Royal to seek State Treasurer gig

Leavenworth St. has learned that Taylor Royal will indeed run for the Republican nomination for State Treasurer in 2018.

Royal’s campaign plans had been on hold after creating a website and considering all of his options for the statewide office. But he has been making the campaign rounds lately and his announcement (or announcement to announce) is considered imminent.

State Senator John Murante (R-Big Fred’s) who announced his campaign a few months ago, is currently the only other candidate in the primary race.

But Royal’s plans have seemingly been in the works for a while. Coming off his surprising notoriety in the 2017 Omaha Mayor’s race where he changed the focus for all the campaigns, Royal, a certified public accountant, would seem to be in his wheelhouse for the Treasurer’s office.

This has the potential for one of the more interesting primary races in the state next year.


Topic of the Week

I’m guessing you commenters want to wring your hands about DACA.

Most Republicans say it was the correct, Constitutional, move by President Trump to rescind this “Executive authority” which many agree does not exist. And Congressional Republican pretty much uniformly say it’s their job to address this immigration issue.

Many, many Democrats say it is “heartless” to change the DACA order…and simply want the status quo? No change to this perfect immigration system we now have? Or something?


Rock n’ roll.


“XOXO Betsy Riot”

Ah Betsy Riot.

You know your audience so well.

Scream more at those Republicans who pay full-fare for Nebraska football tickets.

They appreciate you calling them Neo-Nazis. And the louder your scream, the more likely they are to come to your side of thinking.

I’m sure of it.


  1. Bluejay says:

    I’m guessing that the photo is of a building in Lincoln on game day.

    I love what passing for reasoning by today’s Left. Trump is a neo-Nazi along with everyone who voted for him.

    I guess not enough room on the sign for KXL mention.

  2. Millennial voter says:

    Wow, leftist Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert came out against the Trump admin’s decision to end DACA. Wait, you mean she’s actually a Republican mayor of the state’s largest city? AND she employed the editor of a Republican-friendly blog on her campaign comms staff?

    Sounds like a RINO to me…

  3. bynd says:

    Never have so many received what they asked for and been so distraught over it.

    Can DACA people become citizens? No. Can Congress change that? Yes. Can the President? No. Those who want the status quo are condemning those folks to a life time of what if, if the law isn’t changed.

    The problem is where it belongs, in Congress. You’re demonizing the wrong person. The President shall be known as the one who tried to make Congress do their job. If they don’t, that’s on them.

    By the way, I am in favor of developing a path to citizenship for the DACAs. In this case, the cruel ones are those who want DACA as it is to go on forever.

    If true of Stothert, it is disappointing that she doesn’t understand this is the best, and maybe only, shot the DACA’s have. It’s her party that needs to get off their butts and do something. Get your party moving Jean!!!

    And no one has come out and said they are just going to end DACA with no further actions.

    It’s hard to be a great country when you have a bunch whining little children as citizens. The only one showing leadership is the President.

  4. notbynd says:

    The WaPo says “We had a very good meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer,” Trump told reporters Wednesday on Air Force One while traveling to North Dakota. “We agreed to a three-month extension on debt ceiling, which they consider to be sacred — very important — always we’ll agree on debt ceiling automatically because of the importance of it.”

    Um, okay.

    • The Democrats wanted 3 months. The GOP wanted 18. They know the Dems will use the December deadline to squeeze out even more concessions.

      Some people actually predicted that Trump is totally devoid of principles, and would turn on the GOP as soon as it was convenient.

    • Casey G. Orilla says:

      The president and the Senate and House Democratic leadership agreed to a three-month continuing resolution and a debt ceiling into December,” McConnell told reporters Wednesday.

      “I will be adding that as an amendment to the flood relief bill that’s come over from the House on the floor, and I will be supporting it,

      Setting up the GOP for yet another holiday display of their intra-party infantile incompetence.
      R battling R, in a PanderFest to Goober Nation.
      ‘Fiscal conservatives’ joining the House Freedom Caucus and, like a pack of baboons (which, believe it or not, is called a Congress!) – showing their asses to the low information base in a display of who, for the love of Free and Dumb, is most eager to default on our national debt.
      Who among these synaptically-challenged pander monkeys can wreak the greatest havoc on our economy in an effort NOT to pay for what they had previously voted to purchase!

      Republicans control the White House, the Senate and the House, yet Chuck and Nancy are… Winning!

      • GOP Pwned by Pelosi says:

        “We discussed that (DACA) also today, and Chuck and Nancy would like to see something happen, and so do I,”.

      • by;nd says:

        Nice piece of light reading that requires no thought or serious consideration. But very entertaining. Maybe next time try something serious and relevant with meat on the bones. Clever is cute for only so much time. Then it becomes boorish.

        When I was a VP in the union, my management counter part in our region pointed out to me, the union gets nothing that management doesn’t give them. Which is basically true unless of course a third party is involved.

        Nancy and Chuck are not winning. They got what the President gave them. What he gained in return is for those two to owe him and to showing the House and Senate leadership he can go around them and get things done. So don’t get your hopes up high neophytes. It wasn’t a brilliant strategy by the Dems if you really know what is going on. They got played.

        Gerard you have officially lost any cred you thought you had. He goes bipartisan to get something done and get his way and you still whine like a possum caught in a trap. Maybe you should try playing dead.

        It will be interesting to see if the house and Senate leadership go along with his deal with the Dems.

        The art of the deal. Pay attention. It seems these two posters have no clue.

      • Dr. Lee says:

        You think anyone is surprised, congress, 8 years, repeal ACA, Obamacare’s nemesis, but it’s a vehicle to demean people by a small bitter person

      • ~nyb:.d.!".. says:

        When I was the Master Potentate-in-training of the Jr. WaterBuffaloes, my meemaa always told me;
        “Boy, I say boy, pay close attention to me, ’cause I ain’t tellin’ yer dimwitted ass again: Life is like reachin’ in to a big ol’ bag of dicks, you just never know what you’re gonna get.”

        Hungry Hungry Hippos.

  5. GOP Pwned by Pelosi says:

    June, 25, The Hill
    GOP vows to use Pelosi against Democrats in 2018
    “Nancy Pelosi will be front and center in the millions of dollars we’re going to spend over the next two years across the country,” said Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) executive director Corry Bliss, whose group spent almost $7 million in the Georgia election cycle.”

    June 27, Roll Call –
    GOP Super PAC Plans to Go All In on Pelosi Attacks
    The CLF has already announced its plans to spend $100 million on the midterms. A big part of that spending will be Pelosi-themed messaging.
    “During the 2018 cycle, CLF will spend millions of dollars highlighting Nancy Pelosi’s toxic agenda and reminding voters across the country that Democratic candidates are nothing more than rubber stamps for her out-of-touch, liberal policies,” Bliss said.

    This morning, Politico –
    Upbeat Trump raves to Schumer, Pelosi about news coverage of their deal
    “..he was jovial in a call with Pelosi and agreed to send a tweet she asked for about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program..
    “He seemed super upbeat,” one person familiar with the calls said.
    Another person familiar with the calls said Trump told Pelosi her coverage was even better than his. “The press has been incredible,” Trump said.
    Pelosi herself bragged that she had gotten results after asking him to tweet reassurances that Dreamers shouldn’t worry about being deported over the next six months while lawmakers try to secure a DACA fix.
    “I was telling my colleagues, ‘This is what I asked the president to do,’ and boom boom boom, the tweet appeared,” she said at a news conference Thursday.

    57 minutes ago, HuffPost –
    Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Promised Her He’d Sign The Dream Act

    • turning point Lincoln says:

      He went into BMF mode and is wanting names, calling people stupid. You know how establishment people get when sophomore girls upsets their gig, he belongs on the List

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        But you are stupid.

        I’ve asked them to put me on the list. I’d like to be the first libertarian on it, and while I don’t share the politics of most of the others, they include MacArthur genius grant recipients, nationally famous scholars, and named professors at our best institutions. I have no problem with that sort of company.

        TPUSA are pond scum, and so are you, if you actually have anything to do with them, and are not J. Random Cowardly Troll.

    • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

      It appears this blog has become a place for chicken5h17 trolls to attack people in their absence. Figures. For the record, I’ve never been conservative, anonymous coward.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gerard Harbison has been an outspoken conservative blogger for years and even he doesn’t support Trump.

    When you’ve lost the Right Wing Professor then you’ve lost. Get ready for the 2018 Democratic Wave.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gerard Harbison as been an outspoken libertarian atheist for years. He called himself Right Wing Professor because years ago he felt the term stabbed at the leftwing professors who he said he hated to see gagging free speech on campus. They still do. But now that he is bashing Trump, not only does Sasse swap spit with Gerard, but the left-winger academics are giving him foot massages.

    While he has taken some right wing positions, he’s never been a conservative most would recognize.

    • The Grundle King says:

      ” He called himself Right Wing Professor because years ago he felt the term stabbed at the leftwing professors who he said he hated to see gagging free speech on campus.”

      All well and good…except that, in this case, he’s on their side. There can be little doubt that, when Ms. Lawton said she was going to call campus security, her intent was to intimidate and shut-down the TPUSA rep.

      I can understand disliking Trump and organizations that support Trump…but what I don’t understand is supporting someone like Ms. Lawton who, rather than engage the speaker on the merits of her ideas, attempted to have the speaker moved from the public square. The whole idea of ‘free speech zones’ is counter to the 1st Amendment, and I absolutely do not buy the assertion that a small table somehow inhibits the flow of student traffic near the union.

      Libertarian Laura Ebke put it quite well when she said, “I AM concerned about the University employees/instructors being actively engaged in counter-protests against University students on campus. It seems to me that at the very best, this violates some ethical codes of conduct.”

      Simply put…if you hold ANY position of authority within the university system, such as the ability to grade student papers, then you absolutely should not be counter-protesting or shouting down students on university grounds. It is an abuse of that authority, and it raises serious questions as to one’s objectivity. If those with authority simply seek to engage others in discussion over opposing viewpoints…then I think that’s all well and good. But defaming one’s character while calling him/her a ‘neo-fascist’, making obscene gestures, and demanding enforcement from the thought police? It should be absolutely unacceptable to anyone who values academic freedom and professional accountability.

      • World's smallest violin says:

        “I absolutely do not buy the assertion that a small table somehow inhibits the flow of student traffic near the union.”

        And I absolutely do not buy the idea that Uncle Liberty can walk into the International House of Pancakes with a Glock 19 strapped to his hip, accompanied by Momma Liberty (on her Jazzy Jet) who has a Walther PK380 in bra holster.
        Nor do I buy the idea that self professed neo Nazis, anti-government militia and Klan members can march through college campuses and public squares wearing riot gear and carry assault style rifles.

        Two sides to your coin. Are you sure you wanna flip it?

      • The Grundle King says:

        Sure…let’s flip it.

        While you may happen to disagree, the 2nd Amendment (as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court) provides every citizen with the right to keep and bear arms, unless, of course, they’ve been deprived of said right through due process.

        Summarily depriving people of their rights based on fear of what they MIGHT do is called fascism. Your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose. A citizen’s right to carry a firearm ends only when that person decides to use it for unlawful purposes.

        Public universities, like UNL, are built upon public property. While they are within their rights to restrict public access to classrooms and offices, common areas like the area surrounding Broyhill Fountain are, and should be, open to the public. So yeah, if a bunch of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, BLM, or Antifa want to march through there…WITHOUT committing acts of violence or making threats of violence…then they are within their civil rights to do so.

        Your fear of firearms appears to be near-debilitating. You’re worried about ‘Uncle Liberty’ wearing his pistol into IHOP? Why?! If he wanted to shoot you so badly, do you think he’d waste time eating a plate full of waffles first? I simply can’t imagine how awful it must be to live in constant fear of guns and the people who own them…people who happen to make up almost half of the U.S. population. To walk through life with the fear that every other person you meet wants to kill you…I mean, how do you leave your house?! Wait…do you leave your house?

        Note: I’m not drawing moral equivalences betweenst neo-Nazis, Klansmen, BLM, or Antifa.

      • World's smallest violin says:

        I don’t fear them.

        I’m repulsed by them.

        They are the grunting, belching, ball-scratching, MAGA cap wearing examples of the very worst of America.
        They are the personification of the great wave of ignorance that has swept over, and is crippling, a nation I love.

        Also, BLM and Antifa are to neo-Nazis and Klansmen what Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter are to Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

      • about progressives parasites says:

        World’s smallest violin,

        People with a small violin, have tiny hands and thus a tiny penis,

        As a parasitic leach on society, who seems to add no value to the human race, it is rather ironic that those you denigrate are the reason you are alive and live the life you do. So show you are a person of your convictions. Give up all those things that the belchers supply to you. Start with food water and electricity. Any kind of repair to any thing you own or rent. Vehicle transportation. And on on. The simple point being, they produce the majority of things you need in your life, and if you didn’t have them, you could just shrivel up and die.

        And therein your point is valid. It is rather stupid to keep supplying the living needs of one who adds nothing of value to society. Parasites like you. How do we correct that unfair situation.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        I don’t support Ms. Lawton. I’ve said I think her actions were immature and reprehensible. What I’ve defended is her first amendment right to counterprotest, even in ways of which I would not approve. Shut down her speech, and you make it possible to shut down mine.

        The University has a legal right to establish time, place and manner restrictions on expression, particularly physical installations like tables. Ms Lawton did not attempt to remove the TPUSA table; that happened earlier. And UNL didn’t enforce it, when Mullin refused to remove the table, b/c UNL doesn’t want to fight a first amendment case it might easily lose.

        TPUSA has been unable to find a single professor to sponsor their chapter, and I know plenty of libertarian and conservative professors at UNL. But none of us are willing to sponsor an organization that blacklists our colleagues merely for the effrontery of writing columns in the newspaper, or blog posts critical of Trump. They even blacklisted Arthur Caplan, fergawdsake, the nation’s most prominent bioethicist, who’s worked for 4 administrations, 2 Republican, 2 Democrat.

        I’m sorry that you hate my first amendment rights; you probably didn’t hate them when I was bringing conservative speakers to campus. so your ethics are decidedly situational. When I speak politically, I am not required to abide by your rules of conduct; I prefer the Supreme Court’s.

        Please send me a map of “university grounds”? Do they include 14th Street? R Street? The steps of the Sheldon? I’ve been here 25 years, and I couldn’t tell you.

        The plaza in front of the Union has been a publc forum at least for the last quarter century, and I expect much longer. Faculty and teaching assistants have the same right to political expression
        there as any other citizen. The odds that a given TA or professor has any sort of professional interaction with a given student are pretty small — we have 26,000 students, and I might come into contact with maybe 200 each year. And there is a mechanism in place for dealing with conflicts of interest. Usually it involves professionally separating people who become romantically involved, but it applies equally to hostile interactions. If, through some fairly improbable happenstance, Ms. Lawton was assigned to grade Ms. Mullin’s papers, there’s a easy way to object. And in conflicts of interest, the university will almost always err on the side of protecting the student.

      • Anon says:

        GH @4:48- that mechanism may be easy to you , but I can tell you first hand results are far from satisfactory. I too question that ladies free speech, but Mullen is dealing with her peers not employees, there’s a confidence problem. Democrats of old would have recognized that and let it stand on it’s own, for many years I was one of them.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        GK the limits you would impose on faculty and staff speech clearly would not pass 1st Amendment scrutiny and your any weapon any where reading of the holding of the two 2nd Amendment SCOTUS decisions go well beyond the Court holdings and the decisions of the lower Federal Appellate Courts. Example, is a knife covered, yes NJSC, no WasSC, outside home no NJSC, standard of scrutiny normal, regulations beyond the home and particularly open carry and treating weapons up to the States one at a time.
        Most colleges and universities have faculty evaluations by students thatch I’m[pact promotion, tenure, and salary. In addition there are non political web sites like rate your professor and plenty of denounce cites on professor’s. politics

      • The Grundle King says:


        “Please send me a map of “university grounds”? Do they include 14th Street? R Street? The steps of the Sheldon? I’ve been here 25 years, and I couldn’t tell you. ”

        Easy. Go to the city’s ‘Interlinc’ page, and in the list of links near the bottom, click on the third link down in the third column, “GIS Viewer”. The university grounds are the pink-ish area labeled “University of Nebraska Main Campus”.

        14th Street? Yes, north of R Street.
        R Street? No, except for about 1/2 block east of 12th Street
        The steps of Sheldon? Yes.

        I thought I’ve made this clear in prior posts…but the fact that I defend an organization doesn’t mean that I support them. It only means that I believe they have a right to spread their message, whatever that message may be. Those who oppose it also have the right to do so according to the Constitution, but obviously, a person’s employer can set rules for how employees conduct themselves both on and off the clock. Understanding that Ms. Lawton is not so much an ’employee’ of NU, as she is a low-paid grad assistant…it doesn’t matter what position of authority she holds, merely that she holds authority…and that she attempted to use that authority to silence a student’s speech. Please understand that I’m not advocating that university employees, assistants, etc. be prohibited from engaging students with their own political speech…only that they discouraged from confronting students in the manner Ms. Lawton did on university grounds (i.e. vulgar gestures and messages, threats to have students removed).

        While I detest the idea of a McCarthy-ist ‘watchlist’, you must admit that there are professors, TAs, etc. on campuses nationwide who use their bully pulpit not to teach, but to indoctrinate. And I think that you would agree that to do so is highly unethical. So what is to be done when universities allow that to happen?

        As an aside, I think the only victim in this whole deal is Amanda Gailey, as she appears to have engaged Ms. Mullen respectfully, and actually provided some measure of comfort to an obviously unnerved Ms. Mullen. Her name got smeared by association with Ms. Lawton, which is most unfortunate.

      • The Grundle King says:

        @ tiny violin,

        Worry not, I’m repulsed by you, as well. And I’ve never even open-carried!

        You’re the personification of the great wave of hate and intolerance that has taken hold of the far-left. Oh, sure…you spout off crap like “Love Trumps Hate!”, until you find someone who didn’t vote for Clinton.

      • The Grundle King says:

        RL, I needed a separate post for your BS, as well.

        “GK the limits you would impose on faculty and staff speech clearly would not pass 1st Amendment scrutiny”

        Employers have long been able to establish codes of personal conduct that apply outside their workplace. Do you dispute this? Do you dispute that such codes of conduct are perfectly legal? Do you dispute that a person can be fired legally for exercising his or her 1st Amendment rights if what they say violates a code of conduct or reflects poorly on the employer?

        “your any weapon any where reading of the holding of the two 2nd Amendment SCOTUS decisions go well beyond the Court holdings and the decisions of the lower Federal Appellate Courts. Example, is a knife covered, yes NJSC, no WasSC, outside home no NJSC, standard of scrutiny normal, regulations beyond the home and particularly open carry and treating weapons up to the States one at a time.”

        Yes, states are allowed to set their own regulations, so long as they’re not less stringent than federal law. I have no problem with this, so long as those regulations don’t contradict the supreme law of the land, as affirmed by the only court that matters, SCOTUS (i.e. DC v. Heller).

        Is there anything I posted that contradicts that notion? I’ll save you some time…no, there isn’t, because I never said anything about ‘any weapon, anywhere’.

      • (1) I doubt your map has much legal standing. And I’m not sure it’s accurate. For example, IIRC the parking meters on the N side of R E of 12th are UNL meters, not city meters. I don’t see how one could be certain about campus boundaries absent a very careful study of city and UNL records.

        But in any case, it’s silly. On once side of the line, I have free speech. On the other side, I don’t?

        (2)”obviously, a person’s employer can set rules for how employees conduct themselves both on and off the clock”

        (3) “you must admit that there are professors, TAs, etc. on campuses nationwide who use their bully pulpit not to teach, but to indoctrinate. ”

        Sure. And if that was what TPUSA were doing, I’d be less antagonistic to them. But in the three cases I looked at where a professor was put on the blacklist, in none of the three was it b/c of their conduct in the classroom. Rather, all of them wrote articles, as private citizens, one in the WaPo, one on a blog, one in a journalism magazine, that in some way drew a parallel between the political ascents of Trump and Hitler. That, according to TPUSA, is doubleplusungood crime think.

        Might be obvious, but it’s wrong. If the employer is a public entity, it’s governed by Pickering v. Board of Education and subsequent cases. The test (see esp Garcetti) is that if the speech is pursuant to one’s position as a public employee, it’s unprotected. If one is acting as a private citizen, it isn’t.

        It is hard to argue what Lawton did was part of her position as T.A.. It is also highly unlikely she was in any position of authority over Mullen. There are 26,000 + students at UNL; I interact professionally with maybe 200/year, in any capacity. So the chances I have authority over any given student are under 1%. And, more important than that the plaza is within the boundaries of campus, it’s a traditional public forum.

        Finally, even in the unlikely event of a conflict of interest, the university, upon request of the student, can transfer grading, etc. to someone else. That’s a far less intrusive solution than restricting an instructor’s free speech.

      • Part of (2) somehow got deleted.

        (2)”obviously, a person’s employer can set rules for how employees conduct themselves both on and off the clock”

        No, not if they’re a public entity. The main governing cases are Pickering, and Garcetti; the gist of both of them is that a public institution can regulate an employee’s speech only as far as it’s part of their official duties. If I’m walking across Union Plaza, that’s not part of my official duties, and I can say what I want.

    • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

      No, actually, I called myself the Right Wing Professor because the Daily Nebraskan called me that, and I thought “OK”.

      I’m not a conservative. I’m a libertarian. I’ve been a libertarian of one sort or another my entire life. I have, however, have acted as faculty sponsor for UNL College Republicans, Americans for Prosperity, Young Americans for Freedom, and Huskers for Rubio. At UNL I’ve hosted such luminaries as Dinesh D’Souza, Christina Hoff Sommers, Ward Connerly, Roger Clegg, and (unfortunately) Bay Buchanan.
      I was one of the principals in getting the Bush administration to look at preferential hiring at UNL, and in helping pass the Nebraska Civil Rights Amendment (banning reverse discrimination) in 2008.

      I used to register and vote Republican, and indeed, publicly I used defend some Republican positions I didn’t particularly like, because I felt the Republicans represented a somewhat smaller threat to our freedom than the Democrats. I no longer feel that way. The nomination of Donald Trump ended it for me; then man has played footsie (and still plays footsie) with overt white supremacists and Nazis. And it’s clear from the comments on this blog and others that he has had a major role is getting Nazis out of their closet, where they had previously been confined by decent people.

      • The Grundle King says:

        So why the about-face on immigration? I’m curious, because it always seemed to me that, as an immigrant yourself, you always wanted people to ‘do it the right way’? While I agree that the DACA-protected youth weren’t brought here by their choice, the DACA executive order was never a permanent fix, and it provided them with no path to citizenship. Ignore, for a moment, the fact that Trump reversed DACA…is a permanent immigration status of ‘in-limbo’ really the best thing for these kids?

      • I’d prefer people to do it the right way. Assuming a law is constitutional, and not unjust, one should obey it.

        I certainly support a legislated amnesty for DACAs. That was a major reason why I backed Marco (gang of 14) Rubio.

  8. Silence of the Lambs says:

    A wave of threats to UNL students and faculty by right wing nut jobs has forced the university to reassign the graduate teaching assistant who chose to exercise her right to free speech when counter protesting the right wing organization, Turning Point.

    The university made it clear the reassignment was not a disciplinary measure against the graduate teaching assistant, It was a reassignment made out of fear for the safety of UNL students and faculty.
    Fear of a right wing who has for more than a decade proven all too eager act on the violent rhetoric in which the engage.
    A right wing who has recently found encouragement in the statements of Republican leaders like Donald Trump and now, Hal Daub.

    This site demands the left speaks out against antifa, a group with which the left has no affiliation.
    A group formed only months ago and whose actions are infinitesimal in scale to the death and violence visited on this nation every year by a violent right wing.
    This site berates the left and it’s leaders for not forcefully enough calling out antifa, or for not demanding that its smattering of members be rounded up,, en masse, and shipped to Guantanamo for the crime adopting some of the less violent tactics that have been practiced by the right wing for decades.
    Or in the case of Charlottesville, for their act of protecting the very lives of a peaceful group of clergy who chose to stand against torch wielding neo-Nazis and KKK.

    Yet, here we are.
    When the violent rhetoric of their Republican party brethren strike fear in the administrators of our University..

    • The Grundle King says:

      Any threats of violence against UNL staff or students should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted, as appropriate. Such threats are clearly not protected by the 1st Amendment, serve only to lower the public discourse, and are detrimental to an environment of academic freedom.

      If the e-mails quoted in the LJS article represent the worst that they could pick out from their public records request, then color me unimpressed. Coarse language and demands for accountability? That’s not a threat.

      Unless UNL officials are threatened by the concept of accountability. Hmmm…

      BTW, if you’re going to continue to lump the violent loons in the Klan and their Nazi buddies in with the right wing, then those among the left wing should fully expect to be lumped in with the violent fascists that make up the errantly-named ‘Antifa’.

      • notbynd says:

        The real power that needs investigation and oversight is the NU Foundation. Transparency? Accountability? You’re kidding, right?

      • Anonymous says:

        “errantly-named ‘Antifa’.”

        ‘errantly named’ – according to who?
        According to right wing gaggle of loons that has proven, time and again, to have only a casual relationship with reality?
        A batch of Benghazi-Benghazi!!, Birthers, Birchers, Agenda 21 nuts, Obama is coming for your guns, Obama is a terrorist sympathizer, Obama hung out at gay bath houses in Chicago, Jade Helm is an Obama plot to take over the country and they turn abandoned Wal*Marts into FEMA concentration camps, Seth Rich conspiracy loons, Fast & Furious is an Obama plot – fucking kooks?
        THOSE are the folks who get to define Antifa?

        Antifa themselves adamantly declares they’re not affiliated with the left, and to prove it, they spray painted on a wall at Berkeley: “Liberals get the bullet too”.
        Even Buckley’s National Review has been forced to admit Antifa isn’t part of the left, in article only a few days ago, subtitled: “The group (Antifa) is bent on violence — including against liberals”, in which they state:
        “It is indeed a value of Antifa to punch not just Nazis, but people in red hats; not just Trump supporters, but centrists; and not just centrists, but even liberals, if their rage so dictates

        Add to this the inconvenient truth is that the neo-Nazis, Storm Front, the militia groups, and the KKK -ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNED- for Donald Trump!
        David Duke ran for Senate as a REPUBLICAN and openly endorsed Donald Trump.
        White Nationalist groups funded robo-calls promoting Trump!!

        Sorry Charley, the irrefutable truth remains – the right has sometimes tacitly, sometimes openly, embraced, nurtured and coddled America’s racists and bigots for more than 4 decades!

        You people need to stop with your horseshit claims of ‘BOTH SIDES’ do it!!

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:


        “I’ll be looking for those who wrought this evil on America; every single Liberal-Communist professor and administrators of our public school system through the (National Education Association), public colleges and universities to hold you (expletive) accountable for what you’ve all done. Sic Semper Tyrannis!”

        Anyone with a grade-school knowledge of American history knows what “Sic Semper Tyrannis” means in this context.

      • The Grundle King says:

        So, because John Wilkes Booth shouted it before he popped Lincoln, it is henceforth and forever a threat of violence? I just want to make sure before I utter/type the phrase, lest by receive a visit from law enforcement.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Antifa is errantly-named because they don’t oppose fascism, they openly embrace fascism in their fight against person and/or idea that appears anywhere near conservative.

        The rest of your boo-hoo diatribe is the same old Sparkles…you can’t even disguise yourself well.

    • anon says:

      Schumer in the NYT states that the republicans were never going to shut the government down, evidently Sasse who crowned him the most powerful man in America for December and such a insider hasn’t figured out what a rookie he is. Where’s your ACA plan Ben?

    • Paul Harvey says:

      “A group formed only months ago”

      You can’t even get that part right. So the rest must be wrong also.

      According to The Economist, the “word Antifa has its roots in Anti-Fascist Action, a name taken up by European political movements in the 1930s” which was revived in the 1990s, particularly in Germany.[20][21] Peter Beinart writes that “in the late ’80s, left-wing punk fans in the United States began following suit, though they initially called their groups Anti-Racist Action, on the theory that Americans would be more familiar with fighting racism than fascism.”[17]

      According to The Economist, the “word Antifa has its roots in Anti-Fascist Action, a name taken up by European political movements in the 1930s” which was revived in the 1990s, particularly in Germany.[20][21] Peter Beinart writes that “in the late ’80s, left-wing punk fans in the United States began following suit, though they initially called their groups Anti-Racist Action, on the theory that Americans would be more familiar with fighting racism than fascism.

      Anti-Racist Action (ARA), which came from the punk and skinhead scene of the late 1980s,[26][17] is the direct precursor of many if not most contemporary US antifa groups. Other antifa groups in the US have other genealogies. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a group called the Baldies formed in 1987 with the intent to fight neo-Nazi groups directly.[12]

      Thanks again to the Wikipedia folks.

      • Anonymous says:

        the “word Antifa has its roots in Anti-Fascist Action, a name taken up by European political movements in the 1930s

        And the word dolt, is thought to have its roots in 1540s Middle English, perhaps a variant of dold “dull, foolish,” influenced by dulte, dolte, past participle forms of Middle English dullen “to dull, make or become dazed or stupid”. Related: Doltish; doltishly; doltishness.

        Word derivation has exactly what to do with the rise of antifa activists in America?
        Exactly how does your trollop through anti-fascist history refute my statement?

        The group of activists calling themselves antifa is a loosely knit coalition that arose, very recently, as a direct response to the candidacy/presidency of Donald Trump.
        No fascist leaning Donald Trump = no antifa.

        And might as well bat down another right wing lie you’ve regurgitated.
        George Soros hasn’t donated a dime to antifa.
        Show me one scintilla of evidence to support your bald faced lie.

        Antifa has, in fact, protested against Soros.


      • more revisionism from the left says:

        So you expect us to believe a anonymous person over Wikipedia. And Wikipedia is not the be all end all, but it sure as hell beats an anonymous no body. You were refuted with facts.
        Deal with it.

  9. bynd says:

    And you just now started cutting the umbilical cord to them? Yes both sides do it. Despite your head up the horses ass that you don’t. And who funds them? Our favorite mega rich progressive G. Soros. No connection to the G.Soros who funds the progressives and Dem party. LOL

    Antifa groups tend to be anti-government and anti-capitalist,[10] and are predominantly far left and radical left.

    According to The Economist, the “word Antifa has its roots in Anti-Fascist Action, a name taken up by European political movements in the 1930s” which was revived in the 1990s, particularly in Germany.[16][17] Peter Beinart writes that “in the late ’80s, left-wing punk fans in the United States began following suit, though they initially called their groups Anti-Racist Action, on the theory that Americans would be more familiar with fighting racism than fascism.”[11] Antifa groups are known for militant protest tactics, including property damage and physical violence.[

  10. notbynd says:

    Mnuchin to Congress re/debt limit increase: Come on, be a pal. You can vote for an increase – do it for me, buddy. It’s me, the Steverino!

    The Art of the Heel.

    • keepin it real says:

      The Ne senators voted against it with mainly midwest senators and Mccaustic, they knew it was going to pass, republicans are not going to shut down the gov now or in Dec. were they going to do 30 day extensions, there isn’t going to be much variation in any settlement. Get the hardcore conservative view but they are history, and spending-give me a break

  11. Ceiling whacks says:

    Trump’s debt ceiling “deal” with Schumer and Pelosi horrifies McConnell and Ryan. McConnell who forever promised to deal with Obamacare and then failed to do it with Trump pushing. And Ryan who called the debt deal “impossible” citing hurricanes as a smokescreen for Dems spending money we don’t have. As if hurricanes and dead people aren’t real.

    Bush was forgiven for not predicting 911 but Bush is forever condemned for foot-dragging before and after Katrina. Trump knows his job is to protect Americans. Ryan and McConnell seem not to know their jobs leading Congress. Rude leaders can be effective. Inept ones can kill us.

    I wish GOP leaders weren’t inept. I am conservative, I bleed GOP red. But don’t see DC GOP elites agreeing with Trump to pass their own GOP fixes to national problems. I am for right principles, against left principles, but I must for safety sake be more for solutions that work.

    Trump is a Worker-Populist Solutionist. He goes where solutions make sense. And that includes left. Especially if the GOP DC elites refuse to allow him to find solutions on the conservative right.

    Schumer, on July 24th, opined “A better deal for American Workers” populist in tone. Schumer knows that if Democrats quit sucking up to radical minorities who are of course voting minorities, and go back to championing the vast majority who are working Americans (workers Hillary punched in the face) Democrats can take both houses of Congress and Trump perhaps then will not have to quit being a Republican. But you never know…

    Why shouldn’t Trump become an Independent? Candidate Trump was condemned by the GOP’s Chairman, incumbents, pundits, and the two previous GOP nominees. All of DC stabs Trump but GOP elites stab him in the back. Yet nationally, party affiliation is 28% Rep, 28% Dem, 41% Independent. Affiliation-wise, Trump has been Dem, GOP, Reform Party, Dem, GOP, Independent and GOP. As a Democrat, Trump endorsed McCain. As a Republican, Trump preferred Bill Clinton over the Bushes.

    If Trump gets a Democrat Congress, that may ignite his agenda like a Montana wild fire or not. But does he have a choice given the fact that GOP leaders lead their own majorities to NOT pass GOP bills?

    Party control of Congress is “the single most important determinant of a president’s sway in the House” (Prins/Shull 2006). President and Congress being of the same party is the one factor all researchers agree is critical to a president’s success with Congress. And yet, that assumes a president is a Republican or a Democrat and not a Solutionist. Parties seek power. Trump has power. He now seeks solutions, and does that without the party-blinders/line-crossing hesitancy of his predecessors.

    • Then there's that says:

      “Trump is a Worker-Populist Solutionist. He goes where solutions make sense.”

      You could not be more wrong.
      Almost every action Trump has taken or has attempted to take refutes your claim.
      How is it possible you people don’t see this?

      • spend, spend, spend says:

        Yeah. Especially when you have such non partisan, objective folks on this site posting every day.

        How is it possible you see so much that isn’t there? In children, I believe they call it a vivid imagination.

        More headline news:

        Single payer medicare. Bernie’s proposal that Dems are clamoring to co sponsor. Bernie’s estimate,$13.8 trillion over the first 10 years. But according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Urban Institute, the single-payer system would cost the federal government more like $32 trillion over the first decade, requiring an average annual tax increase of $24,000 per household. But it’s not the same, they squeal.

        California’s estimate over 330 billion to 400 billion for their single payer system, and the state budget is only 183 billion. CA would proposed a payroll tax of 15%. CO’s proposal would have carried with it a 10% payroll tax. Vermont, 11.5%. And even those estimates would not cover the cost of state one payer systems.

        With the Dems looking out for everyone, who will be left to pay the bill? They’ve already deserted the middle class with higher taxes.

        It all looks good until the numbers come out. And remember, most of the legislative bills in the states do not include a funding mechanism. Imagine that.

        Are we changed yet?

    • Stan says:

      “Yet nationally, party affiliation is 28% Rep, 28% Dem, 41% Independent. ”

      Donald Trump’s incompetence and the Republican party’s open allegiance to the wealthy and special interest has changed your formula.

      Gallup, June 6, 2017
      Democratic Edge in Party Affiliation Up to Seven Points
      45% of Americans identify as Democrats or lean Democratic
      38% of Americans identify as Republicans or lean Republican
      Largest Democratic advantage since April 2015
      WASHINGTON, D.C. — In an encouraging sign for the Democratic Party’s election prospects in 2018, its edge in party affiliation over the Republican Party has grown to seven percentage points, the largest it has been in over two years..

      ..President Donald Trump’s unpopularity is likely a factor in the Republican Party’s falling fortunes.

  12. Winning! says:

    AP – 8 hours ago
    The Nebraska State Board of Education has approved new science standards that will see the state’s public schools teaching climate change for the first time.

    The board voted 6-1 Friday to approve the standards. Board member Pat McPherson, of Omaha, voted against the standards after trying unsuccessfully to amend the proposal that would have encouraged teachers to take into consideration students’ views on evolution, religion and climate change.

    Under the new standards, students will analyze geoscience data and the results from global climate models to make evidence-based forecasts of the current rate and scale of global or regional climate changes.

    • Anonymous says:

      My question about the new standards adopted is not regarding climate change, but rather the ability of K-12 teachers to “analyze geoscience data and results” and teach with any reality how these scientific models work.

      There is no requirement in teacher ed standards that any science teacher in Nebraska actually have competence in data interpretation and use of modeling. The teacher prep requirements in NE are so out of balance–favoring instruction methods over any content in the area they are teaching–I would doubt there are more than a handful of science teachers in the state with the skill set to actually understand these models, much less teach how they are applied. As such, it will be another class session of a coach showing “An Inconvenient Truth” during class while they sit at their desk deciding on that week’s travel roster and checking the box that the standard has been met.

      I don’t know who is “winning” in this scenario. Certainly not students, nor the scientific literacy of Nebraska.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with the whole ‘Inconvenient Truth’ thing.
        But that’s easily remedied.
        Khan Academy and others can more than adequately fill in where teachers fail. (places like Khan are going to take away the jobs of many of these teachers, at some point in the future, might as well start saving taxpayer dollars and weeding out the incompetents now)

        Or, any number of universities/professors would gladly burn a disc or thumb drive to supply Nebraska’s classrooms. A drive containing a presentation tailored to high school students.
        And if the students have questions, taxpayers are now buying nearly every kid in Nebraska laptop, surely a TA could step in for a 20 minute classroom chat via FaceTime, Skype, etc..

        At all times and in all circumstances, exposing young minds to the best that science has to offer is good. As is excluding teachers from spreading religious fables.

        By all measures this is clearly a victory over ignorance and a necessary defense against the intrusion of religious dogma in the classroom.

    • McPherson is almost a caricature of a religious-righter.

      Actually, it probably wouldn’t be hard to create an exercise to calculate direct forcing by CO2, for any given atmospheric concentration. Nor would it be hard (in fact it would be quite useful) to calculate the vapor pressure of water as the seas warm, and thus (to first order) the effect of climate change on the moisture content of the atmosphere.

      And I developed a fairly simple exercise in calculating phylogenetic trees via molecular evolution, from the masses of DNA sequence data we have.. It was for a freshman seminar, so I expect AP high school seniors could handle it.

      • Anonymous says:

        McPherson is hardly a “caricature” of the religious right when it is the Pope who is proactively preaching global warming like gospel. Having a voice who doesn’t buy into the rubber stamped beliefs of a board lined with comfortable sheep isn’t necessarily a bad thing for education.

        That was, however, a nice use of $10 words many of us low level peasants have not a clue though it made us wish we be smarter.

      • Gerard Harbison, always and forever #nevertrump says:

        The Pope certainly isn’t a member of the religious right. He’s a damn socialist.

        Anything ele you think that should be questioned in school? The law of universal gravitation? The second law of thermodynamics? Maybe perpetual motion machines are possible, and scientists (for some malign reason) are lying to you?

        Can’t help it if you don’t have a basic scientific vocabulary.

  13. Anonymous says:

    From this morning’s headlines:
    Reince Priebus And WH Counsel Don McGahn Lawyer Up
    and noted in the story –
    Hope Hicks, a top Trump aide and the interim White House communications director, has also hired a private attorney..

    Who knew Trump’s promise to get America working again would be targeted only at the legal community.

    Robert Mueller – Making American Great Again.

    • so what? says:

      And you can tell us how this different from Hillary and her staff? And the majority of the swamp creatures in DC?

      Got anything relevant or valid to post?

      • Anonymous says:

        “can tell us how this different from Hillary and her staff?”

        Hillary and her staff didn’t collude with the Russians.
        Hillary and almost the entirety of her staff didn’t meet with an array of Russians throughout the entire election season, then sit before congressional panels and lie about it.
        Hillary’s staff and advisers didn’t work behind the scenes to insert into the Republican party platform a pro-Russian stance of not providing arms to the Ukrainians in their battle against pro-Russian separatists.
        Hillary didn’t appoint as National Security Adviser and man for whom it has been proven was known by Trump to be a paid foreign agent. And not just any foreign agent, a foreign agent paid to act in the interest of the kleptocrat, killer and close ally to Vladmir Putin – Recep Erdoğan, President of Turkey.
        Chelsea Clinton didn’t have a sit down with a known former Soviet counterintelligence officer, seeking a collaboration with a roomful of Russians that they hoped would alter and possibly upend the democratic election of an American president.

        YAFI, bynd

      • stupid is as Anonymous (oracle) posts says:

        Nice language putz. And what you print is mostly crap any way. come back when you a semblance of truth. As in Hillary colluded with the Ukrainians. Hillary’s staff took the 5th and didn’t testify at all. Hillary and her staff along with Obama did nothing to help the Ukrainians at any time nor did they advocate for anything meaningful. The Dems paid for and received a bogus dossier from from a foreign agent. Hillary accepted money, bribes, from numerous foreign governments via her family’s foundation. They did that in violation of an agreement they had signed with Obama to not accept such donations while she was SS.

        YAFI and liar Anonymous. Funny how you can’t sing the praises of any Dems but can only vilify the Repubs. Missing a few heroes are you? RFLMBO

      • YAI or-ass-cle says:


        Doesn’t matter, you and those like you on here are all low class cretins.

        Although that is probably insulting cretins.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ stupid is,

        As expected, almost everything you claim about Clinton is simply wingnut fabrication.
        You people have invented an alternate universe, free of the constraints of reality.

        The only thing with a grain of truth in your statement is the 5th Amendment thing, but you’ve stretched that to the level of ridiculous.

        It was only -one- person who worked directly for Hillary Clinton that asserted his Constitutional right against self-incrimination.

        And regarding Ukraine, you regurgitate the clueless drivel of the right. Here are the facts.
        March 11, 2015 –
        WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Wednesday that it would provide another $75 million in nonlethal aid to Ukraine’s military. It also imposed sanctions against a handful of pro-Russian separatists and others blamed for fomenting the civil war..

        And as of Dec 7, 2015 –
        United States now has committed $2 billion in loan guarantees and nearly $760 million in security, programmatic, and technical assistance to Ukraine since the end of the Yanukovych regime in 2014.

      • more revisionism from the left says:

        Russia gives the insurgents lethal aid, America gives their side 7$75 million worth of bandages to cover their owies.

        All you claim still didn’t do anything to get any of the property back that Russia stole from Ukraine. It did induce the Ukrainians to try and give bad info on Trump to the Dems.

        Facts are pesky little things.

        Go spin your web somewhere else Charlotte. You have no cred here.

      • set the example says:

        That would be one of your kind from a couple of articles ago.

        So go back and find it and set the example.

  14. A peek into the devolution of a party says:


    How Russia Created the Most Popular Texas Secession Page on Facebook
    “Enter the “Heart of Texas.” The Facebook site, for the past two years, existed as the most prominent Texas secession social media presence online. With over 225,000 followers as of summer 2017, the page, at one point last year, boasted more Facebook fans than the official Texas Democrat and Republican pages combined.

    The page was laced with the kind of xenophobic, nativist, and anti-immigrant material many still associate with the Texas secession movement. Plenty of posts targeted Muslim immigrants and refugees, slammed liberals and LGBT activists, condemned vegetarians and Hillary Clinton. Taken on its face, the “Heart of Texas” page plugged material largely associated the American far-right — an amalgamation of InfoWars conspiracy, neo-Confederate separatism, and white nationalist calls for a return to an America past. “

    • When I was still frequenting conservative circles, I noticed that at any gathering of the faithful, as soon as everyone thought it was safe space, somebody would come out with something awful, usually racist or anti-gay. It should have worried me more at the time; mostly I just waved it off as ‘within any group of 10 people, there’s always at least one a-hole.’

      Putin saw the same thing, and realized if he built something that looked like a safe space for bigots, the bigots would come.

      • Pepe Le Whew! says:

        “When I was still frequenting conservative circles”

        Got to be liberating to have relieved yourself of those right-swirling circles.

        I’ve read some persuasive articles predicting a fracturing of our two party system in favor of a move to a system more akin to European models of multi-party political systems.
        Although two predominant parties will still hold sway, left and right, there will be lesser parties within each, and a need for those lesser parties to form governing coalitions.
        I believe the new division will be devastating to the Republican party. I also have to believe it will bring an end to outsized, toxic reign of anti-government, anti-intellectual, solutions-free tribes like the Freedom Caucus and TEA Party Caucus.
        I also believe it will provide the Libertarian party a much more influential seat at the table.

    • this is relevant because? says:

      Wow, 225,000. .008076 of the Texas population. And that is if all those on there are Texans.

      People with small minds and body parts are impressed by small numbers it appears.

  15. Dewey Cheatum? says:

    Mike Groene has reported that nearly $300 million in tax incentives were granted away in 2016. Care to name any benefit from these income and sales tax expenses? Can’t do it? Then why the continued expense? And just what is Mike Groene doing about it?

      • Inconvenient Truth says:

        The Republican party, Mike Groene’s party, has controlled the purse strings at the statehouse for 18 years.
        Every year, unfailingly, the Republican party pushes with all of its political bluster and all of its collective might to give even greater tax incentives (corporate welfare) to the richest and most powerful individuals and special interests in our state.
        It is the sole motivating force, the raison d’etre driving Nebraska’s Republican state legislators.
        For decades, Republicans have fought tooth and nail to redistribute the wealth of our state away from those with little, and to those with much.
        For decades the economic studies have proven, time and again, that this craven supply-side fervor to be wantonly wasteful, highly ineffective and maliciously harmful to the welfare of our state and its citizenry.

        And you people, every year, unfailingly, cheer them on.

        Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it, good and hard.

      • A convenient memory lapse says:

        Inconvenient real truth.

        Just one example of how wrong you are.

        Heath Mello, a Dem., was chair of the the Appropriations committee, in his final term starting in 2008, which sets the state’s budget.

        And I do believe that one of his selling point for Omaha mayor is how he worked with the Gov. to set the budget.

        Need we go any further? Like when there were 7 Dems in charge of Legislative committees.

      • Inconvenient Truth says:

        Mello serve as appropriations chair from 2012 – 2016.
        Here’s the really simple math –

        18 Democrats, 30 Republicans, 1 Independent

        13 Democrats, 35 Republicans, 1 Independent

        And, an ALEC-owned, supply-side extolling Republican has held the seat of Governor since Jan 3, 1999.
        Hence, I repeat myself:
        “The Republican party, Mike Groene’s party, has controlled the purse strings at the statehouse for 18 years.”


      • JJ says:

        You don’t know what you’re talking about, you are cherry picking. Why do you suppose they have secret committee votes? You do know the power of the committees? Why didn’t they get the filibuster rule lowered. Why did not Krist get voted committee chairman. Surely astute as your one dimensional brain has seen the people on this blog talking about McCollister and others of the such. A article in the OWH before the election pointed out the difference in Stothert and Mello in the groups working for TIF. It’s a 2 way street. Try watching the legislature instead of googling all day.

      • Inconvenient Truth says:

        “you are cherry picking.”

        How, pray tell, am I cherry picking?
        Republicans have controlled the state legislative agenda for EIGHTEEN YEARS – that’s one biiggg f–in’ cherry!

        “Why did not Krist get voted committee chairman”

        Is it possible you’re not aware this bit of political chicanery on the part of Pete and his hand-selected little henchmen, supports my argument, while at the same time discrediting yours?

        Hate to break it to ya JJ, but it’s you who has no clue what they’re talking about.

      • JJ says:

        You didn’t address the committee vote, the so called Rinos(collegial), the master of procedure Ernie, you do not know what you are talking about because you don’t know, like a few of the freshman senators that didn’t have the interest to the learn the process, so you keep calling name moron

    • two sides, one coin says:

      And the Dems in the legislature, who were committee chair people in committees who had the power to change or eliminate this corporate welfare, did nothing except give them even more.

      Check on who was in charge when governor Dave had them pass the Angel investors act. The act that gives millions to millionaires whether they lose money or not.

      If you can’t control your own, don’t worry about the other side. Evidently even state Dem leadership could care less what their party members say to them.

      Imagine that.

    • blow smoke up your dress says:

      to; Inconvenient Truth,
      Or, how to spin the world to my LALA land fantasy.

      The only one on here who believes what are posting is you. And if you believe it, then you truly are an imbecile.

      If this were a Republican state, we would have a lot less government and a lot less taxes. The chairman wields the gravel. Sets the agenda and sets the committee votes. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter who the chairman is.

      I’m not even sure you are close enough to be called living in LALA land you are so far out there.

      • Oracle says:

        bynd, If this were a Republican state.. If you really don’t think this is a Republican state then YAI to infinity.

      • Oracle is good entertainment, like adam sandler. says:

        Except Adam is much smarter.

        Why does it not surprise that it is Oracle who has his head up and locked so tight, he can’t see the world for his ribs.

        You have a very limi9ted vocabulary. That would be an indication of a small mind. Maybe instead of cruising progressive sites for your next thought, you might try and broaden what you read. Say, Dr. Seuss.

  16. A peek into the devolution of a party says:

    Sept, 11, 2017, The Daily Beast:
    Exclusive: Russia Used Facebook Events to Organize Anti-Immigrant Rallies on U.S. Soil
    Pushing fake news was just one component of the Russian campaign to shape American minds. Part two: organizing anti-immigrant events echoing themes from the pro-Trump press.

    “The event (Idaho rally) was “hosted” by “SecuredBorders,” a putative U.S. anti-immigration community that was outed in March as a Russian front. The Facebook page had 133,000 followers when Facebook closed it last month.

    Far-right, pro-Trump firehoses Breitbart, InfoWars, and WorldNetDaily had pushed a series of stories implying immigrants were taking over Twin Falls since the beginning of 2016. The stories reached a fever pitch in the month before SecuredBorders’ event.”

    Go read the article.
    It’s a shameful and damning indictment of the criminal acts of an absolutely morals-free right wing media that profits from the ignorance of its audience.

    • two sides, one coin says:

      What’s shameful is that folks like have dumbed yourself down to the point you believe such BS. All one has to do is read this posting to realize how easy it is to manipulate you and the others like you.

      And quite frankly, morals are not just what you define as morals.

      And note in the definition,
      2. a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.

      Morals are for individuals. Not something you force down everyone’s throat, as you consistently try to do, because you think your beliefs are superior to anyone else’s beliefs. Or try to beat them into some one with a ski mask and baseball bat.

  17. such convenient memory loss says:

    to; IT @ 2:09

    “Why did not Krist get voted committee chairman”

    Is it possible you’re not aware this bit of political chicanery on the part of Pete and his hand-selected little henchmen,”

    It happened once. So you have no argument at all. What you have is one time aberration as opposed to a long history of really happens. Care to try again?

    truth 1
    @2:09 0

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey 12:51 PM September 12th? You’re correct. I don’t have the basic scientific vocabulary you do, but at least I have a basic grip of how to have a respectful discussion of conflicting views. Good luck with whatever gives you such superior pain. “Damn pope.” Nice.

  19. Hey Conspiracy Clowns says:

    Here’s a headline for ya:
    “DOJ denies GOP request to reopen case against former IRS official Lois Lerner”

    According to DOJ, Trump appointees, including AG Jeff Sessions and his Deputy AG reviewed the IRS case and found themselves to be in complete agreement with Obama’s DOJ decision.
    Nothing to see here, move along.

    Yet another hair-on-fire wingnut conspiracy goes up in smoke.


      • Peony Mark says:

        So the department headed by ultra right wing Trump sycophant, A.G. Jeff Sessions, whose 2nd in command is Trump’s hand selected Deputy A.G., Rod Rosenstein, isn’t credible?

        It never ceases to amaze.

  20. lois who? says:

    current events, definition

    noun. present-time news events concerning important people, places, things, and ideas; also called current affairs.

    What’s next, the spike heels that the first lady wore?

    • Chairy says:

      Jeff Sessions determination that there’s no there there in the IRS ‘scandal’ was top o’ the news.

      Fox & Fiends lead off this morning’s broadcast flogging the Benghazi-Benghazi!! ‘ scandal’.

      • Chairy says:

        Was the Fox & Fiends the tip-off that we on the left have now warmed up to Faux News?

        Comprehension not your strong suit, heh?

      • hardly says:


        Nope, The fact you flip flop, tell half stories and truths and generally spin everything to your own purposes was the tip- off several years back. It is in your DNA. It is what you do and who you are.

  21. Jimmy Kimmel's Orchard says:

    “I honestly don’t think it was Ted Cruz, I don’t think Ted Cruz looks at porn,” Kimmel said. “Ted Cruz masturbates to pictures of poor people without health care.”

  22. Stan says:

    Chuck and Nancy will be dining with Donald this evening.
    Word is, they’re going to discuss the Dream Act along with shoring up the health insurance markets.

  23. A peek into the devolution of a party says:

    Russian Trolls Promoted Trump While Trashing Black Lives Matter On Twitter

    “When a Russian troll farm was fishing for Trump supporters on Twitter, it baited the hook by targeting minority activists and public figures.

    TPM has reviewed tweets and images from a pro-Trump Twitter account run by the Russian troll farm that likely purchased $100,000 worth of political ads on Facebook. Among the account’s favorite targets during the 2016 campaign season were Michelle Obama, undocumented immigrants and antiracist activist movement Black Lives Matter.

    The since-suspended account, Tea Party News (@tpartynews), had about 22,000 followers..”

    Go read the article, it should evoke feelings of shame, then anger about how badly the Republican brand has been tainted.

    • same old same old says:

      And this is party you can’t beat. They hold the House, Senate, Presidency, 2/3 of state legislatures and governorships.

      So think about it. How tainted is the Democrat party? And it seems you don’t even need the Russians to look bad. So what are your chances in the future? Since you lose all by your little ole self?

      I guess that isn’t shame for you. Just an extreme amount of embarrassment. And stupidity if you don’t change your ways. And we sure don’t see that happening from the progressives on here.

      Go read the article at, Democrats dot org. Change that matters.

      • notbynd says:

        Except for Trump’s deal with Chuck & Nancy. Nice majority in the House – be a shame if the President ignored it ’cause it can’t do shit.

      • SCOTUS says:

        In Trump’s case it is more about appointments. Anyone who has paid attention knows the chances of any Republican controlled House or Senate passing anything is remote.

  24. Hard to fathom says:


    So for those still among the GOP base, incompetence is now taken for granted?

    Here’s your sentiment, modified only slightly –
    In the Scotus household, it is more about the free ice cream. Anyone who has paid attention knows the chances of my heart surgeon showing up to work sober, or managing not to black out mid-procedure, is remote.

    Most people would consider looking for a new heart surgeon. (i.e. – competent representation)
    Not you folks.

    • progressive stupidity on display says:

      It’s also hard to fathom how partisans see only two kinds of people in the world. Us and them. I have no “folks”.

      I’ve head a heart surgeon. He was very good. And we like ice cream but always pay for it.

      The point being, why are you and your folks such arrogant asses? Where did you get such a stupid analogy from? And I hesitate to call it an analogy.

      You certainly have nothing to be arrogant about. You been beaten like a red headed step child by the orange clown and the rest of the repubs. Your favorite female candidate got waxed and blames every one but herself. You party is coming apart at the seams. Because your biggest base isn’t your most vocal or even in tune with such radicalism.

      Did the analogy hurt when you pulled it out of your ass? The republicans can’t get anything done is a statement of fact. Something you have been beating your drum over since you got your head handed to you in Jan. The appointments must really gall you as you avoid them at all costs. It is entertaining to watch you dance around them.

      Let me paraphrase you. I am a dumb ass who has a skewed view of the world and have absolutely no idea what I am writing. But it gives me a hard on to think people are actually reading me and replying. A reaction I can no longer achieve by any other means.

      And face it, in your condition and situation, you need to take what you can get.

  25. Trump's Toxic Swamp says:

    From Politico –
    Trump ethics watchdog moves to allow anonymous gifts to legal defense funds
    In a reversal of internal policy, the Office of Government Ethics says funds benefiting aides caught up in Russia probes may accept anonymous gifts from lobbyists.

    “You can picture a whole army of people with business before the government willing to step in here and make [the debt] go away,” said Marilyn Glynn, a former George W. Bush-era acting OGE director who worked in the office for 17 years.

    Walter Shaub, Obama era OGE Director, remarked:
    “It’s very depressing,” Shaub said. “It’s unseemly for the ethics office to be doing something sneaky like that.”

  26. The Art of the Ordeal says:

    Still echoing throughout the backwoods of Murrica:

    And who’s gonna pay for The Wall?

    That’s right, you halfwits are gonna pay for the wall.

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