party politics became involved.

      • win some, lose some says:

        I have seen no public statements by the head National Republican party that have said that pro choice people can not be Republicans.

        We have seen statements by the head of the Democrat National Party chair,
        Earlier this year, amid pressure from abortion activists, Perez declared that abortion is a “fundamental value” in the Democratic Party and every Democrat should support it.

        “Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health. That is not negotiable,” Perez said in a statement this spring.

        It is correct to say that the head of the Democratic National Party said to be a Democrat is to be pro abortion or the PC way, to be pro choice.

        I’ve seen no such litmus test by the Republicans. Actually, not complex at all. Unless it is hurting your sides chances of winning.

        Or if your party claims to be big tent but is mainly identity politics. Which the studies show that union members and middle class folks believe. That the Dems have deserted them. Thus the Dem’s, Better Deal.

        Pro life activists have nothing to do with this. But a nice try at obfuscation.

  8. Douglas County Democrat says:

    Good thing Crystal Rhoades is chair of the Douglas County Democrats. It is her policy that if one Democratic candidate campaigns negatively and falsely against another the DCDP will only support the other. I look forward to Crystal and DCDP only supporting Ashford from now on.

  9. Question for Heath Mello says:

    Where do you stand on Kara’s attack of Brad Ashford? Your votes in the Unicameral mirrored Brad, will you defend him?

  10. Proud of Dems says:

    @1:27 As a Republican I agree. Crystal is the best thing to happen to our party.Thanks for Chelsey Tipton Crystal!

    • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

      If they want to RIF me, they could. But the BoR bylaws say they’d have to close the whole Chemistry Department to do it. Probably not going to happen. Sorry to disappoint.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Cuts at UNL? Are you referring to the 1.5% reduction of the previously anticipated FY17-18 growth? Fear not! This biennial budget includes a 1.6% FY18-19 growth for a total 0.0% change over the previous budget. If cuts are taking place at UNL, they are politically based, not financial necessities.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        …because Texas Annie has never heard of the work ‘inflation’.

  11. NE Voter says:

    L-St used to be such an entertaining and useful platform for discussing local and national politics. Sadly, most of Sweepers’ right-leaning commentators seem to have filled their snack bowls with lead chips instead of Tostitos.

  12. Dull and Dumb says:

    I wish there was a browser plugin that would allow us to read this blog without any comments about Sparkles and Bynd.

  13. AI save me says:

    So Elon Musk’s fear was well founded. People want a browser to do what their brain is already capable of doing.

    If you don’t want to read it, as the progressives say, change the channel. Or, just don’t read it.

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